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Full name of Character: Samantha Jones
Nickname:Sam, Sammy
Sexuality: Straight
Social class:Working class
Town: HarrodsBurg, Kentucky.

.:|Physical Appearance|:.

How old they appear: 16 - 22
Eye Color: Green
Hair color length and style: brown long and straight
height: 5'3


Character’s favorite color: Yellow.
Least favorite, why? Black, Its depressing
Music? Pop
Least favorite music, Hard Rock.
Snack: Popcorn
Mode of transport: Old beat up truck or her Horse.
Hobbies: HorseBack Riding
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2 | 0 Comments | by _Samantha_ | 7 hours ago

My hero academia rp

(Straight from my rp forum. If you are interested in that rp, then just join. In the anime and fandom sections. If you are interested in using him or something about him, then just do it, IDC. Just make sure you tell me at some point, and if you want to use him, make sure you mention that I made him.
Name:Dreldoryn Destral


Quirk:He uses several different powers, so no one really knows. Some think it's part of his power, others think he just tricks everybody.
Minor light control and power
Minor dark control and power
Able to create a black fire sword.
His real power (this is completely out of game) is actually none of those, I'll explain later in the story how that works, then update his sheet.

Armor/clothes:His normal clothes that he wears to battle or just around, is a black T with a hard rock band's logo on it, black pants, a utility belt, and black custom made shoes. Over that all he wears a black bullet proof trench coat lined with silver. He has a foldable four shot weak pistol in his left sleeve, a flash bang on the back of his belt, a pistol, two smoke bombs, and a grenade in the sides of his trenchcoat. On his right leg he also carries a knife. In battle, he wears light armor that's black as night, his sword, his earrings and ring, a pistol on his right hip, a foldable fourshot low power pistol on his left ankle, a knife on his right ankle, a flash bang on the left side of his hip, and smoke grenade on the back of waist.

Weapon of choice (optional):A falchion named Deathbringer on his back. (The only because he is as skilled as he is.) Various weakish support items.

Appearance:Dreldoryn standso tall at 6'2, with jet black hair and brown eyes. He has tan skin and a great build that is still light so that he can move fast. He has a fairly larger burn scar on the right side of his right forearm. He also has seven different cut scars on his back, legs, and chest varying in size. He also a semi small cut scar on his left cheek.

Nationality (optional):American

Bio (only a little bit needed):Until he was 12, everything was fine. But that's when it happened. His parents ran a small restaurant, or at least, that's what the front was. In reality, they were known as the currency couple, and ran the biggest money laundering/theft/copyright/false money/black market seller in the whole city. He never actually understood his parents work, but he knew that it wasn't right. As it was doomed to haplen, one sad day, one of their unhappy customers came in. There was screaming, and a fight broke out. His mother was killed by the man, and upon seeing this, he lost it. Dark and light surrounded everything in the shop, and he blew the man into pieces. The police were investigating three days later, and found evidence of who his father was, and he was thrown in jail for a quadruple life sentence. He was put into foster care until he was 13, when a strange man adopted him, and helped him get his mind back. In front of him were two paths, the light and the dark. He chose to go into the light, and hide all forms of his true power. Then, the man told him something that would shatter his world. Those weren't his real parents. He was descended from a line of guardians, and that strange old man was in fact his grandfather. He was given two earrings, one basic small one painted silver in a teardrop shape with a small white stone, and the same but with a black stone for the other. He was also given a weirdly designed black and silver ring which he was told to use this always, especially when his quirk is close to being unleashed.

Personality (optional):Dark, kind, intelligent, loyal, stubborn, protective of friends.

Classes (business, general ed., hero, or support. It's preferred that you play hero course, mainly for your sake. But you can also have multiple characters.):Hero course
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0 | 0 Comments | by Dreldoryn | 7 hours ago


*I am the new girl in town where you have lived your whole life and on Halloween every year a teen girl goes missing and whines up dead the next week, Most people in town say its because of a satanic cult. {You are the killer}

*My characters papers get mixed up andshe is enrolled into a all boys boarding school, the principle keeps me there because she feels like they need a change but will the bad boy of school {you} and me get along or not?

*You are best friends with my friends but i don't even know you that well, my friend invite you to the abandoned railroad station in the middle of no where and we start to get to know each other.

*Me and my family go on vacation and i meet you on the beach as i was collecting sea shells, you offer to help me and later invite me to a bond fire that night.

*You come across me one day just sitting on the train tracks and you wonder whats wrong, you find out that i go to your school and ive been bullied so thats why i was on the tracks and sense your the bad boy you play it off as me being dramatic but at the last minute you save me.

*You are a prince from a kingdom far away and you come to my land to find a wife, you meet me and we click but i cannot leave my land or i may die.

*You are a very old vampire that has lived a long time and you see me in town one day with a locket on that use to belong to your love hundreds of years ago and we have the same birthmark, can it be?
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0 | 0 Comments | by Annebelle | 7 hours ago

My family/Connections



Step Mom

Step Dad

Best friends

Sisters @NicoleHalliwell





if I missed you and you would like to be a part of my family please let me know and I will add it in.
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1 | 5 Comments | by Mariana_Rose | 7 hours ago

My Bio

Hi my name is Mariana Rose Lockwood I am not sure who I am really am because I dont remember who my real parents are. you see I have a memory less problem. I some how ended up hitting my head very hard, on some rocks or something. this happend when I was trying to escape from my abuse boyfriend that i had in the past. Luckily for me Tyler lockwood @SexyHybrid. Spoted me and brought me to the hospital. He stayed by my side the whole time at the hospital. after a few weeks they let me go into Tyler's Care. it took Tyler a few months to find out who I really was and what really happend to me. thats when Tyler changed my name to Mariana Rose Lockwood so now one is able to find me. Tyler has taken good care of me. I dont really remember how I got here to Mystic falls but this place feels like home to me. its been over 3 years now since I have been in Mystic falls. one more thing alot of people say I look like elena Gilbert. I dont know why but one I met elena for the first time I felt a connection beween us. like I knew her or something. its just one of these things I can not really explain, because I am not sure why I look like her.
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1 | 1 Comment | by Mariana_Rose | 7 hours ago