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The mistake that is the admin

Name: Courtney
Nickname: Coco
Age: 18
Gender: Idfk anymore but biologically female
Sexuality: Pansexual and polyamorous - will only date up to two people and I'm all about communciation
Status: Single technically but I had an arrangement with someone, kinda trying to get out of it but they won't let me.
Occupation: Full time college student/meme
Song: Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
Fashion style: Kind of gothic/tomboy
Movie: Mannequin
Vine: Sand Guardian
Youtubers: Dan and Phil
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Benjamin Atkins

☀ name: Benjamin Atkins
☀ nickname: Ben
☀ gender: Male
☀ birthdate: 4th of June, 1979
☀ physical age: 38 years old
☀ hometown: New York, United States
☀ sexual orientation: Bisexual
☀ occupation: Psychiatrist
☀ character alignment: Chaotic Neutral
☀ height: 6'5" ( 196 cm )
☀ weight: 185 lbs ( 83 kg )
☀ hair: Dark brown
☀ eyes: Hazel
☀ voice: His voice is calming, deep and low.
☀ personality type: INTP - The Logician. The Logician personality type is fairly rare, making up only three percent of the population, which is definitely a good thing for them, as there’s nothing they’d be more unhappy about than being “common”. Logicians pride themselves on their inventiveness and creativity, their unique perspective and vigorous intellect. Usually known as the philosopher, the architect, or the dreamy professor, Logicians have been responsible for many scientific discoveries throughout history.
☀ traits: + imaginative ; + perspicacious ; + open-minded / - manipulative ; - secretive ; - withdrawn
☀ religion: Non-religious
☀ language: English
☀ likes:
✓How the mind of someone with criminal tendencies works
✓Complex subjects
✓David Lynch's movies
✓Thai food
☀ dislikes:
×Public transport
×Warm beer
×When things don't go his way
×Clingy people
☀ hobbies: Painting
☀ skills: He can sing fairly good and he can play the ukulele.
☀ peeves: Obnoxious people, people who drink directly out of the container, bad table manners, lines
☀ fears: Drowning.
☀ face claim: Lee Pace.
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Elliott Brown

Given Name: Elliott Brown
Nickname(s): 'TT" (By Mia, his younger sister)*
Preferred Names: Elliott

Gender: Male
Gender Role: Masculine
Orientation: Bisexual (no lean)
Real Age: 21+
Age Appearance: 19-27
Birthday: August 4th
Death day: N/A
Birthplace: Utah

Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: See Image
Eye Color: Pale Green
Eye Wear: none

Health: 6/10
Energy: 4/10
Memory: 7/10
Senses: 6/10
Allergies: None
Handicaps: N/A
Medication: N/A
Phobias: N/A
Addictions: Cigarettes at one point
Mental Disorders: N/A
Physical Disorders: N/A

Marital Status: Single not looking
Sex Life: Not Active
Turn-Ons: Confidence, Gorgeous Smiles
Turn Offs: Bad Hygiene, Rudeness, Gross Fetishes
Dom/Sub: Dominant
Fetishes: Neck Bites
Virginity: No
Element: Earth

Occupation: Nurse
Positive Personality Traits: Kind, Good Caretaker, Patience
Neutral Personality Traits: Goofy
Negative Personality Traits: Closed Off, Childish

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little stuff
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Mia Brown


Given Name: Mia Brown
Nickname(s): Give her one!
Preferred Names: Mia

Gender: Female
Gender Role: Feminine
Orientation: Heterosexual
Real Age: 16+
Age Appearance: 15-23
Birthday: January 3rd
Death day: N/A
Birthplace: Illinois

Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Long, Wide Curls
Eye Color: Blue
Eye Wear: None

Health: 7/10
Energy: 6/10
Memory: 9/10
Senses: 5/10
Allergies: Pollen
Handicaps: N/A
Medication: Allergy Medicine
Phobias: Thalassophobia
Addictions: N/A
Mental Disorders: Mild Autism
Physical Disorders: N/A

Marital Status: Single
Sex Life: Not Active
Turn-Ons: N/A
Turn Offs: N/A
Dom/Sub: Submissive
Fetishes: N/A
Virginity: In Tact
Element: Fire

Occupation: Waitress at a Diner
Hobbies: Cooking, Baking, Painting
Positive Personality Traits: Active, Considerate
Neutral Personality Traits: Extroverted, Bold
Negative Personality Traits: Impaitent, Slow Minded
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