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Da Rules

Yeah, it took me 2 months to write a rule list. What of it? :3

* I write at least 3 good paragraphs and I would like to match with people that do the same.

* I'm not in character all the time and I'm not serious all the time either. If you don't like a girl cracking jokes and just having a good time, I'm not the partner for you. I don't believe roleplay should be taken seriously. We're just having fun, guys.

* Due to recent traumatic events in my life, I will not do any rps that handle emotional subjects or have a death of a main character (npcs are fine, go wild)

* Other things I will not rp include: abuse, severe depression, self harm, other severe mental illnesses.

* This one is important: I suffer from chronic light sensitive migraines, which only tend to get worse when I'm focusing on something really hard like reading/writing. That means I won't always be able to write replies, even if I'm online.

* I like romance and I'm fine with N*FW content, but only with people over 18.

* Communication is key for everything in life. I will always tell you if there's something wrong and I try not to leave people for more than 4 days without telling them what's up (I'm a college student, sometimes I really don't have time). Talk to me. I'm not scary, I promise.

* I have anxiety, so I expect the same kindness and understanding I give you.
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Alexander Garcia

Basic Info-
Name: Alexander Damien Garcia
Nickname(s): Alex
Name significance/meaning: Defender of men
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birthday: July 12th
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Location: Varies by story
Birthplace: Murcia

Physical Appearance-
Skin Tone: Pale Ivory
Eye Color: Brown
Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown
Birthmarks: a small mark on his stomach
Scars: none
Usual Hairstyle: whatever his hair feels like doing for the day
Tattoos: a few on his upper-mid arms
Piercings: None
Distinguishing Trait: His smile

Personality Traits-
MBTI Personality: ENFP-A
Temperament: Sanguine
Attitude: Alex always has a positive attitude no matter the situation
Flaws: he can be sort of dense sometimes and he will protect those he cares about even if he will be harmed in the process
Phobias: Losing someone he loves
Addictions: nicotine
Stability: Extremely mentally stable
Education: High school diploma and college graduate
Hobbies: Going out with friends and anything physical

Mother: Hannah Garcia (46)
Father: Luis Garcia (48)
Relationship with Mother: He is extremely close with her
Relationship with Father: His father is pretty much his best friend
Sibling(s): Brother(s)- Don Garcia (12), Joseph Garcia (6) Sister(s)- Alexia Garcia (23)
Relationship with Sibling(s): He loves all of his siblings with his whole being. He would do anything for them and wants them to have the best.
Religious Beliefs: No set beliefs- he enjoys hearing everyone’s views on religion
What they think of themselves: He knows his worth. He loves himself a lot. He can seem sort of self-centered at times, but it is never too bad.
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Paris Andreas

Basic Info-
Name: Paris Warren Andreas
Nickname(s): None
Name significance/meaning: From Paris (though he is not)
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Birthday: July 3rd
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Location: Varies by story
Birthplace: Korea but grew up in Italy then America

Physical Appearance-
Skin Tone: Warm Beige
Eye Color: Brown
Natural Hair Color: Black
Birthmarks: a medium sized mark on his side
Scars: None
Usual Hairstyle: He likes to leave it down because he feels prettier with it that way
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Distinguishing Trait: his hair and eyebrows

Personality Traits-
MBTI Personality: INTJ-A
Temperament: Phlegmatic
Attitude: He has a very nonchalant attitude. Not much riles him up
Flaws: Sometimes he can come off as rude without meaning to because of his personality
Phobias: dying alone
Addictions: Nicotine
Stability: Very mentally stable
Education: Highschool diploma and possibly college depending on the story
Hobbies: painting, singing, and reading

Mother: Kim Andreas (59)
Father: Colin Andreas (64)
Relationship with Mother: He loves his mother very much
Relationship with Father: He loves his dad as well
Sibling(s): Brother(s)- n/a Sister(s)- Dallia Andreas (12)
Relationship with Sibling(s): He does not have much contact with his sister, but he loves her a lot
Religious Beliefs: Polytheistic
What they think of themselves: He likes himself well enough- he thinks that he can be pretty cool at times, but also, he is aware of his shortcomings when it comes to other’s emotions.
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With friends like these. (char. connections.)

i. Shelley Marsh. Older sibling, forced to grow up at a young age. Stan and Shelley's relationship is complicated. As a child, she tormented young Stan but this was short-lived growing up. They quickly learned that there was a strength in their shared turmoil and Shelley more often than not had to parent Stan because their parents were preoccupied with their own marital disputes. Stan wasn't grateful at the time and he caused a lot of problems for his sister through his teenage years but has come to appreciate her more now that he is a young adult. He is VERY protective of her, even risking jail time for beating the ever-loving sh*t out of her abusive now ex-boyfriend with a baseball bat.

ii. Debbie Marsh. Playful, loud six-year-old niece whose creativity and foul language knows no bounds. Stan absolutely adores Debbie and he often steps up to the plate taking up a father role without thinking twice. While he is by no means a stand-up role model for Debbie, he is always willing to take time out of his schedule to babysit and even drives her to her ballet recitals on his dirt bike. Honestly, there is no place he'd rather be than sitting on the living room floor with a princess tiara on his head and sharing an amazing imaginary cup of tea with his niece.

iii. Randy Marsh. "Father of the year." Stan f***ing hates his father. Next.

iv. Kyle Broflovski. Super best friend(?). Once upon a time, these two were inseparable. But due to life-changing events, (I.E: Stan developing depression at a young age, and Kyle being unable to reveal his crush on the ever-clueless Stan.) Kyle didn't know how to continue something he was far too young to handle. They inevitably drifted and fell into different friend groups by high school. Obviously hurt and abandoned by this, it resulted in a rather unsavory falling out at a mutual friends' house party. Harsh words were exchanged and regrets were made. In the end, the two left on a very sour note. Now older, Stan laments the loss of his best friend.

v. Theodor "Thumper" Honeycutt. High School buddy with passionate dreams of 'making it big' in WWE. Stan doesn't have the heart to tell him how slim those chances are. Expert at cartwheeling over serious topics and professional jackass. Good ole Thumper is Stan's closest friend since high school and has made it a point to be there for Stan when he needed it the most despite being not so great at handling topics that need a careful hand. Ironically enough, this was why Stan gravitated toward the energetic strawberry blonde. Because he treated Stan like a normal person and not as though he were made of glass. It is no wonder that the pair eventually became roommates with how lax they are around one another.

vi. Wendy Testaburger. On again, off again girlfriend, and f*** buddy. She is the only relationship Stan has had and this expands from current years all the way to being in sixth grade and Stan vomiting every time she spoke to him. They've been a thing for so long Stan has forgotten he has a choice in the matter instead of dragging things on when they are clearly not good for one another and both of them want different things. Maybe he is just echoing his parents' miserable relationship because he doesn't know any other way.
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Alianna Grey

Basic Information-
Name: Alianna Dia Grey
Nickname(s): Addie, Lia, Dia, AD
Name significance/meaning: God has answered me
Gender: Female
Age: 19-25 depending on the story
Birthday: June 30th
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Location: Varies depending on the story
Birthplace: America
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Physical Appearance-
Skin Tone: In between beige and porcelain
Eye Color: Blue
Natural Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5’3
Birthmarks: One on the nape of her neck
Scars: three on her right thigh and one behind her right ear
Usual Hairstyle: she normally keeps it down
Tattoos: multiple on her arms
Piercings: about 8 in each ear
Distinguishing Trait: naturally, her eyes, but otherwise her tattoos

Personality Traits-
MBTI Personality: INFP-T
Temperament: Melancholic
Attitude: She tries to be happy as much as she can. Sometimes she gets into a mood, but she always keeps a smile on
Flaws: she is too kind and unconfrontational to say no
Phobias: Social Phobia (she is extremely good at hiding it), Arachnophobia
Addictions: nicotine and she is working through a self [email protected] addiction
Stability: She is very emotionally and mentally unstable, but she can hide her thoughts and feelings well
Education: High school diploma- may be in college depending on the story
Favorite Foods: anything that was not alive beforehand
Hobbies: sewing, drawing, music, dancing- pretty much everything to do with arts

Mother’s Name: Unknown
Father’s Name: Andrew Grey (36-42 depending on Alianna’s age)
Relationship with Mother: N/A
Relationship with Father: She loves her father with everything in her
Sibling(s): Brother(s)-Keagen Grey (21-27 depending on Alianna’s age)
Relationship with Sibling(s): They are very close- she considers him to be her best friend
Religious Beliefs: Agnostic
What they think of themselves: She thinks that she is a morally good person, but she does have many insecurities, and she does think that sometimes she is not a good person based on her thoughts
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Killian Forest

Basic Info-
Name: Killian Raphael Forest
Nickname(s): Ian, Killi
Name significance/meaning: Bright-headed
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birthday: July 13th
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Location: Varies by story
Birthplace: America

Physical Appearance-
Skin Tone: Ivory
Eye Color: Brown
Natural Hair Color: Red
Birthmarks: Freckles
Scars: quite a few across his chest and on his arms
Usual Hairstyle: he just leaves it in its natural state
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Distinguishing Trait: His red hair and freckles

Personality Traits-
MBTI Personality: ESTJ-A
Temperament: Choleric
Attitude: Angry with the whole world for no reason
Flaws: often acts before he thinks. He gets himself into a lot of trouble that way
Phobias: nothing really
Addictions: alcohol (not a serious addiction)
Stability: Mentally unstable in the sense of having anger issues
Education: Highschool only
Hobbies: boxing

Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Relationship with Mother: n/a
Relationship with Father: n/a
Sibling(s): Brother(s)- n/a Sister(s)- n/a
Relationship with Sibling(s): n/a
Religious Beliefs: Agnostic
What they think of themselves: He is fully aware of his issues concerning his anger, but he does not care
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Persephone Martin

Basic Info-
Name: Persephone Calista Martin
Nickname(s): Percy, Cal, Seph
Name significance/meaning: Bringer of Death
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: June 25th
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Location: Varies by story
Birthplace: Greece
Ethnicity: Greek and French

Physical Appearance-
Skin Tone: Warm beige
Eye Color: greenish
Natural Hair Color: Red
Birthmarks: a small blotch on the bottom of her foot
Scars: One on her neck- multiple on her forearms
Usual Hairstyle: She lets it stay free because it can be hard to manage sometimes
Tattoos: One right above the crook of her right elbow
Piercings: One hole in each ear
Distinguishing Trait: Her beautiful freckles and curly red hair

Personality Traits-
MBTI Personality: ISFJ-T
Temperament: Melancholic
Attitude: She always has a good and happy attitude about what she does.
Flaws: She is kind to the point where she does not defend herself ever
Phobias: androphobia and social phobia
Addictions: None
Stability: Extremely unstable mentally- ADHD, anxiety, and depression
Education: High school education- possibly in college based on the story
Hobbies: reading and drawing

Mother: Gaia Martin (40)
Father: Adrien Martin (43)
Relationship with Mother: she is very close with her mother. She loves her very very much.
Relationship with Father: she loves her dad a lot as well, though she is nowhere near as close with him as she is with her mother, and she has a lot of undealt resentment towards him
Sibling(s): Brother(s)- Reese Martin (23)
Relationship with Sibling(s): Reese is the only family she has that she does not communicate with. She loves him despite everything.
Religious Beliefs: Polytheistic
What they think of themselves: Persephone has a lot of insecurities, and she sees very little worth in herself. She struggles with her self-image immensely
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Luciana Lopez

Basic Info-
Name: Luciana Guerra Lopez
Nickname(s): None
Name significance/meaning: Light
Gender: Female
Age: 18-24 depending on story
Birthday: July 20th
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Location: Varies by story
Birthplace: Madrid

Physical Appearance-
Skin Tone: Warm Ivory
Eye Color: Brown
Natural Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Birthmarks: One on the back of her calf
Scars: A long gash across the bottom of her back from a car accident
Usual Hairstyle: She wears it up pretty much all the time
Tattoos: A date across her left wrist
Piercings: four piercings in each ear, her belly button, and a smiley piercing
Distinguishing Trait: Her nose

Personality Traits-
MBTI Personality: ESTJ-A
Temperament: Choleric
Attitude: She has a bad attitude about practically everything, but never shows it
Flaws: She is a huge liar
Phobias: Thanatophobia
Addictions: None
Stability: she is very stable mentally
Education: High school graduate- possibly in college based on story
Hobbies: Swimming

Mother: Jessica Lopez (56-62)
Father: Mateo Lopez (60-66)
Relationship with Mother: She tolerates her
Relationship with Father: She wishes he would get out of her life most of the time
Sibling(s): Brother(s)- Sebastian Garcia (23-29) Sister(s)- Leah Lopez (Deceased)
Relationship with Sibling(s): She misses her sister with everything, and her brother is the only one who she really likes at all
Religious Beliefs: Agnostic
What they think of themselves: She has no real opinion of herself.
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Alana Ryan

Basic Info-
Name: Alana Sophia Ryan
Nickname(s): Lana, Allie
Name significance/meaning: Precious
Gender: Female
Age: 18-23
Birthday: June 23rd
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Location: varies by story
Birthplace: Westport, Ireland

Physical Appearance-
Skin Tone: Pale Ivory
Eye Color: Blue, green, and gray
Natural Hair Color: Red
Birthmarks: freckles
Scars: a small scar on her finger from falling when she was young, and a few, barely visible scars on her arms and thighs from when she went through a very rough patch of depression.
Usual Hairstyle: She tends to keep it up in a messy bun
Tattoos: None
Piercings: 4 regular holes in each ear, an industrial in her right ear
Distinguishing Trait: Her freckles

Personality Traits-
MBTI Personality: ENFP-A
Temperament: Sanguine/melancholic
Attitude: Alana is probably one of the most positive people you could ever meet. She does everything with a positive mentality
Flaws: She talks before she thinks a lot of the time
Phobias: Nyctophobia, isolophobia
Addictions: weed
Stability: She is fairly stable. She has her moments, though.
Education: High School diploma- possibly in college based on story
Hobbies: Talking, cooking, dancing

Mother: Sierra Ryan (50)
Father: Finn Ryan (54)
Relationship with Mother: She is very close with her mother, and she talks to her about almost everything; their relationship is a bit strained because her mother doesn’t approve of her life choices.
Relationship with Father: She loves her dad a lot, but she is not as close with him because he also disapproves of her lifestyle more so than her mother
Sibling(s): Brother(s)- Kieran Ryan (26) Sister(s)-
Relationship with Sibling(s): completely cut off contact with him. She hates him with all of her being.
Religious Beliefs: Agnostic but she loves to talk about different beliefs
What they think of themselves: She tries, very deep down, to hold herself highly in her own eyes, but sometimes she loathes herself. That is the majority of the reason for her overly bubbly personality and her outgoingness.
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Sebastian Michaelis

(Yet to be written.)
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Cyberpunk 2077 - Rebecca

Rebecca is a very sharp-tongued person, has a tendency to extremes and is unpredictable. She is often shown going all out in fights and in no way shying away from using violence or even killing. Nevertheless, Rebecca is a very loyal person and does everything for the crew of Maine and supports David where she can.

Rebecca is short in stature with soft features, and has bodysculpted her skin to be stark white to contrast with the Mox tattoos on her neck, stomach, and right thigh that reads "PK DK".[Trivia 1] Clothing is minimal for Rebecca as her preferred dress is simply her black bra and underwear, a black, Kitsch, high collar jacket with green accents that goes down below her waist (left half-zipped), and a pair of matching sneakers. Besides the jacket and shoes, she pulls her green hair up into pigtails with a dual clipped hair band. Initially, her cyberware is subtle with only her pink and yellow cyberoptics standing out. Later on, she–mimicking her brother Pilar–utilizes oversized cyberarms in red and blue for right and left, respectively.
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Chou Tzuyu

Other name:Sally Chou
Birth name:Chou Zi-yu (周子瑜)
Birth place:East District, Tainan, Taiwan
Height:170 cm (official),172 cm (approx)
Weight:48 kg (official),50 kg (unofficial)
Years active:2015–present
Blood type:A
Band name:TWICE
Position:Lead Dancer,Sub-Vocalist,Visual,Maknae
Individual color:Blue
Occupational Information
Agency:JYP Entertainment
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so as for rules, I guess be polite, I'm kinda new to roleplaying in general, I will do 1*8+ Roleplay, I like dark themes such as Violence, Horror, suspense, and obviously sci-fi big fan of the Aliens series, honestly just looking to do cross-overs, fun story lines meet lots of really cool, interesting people, I guess that's it really I'm really open to anything else.
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Rant from a Kolliv'an child

[★] | The Kolliv'an Generation | (Phanto's nostalgic rant) | [★]

Gurr'an do. Its my birthday and I am now 30 years old, which in Yexi culture, means two simple things for me now. Today I became a Tyan"Sha'an. Also known as "Wise person" in Yexi culture and society. People now consider me a ref*table person that surely needs to settle down. If I where to be honest however I don't feel a day over 25 and still feel like a nostalgic fool.

Yes, as an ex Royal Courier, I've done many things and seen many places throughout the Karamaya, and although I see myself as a child of the Yexi-Divide I am non the less, immensely grateful for every day I get to live in the new Yexi Territories. Although I must admit, as a Kolliv'an child I do miss the days of olde, there are just so many little things that I'd like to have again.

I grew up in the streets of Nagamasourry and was born in 7047. I remember back then it was the end of the Cold-War with the Northerners. Of course, at the time not too many average citizens cared about such a thing, outside from movies and announcements of the R.Y.A nobody truly payed much mind to our fellows across the Mediterranean. I certainly didn't too busy eating Fish sticks and jerky while attending school and my child modelling career with father back then. Family issues aside, the big city was a cradle of its own but we had way more militarism back then that much I do recall. Tanks and armored vehicles crossed district 21 all day while smoke of the T.S.A arms factories also filled the orange skies like black columns leading to the palpable kingdom of the skies.

I remember R.Y.A also having much more influence on our daily lives. They used to present in schools, sponsor our trips to museums and even have experts come and teach us stuff back then. We where pretty dumb back then so having people on
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꒰ enemies to friends rp / mxm ꒱

•. ° . * ꒰ new rp post! ꒱ •. ° . *
꒰ genre ꒱ mxm, school, casual, life, enemies to friends

My character and your character do not really get along well, because your character is kind of a bully who picks on everyone. Your character especially likes to bully and tease my character at times. It's the start of a new school semester and in one of the classes the professor assigns a study partner to each student at random. Your character gets is chosen to be my character's study partner for the rest of the school semester.

At first things were a bit awkward but our two characters learned to tolerate each other after a few weeks, your character still casually bullies my character and after school your character usually stops by my character's home to read my character's notes and my character is the one that helps your character with studying and assignments.

One day after school your character is at my character's place and they are relaxing in my character's room while my character helps with school assignments, the weather that day was especially bad there was really heavy snow that day and it had been falling fast. Your character notices the weather and sees the alert on their phone warning residents to stay indoors because of the heavy snow storm. Your character decides that they would be staying for the night.

꒰ we will continue the rp from this point. ꒱
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