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- name//: Oh Changmin
- nicknames//: Chang, Minnie, gramps (his coworkers call him that), CM (alias)
- birthday//: October 20, 1997
- zodiac//: libra/Scorpio
- age//: 22
- current residence//: Seoul
- origin//: Daegu
- nationality//: korean
- sexuality//: bisexual


- height//: 5’9”
- weight//: 130 lbs
- hair//: black, curly
- eyes//: dark brown
- marks//: Tattoos
- siblings//: n/a
- father//: Oh Yongseok (deceased)
- mother//: Oh Juniah (deceased)
- occupation//: tattoo artist/ drug dealer


- personality//: changmin can come off as a bit cold and rude upon first glance, but deep down he’s just unbothered with a nice side. He’s pretty quiet and often intimidated people. His coworkers say he’s scary when he works because he looks so focused, he almost doesn’t blink either when he tattoos. Being raised on the streets, he’s tough and won’t hesitate to hurt someone
- likes//: black coffee, sketching, sorting out new inks, weed, late nights, sex
- dislikes//: cuddling, pet names, love/relationships, the color yellow, early mornings, tea
- hobbies//: smoking, drinking, sketching/drawing, sleeping
- habits//: cursing too much, talking to himself, mumbling, being grumpy when tired


- changmin was raised in Daegu
- always hung out with bad influences and gangs
- carries around a switch everywhere he goes
- He got into tattooing at age 18
- drug dealing at 17
- he secretly likes cats
- he almost never smiles
- hates attitude
- he’s bisexual but has no lean
- he often walks really quietly too. He often scares people
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Valdemar Greymane (Undercover Vampire)

"They took her from me, i prayed for her soul, I prayed for her peace. The blood is the light and i swore for her to return to me."- Valdemar Greymane

Valdemar Greyman is a story of sadness, blood, and the search for hope. Valdemar was a human like everyone around me. A soldier for the royal army. He was a devoted to his job and was a once well respected solider and christian . But not all stories have happy endings to them, some stories have more behind closed doors. Valdemar was married to a woman known as Tatyana, who was the queen's maid. The 2 were madly in love with one another but one night would change sanity of Valdemar and his future. During a upraising against the church. Tatyana was chased to the top of the church by the non christian's. Seeing no other way, she would be killed by the non christian's. Tatyana body was recovered and brought to the church alter to be rested upon.

Valdemar returned from battle and heard of the news of his beloved wife being killed. Valdemar went to the church and saw his wife's body resting on the alter. This sight brought anger and sadness to Valdemar. Valdemar cursed the priests who he thought did not do enough to protect Tatyana. Valdemar fate was also brought to question. During the full blood moon, Valdemar vowed to a new power, just before he would knocked over the large stone cross to the ground and shatter it.

Valdemar was now labeled a heretic and he became a monster before the priests eyes. Valdemar lost all his sanity and went on a rampaged through the church. None survived the slaughter that night. Valdemar retreated from the country and seek to find a way to have his beloved wife to return to him no matter at what cost. Valdemar was now the dragon of blood and immortality.

Now Valdemar doesn't shelter himself away like some sort of hermit. Valdemar is still someone to go out in public, with of course on lookers being rather curious of him because his appearance was different now. So he would not be recognized by anyone anymore. Valdemar keeps his vampireism undercover so that he could be out in public. But a vampire needs to feed off of blood once and awhile. Valdemar mission is to now find or find a way to return his wife back to him.
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Danganronpa Oc

Tachibana Mitsuri
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Personality: Bubbly , Loud , Out-Going , arrogant , stuck-up , Tsundere-ish , narcissistic.
Appearance: Pink short hair , brown eyes. Light creamy skin. Fashionable clothes. Has a mole underneath his bottom lip.
Ultimate: Model
Weight: ???
Likes: Clothes , shopping , his phone , media , shoes , punk-rock , astrology , chickens. All kinds of art: Favorite: Abstract. Chocolate , Strawberry flavored items.
Dislikes: Filth , dirt , dust , getting his outfit dirty or ruined. Breaking his manicured nails Bugs , Rodents.
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no rain ,

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no flowers .

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Annabelle Wilson, Original Character

This bio is of a character from a fictional story I have already written a bit and know the course of, I am writing her down on this website, like the others I will, because I'd like to play her in roleplays. However, this bio is a bit outdated, because this is a bit before the story I'm writing takes place, about a few months before. The actual story's course will not take place while I write with her, I am just extracting a character from a story to play in a new one without changing much about her. Hopefully this character will pique your roleplay interests, if not my other characters.

✎ Biography
Name: Annabelle Wilson
Aliases/nicknames: Anna(normally called this), An(not called that often, only called that by one close friend)
Sex: Female
Pronouns: She/her/hers/herself
Age: 29
Date of birth: May 16th
Place of birth: Raleigh, North Carolina
Ethnic group: European, Italian, French
Citizenship: American

✎ Home
Place of residence: Hartsboro(fictional town), Pennsylvania
Home type: Small house
Home description: 2 bathes and a half, 3 bedrooms(one used as a workplace), small corner-kitchen attached to a small dining corner and large living room, a small garage, a screened-in porch, small front yard and medium-small backyard with a fence, in a small neighborhood
Rent price/what they paid for the house/apartment/etc: 129,000$

✎ Looks
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 126 lbs
Body shape: Hourglass
Face shape: Circle
Skin tone: Olive
Body marks: Various birthmarks on her chest, a birthmark on the back of her neck
Face marks: None
Natural hair color: Brown
Current hair color: Brownish red
Hair type and hairstyle: Wavy, mid-back-length, small side bang, well-kept
Frequently worn accessories: A ruby necklace that belonged to her great grandma
Frequently worn makeup: Natural colors, light brown eye shadow, black Maskcara
Clothing style: Brown leather jackets, jeans, dark brown boots, police officer uniform when on duty

✎ Relationships
Family: Ember Wilson/Johnson(child, distant because she is normally at her dad's house because he is less busy than Anna), Marie Wilson(mother), Damien Wilson(father)
Closest friends: Andy Charleston(work partner)
Enemies/rivals: Jacob Johnson(also her ex husband, she acts like his friend but secretly competes with him in parenting, lifestyle, finances, etc)
Romantic interest: None
Past romantic interests: Jacob Johnson(divorced, ex husband)
Pets: None

✎ Personality
Positive traits: Analytical, humorous, friendly, generous
Negative traits: Hides negative feelings, jealous, stubborn, impulsive
Likes: Cinnamon buns, watching reality television, big vehicles, proving people wrong
Dislikes: Callous people, failing, rap music, people who brag too much
Religion: Atheist
Introvert, extrovert, or ambivert? Ambivert
Pessimist, optimist, or realist? Realist
Daredevil or cautious? A bit of both
Do they believe in love at first sight? No
Do they believe in second chances? Yes
Do they believe in karma? Yes
Do they believe in ghosts? Sorta
Do they believe in the after life? Sorta
Do they believe in magic? Yes
Do they believe in aliens? Unknown
Do they believe in a god? No
Do they believe in reincarnation? Yes

✎ Backstory
Past social life: Anna was never the talkative type, but she attracted people of all different sorts when she was younger, she made many friends but eventually became distant with them all after graduation
Past romantic life: Anna dated very few people in her time. She was dating someone in high school that she broke up with when they started growing apart. And then she met Jacob, who she stayed with throughout her 20s and had a baby with, but eventually divorced after his drinking addiction got bad and he hit her more than once in one night. He'd never done that before, but she knew he couldn't get away with it then without thinking he could do it again, so she divorced him and they share a child still. He's gotten better since, but he acts very snarky with her, and constantly brags about himself whenever they see each other. If he wasn't like that, she would have got back with him, but she won't let herself feel for him again.
Past lifestyle: Unknown
Fond memories: Getting a police car for Christmas when she was 4, graduating high school, taking care of Ember as a baby
Traumatic memories: Being in a car crash with a taxi when she was 13, being hit by Jacob before their divorce
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Character - 001 | Emilia "Emily" Piszcze

Name: Emilia Piszczek
Nickname: Emily, Emmie

Birthdate: July 14th
Birthplace: Krakow, Poland

Personality: Quiet, Shy, Optimistic, Caring
Hobbies: Art, Singing

Languages: Polish, French, English
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I would love for someone to make a Jacob Bixenman so I can fulfill my dreams of role playing the adorable couple that is Tracob.

Literate writer, semi to multi para.
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names; Tiana hicks
gender; female
pronouns; she/her/herself
age; 27
birthday; 6/6
sexuality; omnisexual(Women and non binarys)
species; human
nationality; african american

skin tone; chocolate
height; 5'7
physique; average with a gig waist
scars; none
tattoos; none
accessories; normally a few flowers and a copper necklace and earrings.
clothes style; dressy pink tops and black skirts

parents/guardians; her mom
siblings; a older brother
close family; her older brother
close friends; a few neighbors.
boyfriends/girlfriends; a few here and there but it feels like no one stays so she has a few exes
pets; a dog named Abigail
other; none

favorite color; any pink
favorite food; sardines
hobbies; gardening, cooking, fishing
occupation; she works at a fantasy hotel
dream job; chef
favorite genre of movies/shows; cooking shows
likes; flowers, colorful things, pink, children, cooking, copper, jewelry, wild life, new makeup.
dislikes; fakers, bright red lip sticks, ignorance, bullies, fatty meats, horror flicks, swimming at night.
personality; she is sweet but she will not take anyone's bs. she is a strong woman who knows she can fend without a man.
Back story; when she was little her dad would beat her mom and her brother would hide, once she turned 16 she called the police on her dad while he was hurting her mom. once her dad was in prison she moved in with her mom cuz her mom was hurting herself and she wasn't doing good so she moved in with her mom. as she moved in with her mom her brother moved away, he didn't like to talk that much cuz he was autistic, but after a while her mom found someone new and tiana moved into her own home and her brother asked if he could move in with her so she said yes and now she's gotten to know her brother now more than ever.
some of your characters traits; sweet, strong, hellbent, fearless, independent, sassy, wild, loving, fair, confidence.
what your character looks for in a personality in a friend or lover; caring, respectful, loving, sweet, fair, fearless, Self control.
what your character looks for in the Looks for a lover or friend; tall. black, brown, red, or blond hair. pink, purple, black or light blue eyes.

character song;
hometown; harrisburg, pennsylvania,us
place of residence; smyrna, tennessee, us
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Pride Month!!

Happy pride month to all my fellow LGBTQ+ members! You're valid and loved!! ❤

If anyone is having trouble with anything/need to vent, message me! I may not know you but I will listen and help to the best of my ability!

Hotlines :

> The Trevor Project : Helps people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning. Mainly helps young LGBTQ+ members. (13-24 years old)
(866) 488-7386

> National Suicide Prevention Hotline : Helps anyone who is in a crisis 24/7.
(800) 273-8255

> Crisis Text Line: Anyone in the USA can use this.
Text "START" to 741-741

> They Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender National Hotline :
(888) 843-4564

(More will be added later!!)
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Mavis, Genesis ~

In the beginning six major gods representing distinct forces came together to produce Mavis, though some believe the wider universe was also produced by these gods. However there is only so much mortals can theorize. The gods were naive and flawed by no means wholly benevolent or malevolent. They were children, children with omnipotent power and no parents to guide them just their whim and their inner force driving them. They had interests that sometimes coincided and sometimes were in juxtaposition but in their fragile youth they bonded together to create a world they could call their own. As the tale goes through their collect vision and omnipotence parts of them were sacrificed to produce the world, those parts were imbued into it's core. And through this sacrifice they created the potential for life the everlasting omnipotent energy of the gods a force that encompassed Mavis.

And from this life was produced in many forms, some life was more attuned to one god than the other. To Gaia the spirits, the plants and lesser land animals. To Ignis, the dragons and wyverns. To Tempestas the creatures of the sea's rivers and lakes.To Ventus, all creatures that fly in the skies were his domain. To Celestia the mother of all complex sentient life. All complex intelligent life she had had a hand in, though the Elves and humans were the races she produced on her own without the other gods input. Finally Tenebris, the creatures he created weren't always 'living' in the conventional sense, vampires, undead and demons these were his domain.

Though there were races that were created among the mixing of the gods omnipotent power that flows through Mavis, Celestia propensity for more complex life being the catalyst. The orcs were produced with Ignis; Demi-humans or once known as Venations with Ventus; Fae and Werewolves with Gaia and finally Merfolk with Tempestas. Tenebris being Celestias polar opposite their forces never melded and so creatures of Tenebris were his own.

The mortals as flawed as their makers, had little but the desire to survive. While some mortal creatures were driven by the god they felt most attuned to which influenced them and made them so different both physically and mentally. Though as time went on these creatures became more of an amalgamation of all the gods until they would be fully their own individuals. Individuals with choice and without the ever present sway of their makers.

During the old days the sway of the gods was felt by all mortals it was undeniable. As time went on the grasp the gods had on the world lingered some say it was because the gods became wiser. others say the parts of themselves they had poured into Mavis had bound together and no longer were there forces separate.But for either reason they noticed without some guidance the world quickly went to ruin and so the chosen were made. Too long had their differences caused their followers pain and suffering and they no longer wanted part in it and so together they made an agreement to limit their influence on the world by having one chosen mortal who would simply come to be named as the chosen. They worked to keep the balance in the name of their god in which they had commune with to keep the world at balance.

And this is where the church of the chosen was built, to each god an altar and to each god a chosen mortal to make sure the world continues to be kept in balance.

The mortals of this realm describe their gods as follows, as written in the texts of the chosen. Gaia the father of nature, known for his neutrality and his deep compassion for all living things and the natural order, the circle of life. Ignis, a chaotic god of destruction, creation and fire. Tempestas a fickle female goddess of the seas, fertility and love, she is motherly in the compassionate sense but also her compassion is not without overbearing fierce protection. Ventus the god of the wind and skies and freedom, lightheartedness and whimsy though he is seen as a childish god in some ways . And Celestia the goddess of light and purity. A goddess who prefers order over chaos of self sacrifice for others but with a great disdain for the undead, the soulless (which really means the lack of her light). Then Tenebris a god often left out from the texts of the chosen but in the original he is described as the god of darkness death and the void, many perceive him as sinister and evil. Though that is not entirely true, he is uncaring and calculated though incredibly intelligent scholarly god.

The personalities of the gods are complex. However their personalities and how they clash between each other often play out on the world stage. Afterall, all creatures are originated from a fragment, a piece of each god to some degree or another. Among all the gods Celestia was often the one to lead and come up with ideas, though she was often arrogant and stuck in her ways unable to open her mind to the possibilities. She desired order in things and disliked very much when things were out of her control. Tempestas was incredibly fickle, hot and cold about all she did. Though compassionate and loving she was often overbearingly so. Ignis had a distinct wrath and desire to watch things burn, but also to create. He had great passion and enthusiasm in all things he did. Gaia, he was calm and collected he had a deep grounding of ethics and a desire to protect all life, but he was also understanding that life must come to an end. For things to live things must die and join back with the soil in which they came. Though Gaia was somewhat of a isolationist and very much neutral he would rather focus on his own work than get into arguments with the other gods. Ventus he was a god of fun and very much a free spirit. He didn't much like fighting or anything too serious he was lighthearted by nature. But his lack of seriousness and sometimes childish demeanor often caused conflict when he wouldn't mean to. Finally Tenebris, he was just as intelligent as Celestia but he did not have the strong personality. He was cold, distant he lacked empathy though his rationalizations were often sound and intelligent, he always struggled with emotion and that was to his major detriment.

As far as their relationships go they clash in many ways, but in the beginning they worked as one though they would not stay so in sync for long.Though many of the gods had minor fallings out. The major was Celestia and Tenebris. Tenebris was Celestias polar opposite while she imbued creatures with her light, a soul, he made creatures that had no need for such things. She brought things into this world, he took them away. This was the balance they kept and it worked for a time. But Tenebris in the old days introduced to his soulless creatures his dark magic of death giving them the ability to toy with life and death, to bring creatures once long gone back to life as soulless vessels that could be controlled at will with no free will.His reasoning was to simply see if his creatures could perform such feats. Tenebris was curious by nature and very much enjoyed experimentation, this was simply one of his experiments. Though this did not go down well with Celestia she was enraged that he would do something so heinous, in her eyes. All the other gods in truth found what he did wrong or at least distasteful, though he could not wrap his head around why that was the case. From that point the relationships among the gods was ruptured, Gaia tried to mend these broken bonds. While acknowledging that Tenebris did something very wrong, he was also imperative to the survival of the world as a whole. Without death there can't really be life. There is a cycle things must follow and with his corroboration the balance would forever be tilted. But Celestia is a god who is arrogant and she would never really forgive him. Ignis never liked Tenebris to begin with, someone so lacking passion so cold? How could he get on with someone like that. Tempestas was at times just as angry as Celestia at Tenebris, life was meant to be brought into this world through love in her eyes not something so lacking. Ventus was never really involved in such things, far too serious and cumbersome he wanted to avoid conflict and melancholy at all costs, though if the thought of life being brought back in such away crossed his mind it would sadden him. Gaia was really the only one who was sympathetic with Tenebris, he may not be able to understand him but he knew he was valuable and to push him away completely wouldn't be good for any of them. Since then Tenebris works on his own for the most part, he may talk with Gaia on occasion but he keeps himself to himself. Likely why in this age Tenebris is rarely spoken of among the masses.

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Character - 002 | Maria R.

Name: Maria Rodriguez
Nickname: N/A

Birthdate: September 2nd
Birthplace: Henderson, Nevada

Personality: Stable, Reserved, Independent, Quiet
Hobbies: Journaling, Music Playlists

Languages: Spanish, English
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Character - 003 | Angela "Angel/Angie" M

Name: Angela Madison
Nickname: Angel, Angie

Birthdate: July 4th
Birthplace: Sacramento, California

Personality: Emotional, Caring, Dependent, Nervous
Hobbies: Painting, Model Building

Languages: English
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Murdoc Niccals

"Always be wary of people who use quotes. I don't know who said that." ~ Murdoc Niccals ▰▱▰▱▰▱▰▱▰▱▰▱▰▱▰▱▰▱▰

| Main Information |
Full Name: Murdoc Alphonce Niccals
Alia(s): Muds, God, Pickle, Prisoner#24602
DOB & Age: June 6, 1966, 53
Place of Birth: England, United Kingdom
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight(?) or Bisexual(?)
Occupation: Band Founder/Leader, Bassist, Songwriter
Nationality: British
Religion: Satanism

"Hello, America, I'm Murdoc and we're-we're Gorillaz." ~ Murdoc Niccals ▰▱▰▱▰▱▰▱▰▱▰▱▰▱▰▱▰▱▰▱▰▱▰▱▰

| Appearance |
Skin Color: Green
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'9(?)
Overview: His body shape is a square. Murdoc's skin is a Light Green. His hair is black, along with his eyes, and he has a bowl-cut. Murdoc's nose looks like a penis because it is cracked. He also has very odd teeth, but at least they're white. His style could be considered a goth or sad hippie dad.

Plastic Beach will be the last Gorillaz Albums ever released. You've heard it from medirect. ~ Murdoc Niccals (And it wasn't) ▰▱▰▱

| Bandmate |

Relationship with 2D: It has never been good, they have had their good moments, but its mainly bad. He has known to be abusive of him, like taking his anger out on him. Murdoc sometimes sees him as his punching bag, and sometimes as his friend.
How'd they meet: On August 15, 1997, Murdoc and a few of his buddies were on a crime spree, Their next target was a music store, where 2D worked at. He launched the car through the shop pane, striking 2D's face and putting him into a coma, plus giving him an 8-ball fracture on his left eye. Murdoc was arrested and sentenced 30,000 hours of community service and 10 hours a week of caring for him.

Relationship with Russel: I have no idea
How'd they meet: Russel was kidnapped from Big Rick Black's Record Shop, and then recruited him to be the band's drummer

Relationship with Noodle: Fatherly and Daughterly(?)
How'd they meet: Noodle had gotten sent to them in a fed-ex crate, oddly enough.

Relationship with Paula: [REDACTED]
How'd they meet: [REDACTED]

"You were born an original, don't die a copy." ~ Murdoc Niccals

| RP Details |

Group Roleplay Friendly: Yes
AU Friendly: No
OC Friendly: Yes
Crossover Friendly: Maybe
Ship Friendly: Depends
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setting some ground rules

I wanted to avoid this. Sadly, that has contributed to me abandoning my last account, so I think this needs to be said.

- Heart this goddamn post before adding me. It takes zero effort to do and if you don't, I most likely won't accept.

- No real life faceclaims. I will VERY rarely make exceptions to this rule.

- Any form of transphobia, homophobia, racism etc will get you immediately blocked.

- I don't mind drama in RPs, but keep your real life drama out of my timeline.

- I am 100% sub and will never play a dom role of any kind. Not as my main character nor as a side character. I will still accept requests if you're a sub too but I doubt we'll rp.

- I will most likely not accept anyone under 18. If I do, I will not rp romance with you. That would make me incredibly uncomfortable.

- If you add me, you message me first. If I add you, I'll message you first.

- If I decline your request and you keep adding me, I will block you after a while.
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