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The sad story of Qi Xui.

QI Xui was born as the last daughter of the QI Clan Leader, in Fox's Burrows.
She was never a particularly strong person, neither mentally nor physically. She wasn't brave nor very smart or a good student, overall, a weak personality, a mediocre girl without big ambitions.
She was a good person, though, just someone who'd rather live a safe and peaceful life, than hunt monsters.

She attended a few lectures in other clans together with her siblings, including one in the Zimkesha Sect.
Life proceeded with high and lows, but overall well for her, until the year her Sect and Clan turned to the bad side. As her father, her family, started to do evil things, she didn't approve of them but she didn't oppose either. She didn't stand against them, she wws too scared to take position and even to leave her home. Where would she go, all alone? She wasn't the type other Sects would love to take in among theirs.

Things took a drastic turn a little over 1 year before the current date, when some good Sects attacked the YunQi, after their treason.
In that occasion, Xui didn't even try to fight, she hid and just hoped nobody would find her, but at the end of the battle she was of course found by the adepts of the Juku Sect.
At first there were debates among the sects that participated to the attack regarding what to do with her. Needless to say that many would have just killed her, but thanks to the intervention of the Ashiiha Sect.

In the end, she was spared but taken prisoner by the Juku Sect and they didn't go easy on her at all.
Regardless she was only 13 at the time, and didn't actually do anything bad herself, they had no mercy and tormented her for over an year, until the Ashiiha sect managed to convince them to hand her over to them.
She lived some peaceful months with them, but the scars left didn't manage to heal. She considered taking her life many times and even had some failed attempts before.

Her short time of peace ended when the sect of Ashiiha had to join the other smaller sects in the Eternal Abyss for safety, as the remnants of Juku Sects were there two, including some of the guys who abused her during her captivity in their sect.
She tried to avoid them, as much as she tried to avoid WuNing, whom she knows was cursed and betrayed by her older sister Cai, but the Juku guys didn't miss the chance to mock and bully her.
That unbearable situation pushed all her suicidal thoughts back to her. The only thing that made her a bit hesitant was that with herself gone, her whole sect would be too, lost forever.

That's where she got the idea of the Sacrifice Curse, that she studied during the lectures in Zimkesha Sect. If she can get the soul of an ancestor to replace hers, she will be able to rest peacefully in the afterlife, without a big regret.
As all eastern are fond of their ancestors, she had to study her family tree and there she came across the name of Qi XuanYu, known as one of the most prideful and worthy clan leaders the QI ever had, plus a cultivator of excellent skills. Someone like him would surely know how to save the, pretty much dead, sect and bring it to new life, plus, what would save those people.who hurt her from him?

She didn't hesitate the slightest. She just had to try the ritual a few times before making it successful.
In the hurry to leave the world of the living, Xui failed to tell XuanYu about the people she wanted to take revenge over, but the curse left the marks for it nonetheless.
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Dark rituals.

Suddenly she opens her eyes. She feels confused, extremely weak, she doesn't understand what's around her but she starts getting overwhelmed by her last memories. Battle, blood, voices. 'Ziyuan', 'Dragon of the East', 'Tianshu Ziyuan!', 'Clan Leader!', 'Don't do it!', 'Senior Sister!'. More screams in echo. A huge dark creature, a ritual. It is still unclear to her the meaning of all of it, as her memories are not yet back. She is only sure she was dead, finally in peace. What called me back? What is this? - she thinks.

Around her, she starts to recognize a tent, a large mark on the ground made of blood. Her own blood, she notices many cuts on her arms and realizes what kind of ritual it was.
She finds a letter before her, a message from the real owner of the body. Luckily it is still ancient dolashin that she can understand. She rubs her eyes then aims to read. The writing is very messy, the paper is dirty of blood and a bit wet. Blood and tears? She was desperate - she thinks.

| If I have done everything correctly, you are Tianshu Ziyuan. Clan Leader of the Long Sect.
*illegible words* |
''My Ziyuan? is right. But who are you? Sect...SiWang Sect, Wang Clan? Should be it. What grudges do you have? And how many.'' Ziyuan looks at her arms. Many of the cuts were for the blood needed for the ritual but it is clear which are the ones that should instantly heal. She counts four and reading through the letter, she eventually finds the names, or manages to interpret. ''Zhi...Chao...Kim Minah...Zhi Zhuliu and...Wen Lian, from SiWang Sect? Her own Sect? Fine, whatever...they always want revenge. What did they do to you...Wang Ziyi?'' Suddenly she feels pain in her belly and notices more blood coming out from below.
Studying better the room, she notices some scary tool, dirty of blood. She takes one but cannot figure out what it is. If she wasn't tough, the sight of it could cause vomit.
She keeps studying the tent, there are not even clean clothes to change, nor food. The tent itself is not properly made, it is overall bamboo and leaves.
She decides to get rid of everything for her own safety, especially marks of the ritual. She causes a little fire to destroy evidence then starts to move, regardless the pain all over her body. She manages to find a river where she stops to drink and can finally see her face. She notices a bruise mark on her neck, like someone used something in metal, extremely hot, to do it on purpose. She made her own theory about this girl's story by now.
She doesn't know where she is and still cannot recognize the place, she keeps moving for a while in the unknown territory when she notices troops. She manages to spot someone in particular giving her a strange vibe. It is Xie.
She looks at herself. She couldn't have a more desperate look not even if she tried, so she just lets herself fall on their way, begging for help. ''Help me, juseyo...'' She forces herself to show tears too.

Sizhui is ahead and actually recognizes the girl. ''She was another hostage when we went to the Clan Zhi, I remember her...'' He approaches to support her. After the mess with Turchese, they split and they couldn't bring everyone in Shiinden. The girl had the bad luck to come across Zhuliu and Chao. ''We send someone to bring her back to the outpost? Or to Clan Leader Yung?''
''Bring her to our outpost. We'll decide later.''
''Ne.'' Zhui keeps supporting her, accompanying her to Deidara. ''Bring her back. Give her WuNing's blessed water.''
Ziyuan lets them do, pretending to be even worse than she actually is. Her energy is very low at the moment and couldn't use her powers even if she wanted, so she can only let others take care of her.
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Things I Rp!

Camp camp
- Daniel x David
South park
- Craig x Tweek
- Stan x Kyle
- Token x Clyde
Dangan ronpa
- Gundham x Souda
- Komaeda x Hinata
- Mondo x Ishimaru
Welcome to Nightvale
- Cecil x Carlos
Adventure Time
- Marshall x Gumball
Hazbin Hotel
- Angel Dust x Alastor
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▶ Don't start our conversation with a starter! I wanna discuss the plot and our characters first before we start. And, of course, I wanna get to know the person I'm gonna roleplay with.

▶ At least be semi-lit. I will not write one-liners at all. I prefer to write paragraphs (though I will only write a few sentences if I'm super busy; that won't be all time, I like to provide enough information for my roleplay partner).

▶ No text talk or asterisks. When discussing the plot and having OOC discussions, that's totally fine! I like to type out my posts in third-person, past tense as well. If my partner could reflect that, it would be great to see, but that's optional. Just don't use first-person during the roleplay.

▶ Come with some ideas at hand! I will have some ideas posted on my profile for people to look at. If those aren't what you prefer in a roleplay, we can always discuss another plot for the roleplay.

▶ I will only roleplay with people of age. No minors, please! I tend to roleplay darker themes/genres so I don't feel comfortable including underaged individuals.

▶ No mary-sues or gary-sues! I do like strong characters and/or other species, but it's different when the characters are unstoppable or unlikeable.

▶ Going along with strong characters: no controlling my characters as well! If it goes with the story and I give permission, it's permitted. However, anything besides that isn't acceptable.

▶ Enjoy the roleplay!


That's all that I have to say for the rules! I hope it's not too picky and I didn't scare off anyone that wants to roleplay with me. Once you read the rules and understand, definitely send a message and I'd love to start roleplaying with you!~

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Park Hades

March 9, 1993



Gay + Demiromantic



- Father (Alive)
- Mother (Alive)

Relationship Status:



Quiet, introverted. Does not talk very much, being used to being shut down. Holds a lot of insecurities and self-hatred. Apologises for almost everything.

The views he holds on the ABO system are quite toxic and skewed and it reflects his upbringing. Though he holds these toxic standards only towards himself.

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...........SO DON'T TELL ME..........

[Backstory - TBA]
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....YOU CARE NOW....

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Originally designated as "Sentry," Sparkbreaker has earned her nickname in the most unusual way, ancient history in her optics. As a decorated soldier, she can only be described as calculated, devoted fully to whatever she believes in, no matter how psychotic her position may be. However, she questions all of her choices, fully excepting that she does not have all the answers and must learn from her mistakes. Of which she has made many.

(Sparkbreaker is 10000000000000% crafted from the universe of Transformers, which I am a STUPID fan of and am obsessed with more than anything. However, she can be used for other plots and universes. Keep in mind she is easily over 19ft tall)
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Overview of Angelo. (WIP.)

Premise of Character: A coffee-and-cigarettes-for-breakfast occultist private investigator who practices necromancy, takes too many cases that can’t pay a dime of his already-overdue monthly mortgage, and usually finds himself piling up more bodies during his investigation than the one the case is centered on. Usually up to his ears in police investigations on his conduct and demons that want to personally drag him to hell. Usually visits his mother the Jim Beam drinking Haitian priestess for advice.

Name: Angelo Allred Bartrop

Alias: The Occultist

Age: 35

Alignment: Chaotic Good (hates bureaucracy. Places a value on personal freedoms. Has a code of principles. Operative style is out of sync with social norms. Will break laws and rules to accomplish acts of justice. Generally intends to do the right thing, but plays by his own rules.)

Type of Villainy / Heroism (if applicable): Anti-Hero

Blood Type: O

Species: Human (w/ Supernatural abilities)

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 190 lbs.

Place of birth: Queens, New York

Occupation: Occult Detective. (A private investigator whose work centers on supernatural, mystical, or demonic themes. Work includes searching for clues beyond human means to gather evidence for court cases or private clients, verifying information about a case involving a supernatural suspect, tracking and finding supernatural persons of interest, finding missing persons, performing exorcisms, and offering expertise on demonology.)
Organization: Bartrop Detective Agency

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Scars: Small knife scar across the nose.

Character History:

Angelo Bartrop is the youngest of three children, having both a brother (Neil) and sister (Maya, a self-described bohemian who changed her name to ‘Indigo’). Bartrop’s mother Anna hailed from Haiti and was known as a voodoo priestess; his father Michael met her in Queens, New York, where he was born and raised, and worked on the boating docks. She is an expert on both voodoo and necromancy. Angelo’s mother ran a small shop for herbs and often made Angelo accompany her on trips picking up ingredients for her ritual practices. Angelo’s father has been practicing necromancy for over twenty years due to his wife Anna’s influence. Both parents began influencing Angelo’s interest in the dark arts at an early age.

Angelo greatly looked up to his older brother Isaac, a cop who participated in acts of extortion on behalf of the mob for undisclosed sums. After a rival mob outfit killed Isaac for extorting one of their businesses, Angelo became inspired to become a detective himself, and became one after about eight years on the police force.

However, a lifetime distrust of government and law enforcement agencies, both spurned by his parents’ mutual distrust and believing corruption to have been a factor in his brother’s death, did not help him keep the job long. After getting into fights with his own fellow officers participating in mob activity, Angelo was framed by the same officers as a covert drug dealers. Several kilos of cocaine were planted in his house. An investigation by internal affairs determined that the drugs belonged to Angelo, leading to his immediate dismissal from the force.

Seeking to turn his own fortunes around, he formed his own business, a private investigation company (“Bartrop Detective Agency”), which he has run by himself ever since. He is a licensed private investigator and necromancer. While he is often called in to assist police on cases, previous negative history leads him to have a confrontational relationship with most officers in general.

In addition to being a master-level necromancer, Angelo will resort to illegal means to resolve his cases, such as wiretapping and wire fraud. Usually strapped for cash, most of Angelo’s jobs are based on a need to pay his mortgage.


1. Does this character kill people? Only when necessary.

2. Has he killed before? Yes, though he always regrets it. He will kill demons and supernatural types without hesitation, but don’t underestimate his ability to knock off a few human jerks to get the information he needs. This is similar behavior to what led to his brother’s death, so it always bothers him to take this sort of action. But killing is always an option for Angelo.

3. What would drive him to kill someone? If it gets him closer to solving a case, and the person is an a**hole, he’ll consider it.

4. What would cause him to tell a lie? A need to get out of trouble. Angelo lies very casually. He will lie to gain opportunity and influence.

5. In what kind of situation would he steal? If he believes an item to be key to solving a case, he probably would. Usually he’ll steal related to achieving justice or solving a case. He has to feel that it’s necessary to getting a case solved.

6. If someone were to steal from him, what would he do about it? Find and confront the thief. He may rough up the suspect, but wouldn’t hurt him too severely (unless the item was of extreme importance.)

7. If a friend betrayed him to an enemy, what would Angelo do about it? Confront the friend and sever contact.

8. What kind of situation would cause him to ask for help? Anything to solve a case. He’s really a detective at his core.

9. If interrogated by the police, would he tell them the truth? Yes. Almost always.

10. If interrogated by the mob, would he give them information? No. Almost never.

11. Does Angelo fight dirty? Yes, without hesitation. He relies on his magic in combat and otherwise is a street fighting, brawling type.

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(Wip) Jenna Amano

A young teenage girl who's a bit of a shut in, she seems shy but doesn't have too many problems talking to people, she just avoids people because conversing is a little awkward for her in person, though she can be a little snarky..
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The Slayer Knight

Work in progress
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My unicorn story on the last unicorn

Working on it ............................
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Name - Mika Nanakawa

Stage name - Rainbow Mika

Height - 5'6

Hair - Blonde Pigtails

Eyes - Blue

Occupation - Pro Wrestler

Orientation - Bi

Nationality - Japanese

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1. BEN's ears perk up when he's happy and droop when he's annoyed/sad/bored.

2. Actually is really f***ing smart but likes having people underestimate him so he can purposely destroy their ego.

3. Chronic stoner.

4. Is willing to share his weed with people he likes - otherwise, he's stingy asf.

5. He smokes weed when he starts glitching out really bad to calm down his nerves.

6. Major hydrophobia.
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