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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀it just took opening it up to realize

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀how deeply poisonous

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀we truly were together.

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Aruto Chūshaku

:General Info:
Name: Aruto Chūshaku
Birthdate: 5/2
Height: 5'1
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Pansexual

Overall personality: Aruto is an energetic, light hearted, and arrogant saxophone player. She's extremely talented and therefore has a slight ego and likes to bring it up in conversations, however she isn't rude about it. More just annoying.
Likes: Jazz, Fancy Hats, Starry Nights
Dislikes: Pop Music, Baggy Clothing, Windy Nights
Fears: The dark
Habits: Humming to her tunes
Hobbies: Reading novels
Talents: The Saxophone

She stands at 5’1 with an average build. She has limestone skin and freckles. Her hair is orange with two braids coming off the side and one down the back. Her eyes are purple. She wears sunglasses, normally up in her hair, but she occasionally uses them like normal sunglasses. She wears a beige coat over a black sweater vest with a black skirt. She wears black tennis shoes.
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Nemu Genshi

:General Info:
Name: Nemu Genshi
Birthdate: 12/13
Height: 6'1 (6’4 with shoes on)
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Aromantic Bisexual

Overall personality: Nemu is an inappropriate scientist with a small god complex. She views herself as better than everyone else, and has little to no empathy for other people. Being empathetic she doesn’t really mind being rude, physical, or down right torture other people for the sake of her own studies and research.
Likes: Tall shoes, insects, people who throw their bodies away to science
Dislikes: People with morals, the Geneva Convention, cute things
Fears: The police, perfection
Habits: Chewing her fingernails…a lot
Hobbies: Watching True Crime documentaries and the Food Channel
Talents: Being able to locate any part of the body, along with pressure points

She stands at 6’1 with a semi-normal build. She’s curvy. She has light pink hair and pale skin. Her eyes are a bright purple color. She has a beauty mark on the left cheek. She wears silver glasses. Her normal attire is a black, sleeveless, dress jacket over a white dress shirt, topped off with a purple bow. She wears fishnet leggings under a long, black, skirt. She wears black, 3 inch platform shoes.
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Kubo Murata

:General Info:
Name: Kubo Murata
Birthdate: 2/27
Height: 6’2
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexuality: Bisexual

Overall personality: Kubo is a high school custodian. He's friendly with other people, loves conversing with them. Though he doesn't really know when to keep his mouth shut at certain times, yet he can always understand someone's emotions if given enough time and tries his best to make them happy. Despite being a janitor, he's still smart, just not the right attitude or personality of a teacher to be one. He smokes occasionally.

He has a semi muscular build with tan skin. His eyes are nordic blue, and his hair is short, messy, and black. He wears a red Hawaiian shirt under a unzipped brown bomber jacket. He wears jeans and black tennis shoes. He wears a black baseball cap and carries around a gray duffel bag.
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Shiro Kageyama

:General Info:
Name: Shiro Kageyama
Birthdate: 8/26
Height: 5’11
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/They
Sexuality: Pansexual

Overall personality: He’s a rather calm individual, not one to be frightened easily, but despite his normal demeanor he isn’t a shining beacon of intelligence. Most school subjects evade him, he’s not book smart, and isn't really street smart either. Despite that he tries his best to be understanding and is confident in what he does know.
Likes: Bread, Fish, Winter
Dislikes: Phones, Summer, Sports
Fears: The sky, trains, heights, loneliness.
Habits: Messing with his hat.
Hobbies: Animal collector, mainly aquatic life. Practices kendo with his older family members. Collects old Digimon tamagotchi.
Talents: He’s somewhat skilled in kendo, can take good care of fish.

He has an average build. His skin is a pale ivory color, his eyes are a shade of amber. His hair is jet black, and reaches his upper back, a few loose strands are let free on his forehead, but most of it is tied into a ponytail. He wears a black vest over a white dress shirt and pale aqua tie (think a valet). He matches that with black dress pants and dress shoes. On top of his head is a blue and white bucket hat that normally covers his eyes. He has a small scar over the bridge of his nose.
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Zoe Ishtell

*Basic Information*
Sexuality: Straight
Race: White
Occupation: Therapist

Strength: Low
Stamina: Above Average
Charisma: Average
IQ: High



Daily Casual: Very casual clothes wearing non ripped dark blue jeans with anything from any colored crop top and bra along with her favorite high heeled boots that are a black leather. If its cold out she has a cloth coat wrapped around her or a pull on hoodie given to her by a client.

Daily Work: At work she wears dresses. If its cold she wears leggings with them, but her boots always stays with her. Being the Young woman she is, she knows how to sit properly in them, no matter how imm*tu*e.

Formal: A black c*cktail dress, with strap on flats, letting her average height show, she wears her hat down with a black rose pin holding her bangs back.

Basic Apperance: A white pale woman with a Young m*tu*e face, silver blue eyes light pink lips and a good completion. Black crow hair that shines blue in the sunlight, A pear body and a height of 5'3.


Highschool Diploma (Yellowstone Highschool)
Running Start (Yellowstone College Program)
AP Degree (Yellowstone College)
Bachelors Degree (Yellowstone College)

(all degrees in psychology and minor in criminal law)


Growing up in Yellowstone City, her parents were doctors that worked full time. She always found herself taking care of herself since she could remember. This however was perfect for her. She experienced everything she could in high school, from drugs to alcohol, not being addicted and passing high school with a beginners college program, she could be seen as perfect.... However.. Her high IQ came with a small price. She found herself falling in love with Men that were claimed to be insane. She dated the kid who shot up her highschool her senior year. Though she never was bothers by her, she graduated and Continued to become a therapist for criminals. Being in love with them all..
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wishing and yearning . . .

    this is an independent portrayal of eichi tenshouin from ensemble stars.
    . . . or maybe instead of independent, i should say simplified.

           ❝ if i have to wait until i wither away,
           then please pluck me right this instant ❞

    ―― introductory information.
    full name: eichi tenshouin
    gender identity: cis male (he/him)
    date of birth: january 10th
    age: 19
    personality type: INFJ
    sexual orientation: homosexual
    relationship status: single
    occupation: student council president in a performing arts academy.
    sickly, perhaps never-to-be-heir to a major media conglomerate.
    self-proclaimed tea connoisseur.

           ❝ truth is i have neither roots nor leaves
           already rotten lungs, oozing bloody phlegm ❞

    ―― physical attributes.
    height: 179 cm (5’10)
    weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
    build: long limbs and protruding bones, his scrawny frame reflects
    his poor physical condition.
    skin tone: porcelain
    eye color: light blue
    hair color & style: smooth, pale blonde, cut just below his jawline
    with long front and side bangs.
    dress style: outside of school uniform hours, he fancies button-down
    shirts, blazers, and coats typically in a light, neutral color palette.
    when not hosting guests, he opts for knitwear or plain t-shirts.
    he does not accessorize excessively, maintaining a tidy image.
    other: terminally ill with a self-sabotaging immune system.

           ❝ cyclamen flowers sway in the wind,
           as if departed spirits were beckoning to me ❞

    ―― personality description.
    soft-spoken and articulate, eichi presents himself with the elegance
    of someone raised in high society. he emotes with with various shades
    of faint smiles and treats most situations with an airy lack of gravity
    and general interest, with a preference for the wild and unpredictable.
    he is inclined toward childishness in regards to how easily he is
    entertained and how petty he can be. very little breaks his cordial
    demeanor, and should something upset him, he would rather tuck that
    away at his breast and return the favor tenfold later. beneath his politesse,
    eichi is both ruthless and loving. what makes him so contentious among
    his peers is that eichi always opts for efficiency: he has very little time
    and very little experience with the world, and so he chooses the fastest,
    often the cruelest path from A to B that offers him the most entertainment.
    surrounded by vultures who want to climb into his good graces, having
    socialized mainly with movies and books, he is dramatic and clumsy
    with the concept of genuine interpersonal relationships.
    likes: ballroom dancing, collecting teacups, hearty, meaty dishes,
    broadly defined entertainment, risk and the thrill that comes with it,
    self-deprecating humor, teasing others
    dislikes: everything hospital related, hero-villain stories, extreme
    weather conditions, especially the heat

           ❝ there is an end to any flower,
           as beautiful as it might be . . . ❞
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for that sky . . .

    i don’t really follow the you add, you talk rule, so if i don’t receive
    a message from you first, then i will probably send one myself.
    but i encourage you to come say hello! just not in character.

    ―― GENRES
    romance is a must for me. i don’t mind adult themes, but it has to be
    part of the plot. speaking of plot, as life provides me with enough angst
    already, i favor something just slightly more on the lighter side of the
    bright-dark spectrum . . . let’s brainstorm together!
    my most comfortable length is 3-4 hefty paragraphs. i write in the third
    person and maybe sometimes i overdo my descriptions (but that could
    be the case because i write a lot of poetry). as long as you don’t send me
    one line of text and i have something to work with, i’ll be content.

    ―― REPLIES
    i’ll let you know if i can’t reply for an extended period of time, i would
    appreciate the same on your part. i’m understanding when it comes to time
    intervals between replies and won’t rush you unless i really start to worry.

    ―― OTHER
    ask away if you have any questions, communication is key! i think of
    myself as pretty easy-going and as long as you don’t give me a reason
    to hate you, you have my sympathy.

    you can heart if read!!!
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☆ R U L E S ☆

So, from past experience on this site I know that having a blog of some rules can prove to come in handy. A lot of these could maybe be negotiated, but don't count on it or get mad when I won't budge. If you wonder anything, shoot me a message and we'll see!

1. Do not, and I repeat do not, come into my dms jumping straight into a roleplay, flirting with me, threatening me, asking if I want to date etc. It's boring and you might get blocked depending on how stupid it appears, to be frank.

2. If you add me, please send the first message, and I'll do the same for anyone I add. On a similar note, I get that life gets busy, so does mine and I will have sudden absences due to my handicap, but please try to inform me beforehand and I'll do the same where I can. If you disappear for months, I just might remove you, at least for the time being, or if you don't respond despite being online for a long time.

3. I'm definitely willing to include some m*tu*e themes if you catch my drift, in fact I include them in most of my roleplay ventures. That's not an invitation to go forth without my permission however, as with anything major it should be discussed before inclusion. We might like entirely different things, and to avoid overstepping boundaries, open communication will be key.

4. I'm not super picky for length of posts, but I prefer 2-3 lines minimum. I struggle keeping up with more than two large paragraphs on the regular, I don't mind reading it but I can't return it, so if that's an issue I'm not the one for you to add and that's just how it is, and that's fine. I also don't enjoy first person, but prefer to write in third person and for my partner to do the same.

5. Please no ** for actions, or anything. I struggle severely with processing text with a bunch of symbols thrown in. If you write like that, fine, but I just struggle with it and won't roleplay like that.

6. I had a good idea for this one, but it has to wait
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Some writing

As mentioned in the title..

A harrowed mewl lifted the recurrent silence, Ägatha’s callused palm was aching,
The disheveled Huntress found herself flattened out on the dirt, she must’ve fallen off the tree she had been situated on a second ago, but why?
“Tssk…” she groaned, her fragmented hand riddled by countless of thorns and wooden splinters.
She couldn’t even bend her wrist, the slightest movement sent an immense pain spiraling up her entire arm.
It was debilitating, however; with her brain flushed by a heap of adrenaline the ruffled female managed to pull herself together.
“Ahh— Fu--“, she recalled what had just happened, quickly pivoting herself in direction of the tree, while she rested on her presumably fractured hand; the pain spiked.
She enduringly gritted her teeth, biting through the hellish sear cocooning her arm.

Concurrently a shadowy figure, crept along the branch she just sat on, it’s pearly eyes glazed by the dim moonlight veil.
It was near invisible and silent as the night itself.
A deep snarl echoed from its vicinity, those egg-shell white canines fletched as it elegantly traversed the wooden offshoot.
It sprang into action, revealing itself from the leafen canopy and pouncing directly onto Ägatha.

Who in turn, just barely managed to buckle the scrawny and ruffled pelt slung around her shoulder.
It offered up close to no protection; the black panthers 3 inch long claws tore through the fabric as if it was a piece of paper.

A scuffle ensued.
The wounded prey was quickly overpowered as the big cat dug it’s teeth into her already demolished arm, she could feel every inch of its fangs lacerating her flesh, it was unbearable.
However; there was no time to scream.
She jostled her shoulder into the cats mouth, clogging and locking off its jaw, as to prevent it from re-adjusting the bite further up her neck and inevitably severing her carotis.
While toppled she desperately clung to its fur as not to be flattened out on her back.

Her still functional hand was grabbing for straws.
She noticed a metallic glint in her peripheral, assuming it was the tip of one of her arrows; which now were neatly scattered all across the floor.
Ägatha began reaching, as only the crux of her fingers scurried close enough to somewhat nudge it into her direction.
However; this opened her neck wide up and as soon as the panther saw an opportunity to strike, it would.

It attempted to jolt its fangs deep into her nape, this would’ve delivered the finishing blow.
After all, the utterly exhausted female was just barely hanging on, her labored and irregular breathing pushed her to the very brink of passing out.
As it went for her neck, she shoved her wounded arm, specifically her wrist into its snout and as it bit down, an unnerving and visceral snap boomed from her arm.
If one’s ever heard the peal of a rotten tree collapsing, it’d sound dauntingly similar.

However, this opportunity was all the Huntress needed.


Her voice thundered and her blood boiled as she bellowed, unleashing all that pent up fury on the beast.
Clutched tightly in a fist; deathgrip as it is called, was the broken arrowhead, with which she repeatedly struck the big cat.

Whimpering, than silence.

A sigh of relief, as the creature fell limp on her chest, defeated.
However; she too was bleeding profusely.
A short held victory.
-End- (for now)

Can be used as a starter, maybe will elaborate on this..
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Kai Fuiji

Age: 18
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height 4'11
Weight: 95 lbs
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            ✬ Proflie ✬

      ✬ ═══════════════════════════ ✬
      ╠ Name : Roy Lee Harrison
      ╠ NIcknames : None so far.
      ╠ Age : 33 - 35 ( Varies )
      ╠ Sex : Male
      ╠ Sexuality : Gay
      ╠ Pronouns : He || Him || His
      ╠ Race : Human ( Enhanced )
      ╠ Nationality : American
      ╠ Date of Birth : November 11
      ╠ Birthplace : Townsend Tennessee, U.S.A.
      ✬ ═══════════════════════════ ✬

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[R • U • L • E • S]

Disclaimer/Basic Info:
I'm not big into wasting time, so let's jump straight into it. Admin name is Amelia, you can just call me Lia though. I'm a 23 year old (nearly 24 year old) female (MST timezone) in search of like-minded writer's male or female (Male x Female and Female x Female pairings only) interested in long-term slow burn plots (slow burn: where we let the story naturally take it's course without rushing/forcing it. No rushed connections, no forced situations. Natural flow. Slow burn romance is absolute chefs kiss, and makes that first true connection between characters irresistible) overtime.
I am seeking committed partners, but also PATIENT partners. I have a life, a child and a husband I love dearly, and deal with MENTAL HEALTH struggles that are- in fact- real. I may not always be able to make a post or tell you why I go away, just know I will come back. If I plan on leaving, though I don't forget that, I would delete my account after making posts and tying up things with all my active partners.
I am seeking serious, literate, descriptive, and creative souls who are tired of boring plots without fire and drive. 1*8+ Required/ 21+ Preferred.
No basic or Gary Sue/Mary Sue roles/plots will be tolerated.

1. You Add, You Talk.
It's straightforward. If I send you the request then I will send you a greeting message to kick things off. Do NOT come at me in character. I prefer discussing and building a plot/characters/storyline together before jumping straight into character.

2. Drama Free Zone (Seriously).
This is one of the rare times I will ghost/block someone without a word. Drama in the storyline is encouraged, absolutely, but the second you get pissy about my response time or whatever else- you are gone.

3. Ghosting/Friend Collection
If I feel uncomfortable in a conversation, you break my rules, or there is no real reason to continue our conversation- I will block you. I am not a fan of ghosting, but I'm not about to explain myself or waste my time. That being said, I'm not a friend collector. If you are on my profile, let's get a story going. If you do not have a story going with me within 14 days of being added, and I have received no communication from you, I will delete you and move along.

4. Characters are Characters
I have to add this due to the few bad apples of the litter- my characters actions are their own. What happens in roleplay is literally based on events we are writing, fictionally, about. They do not relate to my feelings, beliefs, ideals, etc.

5. Dark/Triggering Themes Present

I am a realistic writer and, depending on plot and such, can add triggering and dark themes and/or scenes to my plots, characters, or character backgrounds. I am incredibly big on using trigger warnings before anything remotely graphic or possibly triggering to encourage my partners to read in a good headspace. Your mental health is just as important as mine.

6. Communication

Obvious one. Just talk to me. I'm friendly, blunt, and outgoing. I'm not gonna judge you, even if we are polar opposites. I am tired of the hate and just wanna spread love and positivity and be okay with everyone's differences.
To top the cherry off, if you made it this far PLEASE include in your welcome message your favorite food so I know you have read it all the way.

7. Post Length

Quality over quantity here BBY. I don't require you to match post length, just make an effort and we good. I acknowledge that post lengths should vary between para and multi para for a good roleplay, but please- nothing shorter than 6 sentences. The more description, the better. I love it.

8. NO

Don't come at me wanting 50 shades of grey action constantly. Don't add me If you are underage, have an anime or animated profile pic, are a taboo or wrestling account.
I read over profiles before I accept any and all requests, as well as before making requests, so please, just don't. I'm a selective adder.

Genres I Enjoy: Action, Mystery, supernatural, romance (I include romance in ALL my plots, as a sub plot, just a fyi), fantasy, historical, medieval, fandom (Grey's Anatomy, The Fosters, Good Trouble, NCIS, TVD, The Originals, Legacies, Manifest, Hunger Games, PJO, Harry Potter, Divergent, ETC- Just ask)
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