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✵ Hatanaki Chizuru

"Let's face it...I'm not the saving the world type"

First name: Chizuru
Last name: Hatanaki
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Height: 5'1
Weight: 40 kg
Hair type: Short cut
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Purple
Skin color: Light brown
Body type: Hourglass figure
Cup size: A

Positive personality traits: Light tomboy-ish, Open, Independant, Affable and Observent
Negative personality traits: Lazy, Picky and Sneaky
Likes: Social media, Resting, Food overall, Lazying around and Manga/Comics
Dislikes: Being overly active, The other world and Perverts
Occupation: Student/protector
Weapon: We'll discuss
- Able to transport herself into another realm or world with a new app that was automatically installed on her phone.
- Even though she's quite lazy, she's dependable when it comes to hard situations.
- Somewhat good in flirting and/or seducing to get advantages.

Short backstory:
Hatanaki Chizuru was from top to bottom just an average girl living her life on in a town by the name of Otatsku. The town is big enough to fit around 100.000 people in it's beautiful landscapes and bustling communities. Her activities always revovled around hanging out with her 2 friends, since they usually drag her around with them. Now this all came to an end when one day whilst going to school, she felt her hand vibrating coming from her phone. She looked to see if it was a message from one of her friends, but it seemed not to be as she saw an app icon with a red eye logo looking straight at her. This bothered her alot, since she knew that she hasn't downloaded anything the night before or rather the same morning. This caused her to open the app, which made her suddenly feel dizzy and pass out onto the concrete path leading up to her school. When she awoke her eyes opened wide seeing that she was somewhere unknown (We will discuss what kind of world she's transported in).
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Christina Chen

Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Relationship: Single
Family: Moved through foster care her whole life with her older brother
Living: Currently lives in Willows creek
Work: housewife for hire
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Name: Angel "Lucky" Remulous
Nickname: Lucky
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age: 17(can age depending on the others favour!)
Birthday: September 24th
Species: Animorph(shapeshifter that preffers to shift ingo humanoids or non humanoids, just not into humans)
Personality: Sweet,kind,caring,awkward,shy,situational pessimist,smart
Occupation: Owner of an inherited shop of magic
Eye Color: Hazel or changes on what he turns into
Hair color: Black
Hair style/length: Depends, but in human form its a short afro
Tattoos/scars/piercings: none
Height: 5'6
Weight: 140 something pounds
Clothing style: Adventurers outfit,or his shop keep uniform
Family: None that is known to be alive
Friends: His mimics
Gf/Bf: None
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♧◇my friends & what i think of them◇♧

Alright,before anyone get offended,these are people i mess around with outside of our personal roleplay(which includes '(())' talk),so if you arent on here dont be surprised. Im also rating our friendships uwu

@flex - first thing im gonna say, Ty Lee is like a sister to me ♡ she's always goofing around and has my back,i dont know what i'd do without her: 10/10

@tickingtoby - tobs is so fun to talk to,though we can annoy eachother,he somehow always knows how to cheer me up! :10/10

@robin_hood - mah precious son uwu
Hes a good kiddo,and one of the gayest ppl i know (thats a good thing): 9.5/10

@ominouskiller - eh,youre kinda a bitch but youre still awesome: 7.8/10
((Still arent getting your MCdonalds))

@tangowithtimothy - you f***ing rapist, LEAVE TOBY ALONE! >:0: -400/10 ((admins nice tho so 6/10))

I'll add more when i think of it ♡♡♡
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He summons his three oldest daughters and SongYu to his residence without giving a proper explainations.
He waits for them inside, sat by the table and sipping tea thoughtfully.
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