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Tiffany Maye

Name: Tiffany Maye
Birthday: December 22nd, (Capricorn) (age 20)
Homeworld: America
Occupation: Student
Sex: Female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 112lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Cup Size: C
Hobby: Cheerleading
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Hangout: Campus
Favorite Drink: Lemon Drop
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Audrey Belrose

Name: Audrey Belrose
Birthday: April 6th, (Aries) (age 21)
Homeworld: France
Occupation: College student
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 102lbs
Hair Color: Red (varies)
Eye Color: Red
Cup Size: B
Hobby: Shopping
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Hangout: Nightclub
Favorite Drink: Daiquiri
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Forum Posts

Let Me Kidnap You:
I need a victim to be kidnapped. I want to practice kidnapping roleplays where I am the kidnapper and my partner is the kidnappee. I don't care about their gender nor is sexuality and issue. I have pansexual characters that would love to kidnap your character. If you have any questions, concerns, or you wish to proceed with this roleplay, please don't hesitate to reply. Thank you for reading this.

In the Mood for a Neko:
I'm currently looking for a neko to roleplay with. I don't know why, I just want one. If you're a cringy neko who's vocabulary consists of "nya", "chu", or anything of that nature, don't bother. Also, I don't need a lot of neko roleplays. That would be too much to handle. For me to know you're interested in this, you have to reply. I don't care if you heart this and expect me to take control. If you send a friend request and talk about this forum post, I'll feign ignorance. If you're interested, just comment "me" or something. It's not that hard at all. I'm only taking a few people so first come, first served. All genders are welcome. I have no preference.

Yaoi Roleplay:
My character, Rin, is extremely open with his sexuality. Everyone can tell who he likes just by looking at him. Also, he's submissive.

Your character is bisexual. When Rin sees him, he immediately wants to date him because he's "hot" or something of that nature. Your character is a shy person who has just gotten out of a bad relationship with a girl. He still talks to this girl on a daily basis because they're friends and they work together doing illegal things.

There are other things but I'm tired of typing this. If you're interested, let me know. Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, etc. This roleplay is flexible.
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//These are my plots. Each is based on one of my OCs. The ones that say “/Other” or “/or Other” means that your character can be whoever you like. If you like a concept but not your role, please discuss it with me in Direct Messages. Ero only plots will be suggested or discussed through DMs//

1. Type: Human/Vampire.
Possible Genres: Fantasy, Friendship, Romance, Horror, Ero

A vampire hunter in training, must face the last test before she can become an official Vampire Hunter. She must pose as a vampire and attend an “all vampire boarding school”, for an entire year. If she is found out, the chances of surviving are slim- if at all- since humans are forbidden to attend. Vampires are drawn to her like a magnet, for a reason they can’t figure out. But the son/daughter of the Headmaster, soon finds out. They begin to blackmail her, promising to keep her identity a secret, as long as she gives them blood. If she fails to follow through, they will expose her, and her mission will be an immediate fail.

2. Type: Human/Werewolf
Possible Genres: Fantasy, Supernatural, Friendship, Romance, Ero

She has always been a tomboy. She hated wearing dresses and skirts, and didn’t care for make up at all. At age 17, nothing has changed. Bullied heavily for it at school, things change when she is bitten by what she thinks is a rabid wolf. Over the next week, she feels funny. Different. Her temper has shortened, her need to be outdoors- especially in the woods- has grown tremendously. And her love for meat has skyrocketed. In addition, that nasty bite has turned into a silver scar, and that wolf has been following her around ever sense the “attack”. She is turning into a werewolf, as she learns when finally confronted by the werewolf that bit her.

3. Type: Goddess/God or Goddess
Possible Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life, Comedy/Humor, Ero

The Goddess of Spring herself lives among humans. She has a relatively normal life, and leads it humbly. Her foe, The God/Goddess of Winter, has been on a quest to find her. Apparently, they wish to change her mind, hoping to convince her that Gods and Goddesses aren’t meant to live humanlike lives. Until she agrees to “stop her foolishness”, they will remain close, watching her, pestering her, and attempting to make her life a living Hell. But it’s for her own good…or so they claim. Could there be another reason why they are there?

4. Type: Mermaid/Sorcerer or Sorceress
Possible Genres: Fantasy, Supernatural, Friendship, Comedy/Humor, Romance, Ero

There are different types of mermaids, each with supposed certain job. Sea mermaids help and take care of animals, often saving them from natural sea-related disasters, such as oil spills. Swamp mermaids make homes for the swamp life, from moss, twigs, logs, and algae. River mermaids lead fish when migrating, and occasionally save them from fishermen, or traps. Lake mermaids…well, they don’t have a job. They are considered the laziest type of mermaid- and this mermaid is the living embodiment of that stereotype. She would rather sunbathe, comb her hair, sleep, and watch humans, than do any kind of work… When she is met with a witch/warlock who curses her with feet whenever they please, and claims that she is now their familiar, she begins to realize her lazy days have come to an end.

5. Type: Mythical Being/Human
Possible Genres: Fantasy, Supernatural, Comedy/Humor, Romance, Ero

There are creatures located on the Ionian Islands (Strofades). They are birdlike beings, who are very similar to Harpies. There is a colony in the mountains, which nobody knows about. In these mountains, away from humans, there is a particular character named Jenesis. She doesn’t care for the colony’s way of life: to steal from the humans, while keeping their kind a secret. Not to her knowledge, her kind can grant wishes to humans: the only trait that actually separates them from Harpies, apart from appearance. When called upon by a human, she is entranced and leaves the safety of her colony to oblige. Upon arrival, the person that summoned her is taken with her beaty. What will they do?

6. Type: Grim Reaper/Human
Possible Genres: Romance, Supernatural, Fantasy, Horror, Comedy/Humor, Ero

The Grim Reaper’s job is to take and contain souls, using her enchanted Oil Lamp. The job is gruesome and taxing; definitely not for the faint of heart since it requires telling people they are going to kick the bucket, before literately ripping out their souls. For a job like this, you would expect the Reaper to look the part. But in fact, she is humanlike and the very opposite of terrifying. Often the people on her “To Go” list, don’t believe her when she explains everything to them during their last minutes alive. Very rarely does the person come back after death. Even when they do, they tend to not remember her. After her last client does come back to life, and remembers everything vividly, they go searching for the Grim Reaper. When they are successful, they unexpectedly confess their undying love for her…

7. Type: Human/Human or Other
Possible Genres: Romance, Slice of Life, Ero [Open]

Recently divorced, Greta’s father informs his daughter that they will be moving into his new lover’s house. She hates her step parent- but that’s to be expected since anyone in her shoes would. What wasn’t expected, was her step-brother/step-sister. After the two are introduced, and they almost immediately feel a connection, in spite of how wrong it is. With their mutual infatuations, they decide to start a secret relationship.

8. Type: Fire Elemental/Elemental or Other
Possible Genres: Romance, Friendship, Fantasy, Supernatural, Slice of Life, Ero.

Belly dancers have a bad reputation where she works. They are normally mistaken for strippers, or hookers. Her particular style of belly dancing includes fire, which is a long and forgotten technique, used by “Fire Elementals” nearly 600 years ago. She is indeed a Fire Elemental, but oblivious of her heritage. Another Elemental happens to find her, and begins to explain she is possibly the last of her kind. This makes her royalty, as well as a target for people who wish to kidnap and sell her for a large sum. Will she trust this stranger? Will she get captured and sold?
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Rules And Guidelines

NO GODMODDING. This includes all powerful characters, unrealistic reflexes, or and controlling my characters. An example would be having a character have “every power known to man”, or something like this: “As my character looks deeply into yours, your character becomes entranced and fixated onto their face. They felt scared, and didn’t look away, despite how intense the gaze got.”

I am literate. I roleplay in full sentences, and use quotes when my characters speak. Roleplay however you like, so long as I can read what you say. I don’t friend one-liners or two-liners.

I roleplay with guys and girls. I don’t mind doing BxG, or GxG. Romance and Ero are welcome, as long as you’re 17 or older.

While on age, I won’t be accepting anyone under 13, or anyone older than 26. It’s nothing against you, I just want to roleplay with people around my age.

My limits for Ero are as follows: Breath Play (Choking/Strangulation/Suffocation), Knife Play (Cutting/stabbing/Grazing), Syringe Play, Womb/Uterus Penetration, Torture.

I’m a chill person. I’m open and willing to listen to suggestions, ideas, plots, or a scene that you’ve been meaning to try out. I guarantee there’s no better person to go to.

I’m going to be upfront. If you tell me you want to do Ero or Romance, and clearly haven’t looked through these rules, it will result in an immediate unfriend or possible block…

If you’ve read and agree to these Rules and Guidelines, please heart this post or comment so I know.
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