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Day 2 Part 2

Humanity is beautiful, don't you agree?
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    name: lee cheonsa.

    hangul: 이천사.

    nicknames: angel.

    birthday: march 3rd 1999.

    age: 22.

    zodiac sign : aries.

    chinese zodiac: rabbit.

    place of birth: gwangju , korea.

    current location: seoul, korea.

    ethnicity: asian.

    nationality: korean.

    blood type: A.

    languages: korean, english,
    broken japanese.

    occupation: makeup artist
    / models occasionally.
    sex: female.

    species: human.

    sexuality: bisexual, no lean.

    position: versatile switch.

    virgin?: no.


    height: 5’9” / 175cm.

    weight: 51kg / 112lbs.

    build: slim, slightly toned.

    hair colour: dyed black.

    eye colour: dark brown.

    skin: fair.

    scars: small ones from piercings,
    many scarred cuts on arms and legs.

    tattoos: sparse minimalistic ones.

    style: simple, but unique. neutral     colors.

    scent: vanilla. 


    habits: not sleeping, lip biting, rash
    decision making, talking a lot, asking
    too many questions, getting overly
    excited, drinking most of the time.

    good traits: passionate, loyal,
    kindhearted, patient, caring.

    bad traits: always apologising,
    vague, impulsive, easily forgiving,
    awkward, oversharing.

    fears?: claustrophobia, being judged,
    hurting others, abandonment.

    likes: expensive items, cats, tea,
    drinking, piercings, fashion, helping
    out, getting to know others, sweet
    foods, giving nicknames.

    dislikes: dishonesty, confined spaces,
    being mocked, night terrors, judgment.

    hobbies: modelling sometimes,
    baking, drinking, makeup, making tea.

    allergies?: pineapple.

    mental health?: PTSD, insomnia.

    physical health?: below average.


    favourite animal: arctic fox.

    favourite colour: pastel green.

    favourite flower: white rose.

    favourite song: gilded lily - cults.

    favourite food: honey cookies.

    favourite drink: vanilla vodka.


    ideal type: someone willing to
    comfort her.

    lover?: n/a

    mum: park cho-hee (deceased)

    dad: lee dae-hyun (little contact).

    friends: n/a

    pets: cat called byeol.

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1. Please send a OOC message first if you add. I will block people who send IC messages as it is clear they have not looked at these.

2. I am not interested in going off the site. I am here to roleplay.

3. Only interested in roleplaying with those who are 1*8+
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A Violent Christmas [Potentially Open]

To avoid any confusion, I would like to inform all potential readers that any text marked within « and » are Andrea's speech, and any text marked within " and " are Scream's speech.

The brunette had no special plans for this year's Christmas. Ever since her "new life" began, she found herself increasingly indifferent towards things, and people, she cared about before. Now everything seemed much better, simpler, clearer. Resting on the couch, with a box of pizza lazily placed over her naked thighs, Andi would browse through the television, trying to find anything interesting to watch. She could've hit some bar, score herself some handsome meat that nobody would care if he'd be seen ever again, and gotten away with it, but she felt too bored to get up and dress up for the occasion. Besides, the "other" part of her disliked loud noises, so clubs, and metal concerts were unexpectedly a no-go for her, something which had her constantly pissed off. A slice of pizza was brought towards her nude-colored lips, cheese lines stretching as far as her hand could reach after taking half of the slice in one bite.

"How can you eat this junk? You'll get fat and ugly if you keep going like thisssss…" That familiar voice spoke to her, having her raise a brow and roll her eyes.

«Shut up. I can't get fat, and I'll never be ugly. I can eat whatever the hell I want. Besides, I'm not the one who eats people for a living.» She'd respond, receiving a short cackle in return.

"Think about it thisssss way...We make a messsss...we clean up after ourselvesss...Nobody will missssssss these mobssss..." The freaky feminine voice would respond. There was nobody else in the room except for her. But ever since the "incident" she was hardly ever alone.

«Eventually, the police will catch on to us. Some of them don’t exactly turn a blind eye to so many wanted people disappearing without a trace.» She'd respond.

"Then we'll eat them too...You've been stuffing your belly since three hours ago...we are hungry too..."

«Uh, no. It's Christmas. You ain't killing nobody tonight. Besides, I'm bored. I wanna go to bed.»

"Lazy...fat...and ugly!"

«Shut up.»

It was at this moment when she decided to just drop the remote next to her and get up, headed towards the sink to grab some water. She enjoyed walking barefoot in her apartment. She adored the feeling of clean wooden floor and wooly carpets beneath her soles. As she began drinking that glass, her attention turned towards the TV, where the reported began speaking about something rather...interesting.

"We're back with further news about the case. It would appear that the group of thieves fled the apartment after brutally murdering the victim's husband, raping their daughter and then forcing the woman to give them all the money they had. It's difficult to say whether fortunate or unfortunate, but the woman survived, after being choked and beaten senseless. She's being transferred to the General Hospital as we speak, however she's unaware that her daughter has also died, succumbing to wounds and the brutality with which the gang raped her. It is impossible to tell whether this woman will make it, and, given the situation, it's uncertain whether there's any point in her surviving. Still we can only wish for the best. The gang of thieves are supposedly still on the loose, with police forces combing the area around Delaware as we speak..." The rest did not matter. The longer she stared at the television, the angrier she became. If there was something she absolutely hated, among the filthy, putrid categories of mobs and underworld scum, it would have to be the rapists. She absolutely despised them. Hearing what she heard, her hands curled into fists, shattering the glass she was still holding on to, but caring not in the slightest about it.

«It would seem we have a change of plan...You said you're hungry, didn't you? Well'd better get your silver forks and sharp knives cause tonight we dine in Hell.» Andi remarked, a pleased cackle following the end of her short speech. Swiftly changing up into a pair of black jeans, heeled, knee-high boots, trimmed, sleeveless top and a black leather jacket, Andi would storm out towards her balcony. Glancing down, she'd grin ever so gently, as her apartment was situated on the 6th floor. She'd need to move somewhere else by the end of January, but she'd take care of that later. Shutting the sliding aluminum doors behind her, she'd jump from her balcony, and land with a loud thumping noise on the street.

"Yessss...Time to feaaassssst..." Scream would remark, pleased by her host's choice to finally move from the couch. To feel the thrill of the hunt once more. What a joyous evening it would be. As the symbiote materialized all around Andi's body, she'd release a menacing shriek before shooting her symbiotic tendrils from her back in order to form wings. She'd then spring upwards and disappear through the scarce grey clouds littering the night sky. Scream had a knack for discovering lowlifes such as the ones Andi had heard about during that newsflash. She knew there were other heroes who'd do the job for her, but it had been long since she last hunted, and she had began missing the adrenaline shot, no matter how much she'd refuse to admit it.

Just ten minutes later, Scream would spot the first man running away, hidden in a dark intersection between two tall blocks of flats, the cops having missed him two streets behind. She'd then make a beeline for that particular intersection and after shooting sharp darts towards the surrounding lights, she'd plunge the entire block in complete darkness. The male was trying to hide, the only source of light being the brightness of his phone's screen. Frantically tapping at it, as if mistyping a phone number, sweaty and covered in blood, it was enough for Scream's senses to pick up from miles away. She'd land a few meters ahead, without making a sound and slowly begin to walk towards the man who had no idea somebody was approaching him.

"Oh come the f*** on! It's 429, 371, F***!" The man spoke with a raspy voice, indicating he had been running for at least half an hour. His lungs were not exactly working at their best, and his breath reeked of alcohol and tobacco from afar.

"Iiiiii'm dreaming...of a blooooooody....Christmaaaasssssss...." She'd begin to sing, drawing a rather girly yeeping sound from the terrified male, who dropped his phone on a muddy puddle.

"WHO'S THERE? DON'T COME ANY CLOSER! I'M WARNING YOU I'M ARMED!" He'd call out, nervously trying to refill his gun in the meantime.

"Jusssst like the onesss we used to know...With intessssstinessss gleaming...and baddiessss...screaming..." that ominous, distorted voice came closer, and closer and so did the huntress approach her prey.

"THE F*** ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? STAY THE F*** BACK OR I’ LL BLOW YOUR BRAINS ALL OVER THESE WALLS!" The male would respond, his voice highly pitched, and, hadn't she known better, already having pissed himself. What a sorry sight for a terrorizing a**hole.

"To hear...your...heartbeat in the snowww..." She'd complete the verse of her twisted song, and at the same time, the male started shooting. Scream's hair extended forwards, grasping each bullet in a flash, thin tendrils grabbing hold of all six of them. Those momentary flashes of the gun, gave the armed male images of sheer terror, before his weapon would leave his hands, taken by the predator.

"What the f***, what the f***, WHAT THE F***! WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU!? GET AWAY FROM ME!" There was nowhere to run but the way in front of him, which was blocked by whatever sinister creature felt like singing him a song. This wasn’t what he had signed up for.

"Sssssilence scum!" Scream would respond, after grabbing him by the throat and lifting him up with just one arm as if he weighed nothing.

"You've been...very naughty...from what I've heard...Heeheehee...Couldn't get yourssssself a common whore to suck your puny c*ck for Chrisssstmasss...and so you decided to rape a teenager? You little filthy animal..." She'd comment, amused by the way he screamed and squirmed. One by one, she'd give him the bullets he shot her with, placing them in his mouth and after placing all six of them inside, she'd wrap a few tendrils around his head and jaw, forcing his mouth shut so hard that his teeth broke from chewing on the bullets.

"EAT THEM!" She'd shriek, allowing her razor sharp nails to vertically slice his clothes and body, from neck to crotch, leaving the male naked and bleeding. His terrified, muffled screams brought her joy, and yet, she was far from done.

"Don't sssswallow just yet...I've got another little treat for you..." She'd inform, amused, and after grabbing his filthy reproductive organ, she'd tear it from his body, violently, and stuff it inside his mouth. The more he screamed and cried, the better.

"THISSSSS ISSSS WHAT YOU DESSSSERVE! CHEW CHEW CHEW!!! I WANT TO HEAR YOU SWALLOW IT ALL!" She'd scream, forcing his jaw to move with her tendrils, further breaking his teeth, mixing flesh, bone, blood and metal, until she'd stuff everything and push it down his throat, making him gag and struggle to breathe. She would allow the male to fall back down on the ground and leave him there for a few moments, basking in his suffering, her distorted and twisted voice echoing around as the male squirmed and his entire body shook from terror and pain. At those moments she felt something that her turn around. She was being watched. Somebody had arrived nearby, but she couldn't tell whether it was somebody she knew or not. At that time, she'd stuff part of her tendril-hair inside the males mouth to muffle his cries.

"Now be sssssilent for a little bit...I think my dear...we have a guessssssst..." She'd remark, waiting for the other to make themselves known.
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List of my OCs

I will be mostly playing with my OCs, so I thought I could post a list of them here, to let possible players get the feeling of them.
I may write complete bios for them one day, but for now I'm starting with a bit of info.

~Original Works

- Silrel the Merman: character I created for my first roleplay group, I liked the idea of playing a bishounen pretty boy with a sunny attitude. XD He's sweet, but also honest to the point of being blunt and more than a bit impulsive
- Avila the Dragon Lady: she uses to be my player character in Divinity Original Sin 2, but I liked her so much I expanded her backstory and in the end detached her from her original universe. Think about Valka from HTTYD, but younger and a nature wizard

~Kingdom Hearts

- Auretta: Keyblade Master from a time before the Keyblade War, she got sealed in an alternate dimension while fighting a powerful dark entity and her fate is currently unknow, though a copy of her seems to exist in the data Twilight Town. I admit... she is pretty much my way to adopt most of the kids, especially Roxas and Ventus ^^'

~Steven Universe

- Catherine Winthrop aka Citrine: former quartz assassin at the service of the Gems empire, she deserted after shattering the Emerald she was serving under for destroying her Pearl lover and had been living between humans ever since. She really loves humanity, far more than she ever loved her own kind, and has learned to live with our species while hiding her true nature


(You can say I have a lot of Pokemon OCs, but most are actually just personalities I gave to my own Pokemons from various games, so here I'm posting only the ones that I can actually imagine as detached from my playthroughs)
- Meemee the Mimykyu: an apparently apathetic and indifferent Ghost, he is actually quite protective of his friends and possibly Trainer. He is a great cook and loves to bake, but is also really jealous of any kitchen he may start working in
- Hills the Intelleon: sassy and smooth female lizard, she often takes work as a mercenary and is really proud of her ability as a sniper (used mostly in the Dungeon universe). She has an established relationship with Titania, the Tsareena who works with her
- Titania the Tsareena: a bit of a diva with a really sweet hidden side, she fights on the field to protect Hills while she snipes. They have a very loving relationship

~Beastars and Zootopia

- Rouge the Wildcat: created as a joke with some friends after seeing Zootopia, I ended up getting attached to her and giving her a backstory both for Zootopia and Beastars. Aside from that, in both universes she is a stern but sometimes flirty librarian who likes teasing and at times intimidating canines (because, you know, cat and dogs XD)

~Dragon Age
(A similar treatment to the Pokemon section, here most OCs would simply be the character I played as, so, to avoid using what would necessarily be a main character, I'm posting only the one who I can imagine existing outside of that role)
- Filar Cadash: a dwarf archer who works as a smuggler for the Carta, the dwarven crime sindicate. He is good looking, flirty and a jokester, but he can get pretty nasty pretty fast when the push comes to shove


- Coilette Hissssssss: a naga monster from Hotland, she is a very, very, very big girl who get easily embarassed by her own hissing and talks very rarely due to that. Quite the gentle soul who often lets other monsters use her coils to sit on or to ride if they're going her same way, she also lets Sans the Skeleton nap on them due to her soft spot for him

And for now these are all the characters I feel comfortable to roleplay as that I already created, but I will be up to made more if the play of the moment requires it.
I left out, as I said in the Dragon Age section, the characters that I created to videogame-roleplay as (for games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Greedfall, etc...) because those are the protagonists of their stories and I'm used to think of them as that, but if anyone who knows the titles think they could work with them (who knows, maybe with a Multiple Protagonist AU) I'm open to the idea. ^^
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✧・゚:*ᴵ’ᵐ ᵇᵉᵃᵘᵗᶦᶠᵘˡ (ꈍ ꒳ ꈍ✿)*:・゚✧*

Not finished yet ⊂(•‿•⊂ )*.✧

Full Name: Alexis Fenton
Nickname: lex, Lexie, Alex, Lexi
Date Of Birth: 1th April
Age: 28
Place Of Birth: LA, CALIFORNIA
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Relationship Status: taken by @cutiekarina
(open relationships) multi lit storylines
Kids (if any): tba
Pets: (if any): none.
Occupation: full time lover


Positive Personality Traits: Loyal, Loving, Nonjudgmental
Negative Personality Traits: Sarcastic, blunt, sassy
Dislikes: (2 people in this rp world)
Background Story: soon
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Since Tero didn't even bother to warn him he was doing somewhere and it's getting late, he goes out to look for him.
He knows of all his mental issues, beside of his dreadful attitude, so it's natural to get worried when he doesn't return home. Although he knows he is not the type who would tell him when he decides to go somewhere, he would not dream that high.

He follows the tracks that lead him towards Ishida manor.
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Information of Aaravos the star-elf

Brief information

~Other names~
Elarion's Midnight Star The Fallen Star, The Last of the Great Ones
The Bearer of Gifts, creepy caterpillar friend
~Professional Information~
Startouch Elf
Approximately 5000
November 14
6'6, 6'9" with horns
Hair Color;
Eye Color;
Singel and Alive

Aaravos is mysterious and secretive, but also charming and charismatic. Even Viren finds himself compelled by Aaravos's cryptic words and gifts. He also claims that he never tells a lie.

Aaravos is an exceptionally intelligent, cunning, and manipulative individual. He knows when to back down from a fight that cannot be won and is very adept at staying several steps ahead of both his allies and enemies. He manages to gain the trust and loyalty of Viren, who is an extremely sharp-minded individual himself. Unlike Viren, Aaravos sees the bigger picture of things and does not lie to himself about his intentions.

However, Aaravos also has shown a hint of arrogance when he reveals his belief on individuals who cannot be reasoned with, saying that they are simple animals who deserve to be motivated by fear.

Star Primal Connection
As a Startouch Elf, Aaravos draws power from the Stars. However, due to being a "fallen" Startouch Elf, he can only access a fraction of his former power.

Magic Mastery
Aaravos is a phenomenally powerful Archmage who can perform magic of all six Primal Sources, as well as dark magic. It is currently unclear how he acquired these powers. The level of his mastery of magic is proven by the fact that he can perform spells without speaking the required incantations.
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Account information

I do not favor posting these kind of blogs as they rarely are read by those in need of doing so. Still, I know they can be helpful. Below is some information about how I run this account.

1.) This account is being run by a 21+ writer. I expect the ones I write with to be able to handle that.

2.) On this account you will find dark themes which are not always suitable for minors. Some of these themes may be triggering.

3.) I will not have Morgan enter into a romantic relationship without there having been previous discussions out of character on this. I have to know you are invested in the storyline and that we are going to have long term interactions. I also have to feel Morgan would want to be involved with your character.

4.) Like everyone, I have a life outside this site. I write on other sites, I work, and have other things which require my attention. That means I am not always here and will not respond immediately 24/7. I do try to reply to everything at some time.

5.) While I am fine with sexual themes I do not write these with people I do not know. I have to feel comfortable with you and your character before anything like this would be considered. If your first message to me involves you asking or implying this I will delete you without response.

6.) I write Morgan Le Fay because I want to write her. That means when I am replying I will be the one to control her actions, thoughts, and words. In some circumstances I will okay another writing doing this for Morgan. If that is happening it is has been discussed out of character.

7.) As mentioned above, this account will contain some triggering themes. I do not and will not use trigger warnings on this. These topics will be handled with the care they are due. I expect the people who I am writing with to be adult about them too.
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Winnie Schrader

Name: Winnie Schrader

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Race: Human

Occupation: Owner of Wozwald, his father's theme park

Height: 6'2"

Sexuality: Asexual

Romance Info: He's very inexperienced romantically. Can't really flirt, might not be able to tell if you're flirting subtly, and he Will Not Screw You. Ever. He doesn't fall in love easily and tries to deny romantic feelings he might have.

Likes: Being up high, smoking, Woz, days when the park isn't so busy, the stars, rainy days, black coffee

Dislikes: People, very social situations, the fact that prostitution is even a thing, Woz, the legacy his father left, sickness, children, fireworks, bad storms

Fears: Being a failure in the public eye, watching people he loves die, being completely alone forever, being kidnapped, cryptic children

Abilities/Weapons: Depends on our plot. Feel free to ask.

" I'm sure I hate this as much as you do, if not more. "

" I don't need help. I've made it this far. "

" It's likely that we will never meet again."

" ...Woz? Are you still here, at least? Everyone else is gone. "
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my oc for any rp fandoms ❤

(character sheet credit to @themysteryman with a few changes)

Name: enchantress(superhero name), choi soojin (fake identity), charlotte knight (real name)

Nickname: cherry

Gender: female

Age: 1500s (physically & biologically she's 17)

Race: half human, half vampire/werewolf/devil

Occupation: sorceress, an instagram celebrity/ulzzang (with her fake identity as choi soojin)

Language: she speaks hundreds of languages

Family: unnamed few people (will be introduced in rp later)

Friends: unnamed friends (will be introduced in rp later)

Physical Description

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Hair: long, straight but wavy towards the end, dark golden brown color with bright red color ombre at the end of her hair

Eyes: a mix of hazel and green (in the dark her eyes look brown but her eyes look green in the sun)

More Detailed Physical Description: her makeup usually consists of red gradient lipstick and some glitter on her eyeshadow, she have an hourglass body and you can see her abs through her strapless two piece dress.

Typical Clothing: she wears a strapless two-piece long black dress with slit on the skirt and some glitter on it. she also wears long high-heeled black boots. Above her dress she wears a Nusi Quero NQ1 top (just like what æspa's karina wear on Next Level photoshoot). Usually she wears a face chain (just like what (g)-idle members wear in hwaa mv)

Equipment: -a dagger which only she can use, it has a gem with a mix of red/purple color as its handle and it is written with some letters in an ancient language. the dagger has a curse in it and if someone is stabbed with it, its soul would be in danger. only her can summon the dagger and when it's not in use it'll dissappear at the back of her hands. (will be explained further)


Personality/Attitude: depends on the people she met. she's only showing her kind and caring side to the people she trusts with her own heart, but she doesn't like showing that she's kind. she have a brilliant sense of humor and she usually cracks jokes to annoy or irritate her fighting opponent. she also deflects some of her serious traumas with humor.

Skills/Talents: master sorceress, expert combat skills, extreme intelligence, fluent in many languages, expert tactician, expert spying, etc.

Favourites/Likes: -she loves to help many people to have revenge, and she would encourage it, even offering her help to do so.
-killing 'evil' people and torturing them, inflicting the pain of the victims or the 'evil' people she torture.

Most Hated/Dislikes: any people who hurt, put down or humilliate others. this has something to do with her past.

Backstory: she made a deal with an entity (possibly evil) almost 1500 years ago, who gave her powers and the dagger. she have a reputation of many killings since then. more of her backstory will be told in rp.

Strengths: super powerful sorceress, probably the 2nd most powerful entity on earth after the entity who gave her powers and make her immortal

Weaknesses: to remember her painful past, this will cause her to have panic attack and she would go brutal which is what she don't want to happen. her other weakness is to have her dagger destroyed.

Fears: she have several fears, but what she feared has already happened with her witnessing it. now she would try avoid remembering the day where her biggest fear happened. one of her other fears is also to get someone innocent killed or suffering because of her.

Strange Behaviors: she have a 'psycho' side in her, she would laugh maniacally at some times and there are some times where she went brutal in killing. the way to trigger this to happen is to make her remember the

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience:(will be told in rp later)

Powers: High Durability, Teleportation, Invisibility, Immortality, Clone Creation, Mind Manipulation, Mob Manipulation, Brainwashing, Dimensional Travel, Time Travel, Wish Granting, Reality Warping/Manipulation, Fourth-wall awareness, High Intellect, Enhanced Strength, Dream Walking, Illusion Inducement, Seduction, Necromancy, Shapeshifting (her main animal is wolf) etc.

Her theme songs: Villain by K/DA, Madison Beer, and Kim Petras

Face claim: Go Yoo-jin (a contestant from kpop survival show Produce 48) down below
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Aiko 2