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// . about the admin - rules

// . ai

// . roleplayer of 7+ years and counting

// . i used to write on here before , but i'm known for my incredibly spotty activity that comes with my fluctuating muses and inspiration !! but safe to say i know this website like the back of my hand !! i've been back and forth on here for maybe .. 4+ years ?

// . libra

// . isfp , 3w4

// . he/they (trans ftm)

// . autistic

// . my interest in muses fluctuates with my current interest/inspiration for a series

// . please don't hesitate to interact with me outside of roleplay ! i'm not very interesting, but i love making friends

// . my discord is hullaballoo!! ♡#8553 for anyone who'd like to continue a roleplay and get more frequent responses !

// . i usually prefer roleplaying with those who can write for more than a few sentences , but i'm fine without it !

// . don't feel forced to match the length of which my responses/starters are

// . if you're interested in roleplays with realism , please find someone else ! my whole idea of roleplay is for it to be as fanatical as possible - this doesn't mean i'm lazy , i just believe the idea of trying to make a roleplay realistic ruins ones creativity !

// . please don't force me to respond , it takes time for me to build passion for something and i tend to forget about responding often . it's fine to remind me but harassing me about responses will leave me disinterested

// . if you're interested in roleplaying , please chat to me about it first ! i tend to struggle with random starters out of nowhere - i'm very flexible when it comes to what genres you'd like , so i'm more than happy to let you lead the discussion !

// . i don't have many things i dislike , just your usual creepy stuff

// . i'm fine with horror , i just don't enjoy gore in detail

// . if you're interested in romance or more with my muses , i'd prefer we'd build up their relationships first !

// . oc x canon i'm fine with , as well as canon x canon !

// . crossovers are my favorite !

// . like this post to show you understand my rules !
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0 | 0 Comments | by terpsichoras | 4 hours ago

Aiesha Knight

Name: Aiesha Knight
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Sexuality: Heterosexual { Bi-Curious }
Relationship: Single

Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Straight
Eye color: Onyx
Eye Style: Cat
Skin tone: Bronze
Piercings: Yes
Tattoos: Yes
Ht: 6’ 1”
Wt: 150

Origin: United States
Hometown: Boston
Residency: Salem, Massachusetts
Languages: English, French
Education: Masters Degree { Business Management }
Occupation: Real Estate Tycoon { SYN: Queenpin... Boston, Massachusetts }

Personality Persona: Dominate

Traits: Positive: Strong.. Adventurous.. Loyal..Educated.. Discreet.. Stable.. Ambitious.

Traits: Negative: Domineering.. Calculating..Dangerous.. Fearful


Aiesha Knight born May second in the year nineteen hundred and ninety-three. She was the only sibling born to Alphonso and Mary Knight of Boston, Massachusetts.

Aiesha was mostly raised by her den-mother { Tika Romerez } Aiesha’s parents, both professionally educated and immersed in Real-estate, offered limited parenting time due to hectic work schedules. Tika, board games, video games, and the TV were Aiesha’s companions for most of her toddler years.

Aiesha watched and learned the ropes of life by trial and error. She confided in Tika and seen her more as a mother than she did with Mary. The relationship between her and her parents was volatile and stigmatic. Aiesha joined the Crips at an early age where she learned the ways of the street, refusing any interference by Tika, she committed her first assault with the intent act at the age of eleven.

Aiesha was now deeply embedded in the Crips gang. She was selling, distributing and even conducting heists with a few of the gang members. She was even contesting ‘Dog’ the cell leader for control of the gang.

Young Adult:
Aiesha, at the age of twenty, was now in control of the Boston Crips cell. She showed unflinching power and commitment to the gang. At the age of twenty, she was considered one of the most powerful and feared gang leaders by the gang squad of the Boston police department.

Aiesha moved up in the ranks of the SYN syndicate. Taking control of the division by the age of twenty-four. She has been pulled to the SYN council many times for taking matters into her own hands, but always came out smelling like a rose due to her ingenuity and cunning.

At the present time, Aiesha is looking at the horizon, planning on expanding her control to the famous Big Apple … New York City!
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1 | 0 Comments | by Aiesha | 4 hours ago

━ Rules →

1. Admin is a big mood.

2. I DO NOT do one-liners or anything below two or three paragraphs. I feel no need to limit myself when writing and I encourage my partner to share in that feeling. You want to write 47 text paragraphs? Go the f*** ahead, I'll read all of them.

3. Mimick partner length? That's bullsh*t, I'll write however much I feel is needed to give a good reply. Sometimes the roleplay is progressing slowly and I'll write shorter replies to speed it up, sometimes the opposite.

4. You add me, you put in the effort to get me interested. I add you, I put in the effort to get you interested. If you write a single line of text like "Hey, how are you?", I'll probably reply with a single line of text like "Feeling -whatever mood-".

5. Unless one of us specifically has a plotline in mind that they'd like to try out, the duty of suggesting one falls on the one that friend requested first. We can work together to figure something out BUT, I'm not here to entertain you, we're here to entertain EACH OTHER. No plot? No f***s given.

6. People come here to roleplay but, that's not necessarily always the focus of every single interaction. Perhaps we've got good chemistry and you send me memes that make me laugh, or you've got some cool stories to share, that's fine with me to listen to, I'll tell you if I'm bored.

7. Real-life face claims and down to earth roleplays? Sorry, I came here to live fantasies not drown in bureaucracy and relieve traumatic high school days. That's a big no-no for me.

8. N*FW or L*wd rp? I'm not against it but, don't let it be the focus of our roleplay. Sure, we all get honri sometimes but, the internet is full of p0rn. Romance leads to more intimate matters, it's only logical and when it happens, I'll be sure to reciprocate accordingly.

9. Life is busy, college is stressing me the f*** out, and more likely than not, I will take a bit longer to reply than usual. I'm usually on this website every day because I have like 200+ tabs in Chrome. If you're getting bored with waiting, write me a message, I feel a bit more motivated when people demand something from me.

10. Hit that like button if you've read so far. Also, don't forget to subscribe and turn on that notification bell as well.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Dominion | 4 hours ago


There were no stars that determined my destiny the day I was born; there weren't some magical worlds where I just so happened to be a CEO; I wasn't an heir nor was I someone who had a tragic back story.

As far as I can remember, I lived as an average boy in a middle class family, the only single child living independently while others worked.

However, as with anything, life is unfair. It's painful. Cruel. Even damning sometimes.

I never had things easily handed out to me, I never had the stars whisper my name and tell me my destiny.

I never had much to lose.

Instead, with calloused and bloody hands, I took ahold of my future to get hearts beating. I took ahold of my future, forcefully molded it with the heat of a billion stars, and ripped it apart for each and every single person I come across for my work.

And they live.

And I live.

My future, stained with bloody hands but still glowing right in front of me, keeps moving on.

Stardust never caressed my face, the stars never glowed for me.

As a child, I determined my own choices with blistered hands, ripping it apart from the stars.

And I live.

And they live.


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0 | 0 Comments | by clarity | 5 hours ago

jeongguk — about me!

— about me ♢

name’s jeongguk, i’m 23, korean and i’m a warlock (in training)! i started learning magick 3 years ago and my dream is to become a fully-realized warlock! it’ll probably take me a few years to get there T__T

my favorite courses are creation magick, time magick and elemental magick, and the ones i absolutely despise are occult magick, demonic magick and blood magick. (it’s so scary!)

i’m quite friendly and i love talking to people (some say i talk waaaay too much :P), so if you’re interested, hit me up!! i get embarrassed very easily and am a bisexual disaster. i’m a bit childish, but i totally make up for it when it’s time to get serious.

i’ll roleplay almost anything (except anything related to animal abuse, or r4pe), but i do have my own storyline. n*fw is fine, as long as we develop a friendship at first (or if you’re just really charismatic). i can write for hours and i’ll always try to deliver my best!!

for now, that’s it!! thank uuu~~
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1 | 0 Comments | by AM3THYST | 6 hours ago

☯ Freya Day ☯ Info ☯


☯ Freya Day

☯ 09/02/1920

☯ Virgo

☯ Female

☯ Witch


☯ Facial ;
-black hair, messy
-green eyes
-pale complexion

☯ Clothes;
-black and disorganized
-jewelry everywhere

☯ Distinct markings
-brand of a crescent on spine
-little misc. tattooes


☯ Relations
- Mother ; Diceased
- Father ; Diceased
- Adda (fellow eclipse witch) ; Unknown Status (Open)
- Friends; Scarce (open)
- Partner; Single (Open)

☯ Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
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0 | 0 Comments | by eclipsed | 6 hours ago

The Hunger Games

Honestly, any length works, though I prefer Novella to Multi-paragraph.

If you want to do a "regular" Hunger games roleplay it'll take place on the 69th hunger games and my character will be 18.

If you want to do a victors hunger games it will be the 75th hunger games my character will be 24.

Sorry this isn't super detailed but it's late and I'm itching for a good roleplay :)

Tomorrow I'll add more detail and some character information.
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0 | 0 Comments | by adler | 9 hours ago

Harper Westling.

My OC's Background:

Harper grew up with an alcoholic mother. I’ll save the sob story, but Harper and her dad moved out when she was 8. From then on, her life was pretty good. Her dad was always on work trips, so she basically lived alone. Meaning more hookups, parties, and independence. Her dad made a lot of money, so Harper was your typical rich bad girl. She started smoking weed at 14, drinking at 15, and smoking cigarettes at 16. She didn’t have what you would consider a ‘perfect’ life. It was rough for her, as she grew into those habits as well, she would party a lot and just not care about herself. Although she had a seemingly perfect life, she always was jealous of girls who had mothers, but she never really told anybody that.

More Info:

Harper’s an artist. She loves drawing, painting, music, writing, basically anything that can be interpreted as art. She also expresses love and affection in a very physical way, but if you get on her bad side, she’ll be the most standoffish bitch possible. She can be emotional at times, but prefers not to show that in front of other people. She also occasionally has trouble accepting others opinions, but has sort of improved on that. She puts up a wall in the hopes of everyone thinking that she’s just a bitch and will leave her alone. She doesn’t enjoy showing her weak side off to people and tries to be strong at all times. She also loves movies, a few of her favorites are;What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Beetlejuice, and Alice in Wonderland.
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0 | 0 Comments | by sp00kybaby | 9 hours ago


Name: Koa

Birthdate: May 1st

Age: depends on roleplay!! 14-20

Height: 162cm

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi (lean to girls)

Usual fashion of dress: “art kid” clothes, brightly painted nails, anything colorful really

Personality (good): Very loyal, animal person, quiet, good listener, mom-friend, always has snacks with him,

Personality (bad):cannot talk to girls for his life (low key intimidated by them), oblivious to the world around him, air-headed, clumsy,

Soft spot: Anything cute or oddly small (he could gush over a tiny chair for dolls for half an hour)

Hobbies: Art, embroidery, painting

Backstory: totally depends on roleplay :)

“Position”: Sub

My man’s character description is a little rushed I’ll add to it one day oops
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0 | 0 Comments | by Froggie | 11 hours ago

[[Sunshine Drevis]]

Name: Sunshine Drevis

Age: 18 [depends on each rp]

Height: 4'11

Weight: 110lbs

Birthdate: February 12th

Looks: Brown curly hair, brown eyes, slender form, pale, and usually had bags under her eyes.

Personality: She's more on the quiet side. Her voice is very soft and silky. She usually doesn't say much unless someone engages in conversation with her first. She's very open with people close to her though. Despite her quietness, she really does care about others. Her name does fit her upbeat, bright, and bubbly personality! It takes a little while for her to open up!

Hobbies: She really enjoys video games, it's her favorite past time if she isn't stuck doing homework. Though she's probably played the entire LOZ series hundreds of times, she still regards it as her favorite series. She plays many other horror themes video games, too. She also reads and writes a lot, those being her favorites things to do as well. She also collects snowglobes, and any old antique dolls that she can find.

Education: She's currently a senior in high school. [This is subject to change given each story.]

Likes: Reading, writing, playing video games, curling up in bed, having time alone, listening to music, rainy days, snow, winter, open-minded people. Adventures, daydreaming, horror movies.

Dislikes: Confrontation, close-minded people, being outside for too long, school, for the most part, being completely isolated from others, harming others, shamed, being ignored, etc.

Family info?: Sunshine's parents died when she was about three. Their cause of death was left a mystery, but their spotty history leads detectives to believe they were murdered, perhaps by people they tried conning or stealing from. Sunshine was sent to live with her fairly strict Aunt; Eleanor Drevis. Though strict and sometimes blunt to a point of cruelty at times, she was just the caring and loving figure Sunny needed in her life.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Sunnydaysforever | 12 hours ago

please let this be a dream


Name//: Cho Jiyoo
Nicknames//: miss perfect, jiji, yoo, ji-ah
Birthday//: April 10, 1999
Age//: 21
Zodiac sign//: Aries
Origin//: Seoul
Current residence//: Seoul
Nationality//: Korean
Languages spoken//: Korean


Height//: 5’2”
Weight//: 105 lbs
Hair//: natural- brown
Dyed- changed
Eyes//: hazel
Marks//: none
Build//: skinny
Sexuality//: pansexual
Marital status//:single
Partners//: none
Siblings//: older sister


Personality//: she’s very two sided. She often shows her more shy, isolated side since that gets her less attention. She’s very quiet and get flustered easily which she hates. She always the type to play mother for other people and get her kindness taken advantage of. She doesn’t really notice cause of her shyer side
Likes//: coffee, blue things, the fall, stars
Dislikes//: loud noises, butterflies,
Hobbies//: piano or guitar, composing music
Habits//: stuttering when flustered
Bad traits//: a bit stubborn and bratty, naive and oblivious
Good traits//: loyal, kind, understanding, motherly, always there, respectful

-she has an older sister
-her father passed when she was five
-her sister goes to nyu and she goes to Seoul university
-she used to have a pet shiba inu
-wants to travel and see the world
-loves music
-she’s really good at memorizing sheet music
-bad with public speaking
-hopes are too high
-she has her own room at the dorm
-her favorite flower is baby’s breath
-she often models for her friend
-her eyes are her charming point
-she can sing, play piano and guitar (plans on learning violin)
-she’s studying English
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2 | 0 Comments | by Dreaming | 12 hours ago

Jane Amos

Name: Jane Amos
Species: Vampire
Plane/Planet/Place of Birth: Ancient Rome, or what is now called the United Kingdom
Age: 1,920 (says she's 19)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Hair style: naturally curly
Skin color: porcelain
Eye color: light brown (black when she's hungry or angry)

Physical Description: hour glass figure, on the skinny side but isn't a stick.

Weapons/Equipment/Belongings: She keeps a pistol full of silver bullets close by

Psionics/Abilities/Skills: She's master the art of fighting with amount of years she's been alive.

Deity Worship/Relations: Atheist

Family: Father- Jack Amos (Died 1000 years ago), Mother- Martha Amos (Died 1915 years ago)
Personal relationships: None

Background information: Jane was born into a world full of supernatural creatures.

Her father would tell her about the creature that called him Jesus Christ and how he could perform "miracles" because he was a warlock. Which cost him his life because the vampires of the Roman Empire didn't like him taking power over the humans. Hints why she's an atheist.

Her father never told Jane how old he was and what he did for a living until he was on his death bed.
When Jane was 920 years old and thought she knew the world well enough, had watched her life get flipped upside down.

One dark night, a group of angry werewolves had broken into her home and attacked her father.
He fought them off, killing them to keep Jane safe but was still was badly hurt.
Jane did everything to keep her father awake, but he eventually passed away that next morning.

Right before passing away, he had told her that he had been around since the Etruscans and was one of the leaders of a secret society of supernatural creatures, and that she needed to take his place.
He wrote down names and where to search to start her down her path.

When Jane was 5 her mother had passed, but was never told why.
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0 | 0 Comments | by JustJane | 13 hours ago

The Animator

•Basic info•

Pasta name (not their actual name, what people know them as): The Animator

Name: Alexander Winterbourne

Nickname: Alex

D.O.B (Date of Birth): 16-03-2001

Age: 17

Species: Proxy


All are either dead or in hiding

•physical features•

Height: 5 foot 11 inches

Weight: 123 lbs

Tattoo(s): none
Location of Proxy symbol: Neck (see picture below for more info on what that means)

Scar(s): one on his lower left arm from being attacked by Jeff when he was younger

Other noticeable mark(s): none

Physical strength(s): quick, smart, unemotional

Physical weakness (es): his lower left arm since if someone was to hit it hard enough it could badly injure him

•about him/her•

Personality: Animator is generally a kind person but may become ill-tempered if someone makes any rude comments on his eye

Like: He enjoys writing and drawing which is why he is able to get along with people around his age

Dislikes: He has claustrophobia and dislikes when people will take his drawings and burn them.

Back story: "Alexander Winterbourne! You get down here right this instant" This was typical for 13 year old Alexander Winterbourne to hear in the morning from his grandmother. He had that strange dream again except this time he looked into a mirror and seen red and blue eyes staring back. He made his way downstairs as he spoke calmly yet sternly "I am up Grandmother. What are my chores?" The elderly lady looked at him with a smile "You are to venture into the forest near our house and collect firewood." Alexander looked dumbfounded "This was normally Grandfather's job..." He thought to himself before speaking "Of course Grandmother, has Grandfather returned home yet?" She shook her head "That is also on your chores list, he went into the forest last night to get some firewood, but never returned, if you find him or something of him, bring them home." He nodded as he walked out of the house deciding to skip breakfast since he wasn't hungry anyway as he walked into the forest after grabbing the ax from beside the house confused as to why it was here if his grandfather was going to get firewood. He made his way into the forest as he felt his head hurt a bit but he kept moving unaware of the forest's only tenant. Alexander walked up to the nearest tree and saw a blood stain on it as he knelt down looking at the blood as he frowned slightly as he stood up "That is never a good sign." He said this in a soft tone as he walked around taking in the forest's atmosphere as he was also looking for his grandfather. He came upon a tree where he heard a weird voice softly saying "Go to sleep" He sighed "Grandmother you better not be playing a joke on me, you know last time I broke your hip." He then dropped dead silent as he heard quick movement "Who is there? I am only going to warn you once, I can defend myself." He scanned the area around him as he stayed calm "This is all like that dream.... Wait if that is the cas-" He was cut off by someone charging at him as they cut his arm as he winced feeling it burn as he struggled with the hooded figure for a few moments before he finally managed to overpower them as he stood his left eye now red as he growled " Back off." The hooded figure stood laughing manically as he spoke "Your dear old grandfather put up such a fight but it was worthless he was marked by the one he loved with his heart." This had pushed Alexander to the snapping point as he swung the ax he was holding as he let it fly from his hands missing the hooded figure but the wind blew the hood off the figure as Alexander could now see the face of the attacker. He growled more before turning running off as fast as he could back to the place he once called home. Upon returning his grandmother was waiting on the front porch as she furrowed her brow "Where is the firewood and the ax?" Alexander looked up as he was completely unaware that his left eye was red as his grandmother gasped slightly but smirked "I knew it, Your mother was unclean, a disgrace." She said as if talking about his mother was like pouring lava on her tongue. Alexander started breathing heavily as the door flung open knocking her off the porch; She growled "You little worm now I see why your mother couldn't handle you."He was now completely engulfed in his rage as he screamed at her "No! I don't care what you say I know my mother loved me, and you are the one who is unpure you marked grandfather to be killed by a sadist!" He walked to her as his felt his eyes burn with tears as he looked at her as a white orb appeared in his vision as he grabbed it hearing his grandmother scream in agony "W...What are you doing!?!" He then spoke calmly "I am giving Grandfather eternal peace." He said as he lifted the orb to his mouth as he put it in his mouth swallowing it.

How he kills: He gains their trust over time and once he has it he will wait until they are asleep and quite literally stab them in the back with whatever sharp objects are near or he snaps their necks. He prefers to refrain from using his powers after lashing out at Ticci and Slenderman.

Saying: "Life is a cheater's poker game, no matter what there will always be something to make things worse."
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ϙᴜᴏᴛʜ ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴀᴠᴇɴ﹐

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❝ʙɪᴛᴇ ᴍᴇ.❞

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀───── ❝
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0 | 0 Comments | by hecate | 13 hours ago