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✦ Boundaries ✦

I won't bother too much with making rules for a private profile, but I will establish boundaries, however:

1. This is a whimsical profile with depressing, psychological elements. I edge on the side of horror, but not quite. If topics such as suicide, self-harm and depictions of unreality are disturbing to you, you may want to pass my profile up.

2. I prefer supernatural settings, and likewise, I would like you to as well.

3. Scenarios like bossxemployee, teacherxstudent, and the like aren't done here. I prefer something less geared to er*t*cism and romance.

4. Who you are outside of rp does matter, and will determine whether you are added or not. If you display weirdness or are known for being a creep, you will be blocked instantly, no if ands or buts.

5. Despite the prior rule, I will welcome most profiles. The exceptions I may make are canon universes and characters, as I would rather rp with other creatives.

6. If we aren't a match, I will unadd you. It's nothing personal, it's likely because our conversation or roleplay was going nowhere.

7. Please, please, please message me first if you add me first. I will return the favor!

8. If you add, please have a concrete idea of what you would like. Vague ideas leave me scratching my head, and scrambling about for something that may interest you.

9. If I come up with all the ideas, YOU write a starter. It doesn't even need to be multi para. Just give me enough information and set up the mood!

10. I am an artist and have a whacky sleeping schedule... due to this, I will be on at random and weird times. Don't fret though, I will get to your reply.

11. I will not chase anyone down for a reply. It's not how I do things. If it's been over a month and I haven't heard from you, I may check in on you... still no reply? It's okay, I'll be a little sad though if I liked our rp.

12. I will not add anyone under 18. The topics discussed here aren't suitable for a young brain... you can read other things that are relative to my subject matter with parental guidance.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Voidling | 28 minutes ago

Looking for RP partners #1 - Cat (Anthro) life

I always wanted to do an all big cat pride and male lion as alpha, I can play either male or female and ideas are open just message me if this interested you

- romance is a must XD
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Real-life/Non-fiction OC: Tristan Aguilar

Name: Tristan Aguilar
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican
Nationality: American
Birthday: August 5th, 2000
Religion: Atheist
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Occupation(s): Freelance Game Developer, Lead Singer of ‘PRIMAL’, Delivery/Truck Driver, Criminal, Private Investigator (dependent on plot and can be changed)
Age: 24
Height: 5’ feet 10” inches (177.8 centimeters)
Weight: 183 lbs. (83 kg)

Face claim: Toni Mahfud

Theme Song: Fine Again - Seether

Madeline Aguilar (mother)
Ruben Aguilar (father)
Christian Aguilar (brother)

Tatsuya Ukyo (best friend)
Angel Polinski (ex-girlfriend)
Pastor Murdock (mentor, pastor)
Jen Graves (bandmate, friend-with-benefits)

Hobbies: video games, music, working out, cooking, writing, karaoke, singing, hiking, swimming, kayaking, sailing, sculpting, sketching, picking out flowers, gardening, customizing cars and motorcycles, 3D modeling, reading, kickboxing, eating, social media

Likes: women, Japanese cuisine, traveling, fitness, Old San Juan, nu-metal, industrial metal, loud music, dark humor, dark poems, mystery books, witchcraft, beaches, islands, open roads, meditation, peace, mosh pits, brawls, romance, sex, rebellion, soul, violent video games, dark stories, dark songs, (ask about more)…

Dislikes: fast food, traffic, metropolitan areas, pop, love songs, boredom, awkward silence, rules, control, bad attitudes, cities, public transportation, subscriptions, weakness, feeling sick, feeling fatigued, depression, multiplayer games, social norms, double standards, frustration, (ask about more)…

Tristan Aguilar was born to Madeline Aguilar and Ruben Aguilar in San Juan, Puerto Rico on August 5th, 2000. He was born into a life of poverty because of his parents massive debt and spending issues while living in Puerto Rico. With the economy growing worse for the island and well paying jobs nearly non-existent, he and his parents took the leap of faith by moving to America. They lived in Manhattan, New York until Tristan was the age of 10. Then they moved to Greenwich, Connecticut. From that point on, Tristan finished all of his education in Greenwich and studied Game Development in Rhode Island at the age of 20.

During his time in college, he made two inseparable friends named Tatsuya Ukyo and Jen Graves. They met during a Songwriting Workshop. With Pastor Murdock, Tristan befriended the Pastor after attending Church as a means to recover from his horrible first relationship. His first lover and now ex, Angel Polinski, made him suffer through a violent and toxic relationship that caused Tristan to become suicidal and addicted to drinking.

At 24 years old, Tristan completed rehab and has been sober for over a year. From this point on, he lives his life rebelling against social norms and wearing his heart on his sleeve. He’s proud of his recovery and proud of moving on from Angel, living life to its fullest after reconnecting with himself.
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0 | 0 Comments | by REBELLION | 51 minutes ago

My super easy rules!

1: no one liners please

2: please use commas and other grammar or else it gets a little hard to read. I’m okay with you sent first person, I will always write in third though.

3: Limits are as followed,
Nothing morally wrong: incest, body harm, bodily fluids, slavery, racism, age gaps, and any body morphing

Kinks and Okays: light b*sm, vanilla, toys and overstimulation, consensual, cunnalingus, switching

4: I don’t do anything involving canon plots, only freshly made stories

5: please don’t try to like…give me an oc to play, or make me choose one for you- it’s really fusterating and I feel like us both won’t enjoy the rp then
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☪︎ | everything i do,

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0 | 0 Comments | by devour | 4 hours ago

☪︎ | you do along with me

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☪︎ | no matter where you run,

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☪︎ | you cannot hide from me

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- Helena Silverblade -

“Oh, the glory ov the Sun, basks upon thee and showeth thy path among the darkness.”

Story: Original Content
Name: Helena Silverblade
Profession: Fallen Knight - Chevalier
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Size: 1.78m human form.
Favorite song: Corona de Siete Azahares - Carlos Viola

Personality: Helena is a complex tapestry of resilience, self-doubt, and unwavering determination. Once a stalwart defender fueled by unwavering faith, the trauma of the Ascendance shattered her beliefs, leaving her adrift in search of a new purpose. Despite the shadows that linger from her past, she carries herself with a quiet strength and an unyielding resolve. Helena's introspective nature is haunted by the echoes of her former allegiance and the relentless pursuit of redemption.

Appearance: Helena Silverblade presents a stoic countenance, marked by the indelible scar that runs across her features—a reminder of battles fought and trials overcome. Her shoulder-length white hair is slick and oiled, embodying a blend of resilience and determination that defines her warrior spirit. Her armor lost the Golden sacred hue, once the Ascendance took place, morphing into silver and steel, now battered, broken and unrepaired 'As Everything is Under the Shadow Cast upon thy Accursed Bodies'.


Night Vigil: Helena seeks solace in the silent sentry of the night, finding solace beneath the watchful gaze of the stars that pierce the darkness.

Scar Ritual: Before each battle, she traces the path of her scar—a ritual that serves as a poignant reminder of past failures and a wellspring of inner strength.


Weapons: Helena uses a longsword and sometimes a lance when she is mounted on Serverich, her war-horse.

Blade of Dawn: Helena wields a radiant blade, infused with the essence of the sun, channeling its brilliance to smite foes and shield allies in peril.

Sunfire Resilience: Her connection to the sun bestows upon her resilience against the encroaching shadows, fortifying her physical and mental endurance in the face of adversity.


Background: Hailing from the revered Order of the Three Suns, Helena Silverblade once stood as a paragon of honor and faith. However, the cataclysmic event known as the Ascendance shattered her beliefs and threw her into disgrace. The Ascendance, a devastating phenomenon, obliterated the Third Sun of the order, a symbol representing unity and kinship among its members. This event propelled Helena into a journey of redemption, a quest to reignite the flames of the lost sun and restore her honor and glory within the Order, but also to rediscover her sense of purpose and identity in a world fractured by the shadow of the Ascendance.

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name | nico.
age | twenty-two.
ojd | 2018(?)
acc | @teddy


one | be over 18. i do not feel comfortable roleplaying with minors.

two | do not try to force romance between our characters. please, let's develop things slowly. i'd much rather have solid friends here than anything else.

three | most, if not all, of my characters deal with triggering topics. i make sure to tag posts accordingly, but if you feel uncomfortable, please unadd me. you're also responsible for the content you consume.

four | do not take my character's words as my own. they're a character and will say and do things i may not agree with. i'm not them! if you have a problem with their behavior, please unfriend me. do not try to lecture me out of character.

five | i have a life outside of the site, and often struggle with time management. if i take a bit to respond, know i'm not ignoring you. i either forgot or have a lot of things to get to.

six | no out-of-character drama. i'm a chill, friendly admin, and am always down to make new friends. but i've had bad experiences before and won't let them ruin my time here. if you have any problem with me, either talk about it with me or unfriend me.


・lee jeno | @injury | active.
・park jisung | @gentle | active.
・sung hanbin | @sugary | active.
・sung hanbin | @bratty | semi-active.
・sung hanbin | @caring | semi-active.
・lee haechan | @string | semi-active.
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0 | 0 Comments | by gentle | 4 hours ago


this blog will give an overview of jisung's concept as a fox spirit. this au is inspired by the rise of the guardians (2012), japanese mythology, as well as other media i have consumed over the years. if you have any questions about it, you can message me.

✭ | INDEX.

01. kitsunes
02. guardians
03. jisung himself
04. and more



kitsunes are a supernatural species of japanese fox spirits. they exist in a realm different from our own, referred to as the spirit world. the spirits have existed since the beginning of time, and can only come to the human world if they take a physical form, by the possession of a human, named “vessels.”

there are thirteen types of kitsunes, each with its own set of powers and names that influence the human world. they are, in order of importance, as follows:

→ celestial.
→ time.
→ spirit.
→ thunder.
→ ocean.
→ earth.
→ fire.
→ wind.
→ forest.
→ mountain.
→ river.
→ music.
→ void.

there are three types of foxes: tenkos, zenkos and yakos. the first two are benevolent spirits. to distinguish themselves, void kitsunes are often named nogitsunes, or yakos. however, any malevolent spirit, whose desire is not to improve and help humans, but to kill or cause harm, is called yako.

the hierarchy of power for kitsunes in the spirit world goes as follows: celestial, spirit, time, all elemental spirits, music, and void. in the human world, however, elemental spirits take a higher place given their power to interact with the world physically.


tenkos are good kitsune that possess divine powers, so celestial, time, and spirit foxes. of all the kinds of kitsune, they are the highest ranking. they have lived for, at least, one thousand years, possessing golden, silver, or white fur, and multiple (usually four) bushy tails.

they are spiritual beings without physical bodies, so their actual appearance depends upon the form they decide to take, but they appear as god-like humans.

tenkos are often worshiped as gods by humans, and they are known to grant boons and favors to the people who revere them. like other kitsune, tenkos can possess humans. when they do so, their host gains the tenko’s power of clairvoyance and can correctly predict any future event.

habitat | the sky, or their shrines.
diet | none; they no longer feed on human life force.


zenkos are good, virtuous kitsune with regular powers. amongst themselves, they have a very complex hierarchy, switching completely if they're in the spirit world or the human world. they usually have lived for, at least, two decades, and possess normal fur, and either one tail or none at all.

zenkos serve as the personification of their element and can live normally alongside humans without causing any harm. zenkos can shapeshift from their vessel to fox form and usually switch vessels every couple of years.

habitat | forests, fields, mountains, and shrines.
diet | omnivorous.

✭ | YAKOS.

nogitsune, also frequently called yako, are a type of evil spirit, with no divine soul or strong connection to humans. they're low-ranking and wild, often the culprits for human torment and undesired possession. they take a liking to torturing other fox spirits, as well.

habitat | fields, forests, and wild areas.
diet | omnivorous; they particularly like wax, oil, lacquer, and women’s life force and blood.

✭ | FACTS.

→ all spirits possess a collection of abilities, but in common, they share enhanced speed, strength, accelerated healing, and agility/reflexes.

→ a kitsune’s power depends heavily on how long it has lived.

→ killing a kitsune is a hard task. defeating and controlling it? not so much.
to control a kitsune and rip it of its powers, one must perform a ritual. the right time for the ritual depends on the spirit one is trying to control. time zenkos are the only ones that don’t have a set time for their summoning ritual. it can be performed at any time.

→ the ritual demands one ritual circle, an incantation, and a small offering (anything of personal significance to the caster). once the ritual is done, the caster will have full ownership of said fox spirit, able to control it until it's given its freedom back.

→ to defeat and send a kitsune back to the spirit world, the same ritual must be performed. however, the kitsune must be physically trapped within the circle.



guardians are immortals created and chosen by the man on the moon or the lady on the sun, to protect humans and help bring balance to the world. each guardian has a special quality, known as their "center." this quality is what makes them a guardian; it's what they put into the world.

→ sandman | guardian of dreams.
→ curupira | guardian of nature.
→ haneul | guardian of lovers.
→ katherine | guardian of storytelling.
→ saci-perere | guardian of excitement.
→ sakura | guardian of kindness.
→ tooth fairy | guardian of memories.
→ ayumu | guardian of selflessness.
→ santa claus | guardian of wonder.
→ easter bunny | guardian of hope.

(and others...)

✭ | FACTS.

→ guardians are divided into sun and moon, operating at different times, following the one who created them.

→ all guardians have once been mortal. some of them remember who they were, how they died, and how they were picked, but not all.

→ all guardians need to exercise their center frequently, to be remembered. if a guardian is forgotten, they will begin to fade away. if a guardian fades away, they cannot be brought back.

→ some guardians communicate normally with their creators. others, not so much.

→ most guardians are known and cherished in different cultures.



seventy years ago, jisung, the vessel of a zenko, drowned when rescuing his younger brother. after being rescued by the man on the moon, who thought he was a mere human, he became the first fox spirit chosen to be a guardian.


enhanced musical skills | exceptional musical prowess, with the ability to play any instrument flawlessly. however, jisung prefers to stick to his guitar more than anything else.
soothing melodies | the power to create melodies that can calm and pacify others. jisung's melodies have healing properties, easing pain or emotional distress in those who hear them.
voice mimicry | the ability to mimic any voice perfectly, whether human or animal, allowing the fox spirit to communicate or deceive effectively.
illusion | jisung can use music to create illusions to deceive the senses of others.

✭ | FACTS.

→ jisung has only talked to the man on the moon twice. he gets along well with the lady on the sun.

→ he doesn't need to change vessels and is physically stronger than most zenkos his age due to the man on the moon's powers.

→ he has no memory of his past, and struggles to remember things after a while, so he always feels like a blank slate after a couple of years.

→ talks to animals. understand them perfectly.

→ unlike other fox spirits and guardians, jisung can only be seen when humans are happy. if a human is emotionally distraught, or experiencing any bad emotions, jisung becomes invisible to them and has to first make them happy before they can see him again.

→ due to the nature of his creation, he isn't welcomed or approached by other fox spirits and is looked down upon by celestial foxes.

→ unlike all other kitsune, he doesn't have a shrine. he isn't worshipped. or remembered. similarly, he isn't recognized as a popular guardian, as he's trapped in the forest.

→ he gets along nicely with humans and has strong connections with scouts and campers. jisung helps them often.

→ he has interacted with only a few other guardians. he tends to pull tricks on them for fun.

→ given his nature as a guardian, jisung cannot lie. he's an honest soul, and trying to lie makes him physically sick.



→ vessels | these are the spirit’s physical form, granted with the possession of a nearly-dead human. some vessels are weak and cannot sustain the spirit’s power for long.

→ more to be added.
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warning (?) | mentions of death and amnesia.

✭ | INDEX.

01. general information
02. appearance
03. personality
04. likes & dislikes
05. habits
06. favorites
07. health
08. relationships


( name. ) jisung.
( nicknames. ) ji.
( titles. ) guardian of laughter.
( gender. ) cisgender male.
( pronouns. ) he/him.
( age. ) decades old, looks eighteen.
( birthday. ) february 5th.
( birthplace. ) unsure.
( sexuality. ) queer / thinks he's asexual.
( species. ) spirit.
( occupation. ) guardian.
( relationship status. ) single.
( religion. ) spiritualist.


( faceclaim. ) park jisung of nct dream.
( voiceclaim. ) park jisung of nct dream.
( height. ) 5'11 ft / 180 cm.
( hair. ) black hair.
( eyes. ) chocolate brown.
( scars. ) none.
( tattoos. ) none.
( notes. ) unlike other fox spirits, jisung holds no resemblances to a fox, seemingly more innocent and prey-like. he has a youthful, delicate face with sweet eyes, rosy cheeks and a big, heart-shaped smile. in all honesty, he doesn't care that much about his appearance. he smells like spring, and can be seen carrying his guitar around.


( mbti. ) esfp. | extrovert, sensing, feeling, perceiving.
( moral alignment. ) chaotic good.
( love language. ) quality time.
( attitude. ) being the guardian of fun, jisung is very excitable, and recognized by others as a professional yapper. he tries not to annoy people, but he physically can't shut up about things sometimes. he's very sweet and overtaken with childlike wonder. made of love, the fox spirit adores meeting people and sharing things with them. he has a thirst for knowledge, for new things, and is so easily impressed that everything makes him go :o!!!! jisung always has a smile on his face, even when he's struggling, because he wants to be a source of comfort for people. and you can always count on him. no matter what — he'll love you always.

✭ | LIKES.
→ nature.
→ flowers.
→ music.
→ playing.
→ having fun.
→ marshmallows.
→ making friends.

→ getting hurt.
→ boring people.
→ staying still.
→ thunderstorms.
→ being ignored.
→ being told to shut up.

→ guiding kids.
→ singing to plants.
→ chasing other foxes.
→ learning about humans.

→ playing with his hair.
→ speaking in rhymes.

( color. ) green.
( animal. ) all animals.
( flower. ) red poppy.
( season. ) spring.
( food. ) sweets.
( song. ) the moon song.
( album. ) has never heard one.
( book. ) has never read one.
( movie. ) has never seen one.
( anime. ) has never seen one.
( videogame. ) has never played one.
( person. ) all children!


( physical. ) good | no glaring issues.
( mental health. ) decent | adhd, amnesia, autism.

( phobias. )
→ astraphobia | fear of dying alone.
→ aquaphobia | fear of water.

( medication. ) he doesn't need it!
( allergies. ) fox charms. not quite allergies, but it makes him itchy.
( sleeping habits. ) very bad.
( energy level. ) 200000%? ball of energy!
( memory. ) ... bad. let's keep it at that.


( family. ) has no recollection of his family.

→ park sarang | deceased. mother.
→ park jihyuck | deceased. father.
→ park yujin | deceased. little brother.

( positive. )
→ the sun.
→ the moon.

( neutral. )
→ other guardians.

( dislikes. )
→ any and all nogitsune / yakos.

( love interest. )
→ planned romance with hyunjin @devour.

( pets. )
→ all forest animals.

( exes. )
→ tooth fairy | apparently, she thought they were dating?

( enemies. )
→ everyone who refuses to obey him.
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✭ | FACTS.

→ to be added.


  01. song | artist

  02. song | artist

  03. song | artist

  04. song | artist

  05. song | artist

+ to be added.
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I didn't want to have do this but I guess I have to.

Number one if you're doing to roleplay with me just know the whole rp isn't going to be about sex, if you do then this account isn't for you. I like to rp other things besides sex.
For example if we roleplay an zombie apocalypse I want to be based on that, not having sex in the apocalypse all the time.

Number two no minors please

Number three I like to be descriptive I know my writing could be bad at times but I'm truly working on it the best that I can.

Number 4 there could be times that I'm offline I do have a life, and I do have mental illness where there's times when I don't want to talk to anyone I just need to be left alone, I hope everyone can understand.
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┈─ basics. [ ] ❜៹
▸ Yoshiaki Ohta
▸ 26
▸ Male
▸ Bisexual (heavily leans towards men)
▸ He/Him
▸June 20th
▸ Human
▸ Japanese
▸ Host at a nearby Host club

┈─ appearance. [ ] ❜៹
▸ 5’11”
▸ 175 lbs
skin color
▸ Warm Ivory
eye color
▸ Green
hair color
▸ Brown
▸ N/A
cup size
▸ N/A
▸ a few along his arms from past scuffles
▸ Multiple along his ears, tongue piercing
▸ Plenty of jewelry
▸ Cut short, he takes great pride in his hair, often styling it to perfection.
▸ Often dresses in what he would consider street attire
physical disease(s) ꒱
▸ N/A

┈─ personality. [ ] ❜៹
▸ Yoshiaki is a carefree young man who likes to live life in the moment and is desperate to be in the know with any and everything. He also has a habit of speaking loudly and in a quick manner without taking much notice of it. He is often said not to be liked by many of his coworkers because of his lax attitude and view toward things, completely unbeknownst to him.
positive traits
▸ Easygoing
▸ Talkitve
▸ Outgoing
negative traits
▸ Slow to the uptake
▸ Speaks extremely loudly
▸ Visiting popular spots
▸ records
▸ Horror Fiction
▸ Cats (due to being allergic)
꒰ hobbies ꒱
▸ Collecting rings
▸ Twisiting the ring on his finger (mainly when he lies or is nervous)
▸ Biting the inside of his cheek
▸ N/A
mental disease(s) ꒱
▸ N/A

┈─ backstory. [ ] ❜៹
▸ After moving to the city by himself at the age of 21, who wouldn’t want to explore their newfound freedom? Yoshiaki was free to do whatever he pleased whenever and however and this was not an opportunity he planned on passing in the slightest.

Drinking, drugs, anything that could give him the feel of being his own person and the expression that came along with it. Living an extremely controlled life by his parents being his main driving factor. There wasn’t much time for relations of any kind, platonic or not. His days were filled mainly with studying and future building. This wasn’t appealing to the young boy, he longed for more. He studied in college for two years before dropping out and moving out on his own with money he had been saving up from a prior job he had. Now that he was on his own, he was ready to make up for all that lost time.

His appearance took a drastic change with new colored hair every other week, multiple piercings, and new flashy and trendy clothes - he was finally the man he wanted to be. Partying every weekend, dabbling in different substances, and even trying his hand at gambling which eventually turned into an addiction, he was living his best life! Of course until he’d gotten a bit too confident in his skills and landing himself into quite the steep amount of debt. The job he works at the host club however isn’t enough to pay for his mistakes. He then turns to petty crimes, pick pocketing, small time scams, and the occasional large scale crime if persuaded enough.

— WIP —

┈─ relationships. [ ] ❜៹
▸ The two are still on speaking terms, despite not being as close as they used to be.
▸ After he dropped out of college and moved out, his father was the first to make his disappointment known. Unless he absolutely has to, the two steer clear of each other.
▸ Hanako - His younger sister. The two get along quite well.

┈─ extras. [ ] ❜៹
▸ He constantly redyes his hair as if it’s an accessory.
▸ He gets quite upset when people use the nickname Shiki towards him. That is a nickname specifically used by his sister.
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