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Bronya Ursama

Bronya Ursama (Jade Blood): Bronya Ursama is a young Alternian troll living in Outglut during the time period of Hiveswap and Hiveswap Friendsim.

Bronya is a patient, compassionate and dutiful troll, immediately taking the player in upon hearing that the player is suffering from some injuries. She is also in charge of the nursery for ill and wounded wigglers, taking care of them instead of letting them die per Alternian tradition. While she states that she herself isn't particularly sure why she feels the compunction to tend to the sick and the injured wigglers, it is clear that she has a kind heart and wishes the best for everyone.

While Bronya is a capable leader of her fellows, she can be quite neurotic and anxious at times. This in turn causes her to have a bit of trouble delegating responsibilities to people she just met, as she has no way of telling whether said person is truly capable of handling important duties. Most of the time, she prefers to manage situations by herself.
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Folykll Darano

Folykl Darane (Yellow Blood): Folykl Darane is an Alternian troll living during the time period of Hiveswap and Hiveswap Friendsim.

Her personality, like Kuprum's, is somewhat based on 4chan culture. However, she is shown to disapprove of Kuprum's obsession with the empire and Trizza Tethis. This may mean she is based on one of the less political boards as Kuprum is, and just 4chan culture in general. A possible candidate for the board she's based on is /r9k/, which is stereotypically populated by unhygienic NEETs. Her second bullet point, "whats a shower", seems to support this claim, as 4chan users are stereotyped as messy and often unhygienic.

Folykl seems to find great joy in pranking highbloods due to her dislike of them. She was shown laughing and snickering at the highbloods' expense in Hiveswap Friendsim: Vol. 6 alongside Kuprum, and was proud to announce that it was Kuprum that hacked into the blue bloods' GPSs to lead them to the wrong part of town. When the player suggests that it was time to call the prank off, she dismisses the player's idea as idiotic. Even though she and Kuprum view highbloods as outright enemies, they have yet to inflict actual harm on them.
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Lynera Skalbi

Lynera Skalbi (Jade Blood): Lynera Skalbi is a young Alternian troll living in Outglut during the time period of Hiveswap and Hiveswap Friendsim. Lynera is a troll with a distrustful and stringent nature, immediately suspecting the MSPA Reader to be a spy when they come to meet Bronya in the brooding caverns. Despite the player insisting that they aren't in league with hostile parties, Lynera ignores the player's claims and continues to treat them with nothing but harshness. When the player takes her to a cafe to interact with trolls of other castes, Lynera is unable to fully relax as she has trouble viewing others with an open mindset. Apart from that, when a teal comes by to chat, Lynera remains cagey as ever and winds up lashing out at a potential friend.

Lynera is also shown to be quite emotional; she is either incredibly angry or upset depending on the situation. Upon meeting the player, she furiously demands to know why the player thinks they could possibly be friends with Bronya, snapping that the player was nothing but a nusiance to everyone around them. When Lynera speaks about her less-than-likely chance of being matesprits with Bronya, she bursts into tears as she is visibly distressed with the nature of her current relationship with the other jade.
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Joey Claire

Joey Claire(Human): Joey Claire is a playable character in the video game Hiveswap, and the older sister of Jude Harley, another playable character. Joey is an intelligent, even-tempered girl with a knack for puzzle-solving. Joey is a dancer, practicing both ballet and tap, which she uses to escape some tricky situations in creative ways. She is also an aspiring veterinarian, and keeps a small kit of medical tools on her person.

Although she is constantly confronted by strange events and circumstances, she repeatedly shows herself to be adaptive and creative despite it all. Joey is a survivor that is determined to reach all of her goals.
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Chahut Maenad

Chahut Maenad (Purple Blood): Chahut Maenad is a young Alternian troll living in Outglut during the time period of Hiveswap and Hiveswap Friendsim.

Chahut is a preacher in Clown Church, and does a stellar job of rilling the crowd up with her words. She also appears to be a significant presence in said church; all she needed to do was smirk at the preaching troll onstage to make him scamper off so that she may take his spot. As it were, she is capable of managing the crowd on her own, and captivates her listeners easily. She is also noted to be quite devoted to her religion, informing Amisia that being able to praise her messiahs is a privilege and a revelation.

She is noted to be quite laid-back, not getting particularly angry even when insulted by others. This is best illustrated when Amisia throws a barbed comment about Chahut's profound love for Clown Church; instead of getting furious with the blueblood for saying such a thing, Chahut merely reminds Amisia that being able to sing the Mirthful One's praises is all that she lives for. Another example would be when the player exclaims that church sucks, Chahut just gives the player a steely look before going along with Amisia's initial plan. Even though Chahut is indeed annoyed with the player for insulting her religion, she mostly uses passive-aggressive behaviour to unsettle the player as opposed to lashing out.

Despite her frightening appearance, Chahut still has a soft side to her. When the player is unable to preach to the crowd, she sympathizes with the player's nervousness and offers them a seat so that they don't strain themselves. She also snaps at a clown to stop macking on the player, clearly defensive of the player's wellbeing.
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Skylla Koriga

Skylla Koriga (Brown Blood): Skylla Koriga is a young Alternian troll living in Outglut during the time period of Hiveswap and Hiveswap Friendsim.

Skylla is a friendly, compassionate troll; the only troll so far to give the player a proper meal upon bringing the player into her hive. While she might have a cheerful disposition towards most things in life, she is well aware that she can never really amount to anything as a bronzeblood in Alternia. Like Xefros, she seems resigned to the fact that her life as a lowblood will be filled with hardship and tragedy.

She is very open and accomodating, despite the player being an alien. Skylla outright states that she should get used to the sight of aliens anyway, and reassures the player that she wouldn't call the drones.
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Chixie Roixmr

Chixie Roixmr: Chixie Roixmr is a young Alternian troll living in Outglut during the time period of Hiveswap and Hiveswap Friendsim.

Chixie's a talented singer who dreams of being recognized by all, even though her blood caste means that she would face a lot of obstacles in her bid for fame. Her musical skills are best illustrated mere moments upon her introduction, the player gawks at how Chixie is able to make her voice fill the entire alley way even without the aid of a microphone. Apart from that, she is able to get the hang of rapping just in time to place her cerulean opponent in a humiliating defeat. It should be noted that all the lyrics Chixie used in the rap battle were all improvised on the spot.

She is also shown to be quite emotional at times, despite knowing full well that she would be subjected to hardship and sorrow on Alternia. After being informed that she was no longer performing for the night, Chixie returns to the dressing room in furious tears, incensed at losing her spot to a band that had a purpleblood drummer. Upon realizing that said band were singing her songs as well, Chixie becomes both furious and despondent that all her hard work and creativity would go unnoticed, once again in tears.
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Nero Balmug

ALIAS: Black Dog, Black Mage, Cerberus
AGE: 24
LIKES: Black Coffee
HATES: Overly Confident People
HOBBIES: Beating up on people who think they're all that.

Little is known about this young mans past. But many known of his current and most recent history. They know him of being said, marked by hell itself. He has showed an proficient amount of control of the dark arts of mage craft, as well as other types of abilities. Seeming to be blood thirsty to many he encounters, if no one is a threat however, he seems to exhibit a more approachable appearance. But in the end, he is an...interesting character of a individual.
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Choi Ren

Basic info:
Name: Choi Ren
Age: 23
Birthday: May 8
Hair Color: brown/black
Eye Color: green/yellow
Height: 5'8
Weight: 118lbs
Body: Skinny, little bit of muscle
Tattoos: cross on pinky
Scars: None
Piercings: ears
Gay sub
Has a perfect relationship with family
3 sisters, 1 brother. Mom & dad divorced but still talk
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Drekia Nightsong

Character Name- Drakia Nightsong
Nick Names- Draki, Night or Song
Clan/Pack- None
Clan/Pack Rank- None
Age- 34 in Elf Years and 134 in Dragon years.
Race- Elf Dragon Shifter
Forms- Elf form and Dragon form though her dragon form can change to any fur and feather winged dragon there is in colors as listed for hair/ fur.
Gender- Female
Sexual Preference- Bisexual
Married/Single- Single
Height- 5' 10" in elf height, 7'4" in Dragon height
Skin Color/Tone- Pale blue
Hair/Fur Color- White in Elf form, Changes in Dragon Form from shades of blue, black, gray, white, silver and purple.
Eye Color- Blue in Elf form, Changes from Blue, purple, gray, silver and green in dragon form.
Family- None
Personality- She is a very shy person when talking and tends to not push her bounds with others. Though once she is attached to someone, she will fight for them no matter what to protect them and keep them happy and safe. She is very sensual and family oriented, but can be quiet if it comes to it.
Clothing Style- Lolita and punk gothic in style.
Job/ Business- She is an exotic dancer and can dance in many forms to please the eye and enhance the atmosphere.
Magical Skills/ Abilities- She can use some water, air and shadow elements to a certain range around her within a ten foot radius.
Fighting Style- She is a mixed martial artist and a kick boxer at heart.
Weapons Of Choice- She can use any chained, whipped, bladed or staffed weapons.
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  ◦☆ winter bear . . . ☽

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  ◦☆ sweetnight . . . ☽

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  ◦☆ scenery . . . ☽

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  ◦☆ inner child . . . ☽

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  ◦☆ a brand new day . . . ☽

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