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Carl Grimes is the son of Rick and Lori Grimes. Carl had always been an outgoing, polite and caring person, up until his the deaths of his father's best friend, Shane, his mother, Lori, and his sister, Judith. Over the years his exterior hardened. He started speaking less, trusting less. He rarely told anybody what he was feeling or thinking, and he distanced himself from the people who cared about him. After the Saviors took hold of Alexandria, Carl decided to give up his life in search of a new purpose and fulfillment, and joined the Saviors.


Full name: Carl E. Grimes

Nickname: Carl, Little Serial Killer, Negan's pet, the Traitor of Alexandria

Age: 19 years (primary but can be discussed; Carl joined the Saviors at 16, which would be sometime during season 7 of the series, possibly directly after the 7th episode, but I haven't decided yet.)

Pronouns: He/Him

Sexuality: Unknown (little experience; MxM heavily preferred)

Occupation: Soldier for the Saviors


Rick Grimes (Father; status unknown)

Lori Grimes (Mother; deceased)

Judith Grimes (Half-sister; deceased)

Shane Walsh (Judith's father; deceased)

Andrea Grimes (Step-mother; status unknown)

Daryl Dixon (Close friend; status unknown)

Negan Smith (Leader/Close friend; alive)

Dwight (Confidante; alive)

Simon (Acquaintance; alive)

Sherry (Confidante; alive)


Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown

Skin tone: Light/Fair

Clothing: Carl can usually be seen in a t-shirt or henley shirt, under a flannel, with jeans, his father's old hat, a necklace with various sentimental trinkets on it, and black tactical boots. He used to wear a patch over his eye, or lack thereof, but doesn't feel the need to anymore.

Scars?: He has a good chunk of the right side of his face removed/disfigured and various bullet wounds, scratches, cuts, scrapes, etc.

Piercings?: None


Temperament: Carl is a fairly reserved person. Despite his frequent bouts of anger, his range of emotions and feelings, although strong, are never really shown, even rarely to his closer companions.

Social attitude: He doesn't talk much, except to a select group of people. Carl's first impression is usually seen as rude, prudish, or arrogant, though he doesn't mean to come off that way. He's quick to jump to conclusions, especially in a conversation that has or may cause(d) conflict. He despises situations where he may be accused or talked down to.


Skills: Melee combat, Sewing, Extensive knowledge of world history, Extensive knowledge of nature (plant identification, animal behaviors, tracking, hunting, etc.)

Flaws: Faulty aim with firearms and limited radius of vision due to his missing eye/blind spot. Quick temper.

Blood type: A Positive

Weapons of choice: Wide range of melee weapons and firearms, basically anything he can get a hold of. He's not picky.

Extra info: Carl's middle initial stands for "Evelyn", which is his aunt on his Father's side's name.
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work in progress
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Toni Butler

Name: Toni Butler
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Occupation: Author
Hair Color: Brown-Red
Eye Color: Brown

Toni Butler had a bit of a rough upbringing with an abusive father, but she found herself buried in a book as an escape. She took this and made it her goal to succeed in her life and make it better. Going off to college, she would study literature and soon wrote her own at the age of 20, and then got it published at 21.
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Facts about her.

She is a Huangye, descendant of Momo.

She is 17 years old.

She has a baby named Shayu, his father is an unknown Huangye. She gave birth to the baby when she was already in jail.

She was a Huangye warrior but she didn't take part in the battle due to her pregnancy, eight months back then.

She strongly hates Xingxi kingdom.

Her elements are Death and Punishment.

She can see even with her eyes closed and her skin is very hard.
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Erica Jones

Name: Erica Jones
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Occupation: Manicurist
Hair Color: Brown-Blonde
Eye Color: Green

Erica Jones is a young individual that lives and works out of her trailer house. She will do most anything to make a living including lying and stealing. Her main source of income comes as an unlicensed manicurist out of her trailer house. To go along with her trailer trash like living, she also has a high sex drive and tolerance for alcohol.
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(Oc in progress) Aspen Day

Name: Aspen Day
Height: 5'8
Hair:half black half silver
Sexuality: unknown
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°1. Let's start off with time
Time on here will not be 24hrs a day, I do have a life outside of the screen that involves me being a human. Sleep, work and being an adult, doing adult things. If you get butt hurt just because I am off for a few days or hours, then take it with someone who cares. Being away doesn't mean I've forgotten, just busy with my own life.

°2. Sm*t. This is a fun one. Due to my past experiences, I will not do this with anyone under the age of 18, you must meet the requirements to ride this roller-coaster. That being said, I will also not do things taboo. This includes a lot of things that will not be named, but I also will not feed your imagination. That is what the web is for. Please also understand that I will also not be interested in role-playing with anyone who is just a sm*t based account. Too basic at this point, again. Please seek other people, not me.

°3. Characters. All my characters will be created out of my own mind, I don't do characters that already exist. You can not control them or kill them off, they run under me.

°4. Romance. Romance between two characters must be built, a slow burn is a better feeling. Not something rushed in. I will also accept the characters being opposite or same gender, me personally. I am an Omnisexual, similar to Pansexual. Everyone is welcomed.

°5. Personal information will not be given out, its none of your business who I am outside the screen. Role-playing off the site must be with discord, nothing else. No phone number, FB or Instagram.

°6. Spam is not an option, not with me. If you spam me through messages, you will be blocked, if I deny you from a friend request. Its probably for a reason. Don't continue to add me. Get the hint that I'm not interested.

°7. I am not a grammer nazi. But f***, some people still do that middle school crap. Don't, just don't. (Ex: Do U want 2 rp with me? Or *taps ur shoulder*) No. I will not answer to this.

°8. Please respond with more than a one liner. The more detail, the better we can make things interesting. Let's keep the fun going, keep the boat afloat and not sinking.

°9. Let's keep things fun!
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[ G U I D E ]

- Rules:
- Headcannons: [ TBA ]
- Connections:
- Playlist:
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The Merc.

Trudie Bennett

Trudie Bennet


Occupation: graduate college stud and mother

Info: trudie was poor growing up she had little toys to play with ppl would make fun out of her for being poor , trudie parents would work nights during the day to spend time with trudie in high school trudie was quiet would often focus on school work until graduation getting into college trudie made friends working her way up for goals being journalist or sales manager while her parents to raise trudie right trudie is quite sometimes will be blunt tried to live her life .

Personality: sweet , caring , quiet , tough

Hobbies: playing sports, meditation, travelling around the world, reading , cooking , baking

Sexuality: straight will date trans male and non binary , femboys

18 + real life and romance light and dark m*tu*e theme

Rp ideas

Options 1: during college and finishing college she meets a student on campus doesn’t know them getting to know each other until they hookup for one-night stand

Option 2: during the relationship she is forced to have sex and gets pregnant taking child caring for the child while taking the abuse
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Past this point you'd be going to my OLD OC template!
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I make a pretty good first impression!

[ R U L E S ]

- This account is semi-selective. If I do not accept your request, it is only because I could not see our characters developing a connection together. [ This may rarely happen though. ]
- 1*8+ only please! Negan is known to be kind of triggering at times and this account may have some dark themes here and there.
- Admin: [ Ash, she / her, may be low in activity after tonight due to working. Please be patient with me and I will get with you as soon as possible. ]
- I do not tolerate hate or drama. You may be blocked.

Roleplaying | Writing:
- I am open to plots, original characters, and crossovers.
- I am looking for connections for Negan.
- I mainly write in paragraph/multi-paragraph form. On a rare occasion I do novella.
- I write in third person.
- Please, do not send me a random starter out of the blue. I like to discuss plots before we write.
- I may start off a roleplay small just to see if our characters have a connection.
- If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.
- If you have any ideas, let me know. I would love to hear them.

Character relationships / Shipping:
- Muses/characters must be 21+ to ship.
- I am considering making this account multi-ship but, I am not too sure just yet.
- Negan can be difficult to ship with. If he is in a relationship it has to work out for him to move any further.
- Platonic relationships and friendships are always welcome!
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I need you to know me:

[ A B O U T ]

→ B A S I C S:

name (full): Negan Smith
nickname(s): [ give him some! ]
age: 30
sexuality: bi-sexual
relationship status: single.
birth date: April 22, 1992
astrological sign: Taurus
religion: humanist, is open minded about an afterlife
pronouns: he / him / his
occupation: Gym teacher (formerly) | Leader of the Saviors (currently)
nationality: American.
ethnicity: Irish.

→ P E R S O N A L I T Y:

Positive Traits:
- Loving and caring soul
- protective over his loved ones
- peacemaker
- has a charming smile
- casual
- talkative
- childlike
- humorous

Negative Traits:
- Rule enforcer
- high punisher
- can k!ll - if necessary- without a second thought.
- can be controlling, blunt, and ruthless depending on the scenario that he is in.

- loyalty
- making himself/others laugh
- profane language
- sports
- motorcycles
- talking your ear off
- cooking
- reading
- cracking jokes
- gardening
- drinking whiskey
- stargazing
- Coke / Coca-Cola

- cowards
- traitors
- being alone
- wasting
- people that have no sense of humor

→ H E A L T H:

Drinker: yes, he prefers to drink whiskey.
Smoker: yes, he smokes cigarettes & cigars.
Recreational drug user: no
Disabilities: none
Mental illnesses: yes, he struggles with depression & insomnia from time to time.
Morality: good & evil

→ S K I L L S:

Medical: moderate; he tries though
Combat: high; he mainly relies on his baseball bat, Lucille or his pistol. However, he is great at hand-to-hand combat.
Communication: high; he can talk to just about anyone and is an excellent listener.
Education: high

→ B A C K G R O U N D:

Place of Birth: Seattle, Washington, United States
Place of residence: [ can vary depending on the roleplay. ]

→ A P P E A R A N C E:

Eye Color: hazel
Hair Color: dark brown
Facial hair color: grey and black
Physique: tall, muscular build
Complexion: tan
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 183 pounds
Preferred style of clothing: He normally wears casual clothes like jeans and a tee shirt along with a leather jacket.
Tattoos, Birthmarks, Scars, etc: Negan has a scar on his right cheek from getting hit by a glass bottle while trying to save a lady from a man that was hitting her. He also has a tattoo of a skull on the left side of his chest and a cross on his upper right arm.
Faceclaim & voiceclaim: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

→ R E L A T I O N S H I P:
first met:
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Let's meet the man!

[ H E A D C A N N O N S ]

Basic Headcannons:

- If Negan made a joke when no one was around he would probably laugh about it for a minute and then sigh.
- His favorite ice cream flavors are moose tracks and rocky road. He adds extra marshmallows to the bowl.
- Negan really does think his best feature is his smile. If he had to pick another physical feature aside from that, he’d probably say his broad back and shoulders.
- He does have nightmares. How often fluctuates.
- Negan views crying as a weakness, at the very least when it’s him crying. He doesn’t like being seen in a way that makes him look weak or vulnerable, that may shatter the tough, ruthless image he’s built for himself, so he hates it if he was ever caught crying.
- Negan has a pair of reading glasses.
- If he develops a relationship with your character. Even though Negan is 6’ 2" he will still curl up on your lap. He loves cuddles.
- Negan tends to like more neutral and earthy tones, and darker or muted colors.
[ more will be added later]
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In the are all I have

[ C O N N E C T I O N S ]

[ This is Negan's list of friends & family. They are awesome people on this site, and you should check them out!! ]


☾. @WaywardSister : [ Such an awesome person all around! Her writing style and ideas are wonderful. I truly enjoy our roleplay. :) ]

Nagan's comments on Alex: "So far I think that she would be a good person to travel with in this crazy world. She almost made me get scared of her- almost. The girl's truly got guts. I must say though, that there is something familiar about her; I just don't know what it is yet. "

━━━━━━━━ ♡ ━━━━━━━

[N/A: Currently looking for mains!]
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