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~Jenny and Rossy (Nekogirl Twins!)~

Names: Jenny and Rossy
Genders: Both Female
Preferences: Straight

Cat ears and tail
Brown hair
Ears and tails are brown with silver tips
Jenny has blue eyes and Rossy has green eyes
They always both have a green-blue dress on when they can

Shy, except when u get to know them
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0 | 0 Comments | by RuByDaQuEeN | Dec 2nd 2022 19:29

Madam Silvia (Vampire Form)

Full name: Silvia Liliana Morelli

Gender: Female

Age: (looks to be in her late 20's)

Race: Pureblood Vampire

Sexual Identity: Pansexual

Father: Jerall Angel Morelli

Mother: Eliana Gloria Morelli

Sibling(s): Mia Ava Morelli

Occupation: Duchess Of Transylvania

Power(s): Flight, misting, super strength, Hypnosis, elemental control, animal control, immortality, transformation, draining of life-force, decay control and age regression control, rebirth and birthing of her own kind

Appearance: Silvia's very skin is an enchanting porcelain with grey and pink undertones that give her an "undead" appearance. Her human eyes are hazel with tones of brown (in her bloodlust state her eyes are completely red with black cat like pupils). Her hair is black as night and falls just below her rear. Often times she adds red streaks and cuts her side parts. Her lips are a soft shade of pink and her earlobes are always adorned with different multiple pieces of jewelry that she desires that day. Her style has changed over the course of many periods of time but lately she sticks to lace, silk and cotton in dark shades and in vintage like material that show off her Goddess like figure.

Personality: Silvia is a very wicked creature. From a young age she desired to follow her own path and do as she desired with or without her parents permission. She doesn't care if she has to hurt, degrade or kill someone or something to get what she wants. Born into the most elite Vampire family in her era she doesn't lack in a poker face. She appears elegant, m*tu*e, strict and well disciplined. Underneath it all is a Sadist that wants to drain the blood of anyone that doesn't serve her needs or purpose.

Backstory: Born the eldest to Eliana Gloria Morelli and Jerall Angel Morelli, Silvia had a name that she had to live up to. Both her father and mother were worshiped as divine beings among humans, adored by their fellow Vampires and scorned by the poor (both human and Vampire alike). Silvia felt pressure just to be around them the moment she took her first breath. Unlike her sister Mia, her parents held her to a certain level of expectation because she was to inherit the family business. A cooperation that trafficked human slaves and human blood for many years. Her parents were diabolical and saw humans as nothing but livestock. Silvia, didn't like nor detest humans. She was scolded often for showing "too much" kindness to the lower beings.

At the age of nine her parents made her kill a servant girl who had mistakenly cut Mia's hair a little too short. That was the first day she experienced her bloodlust. The smell, the taste...she could still taste it if she thought about that day. Silvia had a growing hatred for her parents that was still there as she reached her teens. As an adult, she grew indifferent to them both. Silvia would outlive both her parents. With the fall of her parents cooperation in the late eighteen hundreds and the killing of her kind; Silvia would flee the country with her sister Mia until they ended up in China doing the Tang dynasty where they both worked as Geisha until the end of the Geisha period in the nineteenth century.

In present time (fictional) Silvia is the widow to count Alucard and owns the Transylvania region located in central Romania. She spends her time running a wine company and tends to the people's needs in her region. Gossip spreads about her true identity but none live long enough to cause her any trouble.

*View my Aabum for pictures of Silvia in various stages of her life. I will play at any stage of her life.*
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4 | 0 Comments | by Majesty | Dec 2nd 2022 19:25

♔ Hierarchy♔

NOTICE: "What's chaos to the normal for the spider" truly something worth remembering. How I dictate this profile is MY choice. How you feel about it is not my business. Understand that you are entitled to how you feel and I'm entitled to not care about your feelings. I don't owe you kindness. So don't automatically expect it.

Observation: Understand that I have some common courtesy. I will reply promptly when I am able. I will not ignore you. I reply in the order that I receive messages. If it's taking a little longer to get a reply from me it means I'm replying to someone else. Wait your turn.

Triggers: Do not rush me. It's a fast way to be disrespectfully told off by me. As stated on my profile you and I both have a life outside this site. We both choose to give our time to those we find worth the while. Show your worth and you may just earn more of my time. It's just that simple but don't just expect it.

No one liners or single paragraphs. I automatically ignore friend requests from users who have this as a role-playing style.

Keeping it in the family? I'm not interested. You are entitled to your interest but this is not mine.

Men are superior to you? You like to be served? I'm not interested. I'm all for Dominant male roles or characters but if you attempt to force my character into submission you will learn the hard way why I'm not interested.

Want offsite contact? Don't bother. It wont make me respond to you faster.

Being a smartass will buy you a one way ticket to Blocktopia.

*More will be added here as needed so check back regularly when you're able.*
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8 | 0 Comments | by Majesty | Dec 2nd 2022 18:19

1. biography.

name: valencia de fabian.

age: exact number unknown. presumably a thousand years old.

gender: female.

d.o.b.: unknown.

appearance: valencia is a captivating woman and has remained so for over many eons. aside from her hourglass figure, her hair is entirely chestnut and often stretches down to the back of the neck. valencia's hues on the other hand despite being brown can revert to a yellow colour whenever angry, craving blood or when she feels threatened.

nationality: mexican.

former residence: mexico.

current residence: new york, new york.

parent(s): unknown.

children?: none.

husband: none.

eyes: brown.

hair: brunette.

facelclaim: eiza gonzalez.

species: vampire.

ethnicity: latino/hispanic.

status: upper class.


little is known where valencia was birthed or who her family had originally been, although she's said to have been a noblewoman whom existed prior to her native homeland being developed into what is now modern mexico. as far back as the age of the mayan tribes, valencia was rumoured to have been a mentor and architect that helped them build their civilization by overseeing the development of temples to teaching them the ability to make artwork and mathematics. in spite of the fact she was known as a woman who carried vast knowledge, there'd been a dark and cruel side to her hardly anyone talked about.

though they managed to become what many historians understood to be an advanced civilization, the mayans, in exchange for their work, were gifted the power of 'immortality' by Valencia in which she drained them of their blood so they could become like her. savage bloodsuckers who preyed on the innocent and vulnerable. during the spanish colonization period in the 1500s, valencia became active again after she was awoken by the conquistadores whom found her castle during an expedition in the mountains of Pico de Orizaba before she begun her reign of terror by terrorizing the soldiers with her clan and the villagers...most of which were men.

for about twenty or so years, valencia would go on to continue to cause problems for the colonizers until they decided to take matters into their own hands. storming her mountainous fortress in broad daylight before she could kill and feed again, they set fire to everything using torches. the flames consumed the inside of the castle, killing valencia and the members of her clan inside.

deciding it was too dangerous to keep her scorched corpse in mexico even if it was kept hidden away so she couldn't be reincarnated, the conquistadores shipped the carcass across the border of america before placing her body that remained buried in an unmarked new york grave for centuries. it wasn't until a group of stupid mischievous teenagers in modern day 2022 upon learning of where she was kept and heard the stories about her, dug up her remains as a dare to see if she would ever return from the resting place. all it took was for a drop of blood from a finger to fall into her ribcage inside the decaying heart before she was fully revived and attacked them all.

now having awakened in a world unfamiliar to her, she seeks to reshape the city she lives in as well as potentially the world, in her own image where there will be only one race born to rule: vampires.

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2 | 0 Comments | by condesa | Dec 2nd 2022 18:03

~! Rules :) !~

Hello and this is the rules I hope you like them and tell me what I should do to improve on them also if you want!

1 - So what I expect of you is to not say anything that will hurt my feelings or make me feel like I'm worth nothing that's all I ask!

2 - I don't do one liners as I feel bored when roleplaying with them and I am usually exposed to many one-liners all of the time so no one-liners! >:(

3: Please do not make me feel weird as I would feel uncomfortable and I would probably unfriend you so yeah please do not do that..

That's all I really have to say and yeah remember don't be scared to say hi or have a conversation or roleplay with me! ❤
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1 | 0 Comments | by YourBigSoftie | Dec 2nd 2022 17:28

Mella the lonely elf


Full Name: Mella Silas

Nicknames: Mellie, Woodsie

Age: 19

Gender: Girl

Sexuality: Lesbian

Birthday: 07/24

Species: Elf

Powers: Plant manipulation

Languages Spoken: English, Elven


Height: 5'8

Weight: 156 Lbs

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Skin Color: Pale

Battle Marks(Scars, missing body parts, etc.): None

Type of teeth(Normal, fangs,etc): Normal

Other Forms: No known other forms

Additional Notes (optional): Is an omnivore, and her favorite sweets are sundaes


Brief Description: Mella is a woman who is hard to trust. Living around normal humans, she's always felt sort of out of place. She's very touch and affection starved but is scared of being made fun of or teased by others. She enjoys nights out in the city and loves spending time reading or dancing.

First Impression: Mella can seem cold at first, not in the analytical way, but rather she can seem distant and worried about her first interactions with people, often covering her ears or turning he head away. But she's always open for conversation or even flirting with people.

Once you get to know them: She's super open and flirtacious, loving to ironically tease others. She shows a very dominant side of herself and loves to be cuddly or even more. She'll also open up about her interests of dancing and reading, and unintentionally begin to grow plants around her when she's really happy to be around you. She'll also invite you to nights out or just to come have some drinks at her place.

Default Expression: A small gentle smile

Extrovert, Introvert, or Ambivert?: Ambivert

Alignment(lawful evil, chaotic good, etc): Lawful Neutral

Habits: She has a habit of scratching behind her ears, and if someone does it for her, she starts to light up. Sometimes she'll start doing little spins or waves with her hands when in a good mood.

Fears: She has a fear of being alone for the rest of her life, or abandoned by people she's close too. She's also self conscious about her body

Intelligence: She has average intelligence, but shows higher knowledge of plants and history.

Pet Peeves: She doesn't like like being snuck up from behind, she can't stand bad drivers, and really hates it when people make fun of her ears.
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0 | 0 Comments | by BlightedOmens | Dec 2nd 2022 17:11



*not in any order, i love all you girls equally ilysm*
this song is dedicated to all of you bc your amazing
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5 | 3 Comments | by 0LIVIA | Dec 2nd 2022 15:08

RP timeframes

- I prefer our roleplaying to take place in-between movies or shows.
I’m not comfortable for the setting to be during a movie or show.

- we have to establish a setting before the roleplay starts, otherwise I’ll get nervous.

- After Ragnarok is a good timeframe to set the roleplay in, if we pretend Infinity War doesn’t happen.

- After Infinity War, so during the blip, is okay.
As long as we don’t rp over the events that actually happen in Endgame.

- After Endgame is great.

- post She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is great.

- between No Way Home and Multiverse of Madness is okay.

- post Love and Thunder is good

- post Falcon and the Winter Soldier is good

- post Hawkeye is okay

- as much as I loved Loki, WandaVision, and Wakanda Forever, I don’t know that I’d be comfortable doing roleplays based around those.
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0 | 0 Comments | by mcu | Dec 2nd 2022 14:50


(Another fantasy character, again can be changed a little depending on the RP)


Believes to be female originally but doesn't really care

Thinks they are around 22-26

Asexual/ doesn't really care

They are actually rather childish and curious for the most part. They like to mess with people and get into things they really shouldn't be. That isn't to say they can't be very serious when need be and protective to a fault when they find something to be loyal to. Though often that protective love comes with messing around as well.

Just about anything they come across, messing with different things and people as they see fit, cute things they can cuddle with or fawn over, all sorts of food

Having to follow rules or being told they can't do something, having to sit down and stay still for too long like having to study, people who study and experiment, they aren't a huge fan of the dark or closed in spaces

As a shapeshifter they are obviously able to change their form as they see fit. Though they do have a limit on how big they can go and how small. Mostly sticking to human forms and some animal forms as well they can't be something as big as a dragon or a house. They can copy nonliving things as well and use that to make themselves stronger like metal or stone when needed.


As far as they can remember they have always been a shapeshifter, though they can't be certain either. They have very vague memories of living with parents in a small village but they aren't terribly sure. Most of what they remember was pain and the dark after that. A group of researchers had taken them and used them for magic or drug experiments. So for many years they had been used as a test subject or just kept locked up when not being used at the time. Many shapes and forms had been taken in this time in attempts to escape until disaster struck the building being used. It seemed to them that a group had come to save those stuck inside after who knows how long. They believe they had to be about 16-18 by that point in time and were glad to escape. Though the group tried to take everyone inside they didn't trust anyone and ran off to try surviving on their own. It seemed to work well enough as they found a town nearby, surviving by stealing and slowly learning how to function as a merchant at one point to survive.
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0 | 0 Comments | by dndcat | Dec 2nd 2022 14:21

Rule Time! Sorry it took so long

1. I prefer to do semi to Para, but I will try to match longer formats if needed. It can be tricky, but I try my best to put the effort in.

2. If I don't respond, it means I got busy with life. Please try to be patient with me and try not to leave. Sometimes I might just forget even because of my ADD, so don't be afraid to poke me gently to remind me.

3. I can't believe I have to put this rule, but if I want to rp, I want to rp. Nothing else. I've had several already who try to seep it into irl stuff even though I am in a relationship.

4. I am very much on the more softer side so I am a sub, and can't be anything else but the sub.

5. If we do CanonxOC, I do double ups so we both can use an oc and a canon. I don't do canonxcanon sadly. I like being the characters I worked hard on, but I'll try it if you ask it for your oc since we both will get the chance to enjoy it.

6. I have many ocs, but the one I use the most is Kikara(my profile pic). I can do fxm and I have been experimenting more with fxf and mxm so if those want to be tried I will do my best.

7. I apologize to any of my rp partners if I spam you too much to make sure you are alive. It means I really have enjoyed our rps or are ready to start ones we are preparing.

Thank you for reading and I hope we can enjoy a fantastic time rping together!
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1 | 0 Comments | by KikaQueen | Dec 2nd 2022 14:13

Ophelia Onyx

(A fantasy character but I can adjust things around upon occasion to fit RPs)



100-300 (depends on RP and such)


She is rather cold and distant with most people she doesn't know. Very loyal and protective over those whom she trusts as well as her things (she is a dragon after all). Can be a little curious and child like at times though she tries to hide it.

Sweet things or food in general, cute things like animals or toys and even people sometimes, music, being outside, the night and star gazing, flying around, training

When it is too bright out, having to sit around with nothing to do, not being allowed outside for too long, most people in general, unfair things

Being a dragon of darkness she controls shadows and the dark. Being able to make it take physical form in weapons or grabbing items. She uses them as a portal of sorts as well, grabbing items from inside or using it to move around quickly.
As a dragon she is able to shift between a semi human form or a full dragon. Her semi human form is still very strong and has partial scales for defense. Her tail, horns, and wings remain though she can shrink her wings to keep them out of the way when needed.

Being born to a small family of dragons she was rather happy while being raised for the first few years of her life. Even as a dragon she is still considered rather young in current story lines but back then she was nothing but a baby to dragons. When she was around thirty dragon hunters came around, managing to kidnap her as she was young and worth money for them. As far as she knows her family is still alive somewhere it was just that she was stolen to be sold off. This led to at least another five years of being passed around as she didn't exactly behave for anyone who bought her. That was until a wandering knight took her in, starting to raise her from thirty five years of age. This was one of the only people she had learned to trust and actually wished to learn from up until they passed away considering they were human. Now she just wanders the land like she used to with her caretaker, saving anyone who needs the help before leaving as quickly as she could.
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3 | 0 Comments | by dndcat | Dec 2nd 2022 13:53



Name: Cole Nathan Monroe
Age: 24
Sex/Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Occupation: Singer

•─────────────────────•PHYSICAL APPEAREANCE•─────────────────────•

Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Height: 5'9
Weight: 72 kg
Body type: Slim and muscular
Tattoos: Very few minimalist ones
Scars/Birthmarks: A star shaped birthmark on the back of his shoulder
Other distinguishing features: His vibrant blue eyes
Fashion style: Generally, he loves dressing with any casual clothing, as long as it is within a dark color scheme.
Accessories: On a daily basis, he loves wearing his two golden rings, both received from his grandmother back when he was a child.


Birth date: October 21st
Place of birth: Paris, France
Key family members: Madison Monroe (mother), Clarence Monroe (father)
Notable events/milestones: At the age of 15, both him and his mother went on a trip in the US, Colette loved America's wonders so much, that they decided to make it their family's permanent home even since.
Criminal record: He does have a couple of dark spots for theft.
Skeletons in the closet: At the age of 19, he started rolling within the wrong circles, ending up being arrested for theft, as well as illegal substance consumption.

•─────────────────────•PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAITS•─────────────────────•

Personality type: He is generally more of the quiet, yet heavily confident type.
Personality traits: Mysterious, Sassy, Intelligent, M*tu*e, Blunt, Humorous, Protective
Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
Hobbies: Singing, Hiking
Skills/talents: Singing, Guitar Playing
Loves: Nature, Whiskey, Music

[ the rest of the information is customizable depending on the storyline ]
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0 | 0 Comments | by OceanEyes | Dec 2nd 2022 13:51



Name: Colette Natalie Monroe
Age: 24
Sex/Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Occupation: Bartender

•─────────────────────•PHYSICAL APPEAREANCE•─────────────────────•

Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Height: 5'6
Weight: 56 kg
Body type: Slim with larger top area
Tattoos: Very few minimalist ones
Scars/Birthmarks: A star shaped birthmark on her left butt cheek
Other distinguishing features: Her vibrant blue eyes
Fashion style: Generally, she loves dressing with either elegant, modern clothing or a mix of casual and elegant, generally 80's and 90's inspired.
Accessories: On a daily basis, she loves wearing her two golden rings, both received from her grandmother back when she was a child.


Birth date: October 21st
Place of birth: Paris, France
Key family members: Madison Monroe (mother), Clarence Monroe (father)
Notable events/milestones: At the age of 15, both her and her mother went on a trip in the US, Colette loved America's wonders so much, that they decided to make it their family's permanent home even since.
Criminal record: Her record is clean.
Skeletons in the closet: She lost her virginity at the age of 19 with her supervisor, only to later find out he was married later on. She was so disappointed that she wanted to quit her job as a bartender but couldn't. Nowadays she has to live around him, pretending like nothing ever happened in between them.

•─────────────────────•PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAITS•─────────────────────•

Personality type: She is generally a bubbly individual with the right amount of sass within her.
Personality traits: Bubbly, Sassy, Intelligent, M*tu*e, Blunt, Humorous
Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
Hobbies: Painting, Dancing, Hiking
Skills/talents: Fashion Deisgn
Loves: Clothes, Fashion, Nature, Whiskey

[ the rest of the information is customizable depending on the storyline ]
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3 | 0 Comments | by OceanEyes | Dec 2nd 2022 13:44


Simple Rules:

No one liners.
I've been roleplaying for a few years (lost count but if I were to guess 4-6) and I know what a cringe attention seeking RP looks like. Aka crying out of nowhere because your character is lonely and wants to get railed. So please, don't do that.

Not all RPs have to be pure romance (Some of you guys are lonely I know)

1*8+ only. It makes me uncomfortable to RP with a minor I don't wanna end up on some watchlist.

I do best friends RPs so you can also contact me for that.

No pure N*FW, (Sex, Er*t*ca, Gore)

Drugs are a very personal trigger for me. That goes for all drugs. Including weed. Anything that you can get high off. So please if that's something that your whole OC(s) is about then please don't bother.

Please do not try and get into a real relationship with me because I'm not into online relationships. But we can be best mates online.

For romance RPs please know that I only do MxF. I'm a straight male and I also have no idea how to roleplay as women so.
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0 | 0 Comments | by starman | Dec 2nd 2022 13:35

Rules and Guidelines

No. 1. No one-liners. It just isn't my cup of tea.
No. 2. Third-person, literate and detailed roleplay(er(s) are prefered.
No. 3. Correct spelling and grammer is requiered. Of course, mistakes can occur.
No. 4. Communication; be honest, respectful and don't leave me hanging.
No. 5. I expect all my roleplay partners to take initiative in the story we create. So, dicussion of idea's, plots and characters before starting a roleplay is a must.

Still under construction...

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6 | 0 Comments | by hullabaloo | Dec 2nd 2022 10:52