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° first demon hunter °

Full name: Ivor Stiobhard

Alias: Ian Mitchell

Nickname(s): Ivo, Half-Breed, Antichrist

Gender: Male

Species: Cambion (Half-Incubus/Half-Human Hybrid)

Age: 710 (physically 38)

Birthday: June 6, 1306

Orientation: Straight

Nationality: Irish

Place of Birth: Ireland

Currently Lives: Currently Traveling

Languages Spoken: Gaelic, Greek, Latin, English

Native Language: Gaelic, English

Relationship Status: Engaged to Brona Leoideach

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 194.lbs

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Green (blood red when manifesting cambion abilities)

Skin Color: Fair

Face Claim / Playby: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Appearance: Ivor is a striking angelically attractive man with an appearance of someone in their late thirties with shoulder-length brown hair, fair tan skin and dark green eyes said to be green as emerald gems and he has a slender muscular built while standing at 6'2" with his upper body covered in old aged scars and a tattoo of a pentagram on his upper back (which he had it done himself to place a protection spell onto himself while cloaking himself from both angels and demons) unlike his father, Ivor never has manifested his demonic heritage through his appearance but often manifested a minor amount of it through it, such as shadows that revealed his bat-like wings. His eyes often would turn red with a vertical pupil that said with supernatural beings and human beings that his demonic eyes strikes fear into everyone even the one with the strongest heart would fear him.

Personality: Ivor is a cold-blooded killer, even cold-hearted to people as he would often make offensive and sarcastic remarks about one's actions or behavior. He is brutal in honesty and never afraid to hurt someone emotionally by saying things he felt he means to say. He shows little to zero emotions towards people and has no remorse for the people he had hunted down and killed depending on the bounty, he also has a strong dislike for his father and often even hatred towards demons because he views them as nothing but savages that want greed, lust and all the power in the world. However underneath his harden surface he is rather the man seeking freedom and shown depression since the death of his former love Brona, he also would show he did try to win his father's affections but grew tired of his overbearing demonic father, Ivor also has a dislike and shame of being a cambion and even disliked his demonic heritage despite it gave him the power and immortality (simply for the purpose of finding Brona) he cares greatly for his descendants and once they were threatened he would do what it takes even if it means killing to protect his bloodline.

Likes: Night, Cloudy Days, Thunderstorms, Children, His Descendants, His Mother, Brona, Freedom, Angels (out of respect), Witches, Werewolves (also out of respect), Guns, Knives, Ancient Weapons

Dislikes: Sunlight (affects his vision during the day), Demons, All Race of Incubus and Succubus, His Father, Holy Water, Dagonet, Hip-Hop Music, His Past, His Half-Brother Cronin, His Demonic Heritage

Smoker: No

Drinker: Occasionally

Medication: No

Hobbies: Studying the Arts of Witchcraft, Traveling on Work, Lock Picking, Metalworking, Marksmanship, Letter Writing, Pranking on Enemies/Rivals

Occupation: Bounty Hunter (currently), Blacksmith (formerly)

Parents: Kranovan (biological incubus father, alive but estranged), Eoghan (stepfather, deceased), Siobhan (mother, deceased)

Siblings: Cronin (older half-brother, deceased), Raine Athira (younger half-sister, alive)

Children: Benjamin Stiobhard (son, deceased)

Other Relatives: Cailean Leoideach (possible descendent, alive), Unnamed Male Werewolf (possible descendent, deceased)

Spouse: Brona Leoideach (current fiancee, alive/undead), Leanne (former wife, deceased)


Ivor was born to a wealthy nobleman named Eoghan and his lovely wife Siobhan during a blood red moon on the sixth month, six year and sixth day in 1306. Ivor was a result of Siobhan's encounter with an incubus nine months earlier, when he was born however the parents were feared that Ivor was dead as he had no sign of life but as he began crying Siobhan was tearfully relieved but Eoghan began to slowly suspect otherwise. While growing up, Ivor was spoiled by Siobhan and he grew up with his older brother Cronin who was too spoiled but tends to be jealous of Ivor's otherworldly beauty that gained many people to phrase his appearance, during his years as a boy when he was eight years old he confided in his mother that he had been visited by a otherworldly being that claimed he would come back when Ivor is an adult. Siobhan only assured him that he was having bad dreams. By the time Ivor was sixteen years old however Siobhan died mysteriously of an unknown illness but Eoghan began to believe a demon murdered Siobhan and began to suspect she was involved somehow. After searching over Siobhan's things he found a diary and reading it he found out that Siobhan was having a brief affair with an incubus named Kranovan and he began to believe that Ivor may actually be Kranovan's son, out of his rage and pain from his wife cheating on him, Eoghan began to distant himself from Ivor who was confused and Eoghan began showering Cronin with affection. Then Eoghan remarried a woman who was rather known in another village as a golddigger, Ivor discovered that Eoghan was planning to sent Ivor away from the village and disown him because he wasn't Eoghan's biological child. This upsetted Ivor to a point he ran away from home, however before he came across a man named Kran who owned a forge and happily took the boy under his wing.

Kran taught him blacksmithing and therefore he became close to Kran looking up to him as a fatherly figure. But as he grew older, he often do make visits to Eoghan's home during parties and such to simply humiliate Eoghan for how he treated him like an outcast. Years later he did become known as the village drunk and a rather charming and alluring man but most women were often scorned by Ivor's lies. However when he was twenty four years old Cronin who wanted to show off his new wife-to-be, a twenty one year old beautiful Irish woman named Brona, Ivor was bewitched and enchanted by her beauty that he simply had a change of heart and befriended her as his way of getting close to her. The two even confided in each other over their resentment towards their fathers (as Brona's was a cheater, Eoghan disowned Ivor for having a different father) and the two later fall madly in love that resulted in her engagement to Cronin to come to an end. The townspeople however believed Brona was leading both of them on but Ivor knew she loved him the same way he loved her, he proposed to her and the two decided to run away together and get married. But the plan was delayed when Brona's mother Niamh's illness took a turn for the worst and before anyone knew it, she passes away. Ivor decided to stay in the village and help console grieving Brona over her mother's death, months after Niamh was buried Ivor was called to the forge and kissed Brona goodbye, never knowing this day would be the last time he saw her. He had to stay in Kran's home during a severe storm but during his stay Kran confessed to Ivor that he is actually his father and revealed himself to be an incubus named Kranovan, and that he was the same being Ivor dreamed about coming back to get him because he had a vision time was the best time to recruit Ivor to be part of the legion of demons.

Ivor refused to leave as he even explained that he is getting married and would rather die than to live without his beloved. But however as night went on, Kranovan projected a vision to Ivor showing that Brona has indeed "died" as she was murdered by a relative, in the middle of the night Ivor did leave the house and tried to travel to Brona's home but once he got there, peaking through the window he saw Brona's corpse, along her brother's, her sister-in-law's and her nephews and niece laying there. Ivor was stunned, horrified and even broken to find his love have died, he confronted Kranovan and demanded to know the name of the murderer but Kranovan explained to him that the murderer is not a normal being and that the only way to get his revenge is to join him, with no other choice Ivor agreed, and therefore faked his own death making people assume he died of a broken heart (as Kranovan made an illusion of Ivor's heart to stop beating) and he was later buried by Eoghan who expressed remorse and regret of ever rejecting Ivor, later that night Ivor was dug out of his grave by Kranovan and there he was taken to Hell where he spent the next five hundred years being trained channeling his demonic heritage by Kranovan and other demons alike. However he still longed for Brona and that longing was not ignored by a fellow demon who unlike the others began to display human emotions at the time and due to pity, the demon led Ivor out of Hell and advised him to run as far as he can from Kranovan for his sake, Ivor did escape from Hell and began traveling back to Ireland but he did find how many years had passed and had difficulty adjusting to the new timeline. However he was cared for by a nurse named Leanne and she was later attracted to him but he didn't share the mutual feelings towards her.

During his time when he did marry Leanne (simply out of pity for the girl's loneliness and to obtain her family's wealth) he learned from other men that began speaking of their encounter with a bewitchingly beautiful woman with red hair, and the brightest blue eyes they ever seen, Ivor became certain that somehow they may have came in contact with the ghost of Brona but however he learned from the same demon who said that Brona and her brother were actually turned into vampires by an exiled and forgotten so-called god named Dagonet and that most people of Otherworld or any supernatural being of that matter were dreadfully afraid of Dagonet. Ivor was enraged by this and he later was taught by the demon to cloak himself, and Ivor overtime became a rather a natural hunter, Leanne dies and Ivor inherited her insurance before giving up his and Leanne's son up to her parents to adopt and to take care of him before he moved away from Ireland to reside in South Carolina where he became a bounty hunter in a city, he was well known for his skillful tracking and even known to capture people who are either wanted by the law or wanted dead but most people say that his looks and his skill was to easily seduce people by charming them into a trap. Most people that died by him seen his eyes that induced the fear and therefore he scared them literally to death. He stopped hunting humans and supernatural beings of all types began hiring him to track down a rogue to kill, or simply to kill off a hunter that has been chasing them. As said he became a rather impressive hunter leaving no trace of his existence and he began using his skills to his advantage to track down Brona and track down the man that was responsible for Brona's vampirism.

But on top of that, demons and even angels began tracking him in hopes of killing him off (as angels believe he could end the world as he is half demonic) but due to the teaching from a sympathetic demon, he learned to cloak himself from their sights wanting to be left alone and not wanting to even engage in battle with them. Occasionally he would often send birthday and Christmas cards to his son, Benjamin, as it became clear that he loved his son dearly but couldn't bare putting his son's life in danger, in 1931 Ivor traveled back to Ireland to see his son, guised as a new neighbor and when he met with Benjamin, he learned his son was ill but happy to know his son had a much happier and more caring life. His son later passes away and Ivor was shattered to witness his son's death. He then moved away from South Carolina and moved to Georgia during the 1950's where he went by a normal human name Ian Mitchell to carry out his bounty hunting and there he was again hired by a vampire named Ellen to track down Dagonet and his 'creations' to kill them. Ivor took advantage of it and went to track them down but as he began observing the murders, he couldn't bare the idea of killing Brona and her brother (who at the time were unaware of Ivor due to his cloaking) with a silver arrow and he decided to leave them alone and inform Ellen that they got away from him. As Ivor returned back to Georgia he informs Ellen of this who was enraged but Ivor later charms her into sleeping with him, manipulating her and he then left the next day after telling Ellen that if she wanted someone to die badly then she should think of doing it herself next time before hiring him, this enraged Ellen at herself for falling for the cambion's manipulation. He later learned Dagonet was on the move again and he began searching everywhere for the vampire, only ended up blind with rage and revenge that drifted him away from his humanity.

During the 1980's he recruited hunters (who are unaware of his own demonic heritage) and he began teaching him everything his former mentor who he nicknamed Don taught him centuries ago. He took two young hunters, a husband and wife who were teenage runaways under his wing where he taught them the secret of using cloaking and taking advantage of a supernatural being by giving a show, teaching them how to charm their way in to a heart of a creature. But over the years, the wife Clara and the husband Beck began to wonder on how Ivor never seemed to have aged at all and therefore other hunters began to suspect him. They later confronted him using holy water by splashing onto him therefore weakening him and tortured him relentlessly until Ivor confessed to being a cambion, Beck and another hunter were prepared to cut Ivor's head off until he explained that he didn't want to be like his demonic father and his whole purpose of hunting was to find his beloved fiancee to save her from her maker's abuse. No one believed him, except for Clara who was touched by Ivor's determination to find his love, Clara freed him of his bounds and told him that she will explain he used his abilities to manipulate her into letting him go. Ivor thanked her and fled from the cellar he was held prisoner in and ran, he moved from Georgia and then began traveling on foot becoming a drifter while also only giving out his business to people who desperately need his services. It went on this way for years, as he remained on the road, waiting for new information on Dagonet and his father Kranovan began seeking and tracking down his son to drag him back to hell for punishment for leaving, Ivor is currently seeking revenge on Dagonet, and as well his freedom from the demonic heritage that continues to call him back to becoming a ruthless creature that no one has known of but he is awaiting the day he will gain what he needs from both goals.

Theme Song: Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin


♡ Brona Leoideach - fiancee (npc)
♡ Raine Athira - younger sister (@Fatalis)
♡ Ilona Dragomirov - younger sister
♡ Matt Jameson - fellow hunter
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Yo no pensaba que existía alguien o algo que este más allá de nuestro entendimiento, nunca creí que había un o múltiples dioses que controlaran nuestras vidas, ya que no podía entender eso. Nunca pude entender como alguien le podía tener tanta fe y esperanza a una simple estatua.

Pero claro, eso fue antes de convertirme en uno.


— Entonces, hay que escoger un nuevo dios? — Dijo un hombre de gran barba de blanco mas puro al igual que su cabello, vestido con una toga roja y sentado en un trono hecho de oro.

— Sabes que si, hermano. Desde que desterramos a Eras a las profundidades del Daden, no hay otro dios de la sabiduría. — Dijo un hombre de contextura física mas fuerte, con una barba de color castaño con algunas canas a la par con su cabello, usando una toga azul y sentado en oro como su hermano.

El hermano mayor se removió en su asiento mientras que recordaba las atrocidades que hizo el anterior dios usando su magia, miles de personas inocentes sufriendo solo por capricho del dios. Con esos pensamientos, el mayor le dio la cara al menor de los tres dioses presentes.

— Y tú, Olnar? Crees que Zeo tiene razón? — Le pregunto al menor, buscando una respuesta concreta.

— Apharo, se que tienes miedo de que pase lo mismo que con Eras. — Dijo el menor cerrando los ojos y tomando un poco de aire para luego abrirlos otra vez. — Nosotros debemos mantener el equilibrio en todas las cosas, incluyendo entre los dioses. Si un dios hace falta, toda la existencia colapsaría y nosotros con ella. —

El dios llamado Apharo cerro los ojos y luego suspiro, para luego abrirlos lentamente. Sus ojos carmesí parecían preocupados por si el siguiente dios fuera como el anterior, pero también estaba consciente de la situación en la que estaban. No podían estar tanto tiempo con una posición vacía, ya que habían pasado mas de diez años desde el destierro del dios Eras a la dimensión de los castigos eternos.

— Olnar, Zeo. Creo que tienen razón en lo de tener un nuevo dios de la magia, pero recuerden de que no podemos tener a un humano normal como un dios. — dijo Apharo removiéndose otra vez.

— Entonces, les propongo algo. — Dijo Zeo con una pequeña sonrisa mientras sus orbes celestes titilaban como estrellas.

— A que te refieres, Hermano Zeo? — Dijo el dios llamado Olnar

El dios llamado Zeo asintió para luego dar un pequeño aplauso, al hacer este movimiento, una esfera del mismo color de su toga. La esfera pronto se convirtió de una sustancia transparente parecida al agua, pero mas densa. Súbitamente, está comenzó a transmitir imágenes de bebes recién nacidos.

— No podemos tener a un humano ya adulto, pero le podemos conceder la bendición a un bebe de convertirse en un dios cuando crezca. — Dijo el dios de cabellos marrones mientras observaba las reacciones de sus hermanos.

— Estas loco!? Como crees hacer eso!? Va en contra de nuestra ética dar bendiciones a la ligera, podemos escoger a un humano cualquiera que tenga un buen cerebro, eso servirá. — Dijo Olnar removiéndose en su asiento dorado.

— Aunque, esa idea también va en contra de la norma. Además, los bebes son mucho mas seguros. Ya que podemos asegurarnos de guiarlo hacia el camino desde pequeño, los adultos no se pueden cambiar a la ligera y además de que pueden llegar a embriagarse fácilmente con el poder. — Zeo cerraba y abría los ojos mientras hablaba con brazos cruzados.

Apharo miraba hacia el orbe mientras que sus hermanos discutían acerca de que sería mejor, en la esfera se podía ver la imagen de un infante recién nacido, aunque este tenia algunos problemas con el ritmo cardíaco y se iba a morir muy pronto. El dios mayor pudo de algún modo conectar con el bebe, suspiro y chasqueo sus dedos, haciendo que sus hermanos voltearon a verlo.

— Ok, le daremos una oportunidad a la idea del bebe. Este bebe a los diecisiete años descubrirá lo de nuestro plan y sera par de el si el gusta. Antes de eso, el niño no creerá en la existencia de ningún dios. — Dijo Apharo sentenciando la bendición.

— Que así sea entonces. — Dijo Zeo con una sonrisa un tanto neutra, cerrando los ojos al compás.

- Que así sea, Hermano Apharo. — Dijo Olnar dando una pequeña reverencia.
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Name: Damon Ian Salvatore

Age: 24 years old in human years but mostly 100 in something in vampire years

Species: Vampire

Relationship: Single

Kids: None

Brother: Stefan Paul Salvatore

Drinks: Blood and Whisky

Foods: sometimes

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(*NOT MY ART* 4)

Name: Jackson Rosario Terrell
Nickname(s): Jack, Jackie
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birthday: April 17th
Zodiac: Aries
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Nationality: Spanish American
City or town of birth: Santa Barbara, California
Currently lives: Wherever the roleplay takes place
Languages spoken: English
Native language: English
Relationship status: Single
Height: 5'6
Weight: 144 lbs
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Grey
Scars/distinguishing marks: Stitches on his chest
Preferred style of clothing: Comfy clothing
Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Panic disorder
Any medication regularly taken: Antidepressants
Personality: He is quiet, and reserved. He would rather stay in his room all day listening to some alternative pop music than socializing with people. He is prone to getting stressed easily over the stupidest things
Likes: Sitting on his beanbag, listening to music, rolling in the grass when he gets the chance to be outside, his pet dog
Dislikes: When people take out his earplugs, threats
Fears/phobias: Being surrounded by people when he's feeling the worst
Favorite color: Yellow
Hobbies: Picking flowers, daydreaming
Taste in music: Alternative pop
Talents/skills: Singing, remembering all the songs on his playlist
Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles?: No
Favorite food(s): Anything with butter, or grease
Favorite drink(s): Water
Disliked food(s): Strawberry jam on toast
Disliked drink(s): Milk
Are parents alive or dead?: Alive
Is the character still in contact with their parents?: Yes
Siblings? Relationship with siblings?: Younger sister
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welcome to my trash of a blog,posts coming soon
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