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Prince Benjamin of Britannia

First Name: Benjamin
Last Name: kenata
Alias/Nickname(s): The Prince, Hero of Britannia
Preferred pronouns: him/he
DOB: 120 AD
Current Age: 20
Species: Elf
Race: Elf
Place of Birth: Britannia
Nationality: Britannia/England
Sexuality: Bisexual
Romanticism: Romantic
Current Residence: Foresst of Enland
Occupation: Prince of Britannia & its realms

Roleplay Backstory: Benjamin Kenata is the Prince of Britannia & its 5 Realm Challanging The Evil Emperor of Germania & Saving Humanity From Extinciton alongside the supernatural world.


Body Color: White & Pale.
Hair Color: Blonde/short/Straight
Eye Color: Red/Yellow (Sith)
Approx. Height: 185 cm
Approx. Weight: 48 Kg
Body Type: Slim & Thin,
Clothing Style/Favorite Outfit(s): Elf-Knight Attire


Character Alignment: Natural Evil
Disposition: Currently Uknown
Passive or Aggressive: Passive
Positive Character Traits: Determinated, Loyal, Intelligent. Brave-hearted
Negative Character Traits: Determination, Over-Confident
What (mentally) Drives Them Forward: Freedom & Peace
What (mentally) Keeps Them Down: The Germanian Emperor
Biggest goal/dream: Spreading Peace
Worst fear/nightmare: his kingodom Destruction
How they try to avoid it: Diplomatic Discussion & peace Negotiation



Hobbies: Political Discussion, Peaceful Negotion, controlling his kingdom
What fascinates them the most: Political Discussons & peace-keeping
What they care about the least: Terror and Horror
Phobia(s): Death.
Moral beliefs/disbeliefs: Democracy & Eternal Peace
Dream Job: Protecting His People & Ruling Britannia as kind leader
Likes: Peace-Keeping, Freedom,
Dislikes: liars, double crossers, Resistance, oppositions, Rebellions



Mom: james kenata
Dad: kari kenata
Siblings: None
Children: None
Notable Extended Family: keneta Family
Mentor/Hero: King james
Why they look up to them: Peace-Keepers
Romantic Interest: None.
How they met and why they like them: None.
Best Friend(s): The Humans & Elfs
Regular Friends/Acquaintances: Peasants & Servants
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Bianca Smith

Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Likes: cold weather, ice skating, pranks, ice cream, cartoons, people
dislikes: hot weather, spicy food, dogs
fears: the dark
Personality: Bianca is sort of a happy go lucky girl, she loves meeting new people and is very friendly overall. She enjoys pulling off harmless pranks, and can sometimes be pretty loud.
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Amelie Brown

Age: 16-18
Gender: female
sexuality: Bisexual
Likes: sweets, the beach, music, dogs and cats, books.
Dislikes: indoors, very loud noises, the cold, people who call her cute.
fears: lightning, bugs.
Amelie is a very smart, and sarcastic girl. She tends to be a bit of an introvert, but enjoys talking to someone from time to time. you can mostly finding her with a book on her face. Although she can be a bit harsh and brutally honest, she means no harm and can be pretty nice once you get to know her.
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Lol, idk what I'm doing.

*This applies as a little bit of a warning, the themes surrounding my muse is a little bit dark and the story line behind him is just as shady. There will be: Cannibals, cultists, rituals, drugs, alcohol, mentions of inbreeding and incest, lots of death and a dash of gore. I can always tone it down, but let's face it, I doubt any of you lovely f***s have a filter regardless but the option is there.

*I can write my muse prior, after or during the events of the plane crash but keep in mind that he's still in development and I still have so much in need to flesh out for him to be substantial for me to really write him before the whole debacle.

*I live off of coffee and depression, I cannot stress enough how much patience is required to put up with my sorry ass, but if it's too much to understand, it's no skin off my nose and I get it.

*If you add me to just add me. I understand that people get busy, have a whole f*** ton of other writers they are engaged with, or that they just simply forget that they've added me. You do you, boo. I'll just chill in your friend's list and do my own thing.

*If you don't have any idea how to approach me with a story, I am chill and we can always bat off each other's ideas. I'm no award winning author so I can't expect the entire world out of others.

x-- ALL I ASK.
*For the love of all that's good, please don't bring drama to my page. I ain't about that life. I am a grown ass adult who just wants to entertain myself with amazing stories.
*Don't ask for my personal contacts of any kind. I'm an open book, but I want to keep things here, for now.
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Delaney (Spn Oc)

Name: Delaney Rose
Nickname: Del
Age: 22
Species: Demon (crossroads)
Sexuality: Very open (probably bisexual)
Height: 5'5
Weight: 135
Relationship status: Single

Hair: Copper red
Eyes: Emerald green
Skin tone: Pale/pinkish
Face Claim: Riley Rasmussen
Tattoos: None
Build: Slim

Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert
Quirks: Loves to taunt people, can be sometimes a bit too much, and borders lines of being a succubus (personality wise).
Likes: Making people uncomfortable, being in control, torturing people, and making deals at the crossroads.
Dislikes: Being talked down to, being undermined, and being powerless.

Drinker: Oh yes
Smoker: Yes
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