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While heading back home from the tavern, Jingyi retries to talk with YooJin about the matter, as promised.
He spent part of his evening stealing, basically, so he cannot judge him and be that angry, he just would have liked that at least him, he would have managed to remain clean, since he sees him as a little brother by now.
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NSFW Details

== Results from ==
100% Brat
100% Rope bunny
97% Degradee
96% Submissive
87% Masochist
82% Vanilla
75% Boy/Girl
75% Experimentalist
75% Pet
63% Exhibitionist
60% Primal (Prey)
59% Slave
59% Switch
47% Non-monogamist
46% Ageplayer
46% Voyeur

Hard turn offs: Feet kinks, scat play, piss play.

Turn ons: Praise kink, blood kink, forced orgasms, choking, spanking, smacking, spitting, hair pulling, degradation, bondage, overstimulation.
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★Whisou Wildheart | Character [ Heresy ]

#Whisou | 「Whisou Wildheart 」| Eromance Fantasy Oc ★
Main OC Genres: Action | Adventure | Romance | Magical | Fantasy | Modern | Drama | Any |
Introduction | 「 Fast Oc Introduction 」| #Biography
#FastInfo★ | For the weak readers

Whisou Wildheart is what can be called A "Successful sinner." Originally Whisou was A bratty rich girl that killed her own father and mother to inherit their vast wealth before dying young of A drug overdose and alcohol poisoning due to the many parties she carelessly threw afterward. This cruel irony only got her kicked her in Hell where she was lucky enough to find A devil nice enough to trade her A second chance in the underworld and she was wise enough to take it. Starting at first as A poor slave accomplishing meaningless tasks for soul keeper in exchange of not being tortured she kept the heat off her body for A good 100 years before acquiring enough power and connections to get herself free by murdering her devil and offering its soul to others taking it's powers and freedom in the process. She now inhabits the city of "Fukka" in the region of Lust and offers free tours of Hell country's most exquisite areas for A bit of gold. She despites Belle Revolt as she makes the same work but for free which is of course for her A waste of time and unfair to her business's full of scams they say.
#Personality★ | 「Character Personality」:

Whisou is A brat. That should be all that there is needed to say, however she does have A little deeper of A personality supposedly. Whisou loves Money and any pleasures of life, in fact so much she died of it. This girl has no moderations and her blood boils to her head faster than any living or dead creatures in this realm. Emotive and easily upset she can sometimes show herself to be impulsive and impredictible if provoked. On a normal basis, she'll be A mean little brat that talks loud but dosen't doo much.

We call it THE MEGA-BITCH...but don't tell her...she might bite!

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Artemis Snow

ne sentence description:


Full Name: Artemis Snow
Place of Birth:Don’t know he’s an orphan
Birthday: December 12
Currently living in: dorm
Species/Race: half dragon
Sexual Orientation:Gay


Body Build:Tall and thin
Weight:118 pounds
Skin color: Pale
Hair style:Short
Hair color:blonde but dyed black
Eye color:blue
Distinguishing Features: his eyes
Preferred Clothing:


General health:good
Posture: he slouches slightly
Any physical illnesses?:no
Any mental illnesses?:impulsive and has a mood disorder
Take drugs?:no

Mental/Emotional State

Mental age:17-18
Act before thinking/Think before acting?:Both


Way of speaking: he has a slight Swedish accent
Made-up words?:no
Made-up language?:no
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}{ au guidelines }{

U N L E A S H⠀T H E⠀B E A S T⠀❧

!! NOTE !! Please like this blog after reading these guidelines so we know you've understood them.

1. This AU is made for female villains only. I know the temptation to make a hot boy villain is strong (believe me, I know) but the whole reason we've created this AU is because we've come to understand that female accounts "flop" and we're hoping those that want/have wanted a female account can now make one and have a small AU community supporting them and keeping up interactions.

2. It is expected that an AU with villains will likely have a lot of in-character drama. But that is where the line will be drawn. That is to say absolutely no OOC drama or trouble will be tolerated. At the end of the day, please remember that every other admin is a person just like you and respect them as you wish to be respected,

3. There's no powerplaying or godmodding. Please refrain from making your character an overpowered badass that no one can take down.

4. The location for this RP is New York City, US. Please make sure your character is located accordingly to make for seamless and consistent RP.

5. Despite the AU being for villainesses, those who don't wish to make villainesses are more than welcome to interact with the characters within the AU.

6. That being said, please please be aware that these ladies are not of the best moral standing (some are even deadly) which can cause for an unpleasant experience for your character. It really sucks to put effort into building your character to be a certain way only for people to get offended by it. Admin discretion is advised.

7. In light of that also, this AU will likely be dealing with a lot of triggering themes as well since it is fairly darkly themes. Also, after creating your character, please let us know what triggering themes you might include in your plot so that we can let others know here. Trigger warnings: gore, violence, physical & psychological torture, alcohol & drug abuse.

!! BONUS !! And likely most importantly, please communicate admin-to-admin/out-of-character about anything that you feel needs to be addressed. OOC communication in RP is just as important as RP itself.

created in partnership with my wife & my side bitch ❤


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4 | 0 Comments | by omerta | 4 hours ago