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All my OC charaters

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1 | 0 Comments | by TheMysteryMan | Apr 11th 2021 14:58


Welcome to my rules.

Please read all the following listed below! This is very important to help you get a better understanding of what I do and my boundaries when it comes to roleplaying.

°1. Time.
Please understand that my time on here is limited. I won't be on here 24/7, unless I happen to fall asleep without logging out. I also have a very busy job that requires me to work 12hrs, and I'm moving very soon.

°2. Sm*t.
I'm always open to this. But there are limits. I will not do rape, f*ta, furry, drug abuse, abuse (emotionally, physically and verbally) Mommy/Daddy kinks, age play, large age gaps. There is a few more but I'm kinda lazy to list them all.

°3. I am Oc friendly and play as an Oc as well. You don't have to do the same, you are allowed to choose who you play as.

°4. Do not control my characters.

°5. I am okay with triggering and dark themes. If you aren't then no worries!

°6. I am a female, but I can play as a male. In this case, I am totally fine with MxM, FxF and MxF.

°7. Romance doesn't have to be an option. I love romance but if its not your cup of tea then don't worry!

°8. Let's have fun!
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1 | 0 Comments | by _KittyKat_ | Apr 11th 2021 14:50

The Angelic

"Even if it stings, it's just a temporary thing”
~• •~
>Full name| Nickname<
Amanda Foster | Mandi, Manda
Pronunciation: (Uh-man-duh)
Age: 20-24
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Languages: English
Height: 5'3
Weight: 123.7 lbs
Birthday: September 19th
Zodiac: Virgo
Sexuality: Straight
Dom/Sub: Sub

~• •~
♢A͟P͟P͟E͟A͟R͟A͟N͟C͟E͟ ♢
"It will all make sense, when the grown pains subside"
Body Type: Mesomorph
Skin Tone: Porcelain
Hair: Blonde, curly, mid-back length
Eyes: Teal
Birthmarks: None
Scars: None
Accessories: None

~• •~
♢P͟E͟R͟S͟O͟N͟A͟L͟I͟T͟Y͟ ♢
"Perfection is found in accepting your imperfections"
Likes: White roses, cats, flowers, dresses, the color blue, beaches, willow trees, rainbows, etc.
Dislikes: Paper cuts, big dogs, rock music, watching football games, small spaces, fights, etc.

Flower: White rose
Weather/Season: Sunny weather; spring
Food: Strawberry Shortcake
Drink: Lattes
Sport/Activity: None
Color: Blue

Insecurities: None
Fears: Hurting others
Dreams: None
Disorders: None
Mental Disorders: None

~• •~

"Love today; Love tomorrow"
~• •~

"Sometimes I just want to be alone, I don't know why yeah, but it gives me peace that I want"
Carla Foster, mother, alive
Ayden Foster, father, alive
Siblings: None

Other: None

Friends: None currently
~• •~
"I'll love you til' the sun dies"

Past: Amanda grew up in a small farm, and had always been claimed the most beautiful and angelic person there. She had natural beauty, and never really tried to look good. Every boy in town would fall at her feet, begging her to love them... but she never did. The thing was, everyone claimed her beauty as a blessing... but she found it to be a curse. Everyone fell at her feet, and would love her for her beauty... but nobody ever took the time to get to know her. The people always focused on her good looks, that they'd never want to get to know her for who she truly was. And after she rejected them, they'd claim to hate her. True, she could just say she loved them and spare the sadness she felt... but she'd feel even more da, if she had to fake love someone.

~• •~
"Life is tough, and so are you"
~• •~
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2 | 0 Comments | by MoonJuice | Apr 11th 2021 14:18

About Admin:

I've been around here for far too long, I've encountered many platforms but this one by far is my favorite. I've met some of the greatest people in the world on here. And while we may, or may not associate any longer? Thank you for being on my journey and making me great.

I'm here for the following:

I'm not here to bullsh*t you or be a number. Let's write. I can do one line, up to novella. If we are dating? I only ask then you be able to do more than a one line or a semi but I won't judge your English, or how much you write. I can adapt easily just give me something to work with.

To the people who have beef with me? Yeah, okay cool. I'm not gonna deny or block you anymore. Clean slate, I've f***ing m*tu*ed and in that we can all try again. If you're wanting to. I'm here to write idc about outside of character.

I'm here to be in character and I don't write with minors. it's as simple as that. I'll deny if you have below age 18 as an age.

ADMIN: Some of you may know me and that's fine but I prefer to be referred to as She/Her or my in character name.

I don't f*** around with you UNLESS we're serious and it's obvious we'll get together, or we are together. I won't do romance plots behind your back. I'm not a hoe, I'm here to have fun and build strong bonds friendships even when I'm taken.

I'm here to make rp fun again. If you pressure me for a reply? I'll push you to the back of the list. I'm busy in rl and i'll have patience for you if you do me. I won't be mad if i see you interacting on the time line and not replying I won't be mad if you push my reply back. Do me the same respect. i don't always log on nor am I able to always reply.

I'm a big song, and quote person. You've been warned.

I won't control what your character does. Don't try to control me. If you're loyal to me, I'll be cool with you. Just NO BULLSH*T! 100% NONE! No drama, I'll unfriend or block depending of the severity if it's unplanned.

So, drop your fav quote, song, or both if you've read this ok? This can say we're on the same page to how I want to run my character.
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2 | 2 Comments | by HaroldStyles | Apr 11th 2021 14:18

Warlock Noah

Name: Noah bill Kearney

Nickname: Noah or Bill


Age: 25

Sexuality: Male

Race: human

Language: human and a few otber languages

Family: none

Friends: Unknown, Devon , and Robert

Physical Description

Height: 7'5


Hair: short that's black

Eyes: Green

Detailed Physical Description: really tall but not much else not really sent or anything else just tall

Typical Clothing: he was wearing robs that covers all of him but he has another pair of clothes that has a cape some armor

Equipment: some armor and staff with a wand


Personality/Attitude: kind of first but secretly evil rude hateful wants to cause evil and use practice of dark arts

Skills/Talents: mostly to manipulate and convince people that he's good when in actuality he's evil

Favourites/Likes: to fool people for something that he is not truly what he speaks of trick them as well

Most Hated/Dislikes: letting good people and show that he is evil and stopping him from his plans

Strengths: very cunning intelligent very good at manipulation also can cast different types of spells through staff swans voice and hands

Weaknesses: though despite him being very cunning and intelligent with manipulation he does have his limits as a human with spells

Fears: none

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: none

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: none

Sexual Preference/Experience/Values:none

Powers: many different spells and powder sizing cats by using his hands using someone's and the Magical stuff that you mainly use which makes him very powerful and very dangerous for anyone that wants to fight him
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0 | 0 Comments | by TheMysteryMan | Apr 11th 2021 14:16

Feelings [Interactions]

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0 | 0 Comments | by VERONICA | Apr 11th 2021 14:09

Other Plots wanted

I'm looking for but not limited to:

Females: Ariana Grande, Kendall Jenner, Demi Lovato, Lizzo, Gemma Styles, Emma Roberts, Barbara Palvin, Selena Gomez.

Males:Jonas Brothers, Shawn Mendes (TAKEN), the weekened, Justin Bieber!

I'm open to create plots. So come at me with ideas, I'll present my own too!
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0 | 0 Comments | by HaroldStyles | Apr 11th 2021 13:59

One Direction Plot:

Louis Tomlinson

Niall Horan

Zayn Malik

Liam Payne

All needed:

I'd kinda like a ONE D plot I think we could make magic happen and figure out how we want to do this together.

For Louis, my head is I think a bit of a flame from the past between Louis and and Harry would be fun to write. I am bi. I'd consider going that way again if we found a good plot? I do play Harry more female lean.

For Niall: I am not sure.....

For Zayn maybe we could over come Zayn's judgement on Harry and let the two work out the issues, and have like a bromance.

For Liam I've got no idea open to discussion as well!
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0 | 0 Comments | by HaroldStyles | Apr 11th 2021 13:52


----°° GENERAL INFO °°----
Full Name: Rai Nakamura

Nickname, if any: None

Birth date: 03/15

Age: 22

Place of birth: Nagoya, Japan

Ethnic background: Japanese

Religion: Atheist

Brief description of home: 2 bedroom apartment

Do they live with anyone?: No

Describe the area in which they live: Pretty calm

Home decor: Minimalistic, lots of neon lights, black and pink

Pets?: Yes

If yes, what kind and how many?: A white cat

Name(s)?: Boba

Current occupation: Bar tender

Education: Graduated high school

Do they drive? What kind of car do they own, if any?: Yes, but she doesn't own a car

Sexuality: Bisexual

Gender: Female (She/her)

Marital status: Single

Height: 5'4

Weight: 112 lbs

What is their body type?: Ectomorph

Eye color?: Hazel

Do they use glasses? Contacts? Hearing aid?: None

Skin tone (pale, ivory, ruddy, tan, olive, brown, black, etc.): Ivory

Any prominent features, freckles/moles/scars/tattoos/ other distinguishing marks?: S3lf h3rm scars on her wrists, has a few small tattoos of teeth on her wrists

Face shape (round, oval, chubby, thin, long, square, heart-shaped, etc.)?: Thin

General health (good, excellent, poor): Good

Any chronic conditions?: None

Any current health problems?: None

How do they dress: Casually

----°° STYLE °°----
Type of Style: Street techwear

Do they dress to be noticed?: No

Any special jewelry?: None

Other accessories: Has a tongue piercing, and two in each ear lobe

Grooming: Clean

Hairstyle: Messy, has bangs

Natural hair texture: Thick

Current hair texture: Thick

Natural hair color: Black

Current hair color: Light brown

Pace: Average

Accent or dialect, if any: Japanese

Voice tone: Soft, on the higher pitched side

Any favorite/habitual words/phrases or curse words?: None

Describe general vocabulary or speech pattern: A mix of vulgar and educated

Mannerisms/demeanor?: Biting her cheek, chewing her bottom lip, biting her fingernails

Typical posture: A bit slouched

Gestures: Only when excited or nervous

Describe any personal habits: Smoking

Skills/Talents: Adaptable, flexible personality, sympathetic

What are they particularly unskilled at?: Public speaking

Any hobbies: Gardening, jewelry making, painting, collecting energy drink tabs

----°° THE PAST: °°----

Was their childhood happy? Troubled? Dull?: Troubled

Earliest memory: Being bullied when she was 8

Saddest memory: One of her ex girlfriends dying from a car accident

Happiest memory: Graduating school

How much school did they attend, if any?: All

Did/do they like school?: No

Most significant childhood event: Being adopted at age 12

Any police record?: No

Major accidents or traumas?: She used to be abused by her biological parents until age 9

----°° FAMILY OF ORIGIN °°----
Mother's name: Kaori

Mother's current status: Alive

Mother's occupation, if any: None

Describe the mother's relationship with character: Abusive, non existent

Father's name: Akio

Father's current status: Alive

Father's occupation, if any: Unknown

Describe the father's relationship with character: Abusive, non existent

Any step-parents, foster parents,
or birth parents (if not same as above): Akiko and Haru

If they are adopted, do they know?: yes

Any siblings: None

Who, if anyone, is their best or closest friend?: No one

What do most people consider likeable about them?: Her humour

What do most people consider their biggest flaw?: She's very jealous

Have they lost touch with anyone who was once significant in their life?: Yes

Whom do they most rely on for practical advice?: No one

Whom do they most rely on for emotional support?: No one

Whom, if anyone, do they support?: No one

Any psychological issues (e.g. phobias,
depression, paranoia, narcissism, etc.)?: PTSD, depression and anxiety, OLD (obsessive love disorder)

Are they an optimist or pessimist?: Pessimist

Meyers Briggs Personality Type: INFJ

Most comfortable when: Home

Most uncomfortable when: Crowded spaces

Are they cautious, brave, or reckless in his/her approach to life?: Cautious

What do they most value/prioritize?: Her cat

Personal philosophy: Unknown

Political party or beliefs, if any: L

Character's greatest strength: Kindness

Character's greatest flaw: Gets attached easily

Biggest regret: Nothing

Proudest accomplishment: Unknown

Other accomplishments: None

----°° LIKES/FAVORITES °°----
Food: Yakitori

Drink: Energy drinks

Color: Red

Book: Where the Wild Things Are

Film: Where the Wild Things Are

Music/Song: To Play Hide and Seek with Jealousy by Famous Last Words

TV: None

Sport: None
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2 | 0 Comments | by vivisection | Apr 11th 2021 13:44

Lover Plot:

Plot taken.


I'm into something that is more perhaps plotted so we know that we're on the same page. I'm usually a chem-ship person. But i've wanted to do a Taylor Swift and Harry Styles plot for so long. That this is what I have in mind.

Perhaps, we can base it off the Grammy's we engaged with each other. Our managers thought it be good clout for us to be seen having a friendly interaction. Taylor Swift is maturing, and becoming on fire to the public eye once again. Harry has became one of the most beloved rock stars and becoming a star on his own accord after winning a grammy for WaterMelon Sugar High. Nothing, One Direction related in winning besides maybe a strong former fan base. Perhaps we could f***ing hate each other, and we are finally starting to see that maybe Harry isn't that boy constantly wanting to be in the center spot light, that he has a heart and perhaps wanting to settle down. Perhaps, Taylor is learning not to be so cut throat, with sh*t and learning to make peace. While still being a strong influencer for women's rights and standing up for what she believes in. Maybe through interacting and going out, the two can forgive their own toxic past, and let go of in entirety have fun, perhaps, some playful banter, jokes, it can be a fun, romantic, and comically engaged action packed filled love story!

We can change the details and elaborate together but this is what I have in mind

Requirements: Be able to at least write back 2-4 paragraphs.
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0 | 0 Comments | by HaroldStyles | Apr 11th 2021 13:40

Byte the Techie (RWBY)

Full name: Byte Mixer
Nicknames: Techie
Sex/ gender: Male
Age: 16

Physical description:
• (height) 5"8
• (eye colour) Blue
• (hair colour) Bright Red
• (complexion) Caucasian

Usual style:
> Comfy clothing, always has his headphones
> Not always tidy
> Bandages from injuries when he uses his tech clumsily

Personal info:
* Sexual orientation - Bisexual
* sub/ Dom?- Switch
* top/ bottom?- Switch
* marital status- Single
* home life- Orphan
* mental state- Stable

~ favourite food: Steak and Chips
~ favourite drink: Soda
~ favourite sports: None
~ favourite music: Rock
~ favourite colour: Red
~ hobbies: Inventing, Reading, playing video games
~ likes: his teammates, Weapon building and modifying, Movies, Games, pranks
~ dislikes: Physical exercise, Thugs, people touching his babies. (his weapons)

Semblence: Soindwave. Allows the user to produce sounds from his fingertips and lips. Can be used to mimic sounds, and Combined with his weapon, he can produce sonic shots that blast people away, though if strong enough can cause recoil up into his arm.

Weapon: Throwing knives that can store some of his soundwaves and mimic them at a distance. Retracts them with magnetic gloves paired at the same frequency so only them are retracted, and can switch into a canon when all five are together to fire the sonic blast.

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0 | 0 Comments | by RealmOfWonders | Apr 11th 2021 13:37

Dino Devon

Name: Devon Gilbert Cherry

Nickname: Devon or Dr.Cherry


Age: 23

Sexuality: homosexual

Race: half human half dinosaur

Language: human and dinosaur

Family:none or unknown

Friends:used to be Trenton. But not its unknow ,robert and othwrs

Physical Description



Hair: short and straight black

Eyes: Hazel in human form but green and yellow in dinosaur form

Detailed Physical Description: I want more skinnier but less fit looks like a twig besides the dinosaur transformations

Typical Clothing: used to be a black coat but now wearing a black jacket with a purple shirt and black jeans

Equipment: none


Personality/Attitude: very crazy in Lost His Humanity due to the dinosaur form and power that took over him

Skills/Talents: due to his dinosaur like nature he wants to kill cause chaos and wants to rule everything to his will

Favourites/Likes: because chaos kill innocent rules the entire world or Universe with anyone by his side

Most Hated/Dislikes: people who are good trying to stop him and everything else not involve good

Strengths: not very smart by Trenton but has some intelligence unfortunately due to his dinosaur side he's a bit stronger and more durable but stubborn

Weaknesses: how to do this he's not very smart in this human form and it who is identified as he is dinosaur form he has no control over what he does his dinosaur mine clicked out any good apartment

Fears: to become good again

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: none

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: losing his Humanity and control

Sexual Preference/Experience/Values: none

Powers: like Trenton dinosaur form he can transform into any type of dinosaur but since he lost his Humanity he became more violent making him a bit unpredictable with what type of transformation almost combining two transformations which makes him lose all control
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0 | 0 Comments | by TheMysteryMan | Apr 11th 2021 13:28

Robert Dragon

Name: Robert Jack Dragon

Nickname: Rob or jack


Age: Male

Sexuality: bisexual

Race: half human and half dragon

Language: English and dragon


Friends: Unknown Matter and others

Physical Description

Height: 5'11


Hair: kida straight and wavy reddish orange

Eyes: Orange

Detailed Physical Description: oh I on the heavy side but nevertheless not fat fat pretty close to it

Typical Clothing: where is a orange zip up jacket that has a red shirt with blue pants not much else besides the dragon side having dragon armor

Equipment: besides his sword that he can summon the Dragon Killer. Doesn't have much else besides the dragon armor that fits on his body whenever he's in a dragon form


Personality/Attitude: rude hateful pics on people tries to bring them down and tries to turn people against each other

Skills/Talents: very good manipulator breaks down there spirits and wants to cause a bit of Chaos

Favourites/Likes: what's the cause chaos hurt people make them break their spirit make them lose themselves and turn evil

Most Hated/Dislikes: people trying to stop him trying to make them good and bring peace along with them

Strengths: very smart but due to his oversized he has a bit slow in his human form despite the additions of his Dragon side but it makes him a bit more durable but then his Dragon side he's a bit weaker than Chase but to be a force to reckon with

Weaknesses: how to say weaknesses Chase although a bit more carefree but also weakened by fairies magic

Fears: has no fear

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: none

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: none

Sexual Preference/Experience/Values: none

Powers: like Chase Robert can fly have more strength to the normal human but a lot more durable than a Chase and the normal human just a bit more however his powers are different shapes or chased controlled water and fire Robert can control fire and wind
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0 | 0 Comments | by TheMysteryMan | Apr 11th 2021 13:22

About the Admin.


Here are some things to know about me!

* I am 21 plus.

* I DO have discord. Just ask.

* I don't call, share real-life pics or do anything too personal.

* I work and I'm a student, which means I get busy!

* I am taken in real life.

* I am LGBTQ!

* I LOVE writing!

* I LOVE meeting new people!

* I love to SING!


* I am a HYPER BUBBLY person! :)

* I am also VERY KIND in general!

I am JUST the type of person that you'd like to meet.
I am fairly normal in terms of being a roleplayer.
No incest for me. No weirdness for me.
Just kindness, love, and support!

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2 | 0 Comments | by thatsMYpeach | Apr 11th 2021 13:13

Alpha James

Name: James Rick Carter

Nickname: James


Age: 20

Sexuality: straight

Race: half human and half wolf

Language: English and wolf

Family: Jane Carter (Wife) Nicholas Carter (son)

Friends: mystery, Trenton, Chase and a few others

Physical Description

Height: 6'5


Hair: a bit messy but short and curly

Eyes: Blue

Detailed Physical Description: really fit has a few muscles three scars across his lips. In wolf form mostly just covered in white

Typical Clothing: a tank top and some blue jeans not much else really sometimes maybe wear a black jacket

Equipment: none


Personality/Attitude: really kind sweet honest caring also a bit crazy and funny as well

Skills/Talents: can easily survive in the Woods by himself defend himself able to pick up smells in his human form

Favourites/Likes: to be played with have fun stop people from hurting his pack. Having a good time with his wife and his son

Most Hated/Dislikes: belly rubs people who are evil wanting to hurt him or his family and also his pack

Strengths: with his wolf form he's able to have three times the strength of a human three times the speed durability as well

Weaknesses: spy all that in this human form he has half of that power but he also can die from being shot by silver bullets or arrows it won't kill him if he eats it or if touch by it

Fears: not much but the death of his family and silver

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors:none

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: not much sides being hurt by other weapons and stuff

Sexual Preference/Experience/Values: Sam with his wife

Powers: being a half wolf he's able to transform into a wolf anytime he likes to but within the human for me is only half as powerful as it's what for which means he's only half stronger than a human faster and a bit more durable however and his wolf form he's three times stronger faster and durable in a normal average human
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1 | 0 Comments | by TheMysteryMan | Apr 11th 2021 13:04