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My Rules

Please take the time and read these .

●Ok so im not a strick roleplayer as everyone has their own style and length but one liners are just a no for example
"he smiles and her and nodds " < This is not roleplaying ! . And i will delete you for the lack of effort . If you even to 4 lines max . Please .

○ Alex is my character i created her so ill control her. In other words Dont control my character .

● One thing i dont like is bulling its the most disgusting thing ever so if you bring that sh*t to my page you will instantly blocked we are all here for one reason or another lets not judge ! .

○ Storylines /plots . Im all for i love roleplaying and i love interesting plots that lead to alot mostly romance and smut . But if its just smut ill loose interest .

• Replies . When it comes to replies i never ignore anyone ! . Sometimes i get writers block or just to tired to reply but i will let you know anyway . So please donf harrash me and message me twenty times looking for a reply i will reply dont worry .

○My Mains . These people are the ones i grew to love they are my crazy adorable unique family . And i love adding to this list so be friendly ! .

●Photos and status - i love someone who comments and keeos commenting i love this . It shows you are interested and wanting to be a part and that your friendly ! .

○ if you have read these comment with a cute or sexy pet name :) .
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0 | 1 Comment | by TTink | 54 minutes ago

Oneshot - "Drawing"

Prompt: Emma finds out Killian can draw and she offers to pose for him as he is having a hard time trying to make something without a model. ( I dunno if she canonly knows he can, but it's a cute prompt and let me write dammit )

" I didn't know you could draw. " Emma quipped from behind a hunched over Killian. She rested her hand on his shoulder as she looked over him to take a look at the scattered pieces of paper all over the desk in their study, Killian too busy to notice as he scribbled away at yet another piece of paper that was being held down with a paperweight. He was using a sparkly pencil she assumes he probably stole from Henry.

On the paper seemed to be like the same other little scribbles of drawings that were on the others. Some sort of lady with long curly hair, a cute little smirk and bright eyes. Emma couldn't really tell who it was supposed to be, each drawing having something a bit different than the last but all still sort of the same in a way.

Eventually Killian gave up, tossing the pencil aside with a aggravated groan as he leaned back in the squeaky desk chair. He sighed and closed his eyes, running his hand through his hair. " Well I thought I could. But I seem to be lacking in skill lately." He gestured to the discarded drawings. " I just can't seem to get anything right with them."

Emma gave his shoulder a squeeze before bending down and kissing his forehead, a small smile on her face. " Well it depends on who you're trying to draw." With her free hand she picked up a random drawing to look at it more closely. It was familiar but she couldn't tell why. " I think these are great. And it's better than the stick figures I can do." She added on, trying to make her pirate happy.

That made him give a small chuckle as he looked up at her with those blue eyes of his. He was still slightly upset but thankful that Emma gave him a compliment. " I'm not sure if you can tell but I was trying to draw you, love." He said in a soft tone, his cheeks turning a slight pink as he said it. " I wanted to do it from memory and see if I can replicate your beauty. It was going to be a surprise for you but I guess that didn't work out all the well. "

He looked back down at the messy desk, slumping down as he started to stack the papers into a pile and shove them aside, still not happy with them. Emma placed the last drawing on top of the pile once he had finished. " Well maybe you can still do the drawing. " She said thoughtfully as she moved to lean against the desk, her arms propping her up. Her smile turned more into a smug type of smirk. She was up to something.

" Well what do you mean?" He asked with as his brow raised with interest.

" What I mean is that you could use me as a model if you want. We can even do it Titanic style like Jack did with Rose." She laughed as Killian gave her a confused look, remembering that he still has yet to watch the movie.

" What?" He asked, confused by another reference he didn't understand. Damn these modern movies.

" Nevermind me trying to explain, let me show you instead. Here take your drawing stuff and we'll go back to our room, alright?" She picked up the stack of untouched pieces of paper and the pencil and shoved them to his chest as she grabbed his hook and tried pulling him upright.

He nearly dropped the items everywhere, barely able to clutch the to his body using his hand as he was pulled along by the hook. His Swan seemed oddly excited to be a model.

Inside their room, she closed the door and locked it for safe measures, making Killian sit down on the bed as she handed him a clipboard she brought home for the sheriff's office, probably intending to use it for some at home work. Killian only sat there, puzzled as he fumbled putting the stack of paper into the clip and adjusting them so they laid nicely.

His suspicions only grew into understanding as soon as he saw her starting to undress quickly, the blush on his cheeks earlier only coming back and darker this time as he watched her. He bit his lip and cocked his head." I didn't know we were doing this type of drawing, Swan." He heard of artists using naked models to improve their artwork, but this is the first time he ever even thought that he could do it himself.

" There you go now you got it. " Emma laughed as she took off the last bits of her clothing, tossing them aside as she scrambled her way onto the bed. Not in the most majestic kind of way but Killian found her excitement simply adorable.

He turned so he was facing her, resting the little clipboard on his lap and using his hook to hold it in place. " I don't expect you to stay in any sort of pose for a long time now, are you sure you still want to do this? I'm not the quickest at this sort of thing. "

Emma rolled her eyes at that, shaking her head. " Oh cmon, just start drawing me already dammit." She started, getting into a comfortable pose she was willing to lay in for however long her needed her to.

" Alright, alright. I'll draw." He huffed back at her. She tried not to giggle as she watched him furrow his brows together and stick his tongue out as he, starting to do his thing. She was thankful he stopped dawdling and got to the point.

He barely had a clue where to start, deciding to just draw some basic outline and hope it will go well from there. It wasn't a terribly large drawing that looked more like chicken scratch and a blob of a human than something Leonardo Da Vinci would make but he was getting somewhere.

Soon it started to look more like a human, a bit of erasing and cleaning up the lines helping a lot. He also focused a lot on the face, wanting to get her as best as he can. Her actually being there did help a lot, the drawing looking more like his Swan rather than the other pieces of rubbish he created moments ago.

He finished the piece in little over an hour, Emma nearly having fallen a sleep by the time he pulled the paper out of the clipboard and nudging her gently with it to show her. She took the paper, a big smile growing on her face as glittering blue-green eyes looked from the drawing back up to him.

" This is amazing Killian. " She said, handing it back to him. He sighed with relief as he was entirely thankful that she didn't hate it or make fun of it. He set his drawing things aside, placing them onto the beside table as he crawled over to her and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.

" Enough about drawings, how about I have some fun with the real thing, hm?" He mumbled against her lips, purring as he climbed on top of her.

" I'm more than alright with that, captain." She chirped happily, tugging on the lapels of his jacket and kissing him once again, happy to have him ravish her.
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0 | 0 Comments | by BloodyPirate | 1 hour ago

❀~Mains List~❀

@Irene ♡』
"Dear beloved wife; thank for giving me so much to cherish in the world. Your presence as well as blessing my inhumanity with two beautiful children"
@Shownux ♥』
"Dear beloved boyfriend; I know you're not around much lately but thank you for blessing me with your kindness and warmth"
@Yeri ♕』
"Dear beloved Step-daughter; Thank you for showing me the kindness I never deserved. Your purity and gentleness should be known by many others"
@SweetPeaLuna ❀』
"Dear beloved ex-fiance; Thank you for giving me a time to look back on with mostly smiles; You've had the greatest impact on my life and I will never regret the time we spent together"
@Rosiee ☆』
"Dear beloved Eomma-in-law; You're a gentle woman at heart; you've come to accept me into your daughters' life and for that I am grateful"
@JiEun ☀』
"Dear beloved Daughter; Thank you for accepting my flaws; you're a gentle woman with so much love to give and you deserve the same amount of love back"
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0 | 0 Comments | by Wonho | 1 hour ago


First off this was made because I'm bored and I love these people. :'))

@taeri This is my main hoe. She is literally the best and practically my twin. I don't know how long we've know each other but it feels like it's been A LOT longer than it probably actually has. But never the less I love talking to you and your meme's are amazing like please help me be meme trash like you. I swear to god if we ever stop talking I'll probably kms because your the only one who puts up with me on a daily. Love you child. :')) ♥

@JisooAngel this is mah best friend and korean buddi. He is amazing and wonderful to talk to. He never fails to make me smile when he messages me. I enjoy talking to you on a daily. I hope you wont change yourself for anyone but you, and won't hesitate to tell me when somethings wrong because I hate seeing my friends sad. Love you.♥

@Pinky_Jennie older sis is literally so great. She is one of the sweetest people I know and is so nice. She cares a lot for people and seems to be happy a lot. I wish I could be like that. If you ever have a problem tell me. I will fight someone for you. I love you unnie~♥

@1998 Hi lame buddie. Bora literally tells THE BEST jokes ever. She can get me laughing to tears over the stupidest things. I love her jokes. I haven't known you that long but I appreciate you and I'm grateful you sent me a message other wise I'd be a lame-o by myself. :')) Love youu♥

{{I'll probably be adding to this later but this is all for noww}}
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0 | 0 Comments | by YoungGi | 1 hour ago

To Ross ✨

I want you to know that you’re the most amazing thing to ever come along and make me happy and make me smile whenever you can. You never get disappointed in me, and if you do? You don’t show it. I promise to always respect you, hold you whenever I can, and show my love to you in every way that I can. I know I may have hurt you or done something to upset you in the past, but honestly? Those times were only me being the biggest idiot. When I say I love you? I mean that I LOVE you. I realized that you were always the one that was there for me, protecting me, and making me happy. You were always the one that was meant to be with me because you’re the person that makes me happiest. You deserve to know how I really feel about you, and Ross, I love you. I feel it in my heart. My brain tells me everyday. You’ve always been the one to care for me and show me respect and be there for me no matter what. Even when I was gone and wasn’t there for you when you needed it. I’ll never let you believe otherwise of how I feel about you because I know the truth now. This whole time I’ve been lying to myself, trying to make myself believe that I wasn’t good enough for you. I know still that I’m not, cause I do have problems, and I used to think that if we got together, you wouldn’t be able to handle it. But in reality, you’ve always handled it well. I’ve done nothing but show my true self to you, and now I want to show you completely and fully. I’m ready to be the best I can be for you because I now know that I love you. I know you may not feel that way about me right in this moment, but I promise to do everything in my power to be the greatest person to you and be the best I can be for you. I want to be everything you could ever ask for and be that guy you can rely on always. You really are the most amazing guy in this world to me. I want you to know that I couldn’t ask for a better best friend and husband than you. I feel like I have to have you. Like if I don’t? I’ll die. Like I have to have you as mine or I won’t survive. You deserve the greatest things in life because you are the most perfect thing I have ever seen, known, and loved.
I want to be everything to you, just like you are to me. And if you’ll let me and say yes to this question I am about to ask you, I promise to be the greatest for you no matter what.
So Ross, will you do me the greatest honor in the world and be my beautiful and amazing and wonderful and perfect husband...again?The person I hold, kiss the tears away of, and kiss every second every day? The man I love and cherish and treat like a king everyday? I promise to be the best i can be, I hope you accept, because if you do? I promise I will try my best to make you feel as amazing, wonderful, beautiful, and perfect as you make me feel.
I'm in love with you Ross ❤️
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0 | 0 Comments | by GraysonDolan | 1 hour ago