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Super Girl

Hero name - Super Girl
Also Known As - Kara Zor-El, Kara Danvers

Classification - Kryptonian

Affiliation - Justice League

Height - 5'8

Hair - Blonde

Eyes - Blue

Occupation - Hero

Orientation - Bi

Powers - Genius-level Intellect, Leadership, Master Combatant, Expert, Businesswoman, Kryptonian-Physiology, Flight, Longevity, Invulnerability, Solar Energy Absorption, Absolute Strength, Super Speed, Absolute Durability, Absolute Stamina, Absolute Endurance, Super Agility & Dexterity, Super Reflexes, Super Breath, Super Hearing, Enhanced Vision, Heat Vision, X-Ray Vision, Infrared Vision, Telescopic Vision, Microscopic Vision, Electromagnetic, Spectrum Vision

Biography - Born and raised in the Kryptonian population of Argo City, Kara Zor-El was sent by her parents Zor-El and Alura In-Ze (married name Zor-El) to Earth to save her life and meet her cousin Kal-El (in modern versions to look after him). As a teenager an and immigrant, Kara has to learn to fit in a completely different culture while she copes with their family's loss and tries to become a hero.


Supergirl's personality varies slightly depending on the incarnation, but she usually keeps several core traits: her kind-hearted although short-tempered nature and her struggle to adapt to an alien environment. This is due to her youth and her upbringing
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My Rules

1. To roleplay, there has to be a plot discussion

2. I do m*tu*e themes, but there has to be plot

3. Do not spam me, I have a life.

4. I will not move off this site, Not to discord nothing

5. Do not control my characters

6. No IRL stuff

7. I only do 3rd person
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~High Admiral Robyn Clarke~

Roleplays: Gothic Sci-fi

~Important Details~

Name: Robyn Hazel Clarke VI
Gender: Female
Age: 31-34
Height: 5' 8"
Race and Ethnicity: Caucasian, Scottish

~Appearance Details~

Hair: Short, undercut/pixie cut, white
Eyes: Golden (implants)
Markings and Blemishes: Surgical scars that are barely noticeable from her implants, otherwise pristine skin
Piercings: Ears

~Clothing and Style~

Preferred Style: Militaristic, formal
Favorite Everyday Outfit: Simple gray and white formal jumpsuits or pantsuits
Favorite Formal Outfit: See picture
Favorite Party Outfit: See picture


Robyn is a pragmatic, cold, calculated, and quiet woman. She is never caught off guard, always two steps ahead of everything and most importantly, everyone. Trying to beat Robyn at a naval war is a surefire way to get put in your place. She has led a fleet since she was 20 and knows everything there is about space warfare. Her time as an admiral has kept her on her toes, thus why she is always prepared. And despite being cold, Robyn does care for her fleet and finds the needless waste of life disgusting. Never once in her career did she sacrifice a ship or one of her personnel. She isn't stubborn either, able to adapt to the situation at hand or any new person under her command. When Admiral Clarke isn't on a mission, she is a quite often light hearted and kind to her men. She can hold a conversation for hours about almost anything and will always listen before speaking, only interrupting if she is sure that the one talking isn't worth the time of day.

~Ancestry and Family~

Father: Alex Taylor (birth), Devin Till (military foster)
Mother: Isobel Taylor (birth), Robyn Hazel Clarke V (military foster)
Siblings: Assumed to be several, although she never has made contact with any
Other: N/A


Abilities: Several implants designed to boost certain aspects.
Eyes- Provide a H.U.D. that links to her ship, provides profiles of all Gorgon citizens, provides night vision and dims bright light.
Neck- Filter for all foods and drinks, designed to prevent poisoning and only given to Representatives and Ambassadors.
Hands/Fingers- Links to her ship allowing for full control, increases the speed at which her fingers can move.
Legs- Increases speed and stability, essentially an in built gyroscope for balance.
Occupation/Titles: High Admiral of the Gorgon Navy, Admiral of the 1st Fleet of Gorgon, Ambassador to Telvon, Representative of the Navy
Backstory: ~Coming soon!~
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♡Hermione Ridley♡(Engaged&Pregnant)

Name:Hermione Ridley
Nickname: Mione,Hermz,Mudblood
Siblings:Catalina Ridley(Twin sister)
Best Friends:none
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Hey all!

Sooooo I'm new to the cite, but not roleplaying. I try to be as available as possible, but some days I'm just not mentally available so I may disappear from time to time and I apologize if at any point that happens. I'm also possibly going to be starting a new career in nursing within the next few months so that may also spread me a little thin. But like I said, I'll give it my all to be available!
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The cold

American army was settled in a camp near philadelphia border as they were all settled it was very very cold for them food was low, clothes were limited, men were sick. America had to watch this with his own eyes as his kids were complaining about being cold and hungry and America decided to let his kids take his tent that was warm inside. He sat in one of the tents that was set around camp thinking of ways to get food and clothes. He was worried they would lose men which they couldn't afford if they wanted to win this war. America got out of the small tent and went to George's tent and walks inside "Sir?"He asked seeing George looking over a map.

He reminded quiet while George looked deep in thought before looking over and seeing America "Ah I didn't see you there what can i do you for?"He asked. America frowns "Is there anything i can do for the men out there...?"He asked. George sighs "Unless you can somehow make food and clothes and weapons appear then no there is nothing..we lost many at the other wars..and it's making our troops lose hope..i have to do boost their morals.."He said. America frowns deeply "What about doing a sneak attack on Trenton NJ?"He asked hopefully they could. George looked up "...My boy that is a good idea let's do this."He said walking out.

America smiles and follows George out going to check on his kids. He peeks in seeing the 13 passed out and smiles softly. Del opens her eyes and gets up slowly and walks out slowly as she spots her dad and walks to him "Dad..whats going on?"She said. America takes Del out of the tent "I'm going with George and our troops to take out the british in Trenton NJ i need you to stay here with your siblings and protect them."He said. Del frowns "Dad what if you get hurt...and no one is there to protect you.."She said worried. America sighs "I can look after myself hun your siblings need you."He said.

Delaware nods "Alright...just be careful..please..."She said watching her dad leave with the troops and George. It was a couple hours and the troops had just won the Trenton and America was excited another win for the continental army what America didn't know was he was shot in the arm it only now made sense on why his arm was hurting while making his way back to the camp celebrating and they captured so many Hessian and British troops that were there. America got to the camp and saw his kids waiting and walks in before being tackled by his kids and laughing slightly keeping them all close wincing slightly.

Mass saw and frowns "Dad you got hurt didn't you? Let me see it."She said narrowing her eyes. America chuckles nervously and shows his arm as Mass looks at and sighs "The bullet went all the way through so we just need to patch it up."She said taking bandages and wraps his arm up "There now you need rest and water."She said helping her father up and to the tent they were staying in. George watched and chuckles as his second in command shakes his head and heads inside George's tent to help plan out.

Following the Trenton battle there was another battle that they took back New Jersey and America and them got to stay in NJ's house for the time being which made them happy because America got to make an actual dinner for his kids for now.
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To the Great Hall.

Once they arrive in Hogwarts, the students from Shiinden are split from the others and they first join WuXin who arrives around the same time as them. "Let me see you all...nice, very nice, this new uniform suits you all very well." He looks at each of them, not hesitating from giving little fixes.
"You will be called one by one to the hat, they are deciding houses for the first year and we are next. Min, you will stay by my side then join the teachers table. I'll have to make a short speech then we'll have a meal, I won't stay long but I'll find the time to greet you all." WuXin gives a short explaination of what they'll have to do, except how they'll be selected for each house :v He swears he didn't plot with KiTae.
"Let's move to the Great Hall now, rememeber to behave, we cannot afford to give a poor impression of ourselves. Oh, A'Li, you arrived thankfully!"
Li Indeed approaches them, followed by Zhan that looks like he could jump at their neck any moment. He is holding his massive katana with one hand but it is kept inside its cover.
WuXin sighs at the sight of him. "Zhan, next to me and don't try to cause a mess. She is going to be safe here, it was her choice to join here."

Once they are all ready and WuXin repeated over and over his raccomandations to everyone, they finally move to the Great Hall as Dumbledore introduces them.
They make their appearance flying, with WuXin walking in the middle way and manipulating them through gravity, he also spreads little sparks all around. He joins his hands and bows to Dumbledore and the other teachers, the young ones reach him too, standing a little behind. "Thank you, Headmaster, for welcoming my students here, in particular my sons and my niece. Here's the list of them."
"Welcome, Headmaster Yung...hope we can forget our little misunderstanding with our Finch and professor Snape...hehe." Where they mistook WuXin for a unruly student and tried to punish him before McGonagall arrived.
"Like nothing happened, Lord Dumbledore." He hands it but while talking to him, someone else enters the great hall running. "I'm here, I'm here!!!" WuMei, wearing the basic Hogwarts uniform, rushes to them, clinging to the clothing of Dumbledore while bending down and panting for all the run. It causes some laugher all over the room, also because he has his strange and ruined makeup on his lips Joker-like.
"WuMei! By Shii, how are you here? Whatever. Take your place." WuXin says, feeling exasperated. "We'll have to add Huang WuMei to the list." Said the other surname on purpose for the embarassment? XD
"Start it, please." WuXin eventually says, returning to a more dignified pose. Naturally he wears a very stylish hanfu with tight sleeves, dark blue with golden decorations and his long daggers with golden hilt tied to his belt side together.
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~Nicolette Chauron~

Roleplays: Fantasy

~Important Details~

Name: Nicolette Chauron
Gender: Female
Age: 23-29
Height: 5' 7"
Race and Ethnicity: Caucasian, Seliot (French)

~Appearance Details~

Hair: Long, often in a pony tail, platinum blonde
Eyes: Black
Markings and Blemishes: Inquisitorial tattoo from her shoulder blades to her mid-back (ask for reference)
Piercings: Ears

~Clothing and Style~

Preferred Style: Militaristic, practical
Favorite Everyday Outfit: See picture
Favorite Formal Outfit: A black, gray, and red dress of similar colors to her picture, gold jewelry of a much fancier style than her picture
Favorite Party Outfit: See formal outfit


Nicolette Chauron is a moody bitch. She is constantly unimpressed, complains about her family, and can never be seen smiling unless somebody has really left an impression on her. Nicolette has a biting, sarcastic voice that constantly comes off as if she thinks she is better than whoever she is talking to, which she often does. It doesn't help her accent is akin to a French accent, coming off even more pretentious (no offense to French people). However, no one will be able to find a more loyal, driven, and intelligent woman in all of the world. Nicolette was born into a competitive society and no one can say she didn't compete to earn her spot. On some level, she deserves to be a bit haughty and sarcastic. Her friends never go without her undying support though, and she will always promote competition even if it is against her. Nicolette will motivate anybody who happens to catch her eye, that and her tactical brilliance earned a position as the captain of a branch of Inquisitors.

~Ancestry and Family~

Father: Philippe Chauron
Mother: Cécilia Stuart-Chauron
Siblings: 4 sisters and 8 brothers, notably her eldest sibling, Beatrice, and her eldest brother, Lionel.
Other: N/A


Abilities: Almost inhuman strategical analysis, heightened reflexes, skilled in the staff and longsword, resistance to magic and physical attacks granted by the tattoo on her back, extended life span
Occupation: Captain of the Inquisitorial Guard, a branch of the Inquisition focused on safe guarding the Council.
Backstory: ~Coming soon!~
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Ronald Sincere Morris

TW for mentions of verbal, physical, and mental abuse

Name: Ronald Sincere Morris
Nicknames: Ronnie, Ronald McDonald, Ron, Roland, Kid, Kiddo
Age: 16-years-old

Sex: Male
Gender: Cisgender male
Pronouns: He/Him/His/Himself
Species: Human

Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Romantic orientation: Homoromantic
What genders is he attracted to: Male, cisgender and transgender males to be exact
Monogamous, polyamorous, or neither?: Polyamorous

Dating status: Single
Is he looking: Oh, yeah, definitely
What about crush status?: Besides fictional characters, no one yet
What's Ronald's love languages?: Quality time making food for them, playing minecraft with them, giving and receiving nicknames, and softly talking to them

Height: 5'6
Weight: 121
Appearance: Down below
Picrew link:

Personality: Roland admittedly has anger issues and it's difficult to contain his anger, due to that, it is difficult for him to make friends. He assumes that most people see him as an always angry person, so he doesn't try to interact with people much, unless it is completely necessary and or they interact with him first.

He can come off as cold, mean, apathetic, and doesn't share much about himself; he usually acts that way to people who have seen his outbursts and Ronnie doesn't trust. On the other hand, he acts laid back, kind but blunt, and a sleepy type of happy towards them, always seeing if they need help, asking them to go on small trips with them, and doing anything he can to keep them around, towards people who has not seen his outbursts and or those he trusts.

Whenever people try to get close to him, he assumes the worst automatically, so he attempts to avoid them, and if he can't, treat them like he treats people who have seen his outbursts; which is another cause of him having not many friends.

Speaking of friends, Ronald in public acts like he has no friends. Even if Ronald doesn't usually show it publicly, he values his friends very much. He just hates feeling vulnerable and the thought of people hurting them.

Ron is oftenly paranoid of people, which is known by the two of his friends. Or maybe just one, considering one of his friends is a dog.

Likes: Squids, minecraft, the stray dog that comes to his window every so often, granny smith apples, crayons, crackers and cheese, sci-fi novels, nice cool breezy air, sitting outside doing literally anything, feeling the wet grass after a night's rain, and more
Dislikes: Macaroni and cheese, any type of pasta, dead trees, bees, most types of meat, bright lights, birds, night time, avocados, the smell and taste of milk, the smell of laundry detergent, the word mildew, and more
Fears: Losing people he truly cares about, finding dead animals, drowning, being in a vehicle that is moving, being in any type of vehicle in general, and bees.
Biggest regret: Not spending a lot of time with his grandparents

Friend: Salbury
Bestfriend: "Old man"
Closest friends: He considers Sal and "Old man" to be his closest and only friends

Father: Daniel Cooper Windingham
Mother: Teresa Jones Morris
Step mother: Brianna K Windinghan
Older sister: Shelly Corsmay Morris
Older step brother: Rodney Johnson Windingham
Bio: Roland was born by Teresa Jones Morris, on October 21th. At the beginning of everything, Roland and his family were living a happy life, until the age of 4, Teresa Jones went missing from her home on Ronnie's birthday. She still has not been found, and is presumed dead now.

Ron's father, Daniel Cooper Morris, Now Windingham blamed Roland for her disappearance. He first started verbally, physically, and mentally abusing him when he was 7 years old, and telling him he was to blame for her disappearance, that he deserved this, everyone knew he deserved it, and no one would ever help him.

Ronnie attempted multiple times to fight back from the physical abuse, starting when he was 7-years-old by telling his father to stop it. When he reached 10-years old, that's when he started to fight back.

The abuse slowly stopped when Ronnie was 14-years-old, it is assumed that is when his father met Brianna, and he didn't want Brianna knowing that he was abusive to his only son. On August 14th, Daniel and Brianna finally got married.

Ronald started frequently visiting the library when he was 13, through that, a friendship blossomed between him and Salbury, who at the time, was a gas station cashier and visited the library on her days off.

13-years-old was also when he first met "Old man", an old stray dog that honks instead of barking. "Old man" and Ron met by him honking early in the morning at Ronnie's window. When he went to school that day, "Old man" followed him there, and kept trying to play with him. In response to that, Ron replied with "Stop it you old man, aren't you a little too old to try and play? You might break something! dumb.. dumb silly old man", thus earning him the name "Old man".

"Old man" kept following Ronald to school and honking at his window randomly, which has since then grown on Ronnie. "Old man" still does that still to this day he still does this today

On November 5th, when Ronald was 14, Ronald's grandparents died in a car crash by a drunk driver while on there way to get groceries. It was so sudden to both Ronald and his Father.

Ronnie gets along with his step siblings okay, he doesn't hang around them very often nor is he very close to them, but when they do, they act like they're acquaintances.

Roland doesn't remember his birth mother at all, but he feels as though he caused his mother's disappearance, due to his birth father saying it was his fault in the past. His father still verbally abuses him from time to time when his step mother and step siblings aren't around, but that's it.

Sometimes Ronnie's father will purposefully ignore him. He has done that since he was 7, which made Ronnie feel like a bother and bottle up his emotions, until now, as they're more intense and more difficult to bottle up
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J u d i t h L o v e l l

Oscar Karkoff

Name: Oscar Karkoff (originally Olivia)

Age: 21

Gender: trans male

Pronouns: He/they

Sexuality: not quite sure, but is leaning towards homosexual

Personality: Oscar grew up in a bad household, his father was drunk who hit him on multiple occasions and his mother was neglectful crack addict. Oscar did have a older brother named Tomas who cared for him, although that changed when he came out to him. Tomas immediately stopped taking care of Oscar and started treating him like his parents. All this lead to Oscar coping by bottling up all his emotions up and ignoring them, he dislikes talking about gender and emotions. Oscar is very reclusive, he dislikes leaving his apartment and talking to people. He tends to not stand up for himself and let’s himself get pushed around, being pushed around was what he was used to. After a car accident that left his body covered in burns, Oscar started to refuse going outside, he only goes outside to get food and other necessities.

Surgeries: Top surgery, phalloplasty, vaginectomy, skin graphs.

Mental disorders: depression, anxiety.

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