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-No ghosting me. Because I get extremely confused or anxious if I don't know where your at or if I see you online.

-You add, you message me first.

-Please don't make me come up with everything. Even if we end a rp and start a new one..I don't really enjoy having to plan everything.

-If I don't message within 24hrs, message or let me know.

-Don't start talking to me right away in roleplay, because I usually am confused when you start messaging me with a rp first.

-If I mess up on something please let me know and don't get upset..I am a sensitive person in real life.

-If you don't know how to respond to a roleplay or you're losing interest. Please let me know instead of ignoring me.

-I still have school and things to do, so I am sorry if I am offline often, I always come on when I can. But that doesn't mean 24/7..

-Ero//Smutt rps are allowed on this Account, (More likely a must) but if you are wanting to be sub. Then I may not be as comfortable with doing it, because I am not the best dom.

-Have Fun! and I hope we can enjoy roleplaying together!

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0 | 0 Comments | by Unknown123 | 49 minutes ago

♛ Rules

1. I love to roleplay as royalty or romances with royalty. Either as a king, queen, prince, or princess. I just think it's so fun and romantic.

2. I can do any pairing as either the sub or dom. Any time period (though medieval might be more difficult) as long as we're both knowledgeable in it. I'd have to do a bit of research for some but I don't mind. Please no furries. I don't do incest or anything sketchy like that either.

3. I won't roleplay er*t*c/smut with Disney characters. When I go to work, I'd rather not imagine my coworkers doing sexual acts. Also, Disney characters are supposed to be for children. To inspire and all that stuff. If you really sexualize someone that is sometimes a role model to little kids all over the world, you are a vile human. I won't hesitate to block you.

5. When playing Disney characters, I would like to have it genuine unless it's something like Once Upon a Time. They won't drink, do drugs, curse, etc.

I realize that these Disney characters weren't Disney characters originally. But we know them from Disney. Ariel, Jasmine, Tiana, Eric, Charming, Naveen. These are all Disney characters. Playing a mermaid with red hair is not the same as playing Ariel.

6. I don't do one-liners or first person. I just dislike it.

7. If you send me a friend request, and I accept it, please come with a plot already in mind. If it doesn't involve what I like (read rule #1), I'll most likely say no.

8. Romance makes everything more fun for me. If not romance, drama/angst.
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0 | 0 Comments | by monique | 1 hour ago

Lord Saloman Lormer

"Those who hone the blades of their mouths tend to fell the most adversaries."
Funny, Sweet, Clever, Backstabbing, Slippery, Flirtatious, Ambitious
Skills: Extreme Charisma, Novice Dagger Skill, Strategical Genius
Backstory: Accepting the Ceremonial Horns of the Lord of the Lormers at age seven, Saloman grew up in a court of liars and tricksters. It took him until his eighth name day, a whole year, for him to finally get the hang of it. By that time, he had intimidated his entire court into submission, and had many fine resources under his belt, like an abundance of steel mines. Building his house's fortune off of sub-contracting bounties, Saloman never lost his charm and ability to talk anyone into doing anything. House Lormer is everything to him. Power is all.
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0 | 0 Comments | by houselormer | 1 hour ago

Lydia Sharpe

"Tread lightly? I'm a water dancer. It's in the technique."
Age: Twenty-Seven
Species: Wolf
Gender: Female
Personality: Dramatic, charismatic, brave, intelligent
Sexuality: Pansexual
Powers: None
Skills: Master with a rapier, tactical genius, charismatic
Biography: Raised in small town, Lydia Michelle Sharpe was the runt of her litter. She was often bullied for her stature and frame. Rather than let it get her down, she decided to use it to her advantage. Using her unusually quick reaction time, she learned to be a deadly swordswoman, preferring quick, deadly strikes over strong blows. She even let her knowledge grew further and further, learning to anticipate her opponents' moves. Allying herself to the Lormer House at some point in her early adult years, she alone holds the honor of "first female mistress-at-arms in Westeros."

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0 | 0 Comments | by houselormer | 2 hours ago

ya nasty

If I haven't scared you off yet, you're probably here for my kinks, so here's what goes on in my mind 99.99999999% of the day :

☞ Choking - A MUST!!!!!!!
☞ Nicknames - Babygirl, Princess, Whore, you name me!
☞ Talking Dirty - Whether its in public or in bed, do it.
☞ Face sitting - If you don't do this, don't talk to me.
☞ BDSM - Sorry, every girl dreams of 50 Shades...
☞ Slapping - Lol, sorry!
☞ Spitting on me - Whoops.
☞ PDA - F*** me in the changing rooms
☞ Titties - Play with mine or put them on my face.
☞ Teasing - I'm the queen of it. Make me beg for it.
☞ Biting - hOly sHIt!!!
☞ Anything messy - I want to NEED to shower after we're done.
☞ I'll add more when I'm not sleep deprived.
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0 | 3 Comments | by alternative | 2 hours ago