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◈ -[Yex] Phanto | ( Fronteer★Breakers )


▼- ORIGINS | ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀ ʙᴀᴄᴋꜱᴛᴏʀʏ
◈ Lore Backstory | Who's this Yexi ( Phanto's backstory )

Phanto is a rare albino female Yexie originating from an upper Northern-West racially mixed region of the A.O.E named "The Mash". Born within the pro-majoritarian Yexi territory of "Woskrra" from an alcoholic mother who abandoned her after birth, her father a male Yexi re-married to a Foxale raced woman which became her adoptive mom offering her the name of "Phanto" (derived from "Phantophox" meaning light in her language). Early on in life, Phanto's been a public unshy sensation. Rather it be from her unique fur color to her singing capabilities or devotion to junior, Fazook & acting. Phanto grew to be a social butterfly kid leading her to become a beloved child actress in a few Yexi holowave series and films alike. She always believed she was destined for comedy at that age.

Once at the life-changing age of 16, Phanto joined the Royal Yexi Armada as all Yexi teens do serving a first 3 galactic years tour on home system within the civil brigades severing as a poster girl for more Yexi propaganda directed to the youth. After this, she then performed a second mandatory tour at the age of 19 down south in the star frontier region of "South-Halamurrah" where she took active sentinel duty in the D.A.B campaigns.(Dogemat annexation battles). All went well during her first year of service until she was shot and gravely wounded in the stomach during a Dogemat riot raid. Luckily she made a full recovery and completed the second military tour obtaining her honorable discharge at the age of 22.

Once out of the Armada, she still remained a young female Yexie looking to see more of the galaxy. She continued to venture down South to the "Union of Humanity" obtaining a short job she disliked in the Y.O.L.H (Yexi Orbital Logistics Hub) that still lead her deeper south meeting a gorgeous human female she dated for a short while before eventually divorcing her and leaving the Union back into the A.O.E with small hopes in life. It was simply never meant to be.

So nowadays, she returned to work for fronteerbreakers, a company she had worked under while dating her human wife. Although this reminds her of what she lost she still enjoys sharing cultures with humans and other races alike while going on many fun adventures. She also is thinking about pursuing an acting career as she one day hopes to become a celebrity like "Laura Ar'Gurro" or "Lolapop". She aims high and doesn't let herself be dragged down. But for now...she lives in her Starship which is a pretty cozy mobile home.

▼- DETAILS | ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀ ꜱᴛᴀᴛꜱ

◈ -[ Height ] --- 2m10 / 6ft08 tall
◈ -[ Weight ] --- 430kg
◈ -[ Physical age ] --- 23 ( Young adult )
◈ -[ Body Type ] --- Atheltic and Curvy
◈ -[ Gender ] --- Female
◈ -[ Diet ] --- Carnivorous
◈ -[ Likes ] --- Fazook, Humans & their culture, singing, social medias, guns, meeting new pepole.
◈ -[ Dislikes ] --- Vegans, Rude customers, Loosing in video games, violence in the office, biggots.
◈ -[ Profession ] --- F.B Yex Specialist
◈ -[ Social stature ] --- Average majoritarian citizen (Class zero citizen of the A.O.E)
◈ -[ Personal wealth ] --- Comfortably living
◈ -[ Personal karma ] --- Social good
◈ --- [ Self Personality Description ] --- ◈

"Ey, are you looking to see beyond your stars? If so I'm your female. Welcome to Frontier Beakers hehe. Oh? this is about me?! Cool! It's my favorite topic of conversation y'know. Who am I? I'm the girl that'll guide you through our glorious sh*t fest of a nation...for South-Halamurrah at least. I'll teach you all you need to know about our people and show you all the local sights. I'm really friendly of a gal really, open-minded, lesbian, and completely fulfilled!

I have money to buy all I want, a loving wife, and a place to call home, I don't need all that war life anymore. I do still think of becoming a singer like "Laura Ar Gurro" tho someday! Our only female singer popular all over the galaxy! So wish me luck! Young'n'dreaming."

◈- Advice? | " Who am I to give you advice? ...fallow your hearts. All 7 of em."

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Roman Reigns

Name: Roman Reigns
Age: 35
D.O.B: May 25, 1985
Place of birth: Pensacola, Florida, United States
Star Sign: Gemini
Eye color: Brown
Married to @UnderFire
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0 | 0 Comments | by GangLord | 3 hours ago


1. I will not reveal anything personally about me.

2. Please Do not spam me, I find it very annoying.

3. I don't do anything too kinky, I have to have limits.

4. To do anykind of roleplay, Plot discussion is needed. Do not just start a roleplay with me, its awkward

5. Treat me how you want to be treated.

6. I will not go to another app or site.
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Cammy White

Name - Cammy White

Height - 5'5" (164 cm)

Weight - 134 lbs (61 kg)

Eye color - Turquoise

Hair color - Blonde

Measurements - B86/W57/H88


Birthdate - January 6

Birthplace - United Kingdom

Fighting style - Special Forces training (Delta Red)

Likes - Cats, cake, collecting fighting data (Shadaloo), Chun-Li, her sisters (the Shadaloo dolls), Sakura, Delta Red, Guile, Ryu

Dislikes - Everything when she's in a bad mood, sympathy towards her (Shadaloo), soups, M. Bison, crime, Vega, Psycho Power

Occupation - MI6 Delta Red Operative (Current)

Affiliation - Delta Red (currently)
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Name - Darjeeling

Height - 158 cm (5'2")

Hometown - Essex England

Birth Date - September 17th

Affiliation(s) St. Gloriana Girls College

Team - St. Gloriana Girls College team

Role(s) Overall commander Tank commander
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0 | 0 Comments | by Land-Of-The-Rose | 3 hours ago


Real Name - Lena Oxton

Age - 26

Nationality - British (English)

Occupation - Adventurer, Pilot, Overwatch agent

Base - London, United Kingdom (formerly) Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Affiliation - Royal Air Force (formerly) Overwatch (formerly) Royal Air Force (temporarily rejoined) Overwatch (reformed)
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Alexander Yoo (WIP)

『B A S I C S』
n a m e → Alexander Yoo

a g e → 16-30 Depends on roleplay

g e n d e r → Male

s e x u a l i t y → Pansexual

e t h n i c i t y → Latino/Asian

n a t i o n a l i t y → American

h e i g h t → 5’9-6’4

w e i g h t → 135

h a i r (colour & length) → Black , short and fluffy, a bit wavy. Its normally messy and puffy, he parts his hair in the middle as a quick style, He doesnt do much with his hair and lets it grow out till shoulder length for him to finally cut it.

e y e s → brown

r a c e → Human

t a t t o o s → A snake tattoo wrapping around the upper part of his right arm to his chest.

p i e r c i n g s → None

『A B O U T』
p e r s o n a l i t y → Alexanders very persistent and bold. He’s fairly friendly and kind to everyone no matter who they might be. He’s outgoing and loves making friends— even though Alexander has such a friendly personality - he doesn’t open up that quick. Even a guy like him has some walls here. He thinks mostly anythings cute and if something catches his eye he instantly wants it. He isn’t really competitive but when it comes to the things he wants, he would go full on into the fight. Even if he can be slightly.. possessive over things he cherishes, he has a carefree mood.

h o b b i e s → Playing the guitar and piano, feeding the stray cats, gardening, and dancing.

l i k e s → riding his motorcycle, sleeping, all types of animals, plants, babysitting, skateboarding, rain and snow.

d i s l i k e s → Broccoli , bullies, people who destroys plants, very sweet things

f a m i l y → Han Ki Yoo (Father), Mirian (Reynoso) Yoo , Amy Yoo (little sister twin of Daniel Yoo) , Daniel Yoo (little brother twin of Daniel Yoo)

o c c u p a t i o n → Owns and works at a flower shop, High School student- Year 3 to 4/College student

m e n t a l . i s s u e s → PTSD (his heart skips every time he sees a car)

s i c k n e s s → None

s m o k e s → No

d r i n k s → He doesn’t drink that often ; but has a strong tolerance to drinking.

『E X T R A』

f a v o u r i t e . c o l o u r → Green and Black

f a v o u r i t e . f o o d → He doesn’t have any favorite- he likes eating mostly anything.

f a v o u r i t e . d r i n k → Black with no sugar Coffee and any type of tea unsugared.

s t y l e → Casual style; Doesn’t really like dressing up in fancy clothes even though it suits him way much better.

a c c e s s o r i e s → He always has this Black circle pendent with the initials engraved “H+A“, it was his mothers pendant, he wore it everyday ever since the accident.

a . s l i g h t . h i s t o r y . a b o u t . t h e m → Alexander was raised well, He had two siblings that were born 6 years after he was. At the age of 16 he got into a car accident, resulting his parents dying and Alexander having bad PTSD. Him and his siblings went under their aunts care for the time being, Alexander didn’t shed a tear at his parents funeral , and didn’t change the way he acted— didn’t even lock himself up for a bit. He would show how strong he was to everyone, not wanting to breakdown in front of his 4 year old siblings; so he kept it all inside till he was alone and cried his heart out. Years passed and everyone seem to have forgotten about the car accident- but he still yet hasn’t fully recovered; even if he is hiding behind a facade of smiles. He finished up school and came out to his family; as they all welcomed him with warm smiles and hugs. At the age of 25 he opened up his own flower shop. Which soon became popular throughout the months of it being open.
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Message to the status stream

So to get to the point... if you are sad you are not depressed. If you are truly depressed to where you can’t function or you feel like everything around you is falling apart okay. First calm yourself down take deep breaths and relax tell yourself you are and will be okay. Now when coming onto this sight it’s annoying me when people say I’m upset about something but don’t give the details. If your upset for no reason and just having one of those days fine, but specify that! It is extremely annoying to me when people post about being upset or why am I here? but don’t ask for help or don’t say anything when someone wants to help you. At that point and not to be mean I feel as though your just sad and upset your not depressed: but you make it sound like you are. You want that attention and I find it annoying to keep asking is everything okay... what’s wrong... how can I help.... AND THIS IS SAID IN THE COMMENTS BUT MOST OF THE TIME THE POSTER DOESN’T RESPOND OR GIVES SOMETHING VERY VAGUE!!! If you say you are alright then actually mean it! If you are not, you are not, so talk to someone and get the help you need! I understand if people don’t want to give away information about their personal life but still there are a lot of great people on this site that can and will help you if you need. We are still human we don’t know who’s on the other side of the screen but we all still feel empathy and sympathy and we want to see others live and thrive. Depression is not something to be taken lightly so if you post something you better mean it and talk to those who you know make you happier. Roleplay is an escape from the real worlds problems so if you don’t want to talk about it for now and just want that escape tell someone you are having a hard time and make a story one that can make you happy.
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“You know I try to believe in us

     but it gets hard as f***, you know it.”

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* Rules *

1. Don't message me directly into roleplay. I want to figure out characters, plot, etc.

2. No one liners, I understand if things get slow but please try to do at least 3 sentences to keep things active.

3. Don't use overpowered characters, allow my characters time to respond, act upon your actions, etc.

4. Don't control my characters, it's just annoying and I won't do it to you.

5. Be creative and come up with idea's, plot twists, additional characters to add. If I'm putting in all the effort I will lose interest very quick.

6. Try to reply within reason, life gets busy and I know there will be times I am unable to reply. I simply don't want a repeat of waiting 2+ weeks on a response that's only a sentence or two long. I will lose interest fast.

7. I don't mind making friends, if you wanna chat on other platforms let me know, but this one is for roleplaying. Please do not add me if you don't intend to create a roleplay with me.

8. Branching off of 7, don't add me just to get more numbers on your friends list. I'm here to have fun and get away from life, not to be a number.

9. Most of my life updates, plans on responding, etc will be posted onto my feed. Make sure to check up if you're interested on where I am / what's going on. Otherwise just ask, I don't mind.

That's all I can think of now. I'm too sleepy to think of more...ZzzZzz
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Character Masterlist

Usagi Tanaka - The Mortal:

Cyrus Nixton - The Witch:

Zaira Fyller - The Seer:

Mauve Jackson - The Magician:

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just gonna get to it here;

; no godmodding, mary sues, etc. you know the drill

; pls no one-liners :(

; if you add, message me first! i'll be sure to extend the courtesy

; 1*8+ content is 1*8+ content for a reason

; don't spam me please, but feel free to nudge me after a few days of no reply
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ocs/plot ideas

these are just my ocs, im totally down for canon things as well! just ask ❤

google docs;;

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Mauve Jackson - The Magician

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Zaira Fyller - The Seer

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