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My Characters

Freya Mikaelson
Faceclaim: Either Riley Voelkel or Teresa Palmer but depends on the period of time
Species: Witch

Finn Mikaelson
Faceclaim: Caspar Zafer
Species: Original Vampire

Elijah Mikaelson
Faceclaim: Daniel Gillies
Species: Original Vampire

Klaus Mikaelson
Faceclaim: Joseph Morgan
Species: Hybrid

Kol Mikaelson
Faceclaim: Nathaniel Buzolic
Species: Hertic(Witch/Vampire)

Rebekah Mikaelson
Faceclaim: Claire Holt
Species: Original Vampire

Henrik Mikaelson
Faceclaim: Cody Christian
Species: Witch/Werewolf

Hope Mikaelson
Faceclaim: Sophie Turner
Species: Tribrid(Witch/Vampire/Werewolf)
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▫️NEW▫️ Maximilian Smith

◻️The Geek◻️
▫️Name: Maximilian
▫️Last name: Smith
▫️Nickname: Max
▫️Gender: Male
▫️Age: 18 (Depends)
▫️Orientation: Bisexual
▫️Body shape: Slim and tall
▫️Hair color: Raven black
▫️Eye color: Dark brown
▫️Birthmarks: None
▫️Tattooes: None
▫️Piercings: None
▫️Likes: Computers, technology, video games, maths, mystery books, science, creating stuff, all kinds of crisps, movies and serials..
▫️Dislikes: Places without signal, public places, slow Internet connection, sports, being called a nerd..
▫️Habits: Plays games on his phone when bored
▫️Characteristic: Geek, smart, messy, fast learner, patient, unsociable, tries to protect nature..
'If you don't like technology, you don't like development.. '
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↞ Full name: Gabriel 'Gabe' Goldeny
↞ Age: 21
↞ Birthday: 26 May
↞ Location: USA
↞ Orientation: Gay
↞ Relationships
Parents: Mother - Nancy Goldeny
Father - Mark Goldeny
Elder sister - Vanessa Goldeny
Lover -
↞ Appearance
Hair: Dark brown (natural)
Eyes: Green with amber spots
Body: Averagely athletic
Tattoos: A lot
Piercing: Ears (tunnels), right nipple, the left corner of his lips and right eyebrow (sometimes takes them off)
Injures: The scar on his right eyebrow (nearby his piercing), some scars around body
↞ Habits
Smoke: Sometimes
Alcohol: Sometimes
Drugs: Sometimes
↞Bio (in progress)
↞ Personality:
Advantages: Sociable, Adventurous, Rebellious, Gentle, Careful
Disadvantages: Sassy, Risky, Cunning, Selfish (sometimes), Too flirt
↞ Preferences:
Likes: Electronic music, Open Air, Fruits, Sunny weather, Pain for pleasure, Sex (including one night stands)
Hates: Spicy food, Homophobia, his father
Wishes: Become headliner, Helps more dogs
Fears: Spiders, Babes
↞ Interesting facts:
1. He can ( and adore) wearing high heels
↞ Play-by
Jake Bass
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About Mia Rose

Name: Mia Rose
Alias’: None, she'd rather go by Ms. Rose
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Birthdate: (MM/DD/YY) 10/10/97
Time of birth: N/A
Country of Origin: France
Birthplace: Paris
Ethnicity: French
Occupation: Assassin for The Rose's
Language(s): English, French, Spanish
Native tongue: English
Religion: Undecided.
Blood type: O (+)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110lbs
Eye Color: Gray
Hair: Natural Chocolate Brown
Skin: Porcelain
Figure/build: Slim, Slightly Thick around thighs and bosom.
Distinguishing marks: None
-Tattoo(s):A small heart on her neck.
-Scars:A scare on her chest from her last assassination.
-Clothing style: Lollita.
Currently lives: Brooklyn, NY
Living Arrangements: Small Apartment in a secluded area.
Hobbies: N/A
Strengths: Submissive, Protective.
Weaknesses: Jealousy
Love interest(s): Never had one
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual/Straight
Dominant Hand: Right
Virgin?: Yes
Drinker?: Occasional
Smoker?: Occasional
Drug user?: No
Other addictions?: Pain.
Pet peeves: Playing With Ones Emotions.
Personality: Mia is sweet and kind, very naive but can catch on quickly. If you lie to her she'd just play along until she takes you by surprise. Most people call her Viper for that reason.

Likes: Anything that includes drawing, making one smile and pain.
Dislikes: Over Baring People
Morals: N/A
Fears/Phobias: Astraphobia
Favourite quote: "..I never wanted more until I met you.."
Favourite food: Alfredo
Favourite drink: French Wine
Favourite color: Grey
Favourite song: N/A
Favourite movie: N/A
Favourite sport: N/A---
-Parents: Mother: Daed, Father: Unknown
-Siblings: None.
-Other close relatives: The Rose Family.
Friends: Her black cat.
Partner: None.
Offspring: None.
Enemies: Every human.
Pet(s): Voodoo
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Journal 4~ 9/21/17 (Part 2)

Some sh*t still doesn’t feel right about you..about us.

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