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Red Rising [Sci-fi | Romance | Adventure | Space]
The Colour system of the Society originally was a caste system created by early humans on Earth to create order when first colonizing the Moon. It is also a form of social hierarchy improved upon by the early Golds during their conquering of the Solar System. It divides Humanity into fourteen distinct "Colours."
Originally the "Colours" were native Earth human beings who simply wore coloured clothes that denoted their position. After conquering Earth, the founding Golds of "The Society" used genetic engineering to cause members of each Colour to have hair and eyes to match their caste.
Beyond the colouring the genetic structure of their bodies were modified to allow them to be more adept to performing their denoted tasks. Examples are Red's (miners) being smaller and squat, Obsidian’s (fighters) being large and with 8, 5 or 4 fingers per hand, and Gold's (conquerors and explorers) having bone 5 times stronger than an average man. Every person's vocation is dictated entirely by their Colour.
As part of the genetic engineering of the hierarchy, low-Colours have significantly shorter pregnancies than pre-Colour humans. Labour is induced for low-Colours after a maximum of five months of gestation through the use of catalysts, sedatives, or nucleics. Only Golds and Obsidians experience full nine-month pregnancies with natural births.
In addition to the genetic engineering that gives individuals the pigment to match their castes, a certain amount of social engineering exists in an attempt to prevent the desire for social mobility. Obsidians (for example) believe Golds to be literal gods, helping to ensure their loyalty to their masters. While Reds are socially engineered to be heterosexual, family oriented, and marry and breed by age 14-16 in order to maintain and increase their labour population.
While the genetic engineering is fairly perfect, the social engineering is proven time and again to be woefully inadequate. Throughout the novels, there are very few examples of specific low-colour individuals who remain loyal to Gold, given a reasonable opportunity to rise against them. Even a surprising number of Golds seem to very-easily abandon the system that has allowed them to live as gods.

The colours are:
Golds: Rulers of the society
Silvers: Financiers and businessmen
Whites: Clergy and judges
Coppers: Administrators, lawyers and bureaucrats
Blues: Bridge crew of starships and pilots
Yellows: Doctors and researchers
Greens: Programmers and technicians
Violets: Artisans and other creatives
Oranges: Mechanics and engineers
Greys: Regular soldiers and police
Browns: Servants, cooks, janitors
Obsidians: Elite soldiers and bodyguards
Pinks: Pleasure slaves and social functionaries
Reds: Manual laborers and miners

A: The adventures of a cutesy, effeminate, and surprisingly chaste male bard and a massive, hardened, brave female warrior with a lot of unresolved romantic tension.

B: You are known as 'The Phoenix'. You're just a regular person... except that throughout the millennia, you've died by fire and been reborn days later in a cave in North America, 20 years old, with all of your memories intact.

C: You are a Roman centurion who was knocked unconscious by a bunch of large, bearded barbarians wearing flannel. You awaken thousands of years later in a chic hipster cafe surrounded by similar looking bearded guys wearing flannel. Describe your rampage. (could be any historical period really)

D: The last thing you remember before fainting were the sounds of cultists chanting as they sealed you in a sacrificial coffin. You awoke to find the lid off and a pair of glittering violet eyes staring at you.

E: You live in a world where human beings can bend chemical elements. Your probability of being a particular kind of bender is proportional to an element's abundance in nature. There are some odd benders out there.

F: You have recently woken up in the hospital with amnesia. The problem is that you are a shapeshifter, and can no longer remember your true form.

G: The folk are happy. The war is over, the harvests are plentiful, acceptance of other races is a default, and the Chosen One who was meant to bring back the old corrupt monarchy is dead. May the Dark King rule for eternity.

H:If the magically gifted do not specialize by age 21, they lose the ability to access Greater magic and become Jacks of All Magic, master of none. Your dream is to open a school of lesser magic, a place where all Jacks can improve themselves.

I: A winx club fandom rp. don't ask me why, i wanna do one

J: Humans are the most lethal species in the known universe, but not because of behavior. Everything about human biology is peerlessly toxic to non-Terran lifeforms. Even direct contact with oils and bacteria on human skin can dissolve entire limbs in moments, to say nothing of body fluids. this leads aliens on a anthropological chase across earth to capture prime specimens
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Lincoln Clay is the protagonist of Mafia III, the third game in the Mafia Series. He is a Vietnam War veteran who starts his own criminal empire while seeking revenge after the Marcano Crime Family killed his adopted family, the Black Mob, and left him for dead.


Sammy Robinson, Perla Robinson, Ellis Robinson,Lily Robinson.

Backstory: Lincoln Clay was born in January 1945. His mother was Dominican, and Father James believes his father was Italian, but very little else is known. His mother abandoned him in 1947, where he came into the care of the Saint Michelle's Orphanage in the French Ward, New Bordeaux. When the orphanage closed its doors in 1958, he was taken in by Sammy Robinson and his wife Perla along with their son Ellis, who became like family to him.

Still searching for an identity, he joined the U.S. Army in 1964 to fight in the Vietnam War, where he served in the 223rd Infantry, then later the 5th Special Forces Group. In April 1966 he was assigned to a covert operation where he distinguished himself before C.I.A. operative John Donovan, who recommended Lincoln be brought deeper into his mission. Over time the two became close friends and colleagues.

Due to his time in the Army, Lincoln is proficient with a variety of military-grade firearms and explosives, ranging from light machine guns to grenade launchers. He is an expert in stealth tactics and infiltration, able to quietly sneak up on enemies undetected before finishing them off.

Lincoln also demonstrates knowledge in psychological warfare, shown by repeatedly displaying the corpses of his victims in a public area to spread fear among his enemies. Donovan mentions that Lincoln learned such tactics from their time with the CIA.

Return Home:

Upon being discharged from the Army, he returns to New Bordeaux where he reunites with the Robinsons, who also run the Black Mob in New Bordeaux. However, the Haitian Mob have put Sammy in debt with Sal Marcano, as they were causing Sammy to lose profits from the black lottery. Following Lincoln's murder of the supposed leader, Baka, he meets with Sal, who suggests Lincoln take Sammy's place. Lincoln refuses the offer, and instead works with Giorgi in order to rob the Federal Reserve. Despite the successful heist, Sal betrays the black mob and has Sammy and all of Lincoln's friends killed, with Lincoln being shot in the head and left for dead. Father James, one of Lincoln's close friends, rescues him and nurses him back to health. Recovering, Lincoln calls on Donovan for assistance, who agrees to use his resources and expertise to spy on the Marcanos. Lincoln sets out not only to kill Sal Marcano but to systematically dismantle his operations and take them over himself, all the while building a new family of his own.


Lincoln is generally a calm and collected man who is loyal to family and friends. Lincoln keeps his emotions in check. He is grateful towards Sammy and his family for taking him in, seeing Sammy as a father-figure. He also saw Father James in a similar light. He would give up his personal goals and ambitions without any hesitation in order to help his adopted family out. Despite his loving relationship with his foster family, Lincoln struggled to find an identity for himself and to find a place where he could belong, possibly the reason he served in Vietnam. However, what greeted him was carnage, depravity, and unspeakable violence. Lincoln's war experiences scarred him mentally and physically, leaving him unable to sleep soundly and insisting on sleeping in the basement, most likely suffering from PTSD. To the outside world, however, Lincoln is usually personable and outgoing, willing to make friends with people of different ethnicities and look beyond the racial tensions of the time. As a criminal, he is cool, cunning and calculating with an eye for the big picture, easily working out a methodical way to reach his goals.

Throughout his war with the Marcano family, Lincoln displayed a much darker side to his personality. The betrayal he suffered from the mob makes Lincoln much more cruel and bloodthirsty towards his enemies, openly displaying the bodies of victims to the public to scare all who opposed him.

Lincoln‘s Fate:

After Sal Marcano's death, Lincoln and his lieutenants took over New Bordeaux. He was not content to simply run the city; instead, he expanded across the South, into Florida and the Carolinas. Lincoln was soon wealthier than he could have ever imagined. He was smart with money, spreading it around and making sure the right people got paid and stayed paid.

As boss he was very benevolent, rebuilding Delray Hollow, buying up Frisco Fields, and even reopening Baron Saturday's Fun Park. He made contributions to worthy charities, schools, and hospitals. Of course, with great wealth came great temptation, and Lincoln gave in to everything - drugs, booze, prostitutes, or anything that could make money. Lincoln's decision to stay in New Bordeaux and run his criminal empire came at the price of losing the one person who truly cared about him, Father James.

Ruling Alone:

After killing his underbosses, Lincoln leaves Eaglehurst Plantation. As he gets in his car and turns the key, it catches fire and explodes, killing him instantly. Father James set the bomb under his car after realizing that he was no different from Sal Marcano for killing the people he worked with. The Father has no regrets for killing him; due to the things Lincoln had done and what he had turned into, he carved out his path on his own.

Agent Maguire thought that a car bomb was too quick and too clean; after everything he did and all the people he killed, he deserved much worse. Father James identified Lincoln's body, which has left some doubt in Maguire's mind. Years later, he swears he sometimes hears footsteps upstairs that sound like combat boots, but he knows it's just the old house creaking and moaning; still, when it happens he can't help but wonder if it's Lincoln Clay coming to take what's left of his life.

Leaving New Bordeaux:

After Sal Marcano's death Lincoln Clay disappeared. The FBI de-prioritized the case into him, but Agent Maguire kept an active file. In 1971 he tracked Lincoln to a California shipyard where he was working under an assumed name. However, by the time Maguire got there, Lincoln was gone. The trail went cold, and by '77 or '78 Maguire figured he was dead. But then he got a report of someone matching his description working with the Columbians. Since then there's been a new sighting of him every few years. Maguire promises that someday Lincoln will get tired of running or make a mistake, and he will be waiting.

Lincoln made it out to California and worked at the shipyards for a few years. He met a woman, and it seemed like they were going to get married, but then it somehow all came apart. He started moving around after that, going to Alaska, New York, South America, and even Vietnam. Father James still gets postcards from time to time and believes Lincoln just wasn't able to accept the world for what it is or his place in it.
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MURPHY - Photo in album

“My pleasure, my lady.”

Murphy, last name is unknown.

"I would never harm you."

Age: he died at the age of 21, and stayed that age
Height: around 2 meters.
Weight: normal for his age
Location: China, Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village.
Scars: one over his right side
Sexuality: he doesn't know. But probably bisexual.

"I can't die, my princess."

Murphy is really sensitive and has a hard time with new people. He doesn’t like being too close to a new person because he is scared that they will leave him, because he is immortal. He can talk a lot but only if there is a reason for him to talk, if they talk about horses (for an example) he will talk a lot because horses is his favourite animal. He can be pretty angry when people wake him up when he is sleeping or when he is talking, but other then that he is really relaxed. He never gets stressed and is always collected, but when a lot of people talk at the same time, he can get anxious.

“What is that thing you are holding? “A phone”?... huh…”

Other important information:
He has never been in a relationship and doesn’t know how to handle compliments. He is insecure about his scars, but he tries not to think about it.

“Ah, no, I do not understand.”

Immortal: Murphy has the power to live forever, but he still feel pain, so if he gets stabbed in the stomach, he will survive from it but he will still feel the pain.
Speed: He is incredible fast, he can almost move at the speed of light.

Weapons: He has a katana and a small dagger.
“My past?... It's nothing interesting…”


Murphy was born 1203, in China. His mother was a rich woman and his father was a samurai, one of the strongest in his village. His mother and father didn’t get married because they wanted to but because they needed to. But they still cared for each other. At the age of 6, his father started teaching him how to use a sword, teaching him how to fight. He started of with a small dagger but then worked up to the sword he has now.

When he turned 16, his father passed away in a war and his mother passed away from a disease. So, he was left alone. He had a horse he loved, and as his mother died, he took his horse out from his village and started to explore the world.

When he turned 21, he ran into a burning town to save a family but he couldn’t make it out, as he was moving to the after life, he heard a voice, a demon. The demon was telling him; “I can give you eternal life, but you will always feel pain, or, you die now and will be known as a coward for running away from your home village.” As Murphy felt himself passing away, he agreed to the eternal life and killed all the bandits. He was faster, stronger and more emotionless then before. But he was given a second chance, and he took it.
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Yeah they are still investigating, there is someone that iced the arms of some soldiers.
He disliked that matter but now he is going to be really angry... There is a corpse. Unfortunately an imperial guard and some are wounded. He dislikes that everyone see this matters.
He obviously doesn't know why he was killed but what is strange is that he is not only covered with ice, he is inside a piece of ice. Like an ice tomb. There is no doubt that the person is always the same but now is worse, there is a corpse.
Now they need to take that jerk for sure and where can you find someone better than the avatar of secrets to investigate on this strange matter. Francis told Yichuan about his powers and started to help him when he can. (Francis is still a little psycho but the best way to remain covered is help the police.)

The ice piece seems almost unbreakable and it became a place where a lot people go, also if the guards tries to keep people out.

On the other side Boon Me is missing, he returned strange from the travel and Jormag is not patient at all.

Francis is looking at the ice trying to get any clue of what happened and why. Touch the ice is not wise so it's a little harder for him.
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Title: The Scout
Name: Jeremy

Age: 23-27
Sex: Male / Gender: Male

Personality: Outwardly confident which causes him to get irritated in the face of embarrassment. In-your-face attitude. Too c*cky for his own good. Some might even call him 'spunky'. Very egocentric.


Personal relationships:
Demoman, Soldier: Completely neutral
Heavy, Sniper, Medic, Engie: Considers them friends.
Spy: Tries to impress him which doesn't nearly ever end how he intended it to. Acts as though he doesn't like him.
Pyro: Cool guy attitude around him. Absolutely fears him.


Head canons:

Rarely sleeps and acts like he doesn't need it. Energy drinks usually the only thing keeping him going. When he does sleep, however, he's out cold and moves around a lot. Definitely a sleep talker, and a snorer. Falls off his bed 24/7

Around the people he likes(platonically or romantically), he tries his hardest to prove himself and will even go to the expense of putting himself in danger or stupidly hurting himself.

While he's good at sporty things he's not the brightest with anything else. If it wasn't for comic books he'd show absolutely no interest in reading. He's still a slow reader but he gets it enough to pass.

Classic monster movies are one of his favorite things to watch since they remind him of when he was little. He'll do movie marathons for hours, especially on Halloween.

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Shadow Boxer Nyghte

"Bastard, I'm gonna hit you back twice as hard for that!"

♛ Quick Info ♛
> Name: Minato Nakamura
> Hero Name: Nyghte
> Age: Seventeen (17)
> Sex: Female
> Gender identity: Cisgender
> Sexuality: Straight
> Height: 167 cm (5'5")
> Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)
> Quirk: Shadow Technique

Minato grew in a homeless shelter ever since she was abandoned as a child. She never knew her parents, however, she was adopted by her uncle, one of the pioneering men in the hero support industry. He was known as a brilliant inventor and the father of defense and mobility equipment- however, he was old and senile at the peak of his success, rendering him shy to the limelight. Minato grew in his manor by herself, attending school while enjoying the casual street life.

Her life took a sharp turn when her uncle signed her up for a boxing class. Seeing Minato come back home with bruises and cuts from her petty fights with kids around the neighborhood made his heart ache for her, and so Minato began her road down the perilous path of professional athleticism. This was around the same time she discovered her quirk- the shadow technique.

Minato's Quirk allows her to generate a shadowy clone of herself to mimic her movements and even act autonomously, albeit the latter costs her much more energy. The shadow performs better in darker environments and is vulnerable to light. The quirk also gently boosts her strength and stamina in a passive manner, therefore the muscles. The drawback comes in the form of a reserve of energy Minato can tap into, that when pushed to its boundaries starts to create searing wounds on her body in a deep purplish color that closely resembles that of a second-degree burn.

This incredible quirk, followed by her religious boxing routine, allowed Minato to enter the U.A entrance exam and eventually make it into the very first generation of enrolled heroes. She couldn't wait to make her love of fighting into a profession and kick some actual bad guys' asses.

Writing space: FANDOM (My Hero Academia)

[Art credit: bowalia]

// This is my last boxer character, I promise.
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Doe William (WIP)

This is a template for my main character Doe. It is just a basic example of what he could be but not a strict truth. I try to adapt Doe to every roleplay I make & will always try to fit him best for the partner I roleplay with. So don't worry anything here can change a will even the fact that he could be a non-anthro character.

▲ [Name] | Doe William Ranger
▲ [Age] | 24
▲ [Race] | Mongrel
▲ [Height] | 178cm
▲ [Weight] | 67kg
▲ [Sexuality] | Pansexual / Bisexual
▲ [Member size ] (naturally) | 8 icnhes / 20cm
▲[Wealth] | Average good wealth (Upper-middle class)
▲[Hobbies] | Moves, shopping, mechanics, sex, reading, writing, traveling, music
▲[Dislikes] | Violence, Injustice, being in castity, routines, rudeness, intolerance

Backstory ( Doe's life )
Doe Williams was born in the years the early years of full corporative system powers. Doe's mom was a stripper and raised her son alone as Doe's father is a rich businessman and the vice president of "Honeycomb Industries" a weapons & space colonization firm owning billions of credits.
Despite his rough start in life, Doe still managed to make himself into a respectable young man. Making through high school he majored in robotics engineering & shortly after found work in a small old robotics factory located outside the big city walls.
The factory itself is located in a small nearby town surrounded by forests named "Hollow Oaks".

With a good paying job & a casual life, Doe spends most of his free time at clubs, libraries, conventions, or trying to get his dad's attention. He also enjoys many sexual endeavors possessing a very large libido.
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Ezekiel Fletcher - #Scoundrel#

Ezekiel Fletcher

Age: 18
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Height: 6ft 4
Nationality: American
Race: Caucasian
Languages: English
Sexual Orientation: Gay (Dominant, in the closet)
Relationship status: Single
Powers/Abilities/attributes: Heavily built and strong, athletic.

Quote: “F*** off.’

Appearance: Green eyed his hair pitch black with shaved back and sides, a moderate amount of hair on his top that is often messily styled. He has angular features and prominent brow and jaw. He is incredibly tall and muscular. He often looks rather rough and ready, often with cuts and bruises on his face or reddened knuckles from fighting. Other than the bravado and the menacing look in his eyes he is rather handsome.

Personality: Ezekiel is a man who hides himself under boyish bravado and brawn. He has a short temper and has a untameable wrath. He doesn’t have much in the way of friends, more just followers who are more frightened of him than actually earnestly his friends. They follow him because he is what they see as ‘strong’ ; he wins all his fights and beats down anyone who says a bad word about him. He is not averse to praying on the weak either, a true scumbag. Further he hates the way he feels toward the same sex, forcing himself to try to be attracted to women like he is expected to be. Often taking his frustration out on guys he has a particular thing for. Bullying them as if to remove any suspicion that he would be into them.

Backstory: Ezekiel was born in a household that had its issues, but every other kid has a similar sob story. His father wasn’t around much and when he was he was drunk and likely beating his Ezekiel’s mother. Or of course coming in bruised and bloody from bar fights. That was most of his childhood until his mother finally divorced him when he was 14 and he hasn’t seen him since. However his mother has been hit hard she works long days and rarely has any time for anything else after all she is trying to keep herself and her son afloat. Ezekiel’s mother is probably the only one he truly cares for in any strict sense. Though that doesn’t mean he doesn’t disappoint her over and over.

Detention after detention. Special behavior programmes and failing most of his subjects in school bar physical education he isn’t turning out how she wished he would. But she blames herself for it and so doesn’t really question what he does. She tells herself this is what she did to him that he had been tainted by her terrible relationship with his father. And from this guilt she finds it hard to have any serious discussion with her. And in truth he may be as bad as his teachers say, as other parents say, but he is protective of his mother and she is perhaps just glad that he didn’t hold her choices against her. And while his mother and father's relationship no doubt affected Ezekiel it was far from her fault, and he doesn’t blame her. But that doesn’t stop him from acting out. He’s full of angst and would rather pummel some kid who made a snarky remark toward him than actually deal with his own emotions.
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╰☆ About the admin ☆╮

Name - Kimberly
Age - 27
Roleplayer over 10 years with hiatus in between used to rp in fb.

Any questions? Just ask I don't bite. ❤️
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╰☆ Lili's Profile ☆╮

Basic information

Name: Lili Pauline Boyer
Birthdate: July 15th, 1999 (21)
Residence: US, Ohio
Occupation: Model and Songwriter

Personal Data

Language: English, German, a little Spanish
Relationship status: Single, until someone swept me off my feet
Sexual Orientation: heterosexual
Cousin (female) - @MAARS
Sister - @Sorrynotsorry
Best friends:

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'6
Weight: 121 lbs
Hair color: brunette
Eye color: bluish green


Favorite color: pink, turquoise and much more..
Favorite food: too many, but watermelon is what I can eat 24/7
Favorite music: too many genre
Favorite movie: a walk to remember
Hobbys: traveling, singing, reading a book,...

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Fighting Ferocity, Abera H'Mannoke

"I'm angry, and you're in my way. There's only one way this could end."

♛ Quick Info ♛
> Name: Abera Wella H'Mannoke
> Age: Eighteen (18)
> Sex: Female
> Gender identity: Cisgender
> Sexuality: Lesbian
> Height: 180 cm (5'11")
> Weight: 82 kg (180 lbs)

Abera H'Mannoke is a self-proclaimed boxer, ring fighter and tavern brawler. She was born into the humble farm life, denying the norm of the clean feminine woman and working under the burning sun and her father's steel authority from the wee age of four.

By age twelve, Abera was already strong enough she could lift a fledgling goat over her head. Her strength was recognized by her father and she was dismissed from school, poised to succeed him in the farming business.

Abera did not have the same idea in mind, though, and by age sixteen she began participating in local ring spars and bar fights. She slowly climbed her way to the top, earning herself a name in the city. Her father respected the path she chose but did not provide any help further from that point onward. This didn't stop Abera from realizing her purpose- her fighting spirit was meant to carry her to the position of realm defender. She now must find a way to make it to the capital and enroll in the Heroes' Institute.

Writing space: ORIGINAL

Note: Abera is portrayed with modern clothes in this picture, however in reality she wears medieval-era garbs of similar color.

[Art credit: bowalia]
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Hall of Fame

// This post belongs to people I adore and want to put up on display so everyone else could see why they're worth paying attention to.

Currently empty.
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Reasons Why I Added You

// If these apply to you- you're awesome!

♛ You clearly come off as a proficient and capable writer.
♛ You're a veteran on this site.
♛ Your profile is an indication your consistency.
♛ You look like a nice and accepting person.
♛ Your profile is laid out neatly and is pleasing to look at.
♛ We are into the same things.
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Reasons Why I Declined You

// If you, by any chance, fix your profile according to these guidelines and send a request again, there is a good chance I'll add you.

♛ You are below sixteen.
♛ You have a real-life face claim as your profile picture.
♛ Your profile is ambiguous or empty.
♛ You come off as an illiterate/script roleplayer.
♛ Your grammar sucks.
♛ Our interests don't match.
♛ You have over 100 friends added.
♛ I've had a bad experience with you before.
♛ I just don't like you.
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Quick Disclaimer

So, the most fateful question at hand will now be answered- yes, I do write sm*t. However, I don't give away my character's virginity (or consent) so easily, so you're going to have and bore yourself with a slow-burn plot before we get there, if we even decide to do it at all.

So, bottom line is- if you're here purely for sex, this is not the place for you.
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