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The Code.

• Due to the likelihood of m*tu*e themes, NO minors. I'm over the age of 24 and would prefer my partner is at the very least over 21.

• Literacy preferred, but I know English isn't everyone's first language- so I'm not going to be a stickler over it. Just at least make it make sense.

• As far as length goes- I tend to mirror write, because I firmly believe in the idea of you get what you give. Why should I put in the effort if you're not going to?

• I don't really have very much in the way of limits, save for the perverse ideas such as piss, scat, foot play, etc.

• Kinks: Honestly, I usually keep an open mind here and there isn't much I won't do or consider trying. If there's anything you might be looking to try? Just let me know, this is going to be a judgement free zone.

• Presently, my response time is pretty sporadic because I work closing shift at my job and won't always be able to respond in such a timely manner. Patience is always appreciated.
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Full Name: Gwendolyn Morrigan
Nickname: Gwen
Date Of Birth: September 22
Age: 24
Place Of Birth: Avalon, United States.
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Kids (if any): None
Pets: (if any): A Hamster, Pickle
Major: Psychology
Minor: Theatre
Clubs And Activities: Creative Visionaries

Height: 5'7
Weight: 54 kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue

Positive Personality Traits (at least 3): Playful, Friendly, Loyal
Negative Personality Traits (at least 2): Stubborn, Anxious
Likes (at least 3): Video Games, Horror Movies, Theatre, True Crime Videos, Animals, White Roses, Tattoos
Dislikes (at least 3): Dishonest People, Heights, Spiders
Hobbies: Makeup, Video Gaming, Playing Guitar (edited)


✒Background Story: Gwendolyn was born and raised in Avalon, the little town she grew to love on the extent that she refused to leave it under any circumstances. Most of her childhood and teenage years relied on the passions that she later turned into more serious things, such as makeup and theatre. Deciding to attend a makeup course, which brought her what she needed to be licensed in doing what she liked. However, her love and passion for doing something in life didn't stop there. Being heavily intrigued by true crime, her dream job became rather obvious. Being a psychologist, in order to be able to study the damaged human behavior and hopefully to also manage to offer answers and solutions to everyone's problems.

The loads of tattoos, artzy/gothic vibes and lots of perseveration were hiding plenty of frustrations and life tragedies, however. Her parents passed away when she was only seven years old, being raised by her grandmother, the only clear memory of the traumatic event being the scars that covered her body. Witnesses claimed she was the only survivor from a brutal attack, even though she didn't remember much. The simple thought of carrying such body imprints that reminded her of everything that has been said pushed her into inking her body in the most strategic way possible, covering up the physical scars left from the struggle, as well as a part from the mental ones.
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Full Name: Blair Abbot
Date Of Birth: December 13th
Age: 21
Place Of Birth: Portland, Oregon 
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Kids (if any): 0
Pets: (if any): 0
Major: Pre-Med
Minor: None
Clubs and Activities: Intramural Sports (Soccer)

Height: 5'3
Weight: 122 lbs

Positive Personality Traits (at least 3): Easy Going, Confident, Fun
Negative Personality Traits (at least 2): Headstrong with a bit of an attitude
Likes (at least 3): Tattoos, Coffee and the Outdoors
Dislikes (at least 3): Laziness, Snow and the cold.
Hobbies: Soccer, Reading and Makeup


✒Background Story:
Blair is a semi wealthy woman from Portland.  A little more wealthy after the death of both of her parents when she was 17.  It was a car accident, driving a little to fast on Ice on the backroads outside of Portland.  Following their death, Blair became a wealthy emancipated minor once she sold their estate on the north and moved somewhere warmer.

The move brought her to Avalon in a little apartment overlooking the coast.  It was funny that she ended up in the same town her parents had met so many years ago in college. She spent her first few years of freedom enjoying the party life.  She was finally able to express herself without the pressure to conform to the standards her parents had set.  She learned a lot about herself in that time like the fact she enjoyed the slight burn of new tattoos, or her attraction to women.

Eventually she had gotten tired of acting out of spite for her dead parents.  She decided to pull her life together and pursue her own interests and maybe make her parents proud along the way.  Deciding to enrol in the college her parents fell in love with.
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— Doomed

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— to the eternity

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— this cycle permits

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Character Info.

Full Name: Christine Gwenyth Da Silva
Nickname(s): Chrissy, Gwen
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Salem, MA
Birthday: November 1
Occupation/Job: Herbalist
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual baddie

Species: Witch/Far

Social Status: Lower class, but you wouldn't know it.
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Relationship Status: Single

Body Build: Slim, curvy where it counts
Hair Style: Long, wavy, a good way down her back.
Hair Color: Silvery blonde
Eye Color: Grey
Distinguishing Features: Eyebrows defined.
Preferred Clothing: Dressy, black is her favorite color.

General Health: Healthy, messes around with drugs and alcohol because it has little to no effect on her.
Any physical illnesses? No
Any mental illnesses? No
Do drugs: Recreationally
Smoke: Sometimes

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Areyon Hall

Name: Areyon Alyx Hall
Nicknames: Arey
Gender: male
Sexuality: gay


Height: 5'2
Bodytype: Thin and small
Hair Colour: Black short hair
Eye Colour: left eye: Light yellow Right eye: Light blue
Piercings: none

::About them::

Positive traits: Outgoing, Quiet, Shy ,Caring, Loving, Hardworking
Negative traits: Antisocial, overthinker
Personality: He's very shy and quiet when you first meet him. But when he starts to get comfortable you see his more sill outgoing side. He always shows he cares bt itis hard for him to accept love due to him coming from a broken home. Areyon loves with everything in him.
Likes: going out, spending time with friends, playing video games, Going on romantic dates
Dislikes: C*cky people
Voice: soft feminine voice


Position: sub
Turn-ons: Being teased, Bondage, being growled at, knife play, gun play, being choked
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The Microbiologist

Miriam Yates is a twenty-three years old microbiology student from France. After a terrible accident in the lab, the freshly-wed scientist was struck with a grave ailment that caused her skin to irritate, peel and crumple. She was quickly equipped with a special bodysuit that prevented her situation from worsening- essentially, trapping the pathogen in a stasis while allowing her organs to continue working.

She currently resides in a research center in the United States, where scientists attempt to find a cure for her condition.

>> Plot Proposals <<
⛤ You play as one of the scientists trying to find a solution for Miriam. In the process of doing so, the two of you develop a bond.
⛤ You play as Miriam's childhood friend who tries to help rehabilitate her.
⛤ (n*fw warning- monsters) Instead of Miriam becoming sick, she is instead attacked by a monstrous being made of moss, spores and leftover biological matter.
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Hello, we are the Word of Mouth. Ever found yourself craving a blowjob in the middle of the day? While on lunch break, or even at work? That urge can come upon you, and it just doesn't let go. While handjob is good at dealing with those urges, sometimes, only a mouth does the trick. That's where we come in. Our staff are extremely good at satisfying your cravings. But, don't take our word for it. Give us a try!
We have only female staff at the moment and we cater to both males and females.
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⭒☽ INFOS ☾⭒
Game: Fable 3 (OC)
Known as: Hollow/The Hollow Girl
Name: Elizabeth Lloyd
Nickname: Lizzie (only once very close)
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/They
Sexuality: Queer
Height: 6”
Hair color: “Naturally” gray
Eye colour: Cyan
Skin: Sickly pale
Others: Got her right arm amputated and has a magical wood prosthetic.

⭒☽ TRAITS ☾⭒
﹙+﹚Creative, hard-working, straightforward, calm
﹙-﹚Reserved, reckless, stubborn, rational

⭒☽ TLTR ☾⭒
Elizabeth aka Lizzie is known as “Hollow” or “The Hollow girl”. They live deep in the forest of Mourningwood and take care of the dying soldiers and creatures who get lost in the forest. She also does research and experiments about the link between magic and death.

⭒☽ STORY ☾⭒
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birth name: Anastasia Molchanova
nickname(s): Anya / Annie / Nastya / Stacy
alias/codename: The Serpent - $erp3nt
occupation: hacker/vigilante - college student
age: 1*8+
gender: female
nationality: Russian
current residence: USA
height: 5'9
weight: 150 Ibs
body type: athletic muscular
blood type: AB+
skin tone: fair/pale
eye color: hazel
hair color: ash blonde
background: [REDACTED]

hacking prowess: as Serpent, she is an expert computer hacker. with her computer hacking skills, she is able to breach even the highest security systems.

high intelligence

eidetic/photographic memory

skilled manipulator: has good skills in the art of deception and manipulation

expert hand-to-hand combatant: trained into boxing,muay thai,krav maga

expert knife-wielder

expert markswoman: trained in firearm usage such as handguns and shotguns

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