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character #1- Lilly shinisoki

Lilly shinisoki
zodiac: aquarius
Has some mental issues
Can control soundwaves
Loves free food
Hates guinea pigs

(I know this sucks,i'll update her later)
faceclaim: noodle phase 4 gorillaz
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0 | 0 Comments | by Thelightinthedark | 2 hours ago

OC Noël Summers

Name: Noël Summers
Nickname(s): None so far

Age: 23
Date of Birth: April 23
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Role: Seme
Relationship status: Single
Occupation: Student who does pole vaulting

(Mental) illness: None
Fears: Losing his lover

Species: Human
Eye color: Mint green
Hair color: Auburn red
Height: 5’9 ft

Body stature: Athletic body type. Has a broad and muscular body.
Appearance: Noël has long auburn hair, though he usually carries it in a ponytail. When he’s pole vaulting, he wears a simple shirt and shorts. Aside from that, his clothes are always stylish as he cares very much about his appearance. The expression on his face screams ‘sadism’ and his lips are nine times out of ten curled into a dangerous smirk. Noël has a red tattoo on the back of his right hand.

Likes: Teasing his lover, (soft) sadism, dogs, fashion, his hair, being possessive (whether it’s himself or his lover), pole vaulting
Dislikes: Other people touching his lover, being jealous, feeling weak, being beaten in a competition.

Personality: Noël is a soft sadist, meaning he is interested spicy sex games, as long as there’s no blood or pain. He likes to dominate his lover by dressing him up, tying him up or make him beg. Even though Noël is mostly obsessed with his boyfriend, he is very caring and possessive as well. No one is allowed to touch the one he loves or think of him in a different way. Apart from that, he is a very good listener and is always there to help or comfort his boyfriend.

Mother: Christa Summers
Father: Bryan Summers
Brother(s): Tyler Summers (27)
Sister(s): None

Virgin: No
Turn ons: Bondage, roleplay, dressing his lover up (cat, schoolgirl, lingerie, etc.), tying his lover up and making him wait for his return, sex at public places (he will literally grope his lover in the train or during class), spanking, begging, toys, blushing, cute expressions.
Turn offs: Blood, pain, choking, calling his lover stuff like bitch, slut, etc.

Background: Noël grew up a normal life, but had always been one of the more popular guys at school. He has slept with a few girls and fewer boys, but felt like he was unsatisfied in bed. One day he asked his girlfriend if he could tie her up to the bed and that had been a mistake. She spread the word that her boyfriend was interested in SM, ruining Noël’s image at school. In college he decided to start over, so he joined the pole vaulting team, discovering his talent for this particular sport. He hasn’t slept with anyone ever since the incident and decided to suppress his sadistic needs and focus on the upcoming competitions in pole vaulting.


{‘’I thought I was able to suppress my needs, but… I can’t seem to control myself when I’m around you.’’}

{‘’I only tease the people I love. You shouldn’t feel irritated, you should be flattered.’’}

{‘’How do I know you won’t be hanging out with other people? I’d better tie you up so I can be sure you’ll be here when I get back~’’}
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0 | 0 Comments | by YumaItamixBL | 2 hours ago

Rage Quit!

Noah is quite known for his phlegmatic temper and attitude, but lately his temper turned to far worse, almost unbearable and he became more than rough and also a bit careless.
Why is that?
He is a strange guy, needless to say. He can be a true sweetheart in every way, but let one wrong thing happen and he could turn into a monster.
Late happenings with Sebastian made his fed-up level raise to ... well, cross limits so to say.
Losing in a fight against him, yet knowing that he stood no chance, also devastated him in a way.

***What got him the most was Sophie and the fact that she got pregnant with Seb, that must have been like...the worst thing that actually jerked him out of balance big time.

Being left to rot in a cell and bleed to death also had its toll, he felt useless and unable to do a thing. Blood loss took its toll and his mood only worsened after that.
Despite being healed and slowly getting back to his former self, Noah is still having odd mood shifts, or better, he is constantly in bad mood.

After the event over at Carlie's home, Noah decided to leave and never return there, he is stubborn like a mule sometimes and he won't ever set foot in that place again. He teleported back to the Blackthorn manor and he SLAMMED the door of his room SO hard that the corridor shook.
He wasn't leaving the room for days actually, only went out to nibble on something or go to toilet, not speaking a word to anyone. can only hear Jazz coming out of his room.
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1 | 10 Comments | by Noah | 2 hours ago

Wolf Character 2: Kyla


Full Name of character: Kyla Krow
Nickname: KK
Species: Grey Wolf

.:|Physical Appearance|:.

Age: 24 moons (2 yrs)
Male/Female: Female
Eye color: Amber
Weight: 98 lbs
Height: 4.5 (at shoulder)
Distinguishing marks (scars, fur markings etc.): her front right paw is completely black almost like a sock.
Predominant feature: black tipped ears


Habits: wandering off, over grooming herself
Soft Spot: pups and males
Biggest Vulnerability: her pack and closest friends
Most at ease when: basking in the sun
Priorities: none
How they feel about themselves: confident but knows she needs to become more active in a pack


Kyla has always been a favorite among her father. They had a close relationship and she knows how to keep order in the pack. She trained harder than any of her other siblings wanting nothing more than to impress her father the alpha. After the alpha's death she lost her will to improve as the beta took over the pack. To this day Kyla remains close with her brother Kaworu.


Mother: alive
Father: dead
Siblings: Kaworu
Mate: none
Pups: none


Optimist or Pessimist: pessimist
Introvert or Extrovert: extrovert
Motives: none at the moment
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0 | 0 Comments | by Graffiti | 2 hours ago

Wolf Character 1: Kaworu


Full Name of character: Kaworu Krow
Nickname: none
Species: Grey wolf

.:|Physical Appearance|:.

Age: 24 moons (2 yrs)
Eye color: brown
Weight: 134
Height: 5 (at shoulder)
Distinguishing marks: scar along the top of his muzzle
Predominant feature: eyes


Habits: shutting himself down
Soft Spot: the plant life around him
Biggest Vulnerability: his sister
Most at ease when: alone
Priorities: none
How they feel about themselves: sees himself as weak but knows there are good parts in him.


Kaworu had been dominate from the start. He has always been right behind his sister. Kaworu prefers solitude but will stand up for his family.


Mother: alive
Father: dead
Siblings: Kyla
Mate: none
Pups: none


Optimist or Pessimist: pessimist
Introvert or Extrovert: introvert
Motives: none at the moment
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1 | 0 Comments | by Graffiti | 2 hours ago