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▌│█║▌║▌║ INFO ║▌║▌║█│▌

⚛ Birth Name:⚛ Jung Chae Yeon (정채연)
⚛Birthday:⚛ December 1, 1997
⚛Zodiac Sign:⚛ Sagittarius
Height: 166 cm
❁❤Weight: ❁❤49 kg
❁❤Blood Type❁❤: A
❁❤job:❁❤singer and actress
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~All about Runaan~

Moonshadow Elf Assassins
Moonshadow Elf
Around 20 years older than Rayla.
May 17
6'2" 1/2 6'4" with horns
Hair Color
Eye Color

Runaan is a tall, lean and muscular elf, who appears fairly young, as his age is specified only as "uncle-ish". His hair, white and braided, reaches down to his lower back. He has turquoise-colored eyes. As a Moonshadow Elf, he has horns, pointy ears, and light purple-tinted skin. The blue markings on his face and arms are also typical of his species. Succeeding his capture and imprisonment at the hands of Viren in Moonrise, the upper half of his left horn appears to have broken off. But horns will grow again just like nails grow,.

Like his fellow assassins, his clothes are mainly dark green and navy in color. He wears a dark green undershirt, a navy vest, and a sleeveless navy coat. Runaan also wears a dark brown belt embellished with a silver brooch, dark green pants, and knee-high navy boots with dark brown accents. He wears a shoulder guard on his left shoulder, as well as black and brown gloves. As a highly skilled archer, Runaan has a quiver of arrows strapped to his back.

Runaan is a stern and deadly leader who will not hesitate to die for Xadia. He is ruthless and pragmatic, and nothing will stop him from having justice for the deaths of the Dragon King and Dragon Prince. Even when he has lost, he is still incredibly loyal to his people, as he chooses to suffer in isolation rather than cave into a threat from Viren. However, Runaan does have a caring side, as he views Rayla as a daughter and care a lot about his own tribe. He has a powerful will, as he committed to choosing death by either the binding or by starvation over betraying his people. He was even willing to endure torture through various means if it meant maintaining his vows. The only known item that can frighten him, the mirror of Aaravos, was still unable to break his resolve.

Runaan can also be stubborn to what needs to be done following orders, for although Azymondias is alive and Ezran had nothing to do with Harrow killing Avizandum, as in his sense of justice, Ezran deserves to die so he will not order humans to attack Xadia out of vengeance. He also chastised Rayla for failing to kill Marcos when she had to, as Runaan and the other elves consider no human is worth to spare.

Speed and Agility
As an assassin, Runaan possesses agility, endurance, speed, and strength that are far superior to ordinary humans. These attributes benefit him greatly in combat, as he can evade and overpower enemies quickly.

As the leader of the Moonshadow Assassins, and with about 20 more years of combat training than Rayla, Runaan is easily one of the deadliest assassins among his race. He can wield his dual swords with deadly accuracy, dexterity, and precision, as he can switch between utilizing them as blades or as a bow with arrows spontaneously.
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⍢ Cole William Armstrong ⍢

⍢ Name ⍢ : Cole
⍢ Middle name ⍢ : William
⍢ Surname ⍢ : Armstrong

⍢ Nationality ⍢ : German
⍢ D.O.B ⍢ : 14th March
⍢ Age ⍢: Twenty-two
⍢ Sexuality ⍢ : Straight

⍢ Height ⍢ : 6'0" (180cm)
⍢ Weight ⍢ : 80kg (176lbs)
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ღ Koda Eliot Robins ღ

ღ Name ღ : Koda
ღ Middle name ღ : Eliot
ღ Surname ღ : Robins

ღ Nationality ღ : British
ღ D.O.B ღ : 29th Feburary
ღ Age ღ : Twenty-one
ღ Sexuality ღ : Bisexual

ღ Height ღ : 6'0" (180cm)
ღ Weight ღ : 94kg (207lbs)
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♞ Jordon Keen Whitfeild ♞

♞ Name ♞ : Jordon
♞ Middlle name ♞ : Keen
♞ Surname ♞ : Whitfeild

♞ Nationality ♞ : Australian
♞ D.O.B ♞ : 18th October
♞ Age ♞ : Eighteen
♞ Sexuality ♞ : Gay

♞ Height ♞ : 5'10" (177cm)
♞ Weight ♞ : 82kg (180lbs)
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♥ Nattalie Bea Jay ♥

♥ Name ♥ : Nattalie
♥ Middle name ♥ : Bea
♥ Surname ♥ : Jay

♥ Nationality ♥ : South African
♥ D.O.B ♥ : 29th August
♥ Age ♥ : Nineteen
♥ Sexuality ♥ : Bi-curious

♥ Height ♥ : 5'6" (174cm)
♥ Weight ♥ : 74kg (163lbs)
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♣ Belle Lily Johnson ♣

♣ Name ♣ : Belle
♣ Middle name ♣ : Lily
♣ Surname ♣ : Johnson

♣ Nationality ♣ : French
♣ D.O.B ♣ : 27th August
♣ Age ♣ : Nineteen
♣ Sexuality ♣ : Straight

♣ Height ♣ : 5'6" (173cm)
♣ Weight ♣ : 60kg (132lbs)
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♛ Teagan Rose Millford ♛

♛ Name ♛ : Teagan
♛ Middle Name ♛ : Rose
♛ Surname ♛ : Millford

♛ Nationality ♛ : Australian
♛ D.O.B ♛ : 1st January
♛ Age ♛ : Seventeen
♛ Sexuality ♛ : Straight

♛ Height ♛ : 5'7" (174cm)
♛ Weight ♛ : 75kg
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⁑ Saga Rey Jin ⁑

⁑ Name ⁑ Saga
⁑ Middle name ⁑ Rey
⁑ Surname ⁑ Jin

⁑Natinality⁑ Korean
⁑ D.O.B ⁑ 18th July
⁑ Age ⁑ Twenty
⁑ Sexuality ⁑ Bisexual

⁑Height ⁑ 4'5" (134cm)
⁑Weight ⁑ 53kg (116lbs)
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✿ Courtney Mellanie Taggart ✿

✿ Name✿ : Courtney
✿ Middle Name✿ : Mellanie
✿ Surname✿ : Taggart

✿ Nationality ✿ : American
✿ D.O.B ✿ : 4th May
✿ Age ✿ : Eighteen
✿ Sexuality ✿ : Straight

✿ Height ✿ : 5'6" (167.64cm)
✿ Weight ✿ : 65kg (143lbs)
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~Jimin's Kinks~

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Age: 18
Apperance: Ice blue hair, Blue eyes. He wears a black jacket with a blue zip line and black pants and he wears combat boots
Body type: 5ft 11in, average build
Personality: he is a go with the flow type of guy with a care free life but in a fight he is quiet the brawler capable of hard blows and can attack pressure points
Bio: Justin was always pretty good at fighting. So he thought might not put it to good use and become a hunter. He went to Beacon Academy where he received training to become the 'Greatest Hunter in the World"
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~Moon shadow Elves~

Moonshadow Elves are connected to the magical energy of the Moon. Their natural abilities in stealth and speed make them adept assassins and infiltrators. Moonshadow Elves live in the Silvergrove, which is hidden underneath a veil of magic and can only be entered through the use of a ritual. They can tame Shadowpaws, Moonstriders, and Moon Phoenixes as mounts and pets. They are also particularly fond of Adoraburrs.

Moonshadow Elves also have a rather rigid culture: they believe in duty and oaths above all else, and never show fear towards anything, even death itself. If an assassin ever hesitates or shows mercy, they'll be executed on the spot by their own kind. Those believed to have abandoned their duty become "ghosts", Moonshadow Elves who are effectively shunned by their kin through magic. Those who cast the ghosting spell on themselves cannot see or hear ghosts, and they appear faceless to ghosts as well.

According to Rayla, Moonshadow Elves have schools, implying egalitarian accessibility to education and knowledge. Moonshadow Elves in the Silvergrove live in homes built into immensely large trees, preferring to establish their cities within an existing ecosystem. For freestanding structures, stones are used and an apparent preference for high ceilings is present in all of their known dwellings.

Moonshadow Elves are known for their subsistence on moonberries, as a part of their agricultural resources, finding a use for them in everything ranging from baked goods to distilling them into alcohols, such as wine. Additionally, Moonshadow Elves are vegetarians.

Moonshadow Elves are typically pale to dark-skinned with purple markings stretching across parts of their body. They have white or silver hair, pale eyes that vary in color, and wear teal and black colored clothing and armor. All appear to feature horns of blue to a purple hue, with swirl-like symbols of a lighter hue. On the night of the full moon, Moonshadow Elves are at the height of their power and can become nearly invisible. Very strong Moonshadow Elves may use this ability with less than full moon.

Along with Sunfire Elves, Moonshadow Elves are the most similar to humans in terms of overall appearance, allowing them to pass for humans even without the use of magic.

Moonshadow Elves typically garb themselves in various shades of green with accents of silver, brown, and black. They also use Moon Opals as adornments that are as decorative as they are functional, acting as sources of auxiliary power when shattered. Garments worn by Moonshadow Elves are often layered, but very streamlined, often conforming to the need for mobility over presentation.

Moonshadow Elf wedding traditions include dancing.
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~Jimin's Info~ TW

Name Park Jimin
Height 5'3
Weight 90-100lbs
Habits Biting sleeves; Tapping feet or fingers; Looking down or up; Biting lips; Sighs and huffs; Pouts
Likes His son; Cherry blossoms; Flowers; Sweets; Bright colors; Day; Small things
Dislikes Rain; Storms; Thunder and lightning; Night; His parents; Most people
Fears Being alone; His loved ones leaving or dying; Being forgotten; His own mind

Facial Features Light blue eyes; Small nose; Small ears; Always has earrings; Pink and full lips; Natural blush; Some freckles
Bodily Features Pale skin; Thin arms; Thick thighs; Thin legs; Small hands and feet; Very thin, but has a six-pack; Basically a noodle than can f*ck you up
Hair Naturally light blonde; Fluffy; Mostly slightly curly; Very soft
Clothing Style Prefers sweaters and leggings; Mainly likes girly clothing; Skirts; Tights; Hoodies; Sneakers; Heels; Literally will wear anything except jeans

One Jimin has a five year old son named Park Ji-Hun. When Jimin was 19, a female forced herself onto him, and forced Jimin to make her pregnant. Nine months later, when she gave birth, she knocked on Jimin's door, shoved baby into his hands, and left. He hasn't seen her since, but he's been taking care of the child and loves him deeply.
Two Jimin was abused as a child. His parents treated him like a slave, never gave him any real love, and didn't show him any respect. The only thing they did for him was give him food, clothes, a home to live in, and sent him to school. Jimin was also bullied in school.
Three Jimin was on a street corner one day, walking home from a trip to the store, when someone approached him. They told Jimin that he had a nice body, and should come work as an escort. He refused at first, but when he found out what his pay would be, he accepted.
Four This isn't much of a secret, but Jimin refuses to talk about his personal life with any of his clients. He aslo refuses to fall in love, since he believes that he's only going to end up hurt, and wants what's best for his son.
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[[•]]Name: Damon

[[•]]Age: 27

[[•]]Species: Human
[[•]]Gender: Male

•can be sarcastic from time to time
•deep-deep inside has a
soft and caring side
•strong (emotionally and mentally)

-Weight: N/A
-Hair: blond
-Body: ripped, but covered with countless scars and marks

[[•]]Weapon of choice: Has a whole collection of different weapons: from guns to grenades.

[[•]]Weakness: His past

[[•]]Backstory: Damon grew up as a normal boy in the f***ed up world that he currently lives in. There was, and still is, no such thing as peace. People fought with people, and people fought with the "gifted". To survive in this tough world Damon's father forced him into the military at the age of 12. His father knew important people, not to mention he also belonged into the important people, so it was no trouble to pull a few strings and get Damon in at such a young age. That was the end of his childhood.

Damon never saw his parents again because after his training was done he was immediately transferred to a war zone. That's where he received his first real life threatening wounds, and that's where he became a real "man". Or so he was told.

Before his 20th birthday he was taken hostage by the enemies and was tortured for information. Cuts, bruises, burn marks- they all filled his body. His nails were ripped, he went through waterboarding and countless beatings. But he never gave in, and he survived. He actually managed to escape from that hell. But no matter how amazing it sounds, that he escaped and didn't end up dead, he was left with painful memories and experience that would haunt him forever.

The memories of what happened after that are all hazy and blurry for Damon, but he does remember him ending up in one hospital where he met Lizzy. A spy, assassin and a bodyguard. Due to the hospital's poor recourses they were stuck in the same room, which was probably the best blessing Damon could ever ask for. He was sure if he was left completely alone he would've gone insane. But Lizzy's sarcastically fun attitude helped him cope with everything he had gone through. Once they had both recovered she offered him to become her partner. So...they basically became partners in crime because what they did wasn't always legal, or "right".

Damon fell head over heels for Lizzy, and vice versa. It felt like they were meant to be, like nothing could stop them: their feelings, their love for each other. Their teamwork was incredible- they often worked with no words spoken because they didn't need to actually communicate, they understood each other without using any words. Eye contact was enough for them. And sometimes not even that was needed.

Damon really thought that that's how his life would go on till the old days- him and Lizzy together, forever. But in their last mission she got killed and Damon was forced to watch it all happen in front of his eyes. It broke him. Mentally. He had finally lost everything he had: his family, his love, his sanity? Well...Fortunately, or unfortunately, after multiple therapy sessions it seemed like his sanity hadn't left him. So what did he do? He decided to continue with his work, with the work he left off for over a year after Lizzy's death. So he got back to being a bodyguard.

After Lizzy's death he couldn't bring himself to continue on with the spy and assassin works, because none of it seemed right. But protecting those who needed it? It felt like maybe...maybe he could earn back his blessing? Maybe life would stop throwing sh*t at him? Maybe life would get better? If he did enough good then maybe he'd start to receive good back? Maybe. Maybe. He had to believe in it. He had to.

[[•]]Likes: coffee, jazz music, action movies, warm socks, Christmas
[[•]]Dislikes: bitter food, rock music, hot weather

[[•]]Drinks: Yes
[[•]]Smokes: Yes, but only after a job well done.
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