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Eiko (Your little adopted sister)

Akane (Normal Highschool Student)


1. please do not control my character! i chose to be that character, and i wish to be him! i understand if you can predict what will happen next, like for example, if you trip my character. yeah, he'll fall. most likely at least. but if it's something like a fight, don't assume that my character will get hit, because he/she could dodge.

2. no overpowering your characters. this is mostly for OC's. overpowering is unfair to the character i am playing, since they will most likely have setbacks. if your character is something really powerful, please tell be before we role play.

3. i am fine with romance, it's actually my most strong suit! i do enjoy nsfw, mixed in with story. it will not come in immediatly. i'm not picky about how many times and when it comes into the story, as long if their is story and that whatever caused it has chemistry.

4. please write in book form. like "hello!" the person chirped as he walked down the stairs, looking at the other with happy eyes. like that. i can't stand aterisk role plays. reminds me of when i was a stupid kid, lmao.

5. i am extremely flexible! if you want to rp your oc? you got it! if you want to rp a canon character i never heard about? got it! just tell me what they're like! i can do both m x f and m x m, though m x m is my strength. i will usually be female in m x f, but i can also be male. though, i don't have many female oc's and female characters. possibly a few. and maybe oc's created on the spot.

6. have fun! go all out. i don't really have any triggers besides the obvious ones that everyone mentions. ( rape, pedophilia.. ect..) i am fine with dark themes, but i will make sure to tell you if a rp would ever contain that. (like depression and possible suicide and/or self harm.
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