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Kevin Alder

^-^Kevin Alder^-^

Age: 17
Nickname: Kev
B-Day: September 3
Kind, loving, caring, cute, passionate, ^-^, Proud LGBTQ+

I’m a lot like Zayd, I’m a normal teenage kid, liven it up! My parents divorced when I was 2 so I don’t really know my mom and she never comes to visit so I live with my Dad, and he’s pretty cool. I’ll admit I’m a bit of a player, but if I love you? You’ll know.*peace sign*

xoxo-If I Love You, You’re The One-xoxo

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Lacy Malfoy Potter

^-^Kevin Alder^-^

Age: 17
Nickname: Kev
B-Day: September 3
Kind, loving, caring, cute, passionate, ^-^, Proud LGBTQplus

I’m a lot like Zayd, I’m a normal teenage kid, liven it up! My parents divorced when I was 2 so I don’t really know my mom and she never comes to visit so I live with my Dad, and he’s pretty cool. I’ll admit I’m a bit of a player, but if I love you? You’ll know.*peace sign*

xoxo-If I Love You, You’re The One-xoxo

~Lacy Narcissa Malfoy Potter~

I-I don’t like to talk about it, but I guess I should. My name is Lacy Narcissa Malfoy Potter. Twin sister to Draco Malfoy. And I’m proud to say that we have become great friends and have come to love one another as brother and sister. When Draco and I were born Father wasn’t pleased with having a daughter, claimed I couldn’t carry the family name, so he took me to Lord Voldemort so he could “take care of me” in the end I gained a lovely souvenir, a lightning scar on my arm Normally I try to hide it, but ever since I met Harry I’m not as ashamed of it as I once was. My Mother pretended I was dead and sent me somewhere safe, she sent me to Sirius Black and once he was sent to Azkaban, he sent me to a muggle family. They were kind to me and had a son who had gone to Hogwarts, so they knew of the Wizarding world. Before I met Harry I was terrible at hiding who I crushed on. I love astrology, I love the stars. The Astronomy Tower is where Harry and I had our first kiss. I’m now happily married to Harry Potter and hope to have many happy years together.
---The night sky is my home---

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor
Patronus/Animagus: Horse
Birthday: June 5,
Age: 27
Nickname(s): Lace, Lay-Lay (close friends, Fam), Starlight (Harry)
Hobbie(s): Studies the Stars, aiming to be an Astrologist
Leo Draco Potter Luna Alice Potter
Children: 2, Twins
Age: 1
Twin’s B-day: February 17th
Favorite Color(s): Red, Blue, Green, Silver, Gold
Pet: Phoenix
Name: Wix Firestorm
Credit: M.A.A.A
Status: married to Harry Potter
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Ashtrid Ashyver

$Ashtrid Ashvyer$

May 3rd
Personality: Arrogant, formal, deadly, Bad Girl
Profession: Assassin
(Look up the definition)

Backstory: Shh, that’s a secret. *evil grin* Actually, *c*cks head to the side* Maybe I’ll tell you. It was dark outside when I heard the screams. I ran to my parent's room. They were dead. I screamed at all the blood. The blood-soaked bed. Tears were falling down my face. Someone grabbed me and started running. I ran with them. I looked up and there was my Nurse-maid, Amber. She led me to the kitchen. She placed a necklace around my neck and told me it would protect me. Then she told me to run. I did as she asked. I didn’t look back when I heard the screams, her screams. When I did hear them I ran faster. I heard footsteps following me. I didn't have time to cross the bridge before he got me. I jumped into the river. I passed out from the cold. When I woke up a man was standing over me asking if I was alright. When I didn’t answer he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and carried me. I passed out several times after that. When I woke up again I was in a room, the same man was dabbing a cloth over my head. He smiled at me, I didn’t return it. I had tears running down my face again. I remembered the night before so vividly. The man’s smile faded and he wiped my face. He asked me why I was crying and I told him everything and when I finished I threw myself into his arms. He held me a minute, but then he told me that he would allow the tears for today, but by tomorrow I’d have to move on. I nodded in agreement. The next day the man told me his name was Arobynn Hamel, King of the assassins and I was to train as one of them. The sessions started easy, but they got harder and more, how can I put this, more…. monstrous. I won’t go into my training, but it was traumatic for anyone. I’m glad he’s dead. Now I roam the world doing what I was trained to be, a monster.
(Ashtrid was only when her parents died)

- I Trust No One, Do You Trust Me?-
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Evelyn Bennet

# Evelyn Bennet #

Age: 17
Status: Has a Crush
Nickname: Lyn
Fav Color: Sea Green
Birthday: January 7th
Personality: Kind, chill, humble but comes off as shy, understanding

Backstory: HI, Lyn here. I’m Zayd’s Sister. I love the ocean and I’m happy to help you with anything! Zayd’s right, Mom was always there, but I could tell it was hard for her, so once Zayd moved out I went with him so mom could take care of herself and not have to worry about me. We do visit Mom every summer.

+Your Best Friend+

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Tactical Action Security Job Story Idea

The year is 2005, and the world is quickly advancing in both technology and inovation. In order to supply the world with the things needed to push the advancement of numerous nations, large cargo ships set off onto the oceans to transport goods and supplies.
With billions worth of goods sailing the sees at any given time, many less fortunate have set their sights on these vessels. Pirates plague the seas, and assets are under constant threat of being illegally seized and sold on the black market.

To prevent this, shipping companies turn to military contractors to act as security onboard of these cargo vessels. That is where two guns-for-hire come into play. A new security job has been posted, and a team of four veteran contractors are required for a routine haul across the world. The team is expected to have an easy job, a baby-sitting job on a boat. Little do they know, they are about to enter the fight of their lives.
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Zander Bennet

-Zander Bennet-
Married to Cynthia Green
Age: 19
Nickname: Zayd
Birthday: June 13th
Personality: Kind, mysterious, passionate, Respectful, Protective
Fav Color: Blue

Hi, I’m Zander and I’m a little different than these ladies here. I don’t have a sad or sappy backstory. I had a pretty normal life. Mom was always there for me. I never knew my dad he died before I was born, but my mom re-married to a really nice guy and he made her happy so it made me happy. I don’t have any powers, I’m just a normal kid with a pretty normal life.

-I will always be there for you-
(Don’t hurt my sister)
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Reyen Carrie

*Reyen Carrie*

She/her Straight
(In an RP)
August 20
C*cky, proud,
cunning, fun, neutral evil,
Very attractive (aka hot)

(last name fluctuates but it’s pretty much the same OC)
Other last names: Solo, Stark, Morse
(name pronounced ray-EN)

Backstory: Hey. So you want to know how I got here. *lightly chuckles* Alright, but if you don’t like it, don’t say I told you so. I was seven. Seven years old when they took me. Took me away from my family. They brought me to a lab and always tested me. Always. They didn’t care if I was tired, sick, scared, nothing. All they wanted was a superweapon. Me. I went through so many powers. From fire and ice to blinding light filling the room and someone dead. The last experiment happened when I was sixteen. They injected a serum into my arm then the building exploded and everyone dead, but me. I survived. I haven’t been able to use my powers since. That’s ok. It’s better that way. I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone. Now all I want to do is find the man that stole my life and killed my family. I want to kill him.
Wanna help? *grins mischievously*

-Can you trust me?-
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! ALL child of Aphrodite related things are based on what the children can do in Percy Jackson. !

Jung Hoseok. Child of Aphrodite.

5’10 and 143 lbs. His form is certainly taken care of, and he is very pretty. He has dark brown hair naturally, however, he usually dyes it. His eyes are a chocolate brown. His wardrobe is very interesting- he makes anything look good.

The biggest flirt you've ever met. Whoever and whatever you are, Hoseok will flirt. He breaks hearts with ease- and with little to no remorse. He'll get you in bed, then the next day, say you were nothing but a fling and you aren't his type with a gleam in his eyes.

He's really good at advice. Level-headed and usually nutral, he'll make sure both parties get what they want.

Secretly he's a hopeless romantic. Yes, he has the sex drive of a monster, but he would much rather date someone and be all lovey dovey. He just hasnt found the right person yet.

A major burnt out student. He used to do so well for his aunt, however once he met his mother and she dropped the bomb about him, he stopped caring. Never meeting his dad, he saw nobody to make proud anymore. He was put into a troubled teen program at highschool because of his constant sex with classmates and dropping grades- where his councilor saw just how good he was at poetry and got him to apply and get into college. Now, he looks for alternate ways to succeed than work. He hates his parents.

Being a child of Aphrodite, Hoseok has powers no normal being may have:

⠀  BEAUTY.     │Hoseok has the ability to alter and control makeup, perfume, clothing, jewelry, and other beauty products (hairbrushes, combs, curlers, straighteners, etc).

⠀  AMOKINESIS.     │Hoseok has the power of amokinesis, the ability to manipulate love or desire. However, he has only learnt to do this in his favor- he cannot yet play matchmaker.

⠀  INFLUENCE.     │Hoseok can influence the feelings of love towards himself.

⠀  CRUSHING.     │Hoseok can tell when a person has a crush on someone that isn't being reciprocated.

⠀  OPEN LIKE /external.php?l=/external.php?l=https://A BOOK.     │Hoseok can read people's emotions, just by looking at them from close by or from a distance.

⠀  UNDERSTANDING.     │Hoseok can communicate with doves and swans, although limitedly.

⠀  ER*T*C.     │Hoseok can tap into the powers of any of the Erotes, as their mother is the mother of the Erotes.

⠀  CHARMING.     │Selected children of Aphrodite can have the power of Charmspeak, the ability to make people do whatever the user wants just by using the strength of their voice. Hoseok is slowly learning how to do this.

Hoseok has traits that every other child of Aphrodite can have.

⠀  ATTRACTION.     │Children of Aphrodite are attractive to everyone.

⠀  /external.php?l=/external.php?l=https://O LA LA.     │Children of Aphrodite have the ability to speak fluent French and other languages of love.

⠀  SOCIAL BUTTERFLY     │Children of Aphrodite possess high social abilities and awareness.

⠀  DETAILED    │Children of Aphrodite tend to have a higher clarity and attention to detail than other demigods.

⠀  ALL ABOUT ME    │Children of Aphrodite tend to love being the center of attention.

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1.) Please only consider adding me if you’re looking for in depth m*tu*e romance roleplays.

2.) I only accept people who are 18 and older as friends.

3.) Only considering befriending me if you write to paragraph or more. I write usually two paragraphs or more since I like detail.

4.) I take time and thought into each of my roleplays but I try not to take too long with thinking and such. If I haven’t responded in a day or so, don’t be afraid to bump me.

5.) I also have a job and family so that’s another regarding rule 4.

6.) I know I’m weird but I like to play as Lolis to let my childish side out.. I also wish I was short and have a forever youth side to me. ^^”

7.) I think that’s about it, don’t be afraid to talk things out with me. Thanks. ^^

8.) I am looking for a small amount of roleplay friends to be with as well, so friend size will be limited.
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Janet the Magical girl

Full Name: Janet Flora Solstice
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Magical girl

Height: 5’00”
Weight: 91.50 lb
Figure/Build: Petite
Hair Color/Style: Ginger / Pigtails
Eye Color: Primrose
Skin: Pale
Piercings: Earrings
Jewelry/Accessories: chokers, bracelets , scrunies
Usual outfit: dresses or lolita type fashion

Personality Overall: Bright and Sweet
Likes: Animals, magic and cute things
Dislikes: darkness, bad people , Veggies
Fears/Phobias: The dark, being captured
Favorite Color: Pink
Hobbies: Singing, Cooking and stuff animal making

Talents/Skills: Cooking, Sewing, reading magic
Powers: Healing, Light magic


She was created by the Star goddess that wished to have a daughter of her own. But her main purpose was to be made a hero to defend humans away from evil beings and to protect them. However, her powers are so strong she is wanted by an insane wealthy man to keep her in his collection. His intentions are not good that’s why the magic agency sent an agent to protect her. You can play as an agent or a person that’s trying to hand her over to the villain.
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Name: Berry Blue
Age: 23
Height: 6’5
Eye Color(s): Yellow
Hair Color: Purplish Blue

Likes: Singing, Watching Action Anime, Cooking, Clean Rooms, Big Rooms, and Helping Others.

Dislikes: Tight Spaces, Angry People, Dirty Places, Judgements, and Bugs.

Bio: Berry was never the smartest kid in his class. Barely passing with C and Ds. He sometimes cheated on tests to get better scores. He enjoys the help people will give him so he did the same. Helping everyone out mentally with anyway he can.
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Max (OC 10)

Name: Max
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Biological Sex: Assigned Female at Birth (Transgender)
Pronouns: He/Him
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Date of Birth: June 12th

Likes: Being naked in nature, playing guitar, writing poetry, exploring new cultures, spending time with family, and learning new things.

Dislikes: Misgendering, discrimination towards marginalized communities, materialism, loud noises, and judgment.

Short Physical Description: Max is 5'8" with a lean build. He has short black hair and sharp green eyes. Max often wears comfortable clothes to enjoy his interest in naturism.

Bio/Backstory: Max is the oldest sibling of Ava and Emma, growing up in the same town as them. Max always felt out of place and struggled to identify with the gender assigned at birth. When he was 16, he came out to his family as transgender, and while there were some initial struggles, his family accepted and supported him. Max found comfort and peace in being naked in nature and practicing naturism. Max has found it helpful to incorporate his love for poetry and guitar playing into his naturist practices. Max is passionate about learning new things and exploring new cultures. He studies Anthropology at a local university and hopes to travel the world someday. Max identifies as pansexual and is still discovering his sexuality. Max has faced some challenges, but he is proud of who he is and is excited about what the future holds. Ava and Emma are supportive of Max and continue to learn and grow alongside him.
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Emma (OC 9)

Name: Emma
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Biological Sex: Assigned Male at Birth
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexual Orientation: Not Applicable
Date of Birth: January 21st

Likes: Drawing, playing video games, watching sci-fi movies with her sibling, listening to music, spending time with her friends, and playing with her pet cat.

Dislikes: Transphobia, bullying, being ignored, doing chores around the house, spicy foods.

Short Physical Description: Emma is an adorable girl who stands at 5’2”. She has short and curly blonde hair with bright eyes. She usually wears graphic t-shirts and jeans.

Bio/Backstory: Emma grew up in the same town as her sister, Ava. She always felt like she didn't fit with her gender, and when she was 10 years old, she realized that she was transgender. Emma came out to her family, whose reaction was mixed. Emma didn't receive support from her father, so she was thankful that her mother and her siblings supported and loved her. Ava was the first she came out to, and they have a strong bond of sisterhood. Emma is an imaginative and creative child, and she loves to draw and play video games. Emma tries to be optimistic and cheerful, even though she has faced some challenges in her life. She enjoys spending time with her friends, playing with her cat and listening to music. Emma always desires to feel comfortable with herself and to embrace her identity. Ava has always been there to listen and support her, and they always have each other's backs.
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Ava (OC 8)

Name: Ava
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Biological Sex: Cisgender
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Date of Birth: May 7th

Likes: Playing basketball, dancing, watching TV series, writing poetry, spending time with friends, and reading romance novels.

Dislikes: Unfairness, heights, bad hygiene, studying for exams, and crowded public transportation.

Short Physical Description: Ava is 5’6” tall with a slim build. She has long straight brown hair and has blue eyes that sparkle when she smiles. She likes to dress up in fitted tops and skinny jeans and often wears a pendant necklace.

Bio/Backstory: Ava grew up in a loving family in a small town in the south of the United States. She has an older brother and a younger sister with whom she is close. Ava is a confident and dynamic person who always tries to find the best in people. She loves playing basketball and dancing, and in her spare time, she writes poetry. Ava has a passion for reading romance novels and watching TV series. Her family is supportive of her dreams and encourages her to follow her heart. Emma, her younger sister, sometimes feels left behind, but Ava still takes the time to listen to them and support them. Ava is a hetero woman, but she has not had many serious relationships yet. Ava is excited about her future and dreams of becoming a professional dancer or writer.
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Lilly (OC 7)

Name: Lily
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Biological Sex: Assigned Female at Birth
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexual Orientation: Not Applicable
Date of Birth: November 11th

Likes: Drawing, playing with their pet dog, spending time with her family, practicing acro-yoga, playing board games, and going to the beach.

Dislikes: Being alone at night, bullies, broccoli, thunderstorms.

Short Physical Description: Lily is a sweet girl who stands at 4’7”. She has curly brown hair that surrounds her face, with bright green eyes. She usually wears comfortable clothes like leggings and soft cotton shirts.

Bio/Backstory: Lily was born and raised in a naturist community in the countryside. She is Noah and Maya’s daughter and enjoyed growing up in the natural world surrounded by love and acceptance. Lily is an artistic and creative child, and she loves to draw and paint. She practices acro-yoga and spends a lot of time with her dog. As a family, the three of them enjoy spending time together, hiking, camping, and experiencing everything that nature has to offer. They have made a point to teach Lily about respecting other people’s belief systems and reinforcing the importance of body positivity. Lily is still discovering her sexuality as she is very young, but her parents have embraced the idea that she can be whoever she wants to be in the future.
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