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Charlie Simmons ~ Humanoid

Name: Charlie Simmons
Nickname: “Time Hopper”
Age: 23
Gender: Male, he/him
Species: Unknown, humanoid
Sexuality: Bisexual
Accent/Voice: Soft-Spoken

Scars: Small cuts along his torso
Markings/Tattoos: Symbol of an Ace and Spades card on his right arm

Personality: Witty, Talkative, Observant, Smart, Playful
Likes: Tricks, sweets, money, games
Dislikes: Making mistakes, rain and thunderstorms
Strengths: The concept of time
Weaknesses: Loud noises

Abilities: Able to go back in time, forward in time, slow down time and stop time. He can also predict future events 50% of the time accurately.
Talents: Decent singing voice

Backstory: TBA (can be found out through RP)

A humanoid who works at a circus. Usually apart of the main shows.
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bijou .


basic info

full name - Bijou Van.

preferred name - n/a.

age - 20.

home town - Cacouna, Quebec.

nationality - Canadian.

sexuality - Bisexual.

personality -
Bijou is a rather polite and peppy girl. She’s known for being a more extroverted, social person, always trying to meet new people and surround herself with friends. While she is content hanging around others, she has a small tendency to get waves of loneliness every now and then when she’s by herself for long periods of time, but she’s usually able to pull herself out of these moments by texting or entertaining herself by watching movies and such.

She’s not exactly a pessimist but she’s not an optimist either, she can be both. Bijou tries to not be one thing or the other, standing neutral ground is the best option in her opinion. Bijou can sometimes get entranced by her work, say she’s doing a really detailed art piece, she may end up shutting everything out accidentally, not being able to hear or notice others unless they tapped her on the shoulder or something.


eye colour - Light blue/green.

skin colour - A pale, peachy colour.

hair colour - Light strawberry blonde.

hairstyle - Chin length hair, always worn down, tucked behind her right ear with two bobby pins to keep stray hair strands out of her face.

clothing - Bijou usually goes for a simple look, which consists of a colour block dress shirt tucked into jean shorts. White socks that end right below her knees, and brown combat boots.

height - 5’4”

scars - Bijou has a long scar on her left knee from a small accident when she was younger.


occupation - Animation intern.

interests - Painting, Cartoons, Badminton, Traveling, Photography and Sketching.

dislikes - Getting dirty, Long car rides, Spring, Lightning, Big storms and Mud.

goals - To have her own independent studio.

other -
Bijou gets tan rather easily, but always looks to be as pale as a ghost during winter.
Bijou has a white american shorthair cat named Pippin.
Bijou lives in Toronto, Ontario with her best friend, Ginger.
Bijou and her group of friends go on trips to random places around the world every few years.

purpose fuels passion! “
⋆ ˚。⋆☆˚
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Okay, random fake logic:
Peridot=Doritos=Bill Cypher= Illuminati
I've got to much time to think even if I'm outwardly busy (0.0)
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✦ Haru Okumura (Noir)

Name: Haru Okumura
Code name: Noir

Date of Birth: December 5th, 1998

Age: 17-18

Height: 158cm (5'2")

Haru is generally very shy and reserved. At school, she is viewed as eccentric due to her tendency to keep to herself and avoid contact with others as much as possible. She has serious trust issues, finding it difficult to differentiate between who truly values her as a friend, and who merely wants to use her for her family's status. This is due to her past, where not only friends, but adults and teachers would be kind at her just to please her father and smiled at her for their own personal gain. Despite this, Haru is an incredibly kind-hearted girl.
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| Tierney Grace Pendleton |

Name: Tierney Grace Pendleton
Age: 21
DOB: April 12, 1998
Species: Werewolf
Height: 5’3
Occupation: N/A
Parents: Claire Pendleton (Mother)
Unknown (Father)

Tierny was only a day old when she was offered up to a werewolf hunter. Due to the simple fact that Lincoln Maskin had already been on the path to killing Claire and her mother when he came to the hospital instructed by Barbara Pendleton herself. In only minutes it was as if the ordeal had never happened. As far as anyone was concerned Tierney had been adopted by two loving parents. Unfortunately the newborn had no idea how hard her life would be. Lincoln was far from a father to her. Instead he hired a nanny to look after the girl and raise her as he saw fit. Tierney never so much of the outside word. Any education that she received happened in the walls of a room that Lincoln had secluded her into. To Lincoln wolves were nothing but cursed beast that deserved nothing but death.

As Tierney became older, things seemed to change between the hunter and wolf. He allowed for her to go out more. He began to teach her about Hunters and did his best to show that the nature of what she was, was something to not be okay with. Little by little the young wolves anger with her life, relationship with Lincoln and who she was began to grow and he used this to his own advantage. On her first change Lincoln purposely let her loose to see what she would find. That night Tierney killed a small family that had been out camping in the woods.

It wasn't until a crazed werewolf hunted Lincoln down as a means of revenge that Tierney was able to not only escape but drew the attention of a pack of wolves that not only finished the job but caused the she wolf to make sure that none of them survived. Hours later firefighters arrived to put out the flames but Tierney was nowhere to be found. After the years spent being used, lied too and Imprisoned she took off and never looked back. Traveling from state to state was the only thing she did and after finding a pack ended up settling down. Two years later she was on the run again and back on the streets.

Eventually. Tierneys unstable life on the streets lead her to the State of Louisiana which she ended up permanently making her home. The now 21 year old roams the streets and steals whatever she can get her hands on to survive. That includes keeping her head down and doing her best to keep the supernaturals attention of New Orleans away from her.

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0 | 0 Comments | by HiddenMoon | 24 hours ago