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About Me

Full Name:Luna Rose Wilson-Robbie
Relationship Status:Single
Parents: @BadXxBoy (Momma Chris),@MafiaKing (Appa Kevin)
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Raven's Pokemon Team

Umbreon (Ace)
Midnight Lycanroc
Alolan Marowak
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Sylvie's Pokemon Team

Sylveon (Ace)
Midday Lycanroc
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— plot ideas —

Here are some ideas, pairings and fandoms that I like to do. If you are interested in one or more ideas, feel free to send me a message!

• [ pairings ]
— nanny x single parent.
— boss x secretary.
— doctor x patient.
— teacher x student.
— nerd x jock.
— bad/good boy x bad/good girl.
— rich/poor boy x rich/poor girl.
— assassin x target.
— assassin x assassin.
— princess x knight.
— princess x prince.
— pirate x princess.
— vampire x human.

• [ fandoms ]
— the walking dead, twilight, outer banks, the vampire diaries, stranger things, harry potter, the hunger games, the maze runner, bird box, the rain, a quiet place, after [all the movies], the 100, avatar, avatar the way of water.
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— rules —

— rules ;

• [ no minors ]
— I don’t accept people under 18.
— 1*8+ only.

• [ about writing ]
— I only write in 3rd person. Please write in 3rd person as well, 1st person makes me uncomfortable.
— No one liners. I usually write in Multi-Para/Novella. I absolutely love long-term and detailed replies. Sm*t is fine with me, but I prefer story build up first.
— I can write up to 12+ paragraphs. I write usually anywhere from 600 - 2,000 words on average, sometimes more. You don't have to match my length, but do write something I can work with.
— No god modding / controlling my character.
— Mxf or fxf only. I have different ocs.

• [ my favorite genres and ideas ]
— fantasy, action, romance, adventure, drama, crime, medieval, suspense and more!
— I have some pairings, ideas and fandoms on my other blog. Feel free to take a look at it.

• [ messaging ]
— You add you talk, and vice versa.
— Responses can take anywhere from a day to about four, depending on length. If I haven't responded for more than four days, please send me a reminder.
— I would let you know if I'm busy. I would appreciate it if you do the same.

• [ discord ]
— Feel free to ask my discord tag if you prefer to roleplay on there.
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i taste death in

-ˏˋ ADMIN BLOG ˊˎ-

hey, hi, hello my name is kita or froggie-
either name is fine and i use they/them
pronouns. i'm twenty and have been
roleplaying for a long ass time but don't
expect my writing to be the best because
of that cause it truly sucks. :')

i'm generally a very nice person and love
making new friends or just chatting. so
please don't be scared to ask for my socials
or discord. i'd be more than happy to give it
to you. ❤

while i do like to make friends and just talk
to people i am VERY VERY awkward when
i meet new people. i have really bad social
anxiety so sorry for that in advance.

i like to play games ( genshin, Minecraft.
stardew valley, loz etc), and write, i also
very much love music- sometimes it's like
my only personality trait with the amount of
playlists i have on spotify, uh i also like to
watch twitch streams when i can ( not a
shocker xander's fc is a streamer ) and
i have an unhealthy love for watermelon
and watermelon-flavored things.. even
scented... like wax cubes that smell like
watermelon... my favorite animals are
pandas, snakes and ferrets ❤ and unless
you want me to talk your ear off i'd suggest
not mentioning my favorite shows/things xD

-ˏˋ RULES ˊˎ-

since i'm desensitized to most thing not
much really bothers me so i don't really
have any rules besides to respect me and
don't rush me for responses. i do have a job
and things i deal with outside of here as well
as other accounts so please respect that it
may take me some time to get back to you.

admin acc: @notice ( all accs are listed here )
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every kiss we share


➸birth name: victor hayes munson
➸nicknames: vic, tori
➸age: twenty-three
➸birthday: june tenth
➸birth place: hawkins, indiana
➸current location: hawkins, indiana
➸allergies: mangoes
➸languages spoken: english

➸gender: male
➸romantic orientation: biromantic
➸sexual orientation: bisexual
➸polyamorous or monogamous: monogamous
➸relationship status: single
➸significant other(s):
➸love interest(s):


➸weight: 52 kg ( 115 lbs )
➸height: 185 cm ( 6'1" )
➸eye color: green


➸positive: polite, caring, helpful, independent, understanding

➸negative: sarcastic, takes things too literally, can be imm*tu*e


➸father: ??

➸mother: ??


➸children: none

➸pet(s): none

➸friends: tba


➸physical: average

➸mental: good
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ -disorders: persistent depressive disorder
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and every sundown seems

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to be the last we have

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小花 / Xiǎo Huā

Hua Cheng (花城, Huā Chéng), also referred to as San Lang (三郎, Sān Láng), is the deuteragonist and main love interest in Heaven Official's Blessing.

He's a ghost of Supreme rank and the most notorious of the Four Great Calamities, widely known as Crimson Rain Sought Flower (血雨探花, Xuè Yǔ Tàn Huā).


As a Supreme, Hua Cheng possesses an extremely powerful shape-shifting ability not even gods can see through. It's said that no one has ever seen his true form because he transformed so often.

The first time he met Xie Lian after the third ascension, his appearance was about sixteen to seventeen, noted to be good-looking in a boyish, devilish way with eyes bright as the stars. He wore casual, maple-red clothes of high quality and had a loose, carefree ponytail.

In his true form, Hua Cheng is a handsome youth of eighteen to nineteen years. The childish aura of his younger form is one of calmness in true form, although there is still a wild playfulness to him. He has skin as white as snow and wears maple-red clothes along with exquisite, silver vambraces. Hua Cheng is also taller than Xie Lian, he has to stretch his neck in order to see him.

He has a deep, gentle voice that is pleasant to the ears in his true form. Even in his younger appearance his voice is still deeper than typical for that age.

Hua Cheng has Xie Lian's name tattooed on his left forearm, but no one could read it for a long time due to his hopelessly terrible handwriting.


He is charismatic and intelligent, with a nonchalant attitude. He cares little for others and mostly acts in his own best interest. However, to Xie Lian he is very gentle, treating him with the utmost care and respect and offering him anything he desires. After the two get married, he has been shown to be a passionate lover and dislikes being away from Xie Lian.

Due to deeply loving Xie Lian since he was very young, he despises everyone who has wronged Xie Lian in his eyes. He does not care about the objective circumstances and is firm in his distaste for anyone who left or stood against Xie Lian at one point.

Despite being a ghost king, he is not outright evil, seemingly neutral as he neither undertakes altruistic actions nor engages in evil or barbaric acts. He seems to have a love of collecting rare treasures, having a large collection of antiques and priceless artifacts and weapons, some of which are thousands of years old. Ironically, he treats them rather poorly. He does not care when they are destroyed and has been shown to abuse or misuse them himself on occasion.

He is confident in his abilities, though rightfully so as he is one of the most powerful beings. Despite this, he does have a more vulnerable side. He is deeply insecure about his feelings and feels he is unworthy of Xie Lian's love, but once he learns they are reciprocated, he is immensely joyful.
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⠀ ⠀ I DID IT FOR L .ᐟ♡ V E ,

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⠀ ⠀ I DID IT FOR F U N ⚡︎ ,

tba .
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⠀ ⠀ COULDN’T GET E N O ✁ G H ,

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⠀ ⠀ I DID IT FOR F ☆ M E .

tba .
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