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Jean the Scholar

Jean, Male, 6'2

An anxious scholar who most would describe as living in his own head. Jean travels the world collecting knowledge and history with the goal of preserving world achievements. He reasons that if a nation were to fall, hundreds of years of progress would be lost. A forest burnt down along with its many unique species, these events and more must all be perserved in pages. He feels pride to serve the world rather than just the plot of land he was born in.


Jean has been traveling along a mountain trail headed towards wherever it may lead. The destination became less and less important by the day. As the trail continued up the air felt frozen, the grass and trees fade to rocks and piles of snow until, it was nothing but ice and snow. It was too late to turn back, there was only hoping that the trail would begin its descent soon.

Sitting by a campfire bundled in cloaks, fur and anything that might warm him up was Jean. As he warmed a wave of dread hit him staring at frostbitten fingers shakily held up to the fire. In a weak voice he said aloud to the bitter wind "By the end of tomorrow we'll see grass." Though his face looked unconvinced as he pulled out a journal to document whatever he could, his shivering hands making it hardly legible. What use was it now? He'd ask himself over and over without a favorable answer.

Deep down, away from his conscious self he knew all this documenting was how he coped with every problem. The loneliness, fear, anxiety and everything he hated about himself along with the world around him. These feelings pieces of himself scattered in books, journals and research papers.
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Sign Here

Class is in session. So listen up, baby.

1: Literate responses, please. I don't care much about length, but I don't think I can take, "He eyes her. He smiles. He looks her up and down and smirks," one more time. I get it if English isn't your first language or you have any difficulties, you're cool - but the sheer lack of effort sometimes makes me wanna claw my eyes out.

2: Don't come to me in character. Some people that do this you're totally fine, I feel like we can mess around a little before discussing plot OOC. But when I start getting complimented and asked about my own personal relationship preferences, it starts feeling a bit more like a creepy dating site.

3: Speaking of dating, I love to include romance in my plots. I'm also a sucker for the cliches (enemies/rivals/friends to lovers), you catch my drift. I'm up for making matters a little more steamy, and so long as it's done right, I don't mind whether it's an instant hit. But I also am likely to turn you down or deny the possibility if you give me reason to.

4: My portrayal of this character involves a lot of different aspects of her from different content, as well as some of my own takes. You might recognize some of her attributes, feel free to correct me if I get any of her lore wrong. If you don't like the way I play her, no need to get mad about it.

I might add more to this in the future, until then.
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A nymph living deep in the forest of a nearby village she’s a curious thing, lurking nearer to the edge of the forest each day. Interested in human interaction.
Only having met with other nymphs

She longs for human company, but nobody visits the forests, afraid of being attacked. But Rhea is a gentle Nymph. She sings and dances and loves to help out whatever way she can.

She resides is a Grotto, flowered vines and moss lined along on the walls and ceiling along with all the other nymphs in that forest. But she often strays away to be alone searching for humans when they are supposed search for her
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Salem Connelly


Full Name: ➸ Salem Connelly

Nickname(s)/Title(s): ➸

Age: ➸ 16-21

Birthday: ➸ December 13th

Gender: ➸ Female

Sexuality: ➸ Lesbian

Species: ➸ human

Ethnicity/Race: ➸ Caucasian

Occupation: ➸ student/fast food(if a minor) or college student/lounge singer(if adult)


Height: ➸ 5'3"

Weight: ➸ 125lbs

Body Shape: ➸ slim with a bit of curve

Skin Tone: ➸ pale

Hair Color: ➸ black

Hair Length: ➸ shoulder length

Eye Color: ➸ blue

Freckles: ➸ all over her body

Piercing(s): ➸ none


× Independent

× Academic and nerdy

× Sweet and a bit of a pushover


Salem was born into a decent family. That was until her dad was laid off work and started to drink to pass the time. At first he'd have a few drinks during a football game or during dinner, but it was always enough to get him drunk. He was a pretty violent drunk and he was mad about his life. He didn't really want Salem, she was an accidental pregnancy. Over the years his abuse got worse and worse, Salem's mom was gone most of the time for work or to just completely avoid being home. Salem wasn't always abused, her dad took it out on his wife more. But eventually, when Salem was about nine, the abuse towards her grew more frequent. Eventually, when Salem turned 10, her mother got pregnant again. Another little girl named Willow. Salem never left Willow's side and when she was at school, she worried about the baby the whole time. She raised that poor baby and kept her safe from her father's abuse as the two got older. On Salem's 12th birthday, she had put Willow to sleep when she heard her parents fighting in the kitchen. She went to check on them and found her father waving around a knife, drunkenly trying to attack her mother. She jumped in and took the knife, getting hurt in the process. But her father was so damn determined to hurt Salem's mother that he went and got a gun from his gun cabinet and shot her right in front of Salem. He tried to shoot Salem too, only getting her in like the arm or something, nowhere fatale. From there, after Salem's dad was arrested, the two girls lived with their strict Catholic grandparents. Things were fine for a while, Salem was still raising Willow but she wasn't as worried about her while she was at school. Around 14 year old, Salem found out that she didn't like boys, but liked girls. She had a few relationships, but none of them lasted longer than a few months. When she turned 16, however, she had a relationship that got a little serious. The two were just innocently kissing, nothing more, and her grandma walked in. They were immediately kicked out and Salem had to find another home. She took Willow and left refusing to ever come back if they weren't going to love her for who she was.
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Tough outer shell
Gentle yolk inside

Your maid.
When guests come over she hides away
This kitty refuses to come out and play
it’s not that she’s frightened, she’s merely unamused
But with you, something’s different, it has hee confused

She’s a 5’1 fragile feline, interested in nothing but the time she spends on break. Not even casual conversation, serving you isn’t a friendship to her it is a necessity to keep her provided for.
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TheBatGirl #2230
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Who is Sebastian Rulli?

full name : Sebastian Rulli
nickname(s) : Seb, Sebas
physical age : early 30s
sex: male
sexuality : straight
relationship status: in like @ToxicGirlfriend
occupation : club owner of club - z
languages : english, spanish, italian

special dates with Amber Morales:
05/12/2022 in like
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0 | 0 Comments | by Ciao | 20 hours ago

Gotham's Knight: Batgirl

Backstory: Inspired by Batman, Barbara Gordon assumed the identity of Batgirl and fought crime with the rest of the Bat Family. She began a romantic relationship with D*ck Grayson. Though they dated for some time, Grayson broke it off for unknown reasons. They remained on good terms and were able to maintain both a friendship and professional relationship.

Following a confrontation with the Joker, Barbara was relegated to a wheelchair and took the identity of Oracle. Her skills as a hacker became an invaluable support resource of Bat Family. Making her base of operations in the Belfry, she had access to nearly the entire city's computer network.

Later, her father was ultimately killed in the line of duty. His death inspired Barbara to undergo a great deal of physical therapy and healing, which ultimately allowed her to resume the use of her legs and become Batgirl once again.

On the night of Batman's death, Batgirl was summoned to Wayne Manor following its explosion. There she helped to retrieve the dead body of Bruce Wayne. Batman had initiated Code Black; a protocol meant to maintain his mission and protect his identity should he ever die. Following this, she attended his funeral along with the other members of the Bat Family. That evening, Barbara was with Nightwing, Robin and Red Hood at Bruce Wayne's grave discussing Batman's Last Case File.

That same evening Barbara was present as The Bat Family went inside The Belfry for the first time. There, they began their investigation into Kirk Langstrom, as well as properly setting up The Belfry as their place of operations.

At some point, while on patrol, Barbara went to her father's memorial. There, she encountered Renee Montoya. They both reminisced over her father, with Renee noting how they had changed the statue, and it looked nothing like Jim. As Renee left, Barbara smiled and remarked how she found the statue to look just like how she remembered him.

During some of her downtime at the Belfry, she and Jason engaged in a dancing video game rematch, with Barbara teasing Jason about his previous loss. During the match, Jason still dealing with his grief from his trip the Lazarus Pit, suffered a panic attack. Barbara immediately offered comfort and support for Jason. Recognizing that he might not be ready to talk, she changed the subject and offered to get Jason some Big Belly burger. To which he accepted and was thankful for.

After this while resting at the Belfry in-between patrols, Barbara began to work on making a diorama of various cold cases that were related to her father's work. In this diorama she had made a small version of her father to be with the crime scene. This particular case appeared to have a Talon, an agent of, at the time of the murder, undiscovered Court of Owls be responsible for murder. Tim offered to help her with the work, but Barbara insisted on working alone. Tim walked off disappointed, going past Jason who had overheard the conversation between the two.

At another point, Barbara was with Richard and they approached Tim, as he appeared to be hiding something within the Belfry. Upon seeing it, they saw that Tim had snuck into the ruins of Wayne Manor and retrieved Bruce's old chess set. Tim suggested that the reason why he did so, was because so much of The Belfry was used by Batman, they had very few reminders of Bruce there. Feeling that his old Chess set would make a good addition for all of them. Both Barbara and D*ck agreed to this idea, thinking it was a good one.

Later, while working on the same diorama from before, Barbara's emotions took a toll on her. Reflecting on the fact that she couldn't recall what her father truly looked like, as well as her failing her photographic memory. Jason, seeing her struggle encouraged not to take out these emotions on herself, but rather every evil in the world.

After many nights on patrol, Barbara walking past Batman's memorial in the belfry and found herself inspired. Taking a moment to touch her now dead mentor's cape, she proceeds to upgrade her own cape. Giving her the ability to glide through Gotham's skies.
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Hello, this is admin R.

Before I start I want to make the notice I won't be adding any screenshots or anything like that. I don't feel the need for it and nor do I have the energy to find them.

What I like to make clear is that I am owning up to my wrongdoings to a certain point. But there is also a part of me that viewed it from a different perspective.

first and foremost, I want to apologize to those who I ever made uncomfortable with my roleplay or oc's. that was never my intention nor it will ever be.

now to the main point. Yes, I was wrong for roleplaying with someone not of age, that has been made clear to me and I can see it too. I should have known as an adult that it wasn't right. But in all honesty, I didn't roleplay with Asher with the thought he is 16/17 perfect. No, far from that, I roleplayed with him because I liked his style and his ideas. I looked apart of the age because I just like roleplaying and the joy it gives me, apart from the person it is I roleplay with. that it made him uncomfortable and I was never aware of that, I am sorry. I should have been the adult in that part and seen it, but the reality is I didn't at that time. I can't reverse it.

Now the part of me not accepting any feedback on my oc's is in my eyes not right. When the person in question came to what is being said, all vulnerable I more feel like it was an attack. because it wasn't a hey what you are doing isn't correct please be aware. no, it was more: "you did this and this, you don't care!" then yes you tick me off and I get defensive. You can approach me in a normal and civil way instead of claiming things like I don't care and don't do research. I like to talk things out but not if you come at me with an attitude, I match that energy. you can think of that whatever you like about that. Now if that was not the intention of this person then I also apologize for my reaction, I also can misunderstand things, I am not perfect. neither did I tell anyone to talk to anyone else or attack someone as it been said, so I don't know what went wrong there.

I am not going to address anything else apart from this. simply because it will turn into a game of he said, she said. As I said I am not perfect I make mistakes and I am sure I am not the only one who does. I also don't want to make things worse or drag them on. I am making this statement to clear things up not to add drama.

That brings me to the final part. Asher, I want to sincerely apologize to you for the time I made you uncomfortable or upset with my actions in the past. I never had any harmful intention and I am sorry it did end or seem that way. I can only say my apologies and what others or you do with that apology is your own choice. and I respect that.

For now, all I can do is once again apologize to everyone involved.

Bye R.

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..i cried..

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the doll

You see it in the corner of the room, winking at you.
That can't be
Dolls don't wink, they're lifeless after all.
It must have been your imagination, you told yourself.
You had yourself convinced until you got home, and there it was, sitting on your bed, lifeless, motionless. Just a doll.

Name: Lilly
Age: what are years to a doll? But, for maturity purposes, 24
A pale, porcelain ball-jointed doll. Long, light pink, silky hair and deep, captivating green eyes.
Backstory: -roleplay/setting dependant-
Likes: scaring the sh*t out of you. Spiders. Also naps, and tea.
Dislikes: Witches, spiders, the infinite, ever expanding void that slumbers beneath, tomatoes.
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A loose collection of things I'm into we could build a roleplay around

-idol anime
-magical girl anime
-overwatch/league, for the characters
-many, many horror games/anime
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1. How Catalina turned into a vampire was by having her human blood drained and replaced with vampire blood via mouth. If any human blood was still present in the body, even as little as a drop, the transformation wouldn't have worked. Because of this, another vampire's blood would be considered poisonous to her as she can no longer consume it.

2. Despite being a vampire, Catalina still looks human. She still has her tan complexion and her brown eyes, however, she does have to wear sunglasses under the sun as they have become sensitive. And it isn't until she is hungry or weakening that her true vampire form starts to show. First, her skin turns pale. Then, her eyes appear sunken and her brown irises turn red like wine. Her canine teeth automatically sharpen, as well as her nails. Her personality takes a toll as she becomes aggressive.

3. Because she is allergic to real silver, Catalina wears fake jewelry. Who knew fake silver would become her favorite material...

4. Even though she can heal quickly, Catalina can still get hurt. Real silver would leave a burn mark on her. Any consumption of another vampire's blood would leave her with symptoms similar to food poisoning: vomiting, stomach cramps, chills, feeling weak. In order to cure this, she would need to consume human blood. 

( More to be added . . . )
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