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- have decent grammar

I dont ask for you to be amazing at your writing, I just want it to be understandable.

- Keep it safe people

No sexual NSFW things, mostly because well, this site wont allow it and Im not a big fan of it.

- Tell me if you're bored.

Dont just stop talking to me if thats the case, thats just annoying and rude.

- Tell me if you're uncomfortable

This one just follows the last one, since if Im doing anything wrong just tell me before blocking me right away.
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1 | 0 Comments | by JJBAmuses | 3 hours ago

The JJBA characters I roleplay as

- Jonathan Joestar
- Joseph Joestar(Young)
- Lisa Lisa/Elizabeth Joestar
- Caesar Zeppeli
- Von Stroheim
- Kars
- Wham
- Jotaro Kujo(part 3)
- Kakyoin Noriaki
- Joseph Joestar(Old)
- Jean Pierre Polnareff
- Dio
- Anubis
- Vanilla Ice
- Josuke Higashikata
- Koichi Hirose
- Yukako Yamagishi
- Rohan Kishibe
- Jotaro Kujo(part 4)
- Giorno Giovanna
- Bruno Buccellati
- Guido Mista
- Pannacota Fugo
- Leone Abbacchio
- Narancia Ghirga
- Doppio/Diavolo
- Jolyne Cujoh
- Johnny Joestar
- Gyro Zeppeli
- Diego Brando

Thats all Folks!
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0 | 0 Comments | by JJBAmuses | 3 hours ago

Eiji Otakamu (OC)

Name: Eiji Otakamu


Birthday: 9/13

Zodiac: Virgo

Height: 5’6”


Alias: high school student

Sexuality: gay

Personality: soft-spoken and shy most of the time; if you get on his nerves, he can be quite feisty, and he gets made fun of for trying to stand up for himself; very smart; he’s also very kind and caring for those he really likes

Likes: Books, quiet spaces, rain, curling up inside when it’s cold outside

Dislikes: Noisy hallways/rooms, bullies (gets bullied a lot), being called a nerd, wearing his glasses even though he has to because contacts bother him
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0 | 0 Comments | by AfterTheRain | 3 hours ago

Original Character

- Characteristics

Full name : Willow Anne Sanders

Alias : Gaia / Mud girl

Date of birth : Jan, 11

Age : 22

Gender : Female

Body type : Mesomorph

Height : 5’3

Weight: 120 lb

Eyes: Dark brown

Hair : Dark brown kinky curls

Skin : Warm tan w/ golden undertones

- About

Willow had a nice life. The usual. Lived with parents, and her younger sibling. Went to school like any other regular kid. Until her 18th birthday. While her and her family were on a little road trip, the car had lost control due to the icy roads. They crashed, and both her parents ended up passing away in the accident. After that, since Willow had turned 18, she took legal custody of her younger brother.

A few years passed and she was now 22.

Both her and her brother were at their backyard. He had blamed her for their parent’s death. She knew neither of them had anything to do with it. Out of anger and hurt, Willow began yelling at her brother. All those emotions she had piled up over the years began flowing out, causing the dirt under their feet to turn to mud, swallowing her brother in. Willow had reached her hand out to save her brother’s life, but it was too late. The mud had vanished and returned back to normal, no traces of her brother were found.

She has the ability to turn any of earth’s wonders into a black hole of mud at will by simply touching. Everything except humans and animals.
Willow had only discovered about her powers a few months ago, she still had a lot to learn about it and how to control her emotions so she wouldn’t cause another accidental disaster.
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0 | 0 Comments | by _GAIA | 3 hours ago

Renni Henry (OC)

(This one might be different than all others. I used a generator and kept some good parts of it. My style is normally a bit different)
Renni Henry
Age: 15 - Born 18th of November
Appearance: Standing 5'4” tall, and athletically built with light skin, Renni has a shy feel about her.
She has a triangular face with a cleft chin, a small nose, large lips, and her brown eyes are small.
Her black hair is short and curly, and is cropped.
She usually wears scruffy, elaborate clothes that are mostly colourful and well-fitting, and she wears no jewellery. She is usually seen wearing a personalised hat.

Personality: Welcoming, truthful, powerful, and humble.
Uncomplicated, respectful, frugal, and rebellious (if she has reason to rebel)
Nurturing, creative, cheerful, and thrill seeker.

Personal Status
Social Class: Upper middle class
Education: depends

Personal views
Religious view: Atheist
World view: not really either
Racial views: "Multi-racial interactions are great!"
Gender bias: "Men and women are equal"
Conflict: "I always try to avoid physical confrontations"

Quirks: Drags her feet
Likes: Reading, writing, keeping to herself
Dislikes: Attention seekers, Long boring speeches
Afraid of: Bees/wasps
Self-satisfaction: 63% - Decreasing
Fitness level: 17% - Stable
Skills: Secretly skilled at reading people's body language.
Colors: Likes blood red and dark orange, hates vivid pink
Music: Likes J-pop
Foods: Exotic food
Book Genre: Short Stories
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0 | 0 Comments | by AfterTheRain | 4 hours ago