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Demon/supernatural plot ideas

Idea 1: You have heard about God and the Devil many times before. You’ve heard about Heaven and Hell and the other tales of the afterlife. What you don’t know is the Devil has been replaced by the ultimate equal. A demon known as Serpentine Aka The Serpentine. (That’s me). Wanting to know more if this is true,you collect a book on dark magic and dark forces. Calling your friends up for help,you get together and study the book before making a vital choice. Carrying out a simple ritual that will summon me. The devil you once knew has been replaced by the ultimate equal.

Idea 2: I am a powerful demon that is named Voldemort. After being thrown out of heaven by God,I am forced to live on Earth. Covering my demonic ways and befriending you after I simply fall from the sky. However,I don’t like my life here and am finding it extremely hard to be ‘good’. The Hell Master has forbidden me and closed the Gates of Hell so I am unable to pass to where I truly belong. Yet,there maybe a way of sorting this. I have to decide where I truly belong with your help in hope to regain entry to one place or the other. Proving that I belong in a place that people never knew really existed until this day.

Idea 3: (This is more of a Hellraiser theme and involves torture,violence and sexual content if you wish) ... You own a box. Made from silver that only opens one way and closes on way. If the box is tampered with too much,it summons me. A cruel demon from Hell who loves to torment people physically. The tampering of your box lands you with me and my army of demonic creatures. You are held there and hurt until you find a way of escaping. But,it won’t be easy. Other than enduring the pain we make you experience,there are various puzzles,illusions and even the experience of meeting others who have made the same mistake. Will anyone be able to help you?
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Mutant plot ideas

Idea 1: Taking a walk on the beach for some peaceful time to clear your head from your busy life, you come across a cave that seems to be the perfect spot to get out of he sun and just watch the calm ocean ahead. You soon realise you’re not alone. Coming across a serpentine-like mutant (that’s me) with a bundle of small clear capsules beside me. I tell you that I’ve been given them as a source of food. But,they cause me to grow bigger. The only way to stop it is to get the antidote from the hospital that made this happen. It is then your choice of what to do next.

Idea 2: Legend has it that a mutant creature with snake-like features known as The Serpentine lived 1000 years ago. You have come across the tale,but never believed it was true until you come across some bones in the local museum that are in fact a replica of my bones. The exact real ones are locked away in the house of your friend that now works at the museum. On approaching your friend,you ask about the bones and that you want to bring me back to life to prove to the people the legend is actually true,to stop their ignorance. On bringing me back to life,what will happen to the world as you know it?

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Alien plot ideas.

Idea 1: Your normal city as you go about your normal life. One day everything that seems perfect proves different. On your journey to a place of your choice,you notice that the sky goes dark,birds start to flee and people start to run. It is then a man approaches you and shows you what he’s seen from his house window. An alien spaceship has crash landed and people are fleeing for their lives. He tells you you’re not safe but you tell him that you want to be in this alone and try to contact your family. Yet,you don’t completely believe this idea until you go look for yourself. That’s where you meet me. An odd looking alien creature that has the look of a snake. In fact,I am harmless and want a friend that will help me settle on this planet if that’s where my new life will be. You’ll have to teach me certain things about you people and your planet Earth.

Idea 2: You work with a team of scientists and UFO investigators that come across my body in a woodland after it was reported. You’re a highly intelligent group of people,but make a slip up when you examine my body to see what I could have died from. It is discovered that I am one of the members of a highly dangerous alien species and your team end up bringing me back to life in some way. Causing many problems,but have no way of getting me back to my home planet.

Idea 3: (This one includes violence) The local hospital has been on lockdown. Nobody can leave and nobody can enter. There are rumours that a social and illegal experiment has been taking place. The group of doctors have become brainwashed with the thought of the world coming to an end and so have created alien life within their premises. After hearing all this and seeing a suspicious figure moving around the hospital,you are left to break in and investigate what has gone on. Will you get in and out undetected? Will you act on what you’ve come across? Or will you just simply run away?
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For all who wish to follow me,please read and like these rules.

1. Please write in first person. I may make acceptions if you really struggle.

2. Please don’t ghost me. If I don’t hear from you after a week I’ll send you a warning before deleting.

3. Please offer at least one plot idea. I am flexible and can change things around.

4. Please don’t be a troll or rude. You give me sh*t,I’ll give you it back. :)
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♡ Sebastian my little angel ♡

♡ My little baby boy, you came into this world on 10/12/19 at 12:18PM, i'm so happy and proud and grateful, for this gift to have you, i cannot express the love for you because i don't have words to tell you, how much i love you and i cannot believe that you are here with us, your Daddy and i, we are so much in love with you, i'm so happy, my life is full of happiness, i will write every month about you, the way you grow, i will promise you, that i will try to be the best mommy, you deserve just love and happiness, my little Sebastian, you are loved and wanted, i cannot see myself without you and your daddy, i will always love you my sweet angel, with love mommy. ♡
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