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Name:Kourtney (nothing else is important)
Sexuality: pan sexual
Height: 5’ 3

Personality: nice, calm, able to manipulate very well, appears nice but can be very sadistic, thinks highly of herself, and has almost a motherly quality about them.

Likes: alcohol, manipulating, bondage, high fashion, money, spanking, candle light dinners, and cheating on her husband.

Dislikes: religion, strong willed people, poor people, growing old, her husband, and day time.
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2 | 0 Comments | by cherries | Sep 23rd 2021 07:22


Name:Megan (nothing else is important)
Sexuality: bisexual
Height: 5’4

Personality: quiet, slightly rude, superiority complex, has a weird sense of humor, very promiscuous, and very convincing.

Likes: being feared, men, women, anything in between, blood, biting, using men like sex toys, married people, and casual drug use.

Dislikes: old people, sobriety, desk jobs, vanilla people, religion, and birds.
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2 | 0 Comments | by cherries | Sep 23rd 2021 07:07

My Rules

1. I'll say this now and clearly, I do original story lines and characters. I'm sorry but its just not me.

2. Please don't reply back after months. I get that things happen and life can be busy, even I don't reply straight away. Please just don't ignore me for months on end.

3. I might not reply straight away. In the beginning of the roleplay, I will be very attentive and reply often. After, maybe give or take a few days or a week, I may be slower in replies. The longest I have gone without reply would be less than 5 days.

4. I will only write romance, most predominantly MxM. I will most likely get bored with the roleplay if there's no romance between our characters.

5. I will only write MxM, not FxF or FxM. I'm not against anything other than MxM but it not m thing.

6. That's all for now. Please don't be scared to be my friend!
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0 | 0 Comments | by Flagaria_Strawb | Sep 23rd 2021 05:54

Eric Lunathorn ll

Name: Eric Lunathorn ll
Age: 26
Birthday: 5th august
Zodiac: Leo
Species/race: Faun
Gender: Male

Personality: Proud, loyal to those he deems worthy, excentric, hot headed, easily jealous, generous with material goods
Moral alignment: Chaotic good
Fears: Losing his business and riches
Dreams: Growing in the world of entrepeneurs and making it big
Likes: Fancy food and designer clothes, champagne, giving to charity, crossfit, theatre events and dramatic plays
Dislikes: Cheapskates who try to mooch off him, violent people, anything which disturbs the peace he tries to live in
Occupation: Selling jewelry and fine cut gems

Clothing style: Dark academia
Skin: Light tan, heavy freckles around the nose and cheeks
Tattoos: N/A
Piercings: N/A
Distinguishing features: Deer ears, antlers
Eyes: Round, amber colored, long lucious lashes
Hair: Golden blonde in a well kept mullet, slightly curly
Body type: Slim, athletic

Position: Top
Sexuality: Bisexual, male lean

Eric was raised in a poor but abusive household, where he was forced to put his own food on the table from a young age. He went to a private school thanks to a friend's father's kind gesture, where he started his journey of becoming an entrepeneur. His life wasn't the best, as he regularly drowned his negative feelings by drinking excessive amounts of cheap alcohol and hiring escorts for the night, rather often.

Once he gathered enough money from working hard at a local store, he started his own business, buying only the finest quality materials. He learned from that same friend's parent who had gifted him a spot at that fancy school how to smith jewelry with gems and metal, and soon enough he was selling so quickly he could barely keep up with the workload.

Many years later he still works with making jewelry, selling mostly to the richest of the rich as they were the ones who could afford it. Occasionally he did make cheaper jewelry, for when there was a market in town so the local townspeople who weren't as financially blessed could get some too. Although he was successful, his habits of drinking and hiring escorts persisted.
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0 | 0 Comments | by AndyCandy | Sep 23rd 2021 05:28

~Nova Skye~

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Tracer Doc

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5 | 0 Comments | by RockyRoadTracer | Sep 23rd 2021 03:50

Rules ❤

➪Please follow my rules, there not that difficult :) /lh

-Don't be rude, please

-If you send the friend request then text me first please I'll do the same as well if I add you first

-If your going to dive into the RP the second you message me, please tell me


//more to come soon ❤
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0 | 0 Comments | by FoolishGhoulish | Sep 23rd 2021 03:10

☆ Don't let the Zombies bite ☆

Full Name: Scarlett Rose

Nickname(s): Dr. Rose

Age: 25

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 137 lbs

Race: Human

Occupation: Doctor, Base Sniper


Hair Color: Short White

Eye Color: Purple

Basic Personality:
Scarlett is a very serious and trustworthy person in the eyes of those remaining on Earth. Even while living through a Zombie Apocalypse, she keeps a calm demeanor as to try and be a role model to those around her. The young woman is seen as kind and caring as she is the only main doctor in the small safe town they had built. She has no problem outting anyone who may be trouble and often finds herself needing to step on someone's toes to get them to behave.

Intelligence: 9/10

Strength: 4/10

Speed: 4/10

Confidence: 8/10

Likeability: 10/10

Magic: 0/10

Mother (Deceased): Maria Rose
Father (Deceased): Erin Rose
Younger Brother: Jacob Rose (15)

Scarlett grew up in a good household, her family wasn't rich nor were they on any high level of the economy but they were stable. She was able to attend school like any other kid and graduate with flying colors. As she reached college that was when she decided that she wanted to become a doctor. Attending college for a few years she received her doctorates degree and was able to attend one of top hospitals in the state. There she started out as a nurse and slowly ascended to where she wanted to be. However, one the day of her graduation from nurse to doctor an outbreak happened. A virus spread in a matter of seconds and began changing the people it reached starting with patients who recently had their last breath to people who were just very sick. The hospital was in panic and people were turning in minutes. Death was all around her and the only thing she could do was run and get out of there as fast as she could. Part of her didn't have the heart to kill her fellow associates even the few she called her friends but if it wasn't for a certain patient of hers she might of never made it out. Out of the hundreds of people that occupied that hospital only 2 made it out, her and a man named William Dapner. The two of them got into his car and planned to drive home but as they left they soon realized the hospital wasn't the only place. From there it was just them for the longest time they had to learn what was happening and how to live. This going on for a year before they came across a small town boarded up and surrounded by walls to keep them safe. This town was only a few hours from ground zero but safe for the time being. With enough persuasion and the realization that the towns people needed a doctor, Scarlett and William were welcomed in in which they did their duties like anyone else. Scarlett learned how to use a weapon within 3 years of the outbreak though she was kept inside the walls in order to avoid exposing her to any sort of casualties. Within those 3 years she had witnessed a lot, the walls had been penetrated at one point involving mass death including the same man who had saved her on day one. She learned of her parents death after her younger brother had been found and had to witness events where many people didn't come back from expeditions. Slowly she learned that she really had to adapt and do whatever she could no matter how much she wanted to go outside the walls and help.
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7 | 1 Comment | by Mixed | Sep 23rd 2021 02:20

☆ Beauty and Grace ☆

Full Name: Zorah Ormondrall

Nickname(s): Princess, Zo

Age: Only about 800 (Appears to be at early 20s)

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 140 lbs

Race: Demon

Occupation: Demon Princess


Hair Color: Long Silver

Eye Color: Red

Basic Personality:
Unlike her mother, Zorah is much nicer to those around her. She tries to fix whatever her mother may of caused people in the past as it had affected the way they look at her too. She is generous and sometimes called "unbeffiting a demon" because of this. Only when she is angered does she come out rude and harsh similar to that of her mother. After her little moment she does however apologize for whatever it is she may of said.

Intelligence: 6/10

Strength: 5/10

Speed: 8/10

Confidence: 7/10

Likeability: 8/10

Magic: 4/10

Father: Astrir Ormondrall
Mother: Eris Sar'goth

Zorah's life started out just fine, as a young girl she felt much love towards her mother and father who seemed happy together in her eyes. She often spent a lot more time with her father then she did her mother but still loved them both equally. This was until the day her mother had enough and offed her father before her very eyes. At this point Zorah was still very young so she couldn't comprehend what happened all she knew was her father was dead, his body disappeared and her mother behind it. Since then the girl rarely seeing her mom only grew as the woman rose to power and chose to seek out other things over her. Zorah wasn't like her mother however and was a lot nicer when it came to handling the situation though that didn't mean she didn't he her for what she did to her father. She was able to handle not seeing her just fine, but what struck her most was knowing that she could live her life in the underworld as if nothing happened. Slowly as Zorah grew older she eventually left home unable to live under the same roof as the woman who birthed her leading her to travel to other places. At one point she found herself in the kingdom her mother grew up in her grandfather no longer on the throne but instead on of her uncles. This she wasn't aware of due to her mother never telling her of this side of her family only leading her to admire from a distance. Zorah couldn't find her place as a demon in the underworld and so I brought her to leaving it and traveling to the mortal world where she'd begin to learn more about humans and just how different they were. Occasionally she did return home and whenever she did it seemed as if she had to fix a mess made by her mother. The young girl only travels now barely taking the time to be what she was born to be as it wasn't in her right mind to. She fell in love with mankind over her own people and it was all due to her mother's behavior and life long hatred. Thankfully, Zorah's father was the type of demon he was...strong, yes violent, yes a demon, yes. But, he also did have a heart and he showed her that whenever he could.
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9 | 0 Comments | by Mixed | Sep 23rd 2021 01:48

☆ She's Bad News ☆

Full Name: Eris Sar'goth

Nickname(s): Eri, Princess Troublemaker

Age: Over 1500 (Appears to be at least early or mid 30s)

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 152 lbs

Race: Demon

Occupation: Demon Queen


Hair Color: Long Silver with a streak of red in the front

Eye Color: Gold/Yellow

Basic Personality:
She is a very unsatisfied Demon often getting herself into trouble for the sake of entertainment. Ever since her father tossed her to the side she has only been a Troublemaker making fun out of anything even if it meant tormenting others. She has a lot of bottled up rage and hatred so she sometimes might come off a bit too harsh without fully meaning to. She can be nice but it takes a special person to tolerate her enough to see that side of her.

Intelligence: 8/10

Strength: 7/10

Speed: 7/10

Confidence: 10/10

Likeability: 2/10

Magic: 5/10

Ex Husband: Astrir Ormondrall
Daughter: Zorah Ormondrall

Eris was born as an unwanted child by both her mother and father. Her father wanted a son who would be able to rule once he was no longer able to, and her mother wanted to live as her father threatened to get rid of her if she couldn't produce a son. Eris was kept alive however because she was still of royal blood but kept out of sight. Growing up she rarely saw her parents to where it got to the point that she didn't even consider them her family. She was barely treated like a princess which lead her to doing things she wouldn't normally do had she been raised correctly. This led to constant mischief and mayhem anywhere she went all of which out of spite for her mother and father. As she got older she began to consider herself a child with no family even as she had a living mother, father and two younger brothers. Eris was only trouble wherever she stepped foot making people grow ill towards her to the point it started rubbing off onto the royal family itself. This led to her father's frustration but an opportunity he couldn't pass up. This was when he chose to marry her off to another Demon kingdom in hopes of getting rid of her completely and obtaining a new alliance to strengthen an on going Demon army. Unlike the human world there weren't very many Demon kingdoms with different rulers, there were only 4 known regions and all contained different races. Eris was only 700 in life when she was married off which is rather young but only 17 in human years. The girl wanted nothing to do with the man she was married off to and tried everything in her power to get out of it but failed. Her husband was able to outsmart her attempts and continued on with things as planned leading her down a road she dreaded. For many many years she lived in this new kingdom under strict rules, however she was actually taught magic and other things that she hadn't completely learned in her home kingdom. Eris lived with her husband Astrir for a very long time and as she reached over 1000 years old she would bear her first child, Zorah. Zorah was the first thing she grew to love which made Astrir believe there was a chance at changing her harsh nature, however it did not. Eris took care of her child like she never got from her mother but her hatred only seemed to grow. 'How come this child can be so loved by her parents yet my father and mother dreaded my very existence?' She was furious at the thought it emitted off of her highly. Now that she was older and a bit wiser she was capable of far more than she had originally and the way she expressed this newfound power of hers was by killing her husband before her child's very eyes. Then, she was able to take control herself and split off connections with her birthplace choosing to cast them aside and take her own place as a queen the same rights she had being the first born child. Eris thinks herself above all but she still has a lot to learn this shows by her constant hatred and denial of self love.
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6 | 0 Comments | by Mixed | Sep 23rd 2021 01:32

☆ Rules ☆

☆ Please do not control my characters actions, if it is needed to start the RP then that is fine but throughout the roleplay each person is in control of their own actions

☆ Do not add me if you are under the age of 18 I will not add you back as I find it a bit uncomfortable adding anyone underage

☆ Please no one-liners I like to be as descriptive as possible when it comes to my rps so the minimum at least be able to do a paragraph. Each roleplay doesn't have to be a goliath of paragraphs but only a few sentences gives me little to work with

☆ I will NOT be doing anything involving Sexual Abuse of any sort which means beating, mental abuse or any physical harm

☆ I will not be playing as a herm but that doesn't mean I will not roleplay with someone who has a character that is one.

☆ Do not rush me, if I haven't replied withing a couple hours that means I am busy even if I am showing online. If I don't reply within a day or two feel free to give me a 'Bump'

☆ If you add you message and I'll do the same.

☆ Do not come to me in character or without a plan to discuss a roleplay beforehand. I would prefer to talk about it prior so we can organize plot and characters

☆ If you aren't enjoying the RP please let me know so that we can work on making it better. I don't want to bore you half to death and never hear from you again. I like to improve as much as possible even if I have experience there is always room for improvement.

☆ If you've read this far then send me the word "Cookies" somewhere before we discuss an RP. If I don't see it then I will most likely double check to make sure you read them.
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24 | 0 Comments | by Mixed | Sep 23rd 2021 01:10


If you have not given a like on this, I will ask you to read it.

1.) Read my bio: Seriously, what I do is not a common thing; I don't want a tone of people adding me to do some father and daughter stuff. My bio explains what I do and if you have questions, ask.

2.) Use third-person POV: I do not like 1st person. It makes the story less story like and more like a personal fantasy.

3.) No super weird kinks: I will admit, there are some things I am into that are odd but, some of the things I hear on this site are No complete amputee slave or toilet stuff.

4.) No god-modding: not going to bother explaining this. Just don't.

5.) Don't be an ass. That goes for OC and OCC. If I don't like you, I will not roleplay with you. If I don't enjoy your OC, I can't be happy with the roleplay.

6.) Book format: Don't use *this and use "This."

7.) give this a like: It shows you know what I am looking for as a partner.
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Abigail Martinez

Name: Abigail Martinez
Age: 20
Height: 5’ 2”
Weight: unknown
Eyes: brown
Hair: black

Imprisoned for: tax affiliation
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Jessica Nygen

Name: Jessica Nygen
Age: 32
Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: unknown
Eyes: brown
Hair: black

Imprisoned for: attempt murder
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2 | 0 Comments | by FemalePrisoner | Sep 22nd 2021 23:35

Normani Johnson

Name: Normai Johnson
Age: 18
Height: 5’ 1”
Weight: unknown
Eyes: brown
Hair: black

Imprisoned for: self-defense murder
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1 | 0 Comments | by FemalePrisoner | Sep 22nd 2021 23:32