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Character Directory

These are my characters! Please feel free to use this blog as a way to direct yourself to whatever character you might find interesting. I play as both male and female characters.

Amura (Vampire):
Angella Ricoana (Human):
Braunwyn (Human):
Chisty (Werewolf):
Clotho (Wood Nymph):
Feya (Fox Spirit):
Janet Donaldson (Human):
K├Ânigin Hexe (Human) (Witch/Immortal)
Niobe (Human):
Preta (Demon):
Rau (Human):
Soldat (Angel):
Tenebris (Goddess):

Belial (Demon):
Bob (Demon):
Lord Caerington (Human):
Colin Knight (Human):
Gregory Temps (Human:Litotes):
John Morgan (Morte) (Immortal: Death):
Lumo (God):
Moroz (Vampire):
Nost (Human):
Renhet (Vampire):
Svet (Werewolf):
Veter (Angel):
Wilfred Leighton (Spine) (Immortal: Time):

Here they are! Feel free to pick whoever catches your fancy.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Sabrann | 54 minutes ago

yuki/Mew yuki

Name: yuki
mew name: Mew yuki
powers: can make ice come from her ears and tail
animal: ice cat
eye color: one ice blue and one snowy white
ears and tail color: ice blue with black spots
age: 20
relationship status: forever taken
likes: ice,friends.nice people,meetig new people
dislikes: bullies and grammar nazies
personality: nice sweet loyal and friendly when she gets to know you shy when she first meets people ((photo will be posted of her on my wall))
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0 | 0 Comments | by Sapphirewolfprincess | 2 hours ago

OC #7: John Miles

Name: John Miles

(Yup under construction :p)

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0 | 0 Comments | by AeronWolfman | 2 hours ago


Full name: Alexander Snake Martin "Alex"


Alias: Scott

Nickname(s): Al, Alex, Little Wolf, Alpha

Gender: Male

Species: Wolf/Demigod

Age: 19

Birthday: May 22

Orienation: pansexual

Nationality: American

Place of Birth: Virgina

Currently Lives: New Orleans

Languages Spoken: Greek, Spanish, English

Relationship Status: It's complicated

Face Claim / Playby: Tyler Posey

Personality: Protective, Aggressive, Sweet, Nice, Charming

Likes: Working out, protein, running, being his wolf

Dislikes: Feeling threatened, someone hurting those he loves

Hobbies: Running, Lacrosse, working out

Occupation: N/A just finished school

Parents: Zoey Martin and Xander

Siblings: N/A

Children: N/A

Past loves;. several one night stands

Backstory: Alexander otherly known as Alex was born to a young couple who were majorly in love, the father being a wolf and mother being a demigod (The child of Zues). It left him with a lot of diverse possibilities as to what his gifts could be, his father on the other hand was certain he had produced a future alpha and he couldn't have been more certain. Shortly after the baby boy was born the father disappeared leaving Zoey (his mother) alone to raise the child. As time went on Alex grew, his personality developing into that of a wolf, his wolf being Scott a version of himself which was more aggressive. Scott had the attitude of a young alpha, as a child the two clashed heads which was dangerous but Alex always won, he was able to be the living little innocent boy of the sheriff in which he had to behave. As a child he Excaled in school causing him to get a scholarship to a prestigious boarding school.

While in school the young boy changed, he became popular, a sports star, the lacrosse team captain, just the guy every boy wanted to be and every girl wanted to be with. He would occasionally have sex just to use woman knowing that one day hed find a girl that would make all those disappear. He finished school top of his class.
But like most things in this world being a teenager comes to an end. Now Alex is back in New Orleans trying to find a pack, being born to be an alpha he was ready. He was also looking for s little fun while spending time with his family.

Theme Song: Animals Maroon 5

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0 | 0 Comments | by Leader | 3 hours ago


These are my mains. These are some of the few real people on this website.

-funny----------mom (not literally my mom)------speaks every language known to man
-insane---------chill--------------------------------------wakes up when i goes to sleep
-G E E K------has my back--------------------------smart asf
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0 | 0 Comments | by Posh | 3 hours ago