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★ | Playlist

[ Under construction ]
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☆ | In the end, you are all I have:

C O N N E C T I O N S:

[ This is Jacob's list of friends & family. They are awesome people on this site, and you should check them out!! ]


[N/A : Currently looking for mains!]

━━━━━━━━ ♡ ━━━━━━━


[N/A: Currently looking for mains!]
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★ | About Jacob

[ Under Construction ]
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[] Name [] Destiny

[] Age [] 27

[] Gender [] Female

[] Height [] 5’ 2 ft

[] Sexual Orientation [] Bisexual

[] Occupation [] Song writer

[] Personality [] Caring, Open-Minded, Smart, Fast thinker, Quiet, Always has second thoughts, Gullible

[] Likes [] Music, Making songs, Coffee, Going out, The beach, Sushi, Tiramisu

[] Dislikes [] Loud places, The dark
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1 | 0 Comments | by Mochi | Mar 3rd 2024 12:56


[] Name [] Lily

[] Age [] 21

[] Gender [] Female

[] Height [] 5’3 ft

[] Sexual Orientation [] Bisexual

[] Occupation [] Author

[] Personality [] Quiet, M*tu*e, Caring, Helpful, Sweet, Sensitive, Insecure, Procrastinates

[] Likes [] Reading, Tea, Cats, Going to the library, Writing books, Walks, Stargazing, Watching the sunset

[] Dislikes [] Violence, Loud places/People
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1 | 0 Comments | by Mochi | Mar 3rd 2024 12:55


[] Name [] Sakura

[] Age [] 19

[] Gender [] Female

[] Height [] 5’4 ft

[] Sexual Orientation [] Bisexual

[] Occupation [] College Student

[] Personality [] Bubbly, Sweet, Caring, Airhead, Gullible, Smart, Quiet, Open-minded, Childish

[] Likes [] Going out, Roller Coasters, Candy/Sweets, Cats, Pink, Flowers, Spending time with people she loves

[] Dislikes [] Violence, Rude people, Negativity
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1 | 0 Comments | by Mochi | Mar 3rd 2024 12:55


[] Name [] Akari

[] Age [] 19

[] Gender [] Female

[] Height [] 5 ft

[] Sexual Orientation [] Bisexual

[] Occupation [] College Student & Part-Time Librarian

[] Personality [] Shy, Quiet, Gullible, Naive, A bit of an airhead, Friendly, Empathetic, Sensitive, Stubborn, Caring

[] Likes [] Boba, Desserts, Reading, Going on walks, Hanging out with her loved ones, Trying new things, Horror movies

[] Dislikes [] Heights, Being alone in the dark, Making people feel bad, Saying no to people
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0 | 0 Comments | by Mochi | Mar 3rd 2024 12:34

My Rules


I require people to read and sign my rules. There are things on here people need to understand and follow.

Sign with one of your character/s bad habits and why.


I am not Camilla Mendez. I am not playing any of the characters she has played as. This character is an OC Teen Wolf Character, fit for "Supernatural themes and even the show. I don't claime to know or be the actress.


I am on almost everyday, unless I am busy with my best friend or family.
I give everyone around one month to get stuff going with me. I check messages. If you and I aren't talking before the first Sunday of the Month then I will be deleting, you. You may add me back, but if you sit on my list again? You will be blocked.


I am very pick with who I add or request on here.

Who I add. People who have information on their profile about their character/s and I was interested, so I added.

Who I don't add. People who are all about cex, wrestlers, anime and empty profiles. (Put something on your profile so people know what character is about.)

Private Profiles: If I know your character and you have details about it in your header, then I will determine if I add you or not. (Nothing on your header that peaks my interest, I will deny).

I realize that their is a lot of drama ooc, that will not be tolerated here. If I am dragged into it, by whichever party decided I need to be a part of it, will be blocked once found out.

Drama in-character is always welcomed.

While we mentioned it above, I would like to say a few things.
one, don't add me just to play with my character. She is not a slut.
Two, I want a slow burn relationship, where you and my character, can get to know each other and form a relationship.
No RL relationship except friendship.

I am a m*tu*e writer. I will mention cex, blood, gory details, and much more. All M*tu*e Content will be marked with M+18 Only, when I make such posts.

I can write from a paragraph to multiple paragraphs, sometimes even novella. Just depends on my mood, and muse. (100 words or more; nothing less than 100 words will be acceptable.)

I write in a group forum, and only use messages for OOC/plotting. It makes it easier on me. I can keep track better, when it is in a forum then in messages. (Also makes it great for editing whenever you need too.)
Comments have been disabled; this will remain so. I dislike comments.


Wild Kitten aka Ekaterina Petrushanko is an OC Teen Wolf Character.
She is a were-panther. Bitten by an unknown shifter on her way back to her collage dorm.

Ekaterina is kind-hearted and wants to help everyone she can.
She is a rookie police officer at Beacon Hills Police Department.
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2 | 0 Comments | by WildKitten | Mar 3rd 2024 12:32


Hi I’m zayn and these are my Rules..

1) Always be In character No unnecessary Drama.

2)Be patient with me.

3) If we are roleplaying let’s continue till it ends or just let me know if you have lost the interest its fine let me know that.

4) i do have a life outside roleplay so i will be on and off

5) if we roleplay please try to write a para or semi para

Please read it before we speak or roleplay
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0 | 0 Comments | by Zaddy | Mar 3rd 2024 11:43

+*~ Scenarios ~*+

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+*~ Fandoms ~*+

Hi! This is where you can find the verses/fandoms I play and know! If there’s no characters next to the fandom then I most likely play an OC. But feel free to give me a character suggestion if you’d like! Not even that but we can also do crossovers! I’m down for anything!

Demon slayer - Nezuko, Mitsuri
Jujutsu Kaisen
Chainsaw Man
Naruto - Hinata
Hunter X Hunter

Video Games:
Mortal Kombat - Kitana
Overwatch - Dva, Mei, Kiriko
Street Fighter - Chun-Li
Genshin Impact - Sucrose, Keqing, Ganyu, Faruzan, Yanfei

Marvel - Black Cat, Spider-Woman, Elektra, Domino
DC - Starfire
Harry Potter
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3 | 0 Comments | by Mochi | Mar 3rd 2024 11:31

+*~ Rules ~*+

Hi! Welcome to my rules blog! I don’t have much rules nor do I have much triggers and such. There are a few things I do want you all to know before roleplaying with me!


1. Please be patient with me. I am a college student and I do work so I am busy a lot of the time. I have a life outside of roleplaying so if you do rush me for a reply, you could end up being unfriended (of course I’ll remind you before doing so.

2. This goes with the first rule, because it may take me a while to reply, if I don’t reply within two or three days, feel free to give me a little bump. I could be so busy sometimes and just forget about it so if that happens, that’s when you can give me a heads up!

3. Please look at my status from time to time. Sometimes I don’t have time to tell everyone if I’m going away and such so please check because I will be updating everyone if anything happens.

4. I am not new to roleplay. I have been roleplaying for a few years now but that does not mean I am perfect. I am still improving in a lot. So during our roleplay, if you think I need to be more descriptive or if you want me to write more and such, please let me know.

5. I am into spicy roleplay a lot, so if you want any information on that then just ask! I am a bottom though so just a heads up! ^-^

6. Please no one liners, sometimes I understand it may be hard to reply to something but please give me enough so I can give a response back.

7. If you friend me first, please please send a message first. As will I send a message first if I friended you first.

8. I play with any gender! So don’t be afraid to send a request! I love roleplaying with everyone! ❤

Those are all the rules I have for now! I will be adding more as soon as I think of some! But if you made it to the end, either like this post or tell me your favorite dessert (you can either write it in the comments or dm me it!). I look forward to roleplaying with you!
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10 | 3 Comments | by Mochi | Mar 3rd 2024 11:15

1st post

I don't know what to post.


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Sorry for the inactivity! i’m currently in LA for vacation. I’ll be back next thursday, but if you wanna send me messages or friend request me you can, just know i probably won’t respond right away
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Name/Nickname: Verfall Shuss
Age: 1300
Elements: Death/Decay - Can control others through vudoo-dolls, can transfer his wounds on others.
Position: Vice-Leader - He was once a silver knight, he bested his cultivation
Weapon: Catalyst

Name/Nickname: Aventurine
Age: 20
Elements: Luck/Love
Position: Loan Shark, Gambler
Weapon: Trick Pendulum

Name/Nickname: ASH
Age: 18
Elements: Chaos/Life - She heals through ashes
Position: Newest entry, medic
Weapon: Catalyst

Name/Nickname: Hidan
Age: 50
Elements: Magic/Decay
Position: Various
Weapon: Schyte

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2 | 0 Comments | by BOOM | Mar 3rd 2024 06:11