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Lynne Reeves

Name:Lynne Reeves

Pronounced: 'Lin'

Date of Birth:12/11/2000

Age: 21

Star sign: Sagittarius



Religion: N/A


Position: Submissive

Education:High school

Occupation: Hacker employed with Law Enforcement

Relationship status: Single


Shape: Slender, with some curves

Build: Petite

Hair Color: Blonde/Purple Tips


Face shape: short

Distinguishing Facts: Daily Smoker (Usually uses a Vape Mod), Occasional Driker

Most traumatic childhood experience: Losing both of her Parents.

Positive characteristics: Intelligent, Witty, Cunning, Has a good sense of humor, Logical, Calculating, Usually even tempered.

Negative characteristics: Not a team player, Can get aggressive, Anxious in large groups of people, prefers to be by herself.

Moral: Somewhat

Stable: Yes

Loyal: Completely

Generous: Often

Extrovert: Never

Introvert: Always

Compassionate: Occasionally

Intelligence: High

Food: Sweet

Tattoos: Yes

Piercings: Yes

Scars: No

Virgin: No

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0 | 0 Comments | by BrokenxDoll | 21 hours ago


-Stating the obvious of no God modding. It's okay to have strong and/formidable characters as Midnight's a strong woman herself. But that doesn't mean to write actions to control her in anyway; shizz gets annoying and boring fast.

-You friend request me, you message first and vice versa

-I am not opposed to having romance in the plot- but, I require much more in a story than just romance. Even then I'm very selective in who my character falls for, as like me she is Demi sexual (only falls for people she has a deep connection with) but hey! If the characters connect well I'm all for a side romance, hell I'd even draw for it if I like it enough (tho I'm not as into having romance as I used to be)

-That being said if said romance were to happen, I'm am absolute slow burn gal, nothing happens immediately, no love at first sight or instant attraction
With the last two rules above it should be obvious that I'm not here for any erp plots, while I'm not opposed to Sm*t in anyways within a long term story that isn't my main focus whatsoever

-I will only accept people 1*8+ as I'm not comfortable with rping with minors at all

-If you have any form of triggers PLEASE!! Let me know beforehand as my characters can deal with heavily dark themes, such as heavy violence, gore, mental breakdowns, S*lf H*rm, nudity and whatever else, that could even get worse depending on age I write her as or AU. I would never want to negatively affect or hurt someone who isn't comfortable with that kind of thing In anyway!!

-I'll try to give my best effort within an rp so I'd expect the same for you, I don't need you to write entire pages for a reply but please at least give me something to work with

-I'd rather not you message me immediately in character, it's kinda confusing and I'd prefer to either throw out ideas for plots or if you have something in mind let me know

-To be completely honest after playing so many cannon characters for other people at this moment I'd much prefer sticking to Midnight and my other OC'S. That being said I'm not opposed to rping in a canon universe and playing a canon character or two but please don't just use me for only your self indulgence unless you do the same for me, it gets a tad tedious when someone has me play both but ignores my OC character completely. Low key bums me out

-If you are getting bored within an rp please let me know so I can either fix that, we stop, and or come up with a new rp

Will add more if I think of any more!!

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1 | 0 Comments | by NoFear_BitchBoi | 21 hours ago

Ashiki Hotoro

Name:Ashiki Hotoro

Nickname: 'Ash'

Date of Birth:01/15/2002

Age: 19

Star sign: Capricorn



Religion: N/A


Position: Switch

Education:High school

Relationship status: Single


Shape:Slender, with some muscle structure

Build: Well-Built

Hair Color: Black


Face shape: short

Distinguishing Facts: Daily Smoker, Drinker, Casual Drug User

Most traumatic childhood experience: Abusive childhood, dealt by his mother.

Positive characteristics: Intelligent, Charming, Cunning, Brave, A Good Sense of Humor

Negative characteristics: Violent, Bad Temper, Sadistic, Unstable

Moral: No

Stable: No

Loyal: Completely

Generous: Occasionally

Extrovert: Never

Compassionate: Occasionally

Intelligence: High

Food: Spicy or Sweet

Tattoos: Yes

Piercings: Yes

Scars: Yes

Virgin: No

Ash was the product of an inappropriate relationship. His mother had been a secretary for a very popular manufacturing company. His father at the time was a very wealthy and young CEO. He was a man that was rich, powerful, but also very happily married. His mother had started an affair with him, and was actually surprised when he chose to end things and remain loyal to his wife, instead of choosing her and raising their child together. She, for one reason or another always blamed Ash for her misery and he wasn't very old, when his mother began verbally and emotionally abusing him. Over the years the abuse would escalate into physical violence. She would have to soak him in cold water before he went to school, in hopes it would reduce the bruising. The abuse was so severe that at times he had to miss school due to hospitalization. Around the age of sixteen, he finally stood up to his mother. The result was about what you'd expect. Lots of screaming, things thrown across the room, and one abusive mother laying in a pool of her own blood. There was little that could be done at that point, Ash had to burn the house down to get rid of the evidence. They believed him, Ash decided to declare himself an independent, got a house with his mother's life insurance money, and got a job to support himself on the long term. No one really knowing what kind of monster hiding underneath that charming smile of his...
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0 | 0 Comments | by BrokenxDoll | 21 hours ago

Set Char #1: Luceras

A fallen angel from the underworld, Luceras has long served as an agent and maid to whoever pays best. Once she was cast out from the angelic forces for her elegant yet weak body and delicate frame, Luceras quickly took to being a vigilante, still wishing to protect and serve. Despite this, a lack of guidance drove her ferocity and her morals quickly became tarnished and jaded by bloodshed until she was pushed from the sky. Now she stands unassuming and decorative by her dark master's side, that is until she is called to "protect" once more...

Quite small and thin with pale skin and blonde hair. Her body is covered in ritualistic markings signifying her detachment from her home. She is always in whatever uniform her master desires of her. Her wings can be hidden within her back and are fairly normal for an angel, but are a very matte grey.

Plot Ideas:
Most revolve around her duties as a maid. Your char could be her target, her master, a fellow servant, a challenger or assassin out for her or her master. As always, these are just a few dynamics to serve as a starting point for a plot, I'm always willing to hear what you think! :)

Hehe~ thanks sweeties~
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0 | 0 Comments | by SinisterFemboys | 23 hours ago


| | | °

| | ✦


━━ author's note.

━━ general.

━━ physical.

━━ personality.

━━ trivia.

━━ relationships.

━━ backstory.

━━ other.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

╰╮ AUTHOR'/external.php?l=/external.php?l=https://S NOTE.

[ Date Created : 06.27.22 ]

FACECLAIM :: blanca soler

PAIRING :: [depends on character chemistry]
canon x canon ⬥⬦⬦
oc x oc ⬥⬥⬦
canon x oc ⬥⬥⬥

HEADCANNON VOICE :: aj michalka
: ¨ ·.· ¨ :

` · .. · `


NAME :: constance lorelai brown

* ˚ ✦ constance - means 'steadfast' or 'constant' she doesn't hate her name per see but she prefers to go by her middle name. she has to be really comfortable with someone for them to use constance to address her.

* ˚ ✦ lorelai - name lorelai is primarily a female name of german origin that means alluring enchantress. her preferred name.

* ˚ ✦ brown - just her family name.

NICKNAMES :: connie | lor | cee

* ˚ ✦ connie - given to her by her by her family, was mostly used as a kid. she hasn't heard it be used in a while but she wouldn't through a fit if someone did.

* ˚ ✦ lor - not given by anyone specific, really just short for lorelai.

* ˚ ✦ cee- short for constance, her personal favorite.

AGE :: eighteen years old [18]

BIRTHDATE :: september twenty third [23rd], two thousand and three [2003]

* ˚ ✦ born in vancouver, canada. she usually spends her birthdays with close friends or at her house with a drink she probably stole from the nearest supermarket.

ZODIAC :: virgo

* ˚ ✦ she isn't really into zodiacs but due to her boredom the most she found out about virgo stereotypes is that they are supposedly often filled with anxiety, and if they are not able to release it in the busywork of self-improvement, they may be vulnerable to nervous breakdowns and if directed outwards, they can be rather hurtful. she doesn't disagree but she releases her stress by doing reckless activities rather than working.

RELIGION :: unknown

* ˚ ✦ personally she's never seen herself as a religious person but she believes in god at times, just not to the severity as others.

SPECIES :: human

GENDER :: female | she / her

* ˚ ✦ she's never thought about changing gender and she's felt quite comfortable in her own body but she's always joked about if she was a guy what she'd do.

SEXUALITY :: bisexual | biromantic | single | bottom

* ˚ ✦ she started questioning her sexuality around the age of fourteen and the first time she actually kissed a girl was at fifteen. after her whole confusion she never really dated the opposite gender until she was seventeen. when she finally came out to her family as bisexual and they were quite supportive, it took her father a little longer and he isn't exactly the coolest when the subject comes up which kind of affected their relationship.

RACE :: canadian-american | french-canadian

LANGIUAGES :: french | english | german

* ˚ ✦ french - fluent, this is her native language and she's known it her whole life from she could speak full sentences. she is familiar with french in speech, in written word, when reading it and when listening to it.

* ˚ ✦ english - fluent, it isn't her native language but it was spoken around her the same amount as french. she is familiar with french in speech, in written word, when reading it and when listening to it.

* ˚ ✦ german - bits and pieces, she only recently started learniing it.


: ¨ ·.· ¨ :

` · .. · `


HEIGHT :: 5"5 / 165 cm

* ˚ ✦ she considers herself good enough height and wouldn't change it.

WEIGHT :: 122 lbs

PHYSIQUE :: mesomorph | hourglass

HAIR :: 1b | usually down | dark brown - black

SKIN :: porcelain - ivory | freckles etc

EYE :: rounded almond | green

NOSE :: small | straight

LIPS :: medium | thin

MARKS :: freckles across her face

TATTOOS/PIERCINGS :: six tattoos | five piercings

* ˚ ✦ piercings on both f her ears lobes, with some removable ones here and there. as for tattoos she has at least six but they're all small.

: ¨ ·.· ¨ :

` · .. · `


SUMMARY :: intriguing

TYPE :: enfp | chaotic good

LIKES :: cats | trouble | rings | baking | wine | smoking every now and then | platforms | burgers | spicy food | sodas | banter | hugs from behind

DISLIKES :: being led on wrongly | being ignored | liars | being judged | waking up early

HOBBIES :: shoplifting | baking

FEARS :: heights [ironic, seeing she can levitate] | being alone | being rejected

STYLE :: chich | casual | streetwear

: ¨ ·.· ¨ :

` · .. · `




[another one bites the dust - queen]

3:24 ──────────•─ 3:28

↻ ⇉ ♡

volume : ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▯▯▯

[ smooth criminal - michael jackson ]

[ it wasn't me - shaggy ]
[ are you satisfied - marina ]

[ running up that hill - kate bush ]

[ emo boy - ayesha er*t*ca ]

[ i was made for lovin' you - kiss ]


DRINK ! - strawberry daquiri

SEASON ! - winter

ANIMAL ! - cats

HOLIDAY ! - summer

COLOR ! - green

TIME OF DAY ! - midnight

SHOW/MOVIE ! - ten things i hate about you

BOOK ! - n/a


MEAL ! - burgers

HOMETOWN :: vancouver, canada


: ¨ ·.· ¨ :

` · .. · `


GUARDIAN 1 :: katherine olivia dixon-brown | alive | 46

GUARDIAN 2 :: thomas ian brown | deceased | 47

FRIENDS :: tba.

: ¨ ·.· ¨ :

` · .. · `



* ˚ ✦ tba.


* ˚ ✦ tba.


* ˚ ✦ tba.


* ˚ ✦ tba.


* ˚ ✦ tba.

: ¨ ·.· ¨ :

` · .. · `


thanks for reading, also don't be afraid to message me for roleplays or interact with my posts !!
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rules tba.
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0 | 0 Comments | by extraordinary | Jun 29th 2022 00:07

containment log 12

graham gibson/the creator(good) - human - free
traveler graham(good) - human -free
SCP-7041(good) - stuffy - free
mind-rinth(good) - human - free
mind-rinth(evil) - human - free
SCP-2041(good) - android - free
graham gibson/actor(good) - human - free
minx(good) - animatronic - free
graham gibson/blue(good) - android - afree
bright blue(good) - android - free
purple(good) - android - free
red(neutral) - android - free
blank(evil) - android - free
service(good) - android - free
morphinite(good) - gem - free
the forgotten(evil) - android - free
the glitched(evil) - human - free
demonic minx(evil) - animatronic - free
demonic graham(evil) - demon - free
psychopath graham(evil) - human - free
broken BB(bright blue)(evil) - android - free
withered minx(evil) - animatronic - free
graham gibson (from a series im writing)(good) - android - free
infected graham (from a series im writing)(evil) - android - free
trashed graham(evil) - android - free
Tracker Graham(neutral) - android - free
springtraped graham(evil) - human/animatronic - free
imperial graham(evil) - android - deceased
Inkling Graham(evil) - cartoon - free
Fractured graham(neutral) - human - free
OoO (origian of olympus) red season 3(evil) - android - free
Rift Graham(neutral) - human - free
Scraptrap graham(evil) - human/animatronic - ALIVE/FREE
Infected graham season 3(evil) - android - ALIVE/FREE
OoO (origian of olympus) blue season 2 (good) - android - free
OoO (origian of olympus) blue season 3 (good) - android - free
FF Fnaf universe(famousfilms five nights at Freddy’s) blue season 2 (good) - android - free
FF Fnaf universe(famousfilms five nights at Freddy’s) blue season 3 (good) - android - free
corrupted service(evil) - android - free
the kids(evil) - android - free
Judgment(unknown) - unknown - unknown -

Toy Graham(evil) - unknown - free
Warper(evil) - human - free
Vanny Graham(evil) - human - free
Castaway Graham(evil) - unknown - free
Puppeteer(evil) - human - free
Puppet Graham(unknown) - unknown - free
Fallen Angel(evil) - fallen angel - free
Experimented Graham(evil) - ghost/soul - free
Ruined Imperial(evil) - android - free

Glamrock minx(good) - animatronic - free
Ghostbusters Graham(good) - human - free
Jaeger pilot graham(good) - human - free
Cartoon Graham(good) - cartoon - free
The Dark Knight(evil) - human - free
The Light Knight(good) - human - free
Wizard Graham(good) - human - free
Jedi Graham(good) - human -free
Sith Graham(evil) - human - free
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1 | 1 Comment | by containment | Jun 28th 2022 22:50


under construction
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0 | 0 Comments | by Viktoria | Jun 28th 2022 22:06

more than just a Rich man's daughter

under construction
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0 | 0 Comments | by Viktoria | Jun 28th 2022 22:04

— read the damn rules, you extra.

i'm in a lowercase mood. deal with it.

i. respect is earned, not given. this goes for both muse and mun. i'm a chill dude who understands what boundaries are and why they're set in place, but once you've crossed a line with either me or one of my friends then i'm one aggressive son of a b!tch. i will call you out, and i will block you. second chances are nonexistent with me. sorry not sorry.

ii. s/mut is fine with me, it's fun to write every now and then, but i'm going to be upfront with you and say that it will not be the main focus. there needs to be a build up of some kind, chemistry. katsuki doesn't sleep with just anyone, you know. he's a slut for spicy things but not other people, sorry. oh! one more thing: slow burns are my favorite kind of romance.

iii. quality > quantity. i don't care about a reply's length, so write what you deem appropriate. however, if the reply doesn't progress the plot at all then that's when there's going to be an issue. a storyline is only successful and fun if everyone is participating equally. that being said, i refuse to do all of the work. this ties in with plotting, too. either you throw ideas back and forth with me or i'll throw you out the nearest window.

iv. understand that i have a life outside of this site and, therefore, i won't be on here 24/7. just cause i don't reply within 24 hours doesn't mean i've lost interest, so please refrain from spamming me with 'nudges'. it's annoying as f*** and will make me lose interest fast. give me time to reply and i will do the same for you.

v. communicate with me. are you growing bored of the storyline? tell me! did something i write rub you the wrong way? send me a message! are you going to be away for more than a week? do me a favor and hit your boy up with a warning. don't leave me hanging or resort to ghosting, it's so imm*tu*e.

vi. no godmodding, powerplaying, or metaplaying. it sucks the life out of a storyline faster than anything else. it's just not realistic! i don't care how overpowered or badass your muse may be, everyone has a weakness.

vii. last but not least: HAVE FUN.
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2 | 0 Comments | by BOOM | Jun 28th 2022 21:50

— emery ❞

〔 Basics 〕
▏Name ;; emery jane shelby
▏Age ;; twenty-two
▏Birthday ;; july 12'th, 1999
▏Birthplace ;; ireland
▏Zodiac ;; leo
▏Sexuality ;; bisexual w/no lean
▏Nicknames ;; emmie, em, emmy
▏Height ;; 157.48 cm
▏Weight ;; 56 kgs
▏Eye Color ;; deep green
▏Hair Color ;; ginger/blonde
▏Body Measurements ;; 33-26-34
▏Chest Size ;; 33 inches
▏Waist Size ;; 26 inches
▏Hips Size ;; 34 inches
▏Pronouns ;; she/Her
〔 Personality 〕
▏Positives ;; sweet, nurturing, affectionate, caring, trustworthy, goofy/bubbly
▏Negatives ;; A bit of an air-head, forgetful, picky, impatient, blunt, hard-headed, can be violent due to the mob life
〔 Other Info 〕
▏Status ;; single
▏Marital Status ;; not married currently / never been married
▏Occupation ;; mob princess
〔 Favorites 〕
▏Food ;; reeses peanut butter ice cream, raspberry iced sweet tea, caramel iced coffee w/almond milk & sugar, caramel filled chocolate, shrimp alfredo, crab legs, S W E E T S !
▏Song ;; Break From Toronto - PARTYNEXTDOOR
▏Season ;; winter
▏Month ;; july
▏Time Of The Day ;; night
▏Weather ;; sunny
▏Holiday ;; valentines
〔 Mentality 〕
▏Intelligence ;; medium
▏Common Sense ;; high
▏Reasoning ;; high
▏Morality ;; medium
▏Honesty ;; medium
▏Loyalty ;; high
▏Honor ;; high
▏Tolerance ;; medium
▏Respect ;; high
▏Empathy ;; medium
▏Responsibility ;; medium
▏Trust ;; high
▏Temperance ;; medium
▏Patience ;; low
▏Kindness ;; medium
▏Humility ;; medium
▏Lust ;; high
▏Greed ;; low
▏Envy ;; medium
▏Pride ;; high
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2 | 0 Comments | by mini | Jun 28th 2022 21:31

You Ruin Me.

Love and loss go hand in hand.

I was in love and was betrayed. Loki was my everything. He made me the happiest I had ever been. Without warning he change his mind. A week before I planned to propose he stabbed me almost taking my life. I turned to darkness for comfort hoping if I gained unimaginable power he would take me back, but it was for nothing.

Push the darkness away and move on.

Another Loki caught my eye. He was the same, but also different then the other. We were happy once again as if the universe was on my side. Yet the darkness I had taken had consumed me once again deviding us. Once we seperated the darkness I decided we should marry and proposed. As the days went on we seemed to drift more apart and argue. He left and we ended what I thought was a perfect love.

Alcohol to dorwn my sorrow.

Turning to alcohol for comfort I feel into a deep depression. I have gone on dates and had random hook up, but nothing filled the void. Pain grows inside my heart killing all hope.

My heart has been broken beyond repair it seems. I am damaged and can't find a reason to continue, ye I do. They have ruined me and will never be the same.
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2 | 3 Comments | by StrangeSorcerer | Jun 28th 2022 21:03

she kisses me and i remember stars and fireworks,

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0 | 0 Comments | by drifter | Jun 28th 2022 20:31

laughter. i kiss her back and remember rain, hope,

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