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you know the ones who said

.. .... .- ...- . -. - ..-. . .-.. - - .... .. ... --. --- --- -.. .- -... --- ..- - .-.. .. ..-. . .. -. .- .-. . .- .-.. .-.. -.-- .-.. --- -. --. - .. -- .
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i'd never find someone like you

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Lala Haniluke

Hair Color:Blonde
Eye Color:Brown
Personality: Lala is a very cheerful, and sexy person she’ll do anything to grab a persons attention weather it’s falling, Stripping, Or sneaking money into her pockets she’s good too go. So you could say she a Sly,Mysterious, Badass Girl.

Lala is known for being famous and has been to personal invites people think of her as rich and famous, but no one knows where she got the money, because she stole on her things and killed the maker of necklaces and even stole from a bank in Europe in total silence. This was crazy no one beloved a hot chick like Lala stole her looks and her wealthiest was just so much no one could see threw Lala’s lie, until she ran into you.
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Hey all. Been a while since I've done anything with this account, but figured I'd update for all you periodical visitors. So if you're new here and wonder what is the deal with this account and its admin, you're in the right place.

I started on this godforsaken website in June 2017, and this is the last account I have remaining, because I cannot delete it since I would rather not log onto the email that this account is registered with. Occasionally I'd use this account to tweak some HTML code for profiles for my characters, so don't be alarmed. In any case, this is a private account for the selective few that I deem having the potential to be a compatible roleplayer and hopefully a sincere friend.

I'm a bit torn on what I should make this blogpost as; I thought about making it a rant-motivated rule page, but very few of you would want to read that, so this is just stuff I feel like you should know and yes, mixed with some rants (However, if you're here for know-how guidelines for a successful collaboration with me, go to:

So to start us off, I would like to address something that people tend to lose their sh*t over: that is, when I add you and do not send the first message.

Yes, when I add you, that is indeed a gesture to be taken as I am interested. However, while I have the ability to judge that a potential partner is highly likely to be compatible with me, my schedule may not allow me taking on a new roleplay, my muse may escape me, and I may be stuck in either a mental health pit or a crazily driven, entirely focused rut. Either one or a mixture of the factors above would discourage me from striking up a new conversation and dishing out my creative energy. Learn to not take it personal in that aspect; It's not that I think I'm better or that I want to waste your time.

Furthermore, I notice most on this website would immediately send a mechanical, copied-and-pasted greeting that sometimes lead us nowhere. That could be a step up from no message at all for some, but for me, I'm not about to do that to my partners. If I'm not in the mood for sending you a personalized message detailing why I'm interested and what I might offer in return for an enjoyable roleplay experience, I'm not in the mood to send the first message. Just because one checks the box for "sending first message", doesn't mean that it's a good message that will get two roleplayers anywhere.

What happens if I don't send the first message for a long period of time? Well, I suppose you'd have to take matters into your own hands and message me first, but for the love of god, please do not send a passively aggressive or openly aggressive message chiding me for not sending the first message. That is counter-productive to collaboration, not to mention that I just explained to you why occasionally I won't send the first message for some time.

Or you can choose not to send the first message; that's cool too. However, I think the number one thing for my prospective partners to know is that I write when I feel like it, and rushing me will get us nowhere. You may take a lack of response for prolonged period of time as a lack of interest, but chances are, I would have already told you that I'm not interested. Similarly, you could choose to respond whenever you feel like; I would not rush you, but if you haven't responded for a while, I would ask if you're still interested.

Secondly, I would like to address something that is motivated by a recent experience. We are all adults here with a lot of responsibilities, and we understand that sometimes life could get in the way of roleplaying. I would appreciate it very much if my partners give me a heads-up on how busy they would be, which translate to how much effort they could allocate to our roleplay, so I know what to expect. I am a reasonable person and I respect your time. Now, most of my partners have done this really well, but surprisingly I've met quite a few who throws out something like this when I call them out on their lack of effort towards making it an enjoyable experience for both of us:

"I work three jobs, go to school full-time, and take care of three kids."

Which again, surprisingly, I have never heard them once mention before. You would think that the implication here is that this is a significant, all-consuming aspect of their life, but never once in our previous OOC chat or roleplay discussion have they ever indicated something to this caliber. Moreover, they appear to be only telling me this to get out of putting in equal effort to collaborate, of which I have very little tolerance for.

I would like to clarify here once and for all that I understand real life comes first. Really, truly, I do. My first point in this blogpost is literally about how my partners should not rush me; you would think if I had an ounce of self-awareness, I would extend the same courtesy to my partners. However, the issue with such excuse is that:

1. If you are a busy person, please inform me before or during our discussion, so that we may try to work with your schedule. If you do not mention once but suddenly becomes the busiest person once I ask you to put in effort, I would call you out on attempting to half-ass.

2. Just because that I may be busy and my muse may escape me or any other factors that contribute to my slow response, does not mean I would half-ass my partner. I've only been the type of person to get to the bottom of things by asking why's, showing genuine interest in character development, and dedicating abundantly in writing a story collaboratively. I'm at the point where I probably can write a novel on my own, but roleplaying is a two-way street and I enjoy the interactive nature too much. If I need to research for, say, an hour, I would put an hour aside to research for our story, not just whip something out of thin air with no effort whatsoever.

3. Bottom line, you're the person who knows your schedule the best. Please for the love of god, realistically evaluate whether or not you have time for a roleplay with me, when you have many things to attend to. In short, if you're too busy to put in effort, don't roleplay with me.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk. Stay tuned for more!
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( ' BASIL ' - the remote angel )

[ NOTE: This character's past has mentions of sexual abuse, and suicide. If this triggers you, please don't read his form and contact me. I'll give you a brief overview of his history. ]

Basil Todd Sandford, born on October 2nd, 1982, was born to his parents Karina and Carter Sandford in Brighton, England along with his older brother, Jacob. There isn't much to state about his childhood; it was normal until he moved up into year 10. He met a girl in the same year named Amanda Robbins, a woman with deep brown eyes and flowing black hair. Basil instantly fell in love, and luckily, she did as well. They began to date in year 11, and burst through the remainder of the years, graduating together.

He moved on to college, planning on getting his bachelors in medical, but something happened that changed his life-- and not for the better. One night, Amanda spent the night in the man's apartment and begged for him to have sex with her. Basil refused; he wanted to save it for when they got married. She stormed out, pissed off and raced down one of the alley-ways, and since he felt awful, Basil followed her. He pleaded with her, telling her to calm down, but Amanda pinned him to the wall and had her way with him. To put it in short, Basil was raped by his girlfriend.

Two years later, Basil proposed to her. He felt like there would be no one else in his life, and he forced himself to sentence his life to marriage with the woman that hindered him the most. He stopped attending the college he went to since Amanda required his attention more, and would guilt trip him into staying home. He felt like his life was going no where, and even contemplated ending his life multiple times, but something was always stopping him from doing so.

Then, he found out Amanda was cheating on him with Jacob, his brother. Basil wanted to not believe it, but when Amanda told Basil she was in love with his brother, he lost it. He moved to New York, leaving his life behind and started a new one.

One night, Basil just couldn't handle seeing his brother with his ex-fiance, so he committed suicide and arrived in heaven moments later. God took pity upon the man, seeing how horrifying his past was and elected him, along with two angels, to gain some of his god-like abilities and walk the Earth, protecting people. Basil is able to restore order and balance to the world. it's given to him in the form of light, a white/yellow light that can restore anything to its former glory. His cutlass that he carries also holds this same light, and whenever he gets into a fight, it's able to create long slash-like attacks that are powerful enough to knock an enemy down.

He got a job as a librarian, turning over a new leaf and beginning to read a lot more than normal. At some point, Basil went back to school, but instead of going for medical, he switched it to literature. He longs to be an English teacher at Yale, but that's just a dream for now.

At this point in his life, Basil came across a strange corporation in New York; one that was dedicated to killing off creatures. At first, he thought it was silly, but when Percival informed him about Tobias Morland, he had to believe it. Being a librarian is a side job, but what Basil really does is protect these creatures from further harm by hiding them in the library's basement. It's become a safe haven for any creature traveling through New York, and Basil is now well-known in the supernatural community.

Basil comes across as a very stern man. He often has a bitch-resting face, and sighs a lot to show he is irritated. He's very skeptical and articulate, as well as quiet. He doesn't like speaking that much, but he will if he needs to show someone that they are wrong, and that his opinion matters. Because of this, Basil is seen as pretty cold, but he does have a heart and cares -- he just rarely shows it. In terms of sexuality, Basil is bi-sexual, but leans more on men.

He stands to 5'11" with an oval facial structure and a slender body type. He wears circular-framed glasses over his hazel eyes, and his eyebrows always seem to be narrowed over his eyes. Basil has soft auburn hair that is pulled back, but somehow, there is always a little fringe hanging in his eyes. Basil wears a light creme colored, long-sleeved, collared shirt. one of the buttons always seems to come undone and it greatly irritates him, dark brown slacks, black loafers and a dark brown, tweed jacket.

FC: Noah Taylor
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