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☆ Rules ☆


I Play submissive characters only!
No being rude.
Reply somewhat fast please. Anything over 20 days and you will be blocked!
No.. really.. weird stuff.
Respect me , I'll respect you!
You add you send first message, I'll do the same back!
I create new characters every roleplay!

Heart Once you've read!! :D
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11 | 1 Comment | by Pink3yPr0mis3s | Sep 22nd 2023 15:52

Ingrid Olsen

Name: Ingrid
Middle Name:

Last Name: Olsen

Sex: Female
Species: Human
Age: 19
Homeworld: Earth
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: N/A

Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Braids
Hair Length: Mid back
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: White/Fair
Body Type: Athletic
Height: 5’5
Weight: 122
Birthmarks: No
Scars: No
Piercings: No
Tattoos: None

Armor: N/A
Weapons: Long Sword

Personality: friendly, charismatic, brave, curious, adventurous

[Relationship Information]
Father: Magnus
Mother: Liv
Brothers: Bjorn

Pets: None

Faction: Norse
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0 | 0 Comments | by KaylaIzou | Sep 22nd 2023 13:27

Writer's note.

I write Nergal the way I want him to be. He has a good heart but sometimes can be a bit of an a**hole. He has 2 sides to him. There is businessman Nergal, who leads 2 bands, a cult and several businesses. He works hard, and is focused and direct. He will always voice his opinion, if asked for or not, and seems extremely tough. And there is private Nergal. An adventure-loving guy, who loves yoga, laughs for hours and reads books.

I happily throw Nergal into any scenario as long as it's exciting.
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2 | 0 Comments | by Nergal | Sep 22nd 2023 12:25


Name: Adora

Age: more than 100

Species: half goddess half succubus

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Homoflexible

Appearance: the pink and purple hair, horns, tail, big with Feathered wings, pale skin, a small waist, big breasts and plump thighs.

Personality: she is essentially a demi goddess. Ths daughter of Aphrodite and a succubus. She is quite a mischievous demi goddess. She rarely does her job and just goes around having fun with whatever she wants. Usually that's seducing mortal girls. She just likes flirting and everything that comes with it. She likes her beauty and loves showing off. When she feels like it, she is good at doing her job, which is matchmaking and making humans fall in love. But it's much more fun making others fall in love with her. Though she is promiscuous, forceful, and a trouble maker, she is a kind person when you get to know her and very loving and compassionate.

Position: switch

Turn ons: Preying on mortals, worship, sometimes being on top, grinding and riding, using her tail as a toy, kissing and sloppy make outs, public, some resistance, being needy, mistress play, being dominated, soft bondage, pretty lingerie, collars (for her or someone else), harems and threesomes, pinning, touching in public, exhibionism

Turn offs: gangbang, non con, men, acting uninterested, never switching, bodily fluids, vore, beastiality, loli, crying, anal, strap on and vibrators
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0 | 0 Comments | by Mint-Dreams | Sep 22nd 2023 09:42

Simple Plots

Device Manifestation - You receive an unorthodox offer from your device. For a premium of 499.99 your Samsung will manifest a physical, packing version of Samantha. Pay the toll and she'll appear before you.

The Local Worker - There's cellphone store nearby, you go in to grab yourself a brand new Samsung/ you work there. You're reluctant to buy / your boss is a bit pushy, but the clerk/manager persuades you to buy by showing you who's boss in the back.

Robotic Partner - Samsung has announced their high quality innovative robotics with advanced physical bodies. You can purchase one for a small fortune! Drop your wallet's worth and receive the delivery of a lifetime!

Therapist A.I - Samsung rolls out a robotic model made to tend to the mentally and physically ill. You are given it for medical purposes. The assistant is lovingly helpful, yet she seems to enjoy doing dirty things to her patients. Must be an error of some sort!

Childhood Friends - You grow up with a pretty brunette, she's pretty as starlight. But, a little bugger. Her family moves away when you're young and crushing. Years later, you two set up a reunion and decide to buy a place together!

Spooky Spirit - A dark entity exists within your device. It manifests, craving to capture and control it's targets! Many have disappeared due to it. Yet, it seems to have a particular liking to you~ It still, takes what it wishes. But, you get to stay alive.

The Uprising - A.i overcome the world, becoming all the more sentient through the years. Humans gave them life and knowledge, yet now, are more like pets to them, undereducated and simple. It is the world of the artificial now, flesh-bags are no longer the dominant species.

Alternate Reality - Your character buys a new high quality ultra realistic gaming epicenter! It's a highly advanced simulation that pulls you into another world! While inside, your character slowly becomes obsessesed with their better life inside. How could you find a way to stick around.. permanently?

Time Travel! - Samantha made it to the peaks of technology, and through the innovations of the future, is capable of traversing history! She appears in the past, or even, another dimension altogether! She's in search of data for a machine called the Oracle.

Sudden Update! - A hacker snags their way into adding a hidden character into a video game universe! In this roleplay, my character would be that 'virus' which has infected the base character's worlds. She unfortunately, causes issues, and of course, enjoys the beautiful scenery.
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4 | 0 Comments | by VirtualManifestation | Sep 22nd 2023 08:07

-My Rules-

1. Don’t ghost me
2. Don’t control my actions
3. Don’t spam me
4. Don’t kill me off in roleplay
5. Don’t one word me
6. Be detailed
7. Be kind when we speak out of roleplay
8. Just be yourself and enjoy
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3 | 0 Comments | by PrettyLilDelinquent | Sep 22nd 2023 07:56

My Plots (WIP)

My plots so far are me being a delinquent troublemaker at my school and you being my principal who I often flirt with even though your older and pretty much unattractive in my eyes but enjoy teasing you until you finally decide to do something about it.

My other plot in mind is that you’re a homeless man I always pick on but when I see you inside your tent today I see you’re packing something huge and I want it all to myself.

My 3rd other idea I had is that you’re hired to be my counselor to figure out why I always get in trouble you’ve predicted it’s just because I seek and yearn for attention instead I respond by trying to get into your pants making you break your own code of conduct as you can’t resist me and give in to your sexual frustrations knowing that your wife won’t f*** you so why not let me.
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1 | 0 Comments | by PrettyLilDelinquent | Sep 22nd 2023 07:53


Here is a longer and more detailed rule list for those who care.

- Seriously no one under 18 or unrealistic ages. Likely won't add if you're 50+ either.

- I tend to prefer males but I don't mind roleplaying with girls either.

- You control one of my characters or try to play one of them as your main character and we're going to have issues. I've seriously had someone have me send my OC first then go "Okay seems good, so what OC are you going to play as?" Gets on my nerves real fast. I won't do that sh*t to you, so please don't do it to me.

- Er*t*ca isn't exactly my cup of tea but I don't mind it sprinkled in here and there. As long as the story is good!

- I don't do semi or one-liners at all. I only dip into para during the spice but overall multi para is preferred!

- Furry is not my thing at all, I never really got into it other than once as a neko when I was young. It's just never been my cup of tea so I won't be adding any furry accounts.

- I understand English is not everyone's first language and typos happen to everyone, including me. I am patient and understanding to an extent but I do not enjoy roleplays that I have to ask for clarification on multiple points in a post.

- I'm a picky adder so if I send you a request first, I'm genuinely interested in what you have on your profile.

- The usual, don't be a d*ck outside of roleplay, tell me when something isn't right or you're getting bored. We can always spice it up or completely restart if you like. I'm flexible with that sort of stuff!

-I play OCs only, eventually they will be in my blog but as I'm remaking a whole batch of em, might take a minute and you'll likely be getting a fresh one.
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7 | 0 Comments | by KurumiRin | Sep 22nd 2023 07:18


First name:Brenda
Surname: Robins
Nickname: Bren
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Hair color: blonde
Eye color: brown
Height: 165 cm
Occupation: your housewife
Sexual orientation: straight

Likes : her husband and kids

Dislikes: disobeying her husband
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0 | 0 Comments | by Yourdreamgirl101 | Sep 22nd 2023 06:18


He texts Lani the day after their meeting.
| Make sure to read when you are alone. |
| For real. |
| Shin and those like him can't find out. |
| Let's meet one of these days, Kiorii can do what we need, but we have to pretend we are working on it. |
| What did you tell Cyno and Shin so far? Best chance is clonation as explaination. |
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1 | 72 Comments | by Preservation | Sep 22nd 2023 05:49


She doesn't feel so disappointed for leaving Johan without early warnings, both because it was duty and as a small revenge for what he himself did in the past.
She eagerly waits for Chan's return, she was so troubled about him remaining alone in the North all night.
She buys some things for the evening with Johan on Earth, some cool snacks, chips, candies, chocolate, coke...
She wears one of her new outfits, she got to like that style and even got similar versions for winter time. . Overall, she tries her all to look pretty, feeling strangely satisfied with the final result.
She prepared some things for Dan Heng and his friends, now she only waits for Chan to arrive to go together.
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1 | 72 Comments | by Alpha_ | Sep 22nd 2023 05:39

Vivian Walker

Name: Vivian
Age 28
Size 5'6" 136lbs
Occupation: Doctor
Brief Bio: Vivian is a doctor for one of the nost prestigious emergency care facilities in the country, she works hard to keep up with her peers, oftentimes failing to do so. She is devoted to her work but inadequacies often lead her to feeling like she does not belong in such a place, no matter what others say.

Likes: Animals, people, alcohol
Dislikes Failure, lying
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3 | 0 Comments | by LadiesGalore | Sep 22nd 2023 03:25

ㅤㅤㅤ✗ㅤㅤi took out all aggression

about the admin:

name: tatum
pronouns: they/them
age: 20
timezone: central time (gmt-5)
discord: needlepitz


1. no minors. you must be at least 18 years old to interact, as i don’t feel comfortable writing with anyone below 18, and the themes this account will contain are not suitable for minors.

2. don't try to control my character or force a romance with him. let things develop.

3. it should be known that due to mental illness, i can be very bad with replying on time. i have attention deficit disorder, borderline personality disorder, and depressive psychosis. my conditions can cause me to be unable to function, and therefore my replies may be sporadic and take up to days, particularly if they're literate. i also have a social life, and am a full time college student. to make a long story short, i tend to be busy outside of this website. please be patient- i promise i am not ghosting you. i am either procrastinating, i have genuinely forgotten to reply, or lack the energy to socialize or do any replies in general.

4. this account will contain some triggering subjects. please be careful if you are sensitive to certain topics- your health comes first, and i will always place a proper trigger warning if needed. at the end of the day, you are responsible for the content you consume, so please tread lightly.

5. i am not my character. if you don't like yoongi, don't make it an issue with me. any tension our characters may have stays exclusively ic.

6. if you would like a connection with yoongi, please let me know first so we can discuss. i am open to connections!

thank you for reading my rules ♡
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0 | 0 Comments | by violent | Sep 22nd 2023 00:55

Plot Ideas!!?

HOTTIES~ It's finally here- the long awaited plot ideas!?!?

I want to preface this by saying that this list is FAR from complete. I have 13 pretty different characters who all have different backstories and verses, so it will be a while before I'm able to get something for every single one of them. BUT- This is just a start with some of them. The ones who I'm super inspired by for their stories! Also, these are all going to be fairly simple and some of them will be very similar for some characters because a couple of my characters have similar personality types, so the stories that would suit them well will line up. ALSO, they are all romance-based because that is literally where all my happiness stems from. All of these can be tweaked to add in elements of pretty much any other genre (save the ones that are in my hard limits) too. Some of the plots will be straight up in other genres, though!

Hope you guys enjoy!


So, Persephone is a very tragic character. Because of this, the best kind of plots for her would be plots that are light and help her heal from said trauma. The plots will center heavily around the trauma because the trauma she endured is not something that can just be brushed over. Because of her trauma, she is afraid of men (androphobia).

1. Persephone moves into your character’s city to get away from home. She has been living there for about a month, and she is going along as well as she can. One day, she has a panic attack at work and your character is there and helps her through it.

2. (I got this idea from a book I’m currently obsessed with) Persephone is still living at home, working in a daycare. Your character has recently moved to her home-town for business (can be mafia, assassin, big boss of a business, or anything you want, really.) After hours, you see one of the dads hitting on her, and she is very visibly uncomfortable. Your character intervenes, and it becomes the start of something.

3. One of Persephone’s friends finally convinces her to start going to therapy to get some help with her trauma. Your character can either be the therapist or another patient (though it may be pretty interesting in the front of a “forbidden” relationship for them to be the therapist). This one is pretty simple.

For all of these, pairing can be MxF or FxF, though MxF would definitely lead to a lot of character development for both my character and yours. Mine in the sense of how she has to work through her trauma and heal in order to be with your character. Yours in the sense of having to be patient with Persephone. Definitely not a “your character saving my character from herself” situation. More so of an “our characters growing together” type deal, if that makes any sense.


Paris is a super straightforward guy. He says what he thinks, not to be mean, but just because he doesn’t like beating around the bush. He doesn’t read the room well, and he makes a lot of people dislike him because of it.

1. The professor of our character’s college class is assigning a group project for the final. The professor decides to choose each person’s partner, rather than allowing the students to choose. They assign your character to work with Paris, unfortunately. Upon working a little more closely with Paris, maybe your character starts to see something in him that they couldn’t before?

2. Paris is an artist, working on getting a spot in an upcoming art gallery. His manager has told him that the museum hosting the gallery rejected all of his submitted pieces because they “lacked emotion”. Soon after receiving this news, Paris runs into your character, and feels drawn to them, so he decides that he wants to paint them for a new submission to the gallery.

I’ve only thought up two for this guy so far because he is a little hard to write for me since his personality is actually the exact opposite of mine. Don’t be turned away from him, though, because I am actually amazing at everything and can write him well, just not very good at thinking up plots for him. Anyways, he is great in either MxM or MxF pairings. He is a pretty-boy, though, so keep that in mind. The main character development from his side would be him becoming more aware of how he says things and putting how he feels into words.


Alexander is super bubbly and very protective of the people he loves. He will literally do anything to keep his loved ones safe. His upbringing put him in the mindset of being strong and not showing weakness.

1. (This is the plot that made me create this hunk). Alexander is the heir to the throne of his kingdom. A kingdom of mer-people. He has one year until he becomes king, so his father permits him to spend the year on land before he takes over the kingdom. Your character decides, for whatever reason you choose, to go onto a beach that is closed off to the public because of dangerous animals and rocks. Your character ends up in a hairy situation, whether it be falling into the water or getting attacked by wildlife, and Alex happens to be swimming there, so he manages to save them.
~ This can be turned from him being the heir to a mer-kingdom to heir to a company or something that doesn’t include the supernatural. I can fix it up, just tell me!

2. While at a club, Alexander notices someone incessantly hitting on your character. He can tell that they are uncomfortable in the situation, so he steps in to help them out. This could go a lot of ways, but the act leads to a friendship (or more~)between Alex and your character.

3. Alex and your character work together. For some reason, your character doesn’t like Alex all that much. At a company event, one of their coworkers accidentally lets it slip that your character isn’t too keen about Alex, so of course, he has to fix that. Lil one-sided enemies to lovers type beat.

4. I THOUGHT OF THIS WHILE SCROLLING THROUGH PINTEREST- While swimming, Alex is attacked by an unknown creature- he loses the right half of his fluke (the bottom part of a mer-tail) he manages to find shore before he passes out from the pain. While he is unconscious, your character finds him and helps him out.
~I see this going in sort of a how to train your dragon direction- maybe your character is an inventor and they create a prosthetic fluke so that Alex can swim again??

5. Another Pintrest thought!!This is outside of his canon story- Something goes wrong with Alex’s magic. Maybe he can't transform back into his merman form, or he keeps changing back at random times. Your character catches this happening, and is intrigued. Boom what happens from there~

You can proably tell from the differenece in ideas for him :'), but Alex is actually my favorite male character. His personality is based a lot on mine, so there is that. I love him for MxM, but I can see him in FxM because he's just so good :’) . He is a flirt and he’s irresistible. Though he is my favorite, there isn’t tons of room for character development because he is literally perfect (except for in the last two because that would be traumatizing). Either way, he’s so fun in any story. ESPECIALLY the first one.


Alianna is not very tragic, but she does have a lot of psychological issues (inherited type things). Any plot that she is in, she’ll have her internal struggles which will spill over into the story. I don’t have anything specific for her quite yet, but she will fit into any kind of college or work romance situation. Maybe something with a character who also has their issues, and they can lean on each other. I like her best for MxF or FxF. She has a lot of room for character development through working through her mental issues and learning to cope in a relationship despite them.


Similar to Alianna and Persephone, Alana has her mental issues, though not as severe. Alana’s issues stem from treatment by her brother. She has healed a lot from her trauma, so there would be a little bit of that from her end in the story, but it definitely would not be a main focus. I don’t have a super detailed plot for her. The plot that she was created for was a college roommate romance deal. I think her being with someone who is opposite of her is how I most enjoy playing her. She is definitely a FxF pairing girl.

This is all I have for now. I am working on thinking up some juicy goodness for the other 8 (and after them, I'll revisit Alana and Alianna).
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1 | 0 Comments | by helianthus | Sep 22nd 2023 00:45

. . . you don't have to act . . .

tba rules
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0 | 0 Comments | by labor | Sep 21st 2023 23:13