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Ben Redlock

The flames and the smoak is all he could remember from that day, a group of bandits had attacked Ben's village when he was just a little boy. Destroying and killing what they could but Ben's father managed to save him, sending the boy on a horse. The horse was riding for miles trying to make it to the main kingdom of Rekor but in the middle of the night the horse went off trail. Bringing the boy to a dark cave which Ben was scared but it seemed the only way. Half way down Ben met a women by the name Rose who had an injured leg. Trying to save the women Ben was attacked by wolves, nearly almost dead Ben somehow woke up fine. The wolves were dead and Rose was gone, Ben then knew it wasn't fine. A pain in his stomach caused him to groan in pain, standing he noticed his wounds were completely healed and the smell of blood was much stronger. Scared Ben ran outside but instantly felt the burn of the sun, turning back into the cave.

Once the sun had finally gone down Ben went for a hunt, taking down a deer and having a taste of his first kill. Sucking the animal dry, scared that he became a monster he ran as far as he could. Finding himself in a town full of monsters like him, where he met a group of young monsters like him who trained for the games. Learning what he could he went from rookie to the leader of the crew, the crew was know as the BloodShade.
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Henry Morgan

My name is Henry Morgan. My story is a long one. Something happened nearly two centuries ago and I was transformed. My life is just like yours...except for one small difference. It never ends. Every time I die, I always return in water, and I’m always naked. Now you know as much about my condition as I do. Over the years, you could say I've become a student of death. You see, I need to find a key to unlock my curse. So, I currently work for the New York City Medical Examiner’s office. It holds the largest collection of slightly-chilled corpses in the world. If your game is death, you go where the action is.

Dr. Henry Morgan is New York City's star medical examiner and a man whose plight is the exact opposite of that of a normal human. While normal humans do everything they can to prolong their lives, Henry is a man who, no matter how hard he tries, cannot age even a single day he is immortal. In addition, whilst he can (in a sense) "die", every time he dies, he always comes back, no matter how many times he dies and no matter how it is he dies: whether he is stabbed, shot, hung, poisoned, suffocated, hit by a car, electrocuted, gets his throat sliced, drowns in water, falls from great heights, even caught in an explosion, etc. Henry knows little about what happens when he "dies" except that everything on him disappears ,his clothes and personal belongings and he reemerges in a body of water, naked.
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Subject #236

Created in Japan for protection, Subject #236 was quickly sent out across the globe. It's main objective was to protect whoever bought him. But one day a group of hackers had hacked into the main frame of all the robots and used them to take out the human race. A war between humans and machine began but one model and one model only decided to have his own fate. To end the war and start a new with both human's and machines, will this machine succeed or fail in his quest ?
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Syrlos Vinzar

Born in the war of the high elf's and the Dark elf's Syrlos had learned the art of battle at a young age. Created by his parents to destroy their enemies Syrlos's skills grew quick, at the age of seven he already had killed over twenty men. Around the age of 18 the war had finally ended when the high elf's had surrender and went back to their homes in the far off kingdom. Not knowing what to do with himself Syrlos kept working on his skills in the woods eventually meeting a elf by the name Sliver, a beautiful young elf who brought him to the highest peak where he learned that there was more for him then he knew. He became a mercenary after the death of Sliver, knowing one day he would too die. Hoping to be reunited with Sliver in the afterlife but for now he would continue to fight on.
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Hawkins Lab File

Name: Nico
Alias: Twelve
Age: 20
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White
Hair Color: Blonde sometimes brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5ft 6 1/2 in
Weight: 119Lbs
Scars: Multiple


Sonic Scream
Astral Projection
Element Manipulation
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