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Now, as any N*FW writer does, I have my kinks and limits... of which I should probably share for my own sake. Some people on this site, man...
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0 | 0 Comments | by YourSenpaiMax | 19 minutes ago

Chapter 1 - The Loner and The Ostracized

It was a scorcher. The kind of day that made the middle eastern seem like a leisurely stroll through your local park. With flaring tensions abound far and wide, it was almost as if the animosity had taken physical form and conjoined to give rise to the ideal atmosphere for impending disaster. A setting of the stage if you will? However, amidst the lion's den where one wrong look could spell conflict, there were a number of cooler heads to maintain balance. One such figure, the progenitor of the Inu Yajū tribe and ancestral father to Black, Wolfen, sat in solitude atop a sizable cliff ledge. His dog ears lightly twitching as he peered out at the raging waves in his humanoid state. Soon joining him was...a not so clear candidate for either side. As demonstrated through her clear disregard for nearly trampling over a fragile butterfly as it fed upon the nectar of a delicate rose lily. Despite her defection, perhaps a hint of symbolism with her heritage? Given she was but one of few angels residing among a coalition of predominantly demonic beings. Said heritage had wrought the various Gods of the human world, beings whom seldom acknowledged 'lesser lifeforms' and through these discriminatory teachings, the modern hierarchy of divinity was formed. Appearing in a single piece navy blue body suit with exposed thighs and matching boots and armbands, the darker color accentuated her pale, ivory skin as the powerful wind currents near shore blew back her long, white locks. Her eyes, a vibrant turquoise, hid a trace of unknown with many of her contemporaries bringing into question her true motives for siding with demons. Due to this skepticism, she thought it best to avoid the more volatile apparitions despite being well equipped to easily take out the vast majority of their populace. The relic, Wolfen, was far more approachable and wise, and most notably, a little bit of an unknown himself. At least to the snooping daintily clad angel.

"Interesting trick!" She called out from over the waves below whilst trying to manage her wildly flowing hair. "I've never met a demon who could freely manipulate natural disasters. I fancied a similar technique at my former base of operations" She commented in an attempt to spark conversation as the rushing waves splashed over the edge of solid rock. Wolfen's ears perked up at the sweet tone, causing him to glance down at the woman deemed a 'fallen angel' "Ooh, hii..!! There's really nothing to it! I'm just doing my part as security!" He called back before proceeding to leap down to her level. Naturally chatting back and forth through yells was too much of an inconvenience. Lucil, now standing a few centimeters shorter than the male, directly gazed upon him with intrigue. "That so? And who do you intend to keep out by just flinging tidal waves? That fairy girl could do as much." Lucil said with a twinge of condescension. Wolfen laughed and looked out at sea. At this elevation, it looked like a towering wall of water threatening to flood the whole island. "That sounded like you underestimating Aqua a bit. Although in my case, it's not just worldly elements that I can manipulate." He vaguely retorted, opting not to divulge his greatest secrets. Unfortunately for the relic however, Lucil was a telepath and had ascertained the truth behind his demon art by reading his thoughts as she would a simple news article. "Hmm. I see." The angel murmured, feigning ignorance. She then turned towards the watery blue to enjoy the view with him. "So why hunt me down? Those youngins' bite your head off too?" Wolfen asked curiously. "Heh. This place is not nearly large enough to contain the swelling of egos that have recently taken root. I suggested to Lady Serene to seek out another port of land, this one's sure to go under." Lucil said as she loosely folded her arms in place. " think I'd have a better shot at convincing her?" Wolfen asked, briefly turning his attention back to her. Feeling his gaze, she peered over with a playfully smug expression, meeting his eyes with her own. "Well I couldn't help but notice that you two have been spending a lot of time together lately, so..." She teased, alluding to their secret romance. Wolfen chuckled as his tail swayed. "I'll make mention of it but she seems dead set on allowing things to play out as they are. She says it's good for competitive sport but I don't know, some of these gals seem downright murderous if you ask me." Wolfen argued as he plopped down at Lucil's side, his tail swaying again. "Quite true. It's very common of your ilk. What of your heir though?" Lucil asked in response, somewhat fixated on Black specifically. "As absent-minded as ever but you knew that already didn't you miss omnipresent?" Wolfen questioned with a laugh. Lucil offered a small chuckle at the label he had given her before then agreeing to his assessment. "That he is." She said with an ominous undertone.

Somewhere steeped in lush greenery and isolated from the disturbance of village settlements, Black would sneeze whilst hurled over on his side and engrossed in a book. "What's way too hot out for flu symptoms" He comedically remarked

Preliminary Hell unfolds..
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0 | 0 Comments | by BlackRain | 20 minutes ago

Character Masterlist


- Usopp
- Sanji Vinsmoke


- Sasuke Uchiha
- Hidan
- Rock Lee


- Inosuke
- Zenitsu


- Klein


- Genji Shimada
- Jesse McCree (Cassidy)


- Miles (Link TBA)
- Amaterasu (Link TBA)
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0 | 0 Comments | by YourSenpaiMax | 36 minutes ago


You didnt understand and you didnt understand-Not that i expected either of you to because how could you when i wasnt trying to make you-I just wish people like you didnt try and go out of your way to understand when you cant-half of it was me humoring you and if you didnt realize it thats your problem because i saw what you were doing from the start and it was weird, man-Accept now youll never understand anything because you dont, you cant name one thing you understand in full, not one thing because its universally impossible-nothing has an end and you cant tell me the start in particles, no, beyond particles-and see that thats a beautiful thing
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0 | 0 Comments | by hauntmybed | 1 hour ago

Long travel

The right time arrived and he decided to go and take the big bundle but also honour of become a gold knight. He collected various opinions about the matter, for example Deidara "Oh no God no", but also positive sentences like from Wuxin and Jichen.
The final decision was after hearing the thought of his senior brother, that made him sure of the fact that feeling ready is a sign and Yoryon wouldn't disappoint him.

He took everything that would be necessary and arrived to the planet, where his life was going to change... And also the lives of the ones around him xD.

Preparing the travel was not easy, what you need exactly to go to a gas giant? What about the biggest gas giant? Anything on that planet could cause him death. But to gain big things you have to risk a lot, even everything and that idea made him go. Silver cloth with him and anything that could be useful.
For him the idea of meeting Yoryon is like meeting his soulmate, he considers him not only as a God but his guide.

He wakes up everyone at dawn and then starts his journey, to say bye the usual swears of people half asleep that wants to sleep more.
The arrive at the planet wasn't easy at all, the wind was almost impossible to overcome and it took more time than necessary to arrive at a strange, really there is an house in the middle of 300 tornado? He remained to fight against the wind for at least two weeks before to approach the house. While inside he closed the door and it seemed like to be in another place, a calmer one. Inside he found a book and started to read it, "Secrets" inside the book was totally empty, no page was written, no picture inside.

At some points a voice started to be heard in the whole room, °That is the part you are going to leave to get the gold cloth°

°But it empty°

°You will fill it up°

°Fill it with what I want to leave?°

°Fill it with what you consider right to leave, I will mind what you write and take a decision.°

To fill the book it took a lot of time, Shisui wrote what he got to know because of that power and when filled the voice returned.

°I watched everything and there is something I would like you to know, your fight will not end in one day. The way of justice can be hard but you shouldn't be too arrogant in giving rules or making judgments.°

°I tried to help°

°Forcing is not the way, you should think about yourself too. Don't fight alone but make others understand the way with time. Give time to them and to yourself to live.°

The conversation took a lot of time, especially to make Shisui at the same time more right and less strict.
The worst nightmare of Shiinden people would be Shisui returning even worse than how he started. The idea of him with only one element and this element be justice was a bad sign, everyone tried to live their lives the most before his return.

But that day finally arrived, after 3 months Shisui is back and nothing will be as before.
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2 | 0 Comments | by KIWII | 1 hour ago


Vanessa Rata

She is a streamer who plays mostly minecraft, but other games too. She does a lot of dare videos and isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, so it can sometimes get a little out of hand. She also does a lot of cosplays on tiktok of various anime characters and Video game characters.
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1 | 0 Comments | by -Merla- | 1 hour ago

Inari Kuroda (JJK)

Name: Inari Kuroda
Nickname(s): Ina
Age: 15-28 (Depends on roleplay)
Species: Human/Curse User
D.O.B: December 6th
Height: 5'6

Appearance: An rather short girl, with dull, porcelain skin. Her eyes are a light brown, and make her look as if she's never entirely there. Her long, curly brown hair reaches to her waist but never seems to bother her. She has multiple cute and bruises, often covered up by bandages with cute little designs on them.

Personality: Quiet and mysterious, the two words that describe her best. She's never been very talkative, and always seems kind of lost and out of it. Not much is known about her, mainly because she isn't close enough to anyone to share the little details. Despite her being pretty standoffish, she can be open at times. When she gets close to people or starts talking about something she enjoys, she becomes pretty energetic. Sometimes she does this in fights when she's talking about her curse and how it relates to something she really enjoys.

Jujustu Technique: Soul Puppet

Description: Soul manipulation is like (WORM)Mahito's cursed Technique, but she's the puppeteer and her opponent is the puppet. All she needs to do is get a "string" to "attach" to her opponent. She often does this by stabbing the opponent with a special knife that's wrapped with her "string" that connects to her curse technique. Once the opponent is connected with the "string", she becomes their puppeteer, able to move them to her will.

Domain Expansion: The Puppet Show

Description: The puppet show will have a vast amount of "puppets" inside, and the puppeteer can use the puppets for a good show. The inside of the domain is a theater, and after the show of the puppets, the puppeteer will have to "dispose of" the puppets cause it's done its job for the master. Whoever is inside of her domain and connected to her string as well, will be used as a puppet.

Pros: This Technique is very much useful to an extent that it can use its Technique however far the puppet is

Cons: The technique will be useless if the puppet cuts its own "strings" to escape the master. Broken strings can lead to nausea, unconsciousness, hand bleeding, and the sad ends of the Puppet Show. (For Inari)
Usually, it's extremely difficult for the puppet to break its strings, but if Inari is running low on energy and her strings are dull, the puppet has some control of itself, and just needs to use that little bit of control to make itself break the string.

Abilities: Increased speed and agility, Strategic knowledge
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1 | 0 Comments | by https_anime | 2 hours ago

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀i hope you feel what i felt

[1] … in progress
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0 | 0 Comments | by chaotic | 3 hours ago

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀when you shattered my soul

[2] ….
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0 | 0 Comments | by chaotic | 3 hours ago

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀cause you were cool & i’m a

[3] ….
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0 | 0 Comments | by chaotic | 3 hours ago

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀fool so please let me go.

[4] …
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0 | 0 Comments | by chaotic | 3 hours ago


I'll be adding more, just wanted something for him on my profile.

Age : 19
Gender: Male
Species: Neko-Thing.
Favorite quote: "Ayo thats a nice c*ck."

Favorite drink : Coffee flavored energy drinks.
Food: Hates most food. He'll eat a little fish though.

Personality: Troubled, mischievous, and careless are some words to describe him.
He's not the brightest, but is pretty much the most loose, reckless person you'll run into. Probably not, but that's his thing y'know.

Height :5'4''

Likes : Interesting, captivating people. Caffeine, people with the same energy.

Dislikes : pain, too much food, extreme silence, idlers.
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1 | 1 Comment | by Goober | 4 hours ago

The Little Heartbreaker

Name: Sebastian Grace


Camp: Half-Blood

Godly Parent: Aphrodite

Sebastian has been there for a while after his father casted him out and left him scrounging for food. Luke Castellan Found him in a dumpster. Sebastian looked like the brother he never had and when Luke needed a spy to spy on the camp for kronus. Sebastian agreed till his Sister found out. She took his charm bracelet and saved him from being casted out of the camp. Losing her life in the process.
Now Sebastian is cursed by his mother to feel heartbreak in every love interest he takes. Something happens so... he became the occasional fun guy. Never getting attached to anyone but rather destroying them.

Powers: Charmspeaks and Pretty Handy with a bow and arrow.

Regina Is my Role Model. Actually more like my twin.

Man that armor hides the fat so well

How bout you go get me a drink. A pumpkin spice latte is good.

50 shades of Grey! More like 50 shades of Gay

Face Claim: Tyler Posey
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0 | 0 Comments | by SerpentKing | 5 hours ago

The Ivarwoods

Name: Niklaus Dean Ivarwood

Species: Vampire. (Turned by Elijah)

Age: 987 Years. One of the Oldest Vampires.

Sexuality: BiSmexy

Gender: Male

Personality: Rather having a distinct outlook on life he's traveled the globe. Learning and Educating himself in customs and Traditions. Becoming a Walking Encyclopedia on Anything and Everything Supernatural. He loves research and School. Has 18 Degrees in Criminology, Psychology, Music, Art and English. Hes sensitive to blood. And has a tolerance unbelievably strong of Vervain. Making him hard to subdue. However he's fun, chatty and Friendly. But Loyal to his family and Friends. However he does have a profound sense of Loyalty to Elijah.

Strengths and Abilities: Vampiric Speed, Vampiric Strength, and Compulsion

Weakness; His Brothers. Will do anything for them.

Famous Quotes:

"I loved Rome. But Christians don't taste too good.

Yes I was arrested for sh*tting in the Vatican's Yard.

Do me a favor and go Away

Ex(s): Katerina Petrova, Had a Fling with Stefan Salvatore. Ended badly.

Face Claim: Gavin Leatherwood

Name: Liam William Ivarwood

Species: Vampire (Turned by Rebekah by Accident)

Age: 900+

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi

Personality: Witty and Mischievous describe him well. He loves playing pranks on people but he's also a very valuable asset. Much like his siblings he's well diverse in different Cultures as well as a tremendous hunter. He's easy going. But if you piss him off. Vervain soaked underwear is a possibility. Besides that he's a fun guy at parties. His loyalty knows no bounds.

Backstory: While Nick was Turned by Elijah. Liams transformation was a pure accident. Rebekah took a love interest to him. They Dated. She grew bored and killed him. The problem was he almost died beforehand and She fed him her blood, forgot about it and now well. You know what happens.

Famous Quotes:

I'll tear you to shreds but the laxatives are already doing it.

A B-? I described perfectly what happened in World War 1

I'm not saying you're fat. I'm just saying if I ate as much as you. I'd work at SeaWorld in the whale Exhibit.

Face Claim: Shawn Mendez

Name: Drew Sean Ivarwood

Species: Vampire (Turned by Niklaus)

Age: 900+

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi

Personality: Loyalty is his Code. He's an Honorable man and is considered the ringleader of the Ivarwoods. Taking over as kinda the father figure. However he's sarcastic and very intelligent.

Backstory: Unlike his Siblings. Drew strived on pleasing Klaus, becoming in a word his Bxtch. If Klaus needed someone killed he'd kill them without a second though. His Loyalty is to his family however Klaus has always come first. Some even say she's Sired to him.


Hurt Klaus. Ill kill you

We need a plan. Besides killing everything.

Will you shut up before I feed your intestines to your mother?

Face Claim: Nick Jonas

Name: Quinton Oliver Ivarwood

Species: Vampire

Age: 900+

Personality: Rebel. He hates being controlled or restrained. Instead he rather causes Chaos. A ripper through and through. However he doesn't hide it. He embraces it. Yet he's loyal to his brother Liam. The 2 are best friends.

Backstory: Quinn was turned by none other than Kol. He was Kol's best friend. Joining him several times to enjoy a blood bath. The 2 became thick as thieves if not closer as some rumored. However Quinn always denied it. Currently he resides in mystic falls happily munching on a few stragglers that enter his neck of the woods.


Id eat you but I don't want the disease

Look. Just because I ripped your boyfriends heart out doesn't mean we csn't have Sex.

How dare you say that? I know it's rude to eat people. Why do you think I've not drained you?

This is gonna be Fun

Face Claim: Robbie Amell
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1 | 0 Comments | by SerpentKing | 5 hours ago

The Bastard Salvatore

Full Name: Christian Bane Salvatore
Age: Forever 19
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Parents: Lily Salvatore and The Stable Hand
Siblings: Damon and Stefan Salvatore
Face Claim: Christian Cooke

Background: Christian Salvatore was brought into this world through a secret affair between his Mother Lily Salvatore and the Stable Hand, Jed Bane, His mother lied to Giuseppe saying she was pregnant with his son. Overjoyed with the possibility of having a second son after Damon, He foolishly bought it, Till Christian was born, for fear of Giuseppe finding out about her being unfaithful, She wrapped Christian up in rags and hid him in a nearby well, and taking rags and covering them in blood she pretended to weep, Saying that she had lost the baby.

Lily waited till after Giuseppe fell asleep to return to the well and fact her bastard child, but when she returned Christian was gone, He was picked up by a few farmhands who heard his wailing and crying, They cared for him, soon taking him to a small town of Whitmore. He grew up, a strapping young man with a certain knack for gaining peoples trust, till one day he met a man named Trevor and heard his wild tales about the Doppelganger and the Original Family, He pushed it off as a Crazy story till Trevor sliced his arm and it healed instantly!

Perplexed Christian begged to be turned which Trevor happily agreed to if Christian would help him do one thing, Sure enough after hunting through the archives and stalking every Facebook page he could, He eventually found Elena Gilbert, shared the location and was turned into a Vampire, It was nothing that he dreamed of, He's a ripper and a part of him loves watching the head roll and savor the euphoric parties he always got invited too. Another part of him wants control, and is terrified of who he is. Currently he resides just on the outskirts of Mystic Falls
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1 | 0 Comments | by SerpentKing | 5 hours ago