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Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus

None of my characters are god modded, even if they seem to be. He's powerful, but there's always someone who is stronger.
Full Name:


Depends on the roleplay
October 19

Zodiac sign:

6ft 3in

Blood Type: O-
Universal Donor

New Orleans, Louisiana
Current Residence:
Camp Half-Blood, or Camp Jupiter depending on the roleplay.

Physical Features:
Tall, broad shoulders, everything else is my profile picture.

Distinguishing features:
Has a scar that goes from his right hip to the center of his stomach. Also, has scar tissue on the right side of his chest from where he was pierced with a spear.

Favorite color(s):

Least Favorite color(s):
Favourite food(s):
Almost any Japanese, Korean, or Chinese dishes that are cooked. No sushi! Ugh!

Least Favorite Food(s):

Favorite Band(s)/Singer(s):
Twenty-One Pilots
3 Doors Down

Usually, doesn't like to take the spotlight, so he normally focuses on helping others improve. Helping them from the shadows, instead of showing off his skills. James doesn't like big crowds or noisy people. The quieter the better when he's alone, but if there are other people around he normally has earbuds in playing music. James doesn't like giving others pity, even if it hurts his heart to not do so, but he will help them improve and get better even if they don't know it themselves. He usually won't step in unless there is no other option, and only after everyone else had tried their best.

Roman parent: Pluto
Greek parent: Ares

No really close friends, as most of the time he is alone, even in the Ares/ Pluto cabin.

Almost all gods that aren't his parents, Greek and Roman.


Past Relationships:

He doesn't really get social cues, so sometimes they need to be pointed out to him. He is too compassionate despite the children of Ares usually having no Mercy.

Listening to music, even when he shouldn't. (During battles, or fights)

Being helpless at any time, and he's very claustrophobic.

Favorite Camp Activity:
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and battle practice.

Least Favorite Camp Activity:
The feasts that the camp does after War games, and special occasions.

A bow and arrow that he can conjure, it is conjured with Ares' power, so it catches things on fire. Also a sword and shield, the sword he keeps at his waist, and the shield is made of darkness. Meaning he can't use the power of Ares while he has the shield conjured. They will backfire, and hurt him, making a small explosion.

Favorite Weapon:
The bow and arrow, he enjoys staying back and helping others with it. The sword is kept for close quarter combat.
Hand to hand combat, and sensing the battle around him. His focus isn't solely on one enemy, but everything around him. So he can see a bigger picture than if he was focused on one thing.

His compassion, and not knowing that his powers are from two different parents. So he only has the understanding of Ares' power, Pluto's powers are unknown to him.
Pluto and Ares wanted to make a child that would rival the Greek and Roman gods, for Pluto to over throw the other gods, and for Ares to prove that his children are the most powerful. From the moment James was born every god, Greek, Roman and otherwise has been after him. So to protect him Ares and Pluto sent him down to Camp Half-Blood (or Camp Jupiter) to hide among the half-bloods. Their smell and other powers would mask his presence there.
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Character Profile

Name:Sura Imu
Sexual Orientation:Lesbian

Goal:becoming a great spell-caster
Fears:night, deep water, disappointing people
Spellcaster Level:3
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The harassment account guy has DOWNGRADED into using Piccrew as profile pictures. Be alert, be aware, and most of all, remain suspicious of anyone with a vaguely anime aesthetic. More than 50% chance it's him, or someone who will fall victim to him at some point.

Everyone is better off not accepting requests or adding new people unless they know it's safe.
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Avengers Roleplay Post

Alright so this is a very different plot. Wanda is almost forgotten by the world now, she is alone and cold in the vast world and is very depressed. On another side Peter is really ( literally) forgotten by the world. What if these two met? How would it go? It's a Wanda x Peter roleplay! Wanda actually remembers Peter's real identity for some reason. So anyone up for this roleplay???
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After being called, he quickly notices the symptoms of poisoning and takes Hoo to his home for therapy and monitoring. It took him one glance to figure out who she is, regardless the little differences between her and the WooPils he knows.
Meeting Hoo caused him a certain nostalgia and longing, after all, before meeting Wuxin, he really had a crush for WooPil and tried to make him and TiHao break up.
In any case, he doesn't intend to try anything with Hoo, as he lacks the will and the motivation to even want a relationship at all.

And since technically nobody "claimed" her, once she is done with the monitoring, Hoo doesn't really plan to return where she appeared nor to go to anyone in the specific. She doesn't see why she should burden those people further.
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Rotten luck

He is feeling like cursed. Not only his mom disappeared so suddenly but also the only friend he made so far, he can't even help to find Coco, as he doesn't know much about him. Of course Domitius is thinking about possible places to find him, such as the Aoichi village, but he doesn't seem willing to let Indominus go anywhere as he feels responsable for his sake.
He is out in the garden on his own, he didn't eat, he is too lost in thoughts.
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Seeking a Role

Searching for a roleplay partner to play as this Oni.
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Hi everyone! Here is a little bit about me in real life! If there's anything you wish to ask,please do :)

Name: Lavigne Armstrong (Yes,yes, spelled just like Avril Lavigne)

Gender: Male

Birthplace : Durban,South Africa

Religious beliefs: Wiccan Witch

Height: 5ft 6'

Eye colour : Green

Hair colour: Black

Skin: Pale

Languages: Afrikaans and English

LOVES:The singer Dido (I am so honoured to share her surname!) , The Goddess (who I worship in Wicca) , family,friends,nature, conspiracy theories AND SO MUCH MORE! (Please ask)

HATES: Discrimination, cancer,mistreatment ,animal abuse etc (Please ask if needed)

Personality: I'm kind, respectful and will ALWAYS lend you an ear. I do not judge,we are all on our own paths!

Diet: Vegetarian

Favourite movies: MOST HORROR! JAWS,Jurassic Park,Tremors, Harry Potter and many others

Favourite food: PIZZA!

Fears: Needles,medical procedures and heights.
Heights make me feel extremely unsafe and cause vertigo for me. Needed and medical procedures cause me to have panic attacks.

There are probably other things,but if you wish to know anything let me know!
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✰ Forbidden Roleplay's ✰

• Father x Daughter
• Father x Son
• Mother x Daughter
• Mother x Son
• Aunt x Niece
• Aunt x Nephew
• Uncle x Niece
• Uncle x Nephew
• Student x Teacher
• Student x Principal
• Student x Criminal
• Innocent x Yandere!
• Criminal x Victim
• Priest x Innocent
• Boss x Co-Worker
• Boss x Co-Worker’s Daughter
• Boss x Co-Worker’s Son
• Sister x Sister
• Brother x Brother
• Daughter x Father’s Friend
• Son x Father’s Friend
• Doctor x Patient (some what can do)
• Maid x Boss
• Father's Friend x Daughter
• Father's Friend x Son
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✰ Fandom List ✰

• Harry Potter
• Hit Man
• Inside Out
• Inside Out 2
• The Conjuring (1, 2, 3, Movies)
• Hunger Games
• Walking Dead (Video Game)
• The Walking Dead - Tv Show
• THe Walking Dead - Daryl Dixon
• The Walking Dead - Dead City
• The Walking Dead - The Ones Who Live
• Inside Man : Most Wanted
• Yuri On Ice
• Black Butler
• Minecraft SMP - (Ask)
• Maze Runner
• Attack On Titan
• MW2
• MW3
• Ghost
• Black Ops (1, and 2)
• Until Dawn
• The Quarry
• The Last Kingdom
• Five Nights at Freddy's (Move/Video Game)
• The 100
• Last of Us ( 1, and 2 - DLC)
• Extraction
• My Hero Academia
• Hunter x Hunter
• Pirates of The Caribbean
• Chronicles of Narnia
• Percy Jackson (Movie)
• Ghostbusters : Frozen Empire
• Extraction
• Alice in Wonderland
• Stranger Things
• How To Train Your Dragon (1, and 2)
• Death Note
• Dragon Ball Z
• Dead Space
• Fairy Tale
• Sword Art Online
• Ouran Highschool Host Club
• Percy Jackson and the Olympians
• star trek voyager (been a while)
• Twilight
• Yu-Gi-Oh!
• Yu-Gi-Oh! - Movie
• Vampire Knight
• Blue Exorcist
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Sophia Robinson

(Note: Oc's Jobs can change depending on roleplays!!)

Theme Song: Grave Digger - Livingston

Parents: James Robinson, Danielle Robinson

Siblings: Oliver Robinson

Height: 5’6

Nationality: American

Pronouns: She/Her

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Job: Babysitter
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Samantha Moore

(Note: Oc's Jobs can change depending on roleplays!!)

Theme Song: If I Died Last Night - Jessie Murphy

Parents: Elisabeth Moore, Owen Moore

Siblings: None

Nationality: American

Height: 5’8

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/Her

Sexuality: Bisexual

Job: Waitress
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Josh Sawyer

(NOTE: All Oc's jobs can change depending on Roleplay!!)

Theme Song: RIP - NEONI

Parents: Susan Sawyer, Luke Sawyer

Siblings: Mark Sawyer, Annabelle Sawyer

Pronouns: He/Him

Sexuality: Bisexual

Nationality: American

Gender: Male

Job: Lawyer
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Alexander Harrison

(NOTE: All jobs for my Oc's can change depending on roleplay!!)

Theme Song: Some Nights - FUN.

Parents: Mya Harrison, Ethan Harrison

Siblings: Jason Harrison

Height: 6’0

Pronouns: He/Him

Sexuality: Bisexual

Gender: Male

Job: FBI Agent
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Nobusawa Usami

[Will make soon]

Compabitile genres;

Slice of Life
Dark Themes
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