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~ Xander

~Basic information:
NAME: Alexander Sanchez
NICKNAME: Xander, X, Alex
AGE: 26

~Appearance information
TATTOOS/PIERCINGS: left ear pierced
BODY CONFIGURATION: slender, athletic build

~Personal info
LIKES: money, guns, bitches, bikes, loyalty, respect
DISLIKES: kindness, alcohol, being honest
PERSONALITY (GENERAL): rarely speaks, usually keeps himself to himself. Cold and unfriendly, intelligent and decisive
PERSONALITY TRAITS (STRENGTHS): sharp and quick witted, rarely lets his emotions get to him
PERSONALITY TRAITS (WEAKNESSES): relies too much on himself, doesn’t trust others, rejects kindness, riddled with self loathing

~Other info
BACKROUND: raised in a wealthy household with loving parents, his childhood was the kind people dream about until he was 12 when his parents were murdered in front of him. He then withdrew into himself and didn’t let anyone get close, learning to rely on himself and trusting no one else..
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2 | 0 Comments | by Luke_ | Nov 24th 2020 07:21

Kevin Cameron

Name: Kevin Cameron
Age: 50-55
D.O.B. : April 22
Place of birth : Seattle, Washington, United States
Star Sign: Taurus
Eye color: Dark Brown
Background story: Depends on the roleplay
Occupation: Depends on the roleplay
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1 | 3 Comments | by GangLord | Nov 24th 2020 05:53

stuff that I write...

I don't have a bio up because I am legitimately willing to play anything dark. Taboo. Etc. (I don't have a gender preference with who I write with either).

I'm used to playing the controlling, stimulated, troubling and dominating sociopath/psychopath (or killer) in the true crime/crime category. While I may not condone (true crime) actions, nothing gets me feeling more alive than to better understand (them, as a human) and embrace the other side of victimization- you'll soon see what I mean. Writing as detectives also is a favorite of mine.

I have been writing here now for over 5 years, and roleplaying for a little over that. The very first serial killer I could honestly say that I could ever "'portray'" correctly through my writing would be Jeffrey Dahmer, where without going overboard, would say that the reason for that being is that I do understand him a lot more personally on a number of levels. There's a whole story behind that though, and that I am not going to willingly put here. (Don't worry, I don't kill people for a living unless they annoy the sh*t out of me). :P

Wait, isn't that something Gacy would have said? Hmm.

As for Original Characters:

I do also create OC's that usually stem from every day, real troubles that I face, which again makes it more personal for me to work with. Honestly, everything that I DO end up writing on has something or another that I CAN relate with on a personal level. Like emotional or physical abuse for example that I've gone through, or stuff that I've been through. The terror that I've seen, the terror that I existed in. It makes writing a lot more easier for me if I can somehow fit that character or even person like a glove.

In real life, there's not much to add. I don't like to share about who I am due to trauma, but if I trust you well enough I just might. In short, I'm 25 years old and I am an abuse survivor. I have seen it all, and I can't think of one thing that has yet happen to me. One creepy thing I won't mind sharing is the fact that ever since I was 3, I've known that I have been here before in this world. I had (and still have) dreams of my past life and visions and to pair with that I am also a medium, and consider myself quite the ghost magnet. I used to feel that if I worked for the police department, that I'd have no trouble helping catch the criminals because I feel answers rather than seek them out.

But if you want to know what's even creepier?

Being able to tell someone's hair, eye color and where they are sitting from another state without even SEEING them ever. First time I did it, the guy I was speaking to (on some old chatroom platform) freaked out, in fact, I freaked myself out too. He asked me if I was outside his window or something, which I said no. He wanted to know where he was going with his laptop, and I told him the kitchen and that's when he logs out. I only wish he knew that I was at the library, and not some actual peeping tom. Still is a funny little story to tell. Boggles my mind!

Anyway, it would be a true pleasure to write with you. I also hope that you're aware that I won't bite, I just wish I still had friends around to tell you that themselves. (lol).

I'm kidding!

I'm kidding.


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2 | 0 Comments | by Brutality | Nov 24th 2020 05:48


hi uh,, i have an idea for a bxb roleplay, and i really really want to do it. Please read my rules first, but the roleplay is about a young hero team and basically edgy badass x small sweetheart

—you’ll have the role of the edgy one tho sjdh

—but yeah, we’ll also play multiple characters!

—just message me if you’d like to do this, we’ll probably move to discord though!
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0 | 0 Comments | by dumbitch_itis | Nov 24th 2020 05:03

⍟ The Garden Of Black: Preparation (story)

After being resurrected by Maleficent in a different world beyond his own and achieving super saiyan 4, Goku Black's curiosity of other worlds was the only thing occupying his mind as of late. Due to their growing villainous relationship, Maleficent altered Goku Black's time ring using her dark magic as she explains "Now listen closely. I've removed the limitations of this time ring you inquired me about. It no longer requires one of those potara earrings that your currently wearing. Think of the ring as a extension of your power.

I say this because now the ring solely relies on your power to time travel to any dimension, world or time era rather future or past. The ring is also no longer effected by disturbances in time meaning you can choose to stay in whatever world, dimension or time era you want permanently if you so choose too without worrying about being pulled back to your time era you originally came from.". This explanation prompts a smirk to show from Goku Black as he responds "Your dark magic never ceases to amaze me. Perhaps I should start dabbling in the dark arts of magic.". Maleficent smiles replying "It would take you eons to catch up to my current skill of dark magic.".

Goku Black responds showing interest with a smile "I don't mind how long it takes. Won't be the first time I was a apprentice of someone.". Raising a eyebrow in question, Maleficent exclaimed "Oh?". "Yeah but that's a story for another time." Goku Black said. "Whenever the time is right for you to tell that, I'll be all ears." answered Maleficent. Goku Black simply nodded. "Now where is it that you are going that made you want me to alter your time ring?" asked Maleficent.

"Well as you should know since you resurrected me and brought me here, their are many worlds out there and theirs one in particular that I'm interested in exploring from it's description I heard about from humans of a different world beyond my own. They speak of this place called The Garden Of Eden. They speak of it as if it's the absolute pinnacle of beauty and such a description deserves my attention. Although I'm skeptical because I find it hard to believe that something can be more beautiful than my super saiyan rosé form." Black explained.

"I see. That's quite the place if the talks you heard prove truthful." stated Maleficent. "Soon I will find out" said Black. "Do be careful with each world you explore. Beings or people you never though could pose a threat could possibly end your existence if you become too c*cky with little knowledge of who your dealing with." spoke Maleficent. "Sounds like your talking from experience" responded Black. "Indeed I am. If your not careful you could find yourself on the edge of defeat by a mere boy wielding a giant key shaped magical sword." said Maleficent which caused a confused look to show on Goku Black's face as Maleficent goes on to say "But as you told me, that's a story for another time".

"Wow I definitely have to hear more about that when your ready to tell" responded Goku Black. "You will in do time" said Maleficent. "Well with that being said, I'm gonna try to find this Garden Of Eden place now. Don't worry about me getting lost because I have a very good sense of your ki which will allow me to time travel back to this place to find you using my power with the time ring you altered." Black said. "Good to know" responded Maleficent. "Oh! And don't call me Son Goku anymore, refer to me as Goku Black or simply Black for short" stated Goku Black. "Why the sudden name change dear?" asked Maleficent.

"It's the name I'm mostly known by from my timeline era world and honestly it suits me considering I wanna purge every human in a black abyss death to begin and reshape utopia on earth" Goku Black said with a sadistic evil grin. Maleficent also grins evilly responding "your such a turn on when your black heart shows.". "As are you because we are one in the same. Two people dropped in this wide world to correct and cleanse humanity so that perfection can take it's rightful place in shaping the future." said Black. "Your definitely the fire that lights my darkness like no one else can." replied Maleficent which would lead to them both sharing a tender kiss.

"Now I must be on my way. As I stated before, I have a good sense of your ki as well of this world which you reside in so no need of worry about my time traversal back to this world." explained Black. "If your not back in a timely manner, do know I shall come looking for you" said Maleficent. "Tell me something I didn't expect" responded Black with a smirk which caused Maleficent to smile. Goku Black would then use his newly altered time ring to open up a portal using his thoughts based on descriptions of whispers he heard from humans about the Garden of Eden.

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0 | 0 Comments | by SaiyanDeity | Nov 24th 2020 04:46

(WIP Custom story character) mix with assassin's c

Name: Andy Iceland

Year: 1889

Age: 20

Bloodline: Iceland

Blood Type: A+

Height: 5'7''

Weight: 142

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Blonde

Cloak color(s): light blue, dark blue, brow, black, white, silver, gold

Weapon(s): Hidden blade x2 (one on each arm), a cutlass, bow and arrow, revolver. (He posseses several weapons to eliminate vampires as well)

Tools: Poison (can be placed on weapons.), smoke grenades, rope darts, interchangable slot on his left arm (can be replaced with various gadgets.)

Abilities: Parkour

Affiliation: Assassin's Brotherhood

Rank: Novice

Significant Other: None

Background: Andy was born into one of the largest, wealthiest families of his time. From a young age, he was brought into his families occupation.. hunting vampires and other mythical creatures that roamed in the darkness of the night killing innocent people. As he learned to become a member of the Assassin's Brotherhood he also learned what the vampires and other creatures have done and grew a hatred for everything that wasn't human.


(This is a custom made vampire/werewolf hunter.)

(Picture is from Tomás Molina on Pinterest.)
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0 | 0 Comments | by AndyIceland | Nov 24th 2020 04:37


Name: Mara
Age: 20
Species: Demon
Gender: Female
Weapons: Doesn't need one
Abilities: Unknown
Weaknesses: Her stubbornness and her high confidence
P.S. shes kinda crazy
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1 | 0 Comments | by Fluffyunicorn | Nov 24th 2020 03:10

~~= Ophelia Leventis =~~

[ Basic Information ]

Name: Ophelia Leventis
Age: ( Depends on RP)
Righty Or Lefty: Right Handed
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Date of Birth: March 1st
Star Sign: Pisces
Species: Fallen angel
Virgin: Yes
Hometown/City: ???
Accent: British
Noticeable features:
- Goddess-like beauty
- Ivory white hair
- Flawless porcelain skin


[ Appearance ]

Body Shape: Slim, Petite
Skin Colour: Pale white
Hair color: Ivory White
Hair style: Long, Wavy and thick. Falls to just below her hips
Eye color: Dark Navy
Height: 5ft 6inch
Weight: 131lbs
Tattoos: ----
Scars: Two deep gashes upon her back, just above her shoulder blades
Glasses?: ----
Face shape: Round and soft
Scent: Sweet vanilla


[ Personality ]

Fears: Loneliness, Loss
Secrets: A f*ck ton
Likes: Talking, meeting new people, smiling, helping others
Dislikes: Perverseness, Arrogance
Good Traits: Extremely kind, Helpful, Caring
Bad Traits: Will put someone else's troubles infront of her own, Forgets to look after herself, Extremely gullible
Good Habits: Caring, Not giving up
Bad Habits: Not giving up, Forgetting to look after herself.
Pet Peeves: Arrogance
Soft Spots: Inner thighs, Collarbone
Food Preferences: Prefers sweeter foods
Deadly Sin: Envy
Traits related to star sign:
Loyal to the ones they love, Unconditionally generous, Gentle, Easily capable of becoming a victim, Gullible, Overly trusting

--- Backstory ---

Her past is a juicy one, but that just makes it all the more exciting to find it out in roleplay instead of here ❤
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0 | 0 Comments | by SelfMotivation | Nov 24th 2020 02:44

Roleplay characters

Here is a list of characters that I roleplay as if anyone is interested message me with the characters you would like to rp with and we can discuss a plot

Until dawn


Teen wolf


Resident evil



Captain america
Black widow
Scarlett witch
Iron man







Left 4 dead


Dead rising


Dead island

Sam b

Dying light


Man of medan


Little hope


Maze runner


Step up


Yu yu hakusho




Hunter x Hunter


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1 | 0 Comments | by The_forsakened_ | Nov 24th 2020 01:56

Alexis the Guardian

~ Lizzy ~

Growing up on an estate in Georgia, Little Elizabeth Aspen had it all. Her father was a businessman who built his own company from the ground up, eventually selling all of his shares for millions by the time his twins were born, never having to work again in his life.. Elizabeth and Elijah were spoiled to pieces, homeschooled by the best of the best, and were constantly travelling the globe. The Aspens were the picture family. Until the accident. Elizabeth was off with her friends in Rome when her brother, mother and father were in a fatal car wreck. Her father was her livelihood, her mother was her best friend, and her brother was her other half. Without them, Elizabeth was completely and totally alone. It was then she moved to New York, needed to get away from her home in Georgia. There she met Tristan Kennedy, the man who made all her pain go away. She fell in love quickly, getting engaged at only nineteen. Without a support system or any close friends, there was no one there to steer her away. She didn’t know any better when she entrusted her fiance with her banking information. Overnight, her trust fund was gone, her fiance was gone, and the only thing Elizabeth had left was the stupid ring left on her finger.

Ephesus was a saving grace. Elizabeth never thought of prostitution as anything other than something disgraceful, but there was something about the offer that called to the girl. She was young and desperate, sure, though money wasn’t what drew her to the job. The promise of starting new, of being whoever she wanted, changing her identity on a whim, that was the real appeal of the job. Elizabeth absolutely loved her job. Calling her services the “girlfriend experience” she had a slew of clients at her door waiting to feel loved. She could put on a new face with each shade of lipstick, but she knew deep down that nothing would truly make her feel whole again. She tries not to think about her family, but with Robert Montgomery dying, she can’t help but feel sympathy. Stefanie is going through the same thing Elizabeth did. Still, she can’t bring herself to open up enough about it to help her. Elizabeth didn’t even feel guilty about it. If there was one person she was looking out for nowadays, it was herself.
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5 | 0 Comments | by BurningLove | Nov 24th 2020 01:13


I wanna rwolepway so just mwessage mei pwease
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0 | 0 Comments | by Noah_Blake | Nov 24th 2020 00:32

Have You Seen The Butcher?

"Ever since I can first remember, there has always been a flaw in the jurisdiction."
~ The Butcher

They like to call the law men pigs. People like them just don't understand that as long as what the law remains as a team, that they won't get fried. The second you leave the Law behind, is the second that their eye is always on you. It's been nine years, and all John's ever got is question after question. Turning his back from the police department was bad luck, but what's set in his heart will always be there the same. You can't outrun yourself.
The rules go as followed:

1. Don't tell nobody who you are, and don't pretend to be someone you're not.

2. What's part of the past remains in the past, you can't backtrack or you'll risk getting shot. And any game plan you might have had for the future will be out of your hands, so stay low, stick to the profile and stick to your weapons.

3. Income. There's a way to buy things online now without having to hand out your personal identification. Know where you shop, know where to shop and keep a record of every single thing you've ever bought but always choose anonymous shipping.

4. Keep your eye on the road ahead of you. If you slip up, and you lose track of what you're doing or what you are after, it's on YOU. Remember, you got yourself into this mess, only YOU can get yourself out of it.

5. You're going to need people on your side. Trust no cop. God forbid any of your friends end up one of them.

6. Keep to the book. Keep to what you've learned while working with the law, I assure you, it's all going to come in handy eventually.

7. No matter what you do, do NOT get too close. Avoid getting your feelings in a bundle over anyone, you can't risk your emotions and you can't risk losing your sense of self.

8. The final rule. Be aware that if you set something up, that changing a step will only be rewiring the system, make sure that what you have to do has been gone over time and time again before you do ANYTHING. S.K.D: Seek, Kill, and Destroy.
:S. K. D::
Biological Name: Johnathon (John) Davis Blackwell
(ALIAS): Nigel T. Floyd
Age: 50
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1
Sign: Scorpio
Eyes: Hazel; maroon
Hair: Salty Blond
Occupation: Retired Detective [ John chose to not climb the ladder like the rest of them because he was good at what he did, and still is ].
Currently: A Butcher for The Slop Chop [ DOWNTOWN ]
Drinking [ SOCIALLY ]
Popping his joints [Carpel tunnel; arthritis]

Nerve damage
Hockey elbow [RIGHT]
(can't extend this arm out fully)

(1) Hobby::
Computers, tampering with software, etc.

Nobody forgets the sound of his cough [usually used to identify him]
"You're a cougher, aren't you?"

Though one of his victims did manage to escape to inform the fuzz about what he saw, nobody could assume that who they're working with here is anyone outside of being called: "The Pigman" or, "The Butcher". Due to living out in the city, word spread a whole less fast but on occasion someone will ask: Have you seen the butcher? It's become a bit of a joke due to how cliché it all appears. The Butcher's Struck Again! To some, it seems like something straight out of a horror movie, to others it's a little less concerning. The method to John's madness isn't that he kills to kill again, it's that he kills selectively and that sometimes it can take months before he's killed again.

Some people intrigued by his story that has been wired internationally through out the web (strung up by some reported going by the pseudonym: Gigi Wallace), have tried themselves to dig deeper into discovering all that they can possible know about this butcher of Downtown, Virginia. What the law can't figure out is where The Butcher finds his victims, and why it is that he chooses to murder them. However, one leaked footage may be enough evidence to prove for what they don't know, and that maybe they are all simply thinking much too hard to uncover the guy's motives.

With a grainy footage leaked anonymously by: Anon554541 on YouTube before his account had been flagged had shown one guy with a bad smokers cough and with his back turned to the camera. From the view in which it was filmed, whoever got hold of the short film was hanging from chains in what looked to be a basement judging by the stairs. The Butcher, in his apron had been asked by a man in panic: "You're a... c-cougher, aren't you"? With the assistance of psychologist Dr. Edward Folsavo, it's been somewhat determined that the man *knew* The Butcher by the way that he had phrased the question, but no one could really say for sure.

The body had been delivered as a sign to the Bureau; hanging barb-wired around a stake behind the police station. One young woman who happened to have found the body, scared, had mentioned to the police that she had witnessed the man taking the back alley. When asked why didn't call the cops, she had stated that her phone would not let her. Whenever the police looked back through to see what they could make of it on the security footage, there was nothing but a black screen leading them to believe that the security systems had to have been tampered with.

The body was later identified as 38 year old Tommy Sanchez, an ex-convict and pedophile. His stomach stitched with the single letter 'P'. Police are currently still looking more into Tommy's case, and have yet to find out what the 'P' may actually stand for.

"It's a nasty job. But somebody's got to do it."

"You look surprised. Didn't you see this day coming?"

"I'll call you... "C"."

"Does she look familiar to you?"

"Smile, your life's too short now to waste on whining. Smile for the cameras... up there."

"They seem to forget one thing about me and every time they get it wrong in the papers, on the streets, in social media. What the reporters say. They seem to paint me as a psychopath, I'm not a psychopath. I'm not anybody. I am the face that they see behind the painted glass, and they seem to fail to realize that."

-Come on. Man! Please! Don't you feel any kind of remorse?!

"Over ten years ago, the death of my daughter had become a "cold case". Do you know what that means, Tommy? That what happened to her did not get any justice. What you did to this little girl... Tommy. Taking away her life was no different, and now you're going to hang there and imagine what I am going to do to you in thirteen hours. Every hour for every year she had to live, and your life... for hers."
Mads Mikkelsen
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Allegra Celestina Maxwell

Birthday: August 25
Height: 5'6
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Forest Green
Scent: Cedar wood, baby's breath, champagne
Amortentia: Sandalwood, chocolate, figs
Personality: Allegra is a free spirited girl. She's romantic at heart. She's Italian, and was raised family first. She has a great relationship with her entire family, and includes them in almost every decision. She loves to laugh and have adventures. She is an open book for other people and isn't afraid to share her emotions.
Previous Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Wand: Ebony wood, mermaid scale core
Patronus: Fire Dwelling Salamander
Flaws: She can sometimes overshare her thoughts and emotions. She's honest to a fault. If she doesn't like you, you'll know about it
Likes: Sushi, indie music, naps
Dislikes: Weak tea, divination, arrogance
Hobbies: cooking, dancing to no music, potion making
Occupation: Apothecary owner in London
Love Interest: Bill Weasley
*She has quite a large family, she's the second to youngest of five siblings
*She dabbled in wand making for a few years
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Princess Vanilla

This is the character for the plot number 5.


Vanilla kinla

gender identity


birthday / star sign

December 22nd /Capricorn♑

nationality / ethnicity



general looks

Ill have her picture up


Always dresses until you take her in she starts dressing in jeans and crop tops. Well, sometimes fancy dresses.

distinguished features

She doesnt have any





good: she is always cleaning, always cooking, amd good at taking care of things.

overall personality

write a summary of your character's morals, behaviour, and the way they act, alone and insert race (black, caucasian, asian, etc.)



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0 | 0 Comments | by Cherry_blossoms | Nov 24th 2020 00:04