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89 lbs.


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A young and shy bunyip just trying to find someone to cuddle with. Being a bunyip, her fur is super soft and despite her love for swimming, her fur is always dry. As part of the lamia family, bunyips are also rather clingy and love to wrap their tails around their loved ones.
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0 | 0 Comments | by GhostlySiren | 6 minutes ago

Wild Vampiress, Pamela Bathory

✦ Name: Pamela Bathory
✦ Nickname(s): N/A
✦ Age: (never ask a lady her age!) Fairly young for a vampire-
✦ Grade/Occupation: Aristocrat/Lower Ranked Nobility
✦ Gender: Female
✦ Sexuality/Orientation: Bisexual
✦ Species: Vampire
✦ Height: 5'4
✦ Weight: (very rude of you to ask!)
✦ Body type: Slender and petite, deceptively strong.
✦ Eye colour/ Hair colour: (see image)

✦ Unique physical traits (fangs, scars, tattoos, etc.): Her brightly colored hair, her fangs which she refuses to hide, and nails which she keeps sharpened at all times.
✦Personality: Despite her noble blood, there's a very obvious streak of savagery and brutality that affects her entire being. She's self-centered, thinking constantly of what to do next to excite her. Carefree to a fault, and nonchalant about just about everything except her younger sister. Pamela has a one-track mind when she finds someone or something she's interested in, and will hunt that thing down to the very ends of the earth.

✦ Likes: Strong Fighters, fresh blood, sweet foods, expensive clothes, festivals/parties/any large gathering, learning about new creatures and cultures, being complimented, taking down someone who's underestimated her

✦ Dislikes: Boredom, Any type of responsibility or obligation, weak people (other than her younger sister), her elder sister, being distracted, being stopped when she's trying to enjoy herself
✦ Fears: N/A
✦ Illnesses: N/A
✦ Ability: Unable tp use any of the more charm-based or intellect-based aspects of her species, she relies entirely on her super speed, durability, and strength. Strategy is not a word in her vocabulary.

✦ Backstory: The middle sister of the dying vampire bloodline known as Bathory. Her eldest sister, Cecelia, the matriarch of their 3-person clan spent the majority of Pamela's youth trying to wrangle her into some sort of a proper lady, only to be disappointed again and again, as even from a young age, Pamela showed no interest in the social aspects of vampire society.

She spent many years sneaking away from high society gatherings in order to pick street fights and to feed from the urchins in her neighboring towns. Her life was changed when one night, she caught the end of what seemed to be a fighting tournament held in the slums. She followed the winner of the fight home, where she drank him nearly to death. His blood had been the most delicious thing she'd ever had. Through trail and error, she deduced that it had something to do with strong fighters, and the chemicals released by the body during fights.

When there were no more strong fighters to target near her home, she set off (with her younger sister, Francoise, in tow) to find and drink from strong competitors throughout the world, as well to hone her own skills as a fighter.
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0 | 0 Comments | by SaccharineSeraphim | 9 minutes ago

The Yakuza demon

Name: Erel Terno
Age: Ageless
Bio: A high ranking member within a well known Yakuza family Erel is one of their most prominent member, though that is only known to the higher ups of the family, keeping him to basic debt collection and keeping their territory under control, making him seem like any other grunt. He obtained this level of recognition with his skill in both combat and with his tongue, Being able to work out deals that would always come around to benefit the family. He has been asked multiple times to join the higher ups as a chairman though has declined each time, finding the most fun in being a grunt, able to do things without it looking too bad on the family.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Our-world | 32 minutes ago

Marzia Ferrari

Name: Marzia Ferrari

Age: 18-26

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnic Background: Cicilian (Italian)

Virgin?: Yes
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0 | 0 Comments | by YourAngels | 44 minutes ago

● Hazel Ramirez ●


Full name: Hazel Rayne Remirez

Nickname(s) or Alias: -

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Birthday: January 12th (Capricorn)

Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)

Nationality: American

City or town of birth: Barcelona, Spain

Currently lives: Calabasas, California

Languages spoken: English


Height: 5ft 1in

Figure/build: Thin/Curvy

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue/Grey


Smoker?: No

Drinker?: Sometimes


Personality: Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate, responsible, slightly impatient sometimes

Likes: [Explicit], Comfortable clothes, having fun, doing makeup, doing challenging things, spending time with family and friends, listening to music

Dislikes: Inactivity, delays, waiting

Favorite color: Red

Hobbies: Modeling

Taste in music: Pop, Indie, Rock


Describe the character's house/home: [based on roleplay]

Do they share their home with anyone?: Not at the moment


Level of education: Highschool Graduate, Certified MUA

Current job title and description: Professional Make-Up Artist

Name of employer: Vandal Cosmetics/Self-Employed
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0 | 0 Comments | by HAVEN | 50 minutes ago

● Rules/Limits ●

Here are just some of my simple rules. I may add more as I go about Roleplaying

- I don't share photos
- Please don't god-mod
- I must have a plot line
- I'm okay with any length of reply, I just prefer to write one paragraph

And here are my limits, I will NOT roleplay any if this, so please don't ask

- Pedophilia
- Incest
- Abuse

Please Like If You Accept
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0 | 0 Comments | by HAVEN | 50 minutes ago

A Preditor

Name- An’Kia
Nick name- Hollow Blood
Age- 43
Gender- Female
Height- 7’1
Weight- 260pounds
Hunts- 22 complete
Skin Coloration- Pale in the Center, turning in to Brown near the Edges with small Circular black Spots around.
Tittle Held- Bad Blood

Bio- An’Kia was born in the Home planet of the Predators, learning to fight from a Young game, she joined her First Squad at the age of 20, the 3 females went around the Galaxy looking for the best Hunt, but 6 years later, her 2 others sister where Killed by Alias, she Nearly Died, making sure she would never let it happen, she took an Oath, to never stop Hunting Alian

She personally feel that the Death of her two Hunting friend was her and her’s alone. She is two young to Hunt Solo but she feel that she needs to, to not Drag others down. The Oaths keeps her going.

Usual Kirks: An’Kia loves Childen, from any Race that is not Hostile.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Yldra | 52 minutes ago

● Conections ●

@MafiaKing - Brother

@Rhea - Sister
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0 | 0 Comments | by HAVEN | 1 hour ago

Jerica Orion Black Known Facts

Name: Jerica Orion Black
Nicknames: Onion (by the Weasley Twins), Jessica (accident by Harry), Black (Malfoy of course), Jesse Moon (alias)
Age: 11-25
House: Gryffindor
Birthday: October 31st, 1981
Zodiac: Libra
Known family members: Regulus Black (father), Sirius Black (uncle), Walburga Black (grandmother, deceased), Severus Snape (godfather).
Appearances: Jerica has short curly black hair just like her fathers. She's got the Blacks' original grey/black eyes and she has a case that has her father's initials on it that she takes everywhere, as it is her last memory of him.
Personality: Jerica is known to be sarcastic at times when it's not necessary. She has a sharp side to her as well that can get her into trouble with Authorities. Just don't piss her off or you'll be on her good side for sure.
Hogwarts friends: "I don't need friends, they disappoint me." She doesn't know what friendship is, per living eleven years on the Londonian streets.
Likes: reading, potion making, the occasional harmless prank.
Dislikes: You know Who for killing her father.
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0 | 0 Comments | by MissProngs | 2 hours ago

Lore 3300. [Narrator]

In the year 3000, the earth population knew a big revolution with the Rise of the Stellar Conquest led by a Man called ' Abys Von Amiralo ' under the name of HxA. The earth on the other hand was entrusted to a company that worked with HxA called the "APEX", known for their military exploits and their Pro-ecologist movements. After their departure, the APEX launch a project to so-call " Reset the Planet" Creating safe zones for humans while releasing a deadly gas called "Gas Zero ", Meanwhile the 'Exodia' a nation founded in Greenland, begun the construction of a dome that would protect them from the virus and help them control the climate. Sadly for them, they didn't finish in time and suffed from the gas for a few months while the last panel was installed, while the civilians fled to the bunkers.

300 years later, the population emerged back into the surface to once again colonized those lands, however, some region with low population got completely deserted due to the lack of resources, as other regions of the exodian land called " Gizelia And Coventry " while the population slipt to either going north to the Hollowed woods or down to the South of Exodia. Now that's set let's talk about what's important, The City of Hollowed woods is home to the most high rate of criminality, intrusive ads, and inequality around the whole nation of Exodia.


City hierarchy ///

Citizen Classification: The citizen of the Hollowed woods are classified, by rank ranging from 1 to 3, giving them more or less privilege. here is the detailed rank :

• Class 1: there are most of the time pure human even though they can count cyborgs, the laws are heavily shifted towards them letting them abusing lower class citizens.

• Class 2: on the other hand the class 2 count most of the time androids and cyborgs, even though the law is a pretty unfair accident are pretty rare amongst them, they make almost half of the citizens count.

• Class 3: also called "mongrel" they count other races among them, they suffer regularly from verbal insult, beating, and police uncaring, they most of the time cannot retaliate in fear of police brutality.

• Leader: The City is lead by a Man called "Joself Softmop" a person that rarely shows himself and puppet the city from an underground bunker whose location is unknown.


Locations ///

• East City: The City of hollowed woods are separated in two, the East being the 'hidden' one, who has fallen to gangs and criminality. Joself Softmop makes greats efforts to block any information coming from the outside thus why almost no citizen from the West knows the existence of East Hollowed woods.

• West City: The west side of the city, is still under the control of Joself Softmop, who still attemps to control it under any possible circumstances. Even if the crime rate is pretty high in a certain area, the city is rather safe. But police brutality and censoring are pretty common around there.

• Outskirts: While the main city is modern, the outskirt is still extremely dangerous due to mother nature and wildlife taking back over what has been taken from them. But not only does the wildlife lure within the shadow of those buildings but also some reminance clusters of the Gas Zero itself which could lead to a guaranteed death in less than half an hour.
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1▪︎ Para+ I can't work with one liners. I'm sorry.
2▪︎ Please be respectful and no controlling my character.
3▪︎ I have a life outside of this along with a partner and family, so I might not be able to reply straight away. Please keep that in mind.
4▪︎ Please be literate. I don't mind the grammar as we all make mistakes, myself included. Just as long as I can read and understand what's in front of me.
5▪︎ Please don't be afraid to message me. I don't bite. ❤☆
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Name: Ashley Ekers

Nickname(s): Ash

Gender:Fem/sissy Male

Age: 9

Species/What Are They: Human (Can be a canine furry)

Sexuality: Pan


Family: Unknown

Crush(es): {REDACTED}

Relationship (dating) Status: {REDACTED}


Strengths: Coming Soon

Weaknesses: Coming Soon

Flaws: Coming Soon

Likes: Coming Soon

Dislikes: Coming Soon

Fears: Coming Soon


Eye Color: Coming Soon

Clothes: Coming Soon

Hair: Coming Soon

Skin: Coming Soon

Other: Coming Soon


Backstory: Coming Soon

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I'm crying. I'm mad at myself for being stupid and over-reactive. why do I lie to myself? I hate it. I'm sick of everyone leaving me, of everyone ignoring me. I can't take it anymore. I want to end it.. to end the suffering I've had to endure.. but I just can't seem to do it. that's another reason I'm mad at myself. I can't do anything right. I know people hate me, but I don't care. I'll let them hate me. I hate me too. sometimes they ask why I'm still alive. I, too, wonder that. Why am I alive? well, here's my answer: him. he makes me happy. I feel.. safe.. when I'm talking with him. when we're not talking, I try my best to shut out the voices. but I just can't.. why am I like this? I really.. really hate it..

"I'm fine," I say
"that's good,"they reply.
I spent maybe half an hour writing my.. feelings.. then deleting it just to say two words.
I don't belong here..
people have told me that before, as they laughed at me.

I try not to cry.. I guess nobody actually cares that much. maybe that's why I keep my feelings bottled up. maybe that's why I sit in my room, crying at 3 in the morning. maybe that's why I don't get sleep. maybe that's why I feel anxious all the time. maybe that's why I overthink. maybe that's why..
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He’s 17, and his birthday is October 29

Homeless, was kicked out by his mom at 15 for..complications

He’s a really good gardener! He grows his own food in the few gardening boxes around post-apocalypse new york

While most of his friends have homes he’s made it very clear he hates mooching of of them, and only takes there offers to stay as long as he does something in return like cooking or cleaning

He’s good at a lot of ‘domestic’ skills, like cooking, cleaning, sewing. He likes them too! And makes a good portion of his money tailoring and cleaning.

Hates the government with a pasion, if it wasn’t obvious. He only associates with the bourgeoisie when he’s commiting crimes against them or stealing their money

He likes kids but he’s always afraid they could get hurt on his watch. Seeing them gives him hope for the world.

ADORES music. If you tell him punk is dead he’ll eat you. plays electric bass and guitar. Has a band called Ketamine Thieves

Makes his own badges/patches

He's more if a music nerd than a geek, practically knows any song you can play on guitar and/or bass

He HATES punk gatekeeping. Pop punk is punk, lick my(his) boots

Wears whatever the f*** he wants off time. You're just as likey to see him wear crop tops and skirts as you are to see him wear hoodies and jeans, f*** you

Curses like a sailor
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