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0 | 0 Comments | by prettyboyy | 24 hours ago

..i cried..

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the doll

You see it in the corner of the room, winking at you.
That can't be
Dolls don't wink, they're lifeless after all.
It must have been your imagination, you told yourself.
You had yourself convinced until you got home, and there it was, sitting on your bed, lifeless, motionless. Just a doll.

Name: Lilly
Age: what are years to a doll? But, for maturity purposes, 24
A pale, porcelain ball-jointed doll. Long, light pink, silky hair and deep, captivating green eyes.
Backstory: -roleplay/setting dependant-
Likes: scaring the sh*t out of you. Spiders. Also naps, and tea.
Dislikes: Witches, spiders, the infinite, ever expanding void that slumbers beneath, tomatoes.
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3 | 0 Comments | by dreary_doll | Dec 5th 2022 03:26


A loose collection of things I'm into we could build a roleplay around

-idol anime
-magical girl anime
-overwatch/league, for the characters
-many, many horror games/anime
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2 | 0 Comments | by dreary_doll | Dec 5th 2022 03:25



1. How Catalina turned into a vampire was by having her human blood drained and replaced with vampire blood via mouth. If any human blood was still present in the body, even as little as a drop, the transformation wouldn't have worked. Because of this, another vampire's blood would be considered poisonous to her as she can no longer consume it.

2. Despite being a vampire, Catalina still looks human. She still has her tan complexion and her brown eyes, however, she does have to wear sunglasses under the sun as they have become sensitive. And it isn't until she is hungry or weakening that her true vampire form starts to show. First, her skin turns pale. Then, her eyes appear sunken and her brown irises turn red like wine. Her canine teeth automatically sharpen, as well as her nails. Her personality takes a toll as she becomes aggressive.

3. Because she is allergic to real silver, Catalina wears fake jewelry. Who knew fake silver would become her favorite material...

4. Even though she can heal quickly, Catalina can still get hurt. Real silver would leave a burn mark on her. Any consumption of another vampire's blood would leave her with symptoms similar to food poisoning: vomiting, stomach cramps, chills, feeling weak. In order to cure this, she would need to consume human blood. 

( More to be added . . . )
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3 | 0 Comments | by glassslippers | Dec 5th 2022 02:59


full name : catalina reyes
nickname(s) : cat, lina
physical age : early 20s
species : vampire
sex: female (she/her)
sexuality : bisexual
current residence : rp dependent
occupation : ex-ballerina
languages : english, spanish

face claim : melissa barrera
hair color : dark brown
eye color : brown, red
height : 5'7"
piercings : a few ear piercings
tattoos : none

likes : dancing, music, candles, revenge, art, fake silver jewelry, rings, necklaces
dislikes : animal blood, silver, hospitals
traits : flirty, stubborn, protective, defensive, doesn't always think before acting, takes a while to earn trust
hobbies : dancing, listening to music, playing the guitar and piano, drawing

enhanced strength : great strength and invulnerability
enhanced speed : think, react, reflex, and move in great speeds
enhanced agility : balance and coordination far beyond
enhanced healing factor : naturally heals at a greater speed than humans, except when in contact with silver
enhanced senses : enhanced sight, taste, touch, hearing, smell
telepathic : communication through the mind

( Ask for backstory )
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0 | 0 Comments | by glassslippers | Dec 5th 2022 01:45

Nezuko's Late Night Stroll (Short Sample)

Unlike Tanjiro, Nezuko hadn't returned to their old home since that faithful day that had changed both of their lives. Well, at least awake she hadn't. She was ready now. The snow was pure white and falling slowly, it mesmerized her as she walked along the path to her once home. The cool air was so much different now that she was a demon. She felt a sting in her chest as she remembered how her and the rest of her siblings would play and have the greatest of times here in these now bare woods. Tears formed in her eyes that she couldn't catch quick enough. Her tears dropped onto the snow and just like much of her distant past, nothing truly remained to show of it. She continued down that path until she reached her house. Once there she stood just at the entrance in shock, nothing had been changed much since the day of the incident. Even the cherry blossom trees her father had planted now stood taller and bigger.

It took a few moments but Nezuko finally mustered the courage to step foot inside. Once inside she walked around a bit. The blood and corpses were all gone and everything was as she remembered; minus a few broken things that she was sure Tanjiro had removed. She smiled. She was lucky to have such a brother. Wondering into her father's old room, she noticed that a lantern was lit and this confused her. She didn't know who else would be paying her home a visit; surely not her brother. Distracted by her thoughts, Nezuko didn't notice the figure on the floor a little further into the darkness. This mistake led her to tripping over the rather large thing and landing on all fours just in front of whatever it was. Once she looked she could tell it was a human? Nezuko's eyes softened with concern as she went to remove the bit in her mouth. This human shouldn't be here.
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6 | 0 Comments | by Nezzy | Dec 5th 2022 00:45


1. No Offsite Contact (unless I offer it, the last creep on here harassed me)

2. No One-Liners Or Single Paragraphs

3. No Minors (Under 18)

4. No Rushing Me

(I Will Add More As I Need To!)
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14 | 0 Comments | by Nezzy | Dec 4th 2022 23:22

Death of 3 Leaders (Open)

Jane was staring for herself out when Aro did commanded her to kill 10 inocent children he did fear those children would bring anyone in danger . She knew better yes he did fear but this wasnt fear or care for their covens or for the better or good . Jane glared at Aro before she did even know it she was holding aro his head into her hands his body smacked down on the ground . She made sure caius his head was the first one to roll Jane knew Marcus wanted to die so she ender him as last of the leaders . Alec walked in and saw what she had done both they know some would turn against them but Jane did think this was worth all of this . Endless wars who had to stop endless killing for not a good reason at all this hatred to one another . Jane was ready to kill more if its needed ready to lead this clan still rules but give everyone a new world
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0 | 0 Comments | by theillusionofpain | Dec 4th 2022 23:13

Jane Volturi

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0 | 0 Comments | by theillusionofpain | Dec 4th 2022 23:12


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0 | 0 Comments | by theillusionofpain | Dec 4th 2022 23:11

my flaws are draped in mercy, revered by her false

/ i am still working on this sh*t GO AWAY

    /♡♡♡/ .. ˗ˏˋi_think_its_strange_you_never_knew´ˎ˗ .. # BASIC.INFORMATION ── (?)
        1!  phoebe annalise hart + no nicknames, she doesn't like them. graced this world with her
     presence on the night of november 24. 1999 in the suburbs of tacoma, washington. 22 years later & she hasn't left.
      sagittarius sun ☼ - scorpio moon ☽ - aries rising ↑ ─ she/her/hers. working her way through dental school
   as a waitress, currently living in a studio apartment with her two cats that get more love than human kids. [rosie&diablo]
    a raging bisexual with no lean. + single; & leaving it that way ** uninterested in any form of commitment at the moment.
   ((( ♡ ))) .. ˗ˏˋill-stare-directly-at-the-sun-but-never-in-the-mirror´ˎ˗ .. # APPEARANCE ── (?)
        2!  big, brown almond shaped eyes, freckles scattering her cheeks & bridge of her nose. a soft beauty mark on the
    left side of her cheek. full lips with a sharp, defined cupids bow. dark brown hair that falls down to the middle of her back.
    choppy bangs & wisps of loose curls that frame her face. roughly measuring around 5ft6in/167cm with a petite, curvy build.
  has a range when it comes to her outfit choices, typically wearing something comfortable but cute. relaxed, modern fashion, with
 a frequent mix of vintage pieces. always accessorizing with jewelry; mostly white gold besides a silver ring her grandmother gifted her.
    [ *** ] .. ˗ˏˋshe-was-filled-with-poison-but-blessed-with-beauty-and-rage´ˎ˗ .. # LITTLE.DETAILS ── (?)
        3!  loves the color purple, frequently tries to add some sort of splash of it into her every day outfits. the sound of
   rain. the smell of freshly brewed coffee. reading mystery and thriller books. thrift shopping. plants. baking, it makes
    her feel nostalgic and brings back happy memories of her grandmother. attention, subconsciously seeking the approval of
  everyone in her life although she would never admit to that. horror movies. vanilla candles. hot weather. animals, (cats.)
      dislikes waiting around, she values her time & becomes irritated when others do not.

    | &&& | .. ˗ˏˋand-while-the-others-talk-we-were-listening-to-lovers-rock´ˎ˗ .. # FAMILY.ETC ── (?)
                ** / under construction . . .
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3 | 0 Comments | by sublime | Dec 4th 2022 20:25

perception -- and with her lips upon my skin,

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she will undress my deception /♡/ . .

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0 | 0 Comments | by sublime | Dec 4th 2022 20:25

Alfie JarHead

Hi I’m Alfie


Info: Alfie dad abdoned him at 18 years old his mom look After him for a while being completely abandoned never making contact with his family . Some business man had approach him to do job in handing parcels never question what was inside package seeing opportunity to get a job making money . Once being caught out and tortured for months still in love with his captors who tortured him gets nightmares before bedtime as he was deported back to USA going back to his old life while Alfie is troubled with dark mind his still very cute and innocent.

Personality: mischievous, trouble- maker , cute , innocent, dirty minded

Hobbies: sleeping , playing with cotton and ribbons , eating candy , watching Netflix , playing video games

Sexuality: pansexual leans towards guys and girls


18 + furry anime and steamy romance light m*tu*e theme hugs, kisses, cuddles etc.

MXM , mxf , fxf , mxnb

No rape

No blackmail

No pedo

No ageplay
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1 | 0 Comments | by DarkCuteNeko | Dec 4th 2022 20:01