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Alfie JarHead

Hi I’m Alfie


Info: Alfie dad abdoned him at 18 years old his mom look After him for a while being completely abandoned never making contact with his family . Some business man had approach him to do job in handing parcels never question what was inside package seeing opportunity to get a job making money . Once being caught out and tortured for months still in love with his captors who tortured him gets nightmares before bedtime as he was deported back to USA going back to his old life while Alfie is troubled with dark mind his still very cute and innocent.

Personality: mischievous, trouble- maker , cute , innocent, dirty minded

Hobbies: sleeping , playing with cotton and ribbons , eating candy , watching Netflix , playing video games

Sexuality: pansexual leans towards guys and girls


18 + furry anime and steamy romance light m*tu*e theme hugs, kisses, cuddles etc.

MXM , mxf , fxf , mxnb

No rape

No blackmail

No pedo

No ageplay
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1 | 0 Comments | by DarkCuteNeko | Dec 4th 2022 20:01

The Rules! <.<>.>

1. No one liners! It gets really boring when there's a lack of detail. It makes it hard to continue a roleplay too.

2. No god modding, it also males. A roleplay boring and not that interesting.

3. Don't spam me if I'm gone for a bit, I have a life outside of this site so I do get busy and sleep.

4. If you constantly request me if I've already denied you or I haven't gotten to your request yet, then you'll likely be blocked or denied.

5. I'm not a number! If you add me then please, message first, I'll do the same if I add first.

6. Sm*t is alright with me as long as we have a plot to go with it. It feels far more rewarding that way.

7. I'm lesbian, so I'll only do romance and sm*t with women.

8. No minors! Anyone under 18 will be denied.

[ I'll likely add more if need be ]
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4 | 0 Comments | by PunQueen | Dec 4th 2022 19:11


1. I'm open to writers willing to learn. This means your grammar and spelling doesn't have to be impeccable, I am also still fine-tuning my style and writing, but it does mean I want you to try your best. We learn best along the way.

2. No slice-of-life or novella, let alone both at the same time. I am okay with bigger posts, ranging to several paragraphs, and I am very okay with 'calmer' moments inside of an RP, but I am not here to play out an alternative daily life. I am here for interactions in preferably active settings.

3. I am okay with romance of any type, and the occasional night-time scene as long as it carries purpose to the RP and seems fitting to the moment.

4. I am here to have fun and write an enticing story. Not necessarily a happy story, but a good one, one to remember.

If you are on the same wavelength, don't hesitate to send me a message, and we will figure things out. Take care!
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4 | 0 Comments | by TurnusAvenged | Dec 4th 2022 18:48

WANTED: GRACIE WILLIAMS . [ work in progress ]

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ᅠ⠀⠀⠀[ > —ᅠVITALSᅠ— < ]

NAME >>ᅠGracelynn "Gracie" Williams.
( Also known as :ᅠ〞The Valentine Killer.〝

Female .
( She/her pronouns. )

BIRTHDATE >>ᅠMay 13th .
( Early-to-mid twenties. )

SEXUAL ORIENTATION >>ᅠCloseted bisexual.
( Closeted for obvious reasons. )

( Tried that whole bounty huntin' thing, didn't pan out. )

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ᅠ⠀⠀⠀⠀[ > —ᅠPHYSICALᅠ— < ]

HEIGHT >>ᅠ5 ' 5 "

WEIGHT >>ᅠ130 ~ lbs.

BUILD >>ᅠAverage athleticism,

HAIR COLOR >>ᅠLight brown.

EYE COLOR >>ᅠSoft, buttered chocolate irises trapped by a solid black limbal ring.


▪ᅠTheir most defined scarring would be attributed to a nasty mark that travels all the way from the bottom of her neck to across the entire length of her shoulder blade.

▪ᅠVarious other nicks and gashes sprinkled across her body.

▪ᅠFreckles heavily dusted across her cheeks.

▪ᅠCalloused hands.
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0 | 0 Comments | by quickdraw | Dec 4th 2022 18:41

My Preferences

-I favor writing in the third person over the first person.

-I enjoy writing stories with strong women. While it can be enjoyable to carry the story and be the tough guy that saves the day; I have found that I truly enjoy strong female characters that add more depth to the story. Bring me your secret agents, your scientists, your witches. Strong women push the story forward by having more than one driving force while also allowing my characters to show a weaker side of themselves from time to time.

-I like adding detail to my stories. While gore is not a favorite genre of mine, I'm not against going into detail about my character having to pull a bullet out of his body and stitch it back up. I'm also not against my partner's character being the one to shoot him if it makes sense to the story.

Pretty much anything is on the table if it aids in character development and furthering the plot of the story.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Jera_Mannaz | Dec 4th 2022 18:39

Merlin Ambrosius

Aliases: Mage of Flowers
Gender/Pronouns: She/Her
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Pansexual
Age: 21 physically
Birthdate: Unknown
Occupation: Court Mage

Height: 156cm
Build: Slender, Petite
Skin Tone: Pale
Hair: White
Eyes: Crimson
Identifying Marks: None
Appearance: Pictures

Personality: She interprets everything objectively, and even when analyzing the ugliest parts of humanity, she describes them in a hopeful tone, saying "Not everything needs to be neat and clean. No matter how sullied you get, as long as you have one clean spot, a single shining star, that's more than enough."
Motivations: Personal Whimsy
Current Goal: Observing Humanity
Life Goal: Observing Humanity
Best Quality: Her Skill
Worst Quality: Her Personality
Fears: None
Hobbies: Sleeping around, dabbling in other kingdoms
Talents: Magecraft, Seduction, Rulership
Skills: Illusionism, Healing, Enhancement, Hypnotism

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Group/Organizational Affiliations: Camelot

Family: None
Best Friends: None
Relationship Status: None
Significant Other: None
Other Relationships: Mentor of King Arthur
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4 | 0 Comments | by CamelotMage | Dec 4th 2022 18:04

Blair Rosenthal

Character’s full name: Blair Marie Rosenthal
Birth date: November 1st, 1999
Weight: 125lbs
Height: 5'4"
Body build: Curvy
Eye color: Hazel
Skin tone: Fair
Hair color: Black

Good personality traits: Quiet, confident, sweet, thoughtful, intelligent, funny.
Bad personality traits: Moody, c*cky, hyper-independent, jealous.
Love language: Words of affirmation, touch.
Greatest strength: Genuine.
Greatest vulnerability or weakness: Hyper-independence.

Other details:
Hometown: Seattle, WA.
Current Residence: LA, CA.
Occupation: Lingerie model, artist.
Religion: Agnostic
Favorite color: Black
Movie genre: Horror
Food: Japanese, Thai
Form of entertainment: Movies, murder docs.
Animal: Jaguar
How she would spend a rainy day: Curled up on my couch, watching horror movies and eating sushi.
Smokes: Socially.
Drinks: Socially.

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1 | 0 Comments | by ouija | Dec 4th 2022 17:53

Introduction/Interested RP's

Hey everyone! My name's Crisp/Chris (18 M), I'm relatively new to the site, and I've been really interested in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Homestuck recently! I mostly do a handful of canon characters (Leo and Raph, Sollux Captor, Kirishima (BNHA), Keith (Voltron), etc., but those are listed in my status and I'll be happy to answer questions if need be. I've been doing roleplaying for almost five years now (I got better) and the semi-lit/lit limit is absolute. I will not do one-liners. I might do novella if I really like the prompt.

Feel free to message me if you're interested at all!
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0 | 0 Comments | by SolluxCaptor | Dec 4th 2022 17:00



Full Name: ➸ Kieran

Nickname(s)/Title(s): ➸ God of night and darkness

Age: ➸ millions of years old, but young compared to other gods

Birthday: ➸ unknown

Birthplace: ➸ unknown

Gender: ➸ male

Sexuality: ➸ gay

Species: ➸ god!

Ethnicity/Race: ➸ uh.. I guess he is seen as white

Occupation: ➸ uh,, he's a literal god


Height: ➸ can fluctuate, but he's normally seen as 5'9 to 6'

Weight: ➸ 200lbs but can change

Body Shape: ➸ lean

Skin Tone: ➸ pale white since he can't really be out in the sun, but fades into black at his hands and feet

Hair Color: ➸ pitch black but it fades into a midnight blue

Hair Length: ➸ down to his butt normally

Hair Thickness: ➸ very

Hair Style: ➸ normally braided or in a low ponytail, rarely has it down

Eye Color: ➸ dark blue

Freckles: ➸ yes! They look like little stars!!

Piercing(s): ➸ nope


× shy?? He tries to stay away from humans and other gods

x he's curious. dispute not really liking the humans, he likes to explore the ancient ruins they left

× he's very awkward. Not many creatures are awake when he's out, so he doesn't really get any interaction.


Has dolonia (The fear when people genuinely like you and you can’t fathom why. Wondering if they have you confused for someone you believe they deserve, someone who doesn’t have the qualities you hate the most about yourself.)

His father had arranged that he marry the goddess of the sea, Sereia, even though neither of them really want the marriage.
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0 | 0 Comments | by floofl3boo | Dec 4th 2022 16:57

Ember Faye Aku(tw)

⚠️ Content Warning ⚠️ abuse, neglect, smoking, self harm, Sexual Abuse, eating disorder, teen pregnancy, forced abortion (sorry if I missed any)


Full Name: ➸ Ember Faye Aku

Nickname(s)/Title(s): ➸ Em, faye

Age: ➸ 21

Birthday: ➸ February 28th

Gender: ➸ female(maybe she/they still experimenting)

Sexuality: ➸ closeted lesbian

Species: ➸ human

Ethnicity/Race: ➸ Caucasian

Occupation: ➸ Singer/songwriter/actress


Height: ➸ 5’10

Body Shape: ➸ she’s thin with a bit of curve

Skin Tone: ➸ pale

Hair Color: ➸ naturally blonde, but she dyes it whatever colour she wants

Hair Length: ➸ doesn’t even pass her neck

Eye Color: ➸ deep blue

Freckles: ➸ all over her body

Piercing(s): ➸ snake bites, septum, nose, industrial


× Ember keeps to herself, often found writing or reading instead of interacting with others.

× She is surprisingly humble, oftentimes declining any compliments and always donating to charities.

× She hides a lot about herself from the media, scared that her mother may see something she doesn’t need to see. No matter how many new social media accounts Ember makes, her mother always finds it.


Born from a celebrity mother, Ember lived in a life of luxury, but it wasn’t always a happy one. From a young age, she barely saw her mother, Arya Aku, and was cared for by a nanny. Arya really only kept Ember around to show her off, holding her for paparazzi and pictures before just handing her off again.

Once she started to get older, her mother got the child an agent and landed her first acting job at the young age of six. She got little commercial gigs and soon got an audition for a popular children’s show. She worked her way up the ladder and soon stuck with a single entertainment company.

As Ember grew older, Arya started to monitor the young girl’s calorie intake and weight. This caused the little actress to develop an eating disorder at just twelve years old. According to her mother, Ember needed to stay thin so she could get even more gigs. On top of all of this, the man directing her show, Mr David, started to act predatory towards her, often standing right behind the young woman and being a little handsy. Ember would try to tell people her director's behavior, but most just brushed it off as the kid being dramatic. The harassment from her director only got worse as she got older, soon turning into rape. By 13, Mr David had gotten the young girl pregnant and forced her to have an at home abortion that nearly killed her. All of these problems started to build up and build up with Ember having no way to let it all out, so to let out some of these emotions, Ember started to harm herself with cuts and burns.

Once she finally got away from the director, Ember was sixteen and was starting to work on her music. She quickly got a record deal and was quickly rising in popularity. She would start going on tours at eighteen and would face even more sexual and physical harassment from older fans. Soon after the harassment, Ember’s self mutilating habits came back. She also developed an addiction to cigarettes during this time. After a few tours, she started to work in the horror/thriller film industry and once again became popular as a main character in a horror series.


Ember’s mother is openly homophobic and is a god fearing Christian woman. She often told Ember that if she ever turned out gay, she wouldn’t be her daughter anymore and would burn in hell. These threats are the main reason she’s still in the closet.
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0 | 0 Comments | by floofl3boo | Dec 4th 2022 16:54

Serina Alkertif

{Characters can and will be set into any time/plotline in every rp}

NAME :: Serina
SURNAME :: Alkertif
NICKNAMES :: Rina | Seri

AGE :: 23
GENDER :: Cisgender Female
SEXUALITY :: Heterosexual
PRONOUNS :: She/her

ETHNICITY :: Australia
NATIONALITY :: Australian
LANGUAGES :: English | German | French

EYE COLOUR :: Ocean Blue
SKIN TONE :: Lightly tanned | Unblemished | Freckles
BODY TYPE :: Thin | Curved | Toned | Moderately plump

LIKES :: Coffee | Reading | Drawing | Alcohol | Music | Writing | Animals | Surfing | Fashion | Storms
DISLIKES :: Rude people | Annoying Kids | Curry | Crowded places |
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1 | 0 Comments | by POLVYNTJIE | Dec 4th 2022 16:24


⚠️ Content Warning ⚠️ abuse, neglect, smoking, self harm, drugs, alcohol, Sexual Abuse, near death experiences, homelessness, suicide attempt (sorry if I missed any)


Full Name: ➸ Jinx (dropped the family name after she was disowned)

Nickname(s)/Title(s): ➸ Pandora

Age: ➸ 21

Birthday: ➸ October 17th

Gender: ➸ female but goes by she/they

Sexuality: ➸ lesbian

Species: ➸ superhuman

Ethnicity/Race: ➸ Caucasian

Occupation: ➸ bartender for a "normal" job


Height: ➸ 5'7

Weight: ➸ 160lbs

Body Shape: ➸ curvy, a little chubby

Skin Tone: ➸ pale

Hair Color: ➸ black with the sides dyed purple

Hair Length: ➸ shoulder length

Hair Thickness: ➸ decent thickness

Hair Style: ➸ curly

Eye Color: ➸ purple

Freckles: ➸ all over her body

Piercing(s): ➸ industrial piercing


× She doesn't take anyone's sh*t.

x She's outspoken, there's no way to shut them up about the problems in the world


Ever since birth, it seemed like Jinx was well… jinxed. They were the younger and weaker twin between her and her brother Liam. She wasn’t fully developed and needed immediate hospitalization. As the two grew up, it became clear that Jinx was the least favorite, unwanted one. Probably because the shield reminded their mother, Sofia, of their supposed father’s brother, Jasper, the real father of the two kids. The twins were the result of an affair between Sofia and Jasper, which wouldn’t be allowed with Sofia being a hero and Jasper being a villain. As time went on, Jinx started to feel hatred towards Liam since they were perceived as the “female Liam” or as she got older “Liam but with pornstar tits”. Throughout secondary school Liam’s friends would harass Jinx. One of them even had his way with the villain to be, causing her to lose most respect for Liam since *he never tried to stop them*. Liam actually blamed Jinx for trying to ruin his friend’s reputation.

Later on in life, Jinx tried to save a citizen that was in danger, but instead the citizen turned on her and threatened her life for money. After this and all of the harassment they had experienced caused them to give up being a hero. They tried to get help from their family, the only one who tried to help them was Jasper, but even that didn’t help. Jinx eventually dropped out of school and ran away from home. They lived on the streets for a few years. She was abused by other homeless people and criminals on the run, most of them using her for her body. The woman soon figured out that they could use their looks for money and shelter for little bits at a time. She also committed little crimes, soon working her way up to being the infamous villain she is now, Pandora.

At one point, everything got to be too much for Jinx. All the sex work and abuse was getting to be too much. They would hurt themselves to deal with it at first but it stopped working. She found herself on the edge of a bridge, ready to jump and end it all. But Jasper found her and talked her down right before she jumped. He offered her a job and a place to live. He would even buy her whatever she wanted to help her get comfortable. Jinx started to get comfortable with herself for the first time ever. They were finally happy at twenty one as a bartender and a villain.

Abilities: Invisibility, Phasing through walls, levitation, and force fields. They have also dabbled in witchcraft and the dark arts, knowing hexes and dangerous spells. She also carries a dagger and explosive powder with her at all times.

Ability limitations: she can't phase through walls while levitating. Their force fields can only withstand so much damage before they shatter. Her skin will start to have cracks if she uses too many spells, almost like her physical body is shattering.

Suit: a black bodycon suit with the seven deadly sins symbols creating a belt that holds a little square bag. She calls the bag her box, Pandora's box. She can be seen with a purple cape.
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1 | 0 Comments | by floofl3boo | Dec 4th 2022 16:22

Track IX. ー Karma

Name ;; carmen montoya
Age ;; twenty-four
Birthday ;; dec 1'st, 1998
Birthplace ;; Cartagena, Colombia
Zodiac ;; sag
Sexuality ;; straight
Nicknames ;; camacita, mamacita, angel eyes, karma
Height ;; 159.94 cm
Weight ;; 58 kgs
Eye Color ;; brown, sometimes wears colored contacts
Hair Color ;; black, frequent changes
Chest Size ;; 37.8”
Waist Size ;; 26.8”
Hips Size ;; 38.5”
Pronouns ;; she/Her
Positives ;; sweet, nurturing, affectionate, caring, trustworthy, goofy/bubbly
Negatives ;; Sassy, forgetful, picky, impatient, blunt, hard-headed, will tell you how it is, stubborn
Other Info
Status ;; single
Marital Status ;; not married currently / never been married
Occupation ;; model, CEO of her own fashion line
Food ;; Curry, sriracha lime shrimp tacos, Spicy Salmon tacos W/Avacado Lime dressing, pina colada yogurt parfait, homemade oatmeal with fresh fruits
Song ;; Like It - Summer Walker ft 6LACK
Season ;; summer
Month ;; december
Time Of The Day ;; night
Weather ;; sunny
Holiday ;; christmas
Intelligence ;; medium
Common /external.php?l=http:/:Sense ;; high
Reasoning ;; high
Morality ;; high
Honesty ;; medium
Loyalty ;; high
Honor ;; high
Tolerance ;; medium
Respect ;; high
Empathy ;; medium
Responsibility ;; high
Trust ;; high
Temperance ;; medium
Patience ;; low
Kindness ;; medium
Humility ;; high
Lust ;; high
Greed ;; low
Envy ;; medium
Pride ;; high
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2 | 0 Comments | by island | Dec 4th 2022 15:51


1. I don't do one liners
2. I don't do Yaoi
3. I will not be submissive.
4. If you can't reply within a day or less then just tell me.

All I have so far :)
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1 | 0 Comments | by LancePrime999 | Dec 4th 2022 14:42



Name: Jung Hoseok
Gender: Male
Age: As old as time I guess LMAO, he looks 28 tho
Species: Supernatural (Grim Reaper)
Position: Dominant
Sexuality: Bisexual
Ethnicity: Korean


Hair Color: Black
Height: 6’1
Weight: 154lbs
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Both earlobes, tongue, industrial


Mother: Unknown
Fahter: Unknown
Best Friends:
Significant Other:

{Other Accounts}

@Malefic (Admin account honestly)
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0 | 0 Comments | by End | Dec 4th 2022 14:36