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I R E L I A (˵•̀⤙•́˵)૭

i am yet to fill this, please be patient!

❝ add quote here, ❞ / basics & introductory information.
  full name:
  zodiac & chinese zodiac:
  personality type & enneagram:
  race & ethnicity:
    ↳ gender & pronouns:
  goals + occupation:
  relationship status:
    [**] romantic orientation:
    [**] sexual orientation:

❝ add quote here ❞ / appearance & characteristics.
general description goes here.

❝ add quote here ❞ / family & relationships .

❝ add quote here ❞ / personality & mental .
  > positive traits:
  > negative traits:


❝add quote here ❞ / habits (physical+verbal).
  > physical habits ...
  > voice ...
  > verbal habits ...

❝ add quote here ❞ / favorites (likes+dislikes).

** ⁀➴ SIGNED_BY !! ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა♡
   (dappled star). / 23 + overworked & underpaid ( + undeniably sapphic. )
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1 | 0 Comments | by dappledstar | Jun 28th 2022 09:26

Rules &commitment


Everyone has them.

1. I do not do one-liners. I am sorry but it is hard for me to respond to a single line. The minimum I accept from my writing partners is a paragraph. I need something to work with! Please do not send me a friend request if you cannot provide me such.
2. Grammar Nazi's. If i mess up? Move on. Lets not focus on the small grammatic error, let's write!
3. I do not write ERP. Period. I love romance and if chemistry is heating up between our characters that does not mean that there will not be romance. However, when it gets to steamy scenes, they'll just be passed. "Pan out camera 1" whatever, haha.
4. Please be respectful to me and others. I don't like to write with hateful people .
5. Please comment if you have read my rules.
6. Please do not ghost me. Not really a rule but a request. I hate when people will bounce in the middle of a story VS trying to fix said RP or just letting the other know that they have run out of steam.
7. IF you friend request me, I do expect you to reach out to me first. You are the one who showed interest in me. I give three days time to reach out to me, if you have not and you are someone who is online constantly you will be removed from my friends list. I am not here to be a number on your page, I am here to write.
8. No furry's. Sorry, can't do it.
9. You will choose your own characters. I don't like choosing who someone else will play. It feels like browsing through a catalog.
10. I only RP with 1*8+. Period.

My commitments:

1. I will always be open with my writing partners.
2. I will update via status if it is going to be a few days before my responses.
3. I will read my potential writing partner's rules and do my best to respect them.
4.I will never ghost a writing partner. I will be open if I am losing steam, I will even let it be known if i don't show any interest in continuing.
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6 | 1 Comment | by Abiciendi | Jun 28th 2022 07:58



- - My Rules - -

★I usually don't respond when I add can you just say Hi qwq-★

★If we do anything +18...nothing to far ok?★

★If you ghost me for more than 3 days- Your gone -w-★

★I hate rude people- So if your a d*ck then don't add me or anything!★

★I'll discuss my oc that I will use in the dm's★

★I'm more active on discord- Somtimes-★

W.I.P. -w-

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3 | 0 Comments | by Sapphire | Jun 28th 2022 07:20

Sariel- The One without Feeling


Sariel Quivinn

Sephilia- The One without Feeling


"The One without Feeling. Silent and breath of the dead of wind."

"I.. had a vision of my first hunt again.. The Raider who thirsted for blood.. For death of me.. To carry out our resources smeared in my skin..
I killed him with a simple slice to the neck.. A fatal bow even for your strongest of fools.. I walked over the corpse as it reached for my ankle tugging on as if for mercy or perhaps a last attempt to subdue me.. And you know what? I felt nothing for the fool. Even as cut free his last breath it gave me satisfaction, no anger, no.. anything.. Yet.. around you.. there's a tiny part of me that wants me to embrace you and restore that feeling by your side. I just.. want to know why.."

Sariel's message to Kilo after the Trials.


Sitch, "Blade", Sickle, Siil, Blossomed Dawn.


Female in name alone, Blade by the blood of our hearts.

"If what I am is such a problem to you... I don't know why you bother wasting your time over here... Your more useful as a doormat..."


Presumed to be around 17-23 years of age. It is also possible the relationship with Kilo is a better indicator than the limited records.

"Why does it matter?... no matter how old I've been, I've still felt the same thing... a empty void... that blinds my heart..."


The Clan, The Vision of the Scroll, Kilo, Connection with her weapons as if part of his soul, The ability to feel something... anything...., figuring out what meaning she can find in life.

"If... I can find something... anything... it'll be worth it... That's why I hold this important to me... not because I can feel it..., but because I sought for it..."

What She Despises

Her inability to feel emotion, pain, or feel anything .

The World's Obsession with bleeding its own blood.

Separating too far from her only friend outside the Accord.

Being reprisoned by The Razor Division.

People staring at her because of her condition.

Disorderly conduct towards the helpless



The Clan of the Valley

The Sisters of the Peak

Death Flower





Raider Tribes

Empires of the North


Razor Division




Flashlight- A run of the mill E-Series Lighting device mostly just used in dark fog-coveree terrain or to navigate dark corners that aren't so easy to the normal eye. Sariel hardly ever uses this tool unless the aspiring events above come to fruition. Clan eye sight is much better than your average survivor after all.

Pedals of the Rapier- A Very flexible Rapier that has been outfitted with a elemental module making it equipped in close range and long range capabilities. It was personally created to help her use her trauma as a weapon to use against the void. It has a lot of natural capabilities using the pedals of flowers and the givers of life to tilt battles in her favor. The Blade part of the Rapier is capable of carrying toxin and stun capabilities, or possibly even bleed depending on the timeline.

Talía Short-Sword- Typically Sariel uses a secondary bladed weapon to go along with her Rapier which in most cases is the Talía Short-Sword. The Short-sword is smaller than the rapier as a light frame that is supposed to be trusted out at a much faster rate and applies some bleed damage with each exposure which can last up to 10 minutes per entry and does have the ability to stack. It is known to be able to chain attacks with the Rapier. It is a common class to have in the Clan and has similarities to "Blood and Thorn"

"Valia's Grip" Sniper Rifle- Now while only this version of Sariel has this weapon and typically the art of a assassin is more in line with Death Rose, Sariel is no slouch to these frames despite her lack for Feeling. In fact, Valia's Grip was a gift given by Rose after she saw how well she did in the Environment Trials with accuracy at range Rose believed she had the potential to work with tools that benefit from that skill set. This Sniper has your typical scope and scope cap the seasonal variants carry around. It carries a few different ammo capabilities not limited to 9 mm Sniper shells, Shock Coils, Pedal bolts, Shot Spikes, and even Suppression Balls in the right scenario.

Suppression Tool- A mini-tool that is mostly used for extremely close-quarters stealth situations. It has 2 options, one is the projectile function, the second is the injection function. A quick way to knock out or take out targets within seconds. Needs to be cleaned thoroughly through multiple operations.

Pick Climber- A set of tools used to help climb mountains or other solid terrain. It didn't become commonplace until Blood Joy showed some of the technologies she discovered with the Raiders and Kilo's Biome experience. They are very durable against solid material and can extend down to 20 yards depending on which variant you are using. Some Members of the Clan have modified them to be used as weapons.

The Story So Far....

Sariel Quiv is a former resident of The Misty City which is a just a old city that is owned by The RetCon Trader Market which the Razor Company uses like a of pawns and slavers. The Market while rich is powerless against the Company which makes up 87% of their profits by taking their slavers into enslaving members of the population to be the pawns of the job market in the deep valleys of red. In Misty City, your either a Trader, a Convoy, or a Runer (A Person who's fate is decided by the palm of the Company).

Sariel was adopted at birth as it was unfit for Runers to have any type of empowerment which includes having offspring. The offspring used to be executed as a way of punishing Runers for birthing Filthy Maggots into the Sacred City. However, in the past decade RetCon stock has plummeted 87% due to the suicide rate skyrocketing so much 50 counties had only 2% of employment meaning the Counties are in complete disfunction which means the market trading has very little supply and no buyers in the region.

Now, they just get sold to families inside one of the two factions which means freedom couldn't be beany further away. Sariel was sold to the Trading Firm in the West where the Tundra meets the road. Sariel was severely beaten and stabbed in her hands as she was forced to Trade barter for blood, literally. It drove her to the point she felt nothing in the world, nothing. She would one day be sold a pickaxe which she used to murder the slavers she was owned by. She felt none of it. She eventually escaped to a Clan in the SouthWest where she met Kilo the closest to a friend she had as they searched ways for her to feel again and make a world where she couldn't feel pain again.
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0 | 0 Comments | by TheLostLight | Jun 28th 2022 06:21

misa (yes the name is deathnote inspired !)

misa's crazy obsessive and extremely touchy, she wants to be around her loved one so much and only thinks and focuses on them, nothing else in the world matters or exists to her besides them.

shes a sub and also has no preferences on gender

she argues a lot due to her having a bipolar disorder , theres many triggers to start arguments but she really loves you a lot!

shes loyal and obedient to only you, as long as your hers, shes yours.
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2 | 0 Comments | by onlyyours | Jun 28th 2022 06:16


jeremy is extremely possessive and obsessive and if he doesnt have who he wants he will do whatever it takes to have them his and only his.

he can be toxic sometimes but only because he was never taught to properly express his emotions.

hes a switch (mostly top) and has no preferences in gender.

his love language is touch although he hates people knowing it, hes a private person and usually keeps to himself

pm me for more~!
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0 | 0 Comments | by onlyyours | Jun 28th 2022 06:10


maddison who also goes my maddie mayyy have some toxic traits but she grew on only knowing toxic love.

she has no preferences on gender and is mostly a top!

she can be manipulative but only because she dreads not getting what she wants, she has a f***ed backstory and isnt easy to get her to open up to

although it may seem like she hates you, its her love language and she tries

pm me for more !!!
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1 | 0 Comments | by onlyyours | Jun 28th 2022 06:06

rules and acknowledgments ♥

‎‏‏‎‏‏‎[i. replying; ooc]

➳ i like to think i'm a very patient person. i don't mind slow replies at all. i understand that not everyone can give quick responses all the time. we all have lives outside of writing, and we can all get pretty busy at times. however, if you're going to be gone for a few days, i would like a notification. if not, it's not the end of the world, but it would be appreciated.

➳ ・:*please*:・ do not bombard me with messages if i don't reply for a while. i'm okay with one word or more, but not spam. have patience ♥. i'm a slow replier, and i'm not always online. i will reply when i have the time. i am not ignoring you. if i'm stuck in a writer's block, or if i don't feel like replying i'm not going to reply. however, it's temporary. if i don't respond in more than a week, then you can start messaging. i have either forgotten, lost interest, or i just haven't had enough time to respond.

➳ to be frank, i don't mind if you leave the chat in the middle of a role play. at least you didn't stick around and make me continously wonder when you're going to reply. it would be nice if you told me you'd lost interest, but i know not everyone is going to do that. while it's appreciated, i'm not expecting it.

➳ i do not have a problem with out of character chatting. if anything, i like befriending my roleplay partners. it also makes the role playmore enjoyable. however, if you prefer to keep it at a minimum, or prefer not to do it at all, i don't have a problem with that either. whatever suits you best!

‏‏‎‏‏‎[ii. literacy; style; grammar]

➳ i'm not necessarily picky when it comes to length and literacy. i am a literate to advanced literate roleplayer, but i'm not going to pressure my partner to write as much as i am. sometimes i will send shorter responses because there isn't really much to reply with. that does not mean i am bored.

➳ one-liners are a big no-no for me. i like having detail and depth in my responses, along with my partner's. it makes the role play far more interesting, and gives us more insight on our characters.

➳ no action marks. (ex: -..-) there's not much to say, except it irks me.

[iii. requests]

➳ i don't mind if you come to me without a plot. we can always use the ones we use in our spare time, or make an entirely new one. however, if you come to me unprepared, i'm going to turn you away. that especially means not having a single character ready. please don't take it personally.

➳ i like it when people send me a broad, confident request instead of just "hi." let me know what you want to role play, introduce yourself, and be civil about it. don't come to me and demand a roleplay, because i ・:*will*:・ say no to you.

[v. genres; limits]

➳ i don't mind having mental illness, abuse, or any of those types of subjects involved in our roleplay as long as it isn't the focus of the story. give it a little bit of spotlight, then move on. that is just my personal preference. i also don't have a problem with gore.

➳ i am not picky when it comes to genres. but just so you know, i'm a big fan of horror, as well as dark, dramatic role plays. it gives the story much more conflict. more opportunity for our characters to clash, you know? romance is a bit of a cliche, but another favorite, and i'm always up for it. i will rarely ever say no to any other genres. it's good to keep options open instead of closing them off. it offers more flexibility.

➳ unfortunately, i am not a big fan of furries or anything related to wrestling. </3

[vi. characters]

➳ i primarily only use my one character, but i do play as other character and genders. if you have a character you'd like to roleplay with, don't be afraid to tell me who. if we both decide to involve romance in our roleplay, i am willing to do several different mashups!

➳ you have no control over my character. you cannot make them jump in front of a train, or forcefully make my character fall in love with yours. however, if you want to shank my character, or throw them against a wall, you are welcome to do so. i love it when people do wild things. it makes the roleplay more interesting. the only thing you're not in control of is my character's feelings and their own actions.

➳ no god-modding or mary-sues. giving you characters weakness and flaws allows the story to be more realistic and intriguing. all characters should have limits, especially the most powerful ones.


➳ not a fan of short-term roleplays. i prefer longer term - extensive.
➳ if we're doing romance, it should take time. creating relationships
is a delicacy. a process. no instantly falling in love type of bull.
➳ conflict, conflict, conflict!
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0 | 0 Comments | by ethereal | Jun 28th 2022 04:48


First Name: Elisa
Last Name: Marino/zepelli
Nickname: Lisa
Gender: female
Age: 18
Species: human/ stand user
Sexual Orientation: heterosexual
Birthday: 4/12/XXXX


Eye Color(s): emerald green
Hair Color: blonde
Highlights: none
Hair Style(s): natural wavy curls that she usually keeps in a bun or a braid with a few stands framing her face
Skin tone: ivory
Body type: o-
Height: 5’0
Weight: 89 pounds

~About him/her~

Personality: can be very timid at first , she is very wel spoken when it comes to certain subjects such as wine or astrology she is very much a feminist

Good Habit(s): is usually polite at restaurants and tents to top well, has top tier manners.

Bad habit(s): she can get hot headed and can lose her temper fast.

Like(s):cats, wine, koi fish , money , gamboling

Dislike(s): losing, some chocolate, and birds

Hobbies:likes to study planets, Venus is her favorite

Allergies: X
Fear(s): the ocean

~Talents and Dreams~

Ambition/dream:  wants to eventually become a mother but never mentions it or has the time to date



Scent: rośe and vanilla

Outfit(s): A sky blue sleeveless top with White arm cuffs paired with white shorts that sit at her hip and stop at her upper thigh
Accessories: gold earrings
Scars: X
Piercing(s): she has her doubles peirced one one ear

The stand user is a descendent of the Zapelli family, the stand involves bubbles do user conform bubbles from a mixture she can create in her hands causing bubbles, these bubbles are highly toxic and if popped on somebody or an animal can drive it extremely mad to the point of suicide if the spot where the bubble has poped is touched by another person and or animal can cause a spread effect causing it to affect that person or animal
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0 | 0 Comments | by Mikas_kun | Jun 28th 2022 02:36

Arim Uluma

name: Arim Uluma
status: villager
hight: 6'0
likes: working, running, hunting, wood chopping, fishing, exploring
dislikes: rude people, mean people
more info: Arim was born with the eyes of Gothrimgack, they grant the owner gets the power to summon shadow begins.

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0 | 0 Comments | by Potatos | Jun 28th 2022 01:29

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ?⠀ Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ!w

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0 | 0 Comments | by cyborg | Jun 28th 2022 00:58

the chrome — buttons buckle on leather surfaces

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0 | 0 Comments | by cyborg | Jun 28th 2022 00:57

these and other lucky witnesses. now to calm me

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0 | 0 Comments | by cyborg | Jun 28th 2022 00:57

⠀⠀ - - this time won't you please drive faster

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0 | 0 Comments | by cyborg | Jun 28th 2022 00:56