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Ashkenaz. My secondary son.. -Sin smiled looking at you with an evil tint..-

Ashkenaz was born to be king one day or the literally king if the army but no kingdom. Heir to his mothers kingdom as Xero Kratos the heir of the Cryo kingdom. Both actually lo e yet despise each other. Kratos a hard cold hearted battle born thirsts for war. No stratagem unless required as for Ashkenaz.. It's every step he goes full force if all else fails.. His calmness sends chills to his enemies of the unknown threat just like his father as Kratos has his mothers side. Decently enough of course his red hair is seen usually first as it gets lit on fire when he battled.. Along with onyx an hellbound rock armor, his blade serrated with children blood tears an skull fractures, he's a force not to be reckoned with. History stated he almost won a sparring match against his father but bled out an lacked the courage.
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Name: Unknown
Nickname: night
Personality: Unknown
Appearance: White hair and red eyes
Family: Royal
Family members: none
Species: Fox and demon
Likes: roses, weapons, fights, winning, nature, fire and foxes
Dislikes: Unknown
Favorite color/colors: Red, Black, Blue, dark pink and grey
Skills: Unknown
Job: Assassin
About her: She can use powers that angels normally can only use but it comes at an price. Her hair can change to black at times or moments and her eyes can change different colors at times too.
Bio: Unknown
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Sayuri's Bio.

Name: Nakamura Sayuri

Apparent Age: 16

Actual Age: unknown

Race: vampire

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 99 lbs

Hair Color: black during the day and white at night

Eye Color: She is too weak to control her eye color and thus her eyes are always red.

Personality: As a human she was sweet and kindhearted, although the centuries in isolation have probably changed her.

Current Health Status: Her transformation to become a vampire was not a smooth one and caused her to be much weaker in some respects than her sire had hoped. Although she has strong physical strength, it only lasts a brief time and she becomes fatigued and needs to rest. Also no matter how much blood she drinks, she is always thirsty.

Sire: Lord Wolfgang Vonkeegan

brother- Kenji
sister- Cora

Current Residence:
the basement of an abandon manor

Special Abilities:
the power to resist the orders given by her sire
severe telekinesis
vampire strength and awareness (although she doesn’t realize it yet)
(She has the potential to develop more abilities if someone is willing to teach her.)


Death Leads to New Life:

She was laying in the dark late at night, staring at the low flickering flame of a candle and waiting for the last few moments of her life to fade. Earth colored eyes strained to stay open and focus on what she assumed would be the last sight she would ever see of her beloved home. It was barely a shack and only held two rooms, but there were so many memories she had here, so many that she had taken for granted in her short sixteen years of life. Singing songs with her mother and listening to her father tell stories were all things she would miss, although soon she would be able to join her parents as they had both passed three months earlier. The girl’s stomach ached and sweat beaded down her forehead, as she drew in ragged breaths. These symptoms were nothing new to her as she had been sick for months now. “Kenj….” she tried to call out her elder brother’s name, but she couldn’t even finish it in its entirety before she broke off in a coughing fit. Her body was so weak that she couldn’t even raise her hand to wipe the blood away that dribbled from her mouth. It pained her to be alone, wondering why her twin sister and older brother would abandon her at such a trying hour. Maybe the pain of losing her was too much for them to endure. She was determined at least to wait for one of her siblings to return so she could say… well some parting words to them.

Soon the girl was able to receive her wish in part, as she could hear her brother talking lowly to a deep throated man outside of their home. It was not a voice she had heard before, but she tried to use her remaining energy to listen to their conversation. Perhaps it was someone coming to prepare for her wake, if she was to even have one at all. Her brother was one of the best warriors in the village and her sister had married into a wealthy family, but she had never been anything special. Her sickly and thin appearance had always kept her from finding a suitor and she didn’t consider her bizarre and unspeakable talents of any true value. If anything her odd behavior chased everyone away. “You must seal the deal tonight, boy,” the man snapped at Kenji, the young girl’s brother. She couldn’t imagine who would talk to Kenji with such disrespect, but there was little she could do about it now. Her vision seemed to blur and she lost consciousness for a moment. When the girl awoke the man who had been outside was kneeling near her bed of straw. “Drink child!” he snapped, but she could hardly part her lips. Her heart was slowing and soon her eyes slipped shut.

New Life Can be Disappointing:

It felt like centuries before the girl woke from a deep sleep, although she had expected to be reunited in a glorious place with her parents, not trapped in some muddy old cellar. The girl opened her eyes, surprised at how clearly she could see and hear everything in her surroundings. A few droplets of water dripping from the ceiling echoed in her ears and the sight of every insect and bug that polluted the place could be seen. She didn’t have time to enjoy these strange new traits before a deep pain ripped through her stomach and burned her throat. She gasped and tried to curl in on herself before harsh hands grabbed her wrist. “Drink this,” a cold and low voice told her before a bottle was thrust into her grasp. She blinked and looked at it cautiously. “What is…” she started before the voice cut her off. “Drink!” the voice snapped one more time in irritation before she was forced to press the bottle to her lips and drink the thick liquid.

Life went on like this for months and she was quick to learn not to question the man who brought her what she learned to be was blood. It frightened her that she craved it but any questions about what she had become were not to be asked. A few times she attempted to ask about the fate of her brother and sister, but she was only told that they were like her as well and that she would see them soon enough. That night was the first night she was allowed to leave her new dungeon like room. The pains in her throat and stomach never left her, so it was a struggle for her to walk along the cobble stone streets. “You see that man over there,” the cruel voice snapped. “You will drain him of blood and kill him quickly,” he ordered. The girl’s eyes widened and she gasped in horror at his request. “I will not!” she protested quickly. The man repeated his order again and again, but she continued to refuse until she finally took off running. The man caught her of course and became furious that his orders had no power over her.

Disappointment to Others Can Seal the Tortured Fate of Some:

After the man discovered that the girl did not have to obey him and that she could hardly control herself, he decided to lock her away to live in a secluded cell. The first few days were the hardest, as she screamed and cried to be let free. Eventually falling dormant or laying on the dirt ground seemed to be her easiest way to gain some relief. Every two weeks someone would bring her a bottle that contained thick liquid, although they would never speak to her. There was a time or two that she caught a glimpse of possibly her brother, but he never stopped to look or talk with her. Years passed before they turned into decades and decades turned into centuries. The girl had lost track of time after the first few months, and had no idea that it was now the twenty first century. She hardly noticed a difference in anything, at least until a significant amount of time passed without anyone bringing her blood.

She waited and waited but soon the pains become unbearable and she started to cry until her mild crimson tears turned into violent sobs. Soon her hair fanned out around as if caught in a windstorm and her eyes started to glow red as a blue aura seemed to surround her. The one wall that had held her captive in her cell for so many years started buckled and soon cracked in half before crumbling. The girl rose to her feet for the first time in a long while and stepped out to find the rack where blood was kept. Lucky for her, the bottles she found held the blood of people who were still living since she decided to drink all five that she could find. After she engorged herself she wiped her lips and went to curl up back on the floor of the cell. That was all she had known for years and the thought of leaving from that spot frightened her. There were still may questions that needed answers, but perhaps only more time would need to pass before she received answers to them.

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Todd's Bio.

Name: Todd Paul DeCarte

Age: 23

Race: human

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 165 lbs

Birth Date: January 17

Hair Color: a sandy blonde

Eye Color: a strange almost grey color

Nationality: French/English

Olivia DeCarte (Mother)
Zachery DeCarte (Father)

Work Experience: He is currently working for a local detective agency after completing college as well as a few undisclosed training courses. Occasionally he will take on a few independent cases on his own if he finds them to be interesting or unusual.

Strengths: He has a great sense of humor and is very generous and light hearted.

Weaknesses: He isn’t good at dealing with death or other difficult situations, he tries too hard to please people, and he tends to be a bit superstitious.

Hobbies: investigating paranormal or supernatural activity even though it secretly scares him, sword fighting, playing his guitar in his friend’s band, listening to rock music, reading, spending time on the computer, or spending time at the coffee shop

Favorite Food: pizza or spaghetti

Current relationships: None, his last one ended badly. (/Whois Almeha)

Background Info: (Yeah I know it’s a lot like always.)

A luxurious and upscale apartment, a high paying job, an inheritance that would last him a life time, and all of the friends he could ask for is all that most people see when spending time with Todd. Of course as is with the story of any soul living on earth there is always more to the tale than what meets the eyes.

Lesson 1: Acts of Kindness Can Change a Person’s Fate-
At this time, Todd was a little thing, perhaps no older than seven or eight. His chocolate colored hair still hung in his face and his dark eyes were wide with excitement as he ran up a long driveway that led to an estate that was so large and lavish that most humans would have only seen such a place in their wildest dreams. A piece of paper was clutched tightly in the boy’s hands as his crisp white uniform shirt became more and more wrinkled the faster he ran. When he reached the large front double doors that rested under a small covered porch he opened them quickly and slid on the marble floor as soon as he entered the grand entryway. “Mother! Mother!” he called enthusiastically as he looked around for the woman. He hoped to find her in her study but when he reached the room’s entrance, he found it empty. “Mom!” he called again taking off into another wing of the house.

Before he could make it to the kitchen, a tall man stepped into the hallway, glaring at the boy with an annoyed expression. “What the hell is the matter with you boy! I am trying to work!” the man snapped at him, his enraged tone deceiving his professional looking business attire. “Your mother does not have time for you and neither do I!” he added coldly.

Todd looked at the man with almost fearful eyes, the smile quickly fading from his face. “I…I am sorry sir,” he stuttered. “I...I got my report card. I wanted to show mom. She… she said that if did well I could take guitar lessons. I … I wanted her to see so…” he tried to tell him before the man snatched the paper out of his hands.

The man’s eyes scanned the report card, noting all A’s accept for one B+ in science. The man’s eyes still looked angered. “You are a disgrace as my son! You will never get into law school with these kinds of grades. You need to be perfect! You can forget about the guitar lessons, if anything we are getting you a tutor. You need to learn to represent the family name. I knew we should have sent you to a boarding school this year! Now get out of my sight!” he yelled, tearing up the report card and letting the pieces fall to the floor.

Todd stood there in disbelief, his eyes instantly watering and dropping to the floor. “I… I…. Mabel thinks I am smart,” he protested quietly.

His father grabbed him by his shirt and slapped him in the face. “Mabel is a fool. Do you know why she is our maid? It’s because she is stupid and can’t do anything else!” he snapped before leaving him.

Todd didn’t dare move until his father was gone, but then he began to carefully pick up the scraps of paper, holding his other hand to his cheek. “I…will try harder next time,” he whispered although no one was around to hear him. He decided to make his way to his room, at least until a slender hand of a woman stopped him.

“Aren’t you going to have your afternoon snack? I made chocolate chip cookies for you,” the woman told him sweetly. She knelt down before him, looking at him with worried eyes. “Aww sweetie what is it, did you have a bad day at school?” she asked, placing one hand to the print that was left on the boy’s face.

The boy looked at her with watery eyes and wrapped his arms around where her maid apron hung around her waist. “I’m so stupid!” he cried. “I’ll never be good at anything!” he told her.

The woman wrapped her arms around him and scooped the child up in her arms. “Oh darling, you are far from stupid. You have to remember, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks dear. You are special. God puts everyone here for a reason you know. You need to be proud of yourself. What is it you have there?” she asked, taking the paper from his hands.

Lesson 2: Fate Can Be Cruel-

It was evening and Todd was outside of the family’s estate. He approached the front door and fished for his keys. “Damn things, I am always losing them,” he muttered. As always, he didn’t expect his parents to be home, they never were. It hardly mattered to him as he was used to their absence and preferred it. When he stepped through the door he felt around for the light switch before turning it on to illuminate the entryway. Of course as soon as he turned on the light he regretted it. The marble floor was covered in the glass remains of what once had been priceless sculptures. Todd’s heart stopped beating for an instant as his eyes widened with panic. He ran into the study which was one of the many rooms off of the main entrance. That room too was in shambles, papers littered the floor and the main computer was missing from its proper place on his father’s desk. “Sh*t!” he cursed, his eyes darting around. Something had certainly happened here. He went for the small safe that was behind a fake row of books on one of the shelves. His digits worked quickly to punch in the code as his trembling hands took out his father’s revolver and the box of bullets that went with it. The weapon felt extra heavy in his unsteady hand as he started to load the bullets in quickly. After loading the six shots, he ended up dropping the box but he didn’t bother to pause and retrieve it. Instead he hurried out of the room and towards the winding staircase, although he feared what would await him at the top.

As he walked, he kept his steps light so that he wouldn’t make too much noise. When he reached the top of the stairs he nearly dropped the gun from the sight that awaited him. “Mabel,” he gasped at the sight of his maid that had also acted as his nanny and had cared for him up until that very day. The woman lay there with a knife near her hand, her normally bright blue eyes frozen in a state of horror. Blood soaked their white carpet, although it was hard to see any injuries aside from two knife wounds along the woman’s arms and wrists. “Mabel!” he yelled a bit too loudly as he hurried to kneel next to her. He reached to place a hand to the woman’s neck but he could not feel a pulse. A knot tied in Todd’s stomach as he looked helplessly at the body of his second mother. What on earth had happened here tonight? He had little time to mourn the woman’s death as he wondered if the woman’s fifteen year old daughter Kelsey was still present. The teen worked for his family as a maid as well when she wasn’t attending a public high school.

Todd forced himself to stand, although his face held a sallow tone to it. He forced himself to move down the hallway until he heard a high pitched scream. His eyes widened and he took off down the hall to the upstairs library. While his instincts told him to retreat, he entered the room anyway. “Leave her alone!” he screamed, not caring that he was in the line of sight of the assailant. The room was dark and it was difficult for Todd to see anything other than the silhouette of the maid’s young daughter Kelsey and a thin male with straggly hair. To his surprise, the assailant did not have a gun. Instead he was holding a dagger that glinted in the moonlight that showed through the window.

“And if I don’t, what will you do about it boy?” he asked. “Are you about to risk your human life for a stupid servant girl?” the man asked coldly.

Todd’s hand was trembling but he c*cked the gun and placed a hand on the trigger. “I will shoot you if you don’t leave her be,” he warned him, although his words were as shaky as his entire body.

The voice of the thin man laughed. “You are going to shoot me, I would like to see you try,” the man remarked, as if it didn’t matter one way or the other.

The anger inside Todd flared, but he still kept his composure. “Give her to me and I will show you where all of the money is in this house. Please, leave her be,” he begged.

The man laughed again. “You think that I want money?” he asked, placing the knife against Kelsey’s throat harder to draw a little blood. The girl screamed and without much warning kicked her foot back to hit her captor in the jewels. He loosened his grip to suck in a breath and the girl was able to spin to the side away from him. Todd squeezed the trigger on the gun once and then three more times from the adrenalin that rushed through him, each of the bullets biting into the assailants flesh and knocking him to the ground. The man didn’t even try to escape, nor did he scream out in agony.

Lesson 3: One’s Fate Should Never be Controlled

It had been a year or two ago that Todd had started to prepare to attended college. He could remember the week before he left almost as if it was yesterday. He stood in the long hallway of the estate, his father not that far from him. The man had a deep scowl on his face, his hands behind his back. Todd’s face mirrored that of his father’s which of course was a rare sight to see. “I am leaving! I am sick of this place! I am leaving so I don’t have to see your face anymore! I’m not a child! I don’t care what you say!” he snapped in a voice that was harsher than any tone most had heard him use.

The man’s old eyes were narrowed into slits as his rage surfaced. “You ungrateful bastard! As I have always told you, you are worthless to me! You are going to disgrace this family further if you leave here! Criminal justice is a field for poor blue collar children who have no other option but to attend community college! You could go to Yale, Princeton, or Harvard and yet you choose to follow that low life slut of a friend to some half rate school in England? If you leave this house now, don’t bother ever coming back!”

Todd looked at his father with hopeless eyes for a moment before turning away. “You will never understand will you? Goodbye father, I do not need you and never have,” he told him before heading out of the room.

OOC Notes:

Credit for this picture goes to the original artist which was certainly not me.
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Alana's Bio.

“Hello I’m Alana, What a pleasure to meet me… I mean meet you!”

“I hate rain. It seems to drown out the little good there is in this world.”

Name: Alana McCree

Race: Human

Nationality: Irish

Age: 16

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 1 03 lbs

Hair Color: cornflower blonde

Body type: scrawny due to lack of nutrition in recent months

Typical clothing style: gowns or in more recent times a maid’s uniform

Blood Type: A

Birthplace: a rural town in Ireland

Current residence: unknown

Occupation: She is currently looking for a part time job.


Father: Stefen (Alive and perceives himself to be a doctor of sorts.)

Mother: Marie: (deceased)

Educational Background: She was fortunate enough to be provided with private tutors for most of her life.

Strengths: She is kind hearted, intelligent, and artistic.

Weaknesses: She occasionally lacks confidence and feels a bit awkward around large crowds.

Fears: thunderstorms and traveling alone at night

Interests: studying, drawing, painting, spending time near bodies of water, and shopping

Abilities: She has underdeveloped telekinetic abilities and is not currently aware of them.

Favorite color: burgundy

Favorite foods: strawberries, salad, oranges, and yogurt

Least favorite food: any type of meat

The sound of calming waves sloshing up against a rocky shoreline, coarse grains of sand between pale bare feet, the soft sunset casting a final reflection across glassy water; these are the only memories Alana wishes to recall about her home. She grew up in a lavish cottage style house, located near the oceanfront in Duncormick Ireland. The area was peaceful and calm, away from the hustle and bustle of town tourists. Alana’s father was a well renowned physician that had a private office of sorts set up in the town, and her mother, Marie was a magnificent artist who stayed at home and sold her artwork locally. Her parents’ success allowed her to have a carefree and enjoyable childhood. She was homeschooled by professional tutors and allowed to participate in any extracurricular activities she desired. She had a slew of animals she kept for pets and took part in dancing lessons. The majority of her free time was spent with her mother; painting the beautiful ocean sunset on canvas and sculpting the local sea life out of clay. She tried to share her interests with her father, but more often than not he would simply ignore her. Around the age of ten, she started to try and read her father’s medical books so that maybe he would value her as his daughter. That idea failed too and he only yelled at her for entering his study and touching his things. She never understood how someone so heartless could ever practice as a physician but still, at least she had her mother.

By the time the girl was in her mid teens even her parents’ relationship seemed to be collapsing before her eyes. Marie was no longer able to sell a much of her work and her father was not finding as many paying patients. Lately her parents seemed to despise one another. She often wondered what had happened to that passionate and caring gaze that used to be held in their eyes. Her parents seemed to constantly bicker about selling the house and moving to a different location. Alana could never imagine selling her house, or giving up the material things she had come to love. Eventually her parents dismissed her tutors and she was left to acquire knowledge on her own. She still spent her free time painting and reading any book that she could find that offered an escape from reality.

One week before her sixteenth birthday, Marie arranged for Alana to meet with a seamstress to create a one final beautiful dress to wear for a party being hosted by foreigners. Her parents were trying to be patient with Alana in finding a suitor, but it was clear that her parent’s fortune was dwindling fast. The party could be the one opportunity she had to impress a male before all of Ireland was engulfed in poverty. Marie and Alana quickly made their way down a cobble stone street. The night air was cool and eventually it started to rain. The whipping wind blew out the flames of the street lamps, and thick clouds covered the sky. Marie and Alana ducked into an alleyway, the poor woman not knowing that would be her final few steps before tragedy would strike.

Cool hands….

Evil eyes….


Blood…. Lots of blood….

Final breaths…….


Hours pass….while…

She waits alone…..….

In the days that followed the house was quiet without her mother. Her father did not seemed concerned about finding Marie’s murderer or about morning her death. The silence and guilt became too much for Alana to handle, so she decided to pursue other dreams. Her father did everything to stop her from leaving, even threatening to disown her and refuse to let her return to the house. He told her he would be lonely without her, but she had a feeling that wasn’t the reason he insisted she stay with him. She ignored his request and when he was fast asleep, she gathered all of the currency she could find to set off for somewhere…anywhere else. She packed everything she had in one large suitcase and allowed her two kittens to travel with her in a bag she had sewn herself. As a child she had traveled to a few other countries. She wasn’t sure where she would go, she only knew that long term she would like to find a worthy physician that she could study under and learn how to practice proper medicine.

OOC Notes:

-The credit for the picture below belongs to the original artist, which is not me.

- I use this character as a custom character for Black Butler rps or for free form rps.
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Ellie's Bio.

“Is there a fate worse than death? Perhaps there is one, being alone.”

“I hate winter, so cold and so endless.”

“Do people create their own destiny or are we simply thrown into an unpredictable mess called life?”

Name: Eleanor (Ellie) Marie Preston

Race: Human with special abilities

Age: 16


Weight: 119 lbs

Eye Color: a dull blue, almost grey color

Blood Type: A

Special Markings: a scar on her left cheek below her eye and a burn mark on her arm near her wrist

Birthplace: England

Description of Home: She currently travels with her father from one luxurious hotel to the next trying to make business deals.

Father/Jonathan Paul Preston
Mother/ Lilly Marie Preston (Died in a mysterious manner)

Personality: She is shy, timid, and often lacks confidence. She is easily frightened but kind hearted and gentle.

Strengths: She is gifted in the art of music and painting. She also has the ability to see spirits and underdeveloped telepathy.

Weaknesses: She is physically weak, having both a blood disorder and heart condition that causes her to faint easily.

Fears: being completely alone or in strange dark places

Likes: drawing, painting, singing, reading horror stories, writing, playing the piano, playing the violin, and spending time with animals

Dislikes: being constantly bossed around, finding herself lost, and her father

Favorite foods: salad and fruit

Least favorite food: meat


What is there to know about Eleanor? The answer depends on the person seeking such information. To the common acquaintance or passerby it appears the young lady is refined, well mannered, and lucky enough to be born into a wealthy and loving family. While usually remaining silent in large groups of people, she never seems to falter in her actions. Any look of sadness or hesitation is hidden behind a mask of an emotionless expression. She is rather invisible compared to her father and other family members. Others are quick to forget about her presence and turn their attention to her father Mr. Jonathan Paul Preston. Mr. Preston is a powerful business man who seeks to gain partnerships with various companies around the world. He is miserly with money and will barging with anyone who is sure to give him a good deal. After his wife’s passing he became even more consumed with his business, taking every means necessary to make sure that his company name will never die. He keeps Eleanor close to his side to insure that she learns the family trade perfectly despite her own wishes. What once was his prized and darling daughter has now become somewhat of a neglected slave.
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Alex's Bio. (Why yes, it is very much like Alan's

Name: Alexander Edith D’aubigne

Race: newly tuned vampire

Apparent Age: 12

Actual Age: 12


Weight: 98 lbs

Hair Color: chocolate brown

Eye Color: hazel

Birthplace: Paris France

Sire: Unknown

Educational Background: He was able to make it part way through his first year of middle school.

Work Experience: He helped his mother and brother in a small sweet shop called Sugar and Spice.

Strengths: He is hard working and helpful.

Weaknesses: He is shy and socially awkward.

Hobbies: It was reading, soccer, and tennis.

Abilities: (none that he knows of yet)

(For once I don’t want to give away my entire background story, but I will provide you with a few random pieces of info. ^^)

The lives for the young brothers Alan and Alexander were typical, almost boring ones. While they were not wealthy by any means, they had what they needed and seemed to be satisfied with their ordinary existence. Both of them went to school, had friends, played sports, and helped their single mom work at the little confection shop that resided below their apartment. Every day showed evidence of a promising future for the boys, at least until that faithful night when the family stayed out just a little too late. They were on their way home from a midnight mass service on Christmas Eve. Given that they lived so close to the church it was easy for them to walk home, at least on most nights. This night in particular was rather dark and dreary, heavy snowflakes falling from the sky to add to the accumulation of powder already covering the streets. It was a silent night, a holy night, a calm night, until the bright snow was tinged red.

OOC Notes:

(Like all of the other pictures I have on here, I don't own this one either.)
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Alan's Bio.

“Why is it that we never miss something until it is gone?”

“Where are you? I’ll find you. I’ll never stop searching!”

Name: Alandro (Alan) Oswald D’aubigne

Race: newly tuned vampire

Apparent Age: 16

Actual Age: 16


Weight: 120 lbs

Hair Color: chocolate brown

Eye Color: a golden brown

Birthplace: Paris France

Sire: Unknown

Educational Background: He was able to make it part way through his sophomore year.

Work Experience: He was a stock clerk at a small sweet shop called Sugar and Spice.

Strengths: He has an outgoing personality and is resourceful.

Weaknesses: He isn’t always sensitive to other people’s feelings and can be a bit reckless.

Hobbies: It was soccer, basketball, and roller blading.

Abilities: (None that he knows of yet)


(For once I don’t want to give away my entire background story, but I will provide you with a few random pieces of info. ^^)

The lives for the young brothers Alan and Alexander were typical, almost boring ones. While they were not wealthy by any means, they had what they needed and seemed to be satisfied with their ordinary existence. Both of them went to school, had friends, played sports, and helped their single mom work at the little confection shop that resided below their apartment. Every day showed evidence of a promising future for the boys, at least until that faithful night when the family stayed out just a little too late. They were on their way home from a midnight mass service on Christmas Eve. Given that they lived so close to the church it was easy for them to walk home, at least on most nights. This night in particular was rather dark and dreary, heavy snowflakes falling from the sky to add to the accumulation of powder already covering the streets. It was a silent night, a holy night, a calm night, until the bright snow was tinged red.

OOC Notes:

Credit for the picture goes to the artist, which sadly is not me. I wish I could draw as great as some of these people!
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Kasai's Bio.

“Come my dear and tell me what you are seeking, for I can give you the world at a price.”

“No matter how intense the flames are that surround me, I am destined to feel the bitter chill of ice that frosts my heart.”

Name: Kasai

Race: unknown to most. A sorcerer, a demon, some sort of other terrifying monster perhaps, or maybe she is simply a young woman who is skilled at a few basic magic tricks.

Age: 21

Height: 5’3”

Weight: 125 lbs


Staff of Deception: To the common eyes, this staff would looks to be nothing more than a fancy walking stick. It is made from what appears to be tree bark that has symbols of the sun as well as small triangle and diamond shapes carved within it. The bark twist in a slightly curved fashion until the top where it sprawls out into mini branches to mimic the shape of curled fingers of a hand. When Kasai holds the staff and focuses her energy into it, fire ignites at the top of the staff in the shape of sphere. The fire can then be manipulated as a weapon. The staff also can form a barrier around the woman to protect her from outside elements. This barrier only lasts ten minutes or shorter if Kasai loses focus. Utilizing any of these abilities is physically draining for the woman and she requires rest soon after.

Fire Manipulation: This technique goes hand and hand with the staff. When she does not have the staff with her, the flame must first be generated by another source. She cannot create fire; she can only manipulate a flame once it is formed. If there is a flame present, she can use her energy to cause it to grow or change directions. Natural elements such as rain, wind, or bodies of water can change the effectiveness of this ability.

Tainted Bow and Arrow: There is nothing too special about the bow she uses. It is simple and made from a strong wood. The tips of the arrows she tends to use however are often coated in a deadly poison.

Flame of a Lost Soul: This is the most taxing of her abilities but is also necessary for survival. While holding the staff and whispering a few unknown words, she can painfully draw in life energy from another. This technique only works on humans who are already in a weakened state.

Blood Magic: This is another one of Kasai’s strengths. Using her own blood or the blood of others she can create a variety of potions and poisons. Completing any one of these spells however is taxing for all who are involved. (I will elaborate on this further once I have a bit more time to work on the profile. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.)


Herbalist, mage, sorceress, witch, conjurer of darkness, firefly, and demon are all titles that have been used to refer to this mysterious woman; but she prefers to be addressed as Kasai, her self-selected name. When asked about her childhood or any other point in time that dates further back than the present, she will only provide a vague response at best. There is always a brief story about sipping chamomile and mint tea by the fire with family and friends, or perhaps even the one about playing games with siblings in the forest. None of those memories are useful of course, but apparently they are ones the young woman holds dear in her heart. It is difficult to say if the woman’s memories are truly fleeting, but that is what she will insist upon to most who wish to speak with her. The recollection of a burning cottage and never-ending loneliness are buried somewhere deep within the snow of a land where the woman used to reside.

Currently Kasai can be found wandering through various forests, plains, and other wildernesses to fulfill a task that is unknown to most she meets. Along her journey, she enjoys observing new people with interesting stories to tell and collecting fascinating objects so that she can record them in her notes. Any who approach her directly should do so warily, as it is dependent upon her mood as to how she will react.

(Yes, this profile is quite vague compared to most of the ones I create, but this time I want this character’s history to be revealed through role play.)

OOC Info:

The credit for the picture below goes to the artist. Also, if someone is using this picture already I may be willing to change it. It is simply acting as a place holder until I find something a bit more accurate.

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Koji Irving

Name: Koji Irving

Age: 30

Aliases: The only known alias for Koji is “Commander Irving” due to his leadership of the GCR, though most commonly his men refer to him as “sir”.

Height: 6’1”

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Icy blue

Species: Human (He’s lived for quite a long time due to a life-preserving serum he takes.)

Occupation: Leader of the GCR.

Weapons/Form of attack: Koji uses advanced technology that he has gotten his hands on during the years- despite being very vulnerable due to being human, he has high-tech mech suits and world-destroying weapons in his reach, making him much more dangerous than he seems to be. Without that, though, he uses a standard 50 cal. Desert Eagle.

Hidden Strength: Just as Valencia and the twins are, Koji is very manipulative. His manipulation skills pass Valencia’s by a long-shot, and otherwise considered almost impossible for a human to be so convincing without having any kind of mind control power (which he doesn’t have.) He’s also much more strongly suited for long-range weapons rather than close range.

Relationships: Valencia

Family: It’s unsure if Koji has any actual family. Though, he considers Spatrius a “daughter” despite his main goal to kill her.

Backstory:Koji grew up mostly keeping to himself. He was a boy who would rather read then socialize, and found more interest in space then any other subject. He commonly would read books revolving around science fiction and space. This motive didn’t change at all until his late teens where he met Spatrius’ mother.
Koji quickly became friends with Spatrius’ mother due to their similar tastes in space and science fiction. Koji was even shocked to find out that she knew more than he did about space. From then on, the two had started talking to each other every day, and she would teach him more and more about space. As time went on, Koji fell in love with her- though something held him back from confessing his feelings to the woman, which was the father of Spatrius, who was only a boyfriend at the time. Koji instead patiently awaited for their relationship to break off so he could confess to her and get a chance to be with her. That chance never came.
Koji still stuck around as a close friend of Spatrius’ mother as she got married and soon became pregnant and had Spatrius. Koji learned at this point of what kind of individual Spatrius’ mother actually was, and was intrigued. He was given high-tech equipment created by his friend so he could visit her home that wasn’t quite on the planet he originated from. He visited quite often and continued his studies at their home while also interacting with Spatrius quite a bit- always imagining her as his own daughter- since her actual father was quite neglective. Though Spatrius considered him a father, the constant reminder that it was her actual father who was with his friend soon sent him spiraling into insanity- into a hunger for power- for the power of what his friend had.
Koji soon started formulating a plan alongside his studies to get rid of his friend- something he didn’t quite think he would ever do. This plan was thought of and perfected in over three years. Finally, when he was assured the outcomes would go the way as planned, he asked to join his friend and his “daughter” in one of their training sessions for “studying purposes”. His friend agreed, and he was allowed to join them, which was in the viewing of the largest black hole known in the universe.
Koji tagged along and awaited for the right moment, and pushed his friend into the black hole, watching her get stretched out and sucked into the never-ending blackness. The original plan was to also push in Spatrius, but she got away before he could do anything- he hesitated too much to do so. Once Spatrius was gone, he found no point in going after her quite yet. He knew she held the position of Space guardian, so he was stuck having to learn more, and create something bigger to go against her. This is where the GCR came into view. His first few members consisted of Valencia, Mark, Victor, Tristan, and Trevor. All are still members till this very day, though only three are current Co-Leaders.
Koji till this very day still regrets his decisions of killing his love, and is still on the hunt for Spatrius.

- Koji trusts only two people, which are his Co-leaders. He will show immediate rude behavior/hostility with others. Including his own soldiers.
- The reason behind recruiting a majority of Apollo’s children is because of his overall fondness of Valencia and her leadership skills, and also to spite Apollo- whom refused to side with him against her own rival. He feels a similar hatred towards Ari, who had done the same as her mother.
- Despite his main goal being to take down Spatrius- he has acquired other goals to achieve as well, and pays just as much attention to his other goals as he does his main one.
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Ariana Lux

Name: Ariana Lux

Age: Over 24 thousand years old

Aliases: No known aliases

Height: 4’7” in pre-goddess form, 5’4” in true goddess form.

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Species: Goddess

Occupation: Goddess of light

Weapons/Form of attack: Ariana uses the fabled sword of heaven as her weapon for combat, which is a powerful light-filled weapon. She’s pretty pacifist, though, so she doesn’t enjoy fighting. She can also use light to her disposal.

Special Powers: Ariana has the ability to control light magic at her own will.

Hidden Strength: Ariana is very wise, but yet very cute- her cute appearance may set her enemy off guard while another ally takes them out.

Relationships: She’s currently married to Aloisius Lux, a solar god.

Family: Aero (Son), Talion (Son), Tamika (Daughter), Aislynn (Daughter), Apollo (Sister), Aloisius (Husband), Tristan and Trevor (Nephews), Adeodatus (Nephew), Valencia (Neice), Ari (Neice) Dio (brother-in-law)

Backstory: Ariana is the child of one of the original goddesses of light and an archangel. She grew up being taught to be a goddess, and to be wary of those below her- which made her a bit of a brat. Ariana had no idea on the issues that were happening with her father and another woman, but only knew that her father had left quite a lot for reasons he would not tell her until he never came back again. From there, her mother raised her up until she was 17, then disappeared as well.
Questioning the disappearance of now both her parents, Ariana had taken two years to prepare to travel to find her parents. The first place she planned on checking was the living realm, which, despite being a goddess, she still had felt the repercussion of merging into the living realm without a specific artifact and lost her memory. She met her half sister, Apollo, for the first time during her struggle with amnesia. Apollo helped her figure out who she was and what she was, but sadly, she wasn’t able to help as much as she prefered, only knowing so much about the younger sister she never met.
After finding out her father was dead, and possibly her mother was also killed by the god-eater, Ariana had returned to heaven to live on her own again. This was when she met Aloisius, one of the solar gods. Aloisius helped her with a majority of the stressful situations she had to deal with, including the role of a goddess she wasn’t quite sure how to handle, considering she had forgotten the way her mother raised her to be. Three years later, she married this god, and continued to live with him in a temple of light in the heavens and soon also sharing the temple with four children she had with the solar god. Even to this day, though, Ariana has no recognition to her previous memories.

-Ariana loves animals, especially snakes. She currently owns three snakes, two albino pythons, and a boa.
-Ariana is good friends with the well-known Solaire of Astora, enjoying his friendly nature and infatuation with the sun (relation to another roleplay I have with a friend).
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Name: Tsukumo
Age: looks around 21
Height: 5’ 3”
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Race/Species: depends on the setting
Personality: Smart, calm and always prepared.
Physical Description: See the picture
Anything Extra: She has a deep appreciation for lost cultures.
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The lost one

Name : Ryder Moon
Age : appears 24
Species : hybrid
Relationship: gay

Bio: Ryder from a young age knew he'd been adopted after his 18th birthday he set out to find his parents only to find the house burnt down and that he had a half sister . Ryder met Damon Salvatore who introduced him to his birth father Alaric who told Ryder about the beautiful little girl him and Katherine made but had to give up for her safety and of his mother who was a guardian named rose @Guardian_Of_Destiny ryder after finding them both had so many questions even about his half sister melody @Muse_Of_Fate and Alice

Playby: tyler hoechlin
( original character please don't steal)
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Name: David
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Likes: Boxing, tv, beer, cars
Sexuality: straight
About: Annn then theres me...on the ground, beaten and bloody as hell its self. I always get back up and win. Boxing is what I do, live on my own and I don't really have friends, mainly allies..kinda sucks when you live on the streets..
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Valencia Yari

Name: Valencia Yari

Age: 18

Aliases: Val, Queen bitch (Mark exclusive; he’s the only one with enough balls to say it.)

Height: 5’5”

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Red

Species: Demon

Occupation: Co-leader of the GCR

Weapons/Form of attack: Valencia commonly fights with daggers- like her father. She also weilds a blade forged in heaven to have similar, yet weaker effects as the fabled sword of Heaven does.

Special Powers: Valencia can manipulate reality. Her usual case of manipulating reality would be duplicating her daggers when attacking an enemy, and even then she barely puts it to use. It’s for a very specific reason.
Hidden Strength: Valencia is very manipulative and smart. She knows how to dig under someones skin and get to the core of what she wants.

Relationships: Koji

Family: Apollo (Mother), Tristan and Trevor (Brothers), Adeodatus (Brother), Ariana (Aunt), Aislynn (Cousin), Talion (Cousin), Tamika (Cousin), Aero (Cousin), Aloisius (Uncle)

Backstory: Valencia grew up in hell with her mother, and trained with her other siblings, Ari, Adeodatus, and Tristan, and Trevor to become a mercenary like her mother. Her first five years she was very innocent, and very caring, though as she got older she had become more power hungry. Her father wasn’t around often, and her mother fed into her thirst for power. When Valencia turned about fourteen, she executed a plan she had planned for three years, killing her father via betrayal, then taking advantage of her mother’s weakness to kill her as well. She spared her siblings, though took the souls of her parents.
Due to her rivalry with Andrometa Germain, though, time had be rewound to before her parents were killed. Valencia’s mother was informed of what had happened to her in the future, and had become more wary of her daughters actions. Valencia at this time was unsuccessful with her plan and left with neither of her parents souls, or power.
After her failed attempt at killing her parents and gaining the perfection she had in now another timeline, she moved on to keeping to the main task of the GCR, and hunting down the Germain family- specifically Andrometa. Multiple times she has been successful of killing Andrometa, too, but due to unknown circumstances, time would rewind itself to give Andrometa another chance. Currently Andrometa and Valencia are the only two aware of this phenomenon.
Valencia is currently still one of the Co-Leaders of the GCR, and one of the most trusted by Koji, the leader, whom is also her beloved. Despite the age gap (Him being 30, and her being 19), the two seem to share a strong bond that is sinister, but loving in its own way. Neither Valencia or Koji, however, allow anyone know of their relationship, and refuse any claims that they are together.

-Valencia, like her mother, is very possessive and obsessive. She is very devoted to Koji and his orders, and determined to keep him safe at all costs.
-Valencia is just as aware of the rewinds in time as Andrometa is. She knows about her success in taking her parents souls, which makes her hatred towards Andrometa much greater than it previously was.
-Despite her mother’s demise in another timeline, Valencia now prefers to stay away from getting into fights with her mother, since her mother could very easily overpower her.
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