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Things to know about me

*If you consistently give me one liners eventually I will get bored
-Could lead to me deleting the role play with you

*If you don’t respond in rp in a 2 weeks I may think your bored.
- Again could lead to me deleting the role play with you

*I’m not going to give out anything social media wise so please don’t ask.
-Could lead to me removing you as friend and block if you persist to much

*I don’t do er*t*ca so please don’t ask
-Again could lead to me removing you as friend and block if you persist to much

*If you are rude to me or get aggressive not in character.
-Not could, will lead to me removing you as friend and block
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name: Stacy
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჻ scribbles


( 8:34PM )
"twenty-six years old and you still don't know what love is?
it's a shame, sweetie. maybe it would be better if you just stopped trying."

( 9:22PM )
i regret letting him into my life.
because all i ever wanted was you.
i thought i was enough, i was nice, pretty i guess, kinda smart, i cared a lot.
i never asked for presents; flowers, dates, rings, necklaces, promises...
-- anything like that.
all i ever asked for was for you to stay.
that's all i ever wanted.
and you couldn't do that.

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0 | 0 Comments | by Glow | 4 hours ago

Mayu Nakashima

Name: Mayu Nakashima
Age: 18-22 (Depending on the rp)
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Cheerful, but can be sad and quiet at times. She loves to talk and make friends, so she is very nice and friendly, but she will ignore someone if they are being annoying.
Likes: Music and playing sports with her friends. She also likes to hangout outside a lot.
Dislikes: Being alone. Knowing that she is disliked by someone, or if someone is hurt.
Height: 5'4
Looks: Red hair, bright red eyes, mostly wears short shirts and shorts.

She grew up with her parents living a happy life. Nothing bad really ever happened to her during her childhood. She loves her family, and everything about her life. She got bullied quite a bit in school, but she learned how to ignore it after awhile. She likes to sing and to play guitar. And likes to play sports. She also spends most of her time outside.

(This character is for a romance or just a friend rp)
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0 | 0 Comments | by AnimeFan101 | 4 hours ago

Moments when I feel like a Monster

It's strange how i have very little remorse for other, and how i LIKE causing people pain. I find myself watching others more than talking to them.
Once, a friend and I were in gym, and when another person- who a friend of theirs, not mine- came over, I was ignored. Forgotten, I wasn't sad though, I was fine with it.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Cross-Grave | 4 hours ago