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⠀⠀⠀⠀ THE king MUST die.

       PARK EUN-KYUNG ノ゙
             alias  :  VALENTINA
             date of birth  :  FEB. 18, 1996.
             citizen  :  korea
             languages  :  multiple.
             marital status  :  single
             occupation  :  cafe owner.
             pronouns  :  she/her.
             sexuality  :  bisexual.
        VISUALS ノ゙
             height  :  5'4 or 162 cm.
             body type  :  curvy
             hair  :  dark and black
      – alternates between being short and long.
             skin  :  pale, clear and clean.
             eyes  :  dark brown
      – at least when she isn't weak or tired. when she's unable to keep her demon-like traits under control, her left eye is a dark, crimson red, whilst the other is pitch black. it would be the same color as her left eye, but she was injured.
        PERSONALITY ノ゙
             neg. traits  :  insensitive at times, stubborn, childish, overall just... really reckless?
      – she's still trying to get used to being around humans, so sometimes she's rather blunt and says things that might come off as harsh. she doesn't do it on purpose, though.
             pos. traits  :  confident, ambitious, cheerful.

         valentina is a sweet girl that calls people out on their sh*t. especially creeps. just because a pretty girl is showing you some form of attention doesn't mean she wants to sleep with you. some of you need to take notes.

         she's barely interested in most humans like that, anyway; besides their souls and wanting to learn about them, she doesn't really have much in common with them.

         if she is desperate for distraction and release, she'll sleep with them. most of the time, she'll feast on their souls after.

         valentina tries to deny it, but she's a huge hopeless romantic. as of right now, sex is meaningless to her, she just doesn't like to do it with the wrong people.

         if she is interested in you, it'll be obvious. she's not subtle when she's flirting, and because of the pale color of her skin, anytime she blushes, it's quite obvious. she uses petnames on people, too, but that doesn't mean she has any interest. she's just affectionate.
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0 | 0 Comments | by fire | Apr 11th 2021 20:10

Veronica (Roni)

Name: Veronica Merrell

Age range: 16-21

Height: 5'1"

Personality: Sabrina was very outgoing, confident, and spontaneous. She was easing going and unlike her twin was less of a rule follower and more of a rule breaker. Sabrina's facial expressions always showed how she felt so she usually couldn't lie about how she was feeling.

Physical Differences: A little taller
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0 | 0 Comments | by Twinsies | Apr 11th 2021 20:05

Aliyah Robinson

Name: Aliyah Robinson
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Occupation: Model
Hair Color: Hazel
Eye Color: Brunette

Aliyah is a model that works around the work that she believes in, or just the work that provides a great chunk of change. She loves money and is one of those rich bitch types, and that doesn't bother her at all. Her life is pretty easy going, she enjoys shopping and eating at five star restaurants.
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- Patience and time. So much of it. I have got a life outside that I prioritize and take so much care of, and I also put so much work into my RPs to turn them into a shape I am content and satisfied about.

- I am sometimes online on here to discuss plots, but not actively RPing. I will post an OOC status during days like these for reassurance.

- If I still had not responded back in a timely manner afterwards, please still remind me so! I have got a terrible attention span and am extremely forgetful. I do not mind reassuring you and letting you know if I don't have the time or inspiration it takes during the awaited period.

- I mainly do celebrity storylines, but you are still free and encouraged to discuss different tropes and few changes with me. I am willing to make them to suit our storylines better. I will not, however, change the entire character, their main characteristics or play another one besides Hozier.

- I am always IC (comments, replies, statuses, messages). I am only OOC when discussing plots or giving updates.

- I do romance, but, for the sake of whatever you believe in, it's not the only thing I do. I appreciate build ups and slow burns, and I also care so much about main plots that are given as much, effort, excitement and passion. Don't surround an entire plot around it, whether sexual or romantic. Give everything its time.

- All pairings are cool: MxM, MxF, MxNB, etc. However, I only ship where chemistry is present.

- Platonic love exists; surprise! It, too, deserves genuine recognition. My character being all flirtatious and romantic doesn't erase the importance of its existence in their life.

- Sm*ts are enjoyable for me to write, but gets immediately boring and are not always promised to begin with. I can't decide if I will give you one when it's too early or blurry to tell or not its time yet.

- I don't do verses other than the real life and modern setting. Might be boring, yes, but I don't think I have the mindset for any crossovers yet.

- OCs are still very welcomed here, but no furries, anime, or wrestling. No goddmoding allowed either. You don't have any control over my character to make it helpless.

- I expect genuine mutual respect, comfort and understanding on here. I require a safe and non-judgmental space for ideas in order to also give you one in return. I will not tolerate any OOC drama one bit.

- I am okay with writing in either first or third perspective, text or descriptive. I also don't care about your writing styles as long as they are vividly imaginative and detailed. You don't have to use big or complicated words, we are only here to have fun while improving.

- Still confused about anything unclear? Ask away! But do not assume or immediately act on it.

(Please heart this if you came this far to make sure you have read it all, thank you.)
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5 | 0 Comments | by Hozier | Apr 11th 2021 19:54

⠀⠀⠀⠀ PICK up YOUR phone.

⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀FILE # 041121

Growing up in hell, Valentina was always fascinated with the world humans roamed. While fellow demons seemed to despise humans or even brush them off, she was different. She was usually berated for her interest in them, but her desire to find out more about humans only grew stronger.

As the weakest demon in her assigned family, even her 'relatives' bullied her and took advantage of her vulnerability. She was someone that easily defended herself verbally; But physically against the others, any power she had was essentially useless.

Her dream of living happily on earth seemed to be squashed for good once news spread that Angels set up a strong barrier between hell and the human realm. No low class demon would be able to enter; At least, not without help from their King.

Surprisingly, she was chosen to be sent to their realm. She would finally be able to be happy. No more bullying. However, there was a catch. Not only would she have to defeat any Angels she found roaming around Korea, she would have to collect souls of any humans she could so she could grow stronger. If she failed, her time in Korea would be cut short and she will either be killed or sent into the lowest, most horrifying depths of hell one could think of.

Determined to show everyone how capable she is, Valentina agreed. Hell's most trusted Fallen angel was sent alongside the demon to watch over her and ensure she didn't ruin anything. Although he's strict, she has no issue being friendly with him; Even if his aloof personality sets off her temper at times.
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0 | 0 Comments | by fire | Apr 11th 2021 19:35

✞‧₊˚ ╱ ariadne ➶༉‧₊ ⠀˙⠀⠀⠀˖

name : Ariadne Quinceton ( Ari , Aria )
age : 18 and up
gender : female
height : 5 ft
species / race : human with magical abilities ( or not depending on rp . )
ethnicity : white ? she doesn't really know , she's just super pale .

        ⠇ ⊹         ⠇
        ♡ ⋆       . °
            ° ✩
‧₊˚⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ೃ̥✞ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⋆   ◌
   ☆   ◌      •
  ✶ .  ⠀⠀⠀⠀˖ ⠀◌๑ ‧₊♥︎
˚✞⊹。    ₊˚⋆    ⋆   ◌₊˚๑
personality : Quiet , she's not one to speak a whole bunch or even at all unless its really needed . Ariadne isn't exactly timid , though she can be on some occasions she's just never sure what to say and often finds it better to keep silent . She's not very good with comfort , or affection - anything along the lines of soft is opposite of how she grew up and often makes her awkward . While she is quiet she's rather protective of the rare few that she manages to care for , and on that note is unsure of how to express her affection . She might flinch when she attempts to hold someone's hand , but eventually the warmth of it will soothe her and she might do it more often .

        ⠇ ⊹         ⠇
        ♡ ⋆       . °
             ° ✩
₊˚⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀  ⠀⠀⊹⠀⠀⠀ܴ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀˖
⠀⠀⠀⠀˖⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀✞   •
 .⠀˖ ⠀◌๑ ‧₊♥︎
˚⊹。    ₊˚⋆    ⋆   ◌₊  
hobbies : Reading , Ari caries a book with her at all times for the moments she might get bored and want to read . More times than not she's off in her own little world with her face buried in a book .
likes : Insects and reptiles a lot - she has a pet snake and when in her home she just carries him around on her shoulders or arms . He's tame and just chills with her whenever ; he is a rainbow boa . Really likes candles too , has dozens of them and they are all very strong , she just likes the smell of lots of them ( mainly floral scents )

dislikes : The cold , unsweetened tea ( will cry if she's given it - ) , crowds , loudness , anything with filling ( jelly donuts , things like that . )

habits : She's forgetful but wont admit it .. could leave her phone on the counter behind something and then will trash her house trying to find it a second later .

        ⠇ ⊹         ⠇
        ♡ ⋆       . °
             ° ✩
⠀◌  。    ✞⋆    ⋆   ◌
 ✦      ◌  ☆   ◌ ✞     •  •
 .⠀˖ ⠀₊♥︎
   ✞ ₊˚ 
fears : Large bodies of water ( she sucks at swimming but can handle shallow parts ) , heights , large and empty rooms ( just make her very uneasy ) , being alone for too long .

weakness / soft spots : A soft spot for her would be her hair , she loves getting it played with and will melt the moment its done , but it's rare for her to let people do so . A weakness would be that her eye covered by her hair is about two shades lighter than her normal color and is pretty sensitive to light , so bright lights weaken her easily .

        ⠇ ⊹         ⠇
        ♡ ⋆       . °
             ° ✩
   ◌  ⠀⊹⠀⠀⠀ܴ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀˖ ⠀⠀⠀⠀̻⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀˖
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀˖⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀    •
 ✶ .  ⠀⠀⠀⠀˖ ⠀◌✞๑ ‧₊
˚⊹。    ₊˚⋆    ⋆   ◌₊˚๑
others :
•Has slight heterochromia
•Honestly takes her snake on walks .
•She likes her scarf a lot , it's kind of a comfort item though she doesn't always wear it when she does she doesn't want it off at all .

powers ( for fantasy ) :
•she can open a black hole to find certain objects within a specific radius for others ( doesn't work with herself , which sucks with how much she loses things . )
•can form a sort of dark black goo from her blood , like a quick prick on her finger tip . uses this goo to form weapons which become solid once specified in her head what she wants ( cant make anything too big too quick as it will drain her . she usually musters up some sort of quick sword or something of the sort for battles . )
•can manipulate shadows thought she's not sure how its helpful ..
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Name: Isolde Amokaya

Age: 78 years

Gender: female

Nationality: Japanese

Quirk: Orchestrate

Quirk powers: Isolde can control hordes of people at once when using her quirk. To do so, she needs motion and concentration, but next to that, she can make people near do whatever she likes, even controlling their quirks

Personality: Cold, bitter, intelligent

Isolde had a rough life. When her daughter Celestine was born, her husband left and not long after, she was fired, forcing her and her daughter to live on the streets. Lucky for her, her daughter had a good evolution from her quirk, allowing them to earn money and fix the shelter issue. She continued searching for work, but always got shafted. She was never home anymore and felt alienated, even to her own daughter, having her grow bitter. In secret, she formed an underground society, fighting against large companies and enacting revenge on everyone who she believed wronged her. She is rather persuasive, predictive, intuitive and smart. A dangerous combination, especially seeing how powerful her quirk could be. She’s not a savage though as she still values class and manners, even in her followers. Like this, she’d never stab one in the back or never attack unarmed people.
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Regular OC: The Music Lover

The Ancient Times.

It wasn't just a few centuries before the current date that he woke up in the world, with no memory or understanding of what could have happened to him. He was already a fully grown person, but knew nothing. He already had some extraordinary powers and knew how to speak the language of the Sect people.

He was found by the Qi Clan leader, of the YunQi Sect and taken to his refuge, Fox's Burrows.
He was treated well, he joined their Sect at first, although his powers were not compatible with those of the other adepts.
He was often suggested to keep his skills secret and never use them, by the clan leader, but since he couldn't defend himself in any other way, he was often forced to.

Over 1200 years from the current time, a massive war among the Sects started. It lasted several centuries and resulted in the destruction of many sects. During that rough period, his powers became publicly known and he was literally begged to use them for the greater good. He participated in many battles and annihilated the opponents, but due to the fact his heart corrupting magic can be difficult to control, he also ended up accidentally harming people on his same side, which at first was tolerated. His powers gave a too big advantage to stop using them for just a few casualties, many more would die in a battle without him.
In few years, his powers helped to bring the wars to an end.
*Not all the fighting sects got destroyed, some were allowed to surrender.*

But the celebrations towards him didn't last for long.
Many wanted to use him for their own purposes or get their hands on his powers. He kept being questioned, framed and blamed for all sort of things, just to try to force him to reveal his secrets or offer his powers to a new master.
He never accepted and nobody ever believed that he really didn't know anything about the source of his uncommon powers. Soon enough, not even his closest person, QI XuanYu, defended him anymore.
Some people tried to stand on his side, but everything only turned out to be even worse.

A lot of good people got framed or accused of treason for taking his side and trying to defend him in front of the injustices he was going through, which resulted in a lot of unfair judgement and deaths too.
Xie and the few people loyal to him tried to escape and be by themselves, but of course the other Sects wouldn't let them be, they wanted Xie at all costs, but in truth, it was the Hori Sect that wanted him the most and not surprisingly, the clans that were the most fierce in the matter were the Hai and Zhi.

Eventually, he and his people got caught. He never knew for sure what was of his friends. He just know that his life turned into a hell of dungeons and escaping from a place to another.
After his final attempt to disappear, he got surrounded by people from Fuchou and YunQi Sects and got sealed in that cave. It was XuanYu's sword that was used for the ritual and him who stabbed Xie with it.

Xie didn't sleep for only one century, as he says, but at least 7 centuries.
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First Blog Post!!

Actually just testing how this works. Not a real or serious post, of course. Kinda liking this site so far. =)

Anyone know if text formatting is available on this site? BBCode, maybe?
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Clementine Barlowe

Character Chart
Character’s full name: Clementine Jasmine Barlowe
Reason or meaning of name: merciful
Character’s nickname: Cleo
Reason for nickname: None
Birth date: 02/10/2002

Physical appearance
Age: 19
How old does he/she appear: 16-18
Weight: 100lbs / 45kgs
Height: 5'4 / 166cm
Body build: Skinny / Ectomorph
Shape of face: Round
Eye color: Brown
Glasses or contacts: No
Skin tone: White
Distinguishing marks: N/A
Predominant features: Lips, Nose
Hair color: Pink
Type of hair: Curly
Hairstyle: Short messy bob
Voice: Jazmin Bean voice af
Overall attractiveness: 10/10
Physical disabilities: N/A
Usual fashion of dress: Jumpers, Sanrio bitch, Light colors, Fall aes
Favorite outfit: Light baby pink skirt with hello kitty shirt and nike airs.
Jewelry or accessories: Necklaces or earrings occasionally

Good personality traits: Sweet, Loyal, Kind, Fair
Bad personality traits: Impatient, Sarcastic, Stubborn
Mood character is most often in: Bored
Sense of humor: Facebook memes
Character’s greatest joy in life: Pugs
Character’s greatest fear: Getting kidnapped
What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil? N/A
Character is most at ease when: In large groups of people
Most ill at ease when: Alone
Enraged when: People are racist, homophobic, etc
Depressed or sad when: Think of death too much
Priorities: Getting a good job, Being morelikeable, Reading more books
Life philosophy: "Make improvements, not excuses."
If granted one wish, it would be: To look prettier
Why? She doesn't like her looks
Character’s soft spot: Pugs, Strangers dying
Is this soft spot obvious to others? Yes
Greatest strength: Smart
Greatest vulnerability or weakness: Shallow
Biggest regret: Leaving her brother alone
Minor regret: Forgetting to do her work and failing a c lass
Biggest accomplishment: Graduating top of her class
Minor accomplishment: Was in multiple theatre productions
Past failures he/she would be embarrassed to have people know about: Her time losing a spelling bee.
Why? She is smart but she got sick on stage and it ruined it for her.
Character’s darkest secret: She's the reason her brother is dead.
Does anyone else know? No

Drives and motivations: Her family, Herself, Feeling better
Immediate goals: Get a job, More self-love
Long term goals: House, Family
How the character plans to accomplish these goals: Save up money, Go on dates
How other characters will be affected: N/A

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Type of childhood: Tragic
Pets: Lulu (Pug)
First memory: Getting her hair pulled on by girls at school meanly
Most important childhood memory: Her brother teaching her how to swim
Why: He loved her and this shows it, She thinks about it a lot
Childhood hero: Her brother
Dream job: Cosmetic Artist
Education: Highschool
Religion: Christian
Finances: N/A

Current location: Converse, Texas
Currently living with: Parents
Pets: Lulu ( Pug)
Religion: Agnostic
Occupation: Cafe worker
Finances: N/A
Mother: Lillian Sue Barlowe
Relationship with her: Poor
Father: Marcus James Barlowe
Relationship with him: Decent
Siblings: Damien Matthew Barlow (Deceased)
Relationship with them: Good

Color: Pink
Least favorite color: Black
Music: Clairo
Food: Tamales
Literature: John Green
Form of entertainment: TV
Expressions: Happy
Mode of transportation: Bike
Most prized possession: Sanrio bag

Hobbies: Painting, Theatre, Biking, Art, Dancing
Plays a musical instrument? N/A
Plays a sport? No
How he/she would spend a rainy day: Inside painting or laying in the rain
Spending habits: Decent
Smokes: No
Drinks: Yes
Other drugs: No
What does he/she do too much of? Talk
What does he/she do too little of? Think
Extremely skilled at: Theatre
Extremely unskilled at: Sports
Nervous tics: N/A
Usual body posture: Bad

Optimist or pessimist? Pessimist
Introvert or extrovert? Ambivert
Daredevil or cautious? Cautious
Logical or emotional? Logical
Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat? Methodical and Neat
Prefers working or relaxing? Relaxing
Confident or unsure of himself/herself? Unsure
Animal lover? Yes

How he/she feels about himself/herself: She think's she's unloveable and disgusting.
One word the character would use to describe self: Problem
One paragraph description of how the character would describe self: She would describe herself as unworthy of such normal things such as love, happiness, affection. She struggles with a lot of inner self hate stemmed from the death of her brother and the bullying she suffered growing up. Now she barely has times where she thinks she looks good or deserves good things or people in her life.
What does the character consider his/her best personality trait? Loyalty
What does the character consider his/her worst personality trait? Sarcasm
What does the character consider his/her best physical characteristic? Hair
What does the character consider his/her worst physical characteristic? Body
How does the character think others perceive him/her: Annoying
What would the character most like to change about himself/herself: Looks

Relationships with others
Opinion of other people in general: Nice to be around
Does the character hide his/her true opinions and emotions from others? Yes
Person character most hates: Mom
Best friend(s): N/A
Love interest(s): N/A
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I know that you're with me. Still I have this fear

You say, my baby, all this time in between drives me crazy
I want a life on fire, going mad with desire
I don't wanna survive, I want a wonderful life
I want a wonderful life


Name: Brian Michael Fallon
Sobriquet: Bri
Age: 34
Birthdate: January 28th
Zodiac: Aquarius
Birthplace: Red Bank, NJ
Currently residing: Pleasant Point, NJ
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Musician
Hair color: Light brown
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5’9 inches
Weight: 160 lbs
Relationship Status: Single

• Mildly stocky frame
• Close-cropped hair
• Has both his arms covered in tattoos
• Affable smile
• Has the Eric Clapton lyric ‘ Bell Bottom Blues, You Made Me Cry ’ tattooed on his neck
• Has a small anchor tattoo at the base of his throat


–– When Brian was 17 years old, he had launched a cassette called The Coffeehouse Sessions under the name No Release. It consisted of 16 tracks and was given a limited release with just about 200 copies distributed on a demo basis.

–– It was a childhood dream of his to run a record label which was to be named ‘Old 45 Records’.

–– Before making it big in the world of music, he used to work several different jobs including menial jobs in the construction industry as well as a part-time job at a gas station.

–– The title of his 3rd solo studio album, Local Honey, was inspired by advertising boards in his neighborhood promoting a similarly-named honey brand.



A singer-songwriter of the age 34, born in Red Bank, New Jersey. His music is often comprised of the steadfast thrum of punk rock roots, with his soul-woven lyrics penned from heartfelt prose of his experiences. Life is his muse. His music is derived from all facets of his existence. It has taken Brian a long time to feel at ease in his own skin, and figure out who he is away from the protective noise of rock’n’roll.

He is finally at a place where he is ready to bare his soul in the music he creates, flaws and all. He’s adapted to a newfound pace of life that is not only reflected in the notably softer, more stripped-back musicality of his latest album Local Honey, but also in its poignant living-in-the-moment lyricism.

Brian is introspective, soulful, reflective, and socially hospitable. He enjoys telling stories, both personal and for the entertainment factor, but is not so loquacious as to refrain from a properly timed pause to hear the world around him. He loves conversations of all sorts.

He believes in people inheriting both bad and good qualities, but labels no one good or evil. He is an advocate for human rights and believes in loving all people and the journey of life, understanding that there is a season for everything. He practices self-awareness, and strives to not be selfish in his day to day life or the people he connects with as he grows older.

Fallon is currently single, living in Pleasant Point, NJ. He is in love with the idea of love, and a hopeful romantic. Brian is also seeking friendships, so feel free to message.
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One day I'll wake up and you'll be a dream.

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