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Weapon X Files #002 (Logan's Backstory)

In 1910, Logan traveled to another frontier community in the Canadian Rockies and met a young Blackfoot woman named Silver Fox, with whom he falls in love. She reciprocates, and the two share a cabin together in the woods and live happily for a time. In late May, when Logan believed his birthday to be, Sabretooth tracks and murders Silver Fox after seeing her and Wolverine together, envious that Logan had found a measure of peace. Upon discovering the gruesome scene, Wolverine flew into a rage and battles Sabretooth, but couldn’t best his counterpart, who was able to keep his cool.

Sabretooth and a mysterious cloaked figure then manipulated the feral, mindless Logan to slaughter the inhabitants of the town he had been living in at the time.

Later, employed by The Hudson's Bay Company as a fur trader to the Blackfoot Indians, he defeated the demonic snake-worm known as Uncegila, a feat which earned him the Blackfoot warrior name of "Skunk-Bear." A broad, largely unseen conspiracy then began to shape Logan, robbed of his conscience and free will, into the perfect killer. Wherever Logan went, Sabretooth or one of his handlers, was not far behind.

In 1914, Logan joined the Canadian Army to fight during The Great War. During a battle in Belgium on April 22, 1915, Logan encountered Lazaer (anagram of Azrael, the Angel of Death) for the first time and a fight ensued. Lazaer got the upper hand and impaled Wolverine with his sword, but Logan pulled the sword from his body, and impaled Lazaer to defeat him. Since then, every time Logan has had a near death experience, he has had to battle Lazaer so that he is able to return back to the realm of the living and use his advanced healing factor to return to health.

When the authorities became aware of Logan's abilities, he was assigned to a special unit of the Canadian military, The Devil's Brigade, tasked with the most suicidal missions in the war under the command of the super-humanly strong Silas Burr (who later became the mercenary Cyber). After a falling out, Cyber murdered Logan's girlfriend and during the confrontation Logan was severely beaten and one of his eyes was removed, but he was able to escape. Cyber and Sabretooth tracked him at the bidding of Romulus and returned him to the squad where he was assigned to Madripoor.

After a stint in the small nation, Logan traveled to China where he turned down an offer from the warlord Ogun to instruct him in the Art of War. But Logan was a man ever on the move, this time finding himself in South America where he ran across Mystique for the first time. The two of them were going to be executed by firing squad, but escaped using their abilities and formed a small criminal syndicate. Wolverine and Mystique became romantically involved, but the relationship was short lived as Logan reported on their criminal doings to the police, thus sending the syndicate to prison and returning to Canada to take part in the Weapon X program.

During World War II, Logan teamed up with Captain America and Bucky Barnes in Madripoor. The two were unaware of his mutation, believing him to merely be extraordinarily lucky, and dubbed him “Lucky James.” One of their first significant missions was to rescue Natasha Romanova, a young child at the time, from being brainwashed into an assassin by The Hand. Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker was also implicated, causing Cap and Bucky’s attention to shift to the fascist HYDRA organization. During this time, Seraph, guardian of Madripoor and another ex-lover of Wolverine, was killed by Sabretooth, presumably under the orders of a strange entity called Romulus. But whom he was would not be revealed until years later. Logan decided to officially get involved in the war and enlisted in the Armed Forces, joining the First Canadian Parachute Battalion. It was with this battalion that he first encountered Bloodscream, an immortal being with vampire-like qualities and powers. He fought in various missions, already soon making a name for himself as one of the best soldiers in the division. He ended his stint living in Japan and possibly training as a samurai.

After WWII, Logan returned to Japan, having remembered Ogun's offer to train him. Logan would soon develop a deep love of Japan, particularly samurai culture and code of Bushido, that would stand the test of time. His training complete, he journeyed across the nation until he met the beautiful Itsu, with whom he started a family. But Logan’s destiny was never one of peace, and after he accidentally killed a man during a disaster, he returned home to find Itsu dead and the child they conceived stolen by Romulus. Logan had nothing left in Japan and returned to Canada to once again join with Weapon X. It was then that he gained his trademark adamantium skeleton, but also lost his memory due to the trauma of the experiment before joining Alpha Flight and taking on the Hulk for the first time.

After his military duty and his return from Japan and his training there, Logan applied for the job of Special Agent for an American underground government organization. With extreme coincidence, Logan's mortal enemy Sabretooth turned out to have applied for the same 'job'. A fight erupted in the offices of the organization, but both were subdued. At this time it turned out, it was not just a normal organization where the two had come to. They were both given a memory wipe and had false memories implanted. All except for Logan's time in Japan was a complete mystery to him, and Logan had no recollection of his former feud with Sabretooth. He fought on various missions together with teammates Maverick and John Wraith. It was during one of these missions that Logan first met and fought Omega Red.

False memories were given to Logan and his teammates after most missions, so they would not, or only partly remember what they had done or what their objective had been. After some time, Sabretooth's brutal ways became an eyesore to the other team members and it was not before long that the team had an internal conflict, resulting in a breakup of the team and Sabretooth leaving. Logan's missions for Team X seemed done, but his long road of suffering would just be at the beginning.

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Holy motherf%&$!" it's an ice cream truck

Muse A and Muse B are a free-spirited couple who’ve just tied the knot. In lieu of an extravagant honeymoon, the spontaneous pair decide to enjoy the first few months of married bliss by taking a cross-country road trip together. Never ones to follow convention, the newlyweds rent an ice cream truck for the summer. They start their journey on the first day of the summer with the simplest of plans: use the proceeds of their ice cream sales to keep the adventure going from town to town and have the best summer of their lives with the one they love!  
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Weapon X Files #001 (Rules for RPs)

Hate to be a strict a**hole but I do need to address a few rules when it comes down to my RPs.

* Wolverine is the only character I play as on this account, so if you want me to play as someone else, not gonna happen. However the only exception to this is if there are a huge cast of male characters within a RP and that I could switch between other male characters. (My main will always be Logan and I will not play as OCs)

* I only do comic book RPs on this account. Preferably Marvel RPs but I do like doing DC RPs and crossovers. If your characters are from Dark Horse, Image Comics and so on then that is fine too.

* This does blend in with my last point, but I would prefer to RP with characters who are within canon. Though OCs are fine so long as they're based in a comic universe.

* I refuse to RP with anyone under the age of 18. My RPs tend to have mature content in them and I find it uncomfortable to include any mature content with an underaged user. Plus I will never water down my RPs.

* Logan is currently single, therefore he will be open for potential romantic plots until he has found the perfect match for him.

* I'm all for sexual themes and scenes within a RP at all and anything goes. Just don't make that the main focal point. I am not Christian Grey.

* I will not do any Anime, Furry, Wrestling or Supernatural RPs. (Though if you are a Marvel/DC Character who blends into the supernatural then that's fine.)

* I am perfectly okay with One Liners, Semi-Paras and Paragraphs. Although I can't cope with Multi-Paras and extremely long Paras. If you have to do Multi Paras with me then the most I can handle are two paragraphs.

* I try to reply as soon as I can. That goes without saying but I do have a life outside of this website and I do have another account. In other words you'll get a reply when I'm ready. I don't take days to respond so don't worry about that.

* I don't mind doing trigger warning RPs, but personally I can't do rape or self harm themes. I don't mind those subjects if they were to be within a character's background but I will NOT do RPs specifically about rape or self harm.

* God Mods are okay with me, so long as you don't make your character unbeatable and can do EVERYTHING!

* You dare try to control Logan's actions within a RP without my permission, instant block. (If it he was in some sort of mind control then maybe, but even then I would have to agree on it first)

* Break any of those rules and chances are I will warn you, but if you break them again then I will not respond and maybe even delete you.

* If you want to talk to me out of character then please make it clear that your not talking through RP. Use something like // so that I know it's not part of the RPs at all.

* Once you have fully read the rules please comment 'Bub' so that I know you have read this.

Those are pretty much everything I have to add with the rules and all I can say here is: Stay out of my way, tough guy!
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♛ liability (reprise)

hi, i know that you aren't probably gonna read this, but i needed to release all the emotions i have about you in one dumb blog post that no one is gonna read.

hi lizzy

oh god i can't believe it's gonna be almost a year.
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Harry Potter Roleplay.

Name- Emma Clearwater
Age- 17 to 28
height- 5'1
weight- changes thought the season.
Birth Place- Brazil
School for magic- Castello Bruxó
Second school- Wish school for Africa
Third School- Hogwarts

House- Hufflepuff

Wand Type
Cedar wood-Whenever I meet one who carries a cedar wand, I find strength of character and unusual loyalty. My father, Gervaise Ollivander, used always to say, ‘you will never fool the cedar carrier,’ and I agree: the cedar wand finds its perfect home where there is perspicacity and perception. I would go further than my father, however, in saying that I have never yet met the owner of a cedar wand whom I would care to cross, especially if harm is done to those of whom they are fond. The witch or wizard who is well-matched with cedar carries the potential to be a frightening adversary, which often comes as a shock to those who have thoughtlessly challenged them.
Unicorn hair core.
12" in length.
Surprisingly Swishy flexibility.

Expecto Patronum- Big horn Ram.

Good subject- Potions and defence against the dark arts, Transfiguration, Magical Beast Studies

Magic Style- She is good at Creating Magical Items that Aid her in fighting, she is Very good at protection spell and Spell that allow her to Remove another person from the fight As Quickly as possible, She is Minimalist in her motion with her Wand, being quick to move and assault and she is good at counters Allowing her to fight effectively, She was not scared to jump in to a physical fight allowing her Fist to do the work not her magic. Emma can use dark Magic, But she does not enjoy it, she seems it as a Mean to a End. She also has shown a great use for potions, being able to make her own and find easier way to make some, she also has a keen Neck for magical Critures

Personality- She is Very Emotionaly Stable, But when she See's a friend in Danger She jumps in to help, Her Patient is her greatest ally, but she has very scary Explosion and outburst of anger

Strong personality Trait- Loyalty, Patient, Hard worker, worried about other.

Statues- Haft-Blood
Father- Pure Blood
Mother- Muggle Born

Bio- She was rased in the Muggle World with her parants and Grandparants. She traveled, Seeing many magical critures along the way.

Fun Fact- She can use both of her hands to Cast spell. She is primarally left handed, but she did not care. She can cast spells wandless a trait she learned when she was in a African school for Wishes and Wizards.

Time in Hogwarts School- When her parants moved to England, she had to start a new on a new school, having to learn and understand magic with Wands. Slowlly she learn though out her final year of school.
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