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"I'm fine"

"I'm fine", a lie people everywhere use everyday. These two words that can mean so much, but sound like so little. Everyone has a different reason for saying these two words, and the possibilities are endless, so here is mine.

When I say I'm fine, I say it because I don't believe that anyone could be bothered with my problems, not in the slightest of bits, in my mind no one cares, and the last thing I want to do is bore someone with my ridiculous difficulties.

Who cares that no matter how well I hide it, inside I'm empty? All I am is a shattered heart, and a dark soul. No one can change that, so why bother weighing people down with my problems?

"They're your friends" they say, "They want to help you." To that I respond with, "You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped." but my friends, those wonderful human beings that tolerate me, keep trying, and it hurts when I push them away, but I do it anyway, because I can't let them share my pain, that would be the worst thing I could ever do.

When I say I'm fine, I'm trying to protect you from me, so please don't ask any further questions. My depression is something I need to struggle with on my own. Not with a friend, I would never want to drag anyone into this deep, dark hole I'm living in.

So, for now I'll keep smiling, not for myself, but for the people around me. I love you guys so damn much.
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2 | 3 Comments | by Stoner | 4 hours ago

Kingdom Hearts

Name: Raye
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student
Orientation: Straight

Hair: Black/Blue
Height: 5'4

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Animal: Dog

Personality: Raye is a kind girl who always sees the bright side in things. She cares deeply and fights hard. She isn't someone who gives up and can be quite stubborn when it comes to the things she finds important. She gets nervous easily, but has a strange way of getting herself through the tough times.
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0 | 0 Comments | by AnimeObsessedGirl | 4 hours ago

♪Whats a guardian angel?♪ 『Angelo Sparks』

❝Angels like me are not extraordinary beings with Wings and a Halo. They are ordinary people living ordinary lives! But they have 'Special Qualities' that touch your heart and soul in special ways. They are truly best friends of humans.❞
「ғυll naмe」
Angelo Sparks
"Fallen Angel"
15 (Appearance)
「мale or ғeмale」
「вιrтнday daтe」
December 28
「 Տҽ×մɑӀ Թɾҽƒɾɑղςҽ」
❝For every fear that shakes your peace, for every night you feel alone, for every moment you lose a little hope, there is an angel who whispers; 'I am here'.❞
appearance ↑
「нeιgнт」4'6" (Reeeal short)
「ѕĸιn color」Alabaster
「eye color」Pale Violet
「нaιr color」Pale Blonds
「тype oғ cloтнιng」(Shown in Picture)
He has seen his family and been with them, after his death, (He died at an early age, his family is still alive), he became an angel.
He does not have a love interest, but certainly hopes to have one soon.
「ғavorιтe ғood」Apple Pie
「ғavorιтe color」Light Blue
「ғavorιтe anιмal】Rabbit
「ғavorιтe nυмвer」25
「ғavorιтe нolιday」Christmas
「ғavorιтe ѕeaѕon」Summer
「ғavorιтe тιмe oғ тнe day」Dawn
❝True happiness is not out there, silly! True happiness lies within!❞
- Fresh Air
- Early Mornings
- Birds (Mostly all kinds)
- Rivers
- Baking
* Being shouted at
* Wolves
* Night
* Unknown Specimen
* Variety of Candy
✿ Baking
✿ Listening to others stories
✿ Sewing
✿ Writing
ѧԀԀıċţıoňs/һѧɞɞıţs ?
- Hugging people with no warning
- He hates how shirts feel with his wings, and no matter the place takes hid shirt off
❝Nothing hurts a good soul and a kind heart more than to live amongst people who cannot understand it.❞
ţѧʟєňţs oя ѧɞıʟıţıєs
♠ Flight
♠ Communication with animals
♠ A gossamer touch no matter what
♣ Hell
♣ Anyone who's untrustworthy
♣ Wolves
♣ Crowded streets
ɖřɛąmŞ ąŋɖ ٳıʄɛ ɠơąٳŞ
♥ He pretty much doesn't have any now, considering the fact he's dead, an angel.
тype oғ perѕonalιтy ?
He is a very cheery yet calm boy. He has acknowledged the fact he died but hates admitting it. He can be silent and motionless, but this just tells you 'Hey, Im very uncomfortable right now. Mind backing up?'
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0 | 0 Comments | by Wabi-Sabi | 4 hours ago

Giovanni messe

Giovanni messe is a admiral in the italian navy. Commanding hes littorio class battleship Roma (rome)
Hes 27 years old. Is very sirious altough sarcastic sometimes.

This charecter will be shaped and/or bended to fit within certain topics i will RP about
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0 | 0 Comments | by QR_INDUSTRIES | 5 hours ago

*Work in progress*



Eye color-
Hair color-
Hair length-
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0 | 0 Comments | by GypsyGirl101 | 5 hours ago