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The 7 deadly girls







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The wild west world was not as ideal as many people thought. No. Mostly it was a dirty place , like a ticking bomb ready to explode and start something worse: new era. Worse than the previous. It was just a question of time when the "big bang" will change the world around them. Some people believed brand new start can change all sins which surrounded them, other people could feel in their bones nothing can change what the civilization has done. Then there were people like James who did not care and they sit in two seats in the same moment. Practically, he was not a man who loved to spend an afternoon , his head full of philosophy and strategies he could use later. He was just a simple man who lived here and now. He did not look forward and the next day meant the next contract. More money. World without one bastard. That´s how it was working in his life. That´s how he saw the world. That´s why he could not let someone as poor and sick as Moore to do anything to a stranger.

Indian, or not.

Facing the death was his every day routine. Nothing special, nothing he could not handle like a pro. Dark clothes, beard, deep blue eyes and thick eyebrow in combination with that emotionless face allowed him to solve the sh*ts without using a gun hidden behind the belt. James did not start anything, usually he was waiting like a dead bug and it was up on you : you could accept a compromise or you could try his mood and boundaries which were tinier than you could imagine. In his long life he saw many bad things , but he would not change anything. All of them kicked him little forward and he could grow up to his actual form.James had all "ten" to be the best bounty hunter around and people around him knew it. A lonely wolf did not stay in the city longer than it was necessary and tonight it seemed like he made the right decision. People around them lost their breath and you could hear a bee flying around. Was that a start of another bloody saloon fight? The winner was obvious and it was not Moore, drunkard who did not know how to treat a woman. As James was expecting, a villain tried his chances but soon he found out Delaney did not move his eyebrow and he was not about to step aside and change his minds.

"Your "nuff money" are inside. Now, lift up an anchor and leave before it is too soon. You know, you can always leave and do not look back or you can stay here, we can compare our guns but you will not get a chance to leave anymore. Even a sick and dirty rat like you know the result of 2 + 2, do not act like a smart ass, sir. Sometimes is better to stick with the basic rules and instincts. Now, your instinct is telling you : take it and run away! Trust me, it is the best thing you can do." His voice could be so cold and even when his hands were stained with the blood, they way he could act could be explained as a pure England gentleman. Because that was a part of his blood line. Quickly James scanned other "friend around Moore" and just as quickly as Moore himself they got a real weight of the consequences they could face - if they did not accept an offer and leave. Couple of seconds was all James and an stranger needed. Group showed their rotten teeth and all satisfied they turned on the feet , finally left the saloon. Did James feel bad because he gave all his money to the stranger? Part of him was beating his ass badly, other part felt bad because who knows? Without him it could be a dead woman behind the building, her clothes ripped and few pricks leaving the city like the heroes!

From this angle James Keziah Delaney did not feel like he could invest "the last contract payment" better.

Soon the saloon forgot what was happening and all tables caught the previous routine. Music became louder and the bartender seemed friendlier than before. Who knows? Maybe now he would hear what a stranger wanted , maybe there would be a free room, one of ten free rooms upstairs. James did not think this "charade" could finish without sweet dot at the end. After all: that how it was working, right? You saved a woman, she fell in love with you, she would marry you and a happy fairy-tale could begin ! Well, if it was not a native Indian woman and he was not a bastard who was born to the influential English businessman and a native Indian woman- maybe. In their actual situations, in this society, with their appearance and occupations? No way. Jame would rather leave without answer but a lady seemed like she had to say a word. And in the end she really did. His eyes were narrowed on her and c*cky smirk telling nothing showed on his lips hidden behind the middle long beard

"I was awaiting something like : oh sir, i am so flattered you helped me so i can live little longer. Without you, sir, i would not survive, i could die! Did you see them? They were so scared! My god, which payback would you like to get?"

Usually sarcastic and sweet voice ,could transform to this sweet, high voice. James teased her. No, he did not want anything from here because he felt he saved one of his people. It was all he wanted to achieve. No payback, without feeling guilty or bad, uncomfortable.

"Let´s say i did it because i do not like to see other people threat a woman this way. Maybe i do not look like a gentleman but my rules and codex do not allow me to watch such a sh*t storm.
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Full name: Victoria Sergeevna Odintcova

Birthday: November 15, 1993

Height: 173 cm

Bust/Waist/Hips: 90/65/96 cm (30/10/2018)

Natural breasts

Lips corrected with hyaluronic acid

Body is perfect! :)

If you have an interest in the modeling field, then you must read about the Russian model, Victoria ‘Viki’ Odintcova who successfully established herself as a social media star and is famous for her stunning beauty on social media. Matter of fact, the Russian model has also made her appearances in several prominent magazines including Playboy. She has collected over 5.1 million followers on her self-titled Instagram account.

The 25 years old, Victoria once claimed of snubbing Cristiano Ronaldo after he allegedly messaged her on Instagram. Was it real? The stunning model has gathered a hefty amount of money from her modeling career as well as from social media profiles. Many of her followers keep asking if the model is in a relationship at present. Is she dating anyone or leading a single life? Who is her boyfriend?

Stay tuned with us to collect all the details about her personal and professional life including her height, age, net worth, relationship, family with the full bio. Keep reading.

Childhood of Victoria ‘Viki’ Odintcova – Parents
Victoria ‘Viki’ Odintcova was born on 15th November 1994 in Saint Peterburg, Russia. Thus, she holds Russian nationality and belongs to White Caucasian descent. She never talks about her family and parents (father and mother) on social media. Reportedly, she has a brother whose name is still not available on the internet. On 15th November 2019, she posted her childhood picture which she captioned ‘Made with love’.

Mentioning her educational background, she completed her high school from St. Petersburg model school and graduated from Perm State University. Since her childhood, she was so much fascinated with modeling and decided to pursue her career as a model.

Professional Life: Career & Achievements
Struggling for her career in the modeling field, Victoria ‘Viki’ Odintcova first participated in several photoshoots and fashion shows. Due to her incredible modeling skills, she signed Alexander Mavrin’s modeling agency, MARVIN Models in 2014. Since she rose to fame, she worked with many popular magazines including Playboy.

Matter of fact, Victoria has spread her modeling skills through various clothing lines, swimwear brands and magazines like Maxim and Sports Illustrated. At present, she has gathered over 5.1 million followers on her Instagram profile which is filled with her modeling pictures for several luxurious brands.

Risk Her Life During Dubai Photoshoot
The daredevil model, Victoria ‘Viki’ Odintcova could cross any limit when it comes to her professional life. She once went to Dubai for a photoshoot where she seemed hanging off a Dubai skyscraper without any safety measures. After she uploaded a short video of risking her life for the photoshoot, she got criticized by her fans. She had captioned the post:

I still can’t believe I did it. Every time I watch the video my palms go sweaty.

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Let's cut to the chase

There are going to be a few rules around here so let's go ahead and get them out of the way.

1. This is an RP account, not an RL. I am not interested in the least in making friends out of character. If that bothers you then this page is not for you.

2. I will over the course of time both add and delete profiles on my page. If we really have nothing to write then I probably won't be keeping you long.

3. I am not concerned about how you view the integrity of your character, that is something beyond my scope. Flea however will not be brought into tales that cannot fit her universe. Sorry Dracula and all but this is not a horror, supernatural, fantasy character.

4. Flea is not modest. Flea is not a virgin. But don't think a quick come on line will impress her enough to have her join you in bed. Sex will be on her terms, and if you are fortunate enough to roleplay sex with Flea it had best be written better than adolescent p0rn.

5. Typos happen. I will hit the wrong key now and again. But let's do try and have something worth Flea's time. I will not give the effort for poorly written material and will have no issue halting a storyline full stop if the quality remains sub-par.
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Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a super-powered woman who had a brief superhero career until an incident where the villainous Kilgrave caused her to kill someone. After that incident, she became a private investigator. When Kilgrave resurfaces, Jessica must rise up to stop him.

In the second season, Jessica Jones discovers that her mother is still alive due to the experiments done by Karl Malus.

In the third season, Jessica Jones faces off against an enemy who is determined to prove that she is a fraud, and the now-murderous Trish Walker.

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Xenia Onatopp

Born in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, Xenia Zirgavna Onatopp was a fighter pilot in the Soviet Air Force. After the collapse of the USSR, she joined the Janus crime syndicate, led by renegade MI6 agent Alec Trevelyan. Operating as a ruthless enforcer and assassin for the organisation, her main characteristic is that she apparently can receive sexual satisfaction through killing. Her sadistic sexual proclivities, coupled with her overall lack of conscience as well as remorse for the deaths she causes, would seem to qualify her as a sociopath. She is proficient in martial arts, with a considerable degree of physical strength. She is a skillful aviator, able to commandeer a stolen EMP-hardened helicopter.

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Do We Know?

Do we know this time?

Do we cherish this feeling?

Do we love with a passion that needs no concealing?

Can we know ourselves?

Can we fight forever?

Can we keep ourselves bound by humanity's tether?

Will we leave with a smile?

Will we fade to black?

Will our spirits survive this most wretched attack?

Should this nightmare relent, let us share a great laugh.

Should our sins be forgotten, let us forge a new path.

If this world were gone tomorrow, was it our own life to live?

If this realm were stripped of purpose, how could we our souls forgive?
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