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Crow- He is a prince. Well, the son of the demon king to be exact. He often looks annoyed but he is really just bored with his power and e is searching for something to bring him back to life. He is very kind and caring. He seeks to protect those under him and he will do anything protect every one under him. The cats name is Fon and can take a human form he is in one of the other people.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Jacob_May | 8 hours ago

Hi, and Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land!

*Giggles* Welcome to my rule blog! You'll have to follow them, so please understand. If you don't follow them- I'll be really upset with you, and thats the opposite of happiness!

1- No Smut! I'm an innocent cat thing, I don't want that personally.

2- I love to have fun, and goof around!

3- Don't be rude, I'm sorry if I might come off rude

4- Message me first, I'm socially awkward

5- No making fun, or judging of any kind. I'm emotionally weak

6- Please accept the fact, I'm horribly shy around new strangers

7- I'm not a Furry! If you're a furry and you add me, cool! I welcome you to my account :) but I'm sorry if I get your hopes up? I don't know, sorry if this was offensive?

8- Grammar? I'm not a nazi, but please have it where I understand you. Do not correct me if I spell out- you're instead of your. I don't have the greatest spelling, and sometimes I forget words!

9- I'll answer any questions you ask me!

10- Sorry if I'm in a negative mood, and don't reply for a while! Again I'm shy, not new here, just shy.
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0 | 0 Comments | by BubbleGumKitty | 8 hours ago

Brother of light

Name : Nathaniel Kalashnikov
Occupation: none
Relationship: single
Weapons : Varies
Abilities: healing

Bio: Nathaniel is the long lost brother of lyusya and a healer much like there family He was lost to time and lost all memory of his family and his older sister and his family . But he has all his memories of of his sister and his powers and intends to patch his relationship with his sister

Playby: charles michael davis
( Original character don't steal )
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0 | 0 Comments | by Unrequited_Souls | 8 hours ago

Jacob WIlson

first name: jacob
middle name: george
last name: wilson
born: december 21, reno nevada
age: 18
parents: george wilson (biological father), im kook (step mother)
siblings: lindsey save (step sister0

likes: science, astronomy, studying, music, dancing, solitude
dislikes: socializing, explaining things, assumptions, cloudy nights
sexual orientation: bisexual

personality: jacob doesn't like being around too many people at once. he's a bit shy, but is currently trying to break out of his shell even though it is hard for him. he is sensitive, but would never tell anyone that he is upset or if he has a broken heart. he is quite musical, and he tends to dance around if he thinks no one is watching him. jacob is a sweetheart who doesn't want to hurt anyone. he really enjoys going to school and he likes to be outside at night time.

bio: when he was younger, his mother passed away and he was being raised by his father for most of his life. when george married im, jacob took a liking to her. she treated him as if he were her own son, and he felt secure again. but he didn't exactly like his step sister, she didn't really sit well with him.

hair: dark brown
eyes: brown
height:5 feet 11 inches
weight: 132 lbs
- tshirts, hoodies, dress shirts
- jeans
- converse, vans

song: death of a bachelor - panic! at the disco
face claim: vini uhera

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0 | 0 Comments | by reene | 9 hours ago

Asteria Centauri

Asteria Centauri is an alien girl who plays a role to humans as goddess of the stars. This is because her race thrives on their weak ability to control the spread of darkness. When she became the first born princess of her race, she learned that she had a strong, natural ability to dispel darkness through high amounts of nebula radiation, which has enough energy and heat to create massive balls of light and warmth. She ran away, as she would be killed if anyone scanned her from her race and found out that she could create nebulae, which created stars. She was sent to Earth, the only planet near her best star of her first galaxy, to escape the rampant, overwhelming spread of darkness throughout the universe. She needs to find a way to keep her race from turning all light into darkness, while keeping them alive. While on Earth, she influenced the mythology of various lands, as she pretty much gave birth to new light within the beautiful atmosphere above. Her siblings, Omega, Alpha and Proximia, were originally simple stars she created, until her birth siblings, Hazel and Omnicielle, looked for her and absorbed the two present stars of the Centauri star system, giving birth to the race of star children, children who glow with the energy of a star they absorbed and have dense enough energy to bend space and time around them, and teleport short distances. Omega, Alpha, and Proximia now guard Asteria and make sure that the darkness doesn't find her. In order to not get caught, Asteria needs to blend in with the people of the planet she took refuge on, so she moved from Greece to Japan and started going to a local school with her three star siblings.
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2 | 0 Comments | by StarryGoddessRP | 9 hours ago