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Kiyoshi Oshima

TW: Suicide (in backstory not himself), Panic Attacks

Name: Kiyoshi きよし Oshima 大きな島
meaning of name: bright island
nicknames: Zack, Yoshi
Race: half-Japanese, half-Korean
Gender: Male
Pronouns: he/him
S/O: demisexual
star sign: Taurus 
Birth date: 5/1
Age: 24

Weight: 134
Height: 5'9
Body build: inverted triangle
Face shape: ???
eye color: ???
Glasses or contacts: no
Skin tone: pale
Hair color: white
Hair length: short

Voice: N/A
attractiveness: shy nature, formal polite 
physical disabilities: none
mental disabilities: PTSD, panic attacks, selective mutism, touch starvation

Fashion: business casual
Likes: Animals, card games, Nature, soft music
Dislikes: crowds, surprises, shoes in house, politics
Current residence: Southern Cuba
Occupation: Card Dealer
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@Billy [A**hole Bully - But at least a friend in need]




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Kastvin Helvalk

Kastvin Helvalk

He/Him, Straight
Looks about 24, but know one knows how old he is
September 7
Kas, Vin, either works
Single, and Available
Personality: Cold, yet warm, soft, but hard, Intuitive, cunning, vengeful, ambitious, and clever

Life is a silly thing, don’t you think? We fear to die yet accept that it is bound to happen. I however have never seen death, I dance with it, to the verge of insanity, but not. You may be wondering what all of this means. Do not trouble yourself trying to make sense of my words, you will understand in due time. Soon it will all make sense my dear. Sh, sh, sh. It’s alright everything will be just fine love. I will make all your pain go away, take away all of your troubles, I will give you peace. -------------
There, sweet, sweet silence. No one will ever hurt you again.
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Salvior Domhnall

Salvior Domhnall

Age: 22
He/Him Straight
December 29
If you know who Dorian Havilliard is then that’s basically who this is.
If not, look it up.

Bakstory: wip
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Selena Cruz

~Selena Cruz~

(Special Request)
Age: 23
Straight She/Her
Status: Single
Birthday: June 13th
Nationality: Latino, second generation, parents are from Mexico
Occupation: Journalist and Florist
- Appearance-
Hair: Long to mid back, raven black
Eyes: Green with flecks of gold
Skin: Tanish White
Body type: Athletic with a little more curve
Body Markings: Rose on her wrist
Weight: 125
- Personality -
Proud, but sweet and kind, likes to “play” (in the bedroom), compassionate, bold, courageous, loyal, enjoys a good laugh and loves to meet new people. (Kinda like Wonder Woman.)
- Backstory -
I haven’t got much. I grew up in a Latino home, my family being from Mexico. My father and mother are good people, though growing up was tough they often put their attention into my younger siblings and work, yet they did their best to make time for me and I valued that time we had together. I love my family and meeting new people. I also enjoy going to parties and clubs. Overall I just like a good time.

-A good time never hurt anyone-
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Micheal Zinn

Micheal Zinn

Age: 17
June 22
Kinda Single
Mike, Mikey, idc what you call me
Branden’s twin from another mother basically.

I’m a football player and that’s about it.

-The Ladies Love Me-
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Lainie Carter

Lainie Carter

Age: 16
Demigod, Daughter of Apollo
June 28
Single, She/Her
Lay, Lain
Backstory: I’m a work in progress ❤
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Ellia Morse

Elia Morse

I’m not telling you a thing
(work in progress...)
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Branden Keer

Branden Keer

Age: 18
Single Baby
Love the Ladies
B-Day: September 10
Fav Color: Any color you want me to like
Nickname: Brad(anyone),
Brady(Ash, Rey-Rey,TB, Asher) Brandy (Rey-Rey)
Personality: Cool, amazing, (obnoxious-Winnie), Loving, respectful, lover boy

Backstory: Eh, don’t have much of one, but oh well. I’m Brad, the girls love me, I play Football and have A’s and B’s in all my classes. I’m pretty good at most of the stuff I do.
-I’m Open Ladies-
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Aiden Smith

TW: Violence, depression

Full Name: Aiden Smith
meaning of name: little fire
nicknames: none
Alias: Alex, Zack, Caleb
Race: American
Gender: male
Pronouns: he/him
S/O: bisexual  
Star sign: Cancer
Birth date: 7/18
Age: 23

Weight: 137
Height: 5'9
Body build: square, agile
Face shape: oval 
Eye color: rusty brown, red
glasses or contacts: no
Skin tone: tan
Hair color: black
Hair length: short

Voice: standard American English 
attractiveness: cool badass type
Physical disabilities: none
mental disabilities: undiagnosed depression 

Fashion: Old and worn out clothing, second hand or vintage
Likes: tea, fighting, horror movies, rain
Dislikes: children, cold weather, waiting
Current residence: Detroit Michigan
Occupation: Hitman
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Asher Logan

Asher Logan

Age: 20
Has a Crush, but is open
Birthday: April 1
He/Him Straight
Favorite Color: Black or green
Nickname: Ash, Logan,
Ashy log (Reyen, Ashtrid, and Zayd)
Personality: Chill, a lot like Ed Sheeran, songwriter/singer
(rap it)
I never thought I would make it big,
Always thought that I would never win,
Everything I did was nothing but a waste,
Threw out the world,
Now I’m near my resting place,
I’m thinking of maybe quitting this life,
But then I remember,
It will all be alright,
I’m okay,
I promise,
Don’t worry ‘bout me
Worry ‘bout you,
Life has never been the same since this game begun,
Why does everyone think I’m something that I’m not,
Maybe it’s time for a change,
Maybe a break,
All I gotta say is,
I’m done.
-Life Isn’t What You Think-
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Winter Owens

Winter Owens

Age: 20
Birthday: December 3
Straight She/Her
Favorite Color: Icy Blue
Happily Single

Nickname(s): Win, Winnie, happy for more :)
Happy being single, strong-willed, kind, proud, unwilling to admit when she’s wrong, can be an overachiever

Backstory: I’m Win, and I don’t have an interesting backstory, like everyone else here. Neither of my parents are dead. I’m an only child. I was a very smart kid, I always followed the rules, and overall, I was a good kid. I finished High school early so I started college when I was 16. Other than that, not really much to tell. I’ve never been interested in dating, but I’m happy to be friends.
-Happy Being Single-
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Age: 16
Personality: Fun, acts older than her age, has an ego, star lover, kind, understanding, cares more than anyone will ever know, loves to make music, loves to role play
Birthday: September 15
Straight She/her
Looking for Someone -
Favorite Color: Emerald Green
Nickname: Night, Sky
Profession: Singer/Songwriter, Actor

Backstory: I always loved music. From the moment I was born, I knew that was what I wanted to do with my life. I write songs to express myself. It was the only way I could handle my emotions. I’ve been through many hard things. I lost a friend due to her toxicity. I had to let go of my dearest friend, my first boyfriend, and many more experiences. I was in a movie once. That was pretty fun. I hope someday I’ll be ok and have someone to love.
-Music Is My Life-

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Tristan Brooke

%Tristan Brooke%

Age: 18
Personality: Chill, Skeptical, Quiet, Has an Ego
Found Someone
Straight, He/Him
Nickname: Tris, TB
Birthday: May 4th

I don’t really know. I mean,
I’ve been alone most of my life.
My mom died when I was born and my dad
committed suicide when I was five.
My Uncle committed evil crimes.
My Aunt was in jail over fifty times.
Grandma and Grandpa, well we never had any time.
I somehow survived. That’s just my life.
=That’s Me=
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Kevin Alder

^-^Kevin Alder^-^

Age: 17
Nickname: Kev
B-Day: September 3
Kind, loving, caring, cute, passionate, ^-^, Proud LGBTQ+

I’m a lot like Zayd, I’m a normal teenage kid, liven it up! My parents divorced when I was 2 so I don’t really know my mom and she never comes to visit so I live with my Dad, and he’s pretty cool. I’ll admit I’m a bit of a player, but if I love you? You’ll know.*peace sign*

xoxo-If I Love You, You’re The One-xoxo

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