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Enzo Foxers 《OC》

An anthromorphic Fox. Literally. But he's no ordinary anthro, he's an adventurer. He travelled most places around the world, learning with passion about the whole globe. His name is Enzo Foxers.

Basic Informations? He's not really that tall, around 5'5" since he is not one of the foxes that fights, but a fox that evades. He has alot of gears so to speak, gears that can help him on his journey as he never failed on his adventures. His fur color is moody orange with white accent from his belly up to his chin.

Personality? He is one mischievous fox I must say. Even though he helps everyone, his mischief is what makes him become a good person yet to be annoyed at. On the other side of that, he usuallyjust accepts anyone's requests on either finding a treasure or defeating evil beings that he will use his traps for.

Where can we find him? Usually in the desert or maybe around deep jungles. But be careful. Once you see one simple trap laying in front of you, that is merely a warning sign to never go in deeper, for it will lead you to him.
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Kwang and Hyuk

Aight so there is a big difference between Kwang himself , and his other personality Hyuk. Hyuk has his own thoughts, own age etc. So I will write them both out here. Let's start with Kwang.

»»————- ☆ ————-««

name: Ki Kwang
nicknames: Kwangie
age: 21
birthday: 5th may 1997
birthplace: Seoul
current location: He doesn't even know
nationality: Korean
languages spoken: Korean, basic english
hobbies: Nothing much, Mostly staying inside where it is safe.

gender: Male
romantic orientation: Homosexual
sexual orientation: Homosexual
polyamorous or monogamous: Mono
relationship status: Singel
significant other: None
love interest: None
virgin: Yes
top.bottom.switch: Bottom

»»————- ☆ ————-««

height: 1,78
eye color: Dark brown
hair color - natural/current: Black
glasses or contacts: Glasses
tattoos.scars.etc.: None

»»————- ☆ ————-««

positive: Very kind, very smart. Chooses people their safety before everything, would always say yes to help, always tries to fix problems when he comes across them and does not run away from it

negative: Shy, very closed, doesn't talk about himself only listens to others, is afraid to bond with people, doesn't really go outside

»»————- ☆ ————-««

parent: Mom and dad
sibling(s): 1 younger sister
children: None
pets: None
closest friends: Where he currently lives, none

»»————- ☆ ————-««

physical health: 8/10
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀—stuffs: Only wakes up with new scars or bruises sometimes

mental health: 5/10
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀—disorders: Multi personality disorder

allergies: None

phobias: The dark

»»————- ☆ ————-««

likes: Making pictures, nature, being around kind people. Funny people, stupid jokes, laughing until he cries, writing, reading, painting and drawing

dislikes: going outside, being around people he doesn't know, hyuk, falling asleep, murder, pain, memories

habits: picking his nails, biting his lip, licking his lip

Aight let's continue with Hyuk, his other personality and other life

Aight so there is a big difference between Kwang himself , and his other personality Hyuk. Hyuk has his own thoughts, own age etc. So I will write them both out here. Let's start with Kwang.

»»————- ☆ ————-««

name: Ra Hyuk
nicknames: Don't you even dare to f***ing make one up
age: 28
birthday: 7th of august
birthplace: Why the f*** do you care?
current location: F***ing your mom, Korea. Seriously, ask your mom
nationality: American
languages spoken: English, spanish, korean, german, Japanese
hobbies: Sex, drinking, partying, fighting, murder

gender: Male
romantic orientation: Bisexual
sexual orientation: Bisexual
polyamorous or monogamous: You try to convince me, people are faithfull?
relationship status: I dont do this sh*t man, i break them i dont make them
significant other: Me myself and f***ing i
love interest: who ever i meet in the club that day
virgin: Hell no
top.bottom.switch: Top

»»————- ☆ ————-««

height: 1,82
eye color: Dark brown
hair color - natural/current: Black
glasses or contacts: Contacts
tattoos.scars.etc.: Who knows man, take my clothes off and find out ;)

»»————- ☆ ————-««

positive: Honest to the bone, will always give you a fair shot, has the most beautiful smile

negative: massive anger issues, trust issues, stubborn, only believes in himself

»»————- ☆ ————-««

parent: dont talk about those pigs
sibling(s): 1 little sister
children: nothing they can prove
pets: my neighbours death cat, does that count hm?
closest friendos: Who ever i meet in the club

»»————- ☆ ————-««

physical health: 8/10
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀—stuffs: depends if i have been fighting man, you will get another answer every day

mental health: 5/10
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀—disorders: anger issues, trust issues, Kwang who doesn't shut the f*** up inside my head

allergies: None

phobias: why in the world would i tell you my weakness? i aint that stupid

»»————- ☆ ————-««

likes: smoking, drinking, sex, partying, drugs, just doing everything your parents told you not to

dislikes: people who lie, people who break his trust, dramatics, Kwang


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Damon Darvo

Age: 197
Height: 5'4

Bio: Damon is a midlevel demon, his abilities are more like super human rather then demon. He is able to list a car, his body is able to withstand regular bullets, he doesn't feel temperature changes and pain is minimized. He is able to move faster then a normal human at a vampiric level but his true power is in his eyes. They are cursed but that assists him as a demon. They magnify his ability to process the information around him making his reflexes much faster. Although it lowers his magic ability a rather large amount. He is able to use three spells Black fire, Lightning blast, and greater heal. When he was human he was a healer, a doctor but he murdered too. He took the lives of those who where evil, the sin he committed was a simple one. He took the lives of others he wasn't able to forgive himself for accidentally letting a girl die on his operating table because he couldn't see where the bleeding was coming from and now his eyes are cursed rp see everything in extreme detail. His failure to save her life made him go mad and start murdering those who harmed children. He is able to be summoned but he is stubborn, he is unable to break free of enslavement spells but he is stubborn enough to bot follow ever command although it brings him great pain.
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Important to know about Justin

Justin is a Shapeshifter (this means I can change myself into anythin or anybody I want.
Justin wanna try to put that in his Roleplay by adding the picture he wanna use to make it more pleasant.
He cant split himself up so most time Justin using the picture for the one who contacted him first and wanna continue to roleplay (If your not that first one he is sorry but the picture stays untill the answer doesnt answer no more or had to leave for RL reasons)
No need to be jealous Justin has no intention hurting woman or pushing them around, always wanna be good to everybody and polite towards woman.
If he doesnt like things he will let you know and giving you one kinda warning to stop things. If you keep continue what he doesnt like he will in time remove you but he will tell you that he will delete you and the why.
Justin doesnt belong to anybody and isnt looking for a relationship even tho he writes in couple style (couple as in partners relationships that doesnt mean he is in one)
He doesnt like GOD- Modding so stop telling Justin what to do and how we all are adults here and no need to move Justin into situation he doesnt wanna be in.

Justin had a alcohol problem in his past (his character that is not the RL one) and tries to stay away from it wich isnt easy. Drinking makes him relax most of the time but it also giving him black outs... Wich he doesnt know what was going on while he passed out.

((So to put things in lines: Justin will use a profile picture for the first person that he will answer in inbox and keep that picture untill the person or leaving or doesnt answer him no more for about 30 minutes ( or less depends situation) so you all know now how it works with him))

Questions??? Dont be afraid to ask if he is able to he will answer them....

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⊛ The Tough girl ⊛

~General Info~~

Full name: Andrea Clarkson (Andy)

Pronunciation: Anne-Dree-Ah Clark-Sin

Nickname(s): Andy

Gender: Female

Species: Human (Monster hunter or witch)

Age: 18-26

Birthday: 11th May

Star sign: Taurus

Sexuality: Lesbian

Nationality: American

City or town of birth: New York City

Currently lives: Wherever the RP is

Languages spoken: English, Japanese

Native language: English

Relationship Status: Single


Height: 5’6/7

Figure/build: Slim, little curves, toned body.

Hair color: Dark

Eye color: Brown

Tattoos: Many

Piercings: Several in ears, Belly button.

Scars/distinguishing marks: a scar on her knee

Preferred style of clothing: any


Smokes: Sometimes

Drinks alcohol: Yes

Drug usage: None

Addictions: None

Allergies: n/a

Any medication regularly taken: n/a


Personality: Andy is reasonably chill, she’s somewhat chatty when it comes to other people though she will act nice around them, it doesn’t specifically mean that she likes them or anything, she can just tolerate annoying people- Most of the time.

Likes: Dusk, Forests, Art, Tattoos, Body modifications, Girls, Clubs, reading, singing, blue.

Fears/phobias: Heights, really tight spaces

Favorite color: Blue

Talents/skills: Singing, Drawing, standing up for herself, boxing/fighting, running

Can they drive: Yes


Diet choice: Pescatarian

Favorite food(s): Sushi

Favorite drink(s): Hot chocolate

Disliked food(s): Red meats

Disliked drink(s): Energy drinks


Housing style: large apartment

Area they live in: Near city center

Who they live with: Alone

Significant/special belongings: A music box from her granddad


Parents: Orla Clarkson - Deceased, father unknown

Are parents alive or dead: Dead and unknown

Relationship with family: Good

Siblings: None

Pets: Two rabbits

Sexual lean: Lesbian
Preference: Switch
Kinks: Hair pulling, edging, heavy foreplay
Looks for in partner: Fun, playful
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