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That's the plot if his story if anyone's intereste

In a wold where society is ruled over strench and wealth, devided between hunters, and their preys, Pamchi, a young sheep man, decides one day to escape his "village" a place Lost in the forest were some preys are kept to eather work and gain enought money to get to a "city", which is rare because of the enormous cost, or stay and risk getting eaten by hunters.
The cities being a safe place were hunters aren't allowed to eat preys, it is seen as a paradise by the preys from the village, but in reality, is just another hell to live in, with hight poverty and criminality.

As he walks out into the forest, Pamchi knew he risked comming across one of the hunters living in the forest, which will soon happen, as he meet with Enyo, a wolf man, that decides to capture him as a meal for an important family dinner the next year.

Tho he acts agresive and cold towards Pamchi, it becomes soon clear that he's not very thrilled about having to kill the fellow young man , as they live together for the year, it becomes more and more difficult for Enyo to see Pamchi as just a meal, he starts to doubt of the morality of the situation, and even starts having feelings for the young sheep.
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Name: Peter Longbottom
Age: 20
Type: Sub
Material Status: Peter studies phylosophy in the collage works part time and rents a flat together with his friends

Mental status: he is a very inteligent and eloquent indyvidual but is completelly reckless when it comes to manage his life. No matter he has high chances of doing p.hd in future, he barely is able get his surrounding in order or at least stick to his plans. He has a potential which can be handled by headstrong woman, who would simply tell him what to do.

Kinks: Peter has plenty of vigor when it comes to spicy actions but absolute zero instinct to lead. Totally sub
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Name: Chris Still
Age: 17
Material status: he is a high school student working part time. Lives with mother and her partner, but plans to move out as fast as possible

Mental status: Chris is a son of Marcus and his ex-wife. His mother is very authoritative in rising him so he doesn't have much to say at home, but it only suppreses his dominant tendencies. As every boy at his age he dreams of romance with woman older than him, or to be more realistic any girl at all. Yet he can be great lover or even a player if treated properly

Kinks: he only explores his sexuality so the main kink is experimentalist
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4. Characters

These will be the characters I will use. I'll only add 2 for now as to not overwhelm myself nor whoever I am roleplaying with. All characters are 1*8+ and I will not make them any younger in our roleplays just a heads up.

-> Emilia Scarlett
A former queen of an old and forgotten kingdom. She has a history of cruelty to her own people and saw herself as a being above them all. She barely managed to escape her people's revolt but she lost everything including her family. She's been on the streets since homeless and alone.

-> Penelope Lee
A shy, timid and kind natured princess of a royal family of 6. As the youngest she is babied and her parents especially but her brothers as well are overprotective over her to the point she's hardly able to even go into the gardens after her classes. She's the only person in her family who went the route of light magic. Specifically Penelope decided on healing compared to the brute force her family picked.
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Name: Josh Calmhold
Age: 28
Type: switch
Material status: Josh is resident in a local hospital working hard to make world a better place. He lives alone in rented flat near the place he is employed

Mental status: Josh is a kind man, and a goody two shoes. The only thing that makes him quite different is the fact he takes care of his body to keep it fit. He knows work consumes much of his time, henceforth does not seek a relation ship but is totally oppened for any romance

Kinks: his medical education taught him many things about female body which he is more then eager to use. Great at sensoty play like blindfolds, ice cube, licking, kissing, biting etc
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Name: Will Armstrong
Age: 26
Type: Dom
Material status: Will works at the office and has small flat. He lives on his own slowly advancing his carierre.

Mental status: He is exact example of a player. He works out, spend time at clubs and bars and flirts whenever he consider female to be attractive. He does not even look for a stable relationships enjoying his life to the fullest.

Kinks: receiving obedience, pet- slave- and primal play, anal, multiple partners, harem, threesomes etc. Open for BDSM
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Name: Markus Still
Age: 40
Relationship status: Divorced
Type: gentle dom / switch
Material status: Markus is an architect with renown studio under his comand. He is wealthy but not spoiled, as he archived everything he had from scratch after his wife left him taking nearly everything he had.

Mental status: Grown up man does not full around, he doesn't seek adventures but a stable partner with which he can share his life. What he doesn't expect but may be good for him is someone who could break his routine and be like a breaze of fresh air in his perfactly set-up like. Markus hardly belives true love so a hot romance together with the feeling of stability make his life more colorfull

Kinks: pretty basic stuff, he likes to take the lead but inniciative of other side would be same much appreciated. Also good old rough is always wanted
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3. Pairings I'll do

I'll only do two kinds of pairings.
One being female x male and the other being female x female.
I do not play male characters.
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2. Themes I play

I play a variety of themes. Including stuff revolving fantasy, action, adventure, etc. I like horror themed roleplays too.
My characters are more centered around fantasy related stuff but I can tweak them to fit the plot we're doing.
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1. Introductions

Hello this will be a general rule covering and what I expect and/or want in roleplays.

I will preface by saying my response times are no later than 2 days. If I do not answer you by that time please send me a message again.

When you message me I'm somewhat okay with you getting straight into the roleplay unless it's just really out there. I do prefer setting up story ideas more so that way I know or have a clear idea of the path we're sticking on for the roleplay.

I write multi paragraphs usually. However, not so good with novella type writing so if that's the length preference you want well I'm sorry.

I'm alright with those kinds of scenes except a few things that I wouldn't want involved. Do not jump straight in without plotting for this kind of stuff please!

Please distinguish if it's you or your character speaking.

I think that's about it for rules. If I see you haven't read them I will unfriend or block depending. Thanks for reading.
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Lets set some rules

1. All my characters are heterosexual and I will be roleplaying only with female accounts and characters
2. My characters are not me, so take under consideration all interactions are between characters
3. I won't accept anyone below 16 yo.
4. In case of length, literacy and descriptivety I prefer quality over quantity. One liners wont be accepted, if you will write in the chaotic, flat manner I will ask for more up to three times. Forth = block
5. English is not my first language, but I work with it so use it on daily basis. Unfortunately, outlook autocorrect does not make it any better, so my spelling or grammar may be rusty. Feel free to correct me it will benefit both of us
6. I prefer things discussed beforehead or even while the rp is going. Planing is importamt for me. Otherwise I lost a sense of direction in the rp which results in loosing the spark for it.
7. I may not be online all the times, but I am going to check in daily so at least one reply per day will be sent. If you won't reply in two days, will sent a greetings. A week with no contact while seeing you online, or at least last time logged on a present date = block
8. If you want me to accept your invitation heart this post
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Philosophy of the wanderer

Isarus was sitting in the window of the Inn room with a cup of steaming mead in his hand. His face was turned to the world outside as he was contemplaing an autum rain falling at the moment from the sky, forming a wall of thick watery rays diversing the world around into a smoky wit mirror. He was smiling. Where he came from, nothing ever changed. Vast cave system in which Ygg'chal was esteblished was always same much dark, onve builded structures seamed to preveil ethernally and only inhabitants made this place full of life. Their vivid life he could watch only from the window of his bed chamber in times, when he could call this place home. Only one in a while he could desolve himself into the crowd and feel how it is to live in the full meaning of this world.

Here things were diferent. There was a day, bright and shiny, seasones changed every three months, weather was like a will of pubering virgin, sometimes changing even few times a day. He adored those changes. Unfortunatelly soon he heard an anoyed purr, and a head of a woman emerged from under the blanket. It seems the chill air from outside slowly but surely inviding the room. Female wasn't anyone special, just another hook up met yesterday in the same inn. "What are you doing? Close this window and come to me this one last time before I leave." Elf smirked, took last sip of his drink and slowly walked back to bed. "You wouldn't understand" he answered and onece again fell into the emrbace of her cozy arms, drowning in the craft he knew best.

Even here on the surfuce his life was nearly perfectly repeating pattern. But as for now he had more exciting things to care for
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                                    ( trigger warning ) . . .

( full name ) . . . bonnie flora pettigrew
( nicknames ) . . .
( birthdate ) . . . december thirty-first
( age ) . . . sixteen
( zodiac sign ) . . . capricorn

( gender identity ) . . . cisgender female
( pronouns ) . . . she/her/hers
( sexuality ) . . . heterosexual
( monogamous or polygamous ) . . . monogamous

( spoken languages ) . . . english
( religion ) . . . non-religious
( birthplace ) . . . united kingdom
( living situation ) . . . hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry

( house ) . . . gryffindor
( patronus ) . . . fox
( wand ) . . . spruce wood with a dragon core 12 ¾" and slightly springy flexibility

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀· · ─────── · ♡ · ─────── · ·

( faceclaim ) . . . sephira lily street
( eye color ) . . . hazel-green
( hair color ) . . . brunette
( height ) . . . five foot, four inches
( weight ) . . . one hundred twenty pounds
( piercings ) . . . none
( tattoos ) . . . none
( scars ) . . . inner thighs, lower stomach

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀· · ─────── · ♡ · ─────── · ·

( disorders ) . . .
( symptoms ) . . .
( medicated or unmedicated ) . . .

( phobias ) . . .
( addictions ) . . .
( traumas ) . . .
( allergies ) . . .

( rational or emotional ) . . .
( optimist or pessimist ) . . .
( daredevil or cautious ) . . .
( introvert, extrovert, or ambivert ) . . .

( likes ) . . .
( dislikes ) . . .

( physical habits ) . . .
( mental habits ) . . .

( soft spots ) . . .
( hobbies ) . . .

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀· · ─────── · ♡ · ─────── · ·

( parents ) . . .
( siblings ) . . . peter pettigrew
( children ) . . .
( relationship with family ) . . .

( relationship status ) . . . single
( past relationships ) . . . none
( love interests ) . . . emmett lupin
( friends ) . . .
( pets ) . . . none
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to be added
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to be added
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