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Rika Blackwolf

Rika has been around for a very, very long time. She has been my other half in the fantasy world. Here is some information about her~

Name: Rika Blackwolf
Race: Vampire/Human Hybrid
Orientation: Has no preference
Birth place: Mountains of the north
Occupation: Mechanic/Private Investigator for the Supernatural

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'4
Weight:.....A lady never reveals that particular secret

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Animal: Tiger
Favorite Anime: Chrono Crusade, Tokyo Ghoul, Parasyte, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Seven Deadly Sins, Deadman Wonderland, Naruto, One Piece....all of them....
Favorite Movie: Jurassic Park series
Favorite Book: Skulduggery Pleasant
Favorite Flower: White Tulip
Favorite Food: Sushi!
Favorite Drink: Arizona Green Tea
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Screwdrivers and Long Islands
Favorite Hobby: Sitting in the pool under the sun with a drink in her hand

Vampire Characteristics:
+Heightened Senses
+Stronger then normal human
+Has to have blood at least once a month, otherwise she gets very, very sick
+Can hypnotize people for about ten minutes
+Eyes turn red when feeding
+Releases pheromones to attract people and has healing/numbing saliva
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Chiaki Nanami

[First name: Chiaki
[Middle name: -
[Last name: Nanami
[Age: 19
[Date of birth: March 14th
[Gender: Female
[Relationship status: Single
[Sexual preference: None
[Race: Human
[Height: 4'3
[Weight: 101 lbs
[Physical build: Thin, pearing out slightly towards the hips.
[Hair color: Strawberry blonde
[Eye color: A soft pink
[Scars: -
[Wounds: -
[General outfit: White shirt (black line going down the middle, pink bow around neck) dark green hoodie, beige skirt, black knee-highs and pink ballet shoes, wears a pink cat backpack and galaga ship pin in hair
[Misc: -
[Personality type: Soft spoken, Quiet but kind hearted. Slightly spacy.
[Mental status: Mild Narcolepsy (sleeping disorder, sufferer often falls asleep in random locations)
[Social stance: Slight loner
[Likes: Video games (even bad games), rabbits, PVP matches.
[Dislikes: Alarm clocks
[Advantages: Clever, Can easily use her knowledge in gaming into real events, Always the supporter
[Disadvantages: Constantly falls asleep, Can get a little sassy if the other person is rude, Sometimes ends up in her own world. Especially when gaming! Oblivious.
[Title: SHSL Gamer
[Career: -

[Character summary: Chiaki Nanami may seem like a lazy girl who's too busy playing on her handhelds to really communicate but once she meets someone and befriends them she'll often play games with them. (Allowing them to win at times) she's a faithful friend and will never decline an offer to hang out.

-Nanami's favorite series is the Legend of Zelda

[no other headcanons]

This character is suitable for any genre or theme including romance and will fit into any scenario or setting.
(Age can be altered depending on rp. 5 youngest, 30 oldest. No romance below age 16, no N*F* below age 18.)
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Aoi Asahina

[First name: Aoi
[Middle name: -
[Last name: Asahina
[Age: 19
[Date of birth: April 24th
[Gender: Female
[Relationship status: Single
[Sexual preference: No preference
[Race: Human
[Height: 5'3
[Weight: 110 lbs
[Physical build: Strong built, thin, largely busted
[Hair color: Chocolate brown (worn up in ponytail)
[Eye color: Cyan
[Scars: -
[Wounds: -
[General outfit: Red sports track jacket, jean shorts, white tank top, red leg warmer (around left knee), white thigh high socks, hunter green running shoes
[Misc: -
[Personality type: Bubbly, Extroverted, Motivated
[Mental status: √
[Social stance: Outgoing, though doesn't have many friends.
[Likes: Donuts
[Dislikes: Calculating/Calculus, Mathematics in general.
[Advantages: Quick swimmer, Athletic, Attractive personality
[Disadvantages: Slightly ditzy, Gets emotional easily, isn't quick to forgive others
[Title: SHSL Swimmer
[Career: -

[Character summary:
Aoi Asahina is roughly a normal ditzy brown haired girl who has an odd obsession with donuts and sports, she wishes to open her own sweets shop some day. Despite being the SHSL swimmer she doesn't seem to actually enjoy this trait. She prefers taking dips at her leisure rather than doing it for sport. She can be forgetful and drag others around but in the end she means well.


-Aoi is naturally the bigger spoon in any relationship

-Or friendship, she can come off as flirtatious when in reality she's simply being kind!

This character is suitable for any genre or theme including romance and will fit into any scenario or setting.
(Age can be altered depending on rp. 5 youngest, 30 oldest. No romance below age 16, no N*F* below age 18.)
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Matt Murdock/Daredevil

Age: in his thirties

Universe: Marvel


Matt Murdock was raised in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York City, by his father, boxer "Battlin" Jack Murdock. From a young age, Matt was pushed to work hard in school so he wouldn't have to fight like his father. His father worked hard to provide for him so he would have a better life. As boxing work became scarce, Jack went to work for a local mobster, the Fixer, moonlighting as an enforcer in addition to taking fights. While his father was away, Matt secretly started training himself on his father's equipment.

While walking down a street one day, Matt noticed a blind man was about to get hit by a truck. He ran in front of the truck, and pushed the blind man out of the way. However, the truck was carrying radioactive waste, and some spilled out directly onto Matt's eyes causing him to go blind. With his vision gone, Matt's remaining senses of hearing, touch, taste, and smell became heightened, and he was able to "see" using a "radar" sense, that showed outlines and shapes. The radiation also may have had an impact on his mind as well, allowing him to retain information easily.

Matt continued with his studies and his secret training regime. His hard work paid off when he got into Columbia to study law. It was there that he met his roommate and future business partner Franklin "Foggy" Nelson. During this time, Jack Murdock was enjoying some success in the boxing ring, so Matt got tickets for himself and Franklin to go see a bout. However, before the fight Jack found out that all his matches were fixed, and he was going to get killed if he didn't fix the match. Jack didn't want to lose his match in front of his son in the audience, so he went against his orders to fix the match and won. The Fixer did not take this well, and so he took matters into his own hands. Jack Murdock came out after the match and was trying to go home. But, he was murdered minutes that night.

Shortly after, Matt and Nelson graduated from Columbia and started their own law firm Nelson & Murdock right away. After graduation, Matt also devised a plan to avenge his father's death. He made the Daredevil costume, and brought The Fixer and his second-in-command Slade to justice. Thus "the Man Without Fear" was born.
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One day this pain will end.
Whether it be nature or by my own hand.
The pain that darkens my soul will never disappear.
I cannot be save.
I cannot be fixed.
Leave me broken and bleeding.
I do not want your help.
I want to shatter and break.
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