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Anakin Skywalker (Sith CIS Leader)

First Name: Anakin
Last Name: Skywalker
Alias/Nickname(s): The Supreme Commander of The Confederation
of Independant Systems (21 BBY) - Darth Vader
Preferred pronouns: him/he
DOB: 41 BBY Tatooine
Current Age: 23+
Species: Human
Race: Human
Place of Birth: Tatooine
Nationality: Seperatist (Currently), Republic (Formerly)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Romanticism: Romantic & Charming
Current Residence: Mendator 2 Dreadnought (Constructed)
Occupation: Supreme Commander of The Confederation
of Independant Systems (21 BBY)

Abridged Backstory: After General Grevious & Leader Count Dooku Was Defeated by The Republic, Chancellor Palpatine Ordered, Anakin Skywalker now Named Darth Vader To Become The New Seperatist Supreme Commander Concincing Anakin That The Republic was corrupted & Beyond Saving.

Preventing Order 66 From Happening & Continuing The Clone wars.


Body Color: White & Pale.
Hair Color: Brown/short/Straight
Eye Color: Red/Yellow (Sith)
Approx. Height: 185 cm
Approx. Weight: 48 Kg
Body Type: Slim & Thin,
Clothing Style/Favorite Outfit(s): Fallen jedi Attire


Character Alignment: Natural Evil
Disposition: Currently Uknown
Passive or Aggressive: Agressive
Positive Character Traits: Political, Determinated, Loyal, Intelligent. Brave
Negative Character Traits: Determination, Obssesion, Sith intelliget
What (mentally) Drives Them Forward: Galatic Domination
What (mentally) Keeps Them Down: The Galatic Republic
Biggest goal/dream: Becoming Emperor of The Galaxy
Worst fear/nightmare: Death & Humiliation,
How they try to avoid it: Well-Mannered Discussion & Execute opponent



Hobbies: Political Discussion, Galatic Domination, Killing Republic clones
What fascinates them the most: Political Discussons & War Victory
What they care about the least: The Galatic Republic
Phobia(s): None-Currently
Moral beliefs/disbeliefs: Democracy & Seperatism
Dream Job: Becoming Emperor
Likes: Seperatist Alliance, Galatic Domination, Padme
Dislikes: liars, double crossers, Terrorists, Resistance, oppositions



Mom: Shmi Skywalker
Dad: Emperor Palpatine
Siblings: None
Children: None
Notable Extended Family: Skywalker Family
Mentor/Hero: Emperor Palpatine, Obi-wan (Formerly)
Why they look up to them: Galatic Domination, Creating Peace
Romantic Interest: None Currently
How they met and why they like them: None
Best Friend(s): Emperor Palpatine
Regular Friends/Acquaintances: Emperor Palpatine
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Jackson Pierce (IRL)

Name: Jackson Pierce
Age: 24
Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Lead Singer
Sexyality - Straight

- Caring towards those he cares about
- Protective over those he loves
- Doesn't hold many grudges

Jackson was born in a stereotypically normal family, grew up and left home at 18. Went into singing and formed a few bands before sticking with the current band he is with.

He met someone named Jade (lust), but got into the form of 'Wrath' from the 7 deadly sins, and got her pregnant. Having died, then using a spell to come back to life and getting his body back, he split from Jade, looking for a new start.
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Gwen Stacy

| Name: | Gwendolyne Maxine Stacy

| Alias: | Spidergirl, Gwendy, Ghost Spider

| Occupation: | Model, student, an intern at Oscorp

| Objective: | None

| Powers/Abilities: | Dependent on the setting, gifted in Biochemistry

| Weakness: | Pill dependency

| Background |

Not very much is known about Gwendolyne "Gwen" Stacy's youth. Her father was a captain in the New York Police Department named George Stacey. She always looked up to him greatly. Although not much is known about Gwen's mother, it is known she had died when she was very young. She went to Standard High School during her teenage years. In high school, Gwen was known as the "beauty queen", because of her looks. She however never became vain because of it. Gwen kept getting good grades, good enough to, after her high school graduation, enroll into Empire State University, where she met Peter Parker.

Before anything comes to fruition, Peter gets distracted by Mary Jane. Peter begins to show interest in Mary Jane and the two date for a while, causing Gwen to become so jealous that she decides to date Harry Osborn to make Peter mad. Mary Jane proves to be too much of a party girl for Peter and he soon begins to pay more attention to Gwen. After a date to a science exposition, the two become official. The couple's relationship is far from steady, however, as Peter constantly misses dates and always has lame excuses. Gwen begins to feel like Peter is never really there for her. Gwen's father, George Stacy, does his best to keep Gwen interested in Peter. (It is hinted that George Stacy knows that Peter is Spider-Man, whom he has a great deal of respect for.) Regardless of how rocky things seemed, Peter is in love with her.

Tragedy strikes when George Stacy dies trying to save a child from falling debris, which is the result of a fight between Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man. George reveals to Spider-Man that he knows his identity and charges Peter with taking care of his daughter. Gwen, however, moves to London to live with her aunt and uncle. She had hoped Peter would propose before she left; she was disappointed.

Peter is so miserable without Gwen that he flies to London on assignment for the Daily Bugle. He tries to convince Gwen to come back to New York but leaves when the local papers show pictures of Spider-Man, Peter thinking it to be too coincidental for him and Spider-Man to be in London at the same time. With the appearance of Spider-Man doing good deeds in London, Gwen's Uncle Arthur convinces Gwen that Spider-Man could not have been responsible for his brother's death. He also tells her that she was expecting too much out of Peter since they were still so young. Unfortunately, Gwen had had a relationship with Norman Osborn that resulted in a pregnancy.

Taking her uncle's advice, Gwen returns to New York to find things have changed. Harry is hooked on LSD and Peter is being constantly flirted with by Mary Jane, Harry's girlfriend at the time. Gwen's arrival reignites her relationship with Peter and they resume their courtship. She hides the identity of her lover and hopes that Peter will be able to overlook her infidelity due to
his love for her.

| The Twins |

Norman offers to raise the twins, a boy and a girl named Sarah and Gabriel. Gwen refuses his offer and believes Peter's love will strong enough to forgive her this tragic misstep. Besides, Gwen hates how Norman treats his son Harry. Being unable to see his children greatly upsets Norman.

Norman regains his memory of being the Green Goblin and, due to his thinking Peter and his friends were the cause of his son's misery, makes life miserable for Peter. He constructs a plan to kidnap Gwen and hold her hostage on the Brooklyn Bridge. Spider-Man comes to the rescue, but Gwen is unconscious. A fight ensues and the Green Goblin tosses the unconscious Gwen from the bridge. Spider-Man shoots his webs towards Gwen and catches her by her heel. At first, it looks like he successfully saves her, but when he gets a closer look it is obvious that Gwen is dead.

Many years later, Spider-Man must disturb Gwen's grave when he is attacked by two unknown assailants who turn out to be Sarah and Gabriel Stacy. He learns of their lineage and wants to prove that Gwen was their mother. He digs up her grave for a DNA sample and discovers that she did have the twins. He is able to use this information to dissuade Sarah, who helps him defeat Gabriel.
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Full Name: Inanna
Nickname: Ina
Species: Half vamp, half human
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Panromantic asexual (girl lean)
Body Build: Average
Height: 5'5
Skin colour: Caucasian
Hairstyle: Short
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Gray
Preferred clothing: Sweatshirts, leggings, and a mask

Any physical illnesses?: Does being half vampire count?
Any mental illnesses?: no

Swears?: Yes
Made-up words?: no
Made-up language?: no

Likes: Rain and old movies she finds
Dislikes: Blood and Balloons
Hobbies: Rebuilding old things
Skills/Abilities: She stronger and faster then the normal human. Also it's harder to hurt her.
Weaknesses: Human weaknesses
Personality: Inanna likes to push the limits. She likes to see how far she can go without breaking things. She can be a bit blunt, emo, and edgy but she tries not to be. Most days she'll try to help humans.

Quote: "Men cum and go Deborah."

Family: Her mother
Enemies: Her dad

History: Inannas mother is a very kind and sweet lady. She always did her job and what shes told. One day she was too sweet and ended up getting raped by a vampire. After 9 months she gave birth to Inanna, who she instantly fell in love with. Every few months her mother would feed her own blood to her child. Due to being raised by a human that's what Inannas seen as. She uses the mask to hide her fangs which would scare off her human friends.
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Some boys are born cheshire—some boys are born under a blue moon, fated to divide and conquer, to love and destroy.

          Leo Vos was one of many. He was beautiful, wealthy, intelligent, beyond well-liked. Since the earliest of his boyhood, admired by most, envied by others—those venomous ones who let jealousy dictate their hearts. And it was for this very reason that he was part of the Prosper Society; a group of adolescents, selected by the headmaster himself, who are not merely expected but prophesied to succeed and perhaps even to make it amongst the world's most powerful men and women. The fourteen-piece Prosper Society was a close-knit group, built upon a foundation of respect and loyalty.


Our story began like this:

          A body of a boy, rotten and bloated, no longer pink-cheeked and pretty—but a shell of what he once said was—and a boy in cuffs, donning bruised knuckles, and a whisper of sorrow and regret.

          With the sudden death of Leo Vos—discovered in the mud, face-down, shrouded by a halo of blood—and the arrest of Leo's boyfriend, Silas, the clandestine Prosper Society gradually shattered into bits and pieces. The memories of their beloved friends hung above their heads like the sword of Damocles and words of foul gossip settled between them like a river of suspicion, haunting them the way a ghost might. Alas, with such great weight to carry and such a terrible happening to process, it was no surprise that the remaining ten members were permitted to take the rest of the year off. The headmaster, however callous a man, understood. Both Leo and Silas were their friends, after all. With the absence of the enigmatic, affluent Society, for a little while, it seemed that the gruesome story of invincible Leo, and how love, out of all things, meant the end of him, became a forgotten whisper behind calloused hands between the vast walls of Orion University.

          That dim flame of unrest, however, is awoken once more when the ten members of Prosper Society return to where they belong.



There are 12 roles that need to be fulfilled before the roleplay can start. The genders, sexualities, etc of the 12 main characters are all up to the roleplayer and his/ her interpretation. If you want to join, feel free to send me a message with some basic information on your character—written in full sentences, as Spectre is a literate roleplay. Your characters “form” will be posted on my blog for the other roleplayers to get to know your OC. Thanks for reading, don’t hesitate to message if interested!
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