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    it's the fear of rejection . . . ༉‧₊˚.

to be added.
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1 | 0 Comments | by clumsy | Dec 3rd 2022 18:00

    it's the hope for redemption . . . ༉‧₊˚.

to be added.
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1 | 0 Comments | by clumsy | Dec 3rd 2022 18:00

Gotta Show A Little Love Sometimes {I wrote this}

I gotta talk to yall
Wanna tell you something
Cause our world is burning

When you lose hope
When you lose your place
When you feel like
You're just another face

You gotta
Show a little love sometimes
For a world falling apart
Gotta show a little love sometimes
For a broken heart
Gotta show a little love sometimes
Or we'll lose our place
Gotta show a little love sometimes
Even if they're just a face

Cause we're only a few steps away
From a splintered world
A few steps away
From what can't be healed

You gotta
Show a little love sometimes
For a world falling apart
Gotta show a little love sometimes
For a broken heart
Gotta show a little love sometimes
Or we'll lose our place
Gotta show a little love sometimes
Even if they're just a face

Cause no way
No way
No way
You're gonna get there on your own
No way
No way
No way
I can let you die alone

We all need some hope
In these dark days
I wanna give you some hope
Before you fade away

You gotta
Show a little love sometimes
For a world falling apart
Gotta show a little love sometimes
For a broken heart
Gotta show a little love sometimes
Or we'll lose our place
Gotta show a little love sometimes
Even if they're just a face

If we're all alone...
Who's gonna hold us up?
If we're all alone...
We're gonna fall so far

Those who are highest
Have the farthest to fall
Those who are lowest
Can't dream of being high at all

That's why you gotta
Show a little love sometimes
For a world falling apart
Gotta show a little love sometimes
For a broken heart
Gotta show a little love sometimes
Or we'll lose our place
Gotta show a little love sometimes
Even if they're just a face...
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1 | 1 Comment | by RuByDaQuEeN | Dec 3rd 2022 17:18


When Yan wakes up, he is not alone in the room nor on the bed.
QiQi is knelt over him, staring at his face as such close distance that if he sits up they'll clash heads. Next to the bed there is Xiao, staring at him too.
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1 | 31 Comments | by RPArchivist | Dec 3rd 2022 17:11

Shiro's world

The tower of fantasy setting is practically not a choice for a majority of characters not natively from the verse due to intense radiation which requires certain devices to survive and gadgets to get around some of the more tricky areas, time manipulation, as well as planet hopping through a group that only certain characters that works for a group can access. It's post apocalyptical and the changes are a bit much I'd want to talk about all in one sitting if it can be helped. It's for this reason I'd prefer to bring Shiro to other settings if not a custom one.

While it is possible to bring ocs into it, there will be a lot to figure out like how they get their suppressor, if it involves going to a new planet of Vera, how they get the clearance to go if their not an executioner or if so how they got in? They would also need to be balanced as to not be super op and outshine the characters that been working behind the scenes as it would become a question of why they didn't stop what happened or the heirs from acting/where were they?

But the two known worlds..

First one is mostly all shelters outside of one place that again only executioners can access and not anyone normal. I actually forgot the name of the place, but it's a base for them and they can use it to access other worlds with the only other being open currently is vera. There are no cities as most would know it except for one abandoned heavily radiated one that was the center for all bad things that happened where nature has taken over giving a glimpse of what used to be before all went down if you can look past all the green and broken roads that is. Some people to prevent themselves from falling to the effects of the radiation have allowed themselves to become cyborgs. For some, only their head is organic and the rest is cybernetically enhanced.

And Vera is a growing desert due to a threat of mysterious monsters. Food and water are in short supplies to the point it's regulated between people and hardly anyone from there outside of executioners know what it's like to have trees around, water, and the basics most worlds take for granted. What Vera does have is a an advanced cyberpunk style city that is super easy to get lost in. But it's really just a mask for what lurks just outside of it and their struggles.
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0 | 0 Comments | by ChakramOfSeas | Dec 3rd 2022 16:02


- If you aren't trying to instantly jump into the bed, pic spamming, one directional minded, or giving one worded replies then I do not care of how you greet me. My only request is that it is done in messages.

- When discussing a story, I prefer to omit some details so it's not a straight up train on tracks experience. I do like my surprises here and there. Also please refrain from leaving everything entirely up to me to decide or attempting to base an entire plot around my character. We do it together, no piggybacking.

- I will not allow rps that focus solely on romance.

- No discord or trying to force me to give it.

- When it comes to receiving and giving replies. It varies based on your activity. I pay attention to all my friends so if you are barely alive, I'm probably never ever going to poke you unless I worry it's going beyond the time of auto deletion. No need to tell me if you are busy because it shows even if you say nothing. Otherwise active people get 3 - 7 days and then you will be removed. Sounds harsh but it doesn't take long at all to check to see who all has been replied to. I shouldn't have to remind you for something that's a few clicks and seconds to do.

- Ah yes about my preferences on spelling and such? If it's not text talk then I only care that I can understand what you are trying to convey. As long as I have that then you are fine. I'm not going to point out every typo and misspelling.

- Lastly, show me the same respect I show you. Don't rush me as I have accounts across other sites ontop of managing things irl. I'm not ever going to be fast. If I catch you in my inbox trying to rush me, it's an automatic block.
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2 | 0 Comments | by ChakramOfSeas | Dec 3rd 2022 15:45


He badly needed some rest, so he took a few hours to sleep. After getting up and leaving his house, he comes across Beryn.
"Doctor Huang. I need a private word with you." Without adding anything, he starts to walk and Qi has no choice but to follow. He feels extremely uneasy in his presence.
"What do you need to tell me?" Qi asks while they keep going. Suddenly Beryn teleports them in the middle of nowhere. "That's what you mean by private."
"For your ears only, doctor. I want to discuss with you the XinLan issue."
Qi freezes at his words. "You did have been spying on me?"
"He is Lianxi's problem, so he is also mine."
"He is not in his right mind...I have to understand if he can be saved."
"We need to capture him and lock him up somewhere safe...he can't endanger any more people." Beryn lowers his gaze then looks at Qi. "The House of Wolf."
"Do you know where it is?" Qi is surprised even just by the mention of it.
"I uncovered that one and another house. You just need to take XinLan."

Qi and Beryn take different paths. He needs to find a way to get to XinLan, to find him, but at the same time he is getting extremely bothered by Beryn, he is so mysterious and full of secrets. He troubles him.
He is walking in the streets to clear his mind.
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1 | 39 Comments | by Coconut | Dec 3rd 2022 15:01

Trick or treat.

He points to Zhao who he should choose. Many are people with very poor background, low rank, others are his people. He asks Maehwi if he wishes to serve the king as bard too. Naturally, they won't be staying there but in a secret location to be safe from XinLan. The place is in Nortrig but Beryn doesn't reveal where they are, not even what continent.
Beryn has everyone covering their eyes, then teleports them all. When he lets them uncover them, they find themselves by the ruins of what might look like an old fortress. It has a fine design but nature took over it from outside.
He leads the way, opening the wide doors. The place is dark, a bit cold. The first floor is by now an empty library, in the middle of the wide room, stairs. "Light the fireplaces and prepare immediately the rooms for the king and his people, then clean the rest of the place."
He approaches Chan and Zhao. "I will return to Xingxi, the situation is too delicate there. I need to monitor things closely. Your Highness." He looks at Chan. "Take here your WooPil if you like, but no one else. Don't even mention anything about this place, not the slightest information, we can't afford mistakes." He moves his gaze on the stairs. "You might find strange objects, they are harmless but still magical. For any doubt or problem, contact me immediately." He hands Chan a necklace. "Write me in korean only."
Beryn leaves them eventually and eventually they are able to settle a little. They have supplies, cleaning products and stuff for beds.
The place, regardless being full of people, gives them a sense of emptiness.
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1 | 41 Comments | by Beryn | Dec 3rd 2022 14:45


➟ sometimes i don’t reply for quite a while because i’m busy/at work. if i don’t reply to you within 3 days, give me a bump message

➟ no minors

➟ i only do mxm, please respect this

➟ i don’t do roleplays which involve furrys, animals, hybrid animals, minor x adult or inc*st, as it makes me uncomfortable

➟ don’t control my character unless you have to in roleplay, it’s boring and i don’t like it

➟ i’m not too keen on doing novella type roleplays as it doesn’t interest me and i find it boring/tiring to try and keep up with it

thank you for reading, if you have any questions feel free to ask me (:

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0 | 0 Comments | by marius | Dec 3rd 2022 11:53

Plots I have to offer

1: A married couple lives the perfect life. Perfect jobs, no problems, happy marriage or well it was until Muse B’s When Muse A is a successful business man/woman that is meeting with one of his associates and his wife. Muse be is hoping that their partner would get the promotion as a result of the dinner they are planning to attend. When Muse B’s husband steps out to use the restroom, Muse A is Muse B’s husband’s boss, and offers Muse B to promote their husband if they sleep with them.

2: Will I be enough: Muse A is a stay at home wife. Her Muse B husband/wife/life partner that has all of the control, controls everything about her life, what she wears, who she talks too and what she does. They basically makes enough money and can support the two of them easily. They don't see a need for Muse A to work. Muse b gives Muse A everything she wants and then some. However, with Muse B busy schedule they're away sometimes for days on end. Unable to provide emotional needs. Muse B goes away on business and sends his best friend to check up on his wife.The best friend and the Muse A end up sleeping together.. will their romance blossom or go up in flames?

3: Waiting for you: Muse A is the last Fae from her clan, she spends her time drawing in her magical notepad which never runs out of pages. One day, she notices someone who looks extremely familiar. Her mate has finally been reborn and after time of watching over him and keeping him safe from a distance. Time passes and she checks in on them less and less. After some time of scrolling through her notepad, she sees Muse B in her notepad, recognising them from her very first drawing and it all clicks in her mind. With the hopes that they could see her, she follows him, but unfortunately they cannot see her in her angel form, so she slowly enters their life once again by taking on human form to talk to them once again in hopes that they spend time together, that Muse B will remember his past life along with her in it.

4: Muse A is the princess and the soon to be queen of her nation. But first she must marry, despite the requirement she's turned down every suitor that has been presented to her or crossed her paths.. Until Muse B [potential assassin] prince of their enemy walks into he court.

The unplanned:

- Poor muse a x rich muse b
- boss x secretary
- vampire x human
- human x werewolf
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7 | 0 Comments | by Broke_Flames | Dec 3rd 2022 11:12

~ Rules ~

1. I will not under any circumstance add anyone under the age of 18....

2. Try to at least be able to write a minimum of para based responses, I find it extremely difficult to get invested in a role-play with only one or two lines. It just doesn't ensnare my interest in the long run. Help progress the story forward, I really don't want to keep dancing around the same scene.

3. Decent-ish grammar would be appreciated! I can admit that my own grammar isn't perfect. What I mean, is please know past-tense and present tense while writing. Punctuation is a must!

4: You add me, then you have to message me first. If I add, I will reach out to you first! I will give you 24 hours to do so before I unfriend you.

5: I am not always online. So I may be a little slow in responding due to life events. I also work Monday thru Friday. My messages might have different consistency with time! Please bear with me!

6: Do not approach me in character. I prefer to talk with a potential partner as an admin first. In order to properly plan a possible rp scenario.

7. I prefer quality over quantity..Please don't feel rushed to write back to me! I will be here I promise!

8: When it comes to romances, I do not mind if its M x F, M x M, FxF, NB x F/M! I am an open book! In real life I am pansexual so gender does not bother me! However, I am submissive and that will not change!

9: I am trying something new! I am keeping roleplays on here as well as on discord. So if you prefer to roleplay on here then it's fine! Just bare with me! This messaging system is not my friend xD

Anyways if you have any questions let me know!
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9 | 0 Comments | by Broke_Flames | Dec 3rd 2022 10:54


Taylor Augustine Fontana

The Queen






Modern day

Place of Birth
Manhattan, NY

Place of Residency
Manhattan, NY

Stunningly beautiful and looking a little rough on the edges at the same time, Taylor pretty much impresses anyone she meets with her exotic beauty. Standing short at five foot one with a fit hourglass body type, there isn't much of her that disappoints visually. She stands at five foot one with platinum blonde hair and big hazel eyes.

Outgoing, she's almost everything women her age typically do not seem to be. Independent, straightforward, and ambitious. But something about her past hurts her deeply, something she'll probably never let go of that could also be the reason she finds it difficult to fall in love with someone, rather lust for them. She loathes most forms of technology, not owning a smartphone, or a personal computer for instance. She loves to write letters to people she cares about, especially Joe. She could never openly confess it, but she has strong romantic feelings for him, but her polysexual lifestyle had avoided her from making those thoughts into something real.

Tay is pretty much into almost everything, excluding the bathroom or extremely taboo. She is a switch who enjoys being dominant most.

Elana Fontana - Mother - Retired
Giorgio Fontana - Father - Car salesman
Natalie Fontana - Sister - Waitress

Known Friends
Joe Perry - Friend, former sex partner

Love Interest

Taylor Fontana is an old school girl who performs the vintage Broadway genre of music in Manhattan. She met Joe Perry a few years ago when he went to her gigs often when his band was in town, admiring her angelic voice. Eventually making each other’s acquaintance and even having a sexual relationship in the past, the two were not very compatible as a couple because of her extroverted flamboyant personality and free loving demeanor, and the two remained in the friendzone and meet up on occasion for lustful encounters when he is single. Taylor cannot deny she does have feelings for Joe, but is at times unsure of how to express them to a man she had considered a best friend for so long. His feelings are mutual, but doesn’t feel much in a way of romantic chemistry with her due to her inability to be faithful.

Face Claim
Lady Gaga

Voice Claim
Lady Gaga
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1 | 0 Comments | by goldensongbird | Dec 3rd 2022 09:29

~ RP Rules ~

☆ I will only accept descriptive partners. (Multi-para and up) I write in the third person, and in the past tense. I expect my partner to do the same.

☆ Nobody under 18 in or out of character!

☆ No pure sm*t. We need a story. K*nks will be discussed. Taylor is a pretty open gal.

☆ No SFW sh*t.

☆ I try to be active here as much as I can. You will see me on Discord more than anywhere else. (Don't be afraid to ask for it. I roleplay in a server.) Discord is not required to write with me.

☆ No controlling my character(s), or godmodding. That is rude.

☆ No anime, cartoon, fantasy, or anything out of the ordinary.

☆ I have every right to delete you. Don't demonize me for doing so.

Last updated: 12/3/22

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0 | 0 Comments | by goldensongbird | Dec 3rd 2022 09:21

Basic plot ideas~

• popular girl x bad boy
• friends with benefits
• sugar dad x sugar baby
• rich girl x collegue of rich girl's father
• college student x college teacher
• one-night-stand at a club turning into more

[More to be added...]

{Feel free to tell me your ideas as well}
{Those plots are just basics and require to be talked about further}
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4 | 0 Comments | by YunaBae | Dec 3rd 2022 08:32

Admin Info & Rules

Admin Info:
Hey there! I'm 20 years old with more than 5 years of roleplay experience. I don't consider myself the best writer but practice makes perfect! I enjoy watching shows (clearly), playing games, listening to music, and all around just having a good time. So hopefully, we can all have fun here and get along. ❤

- Please, please, be patient with me when it comes to replies. I often get writer's block and my life can get pretty hectic. I do have a job and things I deal with outside of roleplay. Usually, when I'm not busy or doing things I will be online and free to write!

- I usually do not write n*fw/sm*t topics. OOC I'm asexual, it generally makes me really uncomfortable. Fluff is perfectly fine though! I love a cute fluff roleplay.

- As for gore and all that other fun stuff? I love it. Most topics do not bother me so no need to TW things if you think a topic may be heavy when replying to me.

- If I haven't replied in 3 days to a week, do remind me. Anytime before that frame is fine as well as long it isn't day after day. I'll get to you when I can.

- I'm a huge sucker for mushing other fandoms together so don't be afraid to throw a crossover idea my way!

- I'm open to any and all ships whether it's canon x canon, canon x oc, etc.

- If a reply gets older than a month I tend to assume you've lost interest or ghosted me and may unadd. Unless interaction continues on posts and such.

- My account will be a single ship account. By that I mean if another admin and I agree we'd like the ship to continue that will become my main ship and their character will remain Xavier's lover/love interest.

- For now, the last thing that's not really a rule. But I plan on writing Xavier as cannon as I possibly can and may sprinkle in a few things from my heacanons. Which may be in a separate blog.

more tba.
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1 | 0 Comments | by artist | Dec 3rd 2022 06:09