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A Little About Me + A Starter For You To Reply To

First of all, hi hello, if you actually read this whole thing I already adore you and think you’re amazing and great, thank you so much.

If I could summarize my request – I’ve been doing this long enough that I’m kinda over the whole process of sifting through the dross to find the golden nugget. I’m taking a leap of faith to find one awesome writer who’s willing to join me on a sprawling long-term adventure through messages. I am happy to do the lion’s share of the worldbuilding and plot progression (although would also be pleased to have my structures wrecked by daring decisions and wild pivots in tone and narrative alike; please, bring it on).

I don’t mean to sound like a hardass (I’m a pretty goofy and lighthearted guy, honestly!), but I trust someone out there will understand what I mean when I say I’ve been burned a few too many times to want to deal with that too much more.

Some points of info about me as a writing partner:

• Varied Timing – Part of the beauty of messaging is flexibility in response times, yeah? Some days I am going to be chatty and get you multiple replies. Other times, I will need some patience from my partner (much of this is simply due to the nature of my job, which gets busier at some points than others). I’m fairly chill and low-pressure, I promise: Real life comes first, I don’t hold people to deadlines, etc.

• Quality Primary, Quantity Secondary – Nobody needs to read 10,000 words describing a character’s outfit, but I do want to read multiple great paragraphs each turn. I don’t need novella-length replies (not at all!), but I’m definitely looking for a partner who truly relishes the opportunity to absolutely write the hell out of a story.

Dramatic twists, taut suspense, terrifying horror, intense action, humorous dialogue, multi-layered characterization and slow-burn chemistry… I’m a greedy bastard who wants it all, and I’m prepared to give it in return.

• Flexible Sm*t Ratio – I suppose this should be covered. I am fine with sm*t happening, I do enjoy it, but I want to make expectations clear that I am a story-first writer and any sm*t should occur as a part of the natural blooming of whatever relationship is building between characters. That being said, if they do get along and things get steamy and sm*t-heavy, I won’t complain. I guess I’d say I’m in a mindset of aiming for 80-20 plot to sm*t but if the scales tip one way or another in the course of writing, the door is open for that.

As far as kinks/limits go, this would be an area where I’d be happy to field questions if anyone is concerned, though I’d say my character(s) is fairly vanilla but definitely dominant. While the tastes and boundaries are pretty typical (no feet/toilet/furries, not really into bondage/toys/non-human pairings, bedroom interactions range from a praising and encouraging ‘soft dom’ to full-on hair-pulling/slapping around/degradation/etc.), I should mention that any interested partners should play a human woman character who is submissive (doesn’t need to be an outright sex slave or enthusiastic slut, though those expressions of submission are fine and great, just that she’s cool with him taking the lead when things do get intimate).

• Pantsing Over Plotting – I don’t mind OOC chat, and especially once the story’s started I welcome feedback and clarifications as we go. But I really do think the magical payoff of partnered writing is delivered when fewer details are settled upfront and more of it is discovered organically. I am a firm believer that vibing with the right partner is more important than agreeing on the details of a plot with someone, if that makes sense; the idea that if you put two writers together with good chemistry, they can weave a killer plot out of a simple one-line prompt like “old friends reconnect at a café and the ceiling begins making a strange sound.”

• The Leap of Faith – Okay, here it is, the moment of truth. This might be a little bit unorthodox, but how I want this to work is for you to read the starter below… and if it sounds intriguing and fun to you, if something about it sparks a sense of adventure within you, if you think “oh what the hell” and want to give it a shot… then reply to it directly in a message. Just send me a message with your direct response to the starter below. It doesn’t have to be as long, (we know how starters can go, to ‘set the scene’) but I would adore getting something in my inbox that launches us into a sprawling, unpredictable genre-bending adventure we’ll both have a blast with. Here goes nothin’:


The skies were quiet and the universe was growing colder.

Zyndo Syliiqua was a man who found himself at the moment sitting on a cliff-edge, feet dangling and even twirling in little opposing circles, his back hunched and head down as he gazed over the expanse of lifeless brown-and-gray rock plains before him.

Air systems hissed from within his exosuit. There were no clouds tonight, only the inky darkness of unfathomable space overhead amid the twinkle of billions of stars, beckoning him into their depths like the siren call of mermaids from the old tales–

He leaned over and pulled his datapad from its holster-like pocket along his side. It was beeping and blinking and vibrating in a rhythm indicating an incoming holocall. Zyndo sat up straighter as he tapped the pad and accepted the call.

On-screen appeared the digitized visage of an old friend, Captain Lockehammer. His hair seemed whiter than last time, his mustache less sure of itself. The image shimmered and sizzled, like water in a warming pan. Quantum tightbeaming technology allowed instantaneous transmission of data between any two points in the physical space of the dying universe (provided transmitter and receiver could match the proprietary frequency of the same device brand, of course), but at extreme distances you could still expect some static and interference.

The display may have shown warping and distortion, but Lockehammer’s voice was as clear and confident as ever.

“Greetings, Zyn,” the aging captain began in his typical regal cadence, nodding his head beneath an old-fashioned pith helmet. “We have concluded a comprehensive scan-and-search of the planet at the coordinates you provided. The damned corpos in the region did all they could to slow us down, but we managed. And I’m sorry to say it, old friend, but we found nothing.”

Zyndo’s own aging face was obscured beneath his helmet, its cutting-edge surfaces of gleaming metallic alloys and tiny indicator lights a stark contrast to Lockehammer’s simpler headwear. Zyn nodded too, in response. And said nothing, before the captain continued.

“Forgive me, but I must say… it might be of some help to those assisting you to, er, provide more details as to this mysterious item you seek? I consider you a friend, and it’s true I owed you a favor, but I’m not sure our amount of intel matches the, ah, priority you led us to believe is owed this task.”

Zyn turned his helm, looking into the middle distance at no object in particular.

“I belie–”

“No no no, it’s just, it’s… a basilisk, a sort of… psych warfare. It’s…”

Zyndo was snapping his gloved fingers, his brow furrowing beneath his visor. His voice was modulated somewhat, adding a husky low buzz to his otherwise boyish, casual tone as he spoke.

“It’s venom.”

“... excuse me?”

“It’s, it’s like a venom, of the mind. It’s just one of those things, Captain: The more you know about it, the more dangerous it is. It’s better that you know as little as possible. It kinda, like, eats you up from the inside out. It… affects you. If I told you about it, you’d regret it. You’d wish I hadn’t said anything. Trust me. Terrible burden and all that.”


“Hey, look, I appreciate your help. I’m gonna let you go now. Catch ya later, cap’n.”

“All right then, I will take my leave. Lockehammer out.”

Zyn tapped the datapad screen and the call ended. He sighed and closed his eyes for a breath, frowning at it all, even if no one could see. He reached an arm out to his side, leaning on his hand as he got up with a wince and a quiet groan.

Minutes later his booted footsteps clanked up the ramp onto his ship, an ugly old freighter he had christened Accomodia Judiciate. He got a kick out of giving such an extra, anime-ass name to such a bulky, blocky, utilitarian vessel.

The craft was a little too large for one person, somewhat like driving a three-story building across the cosmos. Commanding and maintaining the thing would be rather difficult for a one-man operation had it not been for the central artificial intelligence (and its fleet of various robotics) named A.N.N.A. who now greeted Zyndo in her distinctive soothing, feminine lilt. Before she said a word, he knew she had already trawled his datapad for information, including the holocall with Lockehammer.

“Welcome back, Zyndo. Shall I prep the engines for departure?”

The former soldier (former mercenary, former explorer, former smuggler… etc.) leaned against a greebly bit of bulkhead, wiping some dust off his chestplate.

“I dunno, Anna. Stay, go. What does it matter, anymore?”

It took a while, but Anna had learned by now that such questions were rhetorical and he did not actually desire her input on the matter. She changed the subject.

“Two pieces of news, then. First, the nest of frost rats has been successfully exterminated. The wires they had chewed through are being replaced as we speak. Full heater capacity for the primary cargo hold should be restored within the hour.”

“Uh, okay. I didn’t know the heat was even out. Frost rats, huh?”

“Yes, sir. I had informed you before your prior departure from the ship. If I may speculate, it seems your faculty for memory has dimini–”

He waved a dismissive arm. “Just give me the other news, Anna.”

“Right. Two hundred and forty-six seconds ago, a spacecraft entered the atmosphere of this planet. They seem to be heading on a direct vector toward our position.”

“Wait, what? We’re in the middle of nowhere! How did–ugh. Is it Sovereign?” he asked, referring to the Sovereignty: One of the few remaining governing bodies over the sentient population of the omniverse, the Sovereignty was an autocratic (dictatorial, really) regime led by an enigmatic figure called Univox, or ‘The One Voice.’ He was an obnoxious prick whose governing philosophy could be summed as “kiss the boot or die beneath its heel.”

“No scans indicate any signatures matching any known sets of Sovereign starship data,” Anna responded. “But I cannot rule out the possibility of a conscripted ship or otherwise allied craft.”

“Yeah yeah,” Zyndo spoke quickly, pulling out his datapad as his fingers rapidly tapped at dialog boxes to bring up the current scan feeds. “Give me somethin’, like, velocity? What size are we talking here?”

“Velocity variable. Current estimate for mass volume is between sixty cubic feet and fourteen thousand cubic miles.”

Zyndo… frowned. That seemed an, uh, excessively broad range for a guess, even given minimal scanning info, but he didn’t feel he had time to quibble or make her run any diagnostics. Still, before he could offer any ideas on what to do, Anna gave her own suggestions.

“Would you like me to re-estimate variables when the ship closes half its current distance? Or perhaps we could send a transmission?”

Zyn smacked the nearest wall flat-handed and muttered some obscenities.

“I’m sorry sir, did you say–”

“No! Listen: Just ping ‘em. Nothing audiovisual, just shoot a general hailing signal their way and we’ll see what happens next.”


Zyndo jogged to the central shaft, climbing a ladder up the narrow cylindrical space toward the piloting chamber at the top and front of the ship. Along the way he would pass all sorts of various items, stored and hung, mementos and accoutrement, a pulse rifle and an old newspaper clipping and a dimly glowing emerald set in a lump of iron as a deceivingly crude pendant.

If this bogey was hostile and opened fire, he knew the Accomodia could take a pretty good beating in the few minutes it’d take to get off-world and out of system, but it was always such a pain to get all the repairs done.

And yet, if this other craft wasn’t the feds finally closing in, that was a possibility that may have unsettled him even more.

The skies were noisy and the universe was growing stranger.

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New Simple role play Starters

These are my basic plot ideas, I also have more complicated ones.

Idea 1: neighbors who fall in love but your character would also be my characters boss

Idea 2: small town fisher man catches a mermaid who is curious about land

Idea 3: bride of the water god. A tribal village sacrifice a girl to their out of touch water god and they fall in love.

Idea 4: medevil knight falls for tavern wench

Idea 5: Viking falls for a lady in a village he pillages

Idea 6: rich CEO x coffee shop girl

Idea 7: Actress hiding out at her home town x small town man

Idea 8: working girl has a steamy romance with a traveling man who tells fortunes
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Ξ Sage Benton Ξ

Name: Sage
Middle Name: King
Surname: Benton

Age: 24
Birthday: 24th August
Starsign: Virgo

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Pronouns: He/him

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 94kg
Bodytype: Muscular | Fit | Physically Athletic | Toned

Hair Colour: Ombre | Brunette with Blonde highlights |
Eye Colour: Grey | Faded Blue
Skin Colour: Lightly Tanned | Unblemished

Birthmark: Patch-like mark on his lower abdomen
Tattoos: Wolf/wind-like tattoo upon his left forearm
Scars: Scar across his right eyebrow and beneath his bottom lip

Likes: Coffee | Cigarettes | Alcohol | Reading | Surfing | Exercise.
Dislikes: Winter | Dense individuals | Working | Technology | Spending money
Tollerates: Disrespect | Bratty behaviour | Sarcasm | Bullsh*t in general

Hobbies: Surfing | Hiking | Reading | Fishing
Habits: Biting nails | Fiddling with objects
Mannerisms: Soft uncontolled humming.

Own Business: Surfing Lessons
Studying: Personal Exercise Trainer
Part-time career: Barister

Ξ Personality Ξ

Sage is known to be a typical rough Aussie, with little to no cares to what happens around him. He is outgoing and a funny individual whos bark is worse than his bite. He can oftentimes come off as arrogant, as his ego tends to grow further than his height. He is also known to be a bit of a show-off given he is very proud of his appearance and accomplishments. Like many virgos, he can also be somewhat impulsive and tends to sometimes let his anger get the better of him. However, he is quick to realise he is wrong.
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The shifter that charmed the devil

First Name(human): Lorelai
Real name: Circe

Last Name(human): kantü

Gender: female
Age(human) 23
Real age:123

Species: demon

Sexual Orientation:X

Life Story:Circe was born in London in 1899 to a woman who claimed to be possessed by a demon (true) her “mother” was so paranoid about having the devils child that she cut Circe out of the womb , despite her “mother being 20 weeks pregnant Circe was already fully grown , from there a man claiming to be “the darkness “ was seen taking her and vanishing behind an alleyway , not much is know about the situation after that but as if the president day she shifts into a human and works as a nun to corrupt young children into believing and worshiping the devil


Eye Color(human): lavender
Regular form: golden

Hair Color(human):black
RF: silver


Hair Style(h): usually tucked in her uniform
RF: long braids with bags in the middle of her horns

Skin tone:h): ivory
RF: red

Body type: X

Height:(h): 5’5
RF: 4’11


About him/her

Personality: very loud, spunky and willing to do anything, she’s pretty easygoing and likes to party!

Good Habit(s):x
Bad habit(s) god so many!

Like(s): chocolate cake, fish, raw meat

Hobbies: scaring local children, petting cats

Special Powers/Abilities:
Weapon(s): syth

Family and Friends


Scent: rose and smoke

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Rile Info

Name: Rile Travis
Birthday: May 30th
Height: 6'1
Eyes: his right eye is a vivid gold rimmed with emerald green, and his left is fully green
Hair: Amber blond that's shorter on his left side the other side layered that falls over his right eye covering it completely
Style: stays within the punk/grunge style, keeping his look almost androgynous as he tends to show plenty of skin, his preferred shoes being tall platforms or even at times stilettos if his mood see it fit.


Incubus: Riles ability actually gives another a heightened libido, making a lust so strong is puts the victim in a haze, almost desperate, making much easier to control or subdue if needed


Rile is a very tenacious man who's always looking for something exciting to do. He generally always brings a dramatic flair, easily able to take center attention if wanted. While he tends to be friendly at first he's usually the one who would become rude to another stranger faster than others if he comes to dislike their actions. He's a very physical person and tends to prefer to show emotion through his actions.

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Nama Info

Name: Nama Travis
Birthday: August 2nd
Height: 5'4
Eyes: A bright Amber/molten gold
Hair: longish light brown hair with soft blond streaks
Skin: olive toned, natural contours
Style: tends to wear more professional looking clothes, such as pencil skirts or blouses, even at times feeling the 3 piece suits


Mind Alterations: Nama can tap into people's minds to either clear their thoughts or go as far as to put them to sleep herself, almost like hypnosis. She can make them believe things that aren't real or even the opposite.

Power can be combined with her twin sister Kina, creating entirely fake worlds in one's mind within a comatose state, giving people realities that seem as if they last for years within a night's sleep, almost like a dream except feeling much more vivid. Not used much within a battle but definitely fun to use on friends as the two can even see what goes on within these lucid like mind states.


Nama is more level headed than her siblings and most of the friend group, she's highly Intelligent and friendly, but can be reserved towards newer people. She can be very influential or persuasive, even without the help of her power, being the better negotiator of the group.
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Kina Info

Name: Kina Travis
Birthday: August 2nd
Height: 5'2
Eyes: a Bright Amber/Molten gold
Hair: longish Light brown hair with soft streaks of blond. Normally worn in pigtails
Skin: olive tones, cheeks naturally blushed
Style: bright and vivid colors, crop tops and mini skirts, knee high socks is her favorite accessory


Vivid Imagination: she can create illusions that comes from the depths of her imagination or even from others mind, using enough power able to make it look real in their world or simply make whoever she uses her power on think it exists in reality

Power can be combined with her twin sister Nama, creating entirely fake worlds in one's mind within a comatose state, giving people realities that seem as if they last for years within a night's sleep, almost like a dream except feeling much more vivid. Not used much within a battle but definitely fun to use on friends as the two can even see what goes on within these lucid like mind states.


Kina is a very hyper and energetic being, even seeming childlike at times. She's the one who's always planning the hangouts and getting herself into intense sugar highs with her sweet tooth. While she mostly is up best and a happy person if made angry she can have quite the temperament and act in petty ways, tho usually harmless with simple tantrums to putting nair in someone's shampoo. She shows a great attraction to Midnight, having a preference for Stronger, almost domineering women.
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Michael Info

Name: Michael Deveraux
Birthday: February 18th
Height: 6'0
Eyes: A deep crimson red with flecks of scarlet, irises pointed
Hair: a shaggy jet black, always trying to fall into his eyes
Skin: Pale and rosy
Style: tends to dress more comfortably, with tank tops and jeans, preferring loose jackets that hangs from his shoulders


Antichrist: Michael is a very powerful demon due to his original universe being the son of Lucifer himself within the Devereux family. While demons tend to be more able to manipulate dark energy or have more power in hell, He's a special case as his mother came to be an un fallen angel, able to control attributes of light as well


While he is powerful, when he's not in battle he actually tends to be quite shy at times, being the one who gets flustered the easiest out of the group. But that doesn't stop him from being one of the more protective ones; like Midnight, instinct sometimes not being able to help itself from doing so when it comes to the safety or well being of his friends. But even if he is the shy one, that doesn't stop him from causing mischief and getting into troubling situations, whether going headfirst into a terrible idea or being the one who came up with the idea himself.
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Cadonia , blade of cinder

♚ G E O M E T R I C S ♚
↬ Full name ↫
Cadonia, blade of cinder
↬ Age ↫

↬ Birthday ↫

↬ Birthplace ↫
Zathel , city of ash

↬ Height ↫

↬ Gender ↫

↬ Orientation ↫

↬ Species ↫

♚ A P P E A R A N C E ♚
↬ Skin color ↫

↬ Eye color ↫

↬ Hair color ↫

↬ Hair style ↫
Long relaxed waves that are braided and put in a bun in her helmet

↬ Body Type ↫
Mesomorph with broad shoulders

↬ Scars ↫

♚ C L O T H I N G ♚

↬ Accessories ↫
Golden necklace that is kept under armor and clothes at all times

♚ P E R S O N A L I T Y ♚

↬ Drive/dreams ↫
Become the ultimate warrior and one with the gods


♚ R A T I N G S ♚

↬ Psychological strength ↫
↬ Physical strength ↫
{she is still beatable in combat!}
↬ Close quarter combat ↫
↬ Distanced combat ↫
↬ Leadership ↫
↬ Wisdom ↫
↬ Intelligence ↫
↬ Confidence ↫
↬ Endurance ↫
♚ R E L A T I O N S H I P S ♚
↬ Father ↫
Xau, lord of kings

↬ Mother ↫
Goddess of flames

↬ Brother(s) ↫
Mesuia, blade of ice
Relationship: non existent

Kaul, lord of foxes
Relationship: non existent

Zarkan, warrior of fallen stones
Relationship: non existent

♚ C O M B A T ♚
↬ Rank ↫
Blade welder, Warrior

↬ Weapons ↫
The blessed fire kissed swords, twin swords kissed buy the ashen twins after defeat

↬ Range ↫
Close range combat

↬ Accuracy ↫

Power: can awaken the goddes of ash power , it’s currently unknown to any being

♚ L I F E    S T O R Y ♚

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Rebecca Info

Name: Rebecca Mayberry
Birthday: September 19th
Height: 5'5
Eyes: A deep Violet
Hair: medium length chestnut hair
Skin: tanned, blemish free
Style: Chic, loves to wear form fitting clothing or anything high end


Succubus: she allures others, able to drain others energy for her own as quickly as they become aroused, leaving enemies drained and subdued. While intimate acts drains more, with simple touches she can take their energy depending on state of lust


Rebecca is a generally easy going girl who could make friends with anyone. She's flirtatious and cunning with confidence that others could envy. The succubus isn't one to hold grudges against anyone unless for valid reason, out of the entire friend group she's the most extroverted and usually the one to take them to new places or introduce them to new people.
She has an eye for fashion and is always finding new outfits to try on herself as well as her other friends. It makes sense with her mother being a high end fashion designer working alongside many well known companies.

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Name: Clarissa "Clary" Adele Fairchild
Alias: Clary Fray, Clarissa Adele Fray, Clarissa Morgenstern, Little Girl, Biscuit (by Magnus Bane)
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Shadowhunter, Co-Head of The New York Institute, St. Francis Xavier School, Student
Powers/Skills: Stele, The Sight, Rune Magic, Heosphoros, Expert Artist, Nephilim-Physiology, Angelic blood Empowerment, Skilled Fighter
Hobby: Fighting
Goals: To defeat Valentine Morgenstern (succeeded) To defeat Sebastian (succeeded)
Family: Valentine Morgenstern (father) Luke Garroway (stepfather) Jocelyn Fray (mother) Jace Lightwood (step-cousin) Sebastian Morgenstern (brother)
Oskar Morgenstern (paternal grandfather) Seraphina Morgenstern (paternal grandmother) Granville Fairchild II (maternal grandfather) Adele Fairchild (maternal grandmother) Unnamed great-grandmother) Aloysius Fairchild (great grandfather) Charles Fairchild (great-great-grandfather) Ariadne Bridgestock (great-great-grandmother) Matthew Fairchild (great-great-uncle) Henry Jocelyn Branwell (ancestor) Charlotte Fairchild (ancestor) Unnamed distant ancestor
Granville Fairchild (distant ancestor) Callida Fairchild (distant ancestor) Unnamed distant ancestor, Unnamed distant ancestor, Roderick Fairchild (distant ancestor)
Friends/Allies: Jace Lightwood, Simon Lewis (ex-boyfriend), Isabelle Lightwood, Alec Lightwood, Magnus Bane
Enemies: Her father Valentine, Her brother Jonathan/Sebastian, Dark Shadowhunters
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Clarissa "Clary" Adele Fairchild also known as Clary Fray is the daughter and youngest child of Shadowhunters Jocelyn Fairchild and Valentine Morgenstern, the younger sister of Jonathan "Sebastian" Morgenstern, the girlfriend of Jace Lightwood and the main protagonist of The Mortal Instruments series.

She is played by Lily Collins in the first book's film adaption, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and Katherine McNamara in the Tv series Shadowhunters. Collins also portrays Snow White in Mirror Mirror, while McNamara also portrays Sonya in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials and Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

In "Lady Midnight", the first book in The Dark Artifices series (which takes place five years after The Mortal Instruments), it is revealed that Clary is now co-head of the New York Institute alongside Jace.

Clarissa Adele Fairchild was born on August 21, 1991, to Valentine and Jocelyn Morgenstern, and is the younger sister to Jonathan. Jocelyn suffered from depression after Jonathan's birth and began to reject Valentine's ideals over time. Valentine secretly gave his wife the blood of the angel Ithuriel, thus making Clarissa's birth an accidental experiment (as Valentine wanted to "cure" Jocelyn's depression).

Jocelyn and her friend Lucian Graymark planned to thwart the Uprising by Valentine but learned of her pregnancy. Though wanting to escape from her husband, she feared that Valentine would hunt her down to guarantee their safety. During the Uprising, Jocelyn stole Valentine's cup and left with her daughter, as her son's death was faked. Jocelyn left the Shadowhunting life and culture and believed that Valentine was still alive and hiding. Clary was raised as a mundane, without knowing of her lineage nor culture so that she could be safe.

Despite Jocelyn hoping that she wouldn't have the Inner Eye, she caught Clary playing with a faerie when she was young. She was taken to see Magnus Bane to get rid of her Inner Eye, but he warned of the risk of doing so. Jocelyn comprised to place a spell on Clary to erase her memories of what she saw of the shadow world, but it had to be placed every two years or so. In addition, Jocelyn convinced Magnus to allow Clary to go through the ritual that Shadowhunter children go through, to protect her from demonic forces or influence.

During her childhood, Luke became Clarissa's father-like figure and was led to believe that Jonathan Clark was her father. She would attend St. Francis Xavier School and would meet and befriend Simon Lewis in kindergarten. They would become inseparable, and Simon fell in love with her despite Clary being oblivious to it, and she saw their relationship as brotherly. During the summers, Clary with Jocelyn, Luke, and Simon would stay at Luke's farmhouse, where Simon and Clary would often sleep in the same bed.

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Lynne Reeves

Name:Lynne Reeves

Pronounced: 'Lin'

Date of Birth:12/11/2000

Age: 21

Star sign: Sagittarius



Religion: N/A


Position: Submissive

Education:High school

Occupation: Hacker employed with Law Enforcement

Relationship status: Single


Shape: Slender, with some curves

Build: Petite

Hair Color: Blonde/Purple Tips


Face shape: short

Distinguishing Facts: Daily Smoker (Usually uses a Vape Mod), Occasional Driker

Most traumatic childhood experience: Losing both of her Parents.

Positive characteristics: Intelligent, Witty, Cunning, Has a good sense of humor, Logical, Calculating, Usually even tempered.

Negative characteristics: Not a team player, Can get aggressive, Anxious in large groups of people, prefers to be by herself.

Moral: Somewhat

Stable: Yes

Loyal: Completely

Generous: Often

Extrovert: Never

Introvert: Always

Compassionate: Occasionally

Intelligence: High

Food: Sweet

Tattoos: Yes

Piercings: Yes

Scars: No

Virgin: No

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-Stating the obvious of no God modding. It's okay to have strong and/formidable characters as Midnight's a strong woman herself. But that doesn't mean to write actions to control her in anyway; shizz gets annoying and boring fast.

-You friend request me, you message first and vice versa

-I am not opposed to having romance in the plot- but, I require much more in a story than just romance. Even then I'm very selective in who my character falls for, as like me she is Demi sexual (only falls for people she has a deep connection with) but hey! If the characters connect well I'm all for a side romance, hell I'd even draw for it if I like it enough (tho I'm not as into having romance as I used to be)

-That being said if said romance were to happen, I'm am absolute slow burn gal, nothing happens immediately, no love at first sight or instant attraction
With the last two rules above it should be obvious that I'm not here for any erp plots, while I'm not opposed to Sm*t in anyways within a long term story that isn't my main focus whatsoever

-I will only accept people 1*8+ as I'm not comfortable with rping with minors at all

-If you have any form of triggers PLEASE!! Let me know beforehand as my characters can deal with heavily dark themes, such as heavy violence, gore, mental breakdowns, S*lf H*rm, nudity and whatever else, that could even get worse depending on age I write her as or AU. I would never want to negatively affect or hurt someone who isn't comfortable with that kind of thing In anyway!!

-I'll try to give my best effort within an rp so I'd expect the same for you, I don't need you to write entire pages for a reply but please at least give me something to work with

-I'd rather not you message me immediately in character, it's kinda confusing and I'd prefer to either throw out ideas for plots or if you have something in mind let me know

-To be completely honest after playing so many cannon characters for other people at this moment I'd much prefer sticking to Midnight and my other OC'S. That being said I'm not opposed to rping in a canon universe and playing a canon character or two but please don't just use me for only your self indulgence unless you do the same for me, it gets a tad tedious when someone has me play both but ignores my OC character completely. Low key bums me out

-If you are getting bored within an rp please let me know so I can either fix that, we stop, and or come up with a new rp

Will add more if I think of any more!!

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Ashiki Hotoro

Name:Ashiki Hotoro

Nickname: 'Ash'

Date of Birth:01/15/2002

Age: 19

Star sign: Capricorn



Religion: N/A


Position: Switch

Education:High school

Relationship status: Single


Shape:Slender, with some muscle structure

Build: Well-Built

Hair Color: Black


Face shape: short

Distinguishing Facts: Daily Smoker, Drinker, Casual Drug User

Most traumatic childhood experience: Abusive childhood, dealt by his mother.

Positive characteristics: Intelligent, Charming, Cunning, Brave, A Good Sense of Humor

Negative characteristics: Violent, Bad Temper, Sadistic, Unstable

Moral: No

Stable: No

Loyal: Completely

Generous: Occasionally

Extrovert: Never

Compassionate: Occasionally

Intelligence: High

Food: Spicy or Sweet

Tattoos: Yes

Piercings: Yes

Scars: Yes

Virgin: No

Ash was the product of an inappropriate relationship. His mother had been a secretary for a very popular manufacturing company. His father at the time was a very wealthy and young CEO. He was a man that was rich, powerful, but also very happily married. His mother had started an affair with him, and was actually surprised when he chose to end things and remain loyal to his wife, instead of choosing her and raising their child together. She, for one reason or another always blamed Ash for her misery and he wasn't very old, when his mother began verbally and emotionally abusing him. Over the years the abuse would escalate into physical violence. She would have to soak him in cold water before he went to school, in hopes it would reduce the bruising. The abuse was so severe that at times he had to miss school due to hospitalization. Around the age of sixteen, he finally stood up to his mother. The result was about what you'd expect. Lots of screaming, things thrown across the room, and one abusive mother laying in a pool of her own blood. There was little that could be done at that point, Ash had to burn the house down to get rid of the evidence. They believed him, Ash decided to declare himself an independent, got a house with his mother's life insurance money, and got a job to support himself on the long term. No one really knowing what kind of monster hiding underneath that charming smile of his...
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