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|| Rules ||

0. Respect me or get the F*ck out.
1. Admin account, I make characters and role-plays custom for each person.
2. No Smut, I'm not a writer for porn shoots, at least I'd get paid.
3. No Godmodding, I control my character. Not you.
4. No Drama or Bullsh*t. I don't take it, I don't give it. K?
5. Literate, no one liners. No furries, No Anime.
6. No asterisk roleplaying.
7. Don't message me and start a roleplay right off the bat. I will block you.
8. If I deny you once, and you try again. I will block you.
9. I plot out my role-plays, including a conflict of interest. Message me to start the process.
10. I will check on you if I don't hear from you. I want to make sure your alright.
11. Good Grammar and Spelling. If you message me with [ex. hi] or [ex. how r u] I will block you immediately. Know where to put your commas.
12. 17+ only, I don't RP with kids.
13. I'm busy, I have a life, as do you. I understand and be understanding, we both have one.
14. I reply once a day, from Para to Novella. I will give what you write me. I ask the same in return.
15. Message me if you want a great partner. Thats it.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Paramore | 24 minutes ago

༓☾ entumecido ☽༓

son las 12:23 am .. No puedo dormir ni comer. Todo lo que sigo haciendo es levantar este billete enrollado y olfatear líneas. No sé qué más hacer ... ya no quiero llorar ... las drogas y el alcohol me están adormeciendo hasta cierto punto. Vi ciertas cosas que no quería ver y me duele aún más, pero saber que él es feliz ... eso es todo lo que quiero.

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0 | 0 Comments | by BETTER | 39 minutes ago

Editing in process

Editing in process
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0 | 0 Comments | by ElegantStar | 1 hour ago

Editing in process

Editing in process
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0 | 0 Comments | by ElegantStar | 1 hour ago

ღ late night drive ღ

gripping onto a steering wheel,
tears beginning to form.
my breath is shaking,
"you were the one i needed -- "

a sob stuck in my throat,
my head lowered against the wheel
as the tears burst from my auburn eyes.
"--and you left me as i always knew you would."

nails digging into leather,
i cry, and cry, and cry in the darkness.
despite thinking of your face,
there is another one in mind.

"nothing will ever take the place of you."
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0 | 0 Comments | by CAFFEINE | 2 hours ago