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Devon's info (Creepypasta oc #2)

~Basic info~
Pasta name: Dancing Devil
Name: Devon
Nickname: Devil, Devvy
D.O.B: July 6
Species: Demon
Currently living: Cabin in the woods

Mother: ???
Father: Zalgo
Brother: N/A
Sister: Lazari

Human age: 21
Demon age: 138
Usual fashion of dress: Tomboy, Fancy
Tattoo(s): Back tattoo
Scar(s): Small scar on her cheek
Hair colour: White
Hair length: medium
Eye colour: Red
Height: 6’1
Weight: 120
Skin tone: Pale

~About him/her~
Personality: Alert, Calm, Masculine
Like: Dancing, Black, She loves her sister
Dislikes: Her Father
How(s)he kills: She asks people if they want to dance with her if they decline they die if they accept, they get what they’ve always desired.
Saying: Would you like to dance with me?
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Holly - 20 - Female

Holly is quite skilled with all things techy, if it runs on electricity, she knows it. She is able to do a lot, fixing things... hacking... gaming... she even makes things outta spare parts when shes not busy. Though this has caused her to have a severe 'disconnect' with people, even her family. Or whats left of it...
She became so reliant on technology after the abrupt passing of her parents when she was only 12, her young mind latched to the internet as a way of coping and now its taken over her life. She doesn't seem to mind though.
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Full Name?: Kaori Watanabe

Nickname, if any: Kai, Kao

Do they like the nickname?: Doesn't mind it

Birth date: 04/22

Age: 22

Place of birth: Kobe, Japan

Ethnic background: Japanese

Religion: Pagan

Brief description of home: Old cabin in the woods

Do they live with anyone?: No

Describe the area in which they live: Surrounded by pine trees, she's the only one for a couple acres

Home decor: Minimalistic, lots of blacks, greys, and purples

Pets?: Yes, a black labrador named Chimi

Current occupation: Séance

Education: Graduated high school

Do they drive? What kind of car do they own, if any?: Yes, however prefers public transportation or walking

Sexuality: Omnisexual

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/They

Marital status: Single

Any children (include names, ages, other parent if different from current partner)?: None

Height: 5'4

Weight: 102 lbs

What is their body type?: Ectomorph, however is rather thin due to being underweight

Eye color?: Grey

Do they use glasses? Contacts? Hearing aid?: None

Skin tone (pale, ivory, ruddy, tan, olive, brown, black, etc.): Pale

Any prominent features, freckles/moles/scars/tattoos/ other distinguishing marks?: A scar of a brand on her right shoulder blade, has freckles and a tattoo of Baphomet on her upper left thigh

Face shape (round, oval, chubby, thin, long, square, heart-shaped, etc.)?: Round

General health (good, excellent, poor): Poor

Any chronic conditions?: None

Any current health problems?: Anemia due to being underweight

How do they dress: Simple, oftentimes in black dresses with a white collared shirt underneath with striped tights and platform boots

Type of Style: Gothic

Do they dress to be noticed? Why?: No, she likes to blend in with the woods

Any special jewelry?: None

Other accessories: None

Grooming: Clean

Hairstyle: Long and straight with bangs

Natural hair texture: Very thick, has needed to have it thinned out by hairstylists

Current hair texture (if different from above): Same as above

Natural hair color: Light brown

Current hair color (if different from above): Ashy dark brown with a blond streak in the bangs

Pace: Fast

Accent or dialect, if any: Japanese

Voice tone: Average pitch, rather soft and tends to get raspy

Any favorite/habitual words/phrases or curse words?: "F***", "Isn't that a bummer"

Describe general vocabulary or speech pattern: Educated, tends to have a stutter

Mannerisms/demeanor?: Volatile

Typical posture: Slouched

Gestures: When excited or nervous

Describe any personal habits: Smoking

Morning Routine: Wakes up around 6 AM, will shower and get ready for her day. Arrives at her little shop at about 8 AM

Afternoon/Workday: Working. Often will try to get a nap in between clients

Evening: Still working, closes up shop at midnight

Bedtime: Tries to go to bed by 2 AM

Skills/Talents: Knack for animals, astrology/witchcraft, clairvoyance, intuition, talking with the dead

What are they particularly unskilled at?: Making friends, lying, math, charm

Any hobbies: Her job, drawing, reading, collecting tarot cards (and using them), sewing (although not the best at it)

Home town (if different from current home): Same as town she was born in, however ended up moving when she was 4 to America

Was their childhood happy? Troubled? Dull?: Dull

Earliest memory: Talking to ghosts for the first time

Saddest memory: Being bullied in school

Happiest memory: Making friends with the dead

How much school did they attend, if any?: Up until her last year of high school where she dropped out

Did they like school? Why or why not?: No, she hated it cause the other kids

Most significant childhood event: Almost dying from drowning (age 2)

Other significant childhood events, if any?: Playing with her dead older brother (ages 5-12)

Significant past jobs: None

Any police record?: None

Major accidents or traumas?: Yes

Mother's name (include maiden name if known/applicable): Meiko

Mother's current status: Alive

Mother's occupation, if any: Doctor

Describe the mother's relationship with character: Healthy

Father's name: Juno

Father's current status: Alive

Father's occupation, if any: Elementary school teacher

Describe the father's relationship with character: Healthy, very close to Kaori

Any step-parents, foster parents,
or birth parents (if not same as above): N/A

If they are adopted, do they know?: N/A

Any siblings: Seiji (deceased, died at birth, would be 30)

Who, if anyone, is their best or closest friend?: Her brother

What do most people consider likeable about them?: Her honesty

What do most people consider their biggest flaw?: Her mood shifts

Have they lost touch with anyone who was once significant in their life?: Yes

Whom do they most rely on for practical advice?: Her father

Whom do they most rely on for emotional support?: Her father

Whom, if anyone, do they support?: Both her parents

Any psychological issues (e.g. phobias,
depression, paranoia, narcissism, etc.)?: Insomnia, paranoia, depression and severe anxiety

Are they an optimist or pessimist?: Pessimist

Meyers Briggs Personality Type: INFP-T

Personality: A major introvert, Kaori tends to like to work alone. She tends to be very serious about her work, and oftentimes will communicate with the dead even in the middle of a conversation. She hates arguments and tends to be an empath, which results in others emotions being reflected as her own. She can be a bit blunt with her honesty, and despite being an empath she truly has no clue how to handle emotions. She's volatile and rather paranoid, meaning her mood changes often and will usually lead to frustration. The paranoia tends to add onto these mood swings and frustrations, as well as acting erratically and irrationally.

Most comfortable when: At work

Most uncomfortable when: In large groups

Are they cautious, brave, or reckless in their approach to life?: Cautious

What do they most value/prioritize?: Her work

Personal philosophy: The dead is much kinder than the living, since they've seen how history has played out

Character's greatest strength: Empathy

Character's greatest flaw: Volatile

Other good characteristics: Loyal, honest, careful, open-minded, independent

Other character flaws: Stubborn, overthinker, illogical, blunt, unassertive

Biggest regret: None

Proudest accomplishment: Making her business

Other accomplishments: Winning plenty of art shows when she was in school

Food: Miso soup

Drink: Green tea

Color: Black

Book: Where the Wild Things Are

Film: None

Music/Song: all I want is you by Rebzyyx and hoshie star

TV: None

Sport: None

Backstory: Her ability to see the dead had started since birth, and her capability to talk to them began when she could talk. An incident when she was two happened when she almost drowned and died, which is where her parents believe her powers started, though is false. When she turned 4, her parents had moved her to America due to her father's work relocating them. Her mother and father never believed in her powers, always thinking they were imaginary friends until she turned 5 and would talk about her dead brother and talk to him. Her parents took her everywhere and no one had answers, until they took her to the local witch who gave light on her unworldly powers. In elementary school she found herself enjoying the company of the dead more than kids who were alive, which made her the target for bullying. The abuse extended to physical and verbal, which caused Kaori to become more and more reclusive. In high school the same happened, however Kaori always kept to herself and would tell her parents nothing. Why would she allow them to worry? Her senior year had gotten so bad that she ultimately dropped out, which had disappointed her parents, but after finally coming clean, they understood why she did it. When she turned 19, she had the idea to use her powers as a business opportunity. Her parents were supportive and even helped her get her own building, and once she was getting enough clients to support herself they stopped paying for the rent (however they insisted on paying for electricity and other bills). She ended up moving out to the woods when she turned 20 despite the long drive to town it took. Now she makes the drive every day for work, finding it to be the only distraction she can find from paranoia and other mental illnesses (as well as an excuse to talk to the dead without being seen as weird).
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↬ Elias

【 ᴛʀɪɢɢᴇʀ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢ 】

➥ Heavy drug involvement, self harm

➥ Intended use for crime/angst/romance

【 ɢᴇɴᴇʀᴀʟ 】

Name : Elias Nilsson
Sobriquet : Eli
Gender : Male
Age : 24
Species : Human
Hometown : Stockholm, Sweden
Currently living : Where the roleplay is set, moved there when he was too young to really remember his home town

【 ᴘᴇʀsᴏɴᴀʟɪᴛʏ 】

Traits :
- Critical
- Obsessive
- Intolerant
- Difficult
- Hotheaded

- Protective
- Loyal
- Stoic
- Creative

Hobbies :
- Painting
- Drinking
- ???

Habits :
- Jaw clenching through tension
- Drinking
- Pacing
- Chewing on pens/pencils while focused
- Arguing

Fears :
- ???
- ???

【 sᴇxᴜᴀʟ 】

Orientation : Bisexual, heavy male lean
Kinks : Breath play, being in full control, spitting, dominating, begging
Hookups or Relationships : Hookups
Position : Strictly dominant

【 ᴘʜʏsɪǫᴜᴇ 】

Height : 6'4
Hair : Black, short
Eyes : A soft, light blue
Piercings : None
Scars : Multiple around his body, different causes, mostly self inflicted burns

【 ʜᴇᴀʟᴛʜ 】

Drinker? : Yes
Smoker? : Yes
Recreational drug user? : Yes
Which? : Mainly focuses on Xanax
Mental illnesses : Clear signs of OCD, but there's certainly something else wrong with him

【 ʜɪs sᴛᴏʀʏ 】

➥ Elias was fairly normal growing up. It wasn't until he reached puberty that things seemed to change for him.
Nothing about his home life felt like it was enough to trigger such a change in personality, at least from the eyes of his parents of which he was quite close to, up until his father fell seriously ill. When he passed away, he and his mother grew apart, as he distanced himself from that completely. It was then that emotions became a problem for him. He used everything to shut himself off from them, since they were far too overwhelming to deal with.

School became increasingly difficult from the age twelve and onwards. His father was dead, his mom was trying to reach him and he'd continuously shut her out. All of these new feelings were reaching him and he loathed them, simply someone who couldn't handle them, especially as any attempt at any kind of relationship seemed to fail him. In general, Elias had been feeling as though there was something wrong with him for a long while, and that was only amplified by this stage.

Looking back on it by the time he was sixteen, things at home could've been a little better. His father had toxic masculinity issues, seeming to accidentally pass some of them onto Elias, though he found himself not at all being misogynistic unlike his father. His mother had at least managed to drill that into him correctly, with the little communication they had now.
However, unfortunately because of his father's "old ways", it was hard for Elias to come to terms with his sexuality to start with. The confusion frustrated him. It brought him to become quite angry, which lead to many fights at school, enough to land him in therapy quickly. It was actually there that he learned to accept that small part of him, though still so far from fixing himself in general. There was still so much anger and no one, including himself, knew where it was coming from.

By the time he was eighteen he was out partying often. It wasn't until one late night that he was walking home, when someone would attempt to mug him. With a bit of a fight ensuing, it ended with Elias killing the attacker, and he was walking away with a gunshot to the arm.
The police were involved of course, but for some reason he didn't get punished. His mother had tipped them off, paying a hefty amount just to keep him from being charged. It was self defense anyway, why should he be punished?
In a way he wished he had. After taking that man's life, he'd been haunted by that for years following. It never left him, it kept him up at night, and now he felt nothing.

Xanax was regularly abused by him after that, helping him keep numb and he was skipping days. In his early twenties now, he was in the business of selling drugs. He was heavily relied on, making himself known within that scene and keeping himself at a good reputation. It kept money in his pocket, allowing him to hold down his own flat. He never saw his mother anymore.

Most of his days now are spent keeping his house completely clean, getting high, and waiting for texts to request what he has to offer. He doesn't have much drive for success anymore, completely lost but won't admit it.

【 ᴇxᴛʀᴀ / ᴏᴘᴛᴏɴᴀʟ 】

➥ Elias will not physically abuse the people he's in a relationship with, though he will likely be toxic in many other ways. He isn't good with people and doesn't know how to hold down a relationship

➥ Elias is very hard to get involved with, he requires patience and time

➥ Can be found at parties/bars/gigs/concerts
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RP with @Kahlann

Cole's close friend Courtney has asked to go out for a blind date with one of her close friend having no idea who she is beside having red hair, Courtney says she thinks hey would be a good match for each other, as he got told she would invite her to his nightclub Empire tonight, as Cole gives them a private table with a bar to themselves as he waits for her wearing his best suit as he starts out with a sex on the beach c*cktail.
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✧ Yuki ✧

✧ Personal Data ✧
Name: Yuki Sato.
Age: 16-21.
Nationality: Not Identified.
Sex: Male.
Body Build: Athletic.
Weight: 65kg. (145lbs.)
Height: 174cm. ( 5'7".)
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual. (Adjustable.)

✧ Appearance ✧
Eye colour: Black/dark brown.
Hair colour/texture: His hair falls down just a bit under his jaw, it's usually unkempt. He has chestnut brown hair, he sometimes puts it in a small ponytail so his hair doesn't get in the way.
Skin tone: Slightly tanned.
Birthmarks: N/A.
Scars: On his chin, it's barely visible but it's still there.
Tattoos: N/A.
Piercings: Both ears.

✧ Life ✧
Personality: A very sweet and careful guy. He loves reading and especially studying. Whenever he sets his mind on something, he likes to see it exceed his expectations. Will also never gives up that easily, unless being put under severe pressure. He's terribly shy, but tries to hide it, and at the very most, usually isn't successful. Not to mention, he's an orphan.
Occupation: Student, otherwise an animal caretaker.
Hobbies: Exploring, reading.
Interests: Wildlife, anime, literature.
Allergies: N/A.
Relationship: Is currently with no one.
Enjoys: Playing with animals, learning new information from the net.
Hates: Sitting indoors.
Fears: Spiders, enclosed spaces, the dark.

✧ Family ✧
Parents: Both dead.
Siblings: No data recorded.
Other: N/A.

✧ More To Know ✧
Weakness: The dark, timid.
Strengths: Quick thinking, good knowledge of things.
Bad habits: Usually spoils good books or shows.
Pet Peeves: Loud eaters.
Physical State: Completely healthy.
Scent: Sushi, tequila (although, he doesn't drink.)
Dreams: Learning more than he already knows.

Quote: "There's never a limit to knowledge. I want all of it, just like a king who desires riches." - William.

✧ Brief Life History ✧
Willam's parents, Jeremy and Lily, brutally stabbed and thrown off a cliff for illegal trading within the company they both organized. Will himself was sent to an orphanage where, unfortunately as life is, the kids did not accept him, and from time to time he would either get shoved into a locker, wardrobe, or out in the dark streets.
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Aoi Saito

Name: Aoi Saito
Nickname(s): The face of betrayal, Silent wanderer, Ashes on spring grass*
(*In a novel made by his hometown.)
Age: 22~23
Height: 6'1
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi, leaning towards gay
Species: Human
Noticeable features: Tattoos of roses on his upper body with a dragon circling around his right arm, rich green eyes and yet black long sleek hair, often in a ponytail.


~Coming soon~
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✧ Personal Data ✧
Body Build:
Sexual Orientation:

✧ Appearance ✧
Eye colour:
Hair colour/texture:
Skin tone:

✧ Life ✧

✧ Family ✧
Parents: N/A.
Siblings: Hailey. (Little sister that annoys the sh*t out of Andrew.)
Other: N/A.

✧ More To Know ✧
Bad habits:
Pet Peeves:
Physical State:


✧ Brief Life History ✧
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" don't you ever get the feeling

there might be something more out there? "

Vonna Steinne

Von, Vonny



Athletic but a little soft

Long, thick, wavy; brunette

{Skin pigment}
Light skinned with plenty of freckles to go around

Big, almond-shaped.

{Eye color}

Soft grunge, tomboyish with lots of baggy skater pants, flannels and combat boots

Septum and left eyebrow

None yet

Soft spoken, smooth and low for a woman

Fairly calm and nonjudgmental. Free-spirited and unafraid to speak her mind but it truly takes a lot to rub her the wrong way. For the most part she is laid-back. She's not exactly a social butterfly but she loathes solitude for long periods of time

Aspiring botanist. She is currently a traveling photographer documenting rare insects and flowers and lives in a van

Cooking, dancing, meditation, occasionally drawing little comics

✓Metal/alternative music
✓all animals, especially cows
✓cold/rainy weather
✓ scary movies and stories
✓ physical affection
✓ the woods

× being left alone for too long.
× being ignored
× when people talk over her
× rich people

° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °
... coming soon ...
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Name: daniel (danny) tae-yeon
Age: 25
Gender: cisgender male
Sexuality: bisexual
Species/Race: human / asian . black
Birthday: february 5th

Skills: Danny is highly skilled when it comes to blocking (referring to volleyball). he observes each play that is happening in front of him and narrows down those unable to join in the attack and moves in to block on his own will. he is a very experienced read blocker who doesn't get tricked by decoys and is able to quickly track down the ball.

Personality:danny yeon. a polite young man who exerts a sense of calmness and composure no matter what kind of situation he is within. with others, he can be friendly of a person; who while rarely engages himself in conversations first, would always reply back with a smile on his face if asked first. In a way, danny can often be associated with “ nonchalant ” with his composure and ease of efficiency when needing to get things down. it seems like nothing can faze the other, whether is be the stress of his work or the expectations placed on him.
Likes: animals, relaxing in bed with a good book, volleyball, well made cup of coffee, rainy days (only if he’s indoors), being praised for his hard work, witty banter, outdoor Onsens, early morning jogs
Dislikes: being compared to others, not getting any rest, bitter coffee, being called “ dispassionate “, animals in distress

Backstory: a young man with a semi-appreciative family with whom he constantly tries to please. he was born in south korea with an african american mother and asian father, both of which were incredibly strict to young danny; making him join many sports and extracurricular that would incredibly stress the young boy. despite daniel feeling overwhelmed with all of the work placed upon him, he’d bite his tongue and trudge on, for he wanted to receive the sweet praise his parents never seemed to grant him.
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the one that dies first in horror movies

Myles Bloome

My, Myl

Can be male or female depending on RP. Default is female


Soft, semi-athletic

Short, black. Cut around her jawline with shaggy, choppy bangs falling around her eyes and cheeks

{Skin pigment}
Pale ivory


{Face shape}
Ovular but heart-shaped

{Eye color}
Dark brown

Soft grunge, tomboyish/androgynous

Septum, ears

A fox head smoking a cigarette on her left shoulder, a t-rex skull on her right wrist, a big sheet ghost on her inner left thigh and a black widow on the back of her neck

Soft and quiet

Confident and playful. She's a little shy towards strangers but opens up very quickly. She has a big heart with a forgiving nature and willingness to understand the misunderstood. She's very strong-willed and brave as well as a little hot headed

Horror podcaster/journalist. She travels, explores, and documents areas/landmarks/buildings with dark or supernatural pasts, sometimes monster/ghost hunting but usually just reporting how spooky the place is. She isn't afraid to travel alone, even in remote locations looking for folklore or just staying in supposedly "haunted" areas

Writing, poetry, researching homicide, folklore and the occult in search for new destinations, collecting things along the way

✓Metal music
✓ fishnets
✓ black overalls
✓ her black hiking boots
✓ physical affection
✓ horror movies
✓ adrenaline junkie
✓ spooky stuff

× big cities. She still goes for the famous haunted houses but she much prefers remote locations
× Being made fun of for her profession
× being told what to do

° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °
... coming soon ...
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damsel in distress

" Oh dear...
it seems... you've caught me..."

The strange woman's smile grew horribly wide and her eyes rolled back to flash only the vacant, white sides of them. Shark eyes. The empty, white stare remained in place before her eyes finally rolled forward again. And when they did, they were a dark, piercing red. The woman who had seemed to frail and dainty before seemed to have a new, terrifying demeanor.

" ... What ever will I do? "

• • •

Ramona Valentina



Appears to be 21-22

Unknown. A shapeshifter of some kind. Predicted to be some sort of siren or ghoul
× slasher

{Sexual Orientation}


Slender and dainty in human form

Long, black, straight with layers and bangs framing her face

Almond-shaped, dark brown

{Skin tone}
Pale ivory

Russian and Slovak

{Clothing style}
Soft goth/alternative.

Many in her ears, one tongue piercing

{Body mods}
Split tongue

A large snake wrapping around her right thigh and lower torso. Centipede on her neck and an upside down bat across her shoulders on her back

Exotic dancer and thief

Singing, dancing, weightlifting (though you'd never guess from her small frame), and violently murdering potential rapists and murderers and stealing their money.

• rage strength
• can transform her body at will into a creature that looks like her but with sharp teeth, red eyes and pointed ears. Like a vampire that eats the flesh instead of blood
• unnaturally strong, though she pretends to be frail

"Oh, Bunny...

You weren't going to try and run, were you? Did you really think that was going to work? "

Ramona spends her spare time intentionally walking the streets alone at night. She leaves her cups purposely unattended at parties and deliberately sympathizes with anything any random creep might say to her. In a way, she makes herself "the perfect victim". She'll play along and dance the dance long enough to the point of physical violence and kidnapping, preferably when her attacker takes her somewhere more private...
She lets them play their game while she plays hers...
They'll have their fun...

And she'll wait until they're fully confident that things will play in their favor and that she'll do anything they ask. Then... While they're vulnerable... She transforms. She easily can break restraints and has the strength of several large men. Then, she usually overpowers them and dismembers them. Sometimes she eats them, other times the kill seems to be enough to strengthen her. She feeds off any form of violence, but she personally prefers to obtain that sort of energy through violent, vigilante acts such as her game of murder revenge.


She comes out off as sweet and dim-witted but her real personality is devilishly mischievous and loves a good challenge. She's a little short tempered but overall levelheaded
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He sighed softly.
" Isn't there anyone else you can annoy?"

~ ~ ~

Danielle Lovace

Danny, Love

Can be male or female depending on RP. Default is male


Tall and slender, densely muscular

Long, black

{Skin pigment}
Pale, grayish. Completely unblemished

Almond-shaped, hooded and upturned. Usually rimmed with dark makeup

{Eye color}
Dark green, practically black

Soft grunge, favors hoodies and ripped jeans

Bridge, septum, lower labret and tongue

Too many to count

Deep and soft. He speaks quietly yet he's easy to hear

Seemingly nonchalant. The world will implode before he is ever bothered by a single thing. He seems incapable of feeling anger, but can be bluntly annoyed or unamused without remorse. He can be mischievous at times, and playful if he's comfortable with someone, but otherwise he's fairly mellow. Very protective over those he cares about

Aspiring horror novelist, currently working at a tattoo parlor and plays in a band as the drummer.

Writing, practicing instruments, going for runs, skateboarding, drawing new flash designs, reading, sometimes researching old folklore and the occult just for fun

✓Metal music
✓cold weather
✓ horror movies
✓ to be challenged
✓ he's curious about occult lore

× Overly loud/bubbly people. They wear him out.
× Bright, white lights
× Horses
× lavender
× being touched by strangers

° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °
... coming soon ...
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Kinks: Incest
Ageplay(Younger person to older person)
Rough Sex
Excessive Cumming
Public Sex
Use of furniture
Sex Toys

Limits: Rape
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