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1. if you don’t see a roleplay happening between us, please don’t waste time for the both of us! at the end of the day, we’re all here for that.

2. i am very big on grammar and literacy. it is what keeps my attention the most. i can accept some mistakes here and there of course, especially if english isn’t your first language or you have something ailing you that is causing the mistakes. i will understand, but please let me know.

3. male x male is really all i do. most female accounts will be denied, sorry.

4. please ask me whatever you would like! i’d like for us to both get the most out of writing together.

5. i prefer that everyone i write with is above the age of eighteen, as my roleplays can dip into more m*tu*e elements.

6. no character controlling please.

7. this is real life, and i can’t be here all the time. i don’t expect anyone else to be either. If i take a little too long reply, like a few days, please let me know. I’ll do the same unless we’ve discussed.

i think that is all for now. please heart or comment if read, thanks.
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1 | 0 Comments | by soft | 1 hour ago

august whitlock

name: august jasper whitlock
nickname: auggy (pronounced og-ee)
age: 20’s, (sometimes younger)
dob: june 10th (gemini)
race: caucasian
gender: transgender/ftm male
sexuality: homosexual
faceclaim: charlie heaton

height: 5’7” / 1.7 m
weight: 145 lbs / 60.78 kg
eye color: dark brown
skin color: fair, lightly freckled along his body
hair color: brunette
body: skinny but not boney, soft.

clothing style: “soft boy”. Sweaters, loose tees, overalls, knee socks, etc. comfortable usually. Can be androgynous or more feminine sometimes, like pastels, some accessories, maybe even a skirt or something. He enjoys the expression and freedom.
favorite colors: pink, purple, blue, green.
likes: drawing, writing, poetry, photography, rain, warmth, hugs, cuddling, coffee, sweets (especially donuts), cats, the dark, the moon.
dislikes: being lied to, anything too spicy, crowds, heights, peer pressure, overly hot weather, any kind of bug.
personality: usually soft-spoken, shy, friendly, curious.


mother: catherine whitlock, alive. (FC: Betsy Brandt.)
father: Triston whitlock, deceased.
brother: phoenix whitlock, alive, younger than Auggy. (FC: Nicholas Hamilton)

brief backstory

august grew up knowing he was in the wrong body. thankfully for him, his mother was in full support of it. at a younger age, his father had died in an accident at work. a driver under the influence had come off the road and crashed into his place of work. among the four victims killed in the accident, one was his dad. he’d like to tell himself that the man would be proud of who he was today, and it’d help bring peace. as he grew up, he started hormones. maintaining his own transition, as well as being there to take care of his younger brother throughout school was difficult. with it being just their mother to take care of them, she sometimes had to work very late. that meant August was helping him with homework if he could, making food, and keeping a good eye on his sibling. some might say it helped him gain skills later in life, but sometimes he thought it took away part of his adolescence. nonetheless, he wouldn’t change it any day. as August grew, he found interest in the arts. drawing, photography, poetry... it was a way to express himself and get emotions out.

out of the house now and on his own, August wanted to see what the world would bring him. he’d become who he wanted to be – at least so far. he’d been on hormones since high school, and he was presenting just how he liked to, feeling valid and affirmed in his appearance. sometimes the feelings of dissatisfaction could show its face, but he did his best to fight it. the uneasiness could keep him from enjoying a lot of things, including a lot of friendships. he hardly kept in touch with people he knew from school, but maybe that was for the better. now he could find new faces and develop relationships with them.

to keep himself afloat, you'd usually find august working at the local coffee shop not too far from his place. sometimes though, if there is trouble making ends meet, he'll do cam shows or something of the sort - never showing his face.

( thank you so much for reading. please heart or comment that you've read.)
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1 | 0 Comments | by soft | 1 hour ago

*.☽ Kaelym Pierce ☽ .*

┌─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───┐


Full name: Kaelym Pierce
Pronunciation: Kay-lum
Nicknames: Kae
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Pronouns: he/him
Sexuality: (closeted) homosexual

Age: 19
Eyes: Sky blue
Hair: Soft, curly blonde
Physical Features: Light freckles spreading across his cheeks, and a birthmark on his hip that climbs up towards his stomach.
Skin tone: A light, near pale but clear complexion.


General: Kaelym is quite bubbly and innocent. A sheltered male who doesn’t really get to get outside much with such strict rules he is bound to. He can be quite the trouble maker even within his own walls, making childish chaos wherever he goes. His naivety, though, has often led him to getting himself into even more trouble.

Good traits:

Bad traits:
-Too trusting at times

-Playing violin

-Being forced to stay put/being sheltered


Kaelym’s mother passed away during a raging war when he was young, causing the male to grow up searching for distractions and adventure. Since the war, his father, The King, has forced the male to stay within the walls of the kingdom until further notice. That notice never came, and Kaelym is begging for a life outside of the walls. He wants nothing more than to experience everything that everyone else is.

└─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───┘

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0 | 0 Comments | by peachbby | 2 hours ago

Rules. . .]

1). I don't tolerate drama, harassment, and bullying. I will not be saying anything more on this, if there's an issue I'll block you.
2). As stated on my profile, I'm over 18. If you are not I will not be roleplaying anything 1*8+ with you, and it's unlikely that I'll even pursue a roleplay unless I somehow already know you.
3). I tend to forget to log on, especially on weekends when I'm working, but I'll do my best. If this is a problem for you feel free to unadd me.
4). I don't do one-liners, I don't do first person, and I don't use asterisks. Please respect that.
5). I will do my best to match what you write, if it's too short or if it's a dry reply I probably won't reply, cause I won't know how to reply. This also applies to messaging my character at first, if you give one word responses I'll eventually stop replying.
6). I don't do strictly n//sfw, I prefer plot over p/rn.
7). This is not a multi-ship account, nor is this character poly
I promise I'm friendly :)
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0 | 0 Comments | by haunting | 4 hours ago




name ; siny vitus
behind the name: "siny" comes from the word shiny and "vitus" comes from the latin vital or lively
age ; 16
gender ; female
pronouns ; she/her


height ; 5'1
build ; thin
eye color ; dark brown
hair color ; black
skin color ; light brown

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0 | 0 Comments | by LOGICAL | 5 hours ago

Dylan (My OC)

Name: Dylan (last name based on your characters last name)
Age: 6-15 (depends on your preference)
Hair: Usually brown or black
Eyes: Hazel or green
Race: Human
Sexual-orientation: Straight
Relationship status: Single
Siblings: None (Unless you prefer he have some)
Father: None (He's either deceased or he left our characters, or whatever other reason for him to be gone)
Mother: (Your character)
Birthplace: (Wherever your character lives)

Personality: He is very sweet and kind, but also shy, and even mischievous at times. He can be a bit clingy and jealous at times, but he means well. He acts his age however, and loves to prank and joke around, but is shy around people he doesn't know.

Likes: His Mother, Pranks, Jokes, Video Games, Mac & Cheese, Singing, Dancing, Collecting Things, Reading, Cereal, Toys, Dogs, Star Wars, Milk, Going to the Zoo, Cheese Cake, and Super Heroes

Dislikes: Public Speaking, Talking to Strangers, Cottage Cheese, The Dark, School, People who flirt with his Mother, Clowns, Horror films, and Demons
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0 | 0 Comments | by MothersWanted | 5 hours ago

The Thief

Name: Cassie 'The Crow' James
Nickname(s): The Crow; Cass
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5'5
Weight: 100.4 lbs
Hair Color: Sunflower-Blonde
Hair Style: Waist-length, straight and messy; Normally has a braid in the front
Voice: Loud and energetic; Sassy
Eye Color: Light green
D.O.B: November 12th
P.O.B: Oatmen, Arizona
Occupation: Thief/Outlaw
Quote(s): "Ya' only got one life, so you best make it worth ten!" ; "What's life without a lil' risk, eh?" ; "I ain't winnin' no gambles with my luck, might as well steal to make the money."
Theme Song:

Cassie lived with hero father most of her life, her mother having died a year after she was born. She never had the greatest life, mainly because her father would often leave for days or weeks for work. She basically raised herself. Their neighbor, a kind man named Jack, would often care for Cassie when her father was away. And to be honest, when she pictures her father, Jack is the only face that shows up.
She was never lucky, in fact, her luck was terrible. She would often get injured, get in trouble, lose things and so much more. It was hard, and frustrated her quite a lot.

When she was ten, her neighbor gave her two guns. Even with her terrible luck, she seemed to be a master with the guns. Her aim was amazing, and she never missed a target. Cassie wasn't sure why, but she never seemed to miss... As she grew up, her neighbor taught her many things. He taught her simple survival skills, how to fend for herself, how to fight, using other guns, cooking and more. She was always moving around, quick and light on her feet. Very flexible.
Her life was good. Despite the bad luck, she had a nice life... until everything went downhill.

One day, on her seventeenth birthday in fact, her town caught aflame. She and a few others were the only ones to come out alive. When she went to her neighbors house to help him, she saw a familiar figure standing there, surrounded by flames... and her neighbors dead body, lying on the ground. The figure turned to her, revealing his face... and Cassie recognized who it was in an instant. Her father.
He killed Jack, out of jealously. Jealous that Jack and Cassie were so close. He killed Jack, and to make it seem like it was something else, he lit the town on fire. Cassie lost control of her emotions, going completely "Insane" She shot her father fifteen times, crying out, "You bastard" with each bullet.

After that, she burned his body... and her neighbors. Now with her bad luck, Cassie was thrown in jail. After a year, she managed to get out. Cassie was on the run, soon making a name for herself as "The Crow" People say that whenever she passed, her bad luck spreads... and so does death. She's a huge outlaw, wanted for killing, stealing and more. She hasn't been caught yet... which is surprising.

Now she's simply running, keeping away from the law and jail. One of the biggest outlaws ever, The Crow.
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1 | 0 Comments | by CryinqClouds | 6 hours ago

Bdsm test!!

Quick way to explain what I like so I don’t have to explain every roleplay ^^

== Results from b* ==
100% Brat
100% Switch
97% Degrader
94% Sadist
92% Experimentalist
91% Degradee
91% Submissive
80% Masochist
79% Boy/Girl
79% Owner
79% Pet
79% Rope bunny
76% Dominant
76% Exhibitionist
74% Brat tamer
71% Ageplayer
68% Slave
68% Primal (Prey)
68% Daddy/Mommy
67% Primal (Hunter)
66% Master/Mistress
63% Rigger
36% Voyeur
33% Non-monogamist
0% Vanilla
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2 | 0 Comments | by Tsukareta | 6 hours ago

Info about Rick

Age: 27
Gender: Male
Sexual preference: Bisexual
Religion: Protestant
Political Views: Moderate Conservative but dislikes Radicalism
Economic Views: Free Market Advocate
Past Achievements: Played Football in High School and Former Infantry Man in Iraq Played Baseball For Abit
Ethnic Background: British Irish Swedish Dutch Welsh Italian German Austrian French Norwegian
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1 | 0 Comments | by RickSwason | 7 hours ago

Ricks Background

Rick comes from a family of farmers who raised him on a farm he never really had friends growing up but spent time working out getting in shape and even went to the military for 5 years and came back home just to find both of his parents disappeared only to find out a year later they both died on a hiking trip since he found out he shut himself out from the civilized world for a year to cope with what he lost and now with confidence back in him he’s ready to take on the world without his parents around what has the world have in store for this blonde man?
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2 | 0 Comments | by RickSwason | 7 hours ago

Ophelia White

Springtraped Graham

Name: Springtraped Graham

Age: 27 (6 years in the suit)

Species: human/animatronic hybrid...mix...thing

Gender: male

Height: 6.5 feet (without suit 4 feet 3 inch)

Weight: 109.3 pounds (without suit 78.1 pounds)

Sexuality: “dosent...f***ing...matter”

Occupation: “...doesn't matter anymore”


fur: light green

Eyes: blue
Real eyes: bluish gray

tale: no tale

ears: cat ears on the side of his head with pinkish gray felt on the inside

Damage(to suit): right front part of face by the around the eye to the top part of his mouth is gone but the eye is still there, multiple scratches and scraps from hands(some deep enough to go through the suit) all over his head, one of the cat ears is crushed and twisted(still there but definitely screwed up) multiple chunks pulled out of his arms in different areas, on his right hand his middle and ring fingers are completely gone showing the mangled fingers, his left arm from the elbow down are completely gone, multiple holes in his legs, missing part of his right knee, his right shin is crushed and crumpled up, his chest scratched and partially pulled open(up to an inch each side in the biggest areas), multiple dents scratches and holes all over the place

rotting(so damages to the ‘flesh’ inside): general rotting to the body getting rid of all his skin his nose his ears eyelids etc, glass shards in and around his right eye, his left arm from the elbow down is gone with part of his bone being there splintered and broken, his right leg is mangled and crushed though still being able to hold him its not the best at it

Likes: destroying animatronics”
Dislikes: animatronics

Fears: “nothing...can be worse...then this…”

Strength: 4
Speed: 2
Agility: 2
Smarts: 3
Luck: “ luck ended years ago” 0
Wisdom: 0
(out of 5)

Other: has a limp on his right leg
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2 | 7 Comments | by redacted | 8 hours ago

James Allen

Basic information:

Name: James Allen
Gender: male
Age: between 18 and 24
Sexuality: heterosexual
Addictions: smoking
Nationality: Dutch
Species: human

Physical description:

Hair: middle long, blond and messy
Eyes: blue
Length: 1,90 m (6’2)
Body type: athletic body type
Tattoos: a big wolf on his right arm.
Scars/body marks: none

Personality traits:
I will make those up throughout the story. Since it depends on what kind of story you want what would be the best fit.

He is also my profile picture.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Jjg212 | 8 hours ago

Roles 3

Mukuro Ikusaba: Bottom

Tenko Chabashira: Bottom

Himiko Yumeno: Bottom

Monaca Towa: Bottom

Kaede Akamatsu: Switch
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0 | 0 Comments | by danganronpa | 10 hours ago

Small Facts 3

Mukuro Ikusaba: Most assume that since Mukuro is a soldier, she’s probably into f***ing around with guns or knives in bed—that’s what Junko assumes anyway. But given that she’s a soldier, guns and knives are two things that bring back bad memories, and she knows just how dangerous they are, and she’d much rather keep them out of her sex life

Tenko Chabashira: If having sex with a man, Tenko will verbally express how little fun she’s having, even if she could be having the best time. Afterwards though, Tenko will try and make the other feel better if she notices if her words affected the other. Sex with women, on the other hand, you will not hear her complain

Himiko Yumeno: Himiko tries not to be so loud in bed, as she finds it a bit embarrassing

Monaca Towa: Monaca enjoys edging people, simply because she feels that It tortures them, in a way. She’s also a bratty sexual partner, and will not hesitate to f*** with you in public.

Kaede Akamatsu: Kaede tends to tell her partner how well they’re doing, and generally just likes to try and make them feel good by praising them and cuddling them afterwards.
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0 | 0 Comments | by danganronpa | 10 hours ago