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Christine Noelle

Basic Stuff

Age: 15
Nickname: Chris
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi(preferably guys)
Species: Human
Birthday: August 25, 2003
Zodiac: Virgo


Height: 5'1
Weight: 98
Piercings: Ears
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Pale


Curious: Yes
Honest: Yes
Loyal: Yes
Affectionate: Generally
Romantic: Often
Flirty: Sometimes
Observant: Occasionally
Social: Shy to new people


Biological Father: Don't know
Biological Mother: Don't know
Foster Father: Sam Williams
Foster Mother: Priscilla Williams
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Relationships (mains)

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Jason Barnes

Name: Jason Barnes
Gender: Male
Age: 16-22 (Depends on rp)
Nicknames: JJ, Jay, Jacy (Only by significant other)
Species: Human
Sexuality: Gay
Have they came out: Yes.
Status: Single
Height: 5'6
Top/bottom: Top
Hair: Natural brown, dyed blonde
Eyes: Brown
Tattoos: N/A
Scars: N/A
Mental disorder: N/A
Physical disorder: N/A
Nails: Usually painted
Clothing: Usually long sleeves with jeans, mostly femine looks. (Skinny jeans, bright colors, sandals, ankle boots, heels)
Personality: Outgoing, popular, friendly, happy
Bio: Jason has had an okay life. Growing up it was just him and his mom. He never knew his real dad and he never wanted to and his mom didn't like talking about it so he left it alone. His mom brought home the ocassional boyfriend but none stuck around long, though Jason had no idea why. His mom was a wonderful woman. She had never even touched drugs or alcohol and almost never raised her voice. She was really just a pushover when it came to Jason and though she didn't have much, she gave him what he had to have and the ocassional surprise of something he really didn't need, but she got him anyway. These things could range from makeup to a new pair of shoes. Jason's mom knew about him being gay and supported him completely with it. Growing up she had a few friends that were gay so it was understandable. Jason hated sports and he wasn't very muscled up himself and was rather on the thin side, though it wasn't worryingly thin.

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It is very rare for a neko like Naomi to be nice to you. She rebels against everyone one and never does as she’s told. She spends most of her time causing trouble and hanging out in gangs in alleyways drink, smoking, and doing dirty deeds. She likes to get physical sometimes so don’t piss her off. Don’t underestimate her for her small size, she’s not one to be messed with.

Likes: causing trouble, drinking and smoking, fighting

Dislikes: being obedient, most people, school
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Not to be all .. political or anything because I don't have a place to speak or anything but when I finally do get out of the institute for some time, seeing people is so much different than when you get home for me. Seeing them it's like an immediate thought and ahm..break....of...judgement
There's a lot of judgement

But one night after a while in the institution and a day out i got home and I saw somethin for a second. i saw somethin in my mind and it was telling me the right way I think. It made everything seem so stupid to me. why do we care so much about each other in a BAD way. Maybe.....if we were all nice to each other and didnt judge by anythin than we could be cool. with each other. just as people. If we all just let everything go and saw each other for nothing else other than people. we all spit, we all love, we all do stupid things we all need love

who cares What they're gonna be in the future. Future outcast and future celebrity and that guy never got to achieve his dreams an that girl never got the closure she wanted. All they got was all this talk. what about the things they did do man.

the guy sitting next to you on the bus might look scummy to you but he's probably done a few of the things you've wanted to do in your life but never could get himself to.
that guy sitting next to you on the bus might look uptight to you but he's probably achieved a look to his family you've wanted to in your life but never could get himself to.

I think we all have to stick together no matter what. most animals stick together like packs but us humans seem to have.....lost.......that. that way. we're so disconnected from our natural animal instincts too because we want a controlled society. we have to give ourselves the benefit of the doubt that we're all still animals, we're all human

Somethin meets boy and somethin meets girl, in society, it shouldn't matter what you are. we're all just something. and sometimes we all just gotta let stuff go. or idk. as someone way more famous than me said, let it be? i don't got any Mother Mary. i don't have anyone or anything that has told me to let it be. and when they do, they never ..mean it, it never feels like they do, they're just saying something. i've never had anyone tell me anything with wisdom or nothin so i guess im here to do it for myself.
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