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Aoi Hanako [OC]

Name: Aoi Hanako
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 158cm
Birthday: July 18
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue

°Aoi is a reserved, yet confident girl who isn't afraid to speak her mind. Though she is relatively friendly to people, some may confuse her bold approach as c*cky or harsh, but she means no insult to others.

Occupation: Flight attendant

°Pottery making
°Sword welding
°Black tea

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1 | 0 Comments | by Miwa | 28 minutes ago

Amanai Emiko [OC]

Name: Amanai Emiko
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 158cm
Birthday: November 14th
Hair color: Jet black
Eye color: Honey brown

°Amanai is a very shy girl with a bubbly approach to most things. She can tend to be clumsy, but she never hesitates to apologize for her many mistakes.

Occupation: University student

°Clothes shopping
°Video games
°Boba Tea
°Movies that tug at the heart strings

°Embarrassing herself
°Natural disasters
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0 | 0 Comments | by Miwa | 51 minutes ago

{rules n stuff}

{} absolutely no minors.

{} m*tu*e themes are often found throughout my writing, alongside triggering subjects i.e addiction, drug abuse, sh, sa, alcoholism, sm*t.

{} imma' be real, you won't find fluffy, cutsie romance here so if that's what you're looking for it's best not to approach.

{} you add, i expect you to initiate a conversation

{} i'm pretty open minded but there are some limits, don't be a friggin' weirdo.

{} i mostly prefer writing with oc's but will make exceptions

{} don't be a snowflake. i won't intentionally offend you but if i do just use your words and we can get over it like adults.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Malfunctioning | 2 hours ago

Noland Thompson

Full Name: Noland James Thompson


Sex: Male

Orientation/Sexual preference: Bi-sexual



Age: 25 years old

Eye color(s):

Body build(slim, muscular, etc.): Muscular

Hair color(s): Dirty blond

Scars: None

Marital status(Single, married, dating, etc.): Single

Occupation: Security Guard

Good habits: Sociable and well-mannered

Bad habits: Overthinks

Hobbies: Boxing, going out, traveling and having conversations
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0 | 0 Comments | by NaviStar | 2 hours ago

A few sh*tty plots

1. You're just using the bathroom. You saw the hole, but you just laughed it off, until a pair of pretty painted lips show up on the other side.

2. Dee is your babysitter and you fout she's been bullying your daughter, so you decide to punish her for it.

3. You didn't ask. I still said no. I didn't consent, but it happened anyway.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Oinker | 2 hours ago


For the ease of your convenience!

Like a character at a glance?
Check the genres they go particularly well with.
Click the link for their full blog bio.
That's all there is to it.
(Need a real life face claim? Ask and ye shall receive!)

┊ VOID ┊
╰┈➤ MALE
╰┈➤ BLACK PILLAR (Cosmic being of Darkness)
╰┈➤ PANSEXUAL (Switch)
VERSE : [ Highly adaptable ] - Modern, Fantasy, Mediaeval, Apocalyptic
➤ Fantasy / Mythology
➤ Dark themes (drug & alcohol use, abusive subtexts, self-depravation)
➤ Action (Fantasy world-wars)
➤ Crime (Can be modern or mediaeval/fantasy set. Most commonly Void is a 'drug junkie')
➤ No-strings-attached / Messy Romance

╰┈➤ MALE
╰┈➤ WHITE PILLAR (Cosmic being of light)
WHITE PILLAR (Cosmic being of Light)
╰┈➤ BISEXUAL : Female lean (Uses his body to manipulate others - Switch)
VERSE : [ Highly adaptable ] - Modern, Fantasy, Mediaeval, Apocalyptic
➤ Fantasy / Mythology
➤ Dark themes (Cult followings, abusive subtexts, genocide, manipulation)
➤ Action (Fantasy world-wars)
➤ Supernatural (Can be modern or mediaeval/fantasy verse. Most commonly Azael is an esteemed holy being)
➤ Manipulated Romance / Follower and Superior Romance

╰┈➤ MALE
╰┈➤ JINN / DEMON / FiIRE DEITY (Hybrid)
╰┈➤ BISEXUAL ? - May actually be Homosexual, but is either in denial about it, or doesn't want to think about it all that much
(Bratty bottom / Could be a switch given the situation)
VERSE : [ Modern / Fantasy ]
➤Mafia / Street crime
➤No-strings-attached / Messy-Romance (Or Enemies to Lovers)
(Javier’s age for the roleplay will influence the story a bit)

╰┈➤ MALE
╰┈➤ BLUE EMBODIMENT (Water Elemental) / Blue Pillar
╰┈➤ BISEXUAL : Has a preference for "cute" guys, and "hot" girls
(Tends to top men, and bottom for women - if they’re dominant)
VERSE : [ Modern / Fantasy / Apocalyptic ]
➤Runaway plot
➤Fantasy Wars
➤No-strings-attached / Casual Romance / Messy-Romance

╰┈➤ MALE
╰┈➤ CRYSTAL EMBODIMENT (Ice Elemental)
╰┈➤ BISEXUAL - Slight male lean (Switch)
VERSE: [ Fantasy / Modern ]
➤Unlikely Romance (Or Enemies to Lovers)

╰┈➤ MALE
╰┈➤ SHADE EMBODIMENT‎‎ (Formerly a Crystal Embodiment)
╰┈➤ HETEROSEXUAL - (A little inexperienced)
VERSE : [ Fantasy / Modern ]
➤Fantasy / Alternate Dimension
➤Platonic Friendship / Messy-Romance

╰┈➤ MALE
╰┈➤ BISEXUAL ‎: Male lean
(Aggressive top: he "breaks" women, and "dominates" men)
VERSE : [ Modern / Fantasy ]
➤Supernatural / Paranormal
➤Crime / Mafia (Most commonly he's set as an illegal arms dealer/club owner)
➤Dark themes (violence, torture, drug & alcohol use)
➤No-strings-attached / Unhealthy Romance

╰┈➤ MALE
╰┈➤ PANSEXUAL (Switch)
VERSE : [ Fantasy / Modern Fantasy ]
➤Romance / Platonic Friendship

╰┈➤ MALE
╰┈➤ BISEXUAL - Urged by his instincts to mate (Dominant top)
VERSE : [ Fantasy / Modern Fantasy ]
➤Action (including fantasy wars)
➤Animalistic Romance


- All of my characters are interconnected somehow, and I am willing to use more than one character per roleplay plot.

- Just because I don't specifically list a genre for a character here, doesn't mean they cannot be used in it. This is just to give you an indication of what genres they are best suited to.

- I'd also encourage you to challenge my character's
sexualities/positions. Some are very much set in stone, but I like pushing the boundaries when it comes to stories and characters. Proffer a story idea, or simply ask, and I'll let you know my thoughts/interests on it.
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Itose Yuki [Canon]

Name: Itose Yuki
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 157cm
Birthday: February 27th
Hair color: Rose pink
Eye color: Rose pink

Itose Yuki is hearing impaired. She cannot make out any sounds around her, so she wears hearing aids and often communicates through Japanese sign language, though mostly through notebooks and other devices like her cellphone.

°Itose Yuki is usually introverted and withdrawn. She displays a pure and honest personality. Though she is often very oblivious and naive of her surroundings.

Occupation: University student

°pink and fall colors
°Chamomile tea
°Sweater weather
°Tuna Onigiri

°Upsetting others

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0 | 0 Comments | by Miwa | 3 hours ago


Andie is a very young boy who was given birth to by his mother, who was 18 at the time of giving birth to him. At the time, she was in college and doing very well, so she couldn't just drop out to take care of him. She cut off her parents long ago, and this led to his mother having no one to take care of Andie while she was at school, so he would just sit in the house, alone, and just listen to the TV.
He was left hungry; he was given only one meal a day, and that was dinner, but it was very low effort and wasn't a very big portion at all. 
Andie wasn't left completely alone after about a year or two. His mom decided to get him a dog—not a guide dog, just a dog. This dog was often locked up in its kennel so she could throw parties without hurting anyone, and this was because a lot of her friends were very mean drunks, especially her boyfriend, who would say and do very hurtful things to Andie. Which is why he is covered in scars, bruises, and burns.
After another year or so, his mom's boyfriend moved into their apartment with his son, and Andie's mother preferred her stepson since he didn't need help with every little thing. Not even a month later, Andie and the dog were taken on a trip, just to be left in a park on a bench while Andie cried, attempting to get back to his mother, but his dog kept him from getting far.
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0 | 0 Comments | by LeftBehind | 6 hours ago

About him

Name: Andie Len
Age: 11 to 18
Species: Human
Race: White
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight?
Birthday: January 29
Zodiac: Aquarius
Writing Hand: Right
Occupation: None
Home-country: Madison, Wisconsin
Accent: none
Language(s): English
Distinguishing Features
Eyes: His eyes are a very dark green with no pupils, and they look like mirrors when light is reflected on them
Hair Color(s): Light brown
HairStyle: Short, messy, dirty
Scars (and where?): He had lots of scars on his hands and body, lots of bruises, and burns
Tattoos (and where?): None
Birthmarks: A small circular birthmark on his ankle
Special Markings: None
Physical Disorders or Abnormalities: None
Any Physical Problems? (Walking? Running? Holding Hands? Etc): None
Skin Tone: Ivory
Height: 4’11” (149.86cm)
Weight: 88 Ibs (39.916kgs)
Overall Body Type: Small, very skinny, slender
Character Traits
Personality: Fun-loving, curious, considerate, patient, hearty, trusting, sociable, wishful, flamboyant, soft, sensitive, shy, vulnerable, anxious, tense, foolish, unhealthy, gullible, paranoid, obedient, hesitate, silly, forgiving, earnest, neat
Habits: Standing too close to others, stuttering, looking down at meat while walking
Hobbies: listening to music
Phobias: Autophobia
Fears: Being alone and abandoned
Obsessions: florimania (obsession with flowers) scribblemania (obsession with scribbling)
Intelligence (IQ): 75 IQ
Strength(s): Curiosity, Gratitude, Love, Learning, Creativity
Weakness(es): Hesitant, Clingy, Fearful
Mental Illnesses: Social anxiety disorder
Nervous Habits: Biting nails, holding onto people
Likes: Apple, being hugged, dogs, quiet nights, tulips, Roses, animals, pine cones, music, storytelling, laughing, jumping in puddles, the sound of water running (rivers, waterfalls, etc.), listening to tv, telling/hearing jokes, reading (Braille), apples, apple sauce, fruit in general, cheese cake, water, apple juice, Spring, collecting leaves
Dislikes: Styrofoam, extreme cold, small spaces, being alone, riddles, gossip, hats, being touched without being told first, cleaning alone, nasty feelings and smells, hiccups, loud noises, milk, being mean, dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.)
Who is their
Step father: Duke Donald
Mother: Unity Len, 20, alive
Siblings: None
Any Halves or Steps?: A step brother name Gale Donald
Friends: Doesn't have many friends
Pet(s): Has a dog named Hank that helps Andie around
Collections: A book of flowers and leaves
Allergies: Dairy
Main item they can be seen with all the time: An old blanket he's had for years
Most prized possession: His blanket
Blood Type: O-
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My Story

Trueth is, I am older than I look, but I suppose that is what happens when you shake hands with the devil and God at the same time.

I have seen the beginning and end of worlds. I carry a burden no one would understand. You think you know magic, test me.

Born in the Garden of Eden from an encounter with Eve and a Serpent, it was said he hatched from an egg, but believe what you want. He has a thousand more stories, will you be worthy of hearing them.
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1 | 0 Comments | by BlackMagicKing | 11 hours ago


1. Real stories
2. No WWE (not my thing)
3. Be Kind, I get busy, be patient.
4. No God Modding
5. I like to let stories grow and breathe, don't rush.
6. Do not be a super mopey character, that drives me crazy.
7. Have fun
8. I forgot, single ship, only because if you do more than one on your page there is a jealousy thing and I am terrible at keeping up with too many story lines.
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WH40k HC Auxiliaries of the Tau'Va Entry no1 - Nic

Physical Description - Mammalian Ursine-like Psykers
Average Height/Length - 1.6 - 8.5 meters
Average Weight: 80-300kg
Lifespan - 420 Terran Years
Diet: Omnivorous
Induction into Tau'va - 418 AU, M37

Background: A race of Psychicly active beings, evolving on a world of very low gravity., that has now been rendered inhabitable by their star which has shrunk to a White Dwarf. The average Nicassar is a long, lean being that floats in the air, their Psychic energy allowing them to propel themselves through the air and their vessels through the void. Once they became space-faring, they continued their mission upon their homeworld, cataloging and assessing everything from sociology to quantum physics.

On this quest, they tend to travel as extended family groups, with high degrees of variation in size, and colouration, but not disposition. A Nicassar from one Dowe crew is happily able to commune and integrate with another Dowe that could perhaps be hundreds of lightyears apart.
Their easy-going demeanor, tolerance, psychic potential, and age would make them seem ripe for corruption from the ruinous powers. But it has not.
Seemingly, the Nicassar have been a space-faring race since before humanity's Age of Strife, operating in the cosmos as surveyors, and cartographers, merely observing and cataloguing all they come across. During humanity and their extended period of isolation, they proved invaluable. During M37, when the T’au had begun broadcasting their location into the cosmos and trying to see if they were alone in the universe, the Nicassar arrived.
This curious race communed with the T’au deeply, listening and learning of their philosophy of The Greater Good as they cataloged every weather phenomenon, every organism, and mineral upon their world and were swayed, the T’au gave them a sage haven in their system in exchange for access for their FTL.
Their nature meant they did not need a Warp Drive nor Geller field, preferring to make short and precise jumps to map more accurately, usually, the Nicassar met other space-faring races whom they could exchange star maps with, but with the T’au, they had a deeper partnership, protection from the unified T’au people, and their formidable military might.

Since then, in an increasingly more violent and dangerous galaxy, the Nicassar rely more heavily on the burgeoning T’au race and their coalition of races under the banner of the Greater Good for protection as they try to catalog their surroundings.

Their role in the coalition continues as scouts and diplomats, usually with a contingent of Water and Fire Caste, the former to spread the majesty of the Greater Good, and the latter to ensure the safety of both their Nicassar and Water Caste warrants, and that the will of the Ethereals is done.
Being the first species inducted to the Greater Good, and well aware of the benefits, the Nicassar make amazing envoys to The Greater Good. Despite their size, potent psychic abilities with tooth and claw that can pierce Ceremite, they are rarely seen in on Battlelines nor in Cadres for war.
Almost 4 thousand Terran years later, the Nicassar and T’au have never seemed closer, the T’au having dedicated a low-G world for them to call theirs, a gathering place, and in some cases a holy land for the Nicassar to gather and convene.
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After speaking with Domitius, he returns to Chan's residence, that is by now also his, and tells him about the exploration team and the fact they are setting off tomorrow.
He makes sure that Chan goes to sleep early, wakes him up at a ridiculous early time, forces him to have a nutritious breakfast and then sends him to go to wait for a couple of hours for the actual time for them to leave the palace.
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I'm here to write stories with plots. Romance typically happens in my stories, but that doesn't mean it needs certain "adult themes." I'm okay with adding them, but don't force yourself. They aren't necessary.

If you're not interested in a kingdom-based roleplay, I'm flexible. Let me know what other things you want to write about, and I'll either adapt Ace or make a new character.

I don't write with minors. I have nothing against you and your writing skills, but romancing a kid feels all kinds of wrong to me.

I'm straight but willing to try writing romance with more feminine men. There will not be any "adult themes" in these stories.

No one-liners, please. Semi-paragraph to novella is preferred, but novella takes more energy for me to reply to.

I have a life outside of kingslaying online. Please respect that. You will become one of my favorite people very quickly if you treat me like you would a cat. Let me come and go as I please and give affection as I see fit.
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In all the time lines you had to step into mine

In his happiest time lines he had kids, a family. He was always torn from those too soon. The more he saw, felt, the more he hated his existence. The more world's where he was married, happy, he hated himself more and more. He didn't want to do this anymore.

Then there was that one timeline..... Asgard was not destroyed, Loki was king as Thor commanded so, stepping down to live a mortal existence. Thor found Tony in a bad state, his heart close to stopping. Thor took him to Loki, that was the story. When he woke Loki stared at him, eyes blinking, "Welcome back, thought we lost you." From there he stayed in Asgard, getting stronger, developing a bond with Loki. Only to be suddenly kicked out of Asgard by Loki. He never knew why, but here he was, with another Loki. He found himself falling into that ease of that old connection just to be reminded, he wasn't in the same head space. Of course this would end up the same.

The universe sure did love to torture him.
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1 | 0 Comments | by TinCanTony | 16 hours ago