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JD wasn't to far off on Ram, as he is still on the fence about his sexuality
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0 | 0 Comments | by Sweeney_1 | 42 minutes ago

ツ rules ツ

1. Mxm only, i’ll only accept female profiles if you do mxm.
2. I’m only comfortable being a bottom :))
3. Nsfw is completely okay but i obviously don’t want it to be the whole plot, i like having some plot too :)
4. I can get bad at replying, i reply mentally and then completely forget to actually reply lmao, you can check up on me after a few days! just please don’t spam me every hour
5. Lets be nice to eachother, role playing is a safe space! Lets not make it stressful
6. Please please please put some effort into replies, at least 5+ lines. If there’s absolutely nothing else you can write it’s fine, i understand it’s not easy for everyone. At least try!!
7. I’m in the uk timezone, but i have a bad sleeping schedule. I’ll normally be active from 9pm-6am :)

that’s all for now! like so i know you read it and i’ll look forward to speaking to you!
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2 | 0 Comments | by grayy | 2 hours ago

                  Klaus Reinhardt (not available).

                  ♔ general ♔

                 full name
                  ♚ Klaus Erwin Reinhardt
                  ♚ None
                  ♚ Human
                  ♚ Male
                  ♚ Male
                  ♚ Twenty-three
                  ♚ March 6
                  ♚ Pisces
                  ♚ Caucasian
                  ♚ German
                  ♚ German
                  ♚ Native; German. Learned; English

                  ♕ physical ♕

                 skin tone
                  ♛ Fair
                  ♛ Around 170 lbs; 77 kg
                  ♛ Around 6 ft; 183 cm
                  ♛ Broad
                 natural hair color
                  ♛ Blonde
                 eye color
                  ♛ Hazel
                 other features
                  ♛ Left ear pierced

                  ♖ relations ♖

                  ♜ biological mother; Tabea Hering
                  ♜ biological father; Xaver Reinhardt
                  ♜ step-father; Marlon Schönlau
                  ♜ step-brother; Lennart Schönlau. 28
                  ♜ step-brother; Jasper Schönlau. 23
                  ♜ None
                 current relationship
                  ♜ None
                  ♜ Homosexual, but in self-denial
                  ♜ Yes

                  ♙ mentality ♙

                  ♟ Painting
                  ♟ Reading
                  ♟ Sculpturing / Wood Carving / Pottery
                  ♟ Taxidermy(ing) Insects
                 mental illnesses
                  ♟ Depression
                  ♟ None
                 habits and traits
                  ♟ good; patient. selfless. motivated.
                  ♟ bad; weak-willed. could think things through better. secretly sensitive. communication issues. denies himself.
                  ♟ neutral; emotionally over intellectually driven
                  ♟ weird;
                  ♟ Self Deprecates/Low Self Esteem
                  ♟ Won't give in to the fact that he's gay

                  ♘ life style ♘

                 place of birth
                  ♞ Monschau, Germany
                 current residence
                  ♞ South Korea
                  ♞ Graduated high school, Art School drop out
                  ♞ Selling paintings, sculptures, wood carvings, pottery, and framed taxidermied insects
                  ♞ around 15k

short description/backstory -

klaus was born to a single mother who barely made enough to support the both of them. when he was around the age of seven, she married a man who had two sons - one older than klaus and one the same age, and they were financially stable. typical story it was, his stepfather favored his biological sons, leaving klaus with his mother when they'd go get ice cream or see something cool. as toxic masculinity began to shape his stepbrothers, he was seemingly left out - preferring to be friends with his female classmates, not having interest in sports but art, being bashful, and so on. however, as these things became more prevalent in his life, he was often shamed and belittled by the men of the house, which soon enough left him with inner turmoil and an identity crisis at an early age. such treatment went on for years, his mother never agreeing with it, but never stopping it either.
even so, klaus became a momma's boy. he had no other immediate family members that loved him besides her, so years later when she was diagnosed with cancer, it took a toll on him. she died about four years ago, and that's when his passion for art, which had only been a suppressed interest of his beforehand, really took off. quickly and miraculously becoming talented, the man got accepted into an art school, though had to drop out when he realized that he simply didn't have enough money to afford attending school and living by himself simultaneously.

every artist had a breakthrough. after working a small job and gaining enough money, klaus decided to travel to korea to help him continue bettering as an artist. now he's unemployed, doing multiple artistic things in order to continue making money, though most don't sell.
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0 | 0 Comments | by EPILOGUE | 2 hours ago

Never is enough

Right out the jump I was head over heels, you should've heard the way you made my heart skip a beat, you were my kryptonite baby, funny thing is there was alot more red lights then green lights, staying up every night rewatching those fights in my head
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0 | 0 Comments | by Dezi16 | 2 hours ago


『』Natalie Yaegar
『』18 | 5’0| 115lbs
『』September 5 | Virgo
『』Female | Les
『』nicknames: Nat, Talie, Nana.

h/c: Naturally brown but she dyed it pink. It’s wavy and reaches her hips. She usually has it styled in different ways, depending on her mood.
e/c: Icy blue eyes that almost look grey.
skin: Fair with chubby, blushy cheeks. It’s smooth and clear.
build: She’s slim.
tattoo(s): None.
piercing(s): Just her ears
other:has dimples.

『』personality: It’s hard for her to have a specific mood. Usually she can be energetic and happy, but her mood can quickly change from that to bitchy. She puts people before herself in order to make sure they’re okay. She doesn’t know what’s happening but wants to be there to help and support you.

Though, that’s only on the outside. She can switch up on you real fast.
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0 | 0 Comments | by sluttybratt | 3 hours ago


『』Celestia Lux
『』18 | 5’0 | 115lbs
『』February 28 | Pieces
『』Female | Les
『』nicknames: Cece, Cel, Tia, Celly, C, Elly.

h/c: Naturally, a honey blonde. It hangs far past her shoulders in layered waves, reaching her lower back. She usually has it styled in different ways, depending on her mood.
e/c: A pale shade of olive green eyes.
skin: tan. It’s smooth and clear.
build: She’s slim.
tattoo(s): One on her wrist: a small black and white tattoo of a lotus flower.
piercing(s): Just her ears

『』personality: Celestia is a total energetic girl. She loves to have fun, dance around, and be carefree. She does what she wants and tries to have a good time. Always joking, smiling, and taking almost nothing seriously. Though she seems obnoxious, arrogant, and reckless-- Celestia is actually very highly intelligent. She is a fast thinker and has a higher IQ than most people assume. She just prefers to have fun than to study or do something like that.

likes: pastel colored things, sweets, getting in trouble and being bratty.
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0 | 0 Comments | by sluttybratt | 3 hours ago

ʏᴇs’ ᴀɴᴅ ɴᴏ ɴᴏ’s

Yes: Mdlg, romance, SFW, N*FW, cute stuff and some fandoms (I only do OCs, you can play a cc if you want)

No:Incest, Pedophilia, Cheating, Males, Furries, Nekos, blood, murder, giantesses rps and anything taboo or related to any of that.
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0 | 0 Comments | by sluttybratt | 3 hours ago


[➳] I only do FxF. No MxM and no MxF. Do not ask me to rp as a guy.
[➳] I do semi-lit to literate roleplays! I never roleplay with oneliners, it’s just not interesting to me. (5 lines minimum please.)
[➳] I’m a sub, I mentioned this more than once, if you approach me and ask me to dominate you, I’ll simply unfriend you.
[➳] You control your character’s actions and I control mine.
[➳] I do 3rd POV only, please no ** or - -.
[➳] No furries, I will not do anything thats related to furries, males, nekos or f*tas.
[➳] Try to keep grammar/punctuation mistakes to a minimum! I understand some people’s first language isn’t English, so try to make it easy for me to understand or read. I will try and do the same for you.
[➳] Have an OC ready, I find it awkward rping with someone when I don't know what their character looks like.
[➳] You add, you message.
[➳] You have 3 days to message before I unfriend you, just like everyone else, I’m here to RP not to collect numbers.
[➳] If we started RPing and you suddenly stopped replying, I’ll message you after 3 days and if you don’t reply after a week and you’re online, bye bye.
[➳] Send me your favorite fruit.
[➳] Have fun and if you want to change something/restart don’t be scared to tell me instead of ghosting me. I’m nice I promise, even though my rules are kinda bitchy.
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0 | 0 Comments | by sluttybratt | 3 hours ago


1. Grinding with clothes.
2. Being degraded.
3. Rape.
4. Being smacked/bitten/beaten.
5. Being slapped on the ass.
6. Giving blow jobs.
7. Groping.
8. Passionate kissing.
9. Controlling my orgasms.
10. Neck kissing/biting.
11. Touching myself in front of you.
12. Hair pulling.
13. Anal (me).
14. Yelling/arguing sex.
15. Pool sex.
16. Public sex/teasing.
17. Teasing.
18. Edging/drilling.
19. Orgasms in clothes.
20. F***ing my breast.
21. F***ing my breast and I like your d*ck in the process.
22. Pet play.
23. Master x Slave.
24. Bdsm.
25. D*cked to my knees.
26. Me begging.
27. Dominant, husky voice.
28. Being tied.
29. Soft dominant.
30. Hardcore dominant.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Dose_Of_Submission | 3 hours ago



Brown eyes

Samuel was grew up the oldest of seven kids and left home as soon as he was eighteen in order to live his own life. He stayed with his boyfriend who he met only once prior and moved out soon after, discovering they had a lot of trouble getting along. In relationships he is very understanding and strives to make his partner happy, but not the extent that he himself would be unhappy or feel unsafe.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Clloudy | 3 hours ago



Brown hair
Green eyes

Jack is quiet and standoffish in social settings but slightly less so in one on one outings with a friend or partner. He is easily manipulated and has trouble communicating what he wants, for fear of making anyone angry or annoyed. He'd be happy living a life where someone else makes all his decisions for him.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Clloudy | 3 hours ago



Blue eyes

Nicky grew up an only child with a mother and father who were always away at work. He was getting into trouble at school constantly until he decided to drop out at 17, knowing there wouldn't be any consequences at home. He ended up living with friends here and there to get by and continues to be a pain in the ass for whoever let's him stick around. In relationships, he has a lot of trouble with communication and seeing the other's point of view. He's extremely selfish and cold at first, but warms up to people quickly and figures out how to be at least a little understanding once he gets to know people more.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Clloudy | 3 hours ago



Dark brown hair
Brown eyes

Andy grew up with four older siblings and was raised by his mother who; although strict, spoiled him horribly. Because of that, Andy has grown up to be a needy, possessive type in relationships. He often assumes the worst when things don't go his way. Aside from that, he's extremely loyal and attentive to his significant other and may be a little too willing to make whoever he's with, happy.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Clloudy | 3 hours ago

Katsuki Bakugo

Ehh like it or not, you know you love me or I’ll kick your ass.
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2 | 0 Comments | by UnknownCharactertwo | 3 hours ago

Female Chat Noir

Name: Adriana Agreste
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1 | 0 Comments | by UnknownCharactertwo | 3 hours ago