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Itchi Miyu

Name:Itchi Miya
Hair and color: A jet black and typically kept in a bun by a red ribbon.
Eye color-Green.

Traits and behaviors and other quirks: Tends to zone out alot in fond thoughts and memories of better times or familiar times. Spends time mediating and trying to understand the why of everything hoping to find an answer to her issues. Itchi believes she is a lesser warrior than her Fellow iron bird warriors, and can’t find a reason why.

Weapons, Knowledge and Equipment: Using arm blade tonfas or her standard dual wakazaki, making her a deadly precise harasser in combat. Having a few tricks up her sleeve such as a few smoke and shrapnel bombs along with her grappling hook. Understanding how to survive in the deadlands a harsh rain forest full of lycans-a clan of warriors that train and use animals in combat, standardly using primitive methods consuming those they kill and mundane nature hence the name ‘Lycan.”

Attire and Appearance: Dressed usually in her light leather helmetless amour that was hybridized with light hardwood and metal mess plates tall over her body giving her a rather sleek yet protected look. Outside of her armor, she’ll be wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants and her foot wraps along with her hand wraps...Fairly toned Asian young woman, brown eyes and a thin but light hourglass figure and some soft curves.

Backstory: Itchi was born inside the Ironbird compound in the heart of the deadlands, and never moved out of the dead lands. Growing up and becoming childhood friends with Tecenaka and Theta Vu, Brother and sister of the Chieftain of the tribe Chad Vu. Trained in the skill of light armor and stand katana and tonfa play, and a fair understanding for mixed martial arts along with conditioning and experience. Living a fairly stand among Japanese culture, and influence, recent events urged her to find her calling in the wasteland and post-apocalyptic land.

Personality: Itchi is a caring warrior who only wants the best for her friends and family,curious as ever and stubborn against all odds but keping to her wits.

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The meeting


The back end of the twentieth century was truly the Wild West for scientific discoveries, as business and science seemed to mesh. In the eighties, biotechnology was the big thing. Known still to this day as the most world changing field in history, biotechnology was YUGE. But many don't know of the greatest discovery the ninties brought. Every important discovery had a team of people behind it, the atom bomb had a single research laboratory. The computer age was started by twelve laboratories, and biotechnology is researched by two thousand laboratories in America at the very least. But multiversal science? One man. It only took one remarkable man, and the funding of a rather generous venture capitalist, to break the boundaries of reality and change the multiverse forever. This is the story of the fateful meeting that started it all, the one in which young Jonathan Cipher convinced Edmund Richards to help him change the world.

Chapter one: Mornings a bitch.

October 16th 1990
New York.
Jonathan wrenched his head to the side for the fifth time within the hour, no doubt from a nightmare. Ever since he turned eighteen the nightmares, they wouldn't stop. Every morning he'd wake up in a cold sweat, feeling as if he'd almost died. This morning was no different, as John yet again jutted up from his mattress shouting. He'd clutch at his chest as his eyes would scan his surroundings, breath labored. He was in his room. His apartment still. He was safe.. he was alone. He'd sigh out, as he stood from the mattress that was ever so lazily placed in the center of the room. No bedframe- even though he had around 1.2 million in reserve, he still wasn't going to spring for a bedframe. You kidding? He'd stretch his arms out, yawning, then reaching to scratch his chin- stuble.. his mind ticked over, before his eyes lit up. Sh*t! Today was /the/ day!! He'd dash out of his room and into the tiny hallway, towards the door across the way. He'd fling it open and push himself in, sliding his socks on the tile he'd overshoot the sink, and end up crashing into the tub. Now bent over, ass in the air as his head rested on the tub bottom. He'd flail his limbs about before pushing himself back onto his feet. Yet again he'd slide, this time backwards towards the sink. Almost overshooting it, he'd grab the edge of the sink, with a mirror behind it, and center himself right in front of it. He'd sigh. Running a hand through his curly perm, he'd make for the toothbrush, picking it up he'd then grab the tooth paste. He'd use two fingers from the hand holding the brush to unscrew the cap of the toothpaste tube. Then, aiming the tube at the brush he'd squeeze it ever so gently, which then would cause all the tooth paste to come bursting from the tube, splattering paste on the counter, floor, sink, and luckily his brush. Sighing, he'd lament life for a moment before turning the sink on. He'd then run the brush under it for a moment, softening the paste. Pulling it up, he'd then brush his teeth. With the ever so exciting task complete, he'd cup his hand under the running water and pour it into his mouth. Swishing it side to side, he'd then spit it out. Next up, shaving. Strap in folks, this chapter is interesting. John never used shaving cream, he always found it pointless. Needless to say he's had some close calls with his neck. John would grab the razor that was lazily lain upon the counter. He'd then run it under the still running water. Taking it to his chin, he'd slide the razor. He'd rinse it, repeat. Until his face was smooth as a stogie. Setting the razor down, he'd look into the mirror directly ahead. His gaze stared back. His eyes always were beautiful. A nice bright light green. With the smile of a winner, he'd prove that by cracking a large toothy grin at himself. He can do this. He'll ACE that meeting! John would then take a step to the side, stepping on the toothpaste and slipping. He'd clutch at the counter for dear life before finally falling completely, his back flat on the ground. He'd groan. He'd yet again find himself picking his ass up off the ground. Life always found a way to make even the most exciting of days frustrating. He'd trod out of the bathroom and back into his room. His eyes once more scanning the surroundings, he'd eventually hone in on his dresser. He'd make his way to it, opening a drawer. Inside was his special suit. The one he wore for his meeting with Hammond. He'd pull it out, everything was there. The pants, the suit jacket, the shirt, and the tie. He'd slide on the shirt, one arm at a time. Eventually poking his head out of the neck. He'd then slip on the suit jacket, then his pants, and finally the tie around his neck. He'd adjust the tie slightly, before looking down towards the side of his dresser. His black shoes were there. To make a long story short, he'd slip each shoe on. Now fully dressed, he had to go out to get breakfast. He wasn't gunna eat cereal, and he damn sure wasn't going to cook himself.

Chapter Two: The Streets be rough, yo.

John had made his way onto the sidewalk, he didn't have a car so he was going to walk. Not like he needed a car. This was New York! The city where people were faster than cars. As he began walking along with the crowd, he'd get shoved by someone. The culprit it'd seem was a short, bald man. Fat as a whale to, he was. Wearing jeans and a wife beater, with an unsightly five o'clock shadow. This guy.. John could just picture what his life was like. He probably woke up in his mother's basement every morning, wife beater, boxers, five o'clock shadow. The whole package. He'd probably go straight for the kitchen- no morning prep. No shaving. No shower even. Not even gunna brush his teeth. He'd dig through the nasty, old mounds of rotting garbage on his counter and floor to find one semi decent slice of pizza to quickly stuff down his fat face. He'd eventually decide to throw his dingy, dirty jeans that had been laying on the ground half covered by crumpled up wrappers and moldy food. He'd peel the food off best he could, but the stains wouldn't peel off with them. After that exhilarating process, he'd probably sit his fat ass on his moms busted down broken couch and stare blankly at the tv as whatever mindless drivel he was rotting his brain with. Then, after his daily zone out, he'd be off to the park. He'd first get in an argument with his mother about her driving him to the park. After a lot of shouting, and even some overdramatic suicide threats, he'd begrudgingly tear his door open, slamming it behind him. He'd trudge along the side walk, eyes locking on every little girl that passes. Their mothers would cover the girls defensively with their arms as he passed- they can tell what he's about. Eventually, at his snails pace speed he'd arrive to the park. Wherein he'd sit on a bench that was placed right across from the playground. The disgusting man no doubt would stare at the children playing, like the creep he is. Yes, John thought. That man surely was a sick f***.
Snapping out of his daze, John would realize that as he was lost in his speculative, he had already traveled halfway to the restaurant. Man, time flies when you're bullsh*tting. As he continued to travel down the sidewalk, he'd spot a very well dressed woman. Curly red hair, white business suit, cool spiral goggles on her forehead and a rabbit on her shoulder. She was fiddle f***ing with some remote or something. He could just tell, she was a secretary. The rabbit probably meant she spent her nights alone because every man she brings home ends up ditching her the morning after. She probably drinks herself half to death nightly, lamenting on her failed dreams of being a professional cheerleader. Hell, he bet she only got the secretary position by sucking the bosses d*ck. Dumb bitch probably couldn't think more than a thought a minute. She'd eventually look up from her remote however, and lock eyes with John. Her eyes were the same bright light green... however.. they were.. dimmer than his. He'd tear his gaze away from the red head, as his gaze eventually locked on his destination. Cherry's. His favorite diner.

Chapter Three: Cherry's

John had finally arrived to cherry's, this small diner where everything seemed right. At least, he'd imagine everything was alright. It always brought him back to his childhood. Back in the falls.. back before he killed beck.. his mind would trail off, as he'd take his seat in the booth at the far side of the diner. He'd rest an elbow on the table, fist under his cheek. He couldn't even think her name. It had only been ten months since he made that decision that uprooted his entire life. He still remembered the look on her expression, he saw it down the barrel of the gun. The fear in her eyes. The betrayal. But what most stuck with him was the feeling.. the feeling of pulling the trigger. The feeling of watching her die, and knowing that--- "Welcome to cherry's, Johnny~ can I get ya the regular?" his thoughts were cut off by a cheery female voice that rang out beside him. He'd sit up straight, arms falling to his sides as he'd look over. It was bertha, his usual waitress. She always greeted him with a warm smile. She knew exactly what he'd order too, two eggs sunny side up with a side of bacon and hash browns. He'd nod, and bertha would say, "Aight, the regular Comin right up!" And practically bounce away. She was always so bright, and cheery. So full of life, and energy. He'd close his eyes for a moment, exhaling. He envied her. Turning his attention to the table, he'd stare into the shiny wood. It must've been freshly polished. Yet again he'd stare into those bright light green eyes of his. He wondered.. what did Becky think, as she stared into his eyes? As the bullet penetrated her chest and pierced her heart? Did she see in his eyes a friend? Or a monster? He didn't think he looked like a monster.. It was an accident. He'd tell himself that every day yet each day that passed he believed it less and less. Eventually bertha would arrive to his table carrying a steaming plate of food. He'd look up to her as she set it on the table, and she'd say, "Here's your food sugah! Enjoy~" she'd spin around, turning her head to the side she'd offer him a wink, then yet again bounce off. John would reach for his utensils, getting his fork and knife. He'd begin to dig in, as his thoughts yet again ran off. Could he ever return back to the falls? No one knew what had happened when he cleared out.. no one knew he even left. He had burnt the body to ash in his forge, and tossed enough wood in to make impossible to tell. Technically there was no way to prove he did anything, and if he kept his mouth shut he'd be in the clear. But, he sighed once more as he shoved a forkful of egg into his mouth. He couldn't look his friends in the eyes and lie like that. He couldn't bear seeing her grieving parents with the knowledge that it was he who caused their daughter to vanish. He had to leave. That was the only way he could live. Besides.. he had purpose out here. The people here, they appreciate his intellect. His brilliance. He'd struck gold using nothing but his mind, and today.. oh, today. He was going to leave his mark on history. Because this invention, this device. It was his magnum opus. As he finished his meal, he'd pull his wallet from his back pocket, reach in and pull out two fives. The meal was five dollars- but he always matched the tip to the price for bertha. He'd then make his way out of the diner as bertha would Chirp after him, "See yah tomorrow Johnny~" Once outside the diner, John would feel inside his suit pocket for the invention, the one that would change everything, the one that---... HE FORGOT IT AT HIS APARTMENT.

Chapter Four: Elevator Elevation.

John had made a mad dash back to his apartment, and after tearing the entire place up, he finally found it. The device that would change everything. A rectangular object he modeled after a TV remote. With this device he'd make history. After putting it back in his pocket, he'd yet again dash like a madman through New York. Until finally reaching the twenty story office building his meeting was going to happen in. To be specific, it was going to happen on the nineteenth floor. John would push past the double doors and arrive into the first floor lobby. A rather spacious area, with tile flooring and a receptionist desk in the very back. Chairs to the sides of the room, obviously for people to wait in. John however, would make his way to the elevator in the far left corner. Pressing the up button, the ONLY button, he'd stand and wait. Eventually another person would arrive beside him, however, and wait with him. It was that sharply dressed red head with the goggles. She didn't have the rabbit with her, oddly enough. Perhaps she gave it to someone. He'd side eye her, then she'd side eye him. Her gaze meeting his would cause his head to snap forward. A bead of sweat dripping down his forehead, something was strange with this woman. Her very presence was terrifying. The elevator would ding, as he'd step inside. The red head following after. Yet again, they'd stand side by side. The red head would pierce the silence, "What floor, dawg?" She'd wince. As if she'd just made a mistake. He was a little too taken aback to respond at first, but eventually he'd say, "Nineteenth floor, please." She'd nod and press the correct button. The doors would slide shut and they'd begin their slow climb to the top. The redhead would cut him another side glance and say, "Big meeting today..?" John would stare forward, sweat starting to form on his brow as he'd nod. Usually he had the strong charisma.. although today.. he'd just been. Feeling off. He didn't know what it was. The redhead would look him up and down, then say, "Son.." her eyes would rove over him some more, a confident smile spreading across her face. "Knock 'em dead." She'd then grin. A large, toothy grin. Suddenly.. a realization would hit him. He knew who this woman was. He'd lock eyes with her, and as he stared into her bright green eyes. He saw a friend, not a monster. The elevator would ding, door opening on the nineteenth floor. Johnny's attention would turn towards the open door, and the redhead would pat his back, "Go make your dreams come true, kid." John would turn to her, nod, and then run out of the elevator. He'd eventually make it to the center of the room, the receptionist desk. He'd lean on it, and eye the receptionist. A cocky grin having cut across his face, he'd say, "Hey, doll. I'm Edmund Richards 12:00." She would nod, point an index finger towards the chairs on the left side of the room and say, "Wait right there, he'll be with you in a moment." John would give her a wink, "Thanks, sweetheart." Them strut towards the chair he'd claim as his own while waiting. He was full of renewed confidence, that redhead really inspired him. Taking a seat, he'd cross his legs. He was the /only/ person waiting for someone on the nineteenth floor it'd seem. He'd sit in silence for awhile, until a familiar voice would call out, "Johhhnny!"

Chapter five: Eddy
It was Edmund Richards, the venture capitalist, and personal friend of John! Johnny had met him during his little stint with INGEN, eddy told him if he ever wanted to branch out and had his own idea to give him a call. Well here he was. John would stand up, spread his arms apart with a grin, "Eddy! Long time no see you old basterd!" The two would meet face to face. John would reach his left hand out, and Eddy would shake it. Then, Eddy would say, "How ya been doing you lunatic?" Eddy was a rather lanky man, with a thin mustache and one gold tooth. His hair was grey, and slicked back with mounds of gel. He was dressed in a brown suit, tie undone, with suit jacket undone as well. He was dressed rather lazily, as his breath always smelled of whiskey. "Been hangin in there. Been working on something new--" John would step back, two finger guns pointed in eddy's direction, "I think you're gunna love it, too!" Eddy would laugh a hoarse laugh, and say, "Good, great!" He'd throw his arms up in the air, "Johnny!---" he'd then clap his hands on John's shoulders, "---Let's go to my office to discuss!" The two would continue to chatter, as they made their way to the right side of the room.

Chapter 6: The Meeting

Eddy had led John into his office, a large room with a huge panel of windows at the end, eddy's desk sitting in front of these windows. Eddy took his seat behind his desk and kicked his feet up onto the desk, and John would take his seat across from ed. Eddy would then say, "C'mon Johnny, ya got me on the edge of my seat--" he'd fold his arms behind his head, "Well not literally, but ya get my point. Spill it." John would sigh out. Time to bring the magic. He'd raise his hands in the air, palms open, "Just imagine, ok, a technology more powerful- and useful than biotechnology!" Eddy's brow would raise as John continued, "Let me explain." He'd slap his hands down onto his knees, "Biotech is great and all, you can change the planet, modify genes, yadda yadda-" he raise a hand and wave it limply to express dismissal, "But!-" he'd raise an index finger in the air, before reaching into his suit pocket, his cocky grin growing, he'd pull out his device. "ᴛʜɪs!" He'd exclaim. "This is the device that'll change the WORLD!" He'd set it on the desk, and Eddy would eye it suspiciously, before saying. "...A.." he'd sit forward in his chair, feet on the ground, hands folded on the desk. Both his eyes were fixed on the.. "T.V. Remote?" Disbelief was heavy in his voice. It was clear, John needed to sell it more. With a laugh, John would wave a hand, dismissing that comment, "No, not a T.V. Remote!" He'd then scoop it back up and hold in the air with both hands. "This, this is a device that lets you see into other UNIVERSES!" Silence would fall over the room. Eddy would blink, before saying "Ohhhkay.." He'd stand up, and travel towards the door. Opening it, he'd point out, "Well, it was nice seeing you again, but sadly that was all the time I have--" John would hop up, rush over to Eddy and quickly exclaim, "Wait, wait!" He'd grip eddy's shoulder. "At least let me demonstrate it's use to you!" Eddy would gaze sadly into John's eyes, before lowering his head and sighing, "Fine. John. But if this is what I fear it is i won't hesitate to show you---" John would quickly press the up button on the remote, as suddenly their surroundings would change into that of a bustling office full of.. anthropomorphic animals in suits. Although it seemed as though.. everything was flickering. As if they weren't really there. Eddy would finish his sentence, "...door...." his eyes had shot wide open, as John would detach from Eddy and spread his arms wide open, grinning ear to ear. "This-- this is what I was talking about! This is an entire different universe!" A gazelle standing on two legs would pass right through John. "Of course we aren't actually there, just viewing it. But.." he'd turn to face Eddy. "With enough funding I could make a device that could actually transport us to these universes." Eddy would stutter, he was flabbergasted, "I-I.. how much do you need?" Johnny would rock back n' forth on his feet. "Mhhhhhhhm..." his eyes would roll over, as he thought. "How about Three hundred mil?" Eddy would reach out for him, grabbing his shoulder and nodding, "I-I'll see what I can do.. j-j.." John would grin. This was the beginning of some big, he knew it. He'd click the remote and the image of that universe would disappear. They were back in eddy's office. The meeting would end with Eddy lavishing John with praise, even just constantly shaking his hand. It was kinda awkward, but then again his mind had just been blown. As Johnny would exit the office, he'd turn back to face Eddy. Cutting him a grin, he'd say, "You won't regret this, Eddy. Nothing will be the same." And with that, he'd close the door behind him.


With the funding John received he was able to craft his device, and operate it. What he didn't tell Eddy was that he hadn't had planned to share this technology. But that's a different story. The Omniversal remote set off a chain of events that would forever rock the omniverse. From the fall of lord vyce, to the destruction of the king of worms, and even the discovery of the guardian on the edge of eternity. When I said it was YUGE.
I meant YUGE.
Thank you all for reading, hope you enjoyed. And remember- MAKE AMRICA INSANE AGAIN!

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"My baby said---"

things that people have said to Apollo that have heavy or light meanings that are often thought about or overdramatically misunderstood ---- or stupid

"I read that backwards and I had a stroke "

"wow lemme kill myself internally so I can join ya. "

"god ur block button looks BEAUTIFUL right now "

"im gna spin ur face "

"have u seen the movies about greek mythology? well you odyssey them. "
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Haruka Satna

Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Brown
Personality:Haruka is a very energetic girl, buut she’s very shy and doesn’t show off her body as much. She hates attention when it’s drawn to her. And she very clumsy when it comes to walking, climbing,ect.

Harukais a very Shy girl who works as a maid at a simple cafe as she makes decent money and lives in a tiny home for herself. She hasn’t really found a man with the same interest as her and she always wanted a man who wouldn’t like her for her personality, but for her body she wants a man who’d love to squeeze her in his arms, yet all she’s gotten is a arm around the neck.
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||. POSIE K.||

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