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== Results from ==
100% Brat
100% Switch
100% Ageplayer
100% Rope bunny
100% Boy/Girl
99% Masochist
98% Brat tamer
95% Degradee
94% Experimentalist
90% Submissive
79% Degrader
73% Primal (Prey)
71% Exhibitionist
68% Non-monogamist
68% Sadist
66% Dominant
56% Slave
53% Rigger
48% Primal (Hunter)
46% Pet
45% Voyeur
44% Owner
42% Daddy/Mommy
41% Master/Mistress
7% Vanilla
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1. On the edge of town is a river with a huge waterfall. A secret path leads behind the waterfall, and Muse A spends as much time there as possible. One day, Muse B finds the path and follows it, discovering Muse A behind the waterfall.

2. Muse A is rich, and has everything they could ever want. However, they’re very depressed. They don’t have anyone to share their fortune with, no true friends or anyone to love. Muse B is homeless, and living on the streets since the shelter is full. One day, Muse A sees Muse B sitting on a street corner and offer to buy them lunch. The two get to know each other, and Muse B offers Muse A a place to live.

3. Muse A and Muse B are the popular couple at school. They’re always together, and people enjoy seeing how cute they are together. However, one night Muse A gets into a terrible accident and is hospitalized, in a coma. Muse B visits every day, and one day Muse A finally wakes up. However, they remember nothing about their life, including their relationship with Muse B. Will Muse B be able to jog Muse A’s memory and get back what they lost?

4. Muse A and Muse B absolutely hate each other. They’re always competing and fighting, trying to be better than the other, although Muse A secretly has a huge crush on Muse B. Then, one day, Muse B is kidnapped and raped by three older men before being left in an alley. Muse A happens to wander by and is shocked to see the unconscious Muse B in the alley, and immediately takes them home to clean them up. When Muse B wakes up, Muse A furiously insists that they helped just because they wanted to keep competing. Will Muse B be able to break through Muse A’s tsundere shell and find the kindness inside?

5. Muse A is a sniper and spy who sometimes does freelance assassination. Their current target is Muse B, a kind person with a little bit of a bad past. Muse A’s plan is to pretend to become Muse B’s friend, and then lure them to a secluded place and kill them. However, the two start to truly become friends, and Muse A desperately wants Muse B to live. What will Muse A stay true to: their heart or their job?

6. Muse A and Muse B have been friends forever, always hanging out after school and going to each other’s houses. Both of them have feelings for each other, but they haven’t told a soul for fear of being hated. One day, Muse A attempts to come out about their sexuality to their parents, which results in them being kicked out of the house with nothing but the clothes on their back. Scared, Muse A calls Muse B and asks for help. The two start living together, but the question is...will they ever confess to each other?
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Ian the admin

Name: ''Oh Boy,Oh Boy,Oh boy! you already know me. It's ya boy,Ian!''

Nicknames: ''Admin,Narrator,creator,@Xiderian,Yaboy'e,god,The coolest and bravest god and king of handsomeness and imagination!, Imaginator,Iantuli,Ian,Iantulito,ianturrey,iantu,Yani,Ians

Gender: ''I think i'm male...Yeah i'm male...''

Age: ''Teh....let's say 16.''

Nationality: ''Hispanic.''

Height: ''I'm not small,i'm average sized or atleast i-i think i am....anyways i am 5'5.'

Weight: "i am like a puppy,very easy to carry..."

Habbits: " i cant stop moving! I moan in a feminine voice when someone touches my nipples or bends my fingers...i shouldnt be sharing this. I gasp when i get tickled UwU and i act very tsundere and submissive sometimes..shutupimnotcute. >///<

Race: ''Beep Boop meh LIZARD,Jk i'm a hooman.''

Sexual orientation: ''....I dunno,really. I think i'm bisexual/Asexual."

Personality: ''A annoying and energetic kid who would never give up on his dreams,He loves to cheer people up and annoy his friends. Very anxious,restless,nervous,hyper active,impatient and i have the ability to never get depressed! although if i was then i would never allow my friends to see me sad that's why i am most of the time...happy!''

Dislikes: Talking about er*t*c stuff,being Lazy,Being called daddy,people,Bullies,Masochists,Cheese,Chickens,being alone, hot places.

Likes: Vegetables,The color green,dogs,Happiness,nature,Dark places, cold places, being with...Adi...¬///¬...

Sub/Dom: "What?! Wh-why would you wanna kn-know that..?" >///o
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||Sean McKay||


Guess what? I have big news! Yes really!
I am going to be making my characters, Role Plays & My personal Blog! Starting today! I hope you guys have a great day. I'll be posting them soon. I hope you have a great rest of your day!
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