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A methodical eye.. (NOT CHERRY)

In Turkish, it meant methodical.
Indeed, there was no better word to describe the legendary Slade Wilson. For it didn’t matter the size of his mission, nor what his goal was, at the minimum a week of preparation was needed- not because he couldn’t handle whatever task was thrown at him on the fly, but rather due to his overall perfectionism in relation to his work.
Although his current task was no job, but rather..
A personal quest. One he’d take an inordinate amount of time planning out- despite the fact that it indeed may just be the most simplistic mission he’d ever gone on.
He wanted to place a tracer on the back of none other than koriand’r- also known as StarFire. His reasoning? Well.. he needn’t divulge such things.
So, for three weeks he would stalk the golden goddess from the shadows, watching her every move closely, listening as best he could to everything she said.
Not only was his attention on her, herself. But the current location as well. Yes if he were to pull this off, and do it without even a hint it’d happened, he needed to make their eventual run in seem natural- he’d be disguised of course.
So, every night when he was certain she’d finally fallen asleep, he’d work on a little map full of color coded pins- the colors representing the time of day she’d been there.
There were few places she visited ritualistically- at least often..
But by the third week he’d finally found a pattern he could latch on to.
Every Saturday, Wednesday and Friday Goldie hit up the local mall, to frolic about with her peers and the like. What kids do..
Now with a full fledged plan finally having taken bloom, he’d wait for Wednesday- Saturday would be far too soon.
When the day had finally arrived, Slade would show up to the mall three hours before kori was set to arrive, dressed in rather casual attire- a black t-shirt, a pair of old torn jeans, and some ‘yeezys’- or whatever those pointlessly fluffed up shoes were called. For a disguise he wore a short black wig, and a brown fake eye- his real eye having a colored contact in. His face was layered with thin bits of make up- in the usual key spots. Yes, by the way, he once more decided his goatee had to go- but as usual in a day or two it would grow back to form.
His most important feature however, was his fingerless gloves- for in the right palm there was a tracer, just waiting to be attached to Goldie’s back..
For three hours he would mill about the mall, walking from store to store, waiting.. watching the crowds.. She seriously shouldn’t be hard to find, she was about as tall as him- and golden to boot.
Yet even thirty minutes after the usual time she was /supposed/ to arrive- she hadn’t shown hide nor hair. Sometimes, it’d seem, it didn’t matter how methodically one approached a situation.
For if she didn’t show up, then all his preparation would be for not- and he’d unfortunately have to try again on Friday..

Sometimes, he hated his job. Only sometimes.
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You work for ME now

Location: Mount Freladad, Colorado.

Time: 12:00 am.

A massive big rig with tinted black windows snaked it’s way up a winding road that curved around high up a mountains side, black smoke billowed from atop the roaring beast of a machine as it slowly pushed its way up. There were no other vehicles traveling along this path, it’s arguable that there wasn’t another soul for miles and miles- and for that, the road was empty, lonesome and desolate. The only thing breaking the serene, peaceful ambiance of the still untapped mountainous wilderness was the blaring of the Big rigs engines- and this exact noise was all that could be heard by the vehicles ‘cargo’..
Within the storage unite the big rig lugged along behind it was none other then Slade Wilson, Deathstroke, bound and blindfolded. The situation- while familiar- was one he hadn’t found himself in in years upon years. One would think he’d be curious about just why he was captured- the how was never important- but no. For with his deductive reasoning he’d come to boil down the list of potential reasons to the most obvious- which in this case, was also the most logical. He’d recently agreed to meet up with another government informant- to acquire another job. What perked his suspicions, and fuels his belief that this indeed was why he was captured in such a way, was that the person he had met up with to set up a meeting with another informant hadn’t specified the time, nor location the meeting would take place in. With a rock solid belief that he was indeed right, he felt no need to try to flee, to escape. No, for if they’re taking this much precaution in how the meeting will go down..
It must pay a hefty, hefty amount..


The big rig had come to a halt at the opening of a forest high atop mount freladad. The storage unit, opened, and the vehicle long since abandoned..
For hours, it seemed, Slade had been led deeper and deeper into the forest, blindfolded and cuffed. The smell in the air.. the crunch of fresh fallen snow beneath his feet.. the gentle rustling of leaves all around.. Either he was being lead to an execution site, or..
He was about to meet the big boss.. The one behind each job he’d recently gotten...
Eventually, he’d be jerked to a halt, then, violently he’d be pushed to his knees. The one who’d guided him to wherever it was he was from the sounds of it had begun clearing the area, but their footsteps weren’t the /only/ one’s he was able to hear. No, for as they got farther, and farther.. someone else got closer and closer.
Suddenly, his head would jerk upwards, as the blindfold was torn from his face. It would take a moment for his eye to adjust, its newfound freedom had been quite jarring. Although the clearer his sight became, the more he longed to be blinded once again.
For before him was the familiar grin of a redheaded woman, who’s piercing green eyes cut right through him as usual..
“INSANO..” He’d let out a low growl, shaking slightly, trying to adjust the uncomfortably tight restraints holding his wrists back. Yes, he definitely recognized her- how could he not? After all, /this/ was the ‘woman’ who had dropped a nuke right on his head but a mere year prior. Even still, her status as president of the United States made it to where it’d literally be impossible not to recognize her.
She was crouched before him, wearing a pure white puffy jacket, sweat pants, and a pair of combat boots.
^Awwwh.. What’s the matter, Slade~?^ That condescending and shrill tone.. The kind of tone that made her every word sound like a harpies screech.. How it grated on Slade’s ears.
^Didn’t ya miss me? I know I’ve missed you..^
Slade’s right brow would twitch, a deep guttural rage building within him as the indignities she’d thrust upon him came roaring back to the forefront of his mind.
He’d rustle in place yet again, trying to pull his wrists apart to no avail. Letting out a grunt of defeat, he’d eventually settle down.
“I’ve been busy.” He’d say rather Matter-of-factly, trying to mask his building anger with a deep, monotonous baritone.
Cherry’s grin would only grow wider ^Ahh.. I know you have, M’boy~^ She’d slap her knees, then stand up straight. Folding her arms behind her back, she’d spin around and start pacing. ^Busy, busy BUSY! The boys and I have been keeping tabs on your whereabouts, all the little misadventures you’d been getting up to..^ One of her arms would unfurl and raise up, and she’d wag a finger at him, shaking her head. ^Tsk, tsk, tsk..^ Her arm would rejoin its sister, and she’d push her chest out. ^So many unpatriotic acts committed.. So much carnage..^
Slade was rather confused, he could usually sort of follow what the bitch was saying.. but this.. This was just.. well it was just a non sequitur in and of itself. Patriotism had nothing to do with his line of work, so why even bring it up?
Cherry could obviously see the confusion painted across his face, so, clearing her throat, she’d approach him once more.
^Although.. that seems to have changed..^ Standing directly before him, she’d bend down and pluck a strand of hair from his head. Holding it close to her eye, she’d roll it between her fingers and continue. ^You seem to have been getting into the business of civic service..^ She’d stand back up straight, reach into her coat pocket and pull a small plastic bag out. ^Yessir.. Rootin’ out corruption, greed, dirty money- the whole nine..^ She’d open the bag, and drop the hair in it. Resealing the bag she’d stuff it in her pocket and continue.
^Been a real boon to many communities- I know that bank stunt you pulled helped cripple the corrupt factions in the Gotham police force..^ Once more, she’d crouch down.. Staring Slade dead in the eye, she’d silently say
^What say you keep this up by selflessly helping your dear government with a little issue- of course out of pure patriotism..^
Slade’s eye would bounce back and forth between hers, then it would narrow.
“..Go on..”
Cherry’s trademark grin would once more cut across her face, her expression nothing short of giddy, she’d let loose a mess of giggles, before slapping her hands together. ^Oh yay! I knew you were a real American..^ She’d stand back up, and begin to pace away again.
^So.. Lets say this country is in crisis.. too many illegals spilling in from all sides, too many leeches on our belly..^ She’d stop dead in her tracks, Her head raising high up. ^Oh.. But one such criminal is of the utmost importance.. Let’s just call them..^ She’d turn her head to the side, one eye looking Slade’s way. A small smirk would spread across her face ^..Goldie..^
Slade’s eye would immediately widen.. He knew who she was referring to..
^..This.. Goldie has a set of..^ Cherry would let out a quick laugh, her head lowering down and shaking side to side.
^...Attributes. Attributes that could make her an annoyance if she ever unlocks her true nature and chimps out..^
Cherry would turn back to Slade, puffing her chest out and raising her nose high in the air, she’d continue. ^You, in a haze of sporadic patriotism, are going to track her every move, you are going to map out her day to day routine in such detail and with such accuracy that her daily life will be considered a science to you, you are not to engage in physical altercations, you are not to appear within a thirty mile radius of her in the open undisguised, and your true identity shall forever remain unknown to her. Once you have collected a sufficient amount of data- Well..^ She’d grin, her eyes gleaming with pure malice..
^Lets just leave those details to your imagination.. All you’ll need to do is clear out, far away from her..^
Slade would mull over everything she’d just said, absorbing it piecemeal slowly..
His eye scanning the ground, in a low mumble he’d ask “..How many presidents would a fine patriot that’d carry out such a task get to meet?”
Cherry would smile, rocking back and forth on her feet she’d hum.
^Hmmmmm..^ Her eye’s would roll back, lips scrunching to the side as she contemplated..
^I Ah- I always failed US history, so I may get the number of presidents a tad wrong.. But let’s say in the ballpark of.. Two hundred fifty million of them?^ Her gaze would instantly direct back to Slade, waiting for a telltale sign of his coming reaction..
Staring silently at the snowy ground, Slade would process this.. He didn’t even know what to call it.. two hundred and fifty mil.. in one tax free shot.. it was enough to make him say—
He’d raise his head up, his one eye would lock with Cherry’s gaze, and in a proud, deep voice he’d bellow out “God bless America!”
Cherry would begin laughing, she /knew/ he couldn’t resist that kinda Guap.
Spinning around, she’d slowly reach into her pocket.
^Oh.. And Slade..^ She had pulled a small tranq gun out, and had started to rub her palm across the top..
^Clearly, this entire thing was but a dream.. tomorrow morning you’re gunna wake up refreshed, and full of that nationalistic pride!^
That old cliche. Slade’s eye would roll. “Can’t think of anything better, huh?”
Cherry then spun around, her arm outstretched, gun aimed his way.
^Hey..^ She’d shrug. ^Coulda gone old school and had a talking dog tell you to do it..^
With that, she’d pull the trigger, and all Slade would hear before darkness consumed his world was the gentle whistling of air..
Slade’s eye would slowly flutter open, half his head was buried in his plush pillow, his body covered by the familiar warmth of his long time blanket..
Slowly, he’d roll over onto his back, his joints stiff as could be. Pushing himself up, he’d shake his head about, trying to shake the drowsiness off..
Stiff joints were definitely a major issue, he had a lot of work to do..

And big red wasn’t the patient type, nor was she the kind of person you want pissed at you..
He knew that from experience.
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When the writer’s away..

Three figures sat at a small round table, lit only by an overhanging ceiling lamp which rocked slowly side to side.
The first figure; a tall, red haired woman with piercing green eyes dressed in a white business suit with ruby red trimmings. A stogie hung from her mouth as her eyes would shift from side to side.
The second, who sat opposite the woman; a blonde bearded man in glasses, who’s build was noticeably muscular. He wore a white shirt with a green jacket, and jeans. His gaze was kept locked on the cards he held before him, examining each individual card carefully.
Last, but certainly not least, sitting on the left side of the table; An insanely tall and muscular woman with ocean blue hair, and eyes resembling the redheads. She wore a set of black robes which covered her entire body- aside from her head of course. She had a noticeable glare, and it was directed right at the redhead.
^I’m waiting..^ The blue haired woman would snarl. Rather sporadically her voice would raise to a bellowing roar ^MAKE YOUR DAMN MOVE!^ She’d snap.
The redheads gaze would be pulled back to the blue haired woman, and she’d narrow her eyes..
The blonde man looked noticeably nervous, the tension that clung in the air around the table almost suffocating. Warily he’d look between the two women.. He had no idea what the redhead would say, and it was driving him mad.
A cocky grin spreading across her face, the redhead would open her mouth, readying to speak.
“Do yoooou have any...”
She’d pause, and both the blonde man and blue haired woman would lean forward in anticipation.
The blue haired woman’s eyes would burst open wide, unbridled rage consuming her every feature. She’d let loose a high pitched shriek, then toss her cards across the table. She’d stand up from her chair and point towards the redhead. ^YOU F***ING CHEATED YOU REPREHENSIBLE SCUM!^ she’d grip the edge of the table and flip it over, which in turn would make the blonde man jump in his seat.
The blue haired woman would shriek out ^I’M NOT PLAYING THIS WITH YOU ANYMORE, CHERRY!^ then she’d stomp away.
Both Cherry and the blonde man would watch her go, cherry having leaned down in her seat a bit, her right arm propped up. She’d flick the cards away and sigh.
“This is why I said playing any sort of game with vyce was a bad idea, Zeke.”
Zeke would look to cherry, a bewildered expression on his face.
‘I Uh..’ her cough, his free hand forming a fist which would raise to his mouth. Clearing his throat he’d continue.
‘I didn’t know she was /this/ bad.’
Cherry would yet again sigh, slapping both her hands palms down on her knees. “Welp.” She’d push herself out of her chair. “Now ya do.” She’d shrug, then head off in the direction Vyce had stomped away to.
“Clean this sh*t up, monkey.” She’d say in a nonchalant manner before disappearing into the next room.
Zeke’s gaze would direct towards the mess, frustration growing inside him.
‘I just wanted to chill out..’ he’d mutter..

Guess he better start cleaning.
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Dawn over a new world

Pain.. his entire body ached with an unending, deep pain..
A tattered and beaten up Jonathan Cipher stood hunched over, and panting harder than he ever had before. His right palm pressed against a giant boulder that sat nestled in a freshly made crater. Said crater was right in the center of an absolutely ruined futuristic city, it’s buildings for the most part toppled, some even simple reduced to rubble altogether. Slung over John’s left shoulder was a strip of metal shaped to mold to a human spine. John’s clothing had long ago been utterly destroyed, in fact all he wore currently were tattered black trunks.
His gaze would shift nervously to the boulder, expecting it to suddenly move- or shift, or.. or just do /something/. This expectation had made him cling to it for how long.. he couldn’t tell. Perhaps an hour, two hours. Time seemed to just.. stop at some point. As if the very universe itself stopped dead in it’s tracks to gawk at the event that just took place.
Each moment that passed, John grew more, and more convinced.
He had actually done it.
He had defeated lord Vyce..
“Sh*t I remember this..”
Cherry would mutter, as she stood crouched behind a broken down wall, her hands gripping the top as she peered over. Well of /course/ she remembered it, no sh*t. She was currently deep within her memory storage, in the very back where memories that had been repressed for one reason or another had been stored.
Her shock was from the fact that she truly /hadn’t/ actually remembered this, although it was still fully intact in her memory.
“Damn I looked sexy...” She’d mumble, before quickly lowering herself a bit. John had left his position, and while she wasn’t /sure/ if he could see her yet.. she wasn’t going to test it quite yet.
Slowly John would limp through the grey, smoke clouded landscape. He was lumbering towards the only thing that seemed to shine, it had caught his eye rather quickly. In his state, it had taken him a little while to actually arrive to his destination, but when he did.. He was shocked. Sitting in absolute perfect condition, right out on the ground, was lord Vyce’s helmet. His every muscle ached when he did so, but nevertheless he’d bend over slowly and pick it up. His palms would press flatly to it’s sides, as he’d hold it before him. His reflection stared right back at him in its visor.
Even without the reflective surface mirroring his image, he would’ve only been able to see himself staring back at him through this helmet.
The absolute irony.. his greatest enemy for the past three years.. the monster who slaughtered entire races without regard. Who took red...
Quickly he would cut off that thought and shut his eyes, but still tears would trickle down to his cheeks. He’d take a deep, shaky breath, and stick the helmet under his right arm.
It would be a long journey back to the tardis. But at least it would be a peaceful one.
From behind the wreckage cherry would spring forth, quickly rushing over to John. She decided to just go for broke and see if he can actually recognize she was there. So, as he stood staring at Vyce’s helmet she’d circle him, bouncing up and down and waving her arms as she did so. “HEY! HEY! YO! SEXY!” She’d shout, before stopping dead in her tracks. Her face melting.. tears were running down his face.
She’d look towards the helmet, then back to him.
She remembered why he was crying..
Because he was.. she was.. they..
She’d sigh, her head lowering. She’d always tried so hard to forget the guilt. To tuck it away in the back of her mind, because honestly she couldn’t go on living if she didn’t. If she ever tried thinking of it, she’d launch her mind into a war. A war wherein two opposing sides argued over whether she was truly at fault or not for Vyce’s actions. The side that claimed she was had always won the day but..
Perhaps it only won because she allowed it to.
She’d raise her head back up only to find that John had vanished. Confused, she’d snap her head around side to side, and begin turning in circles until /finally/ she would find him once more. He had started off towards the horizon, making his way out of the ruins. “HEY WAIT UP!” She’d shout before bolting off to follow him.
It had taken him awhile, but he’d managed to limp far enough to finally make it out from under the thick cloud of smoke that covered the sky. He had /thought/ it might’ve already been day, but in-fact the sky was a pinkish Orange. It was only dawn.
Perhaps his perception was out of wack and he wasn’t able to fully process how quickly he truly was moving. But it didn’t matter, all that mattered was that he pushed forward. Having left the ruins of what once was a city behind, he was once more back in the plains of Huritis. A flat and empty landscape that /usually/ had a variety of wildlife roaming about its fields, but currently there were no animals to speak of. Perhaps they’d all been scared off by the conflict from earlier. John would finally lift his head after quite awhile, his gaze shifting off to the horizon. What he saw would bring him to a halt. His arms going limp, the helmet of course falling to the ground. His chest would begin to bounce, a repressed noise emanating from him as his trademark grin would cut itself across his face. Soon, he’d start laughing- a boisterous and cheerful laugh that echoed throughout the empty plains. Slowly he’d stumble backwards, before falling flat on his ass, his palms pressing into the ground. His cheeks had begun to grow wet once more, as tears freely flowed from his eyes.
What brought about this fit of uncontrollable laughter?
The rising sun..
“Jesus Christ I was f***ed up, I’m walking slower than Garfield thinks..” She’d grumble, slowly following John from behind. Her eyes would scan over their surroundings- the plains of Huritis.. perhaps it wasn’t these specific fields here, but in these plains many a life had been lost in needless conflict. Brother against brother, sister against sister, proctologist against gynecologist, the whole nine yards. It terrifies her that she no longer feels anything when remembering the gruesome deaths she’d witnessed.
Perhaps she really was insane..
What a time to wonder that, because her attention would quickly be pulled back to John- he was laughing like a maniac and had fallen back. She’d furrow her brows, confused for a moment. However, her confusion was short lived, as she’d follow his line of sight..
He was staring at the sun as it rose on the horizon.
She remembered why he seemed so joyous at such a mundane and ordinary event..
It was the first dawn in three years for him without the ever present threat of the Vycian empire..
And for this world, it was the first dawn in who knows how long that they were free.
He was.. no.. She had been laughing, because it was the most beautiful sight she’d ever seen. Cherry would smile, herself almost coming to tears as she remembered exactly what rang through her mind at this very moment.
It was the dawn of a new omniverse..

The dawn of a new world...

To be continued...
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Chicks Dig Lasers

- [ ] ‘I f***ing hate elevators..’ Was the one thought that rang through Cherry’s mind. She was standing, arms crossed, in a small metallic square enclosure. The floor lined with red carpeting and the walls made of stainless steel. Her eyes were fixated on the ever decreasing number, right above a small control panel. {-1} It’d read, as the elevator continued to lurch downward. {-2} The elevator had literally just started up, yet already she was impatient. She’d begin to tap her foot impatiently, teeth grinding as the tedium of being boxed in was already getting to her. ‘Why even have a number if there’s no floor there?!’ She’d lean forward as she screamed that in her mind, eyes bulging wide, and her head moving as in an exaggeratedly snippy manner as if she were actually speaking. {-3} She’d pull back, head raising, her eyes sliding shut. She’d groan aloud, and then mutter “F***in.. slow ass cheap piece of f***in...” she’d continue to mutter insults strung together in a nonsensical manner for what seemed like mere moments, before- {Ding!} Her eyes would pop right open, as she’d lower her gaze back to the number. {-10} Her gaze would then shift to the elevator doors, now open and waiting for her exit. She’d uncross her arms, and slide her hands in her pockets. Hunching over She’d start trotting off, eyes narrowed, brows knit together as she once more mumbled “Razza-frazzen..” Upon her exit, the elevator doors would slide shut. She’d swiftly spin around and launch her foot into the steel. The impact of course hurt her foot. Instinctively grabbing her foot with both hands, she’d bounce up and down, head up turned, eyes shut, as she’d shout. “STUPID F***IN PERCEPTION!” Soon, the pain would cease, and she’d once more lower her foot. Standing up straight, she’d sigh out. Now once again, she’d start off, to the left obviously. Towards the living area, just past the workshop, down the hall from the laboratory, right beside the restrooms. She was off to spend some time with her grandchildren tam and clay, it’d been quite a day and she needed some relaxation, and playtime with the boys was always the answer. However- she’d halt beside the closed door to the workshop. She’d picked up on something, a noise.. as if someone was talking aloud inside, yet she heard no other voice.. She’d then slide up against the wall, inching herself across the steel surface she’d arrive right beside the door. Gently at first, she’d push open the door but only a crack and peek through for but a moment. A green figure. She clearly saw a green figure inside. She’d pull back and let the door close back up once more. Her hands would raise up infront of her, and clamp together. She’d rub them deviously as a rather maniacal grin spread across her face. He couldn’t be near complete, he just couldn’t. Even if he was actually making progress, if she ambushed him acting like some unspoken deadline was up.. Oh, the look of heartbreak, the absolute crushed and joyless expression he’d make! It’d be a sight to see for sure! So, breaking off from the wall, she’d straighten out her suit. She’d step infront of the door, facing it. She’d raise her nose high in the air, eyes closed shut, mouth pursed. One arm would cross behind her back as she began forward, using her other hand to push the door open. Once through her free arm would join its sister behind her back, and in a loud, bellowing voice she’d say “Garfield! The time limit has expired! Now present your—“ she’d open her eyes, gaze lowering.. what she saw before her, taking up a large portion of the workshop, made her jaw drop.. “..Laser..” That motherf***er actually did it.
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