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About The Profile/Rules

First thing's first, I haven't been here in a HOT minute, so you'll have to excuse me if my rp skills are rusty.

Next, I plan to make a few characters. Different FC's for each one, but they shall all be based on me.

Next, basically I have a family, hobbies, and sleep and food are needed. So if I don't reply within a day, send me a little nudge message to say i misses your message.

Finally, some rules! Just a couple.

- Don't be an a**hole!
- Be patient with me!
- If you have something you want to rp, just ask!
-Don't control my character unless it is for the story, and previously agreed.
- Finally, and the most important, NO one under 18 is allowed here. I am 23 and I refuse to rp with minors.

If you read all that and agree to the rules, leave your favourite music artist in the comments.

Thanks for your time!
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3 | 0 Comments | by GamerNerd | Jul 9th 2020 05:11

Keka Knight

Name: Keka Knight
Age: 23
Date of Birth: 5/2/1997
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York
Current Resident: Tent City, Brooklyn, New York
Gender: CisFemale
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American/German
Sexuality: Bisexual
Ht: 5’ 11” … Wt: 120
Body Type: Hourglass
Hair Color: Dark Brown … Style: Fishtail
Eye Color: Dark Brown … Shape: Cat eyes
Make-up color: Nude/Black … Style: Light Gothic
Ear Piercing types: Upper Lobe – lower Lobe – Rook – Industrial
Tongue Piercing type: Traditional Central – Tongue Tip
Nipple Piercing Type: Rings
Navel Piercing type: Pendulum
Clit Piercing types: Christina – Clitoral hood – Clitoris
Tattoos: Left arm – Left side abdomen
Family: Mark Osborn – Father – Alive: Mary Sinclair – Mother – Alive

Personality: Keka is a girl from the streets. She’s hard, tough on the outside but has a soft spot that she attempts to hide it at all cost, for it shows a weakness that can be detrimental living on the streets. In private to those she trusts, Keka is a soft kitten who enjoys having a good time with her friends and enjoys those moments of cuddling with that special one.

Positive Traits: Confident, Rational, Loyal, M*tu*e, Reflective, Resourceful, Balanced, Strong, Romantic
Negative Traits: Disorderly, Fiery, Criminal, Moody, Deceitful
Social Tier: Introvert {Pretends to be Extrovert at times}

Likes: Chinese food, Beer, Smoking, Action/Horror movies/shows, Pop/Rock/R-B/Hip-Hop music, Motorcycles

Dislikes: Cops, Half-brews, Country music, Egomaniacs, Girly movies/shows

Transportation: Ninja Gsx R motorcycle - Pink and Black { Stolen }
Weapons: Switchblade
Occupation: Petty Drug Dealer

Biography: Keka’s life began way off normal. Her mother was a popular street hooker, and her father, a married, CEO of Cyberdyne Inc. Keka was to be expunged, but her mother had other plans as she used the pregnancy to blackmail her ex-john. This went on for years until Keka turned thirteen. Her mother forced her to work on the streets. A few years later, Keka faded into the dark of shadow.

Keka moved around the city for years, moving from one tent city to the next. She finally decided to go back to her old stomping grounds and settled back down in Brooklyn's tent city, for no matter where you go, you're never really safe on the streets of New York, you just get a little more confident in your skills in staying alive.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Keka | Jul 9th 2020 04:48


Name: Minnie
Age: 12
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 89lbs
Personality: Giggly, excitable, explorer, creative, trusting
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0 | 0 Comments | by sweetsakura24 | Jul 9th 2020 04:39


Name: Kohari
Age: 12
Height: 4'10
Weight: 89lbs
Personality: Secretive, flirty, grumpy, brave, manipulative, two-faced
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0 | 0 Comments | by sweetsakura24 | Jul 9th 2020 04:35


Name: Lilah
Age: 13
Height: 4'11
Weight: 90lbs
Personality: quiet, naive, dumb, insecure, bold
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0 | 0 Comments | by sweetsakura24 | Jul 9th 2020 04:29

test blog for pictures and such

this is a test blog for pictures
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0 | 0 Comments | by TheGuyNextDoor | Jul 9th 2020 04:20

★·.· Rules ·.·★

★·.· I'm an experienced roleplayer and I have roleplayed for about 10+ years already (with Hiatus in between), but of course I'm still in a learning process like everyone else.

★·.· What I hate the most is God-Modding! We all create our own character and no one has the right to control others (except we talked about it and it's a part of the rp)

★·.· If you don't like the way I rp or how I represent my character then there's the unfriend button and no one is going to stop you from it! I couldn't care less! I'm not here for you to like me, I'll stay as I am and won't change for anyone.

★·.· About my Rl.. I'm not a heartless bitch like some I already met and would snap, if it comes to it. But there are some things I only tell to someone I really trust.

★·.· I'm here to have fun! To forget my rl for a moment since it can get really frustrating/busy at times. Which means I can't be here 24/7, but I always come back to you, when I can.

★·.· Always open to find new friends or family. For me my family comes always first. You mess with them, you mess with me and that won't end up good for you.

★·.· When I'm in a relationship here, please respect it and like I said I believe in true love rp and rl wise. I would never cheat at all. So if I say no, then it's a no! That means I'm only doing rp romance with the person I am with. (That includes ero too, idiots!)

★·.· I rp para and up and in 3rd person. I'm open to everything. I used to rp as Bella Swan, Katniss Everdeen, Betty Cooper and Carla Rosón Caleruega and many more, but they were my mains. Just ask if you want to rp with me in those characters!

★·.· I'm an English and German roleplayer, but better in English than in German although it's kind of my "mothertongue" xD

★·.· More to come soon ·.·★
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1 | 0 Comments | by Unique | Jul 9th 2020 03:03


Plz try to listen to these, it’ll make our rp better

【time】I don’t wanna be pushy so I’ll give you around 3-4 days to reply before giving to a heads up, if you haven’t replied in around a day or so after that (without telling me you’re leaving or something) then I will delete you

【personal info】I will not give you personal info, I’m not giving you my discord, please just don’t ask for it and if you do and I say no, don’t suddenly disappear, it makes me feel like I’ve done something bad.

【roleplays/ rp partners】I am personally gay, so I will only do MxM, it makes me uncomfortable rping with girls or doing a romance rp with them, I’ve tried it before and it just didn’t work out, (IMPORTANT: this is NOT ment to offend anyone!) p.s, I’m a switch so I’ll either be a dom or sub ^^

【adding】if you add me, you send the first message, I add you, I’ll message you first, it just makes everyone’s life easier

I’ll eventually add more, please like this or tell me your favourite food just so I know you read it ^^
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3 | 0 Comments | by GoldenTears | Jul 9th 2020 02:58


Forgiveness can be a powerful thing given to the right person, but given the wrong person it could be catastrophic in ways your mind can’t fathom.

Giving is easier when you tell yourself it will be okay even when you know deep down it’s mental suicide that will last for light years inside the mind, but you can’t stop it you’re so used to it that it draws you in like magic forces until one day it clicks and you sudden realize that you forgave , forgave, forgave but never saw a true result in the process of repair. You made up excuses as to why things were the way they were realizing you weren’t as perfect yourself all the while blaming yourself for things that happen because you’ve done so much wrong too.

If we can’t even save ourselves for ourselves then what will happen when someone truly wants to come and save us? To help us?

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0 | 0 Comments | by MadameLulu_xXx | Jul 9th 2020 02:01




it's amazing how our brains can become so programmed to be so negative most of the time.

but it's also amazing that with how much content we feed to our brain can influence it so. it's amazing, that positivity can also be the same way as negative thinking. perhaps, i dare say, with a lot more power than negativity.

there's a reason why people do say that you have to be careful with what you feed your soul and- you are what you eat. and i fully believe that even though we are not perfect by no means, we all have our times of negativity, but...

if you feed your brain with positive messages and positive things such as things like:
' you're not alone '
' you're not silenced. you're heard. '
' we are in this together. '
' God will help us through. '
' Everything is according to plan. It'll be okay. '

instead of focusing on the negatives so much, i think... i think it's such a powerful tool to see the positives. no matter the news, no matter the source, it all depends on perspectives and how your mindset is formed.

this positivity, i've learned, soothes the soul and has so much power in keeping peace even when things go to mayhem.

and fear... oh... when fear gets in the way, i know that it's nothing more than an illusion when i know there's someone who has my back. someone takes care of me and i know that no matter how far i slip up, i will always get pulled up from the trouble i get myself into. i may cry, i may fall, i may overthink, but i know it'll be alright.

it will be okay.

fear's shackles from such negative mindset is slowly slipping off my wrists, and the desires of my heart will be fulfilled.

total freedom will be achieved.
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2 | 2 Comments | by CATALYST | Jul 9th 2020 01:19

About Dietrich

Dietrich born on the last day of December in 1911 to Emmaline and Tomas von Shäfer of Gütersloh, Germany. He grew up privileged, family having a high social and financial standing among the community. Patriotism was prevalent in their household; such ideas being stuck into Dietrich’s head at a young age saw an undefined love for his country as he grew. He joined the Hitler Jugend Bund der deutschen Arbeiterjugend early into his teens before coming of age. From there served a short tour in the Navy before joining the ranks of the SS at the behest of a peer.

From here I can adjust things to fit a narrative. Canon historical events are my preference; however, I do attempt to keep my character free from taking roles of real notable characters as to avoid trashing up the timeline. Please be aware of this. I will rarely, if at all put Dietrich in a position of fictional fantasy (supernatural) so keep this in mind when plotting with me.

NOTE: This character is one of historical fiction set in a non-fictional timeline. He is a Nazi, he is the bad guy, he will hurt you and he will not feel bad about it. If you have aversions towards blood, death, torture, or rape then I am not the partner for you. I do not condone this type of behavior in real life, I do this to offer people insight into the atrocities committed during an eventful time in our history.

I will not do:
- Future/Time Machine Magic
- Supernatural events
- Placing Dietrich in another country not relevant to his roles
- Changing Dietrich’s personality to fit your narrative
- Changing Dietrich’s sexuality to fit your narrative

Anything not here you are free to ask about. I am not a mean person; despite the character I play so do not hesitate to get in touch with me about anything that you may be concerned about.
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0 | 0 Comments | by GodsAndBeasts | Jul 9th 2020 00:27

Queen Azshara


Queen of Kalimdor,
the Light of Lights,
Empress of the Naga,
Vision of Perfection,
Glory of Our People,
Daughter of the Moon,
Flower of Life,
Empress of Nazjatar,
Ruler of the Naga,
Light of a Thousand Moons,
Light Beneath the Tides.




Naga (formerly Highborne Night elf).


Sorcerer, Wizard, Mage.


Kal'dorei (formerly),
Burning Legion (formerly),
Quel'dorei (formerly),
The Highborne.


Empress of Nazjatar.
Former Ruler of the Kaldorei.
Former Queen of Kalimdor.


Nazjatar; previously Zin-Azshari


Active, Eternal.


Aszune (daughter? speculated).


Chaotic evil.


The Well of Eternity had always been the central part of the night elves' life and culture, but the obsessive Highborne, spurred on by Azshara, began to delve into the magics of the well more deeply- too deeply.

One day the queen was met by her most trusted adviser, Counselor Xavius, who approached her with the idea of using the power of the Well of Eternity to cleanse the world and make it perfect in her eyes. Their meddling with immense magic, however, drew the eye of an interested observer: Sargeras. Seeking to unleash his Burning Legion upon Azeroth, the Dark Titan entranced Xavius, pulling the counselor under his power, followed quickly by most of the Highborne and eventually Azshara herself. Xavius helped the queen communicate with Sargeras, whom she told of her desire to cleanse the world of the lesser races. Sargeras tricked the queen into making a portal from which was launched the first invasion of Azeroth by the Burning Legion, an event which is now known as the War of the Ancients.

Eventually a resistance was formed, but Azshara paid no attention to their efforts. Sargeras dispatched three of his most dangerous minions to do his bidding: Hakkar the Houndmaster, Mannoroth the Destructor and finally Archimonde the Defiler. All three commanded and watched over the Legion and would have prevailed had it not been for the efforts of three night elves: Malfurion Stormrage, the druid; Illidan Stormrage, the sorcerer and twin to Malfurion; and Tyrande Whisperwind, the priestess; as well as three heroes from far into the future: a dragonmage in elf form, a skilled human wizard, and a seasoned orc warrior.

When the portal to the other realm was almost open, the combined force of the night elves and their allies from the future (see War of the Ancients) charged in to destroy it. Irritated by the lack of order, Azshara approached Mannoroth and demanded an explanation. Enraged by both his own failure and the questions asked by the Queen, he nearly attacked Azshara, but quickly realized the folly of such an attempt when he realized that Azshara kept inside her a power to which only Sargeras, Kil'jaeden or Archimonde would prove superior. Azshara forgave him of his minor transgression and urged him on to allow Sargeras entrance to Kalimdor.

Their efforts came too late, however, and the portal was destroyed. The Sundering was upon Kalimdor as well. Realizing that Sargeras would not be coming, Azshara decided not to tell her handmaidens and most loyal followers they had failed. When the black waters of the Well of Eternity poured into the palace, she created a magical shield that would protect her and the remaining Highborne from drowning as the city of Zin-Azshari was deluged.

It was at that time that a dark voice echoed in her head, whispering plans for an escape: "There is a will become more than you ever were...we can help...You will be more than you have ever been...and when the time comes, for what we grant will serve us well..." Her spell collapsed but as the Well filled her lungs she did not drown. She instead expanded with hate and rage, becoming a horrific yet beautiful monstrosity, reflecting the wickedness and malice that had always hidden within her core.

Personality and Powers

Prior to her corruption, Azshara was known to be extremely charismatic. Her physical and mental appeal were such that virtually no one noticed her more negative qualities. The vast majority of her servitors were willing to go to any means to elevate themselves in her eyes, even at the cost of their own lives. When Sargeras was contacted Azshara was elated, thinking she had finally found a mate worthy of her.

Azshara is also known to have used sorcery to increase her appeal, as proved when Illidan detected her spell shortly after receiving his new eyes. Xavius, who considered himself above her charms, was in fact completely enamored. Azshara was certainly powerful enough to do so. Mannoroth discovered, to his chagrin, that Azshara was far more powerful than him, and that only Archimonde, Kil'jaeden, and Sargeras could have matched her.

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1 | 0 Comments | by SeaQueen | Jul 9th 2020 00:02

[ Teenagers. ]

               n o t e s

        ↬ Jack is a blunt guy. Cannibalistic. Hunter, not a sports killer. Usually won't kill his victims/organ farms as he'd like to call them.

               s e c t i o n s

                        素性 - identity

         ↬name; Eyeless Jack, EJ, The Creature

          ↬birth; Feb. 25[Date the original Creepypasta was written and posted], 1995

          ↬lgbtq+; Male - Demi-Sexual/Demi-Romantic

          ↬culture; Human, Humanoid?

          ↬health; Oddly enough, very, very well

                         体裁 - appearance

          ↬natural; Grey/Blue skin, chestnut brown hair, freckles, black eyes[oozing... tar?]

          ↬cosmetic; Freckles, a few scars here and there

          ↬clothing; Black hoodie, long sleeved shirts, dark jeans, sneakers, a wooden blue mask

                          人格 - personality

          ↬characteristics; Blunt, kinda aggressive at best. Can be softer, though.

          ↬interests; Medicine, surgery, anything along the medical field really. Oh, and his plants.

                             ↷ 素性 ↶



               〖 n a m e 〗

↬ Jack

↬ Nichols

↬ Eyeless Jack, EJ, The Creature

               〖 b i r t h 〗

↬ February Twenty-Fifth

↬ 1995

↬ Twenty-Four

↬mentally; Forty-Five

↬physically; Seems to appear younger, late teens, eighteen/twenty

↬western zodiac; Pieces

↬chinese zodiac; Pig

↬birthstone; Amethyst

               〖 l g b t q + 〗

↬born; Male

↬ Male

↬ He/Him/His

↬ Demi-Romantic

↬ Demi-Sexual

               〖 c u l t u r e 〗

↬ Human/Corrupted human? Infested? Humanoid?

↬ Russian, English, Japanese, Korean, Irish

               〖 h e a l t h 〗

↬ O+, Tar[?]-like substance within

↬ Does cannibalism count as a mental illness? If not, he is rather, all around, very healthy. Nothing else out of the ordinary besides the grey/blue pigment to his skin[will note in the trivia section]

                            ↷ 体裁 ↶


               〖 n a t u r a l 〗

↬ Slight curl, not much

↬ Short hair, long enough to be counted as shaggy

↬ Chestnut brown

↬ Soft and very smooth hair

↬ Jack has a rounder face for a male, but don't let it fool you. The man has a chiseled jawline, sharp. But nice

↬ He has round eye's, usually relaxed looking however and they seem to be just empty sockets filled with a black liquid like tar, but he can see

↬ 5'11'' ft.

↬ 175 lbs.

↬ Muscular/Lean, he has a slight build to him but he isn't all buffed out

↬ Jack has multiple tongues, up to five; sharper teeth when he is getting hungrier[will show in future art]; as he gets hungrier/begins starving, his form will change, like my own oc's who I will post up soon

               〖 c o s m e t i c 〗

↬ Jack does have a dash of freckles on his face and shoulders, the freckles dithering out to angel kisses placed randomly around his body

↬ Jack has a few scars, either from accidents or getting harmed on purpose

               〖 c l o t h i n g 〗

↬ A black hoodie/Darker colored long-sleeves/turtle necks

↬ Usually dark jeans, or dark colored slacks

↬ Converse looking shoes

↬ He does have his ears gauged, but not HUGE gauges, no, probably as big as a cigarette butt?

↬ A blue wooden mask, painted on black lines that appear to mimic his own 'tears'

                           ↷ 人格 ↶


               〖 c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s 〗

↬ Jack is blunt, odd and can be rather mean. But he does have his softer moments, like when he's around the younger pastas, he gets protective even if he doesn't seem it

↬ He knows his anatomy and medicine, as well as first-aid; he's handy with sharp tools[scalpels, knives, etc., etc.]; he can cook well! if you like fried lungs with a side of liver; he also knows how to take perfect care of plants

↬ He can blow up easily when it comes to his mask and his face... To himself, he's kind of disgusting... Which he'll admit to- when he breaks down, which is also rare. He bottles up, and that may be why he gets ticked easily with certain things

               〖 i n t e r e s t s 〗

↬coffee over tea

↬cats over dogs

↬books over movies

↬dark over light

↬savory under sweet

↬fruits over veggies

↬car over bike

↬logic over emotions

↬city under country

↬live action under animated

↬early riser over night owl

↬cold under hot

↬waffles over pancakes

↬pie over cake

↬indoors under outdoors

↬ animal; Whatever the Hell Seedeater is

↬ color; Oddly enough- green or brown

↬ season; Fall/Winter

↬ smell; Blood[not strong], or anything warm, such as a bakery or a fire, even the sun

↬ fruit; Blueberries

[ more things will be changed/fixed up in the future. ]
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1 | 0 Comments | by KIDNEYS | Jul 8th 2020 23:34