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Ira Diamond [Modern Drama, Fandomless + AUs]


NAME ira alexander diamond



AGE twenty-nine

D.O.B march 3rd

P.O.B provo, utah, usa

CURRENT RESIDENCY hartford, connecticut, usa | smith's exhibition warehouse (secretly, v. dependent)

LANGUAGE(S) english

GENDER | SPECIES male | human

ORIENTATIONS pan-demisexual, panromantic


OCCUPATION bank teller (pre-accident), artist (post-accident), freakshow performer (secretly, v. dependent)

AFFILIATION bastion financial (bank, formerly), diamond banking family (estranged), ian diamond (bastion bank owner, estranged father), ari diamond (wealth management advisor, estranger older brother), mia garner (speech-language pathologist, formerly), emerson harmon (psychical therapist, formerly)

ORIGIN fandomless original character 


FACE CLAIM jack huston

EYES brown

HAIR black

SKIN fair

HEIGHT 6' 4''

ETHNICITY danish, german, italian, mizrahi jewish, scotch-irish, welsh


OTHER DISTINGUISHING FEATURES disfigured left half of face (missing left eye, most of cheekbone, & left half of upper jaw); tin mask to cover disfiguration; gravelly voice


MORAL ALIGNMENT lawful neutral (pre-accident); chaotic neutral (post-accident)

TRAITS creative, melancholic, empathetic, self-critical, anxious, insecure, curious, perceptive, self-denying, serious, intuitive, meticulous, allocentric, compliant, troubled, sensitive, self-effacing, pessimistic, messy, bashful, sedulous

GOALS make his father proud (pre-accident, failed); feel in control of his own life (ditto); live for himself (ditto); communicate with others (post-accident); discovering new & unorthodox methods of communication (ditto)

FEARS spiraling out of control (pre-accident); failing to live up to others' expectations (pre-accident, less so post-accident); firearms (especially shotguns, post-accident); total vision & hearing loss (ditto)

HOBBIES reading plays; listening to old radio dramas, podcasts, & audiobooks; sketching; painting; whistling (to key)



CRIMINAL RECORD attempted suicide (sentenced to eleven months in a mental hospital)

CRIMES COMMITTED attempted suicide

PHYSICAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS near-sightedness, clinical depression, tinnitus (post-accident), broca's aphasia (ditto), vision loss (missing left eye, ditto), difficulty chewing (due to partial loss of jawbone, ditto), mild nerve damage (to left cheek, ditto)

FAMILY ava diamond (née ware, estranged mother), morgan roy-diamond (estranged step-mother), ian diamond (estranged father), ari diamond (estranged older brother), renee diamond (née gorman, estranged sister-in-law), carly diamond (estranged niece), key (pet harz roller canary)

RELIGION agnostic

DRINK | SMOKE | DRUGS sometimes | no | no

SONG(S) Nirvana's "Blew" (), Alice in Chains' "Man in the Box" () & Gojira's "L'Enfant Sauvage" ()

      STORY (W.I.P)


      VERSES (W.I.P)

VERSE 2;  tba
VERSE 3; [locked verse w/ FlamingHot]  It wasn't a surprise to Ira that there were folks out there who still gawked at the "freaks" of the world.  It was, however, surprising that they wanted to gawk at him.  He was approached by a handler, a scout of sorts, who offered to house, clothe, and feed him in exchange for active participation in their underground freakshow.  They wanted his work, his talent for painting a discernment of any given individual, and his marred face.  Ira had nothing at the time; his family all but abandoned him, his former occupation was as hell on Earth.  He considered it, then accepted the proposition.  Performing for the rich, how bad could that be? 
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He is now 21 years old and lives quite well, the people around him knows that he is really delicate in cleaning matter so they try to respect his spaces. He hates also to be touched by strangers and when things are not at their place.
Fortunately he was born rich and he has a lot of servants that work to make him feel at ease (He works to refine their works but it feels good the same).
He has to admit that his times at the military camp were hard but he certainly doesn't know what is coming. (There was a period during the camp when he was angry at Yichuan but after his return from the north they avoided to talk about it.)
He is that way from when he was young and the father didn't accepted it and making him feel bad about it made it become worse.

He is going to eat at the dining hall, he has with him his personal kit to eat so he takes only the food there. Just because it would get bad if he takes it with him from the morning or this is what the people said.
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↬ 【How I Roleplay】

» I only roleplay with 16+ people.
» I will only do literate Semi Paras and up. No one-liners.
» I allow all kinds of roleplay. But plots must be needed.
» I'm absolutely okay with a week late responses. You don't need to apologize.
» I like it when both teams work on a plot together so both have something we like.
» I like to know which character you're using beforehand so I can study them because I'm weird.
» I start out with semi paras and then I move forward if I like our roleplay. I'll go all the way to a novella if both parties will do novella. But I will not start long.
» I put many small details into my roleplay. I hope you're alright with that.
» I am very slow-paced when it comes to responding. I will respond within the hour. If it's a novella, Possibly a week and a half. (If I work on it constantly.)
» I usually do ";;" or "((" when I'm out of roleplay.
» I usually write a status that I won't be in a day or two beforehand but if I don't do that, please just message me so I can respond. I don't mind being spammed. Please keep it to a minimum though.
» I'm very friendly, if you ask me to change something I won't get mad, I'll fix it right away.
» You can change the plot anytime and we can start a new roleplay I'm very flexible.
» Please be kind to me I haven't roleplayed in almost a year...
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Elinara Bast

↬ 【Min Chihu】

The basics:
Full name:  Min Chihu.
Nicknames: Chi.Age: Eighteen.
Mental Age: Seven.
Physical Age:  Sixteen.Birthday: October 23rd.
Zodiac: Scorpio.
Nationality: Korean.
Languages: Chihu's first language was Korean but he also learned English at a young age and is mostly fluent in English. 
Accent: He has a decently thick Korean accent when speaking English.Gender:: Male.
Pronouns: He/Him.
Sexual Orientation: Gay.
Species: Human. 
- - - Appearance:..
Height: 5'6
Weight: 58 kg
Skin Color:  He has a pale porcelain complexion. 
Hair/Hair color: His hair would be messy, usually looking as if he just walked out with bed hair. His hair was originally but he dyed it white once he turned eighteen so he didn't look like his father. 
Eyes/Eye Color: They show off as a golden/hazel
Body: Ectomorph
Glasses: He likes to wear glasses solely for style.  
- - - Personality:..
 Min Chihu shows off as a social and extrovert, always having friends by his side wherever he is. He's very approachable and will always greet you with a smile. But, he can get angered easily. He often is called a child that has too many tantrums. Besides his temperament, he is very active and playful with others.Usual Mood: He usually is in a fair mood, although it could drastically change any moment in time. 
Fears: He keeps his fears locked away from others to see. He is afraid of insects and being alone. His sole purpose is to stay with someone even an animal so he isn't all by himself. 
Hobbies: Chihu likes to try everything but he stuck onto swimming and dancing since he deeply enjoys being active and doing activities with others.
Soft Spot: He has a soft spot for animals of all kinds, especially big dogs. If he sees a stray on the side, he'll take it and keep it for himself, of course going to the vet making sure the animal itself was okay and not injured or has any disease. 
Guilty Pleasure: He binges on sweets too much. Mostly mochi but all sweets he loves. 
Talents: He's not specifically talented in many things, his hobbies are his only talents. Only swell at sports but academics is a whole different story. 
- - - Residence:..Town/City/Place/Rural: Chihu had recently moved to Busan's suburbs but was living Seongnam-si where it was less crowded and much calmer than Busan. He currently moved to Busan by himself once he had turned 18 and went off to seek his own future for himself. 
Type of House: He didn't move to Busan for no reason. Chihu came from a decently wealthy family, and under his name was left a Hanok in Busan by his grandparents. Although, he was the youngest of the family his grandparents loved him more than anything and left their house with him. To him, he thought it was a new start for himself. 

Roommates/Family: He had no family or friends living with him currently. But he did have two dogs. Two huskies, both male. There was Byeol who was gray and white and had huge golden eyes that shone out more than anything. He was called Byeol (meaning star) once Chihu saw those eyes. The other was Seok. He was purely black, looking more like a wolf. But, he usually laid around the house doing nothing but sleep. Chihu named him Seok (meaning rock) because he was basically a rock around the house. Chihu loved them both dearly as they were both strays when he had found them. They are both 2 years old. 

Other Possessions: Chihu saved prized possessions given from his grandparents, such as statues, presents, books, drawings, and other artistic things. They were really important to him. Especially the plushies that had been given down to him from his Grandmother. 
- - - Backstory:..Childhood (1-12): Chihu grew up in a wealthy family, always having to stay with his grandparents as both his mother and father went on business trips most of his life. At a young age of five, he was taught different advanced things, learning music and instruments or acting more properly at a table and sometimes going on business trips to meet other wealthy families with children of his age. When he wasn't hanging out with his grandparents or going on important trips, he spent his time alone around his house. He usually did the same routine of getting up, homework, eat, and sleep. It drove him crazy which lead to the fear of being alone later on. He and his parents didn't have a good relationship, they'd usually fight to cause Chihu becoming more rebellious through his middle school years. 
Teen Years (13-17):  As Chihu grew his hatred grew more for his parents as they constantly fought with him about grades and acting more "normal" for the family. He wasn't invited to any dinners and was left alone. His grandparents had suffered a great illness with his grandfather passing away due to his weak immune system. He had gone down to Busan to go to the funeral. He stayed with his grandmother until she passed a few months later from old age. He had moved back to  Seongnam-si where his parents were and mentally abused him throughout the start and finish of highschool. As he went through the years, he became more social and had friends to hang out with so he didn't go back to his parents. His older brothers had already left for college when he was a second-year at high school so he couldn't hang with anyone till he made some friends at his school. He used them as excuses to stay away from home and avoided the loneliness he had dealt with till now. His last year in high school ended well as he said goodbye to his friends when graduating figuring around seven months later that once he turned eighteen he could go live in the Hanok left by his grandparents that was under his name and so he went that next day, not seeing his friends again. 
Present: Chihu currently lives in Busan, about to go to college in the city. He hadn't talked to his parents since the day he left  Seongnam-si. He didn't really care either. He was happier with his dogs and online friends, some that even are at the college he was entering or some becoming a freshman with him at the college. He was excited to make new friends.  
Good Memories: All his good laid upon his grandparents when he went to Busan with them and walked around the city and saw the huge buildings to the cute book stores and cafes. He loved these walks or when it was movie night and they watched cute kid movies with him when he was younger. 
Bad Memories: He doesn't exactly have bad memories since none were actually bad. Just only bad encounters. That's what Chihu thinks. He doesn't think bad memories exist. They're just truthful yet painful memories that happened to lead to this moment. 
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