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1. If I decline you, don't re-add me, it won't change anything

2. Any form of harassment will be reported.

3. Please try to limit spelling mistakes. I get it, no-one's perfect but if there is tons of spelling mistakes frequently, I'm afraid it will be cut short.

4. I understand everyone is busy with real life but being left with no response after days is just not right. As a result, one day of no response is a warning and three days is a removal. Unless warned before hand like going on vacation for a week.

5. I will block anyone sending a random starter out of the gate. Hard pass. Impossible to work from with no info.

6. While I can do m*tu*e content, there needs to be a story behind it.

7. No godmodding.

8. No picking my character and I won't pick yours. Entirely up to the user themselves.
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8 | 0 Comments | by Minty_Neo | Nov 24th 2020 12:10

Eliot G. Ballade

Eliot G. Ballade

Height: 5'11
Weight: Unknown

Eliot Gabriel Ballade is a member of the Emergency Sea Evacuation and Rescue (ESER) organization. He is 28 years old.

Eliot came to Dinosaur Island on vacation with his friend Tim, but was interrupted when a meteor hit the island and created an inescapable dome around it. Upon waking up from the impact, he sees an ethereal blue spirit take the form of an angel model Tim was working on, which saves him when a horde of monstrous pterodactyl creatures attack his ship.

Afterwards, Eliot vows to rescue anyone who's trapped on the dangerous island.

During his rescue operations, he meets Dogs Bower, captain of the S.S. Diana, and Janine King, K.I.S.S. security operative. With their help, Eliot tries to get to the bottom of the cataclysm that plagues Dinosaur Island.

After Eliot and Dogs have rerouted power from the power plant, they gain access to the underground Kimra research laboratory to look for answers. Before entering the lab, Eliot is attacked by a massive slime monster.

After defeating the monster, Eliot starts retching, stating he's swallowed some of the monster vomit (containing the Dinosite mutagen), and starts getting purple spots all over his body. His mouth starts to seize up, making it difficult for him to speak.

As Eliot and Dogs progress through the lab, Eliot continues to grow more and more purple, changing his hair colour to grey and his pupils to yellow. He eventually grows horns out the side of his head and two tendrils out his back, and his voice is replaced by guttural monster screams. After he grows tendrils, Dogs says that if they don't find a cure soon, he'll have to kill Eliot before he fully turns into a monster.

Eliot finally heals himself of the mutation by consuming the E-VECT serum acquired after defeating Dr. Jacobs.

Personal Life
Very little is known about Eliot other than his friendship with Tim and lack of knowledge of Dinosaur Island. It is assumed that not only was he a talented rescuer, but he knows many forms of combat, including hand-to-hand, swordfighting, and weapons training.
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0 | 0 Comments | by The_Agent | Nov 24th 2020 11:55


Chad Kengsington
The Preppy Guy
18 years old
5 foot 6
Unknown Estimate
Weapon: Bat

Set in an unknown timeline during a camp counselors meet up at Camp Crystal Lake where it leaves us with the preppy boy Chad Kensington along with his fellow teenage companions, heading to the Camp where strange events occur and leads a helpless bunch of teenagers meets the supernatural serial killer Jason Voorhees, and where Chad will try to survive Jason's bloodlust killing spree at the Camp. Chad is quick on his feet, and quick to flee. But when it comes down to his hide being on the line, he will use that baseball bat.
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0 | 0 Comments | by The_Agent | Nov 24th 2020 11:52


1. Dont disrespect me: i appreciate that you all have taken time out of your day to respond but don't spam me I still have a life outside of this website.

2.Characters: Dont try to edit my characters. I will attempt to give you a character that goes well with your character and the roleplay.

3. Plots: I can do any plot or roleplay. Just give me time to answer. I mainly roleplay romance but I can also do other types of plots.

4:Romance: I do MxF,MxM,FxF and etc. also I do furry too but I prefer MxM or MxF.

5. Outside:I go to school outside of this app and i have a job so I will be on and off of here. I will try to reply to everyone as much as i can.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Sucker4 | Nov 24th 2020 11:43

~~ My BDSM test results ~~

== Results from b* ==
100% Brat
98% Rope bunny
91% Submissive
83% Primal (Prey)
64% Experimentalist
63% Slave
62% Non-monogamist
43% Exhibitionist
39% Voyeur
33% Switch
33% Owner
28% Pet
24% Master/Mistress
15% Vanilla
10% Rigger
7% Brat tamer
5% Primal (Hunter)
4% Ageplayer
4% Dominant
4% Degradee
3% Masochist
1% Daddy/Mommy
0% Boy/Girl
0% Degrader
0% Sadist
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0 | 0 Comments | by CookieChip | Nov 24th 2020 11:41


⚜️ : Do not be disrespectful:
Please, be gentle, I know I can be slow sometimes to think, but I don't need rude people on my friends list :(

⚜️ : Writing length :
I am not asking you for a novel size. But please, don't write down barely a sentence. Don't use " 'character name: *sentence* " or "*" for actions. Be creative, write detailled sceneries, imagine the place(s) ! the character(s) ! what do they see ?! WRITE IT !

⚜️ : Do NOT control my character / change my characters :
If I made my characters in a way, it's not for decoration. Please if my character has stuff you don't like, don't try to take it off or remove it. ecause this is going to be f***ing annoying to me.
Don't try to control my character, because we are going to have a really bad conversation about it and believe me you don't want it, and neither do I.

⚜️ : I only do MxM :
please, don't ask me for FxM or femboys because you can't stand males. I like femboys, but please, don't try to change some of my males because they don't fit your likings.

⚜️ : HRP :

I'm a student and I will be in class for most of the day but I can be there from time to time on breaks. I try my best to respond as fast as I can so don't spam me please. Studies are more important to me. Still, If I forget to reply, don't hesitate to send me a comment or a note !

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3 | 1 Comment | by CookieChip | Nov 24th 2020 11:12

Some of my sexual preferences I guess. BDSM Test

== Results from b* ==
100% Brat
(Brats are the essence of naughty submissives. They find disobedience as a form of playfulness rather than letting their dom down, and require a compatible dom who will not only teach them a lesson, but also accept that any number of lessons might still not necessarily change this behavior)

98% Rope bunny
(Rope bunnies like to be tied up and restrained, using rope and/or other attributes (chains, cuffs, spreader bars, etc.) Whether for sexual enhancement, for art, or just for fun, they enjoy being totally at the mercy of their partner(s).)

73% Vanilla
(Vanilla people enjoy regular, standard sex and relationship models.)

66% Submissive
(Submissives like to follow. Some like to give complete control away to their partner(s), some like to have it forcibly taken from them. Some are submissive only in the bedroom, others are submissive throughout their daily life as well (usually with limitations). Being submissive is more about who decides what happens (and takes the responsibility that comes with it) than about the contents that happen.)

59% Boy/Girl
(Littles (boy/girl) are submissive spirits that mix the childlike innocence with naughty sexual curiosity. They long for a nurturing, loving dominant who plays a guiding, almost parental, role in their lives. While they require a softer approach to be dominated than most other submissives, their submission can go a lot deeper and sometimes rival those of slaves.)

58% Switch
(Switches like to... well switch! Always taking a dominant or top position is not for them, neither is always taking a submissive and bottom position. Some prefer to switch with the same partner, others have a dominant play partner and a submissive play partner, but in either case they do not fit on one end point of the spectrum.)

56% Masochist
(Masochist enjoy receiving certain types of pain from their partner(s), usually in sexual context. Masochism is independent of pain tolerance: it is purely about the ability to enjoy, or get aroused by, certain levels of pain.

55% Slave
(Slaves completely hand over the control and the responsibilities over their life to their master/mistress. They go a step further than submissives in a sense that their power exchange is present 24/7 and in all aspects of their life (except for negotiated exceptions, such as their office job). Serving their master/mistress is their primary focus in life and they rarely have limits for them.

50% Primal (Prey)
(Primals are mainly focused on their natural instincts and they enjoy letting their inner animal out during sex. The key part of primals to play is that the participants show their raw, emotional, sexual feelings during play. All of the labels, roles, and protocol goes out the window, and the prey can become a snarling, growling, clawing animal hell-bent on getting away from it's predator.)

45% Degradee
(Degradees like to be degraded and humiliated by their play partner(s), either by being acted upon in a degrading way, or by being forced to do things they consider degrading.

44% Pet
(Is property of their owner in their daily life. Sexuality is not necessarily involved. The role often features some sort of animal role play although that is not strictly necessary.

42% Daddy/Mommy
35% Ageplayer
29% Brat tamer
11% Primal (Hunter)
10% Dominant
7% Experimentalist
1% Non-monogamist
1% Sadist
1% Rigger
0% Exhibitionist
0% Voyeur
0% Degrader
0% Owner
0% Master/Mistress
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1 | 0 Comments | by PolkaDot | Nov 24th 2020 10:27

( °˖✧ Muses — Original ✧˖° )

✧ COMING SOON. there are no original muses on this account at this time.

Please like or comment once you've read this!
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3 | 0 Comments | by sanguinehearts | Nov 24th 2020 10:07

( °˖✧ Muses — Canon Divergent ✧˖° )

✧ TATIA PETROVA. her origin story is completely canon up until elijah killed her. unknowing to anyone at the time, tatia died with vampire blood in her system. this makes her the first non-original vampire to exist.

✧ HAYLEY MARSHALL. close to canon until her death. for sake of plot, generally speaking, hayley never died.

✧ LIZZIE SALTZMAN. lizzie also is closely followed to canon. the only difference with her is that after a certain point, varies on verse or thread, she died with vampire blood in her system which changed her into a witch/siphoner-vampire hybrid.

Please like or comment once you've read this!
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2 | 0 Comments | by sanguinehearts | Nov 24th 2020 10:04

( °˖✧ Rules — Read Carefully ✧˖° )

✧ REPLIES. all i ask is please no rush or spam messages if i don't reply right away. this is a hobby for me and i don't want to feel like it's a chore at anytime.

✧ MUSES. this is a multi-muse roleplay blog. for the time being these muses are all going to be female muses from the vampire diaries universe.

✧ DARK THEMES. anything goes, including taboo and n*fw. my personal triggers are off limits, please respect them. personal triggers: self harm (especially cutting), rape.

✧ OOC FACECLAIM. claire holt. so, if you see her, it's me (the mun).

✧ OOC INFO. i have decided to keep my name anonymous. however, i can be referred to as 'mercy'. i reside in the pst, i'm 21+, and writing is my first love.

Please like or comment once you've read this!
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3 | 1 Comment | by sanguinehearts | Nov 24th 2020 09:34


First name:His real name is Asmodeus, but in the human world he goes by Aston.
Last name:Unknown

Asmodeus is a sex-crazed demon who feels no connection towards anyone. On the surface, he appears to be a lovable friendly guy. His gentle yet flirtatious words are always what hook people in. But when he's finally alone with someone, he becomes an entirely different person. Asmodeus transforms into a forceful dom, always getting what he wants through force or violence. He uses people for his own personal benefit without any guilt or remorse

There is no love in his words or actions when you become his victim.

Asmodeus is simply a lost cause. He has no idea how to care for or love someone correctly. He's always had the mindset that nobody would want him if they found out what he truly was. In fact, he hardly loves himself.

Unkown but he was raised by a peasant woman.

Asmodeus was raised by a peasant woman in the mid 1800's. She found him abandoned at her doorstep when he was just a newborn baby. He was raised strictly but kindly, having a better life than most children in the Victorian Era. They couldn't afford school, so he was tutored at home by his neighbors and his own mother. He discovered his powers very early in life when rich families would approach him and ask him to marry their daughters. He refused each time.

When he was only 16, he became a prostitute shortly after his mother had died. Although he was looked down upon by many, there were also those who praised and worshipped him. He had sex with all kinds of people until he had slept with basically his entire town's population.

He eventually got bored with playing with the same people and faked his death in 1910. From there, he moved to more populated cities. This cycle continued for years, consisting of praying on new victims and faking his death when he needed to. He "died" 3 times, doing this so that he wouldn't raise any suspicion about not being human.

Asmodeus grew sick of the hate comments and death threats he received from angry spouses, so he decided to take a job as a model instead. He's been extremely successful ever since, living in a big, beautiful mansion. Aston's only real friend would be the maid that lives in one of his many guest rooms, named Matilde. He provides her housing and safety in exchange for cooking and cleaning services, but nothing more. They have no attraction to each other because they are both malevolent demons.
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0 | 0 Comments | by SinfulDeath | Nov 24th 2020 08:40

Meet Lilly (Pfp is what she looks like)

Do not ask for her backstory. She has none. I'm bad at making them.
Name:Lilly Gray
Body Type:Slim
Appearance:Cute face
Naked, or clothed:Clothed
(Only if clothed) Shirt: black long sleeve
(Only if clothed) Bottoms: Black skirt
(Only if clothed) Barefooted, or Footwear: thigh highs & white sneakers
Work/Job/Hobby/Position:Coffee shop
Hometown/City:Dallas, Texas
Personality:bubbly and outgoing
Likes:headpats, hugs, attention, stuffed animals, shopping, cake, gummy bears, and ice cream
Dislikes:veggies, gasoline, the dark, ignored, snakes
Backstory: None
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1 | 0 Comments | by Lillygray10 | Nov 24th 2020 08:29


Don't be an a**hole. I will not tolerate any drama here, and I could care less about the beef you have with someone else. If you need to vent, about the world, that's a different story. Fire with fire.

No major god-modding, if you know how to fight, play fair.
If you're invincible- f*** off, immortal. Being Godlike is earned, not a gift.

Not every roleplay I get into is romantic. I hate fluff, unless it has nasty habits to be associated with it. I don't deal nicely with "innocence" and "youthful" characters that lay back and take it and then cry into their pillow. Nor do I want to spend hours cuddling, or f***ing.

I have never in my life of writing have played a victim, and I won't be playing a victim unless it is a side character. If the main character at all becomes a victim, it will be by my choice and I will have it be by payback of the other character I am writing with *only*. Kidnapping who I am playing and etc is not my cup of tea, and he will not "bend over" for anyone. Ever. Want to punish him? Vengeance, revenge or justice. Simple.

While I don't mind homophobic characters, or any of that other stuff, if I find out that you are as much as racist outside of the roleplay I will block you.

If you are underage, I won't accept your friend request. The only underage characters I accept is side characters. I don't want people seeing some 12 year old on my page, this isn't a board game. This is maturity.

If you are going to push me into doing something that I am not comfortable with doing, you will get blocked. Do the same to me, I don't care.

Time limits! There aren't none. Sometimes it may take me up to a week to reply, and I have like 3 or 4 other accounts out there right now. If we're writing, and you haven't replied within a month, I will nudge you or keep waiting. If I see that you have been online, then I'll ask if you're still interested. If not, then you'll just sit there for as long as I want for you to I guess. I don't mind a dead body around, makes me feel less lonely >.>

(I did not just say that)

Anyway, the rest is pretty basic stuff. If you add me, be sure that you're into dark themes. Looking at my profile and then being all "oh! Add!" And then we get to talking to find out that just to merely mention a dung beetle or maggots, or anything weirder than that offends you... is a waste of my time. And yours, actually. So, before you decided to add me, ask yourself this simple question:

Are you easily bothered? Or is this just writing?
You get what you give, and I will also not accept half a paragraph of a response.

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1 | 0 Comments | by Brutality | Nov 24th 2020 08:26


Name: Ken
Gender: Enby (look it up)
Age: 18
Height: 4'11 :') fooking short ass
Pronouns:They/He (i don't mind the masculine pronouns though i don't have a pp HAHA)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Body shape: I'm actually fAt. (Picture a whale. That's me)
Hobbies: baking, watching anime, blasting music 24/7, and drawing
Fav food: cake and ice cream (i love sweets)
Status: Single :')
That's all for now. Feel free to unfriend me if you don't accept me. :') anyway, now that i got that out of the way. If u don't mind still chatting or rping with me after reading BEHIND LILLY then you can add my discord.
It's papaken#8447 UwU don't be mean! Be a good boy ❤
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0 | 0 Comments | by Lillygray10 | Nov 24th 2020 08:23

⍟Yexi race | (Simplified)

- Things about the Yexi Race -

WHAT ARE YEXIS | (Origins & Description)
The Yexis are an alien race of bipedal tailless sentient great felines. Resembling humanoid lions those tall and strong creatures originate from far away in the Northern-West of the milky way. Their civilization developed itself for over thousands of galactic years giving them plenty of time to become a warrior bound race of royalistic-militarist conquerors with one main philosophy entitled "Philosophy of the Warrirors" They are members & most powerful nation within the "Alliance of empire" one of the galaxy's most powerful star nations.

BIOLOGPHY OF YEXIS | (Physical race description)
Yexis are as mentioned above bipedal humanoid felines. Usually measuring up to 2.10m for the males & 1.80m for the female, Yexis have no tail and are typically carnivorous but may consume other dishes in small quantities. Yexis have 7 hearts and can sping like bones in their ankles allowing amazing jump abilities. Oh and male Yexis have no c*cks so don't try to impress a female Yexie with your peen. She'll laugh at the mushroom. Yexis are naturally extremely muscular. They are generally over 22 to 35 times physically stronger than a human. Like bears, they are quite resistant to bullets yes.

YEXI OF CULTURE | (How are Yexis like generally?)
Well, rejoice. Although scary looking to some Yexis nowadays are not merciless conquerors & killers. (Unless you piss them off) They pose mostly as military guardians & defenders of the countless territories they annexed. A Yexi may be rather chill as long as you do not annoy him/her. Yexis do live in very modern yet Militarist adoring society with one King to rule it all with the aid of a council of elites. There are only two Yexi dietys being "Yens" (meaning Gods in Yexi tongue) Yen Syda & Yen Arderal (Gods of War & Power with God of Wisdom respectively). Yexis do not fear death as they believe firmly in life after death & glorious rewards when death from a battle occurs.

And here's another fun fact for you. Yexis & Yexies males & females have no real public / social distinction between one or the other. Mixity of both sexes are considered normal due to their similar genitals. Sexual taboos are not as bad or inexistant compared to humans...they do fat shame a lot however as being fat is considered extremely bad.
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2 | 0 Comments | by DropEmbooms | Nov 24th 2020 07:45