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Basic plot ideas~

• popular girl x bad boy
• friends with benefits
• sugar dad x sugar baby
• rich girl x collegue of rich girl's father
• college student x college teacher
• one-night-stand at a club turning into more

[More to be added...]

{Feel free to tell me your ideas as well}
{Those plots are just basics and require to be talked about further}
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4 | 0 Comments | by YunaBae | Dec 3rd 2022 08:32

Admin Info & Rules

Admin Info:
Hey there! I'm 20 years old with more than 5 years of roleplay experience. I don't consider myself the best writer but practice makes perfect! I enjoy watching shows (clearly), playing games, listening to music, and all around just having a good time. So hopefully, we can all have fun here and get along. ❤

- Please, please, be patient with me when it comes to replies. I often get writer's block and my life can get pretty hectic. I do have a job and things I deal with outside of roleplay. Usually, when I'm not busy or doing things I will be online and free to write!

- I usually do not write n*fw/sm*t topics. OOC I'm asexual, it generally makes me really uncomfortable. Fluff is perfectly fine though! I love a cute fluff roleplay.

- As for gore and all that other fun stuff? I love it. Most topics do not bother me so no need to TW things if you think a topic may be heavy when replying to me.

- If I haven't replied in 3 days to a week, do remind me. Anytime before that frame is fine as well as long it isn't day after day. I'll get to you when I can.

- I'm a huge sucker for mushing other fandoms together so don't be afraid to throw a crossover idea my way!

- I'm open to any and all ships whether it's canon x canon, canon x oc, etc.

- If a reply gets older than a month I tend to assume you've lost interest or ghosted me and may unadd. Unless interaction continues on posts and such.

- My account will be a single ship account. By that I mean if another admin and I agree we'd like the ship to continue that will become my main ship and their character will remain Xavier's lover/love interest.

- For now, the last thing that's not really a rule. But I plan on writing Xavier as cannon as I possibly can and may sprinkle in a few things from my heacanons. Which may be in a separate blog.

more tba.
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1 | 0 Comments | by artist | Dec 3rd 2022 06:09


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0 | 0 Comments | by artist | Dec 3rd 2022 05:45

Get to know me & Rules

Rules and Get to know me

Hello everyone. I dearly appreciate the ones who go out of their way to find out one’s rules. With that being said, here are my rules and some things you should know about me.

About me:
Hello! Thank you once again for coming to my page! Here are some things you should know about me or you might find interesting!
✟ I am a 21 year old female college student!
✟ I love working out, playing games, and listening to music!
✟ I’m a black belt in Taekwondo
✟ I am a sucker for romance roleplays so if you have any romance ideas that involve Wednesday or really anything, let me know!
✟ I am totally okay with spicy content as long as you’re over 18! (I’m a bottom btw)
✟ I have 5+ years of roleplay experience. I’m still working on my style but I’m still really good!
✟ I roleplay things other than Wednesday! I love animes, video games, horror movies and much more! Just let me know!

Here are my rules:

↣ Rule #1: Be respectful. I will not ask again, do not come to me being rude or unfriendly. And if you’re racist, sexiest, homophobic or anything within those categories, leave the page already. Don’t stay.

↣ Rule #2: Please be patient. I have a life out of roleplaying. I have school, work, and other things more important than roleplaying. If I don’t reply within 3 days, send me a bump or message.

↣ Rule #3: Don’t randomly unfriend me or ghost me. If you don’t like the roleplay or my style or if something is bothering you, please let me know! If you ghost me with no explanation, once a week passes, I will be unfriending you.

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7 | 0 Comments | by Distress | Dec 3rd 2022 05:22

    just like my favorite song – some pretty words

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0 | 0 Comments | by camp | Dec 3rd 2022 05:21

    that didn't last that long ,  like a package

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0 | 0 Comments | by camp | Dec 3rd 2022 05:21

    sent priority overnight . . . ༉‧₊˚.

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0 | 0 Comments | by camp | Dec 3rd 2022 05:21


Before you go ahead and add me, here's what you need to know.

▶ I'm a writer with experience and some expectations.
▶ not here 24/7, might reply only weekly at times (I don't expect more of you).
▶ Post sizes vary from multi-para to novella (preferring the latter).
▶ I only write OCs, but I'm not against making up new OCs for our rp (photo gallery for my current OCs coming soon...).
▶ 3rd person past tense only please and thank you.
▶ Don't approach me in character, let's take our time to brainstorm.
▶ I only write mxm or mxnb stories, personal preference.

Despite the list of demands above, I think I'm nice, looking forward to writing with you~
Don't forget to grab a cookie on your way out (goes better with hot cocoa)~ ⊛
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0 | 0 Comments | by vellichor | Dec 3rd 2022 02:08

Psychological Roleplay

Do you want a Play A Game?

The makers of the game make the rules: Good or Bad. Nothing life-threatening but if she completes the challenges, she wins the game's maker. She will be bound to them forever. She can never leave but by the end of the game she will never want to.
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1 | 0 Comments | by NoLimitsKitty | Dec 3rd 2022 00:50

pending ...

         NAME : danielle lee
         NICKNAMES : dani, elle, ellie, fresa, fresita
         DATE OF BIRTH : december 3rd, 2003
         AGE : nineteen
         SEX | GENDER : female | cisgender
         SEXUAL ORIENTATION : bisexual
         BIRTHPLACE : morristown, new jersey
         CURRENT RESIDENCE : seoul, south korea
         OCCUPATION : film student who doesn't leave home

         FACECLAIM : leedainlee
         HAIR COLOR : light brown/hazelnut
         EYE COLOR : dark brown
         HEIGHT | WEIGHT : 152cm | 49kg
         — sweaters, cropped , flared jeans, polos
         — comfy >>
         — converse, vans, big ass shoes

         SCARS : n/a
         TATTOOS : n/a

         PHYSICAL HEALTH : fairly good
         MENTAL HEALTH : it's ight
         MBTI : infj
         DISORDERS :
         — depression
         — anxiety
         — adhd

         — outgoing , funny, a listener, weird :)
         — stubborn, indecisive, procrastinator, lazy
         HABITS :
         — will literally scream when annoyed
         — picking face when anxious
         — drawing
         — watching kdramas & anime
         — sleeping
         — roller skating around town
         — instigating twitter fights on filmtwt
         LIKES :
         — kdramas
         — anime
         — minions
         — dad jokes
         — plushies
         — how to train your dragon
         DISLIKES :
         — silence
         — extreme heat
         — pigeons
         — ocean
         PARENTS :
         — mariana lee (mother)
         — lee hajoon (father)
         SIBLINGS :
         — too many literally got five of them they are all older
         FRIENDS :
         — N/A
         LOVER :
         — none
         — none
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0 | 0 Comments | by fresa | Dec 3rd 2022 00:08

Basic Info

Birth name: Ahn Jiwoo

Nicknames: Jiji, Woo

Gender: female

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 26

Date of Birth: December 30, 1995

Relationship Status: single (in like)

Sexual Orientation: bisexual

Race: Asian

Birth place: Itaewon, South Korea

Pets: Two dogs
Angel, doberman ♡
Beauty, Rottweiler ♡

Height: 5'3

Weight: 112lbs

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Brown

Skin color: Pale-ish

Piercings: Ears

Tattoos: Some on her arms and chest

Scars: N/A

Marks: N/A

Personality: Very kind hearted, a little flirty, always seems to be in a good mood.

Favorites: Dogs, baking, watching movies

Dislikes: Overly annoying people, sometimes her parents, sausage

Disorders: N/A

Habits: biting at her inner lip

Parents: Ahn Sooyoung (Mother) Ahn Dayeol (Father)

Siblings: Ahn Hyewon (Older sister) Ahn Eunhyuk (Older brother) Ahn Baekhyun (Younger brother) Ahn Haneul (Younger brother)

Friends: N/A

Lover interest(s): Kim Jaehyun @KimJae
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0 | 0 Comments | by conceited | Dec 2nd 2022 21:09


- No minors

- No one liners please.

- No furries.

- No purely sexual roleplays.

- No fandoms
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0 | 0 Comments | by Davidz | Dec 2nd 2022 20:22

~Jenny and Rossy (Nekogirl Twins!)~

Names: Jenny and Rossy
Genders: Both Female
Preferences: Straight

Cat ears and tail
Brown hair
Ears and tails are brown with silver tips
Jenny has blue eyes and Rossy has green eyes
They always both have a green-blue dress on when they can

Shy, except when u get to know them
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0 | 0 Comments | by RuByDaQuEeN | Dec 2nd 2022 19:29

Madam Silvia (Vampire Form)

Full name: Silvia Liliana Morelli

Gender: Female

Age: (looks to be in her late 20's)

Race: Pureblood Vampire

Sexual Identity: Pansexual

Father: Jerall Angel Morelli

Mother: Eliana Gloria Morelli

Sibling(s): Mia Ava Morelli

Occupation: Duchess Of Transylvania

Power(s): Flight, misting, super strength, Hypnosis, elemental control, animal control, immortality, transformation, draining of life-force, decay control and age regression control, rebirth and birthing of her own kind

Appearance: Silvia's very skin is an enchanting porcelain with grey and pink undertones that give her an "undead" appearance. Her human eyes are hazel with tones of brown (in her bloodlust state her eyes are completely red with black cat like pupils). Her hair is black as night and falls just below her rear. Often times she adds red streaks and cuts her side parts. Her lips are a soft shade of pink and her earlobes are always adorned with different multiple pieces of jewelry that she desires that day. Her style has changed over the course of many periods of time but lately she sticks to lace, silk and cotton in dark shades and in vintage like material that show off her Goddess like figure.

Personality: Silvia is a very wicked creature. From a young age she desired to follow her own path and do as she desired with or without her parents permission. She doesn't care if she has to hurt, degrade or kill someone or something to get what she wants. Born into the most elite Vampire family in her era she doesn't lack in a poker face. She appears elegant, m*tu*e, strict and well disciplined. Underneath it all is a Sadist that wants to drain the blood of anyone that doesn't serve her needs or purpose.

Backstory: Born the eldest to Eliana Gloria Morelli and Jerall Angel Morelli, Silvia had a name that she had to live up to. Both her father and mother were worshiped as divine beings among humans, adored by their fellow Vampires and scorned by the poor (both human and Vampire alike). Silvia felt pressure just to be around them the moment she took her first breath. Unlike her sister Mia, her parents held her to a certain level of expectation because she was to inherit the family business. A cooperation that trafficked human slaves and human blood for many years. Her parents were diabolical and saw humans as nothing but livestock. Silvia, didn't like nor detest humans. She was scolded often for showing "too much" kindness to the lower beings.

At the age of nine her parents made her kill a servant girl who had mistakenly cut Mia's hair a little too short. That was the first day she experienced her bloodlust. The smell, the taste...she could still taste it if she thought about that day. Silvia had a growing hatred for her parents that was still there as she reached her teens. As an adult, she grew indifferent to them both. Silvia would outlive both her parents. With the fall of her parents cooperation in the late eighteen hundreds and the killing of her kind; Silvia would flee the country with her sister Mia until they ended up in China doing the Tang dynasty where they both worked as Geisha until the end of the Geisha period in the nineteenth century.

In present time (fictional) Silvia is the widow to count Alucard and owns the Transylvania region located in central Romania. She spends her time running a wine company and tends to the people's needs in her region. Gossip spreads about her true identity but none live long enough to cause her any trouble.

*View my Aabum for pictures of Silvia in various stages of her life. I will play at any stage of her life.*
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4 | 0 Comments | by Majesty | Dec 2nd 2022 19:25

♔ Hierarchy♔

NOTICE: "What's chaos to the normal for the spider" truly something worth remembering. How I dictate this profile is MY choice. How you feel about it is not my business. Understand that you are entitled to how you feel and I'm entitled to not care about your feelings. I don't owe you kindness. So don't automatically expect it.

Observation: Understand that I have some common courtesy. I will reply promptly when I am able. I will not ignore you. I reply in the order that I receive messages. If it's taking a little longer to get a reply from me it means I'm replying to someone else. Wait your turn.

Triggers: Do not rush me. It's a fast way to be disrespectfully told off by me. As stated on my profile you and I both have a life outside this site. We both choose to give our time to those we find worth the while. Show your worth and you may just earn more of my time. It's just that simple but don't just expect it.

No one liners or single paragraphs. I automatically ignore friend requests from users who have this as a role-playing style.

Keeping it in the family? I'm not interested. You are entitled to your interest but this is not mine.

Men are superior to you? You like to be served? I'm not interested. I'm all for Dominant male roles or characters but if you attempt to force my character into submission you will learn the hard way why I'm not interested.

Want offsite contact? Don't bother. It wont make me respond to you faster.

Being a smartass will buy you a one way ticket to Blocktopia.

*More will be added here as needed so check back regularly when you're able.*
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8 | 0 Comments | by Majesty | Dec 2nd 2022 18:19