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Test Results

Someone had me take this funny little test. Not quite sure with this all means?

100% Dominant
100% Degrader
100% Sadist
100% Master/Mistress
97% Rigger
97% Daddy/Mommy
97% Primal (Hunter)
96% Owner
84% Non-monogamist
65% Exhibitionist
58% Experimentalist
54% Ageplayer
51% Brat tamer
50% Voyeur
45% Vanilla
30% Degradee
23% Masochist
8% Primal (Prey)
1% Slave
1% Brat
1% Boy/Girl
0% Rope bunny
0% Submissive
0% Pet
0% Switch
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2 | 4 Comments | by MadameCroft | 9 hours ago

Roleplay rules

1: i dont do oc x cannon
2: oc x oc is g8 as long as the oc isnt op or fandom in any way unless i say its okay otherwise
3: I expect at least a sentence, one-word responses make me lose interest
4: smut and gore is g8 but i will not do rape ever
5: dont spam me to reply, sometimes im just not feeling up to that fandom or genre so please just wait
6: most of my cannon pi’s are based off kin memories.
7: no text talk unless the characters are texting
8: i dont do gxg, and if we are doing bxg i will take the male roleplay as im uncomfortable playing females unless they are my oc
9: Please please for the love of f*** try to at least make a coherent sentence, if i cant read it ill ask for it to be re-done or i wont respond.
10: Im a switch, i can do both dom and sub characters.
11: If we are doing smut, we need plot, im not gonna jump right into f***ing,
12: I make ocs on the fly, sometimes i think up one in my head and draw them, but i never make a sheet on them
13: dont use these sh*ts *** if you do i wont reply its annoying
14: in smut no piss play, sh*t play, or rape play.
15: Roleplay is a hobby, not a chore, if i feel pushed to do a roleplay or the roleplay is stressing me out i will ask to stop it.
I may seem a tad blunt but ive been doing this for a while, and this is my 5th account now, so i know what im doing.
Im a pretty nice person for the most parts but if i say im not into something, dont push it
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0 | 0 Comments | by gaycarbondioxide | 9 hours ago

Yah, Rules.

1.I don’t do starters. ok I do but its rare. I have great ideas for starters..and maybe ill be the one asking to start. It will be somewhat long. But you don’t have to respond to the length of it. If I receive a long rp starter I easily get intimidated I simply don’t have the time to live up to those expectations. Although I find it super outstanding. I love great ideas ! I will respect you if you have one. Just please don’t expect much from me. I will always attempt to respond with a respective length to your own rp skill. But If I just cant, please don’t be upset. Im just not all that.What Im asking of you is..please keep the starters detailed and a fair length.

2.Okay this one is simple. I mean I love Mafia ! I love violence action, gore…anything sick is great! But with a plot. No fcking plot is just ew what am I doing with my life? I will allow sexual themes around the rp but not right away! Especially when your rp skills on XXX increase dramatically! its intimidating. Especially when and if I take upon the dominant role.

3 I Don’t have an Oc to present to you. And I rarely use anime characters. Im afraid I wont get the personality correct. But if you convince me then great.

4. One Liners are// ( I might understand that you are a beginner, but you should only message me if you are sure you can add more into your one liner during our roleplay in the future. And can go more than 3 sentences, preferably 5 longer when you get the hang of it.)

5. If I no longer feel like our roleplay clicks, I will either stop the roleplay and ask to change it or simply stop replying. If after asking to change it I still don't feel like I can connect with you I will be forced to unfriend you since it is also rude of me to have you as a lurking number in my list. I suppose that goes for me to. If you no longer feel like our roleplay is any fun you can ask for me to change things or unfriend me right away. Since I don't have a tracker on you and can't find and kill you for doing so.

6. I'm a sucker for romance. And preferably do MxM romance ( My oc takes the dominant role or maybe not).

0- Any other genres you add are fine with me (And necessary because just romance isn't enough.). Seeing as your oc or even mine belongs in a fantasy or supernatural world in which case many genres would be involved like action, adventure, mystery or gore and so on. ( That would totally spice things up.)

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0 | 0 Comments | by Waitisthatlegal | 9 hours ago


Goddess of nature, fertility and lust is the last alive and wanders the world alone. She dislikes humans and avoids them because of the damage they have caused to the earth. One day she finds an orphaned wolf pup and raises it as her own.
As the goddess of fertility she has multiple uterine horns like a litter bearing animal instead of a single womb so she can carry multiple litters at a time. As the goddess of lust she grows stronger by feeding on lust and semen. As she feeds her eyes glow and she has invisable markings on her body that also glow. She decides that she wants to truly take him and use him to regain her full power so she rides his c*ck in cowgirl style and drains his balls for a week. She makes him drink from her breasts and her milk enhances him.
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0 | 0 Comments | by StressedEnglishMajor | 9 hours ago


More to come as time goes on.

1. You add, you start.

2. Please do not come into my messages IC. I would like to talk out a plot before we start.

3. No one liners please, I need something to work with.

4. RPs can get 18+ with gore and just overall brutal themes. So let me know if you do not want that beforehand.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Raider | 9 hours ago