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Hope Mikaelson

"Uncle stop with the worry face "
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1 | 0 Comments | by theheartofafearless | 5 hours ago

Rules to Read and Sign

Hey welcom to my profile i have some rules

1.I'm not a perfect writer and most not a novella writer i wish i was one but i'm not . Please respect that i did learn english on my own in some years and no i didn't got any lesion on school for english .So as someone told me i write english in a netherlands way . It's not that i don't wanna learn it at all i really badly want to but yeah i need people to help me with it and since no one wants to ..

2. I dont use a translator and i'm not sorry for making mystakes i'm here to learn everyday a bit

3. I won't accept those anoying asses who keep on adding me or do mature things .

4. Never ever controll my character i'm the one who control my own character i decide what i want to do with her or not .

5. If there is any problem just message me and talk with me don't go behind my back . I don't like those kind of dramaqueens

6. I'm trying hard to be semi writer or more but can happen that i can't reach it but i atleast try really hard .

7. If a storyline gets bored be honnest with me have the d*ck to say hey sorry the line is bored . Because we can try a new one i don't like to be ignored and i would do same to you honnestly telling you it's bored

8. Yes i'm a multi-character let me already be clear i'm not a multi shipper .

9. In my blogs stand character each blog(Character) will have one lover not two or more just one .So if we go on to love story don't start flirting with others because i won't do that either . I don't like cheaters

10. Why i picked to be multi-char well let it be easy i could make 100 new acounts or just putt it on one . well i rather to spread those characters i like over few acounts . If you rather to have lover and you like one of my characters and don't like it's multi char just say it . I don't mind putt her or him on special new acount

So now we are in the end of my rules now if you agree with them you have to sign them . So not i ask you sweetly to leave my friendlist i'm not a counting number to be in your list .

Sign the rules with your "Favo quote or song"
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0 | 0 Comments | by theheartofafearless | 5 hours ago


Name: Miki Minatozaki
Age: 15-22
Gender: Female
Sexuality: lesbian
Quirk; blood harden: Miki has the ability to use the blood from her own body and harden it into any extremely dangerous weapon that has a blade. If someone was to consume Miki’s blood and she used her powers on them, it would lock their entire body for a short amount of time.

Personality: Miki is an extremely outgoing person, always being the center of attention. It has always been Miki in the spotlight wether it be for her looks, humor, or her grades.

Inside however she didn’t entirely enjoy the attention that she would always receive. Yet even now she was more than happy to play along with how everyone saw her, only a select few knowing how she actually acted. Miki was a bit more on the flirty side when she gets to know a person, often going out of her way to fluster them.

Likes: flirting, saving people, cute clothes, and sweets
Dislikes: People who make her out to be perfect, dark chocolate, tea, wine
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0 | 0 Comments | by Sojushots | 5 hours ago


Name: Sakura Lee
Age: 22
Gender: female
Sexuality: lesbian
Species: Snake Faunus (Bush viper)
Career: Huntsmen

Voice: Quite low and raspy
Height: 5’10
Body: Sakura being as tall as she is makes her look quite lanky. Despite being as tall as she is Sakura is very strong.
Hair: Sakura’s hair is bright red that fades seamlessly to orange then yellow towards the tips. Her hair reaches the middle of her back and she tends to keep it up in a tight ponytail.
Eyes: She has the eyes of a snake, the iris being bright yellow in color.
Skin: due to her Faunus race Sakura does have the traits of a snake, the most obvious being the trail of scales that follows down her spine. (The scales are the same colors of her hair)
Scars: Claw mark from a Grimm across her right shoulder.
Fashion: Sakura has more of a boyish style, wearing button up shirts and pants that were normally dark colors.

Likes: Faunus rights, warm weather, drinking with old team members, causing trouble.
Dislikes: Anything cold unless it is a beverage, Atlas, having to sleep outside.
Personality: Sakura was a known troublemaker growing up, a habit that didn’t disappear as she aged. Even with this Sakura is known to be extremely caring and protective of the people who she loves. If you’re on her bad side however, Sakura will do anything in her power to take you down even if it means playing dirty.
Strengths: Sakura is extremely limber, making it hard to land a proper hit on her.
Weaknesses: once a powerful hit has landed it can take a bit out of her easily.
Habits: Tends to bite her lip a lot, most of the time drawing blood because of her sharp fangs.

Weapon: A thin black katana that when a button is pressed turns into a whip that looks like the spine of a snake.

Semblance: Puppet
Sakura’s can send out her aura in thin strands where she can connect to anything she wishes, the power being best to subdue enemies. The strands are invisible to everyone except herself to an extent, if the light hits them in just the right way you will see small glimpses of them.
The downside to this semblance is that it slowly drains her aura the longer they are used, as well as how often they are being used.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Sojushots | 5 hours ago

Emila Blackwood

Name: Emila Blackwood
Nickname: Em, Emi
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Nationality: Half-Thai, Half-British. (Father is British, Mother is Thai)
Height: 5'4
Weight: 125 lb (56.7 kg)

Personality: Emila can be a very blunt person at times and comes off innocent. Other then that she is sweet and when she wants something, she'll do her best to achieve it.

Likes: Baking, Reading, Going for walks, Cute things
Dislikes: Bugs, Being alone

Home status: Lives by herself in a small apartment. (Small apartment has a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a small living room.)

Backstory: She has lived in her home town ever since she was small, but before she went into high school her parents wanted to move for their business. Emila refused to move and wished to stay in her hometown until she was done with her education. Her parents did not argue with her as they understood why she wanted to stay. They helped Emila get a small apartment before moving away.
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1 | 0 Comments | by ShyDesired | 6 hours ago