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Bungo Stray Dogs
Jujutsu Kaisen
Genshin Impact
Angels of Death
Code Geass
Demon Slayer
Death Note
Hunter x Hunter
... tba

Roleplay Info
⇢ i am totally willing to play PM dazai /as well as/ ADA dazai.
⇢ as expected there will be triggering topics present. please notify me if you are uncomfortable with any of the following:
⤷ self-harm/mentions of self-harm
.. mentions of abuse
.. substance use/abuse
.. suicide attempts/jokes/mentions
.. general angst
⇢ i am NOT going to add the possibility of mori having done anything sexual to dazai while in the PM to roleplays.
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0 | 0 Comments | by nonhuman | Feb 29th 2024 10:01


General Rules
⇢ you add, you message first. i'll do the same if i add you. i kinda feel like this is common knowledge, but with my experience on this site, it seems to not be..
⇢ i don't really unfriend people, but if you do intend to be inactive for an extended period of time, i would love to be informed beforehand.
⇢ absolutely no bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, etc.

Roleplay Rules
⇢ send a one liner, expect a one liner. i'll try to match your length to the best that i can, expect to get what you give in a roleplay.
⇢ i strongly prefer mxm and mxnb pairings, but mxf is not completely off the table.
⇢ i'm fully open to crossovers, be it games or shows. just talk with me a little about it beforehand!
⇢ whether we jump straight into a story, or discuss beforehand, i've no preference. feel free to shoot me a starter in the first message, if that suits your fancy!
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2 | 0 Comments | by nonhuman | Feb 29th 2024 09:53


yo! i'm levi, just an autistic little dude. i do love to write, and i'm hoping to get back into this roleplay thing. i'm totally open to connecting with you guys outside of this site, so feel free to ask for my discord! i've got a little (a lot of) free time on my hands, so i'll try to be as active as i can, haha. i'll make it known beforehand if i'll be unable to be active for a period of time! thanks for reading my little blurb. if you read this all, go ahead and leave a comment, and tell me your favorite dessert!
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1 | 1 Comment | by nonhuman | Feb 29th 2024 09:44


(mentions of suicide, domestic violence, drug use, depression)

It's like everything all at once stopped being important at some point... Whenever that was, Rhys didn't know. Maybe it was the last traumatic relationship, or maybe the years, and years that passed by on her own. Locked away from normalcy. The screaming, and fighting opposed to a simple, basic ass, spaghetti dinner. The constant bloodshed. Well, it was hard to determine when Rhys began waiting to die.

Drugs made it a little better. That was easy to remember. A bottle of Vicodin left out from the last time her dad had drove her mother to the hospital after yet another beating. Rhys took a few. Then a few more. No one noticed. She felt so nice. Then took a few more. It was like she was put here to just simply be; she woke up in her own vomit. Alive... Lucky right? she didn't feel very lucky.

Eventually she left. Homeless for a while. Sleeping on the couches of friends, or on the bench at the park. Got a job, eventually a small minuscule apartment. At least she wasn't cold anymore. Just going... going... going through the motions. Wake up, work, get f***ed up repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
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2 | 0 Comments | by fvckok | Feb 29th 2024 09:40

Character #10 wip

TW//Domestic ab*se, self h*rm, bullying and possible dr*g use

Full Name: Arne Sivertsen
Nickname/Alias: Jerk
Gender: Male
Race: Human, caucasian
Orientation: Closeted bisexual
Employment: Student, dealer
DOB: June 6th
Age: 20
Zodiac: Gemini
Relationship Status: Single
Height: 5'10
Typical expression: Annoyed
Bottom/Top: Switch
Personality: Arne is a loner type of guy who usually pushes people out of his life for their own good due his nature. He overall comes off as mean, rude and annoyed. He easily gets angry which causes him to be aggressive. He is the type of bullied became the bully. But that's all is a defense mechanism for him to avoid his vulnerable side to be shown which little to nobody ever saw besides his parents who he hates dearly.
Other/ Extra:
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0 | 0 Comments | by SilentFly | Feb 29th 2024 08:32

Character sheet #2


Full Name:
Currently living in:
Blood Type:
Sexual Orientation:
Relationship Status:


Skin color:
Hair style:
Hair color:
Eye color:
Distinguishing Features:
Preferred Clothing:


General health:
Any physical illnesses?:
Any mental illnesses?:
Take drugs?:

Mental/Emotional State

Mental age:
Act before thinking/Think before acting?:


Way of speaking:
Common conversation starter:
Made-up words?:
Made-up language?:









Time of day:
Genre of music:
Genre of literature:
Genre of shows:
Genre of movies:




Love interest:


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0 | 0 Comments | by SilentFly | Feb 29th 2024 08:15

Character sheet #1

Full Name:
Relationship Status:
Typical expression:
Other/ Extra:
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0 | 0 Comments | by SilentFly | Feb 29th 2024 08:11

Fire at the criminally insane asylum. Lock your do

An inmate starts a fire in a lock down facility. During the evacuation, several inmates escape. Mine looks harmless, she blends in with onlookers. She is bat sh*t crazy.
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1 | 0 Comments | by After_insanity | Feb 29th 2024 08:07

Witness protection program

My character is a key witness to a major crime. Maybe she is left for dead but survived. While in the hospital an attempt is made to kill her. The DA decides that she needs to recooperate in a safe house, one far away. Your character is set up as her husband, and you are her bodyguard as the trial has a year or so before it comes to court. You are to care for her till she is well enough to care for herself. Then you are basically protecting her. But then her cover is blown and you have to flee and go off the grid with her in tow. Keeping her alive until the trial can start.
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0 | 0 Comments | by After_insanity | Feb 29th 2024 07:42

Overlord Nepgear (Neptunia, Sci-Fi, Fantasy)

Despite being a little taller then her sister, Nepgear is the youngest of the goddesses in Gameindustri. After Neptune, Noire, Blanc and Vert all lost and were captured by a crinimal orginization known as ASIC, Nepgear alone was saved by IF and compa, and from this point forward, the fate of the world rested on her shoulders.

While the goddesses were sealed away, ASIC had been slowly graining influence, almost completely taking over while there was no one around strong enough to stand against them. After Nepgear returned, she faught battle after battle, before eventually she had a rematch with judge, defeating him, and saving her sister and the other goddesses.

But with them in a weakended state, all this did was make thier enemies rush to ressurect the diety of sin. She was ressurected in the form of a collasal mouse, but this was just a rest run.. even with thier combined power, they were only just barely able to defeat it.

This was the turning point.. her next choice would decide everything.


Nepgear researched a hidden blade- a sword that Goddesses of the past used to use, to fend off evil. But the truth is.. this blade might have just done the oposite of that.

The cursed blade, The Gehaburn.

Venturing to a old, forgotten castle lost to time, Nepgear eventually found the cursed blade. When she found it, it seemed to emit a dark, demonic energy. Everyone tried to pull it, but none of them could. After much hesitation.. Nepgear pulled the sword. It was only now that she came to the realization that she was far stronger now then any of her friends.

"Do you desire power?"

"Yes.. i do."

"Then.. kill them."

To the others, Nepgear seemed to be talking to herself. "Are you okay?" HEr ssiter asked her, Nepgear just shrugged it off and pretended nothing was wrong before they all went back to the bacilicom. The sword was throughly analyzed there, its true power revealed.

"Its true power.. is god eater. It has the ability.. to steal the power from gods."

What fallowed was an argument on, if they should use the sword or not. Nepgear was against it, at first, opting to keep the sword on her to stop anyone else from using it. This caused thier friendship to be shattered, and the girls all split up.

Doomsday was coming. The deity of sin was going to be ressurected any moment now, and then the world will end. Seeing them leave.. Nepgear shut herself in her room to think about what to do, before falling asleep, napping for an hour while her friends left to thier respective nations.

After much deliberation Nepgear Finally left her room, with just Neptune by her side, leaving her other friends behind while they werent paying attention. She didnt want them to see what would come next.

Nepgear went to Lastation first, hoping to get Noire and her sister back on her side. But what it ended with.. was the turning point. Nepgear originally just wanted to make one last attempt to turn this around, but Noire had different plans. She faught her, trying to take the Gehaburn from her, but she held onto it with all her might.. resulting in her accidentally stabbing Noire through the chest.

"Everything we do.. we do for gameindustri." Those were her final words before she fell onto the ground, her life energy being absorbed into the blade. And now it was Unis turn.

“Do it, Nepgear. Kill me. Do it with your own two hands.”

She killed Uni. She stabbed her stright through the chest. She killed.. Her best friend, while looking at her directly in the eyes. Nepgear.. Was so calm. But even uni knew.. That she was just holding back her tears.

After she stabbed her, and Nepgear saw blood pooring down her blade, tears started to flow.

“Dont cry yet, dummy... You have to be strong.. Or gameindustri is finished.. Save those tears… for after you save the world.”

After that, she held back her emotions. When she left to the other nations, she immediately fought them all without holding back. With the intent to kill. Even as rom and ram begged for thier lives, she slaughtered them anyway, after a few moments of hesitation. Blanc came at her with fury, screaming at her at the top of her lungs. After a fierce fight, she killed blanc too.

Vert faught her to the death. She would not give up, even as she had broken her leg and she was crawling, Nepgear still showed her no mercy, and killed her.

But when Neptune told her to kill her, she couldnt bear it. All her emotions came out, and she bawled. Neptune was everything to her. She was the whole reason she wanted to save the world in the first place! And now she has to kill her?

Why.. WHY?!

“Neptune.. I promise.. I will build a better future! I WILL maintain peace, no matter the cost!”

Nepgear stabbed her through the heart. She killed her own sister. After she killed her, she took her hoodie, wearing it over her shoulders. But now..

She had no more tears left to shed. She had lost everything. But now.. She had a job to do. She was this worlds only hope. Save gameinstri, no matter what it takes.

She went to gameindustri graveyard, and had one final showdown with the deity of sin, and did it alone. She told all of her friends to stay back and watch. They would only get in the way at this point. This was a battle between gods.

After a fierce battle to the death.. She won.

“How.. how could you be this str-... hahah.. HAHAAHAHA! Thats the god eater! The cursed sword, the gehaburn, isnt it?! I thought it was strange that you came here alone. Did you really kill all of your friends?”

She didnt answer her. There was no need. The serious look on her face, and the sorrow in her eyes, told the entire story. She attacked her again, but this time, the god of sin did not dodge. She just let herself get hit.


Her final words haunted her, days later, things calmed down, and went back to normal. It was time, for Nepgear to tell the world what had really happened.

“I wont let that happen! I will create a new world order! A world where there is no fighting, no war, an era of peace!”

After she made a speach, she officially became the ruler of gameindustri, with her being the only one left. She slowly took over the world after this. At first she was kind, but the moment anyone showed a tiny bit of hostility, she punished them. Over the next ten years, she slowly became a different person. She became.. A cruel overlord.

That shy, awkward nerd who use to geek out over computers and got easily embarrassed over the littlest things, was long gone. What remained, was a cold and brutal tyrant.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Disturbed_Girls | Feb 29th 2024 05:59

Kazuna (Hunter x Hunter, Modern Fantasy)

Kazuna grew up in a isolated country to the south, the western half of which is named NGL; Neo Green Life. As the name suggests, they are nature loving folk, the old fashioned type. In this country, they ban not just all technology, but even certain types of modern material in clothing, forcing many to have to buy new clothes at thier check point. The security at the checkpoint is very tight, in attempt to stop people from smuggling anything through. The penalty of breaking this rule is rather harsh.. death.

Kazuna is a old fashioned martial artist- when she was young, she was abandoned by her parents at this dojo, who are both famous pro hunters. But kazuna was too young to remember them. She was taken in by the man who ran the dojo, and as she lived there, she was braught up more like a boy then a girl- spending all her time training- perhaps it was in her blood, but that selfish desire to fight strong opponents and get stronger was unbearable, even while she was a child.

It was just as she was just about to leave on a journey- a journey to 'find herself', she claimed, though the true reason was she just wanted to find someone stronger then her.. that everything went wrong for her.. and she did find someone, who was far.. far stronger then she was.

An army of mutant chimera ants surrounded the village, and captured everyone right before her eyes. Her mentor- the one she refereed to as her father- was killed right in front of her. As those sharp claws took the head off her mentors body she had already drew her blade and threw herself at her. Even with all her strength, she was toyed with before being swatted away like a fly. The only reason she wasn't killed, was because her opponent had sent her flying so far, that she ended up.. landing right in the ocean. She had already passed out long before she landed, her body drifting in the water, ending up wherever fate decided to bring her..


Wind transm*tation: She has the ability to transfer her life force, in other words, her nen, directly into wind. There is nearly limitless possibilities with this, but she can create large scale slicing attacks that could destroy a building if she somehow got enough power, create hurricanes, or even just wrecklessly hurling herself through the air. She cant exactly fly, and its rather easy to hurt herself while doing this, but its one way to get around.

However, she normally doesnt have anywhere near enough Nen to create big attacks like that- unless she were to store and build up her nen for many days, or make a nen contract..


Swordsmanship: shes trained with the blade since a very young age, her skill with the sword was unmatched in her village.

Martial Arts: Shes not useless without her sword if she were to ever lose it; she is skilled at hand-to-hand combat as well.

Note:Akame is just a face-claim, this is a oc inspired by hunter x hunter.
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2 | 0 Comments | by Disturbed_Girls | Feb 29th 2024 04:44


my name is mal. my current body is eighteen years old, and i am in college. i use he/him pronouns. some may know me for my habit of consuming a substance with a suspicious resemblance to blood. i unfortunately do not live in an abandoned castle .. i live in a cramped college dorm.

some of my interests include . . .
animanga, visual kei, history, casual psychology, human anatomy and physiology, and collecting various items.

one would probably find that i am quite silly. :3

if you are further interested in me, feel free to talk to me directly.

farewell (:
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0 | 0 Comments | by malleus | Feb 29th 2024 03:55


azul ashengrotto. malleus draconia. floyd leech. idia shroud.

vincent valentine. sephiroth. kadaj. reno sinclair.

vanitas. dante. louis de sade. antoine de sade.

vincent nightray. jack vessalius. cheshire. leo baskerville. rufus barma.

sebastian michaelis. undertaker. lau.

ferid bathory. hyakuya yuu. ashera tepes/asuramaru.

adrian tepes/alucard. soma cruz. genya arikado. dracula.

heiwajima shizuo.

fyodor dostoevsky. nakahara chuuya. kunikida doppo. akutagawa ryuunosuke. nakajima atsushi. sigma. bram stoker.

judar. aladdin. yunan. solomon. ugo. ja'far. masrur.

mahito. kenjaku. sukuna ryomen. nanami kento. geto suguru. fushiguro megumi.

L (lawliet). rue ryuzaki. mello (mihail keehl). mikami teru.

satanick (possible n*fw). shirogane. samekichi. sal/syakesan. emalf. etihw.

piers. natural harmonia.

randal ivory.

more (possibly) tba.
you can also ask me about a character not on this list, and i will tell you if i can or cannot. (:
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1 | 0 Comments | by malleus | Feb 29th 2024 03:24



Emily Willow Wilson




October 1st


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0 | 0 Comments | by oc_x_cc_only | Feb 29th 2024 02:49


i will not under any circumstances roleplay sexual interactions/n*fw. do Not try to pressure me into it. that will constitute an instant block. there are VERY FEW exceptions to this rule.

i will not roleplay any harmful or hateful content unless it is relevant to a character's profile or experiences. i do NOT promote any hateful content whatsoever. this includes (but is not limited to) racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, islamophobia, xenophobia of any kind, etc.

if you are underage, please do not ask to roleplay a romantic scenario with me if you are roleplaying as yourself, even if it is directed towards a specific character. i may consider it if we are doing a character x character roleplay.

i am not comfortable roleplaying female characters. please do not ask me to genderbend any characters i roleplay. HOWEVER: some of the characters i roleplay MAY have afab aspects to them, or headcanons in terms of gender identity.

i do not do script roleplay, nor will i do one liners. i will promptly drop a roleplay if this becomes the case. i do not want to carry the entire roleplay.

please do not pursue romantic interest towards me out of roleplay. i am not interested, and will make it bluntly known.

i am absolutely NOT against making friends! (: please feel free to talk to me out of roleplay, as well! you can ask me for my discord username.

i am a busy college student. please try to understand that i may not be consistent in replies. furthermore, i tend to get burnt out very easily. i will communicate this to you, but please keep it in mind!
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2 | 0 Comments | by malleus | Feb 29th 2024 02:33