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Newt Rafton

― ❝ Name ❞
Full name: Newt Burn Rafton
First name: Newt
Middle name: Burn
Last name: Rafton

Reason for his first name: His mother loves amphibians. Her favorite is Newts.
Reason for middle name: Newt's father and mother met at a camping trip. He burnt his finger while trying to get her a marshmallow, and she still won't let him live it down.

Nickname: Fig newton
Reason for his nickname: Newt's roommate pointed out that his name sounds like a shorter way of saying newton, then he remembered Fig newtons exist.

― ❝ Birth info ❞
Age: 24-years-old
DoB: 7/10/1996 - 7th October 1996
Zodiac sign: Libra

Sex: Male
Gender: Cisgender male
Pronouns: He/Him

Sexual orientation: Questioning, Bicurious
Romantic orientation: Also questioning.
Monogamous or Polyarmous: Monogamous

Species: Human
Nationality: American

― ❝ Appearance ❞
Face shape: Oval
Eyebrow shape: Flat
Eye shape: Round
Nose shape: Pointed
Lip shape: Down-turned lips

Eye color: Hazel
Eyebrow color: Jet black
Hair color: Jet black
Race: Caucasian

Hairstyle: Messy bed head hair
Hair length: Shoulder blades
Facial hairstyle: N/A

Height: 5'3
Weight: 138 lbs
Body shape / Body type: Pear

― ❝ Personality ❞
Positive personality traits: Patient when it comes to kids, organized with his belongs, decent cook, kind when he's sleepy and sick, he likes helping others.
Neutral personality traits: Not scared to push people away from him, delightful when answering questions about things he enjoys, attempts to be brave but is truly cowardly, prefers to keep to himself, introverted.
Negative personality traits: Won't ask for help when he needs it, bitter, snoopy, acts like he has no emotions except bitterness in a way to hide how he feels, probably has some internalized homophobia.

Likes: Crunchy food, warm weather, sewing, ugly sweaters, chocolate
Neutral: The smell of lavender, flowers, poetry, bright colors, most animals and children
Dislikes: The texture of flour, the word moist, tapirs for some reason, science, the feeling of human nails running against his skin

Quirks: Clapping randomly, zoning out, and staring at people with a dead face, putting garlic in food that doesn't need garlic, attempting to eat paper to relieve stress
Habits: Eating everything with a fork ((even soup)), clapping randomly, winking at people, zoning out, and staring at people with a dead face

― ❝ Health ❞
Allergies: Chocolate and peanuts
Diseases: None
Birth-defects: None

Eyesight: 20/20
Blood type: B+ / B postivite
Dead or alive?: Alive

Phobias: Alektorophobia, ballistophobia,
Simplified phobia list: Fear of chickens, fear of missiles
Mental Illness(es): None (?)
Disabilities: None

― ❝ Bio + relations ❞
Birth mother: Elizabeth Morrow Rafton
Alive or deceased: Alive

Birth father: Connor Frit Willams
Alive or deceased: Alive

Adopted older sister: Margaux Dufour
Alive or deceased: Alive

Roommate: Karl Markie Foz
Alive or deceased: Alive
NPC or PC?: PC

1-4 years: On his first day of being born, his sister tried to feed him a cheese-it, she failed due to dropping it on the floor; It's now a beloved family story.
Newt lived an average life as a baby through a toddler. The house he lived in was decent, not bad nor good; It was just liveable. He was a very picky eater, and he would attempt to eat the carpet when he was on the floor.

5-10 years: Newt was like most 5-years old, very social and talkative. He was also known to being very bossy and would get upset if others didn't follow his orders; He continued to be like this until the mids of his 7-year-old years.
Newt started becoming something of a teacher's pet when he was 8, which one course was annoying for the other kids and some teachers. // MORE TBA

11-13 years: TBA

14-17 years: TBA

18-24 years: TBA
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            SYMPATHY FOR
            THE DEVIL'S SON.


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              FEAR PULLS
              THE STRINGS
               OF MAN.


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★ Park Jeonghoon.
⠀⠀⠀Age: Twenty-two years old.
⠀⠀⠀Height: 5'5 or 165 cm.
⠀⠀⠀Weight: 119 lbs.
⠀⠀⠀Sexuality: Confused. He knows he likes men, but he's unsure about women. Girls intimidate him, so he's never been able to figure himself out.

★ Personality.

Jeonghoon is one of the most carefree people you'll meet. His manager is quick to scold and lecture him whenever he pulls something, but it's never enough to stop him. He believes that he's allowed to have fun; He's young, after all. Shouldnt he enjoy his twenties? However, his carelessness does tend to come back to bite him. His members often have to take care of him due to the intense hangovers he wakes up with, and they're usually always prepared with warm soup and water. He's really not sure where he would be without them.

He's extremely affectionate and caring, especially towards his fans. He's thankful for the love and support from his friends, family and fans alike— there's even clips of him crying about it.

Although he's fun to be around and be friends with, he's known for being someone that can't stay committed. He's dated in highschool before, but he realized relationships aren't quite for him. He doesn't like being held back and likes fooling around with different kinds of people. Of course, he's never cheated and broken his pasts lovers hearts. He doesn't like dating, but he doesn't like hurting people and losing trust.

Jeonghoon is a secret hopeless romantic, though, and he always tells himself he simply hasnt found the right person yet. The thought scares him and leaves him awake at night, which is silly. Even his mother teases him for it.

He always finds it's better to be blunt than lie. It's a little mean, but he tends to show extreme disinterest if he's actually bored. He won't hide it. In the past, he would be yelled at for walking away while someone else is attempting to converse with him. He doesn't do it anymore, but he doesn't really entertain said conversations, either.

★ Extra.

♡ He dresses comfortably but cutely. Shorts, knitted sweaters, button downs with bows, skinny jeans, hell, even skirts. If it's cute, he'll wear it. Why should he spend time caring about what others think about him?

As for music, he loves girl groups. Especially ones like After School, Orange Caramel, Girl's Day, Aoa.... the list could go on. He'll happily listen to rock, too though.

♡ He's not shy about flirting and working to get what he wants, but he is certainly more submissive and bratty. The thought of pushing someone's buttons and frustrating him only amuses and excites him.
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Park Jeonghoon is a mischievous idol loved for his charming stage presence and adoration for his fans. Considered the "Baby-faced bunny" of the group, the playful twenty-two year old almost seems too perfect to be true.

Jeonghoon went into the industry thinking every problem of his would be solved without difficulty. He was able to pull his family out of debt and treat them; That much he was proud of, but what goes on behind closed doors isn't pretty.

Closeted and stressed, the boy often finds himself visiting a secretive gay bar as soon as his schedule is open. His manager and company has made is obvious they'd make him pay if he ever came out. Not only would he be removed from the group, but they would delete any content that contains him. Not only would he suffer, but his family would as well.

Childish and reckless, he flirts for fun and sticks to nothing but flings. Waking up in a handsome stranger's bed and tiptoeing out before they could wake up has become a routine to him that he has adapted to perfectly.

Any money-hungry partygoer could easily snitch on him, and he knew this. But, luckily, he planned ahead. It's not like his family was innocent or anything. He wasn't, either— who was? He's a grown man with protective parents and dangerous connections. If he feels threatened, the person immediately disappears without another word.

He simply doesn't want anyone ruining his fun.
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          ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧

name: Roseanne Park
korean name: Park Chaeyoung
nicknames: Anne, Rosie, Rosé, Chae, Youngie
gender: Female
race: Asian
nationality: Korean-Australian
dob: February 11, 1997
zodiac sign: Aquarius
sexuality: Pansexual
occupation: Twitch Streamer

height: 168 cm
weight: 44 kg
hair color: Blonde(dyed)
body type: Hourglass

past lover(s):


likes: Video games, Her dog, Flowers, Family, Bubble tea
dislikes: The dark, Being alone, Thunder, Spiders
habits: Biting fingers when no one is looking, Touching cheeks

          ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧

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Micheal (^o^)

// oc description//

Pinterest board-

Full name: Micheal yui
Nicknames: Mikey, Mick, Mickey, Mike (any variation of his name seeing as he isn’t a fan of it)
Sex/ gender: male
Age: 20

Physical description:
• 5’5
• blue eyes
• white messy hair
• fair complexion

Usual style:
> pastel aesthetic
> beige shorts with a belt
> rolled down socks
> wrist bands
> baggy jumpers
> multiple layers
> trainers that are covered in mud
> anything practical for adventure

Personal info:
* Sexual orientation- homosexual
* sub/ Dom?- sub
* top/ bottom?- bottom
* marital status- single
* home life- stable
* mental state- stable

~ favourite food: fruit salad
~ favourite drink: cordial
~ favourite sports: skiing
~ favourite music: calm/ relaxing music
~ favourite colour: green
~ hobbies: climbing, photography, playing piano
~ likes: fresh air, the outdoors, nature
~ dislikes: litter, vandalism, gangs

Mikey is a photographer/ scrapbooker who loves adventure and only really comes home to feed his cat. His cat, freckles, is his life outside of photography who he loves to pieces. His knees are forever scraped from climbing things he probably shouldn’t. He is somewhat introverted but is very friendly and always smiling, if you introduce yourself to him he will automatically act as if he’s known you forever.
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Okay I’m pretty easy to get along with any only have a few rules but here’s my rules

1 no homophobia or gender phobia sh*t I’ll instantly block your ass fast if you’re either or .

2 I don’t do fade to black sh*t I’m not a p**sy ass bitch so no pg details even for horror I’m not a Disney rated bitch.

3 no short ass two word replies for rps I’d rather watch paint dry in slow motion then reply to a two word reponse
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Character Sheet:)


General Info
Full Name:

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Birth Marks?:
General Outfit:
General Accessories:

Parents(Age, etc):
Siblings(Age, etc):

Current Occupation(if any):
Work Experience:

Weapon Ability
Weapon Of Choice(If Any):
Weapon Experience:
Any Experience With Any Other Weapons?:
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I Have Returned!

Good evening or morning everyone!

I'm sorry to have gone MIA again everyone, I have been extremely busy and under an immense amount of stress. As some of you may remember I have been struggling with college (mentally) so I have finally withdrawn and I'm actively looking for a job! It was a tough decision but that's what works best for me. Now that I have finally relieved myself of my main stressor I'll finally be able to get back into roleplay. I can't promise I won't go MIA again but I don't expect to! I'm really looking forward to roleplaying with everyone again!
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A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story

Age: Not polite to ask.
Hair Color: Normal Red can be Blonde at times
Eye Color: Hazel Green
Height: 5'7"
Weight: None of your business

I was born in Russia, St. Petersburg.  My father was a General, Anatoli Romanova to be precise. We moved to Budapest when I was six. Then at the age of 8 I was 'left' at a school for girls. At the time I was told it was for Dancing. To become a Ballerina.  I believed my parents were spoiling me. But my father...being my father...had other ideas.

It wasn't till I was 12 that I realized what the school was. And once I knew they made a point to not hide it. My training in combat started, firing weapons, you name it. Computer hacking, writing software. I had all the best.

But I didn't want to be spy, a  assassin. I wanted to be a Dancer. I fought against them. To the point where I was....more...agressively persuaded.  Then he showed up. Tall, dark, brooding...Quiet but always watching..
Watching me. I actually felt it was comforting. Reassuring really, till we fell in love...I mean...I fell in love.

The Winter Soldier was soon my trainer and my secret lover by the time I was 16. We were careful. Then my father married me off to a pilot. Named Sergei. He was cruel and manipulative.  And Bucky hated him. I was close to graduating,  I didn't want to go through with it, I didn't want to stay married. I wanted my Winter Soldier. But the world was against us, or at least me.

Bucky was caught setting up our escape, I was caught by Sergei in my room. I was dragged downstairs cryingnout for Bucky. When I got to him he had been beaten, and wiped and thrown in a crio freezer. I watched as he was frozen.

Needless to say...Several weeks later I graduated. And my LONG glorious carrier as an assassin and spy started.  I was saved by Clint Barton. He was supposed to kill me. He chose another path and set me on a new one. I kept his secret about his family. I found my own, even found my Winter Soldier. But the years weren't kind to either of us, and he loved someone else. Even after his love died.

There was another GREAT influencer, Steve Rogers. He was the other reason I chose to stop following organizations, and just follow what was right. And I did, even after the snap, making sure the survivors were okay, keeping track of Clint. After I 'died' i found out he chose a different direction. Its like missing an appendage...I don't know if it will ever heal.

Now its just me back from the dead...again. Finding my place in the world. A place that I was told I would never belong to.
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Roleplaying 101

Everyone comes here for different reasons, lately I've found that romance tends to always be a prevailing feature-- now moreso than ever I remember.

And I don't say that with any hint of disdain. Actually, writers have become so intoxicatingly unique that it really does feel excitingly refreshing.

These things don't always dominate the entire premise of course. More often than not I've found the ideal is for emotion to start small, and slowly begin building over a sequence of events.

Oftentimes riddled with adventure.

I have particularly high IQ, though am otherwise dumber than a box of rocks;

I like people watching, and enough of that has given me the talent of quickly beginning to intimately understand how other people feel.

You can see it in their posting habits, the words they use and how they respond to certain situations.

As far as action, scenery and the like. I tend to prefer realism, or gritty over flashy. Sci fi worlds are dingy with sprawling metropolis starkly divided into rich and poor.

The middle ages are rife with political intrigue, backstabbing and warring clans.

You know, things of that nature.

I can and have done more "adult" writing when the story or a partner hints at it being an interest. In those areas, I'm dominant. But not sadistic. I guess, "stereotypical"? or "gentle dom"?

I don't really get off on fear, pain or humiliation. Though I can roleplay those characters as NPCs or villains in the overall story that need to be overcome. Just... if you're one of those gore-hounds looking for a serial killer or something-- that isn't me.

Occasionally breaking character is also perfectly fine. Especially if it's to compliment one another-- a little validation is always nice. And I've found that my past partners tend to really appreciate being reminded how much fun I'm having;

Or how deeply I admire them and their writing or character.

While I am perfectly fine taking the lead in writing, world building is still a shared experience. I have a difficult time with partners that have absolutely no idea what they're interested in and fall back on me to come up with absolutely everything.

I'm not very picky or difficult to please-- and if you'd give me a chance and indulge to me your interest, I promise I can do right by you.

I don't mind modern settings. But my key areas of favor as the distant past, middle ages, sci fi, or 1600-1800s.

I'm going to just throw out some random setting ideas I have, not for us to explore per se, but also to give an idea of my areas of taste and perhaps even give the reader something to build on.


Muse A is a talented and well respected teacher in a small French village when they're contacted by the scribe of a local Count (Muse B) with a dubious reputation. Upon entering the estate, they're witness first-hand to the personal attendant of the Count being cruelly treated before promptly fired. It would seem this interview wouldn't be quite like anything Muse A had done before.


Muse A is the daughter of a wealthy aristocrat in a port city in the late 1600s. However, one fateful night, the city is sieged by pirates. Muse B, an opportunistic thief, storms the house and encounters Muse A, where they reason that if they kidnap them. They can ransom them back to their family for a large sum of money. Of course, things don't always go as we plan...


Muse A is a doll-maker working in the Soviet union when he's suddenly given an unusual job to create a lifelike doll using special components. Upon completion of the doll-- Muse B comes to life, unsure of how it came to be, who it really is or how to even be human exactly. With one exception. They are haunted by strange bad dreams, and fragmented "memories".

Shocked and confused, Muse A must come to terms with what to do, and whether or not to return the doll to it's commissioner-- or perhaps do something a little more dramatic.
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