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[ Teenagers. ]

               n o t e s

        ↬ Jack is a blunt guy. Cannibalistic. Hunter, not a sports killer. Usually won't kill his victims/organ farms as he'd like to call them.

               s e c t i o n s

                        素性 - identity

         ↬name; Eyeless Jack, EJ, The Creature

          ↬birth; Feb. 25[Date the original Creepypasta was written and posted], 1995

          ↬lgbtq+; Male - Demi-Sexual/Demi-Romantic

          ↬culture; Human, Humanoid?

          ↬health; Oddly enough, very, very well

                         体裁 - appearance

          ↬natural; Grey/Blue skin, chestnut brown hair, freckles, black eyes[oozing... tar?]

          ↬cosmetic; Freckles, a few scars here and there

          ↬clothing; Black hoodie, long sleeved shirts, dark jeans, sneakers, a wooden blue mask

                          人格 - personality

          ↬characteristics; Blunt, kinda aggressive at best. Can be softer, though.

          ↬interests; Medicine, surgery, anything along the medical field really. Oh, and his plants.

                             ↷ 素性 ↶



               〖 n a m e 〗

↬ Jack

↬ Nichols

↬ Eyeless Jack, EJ, The Creature

               〖 b i r t h 〗

↬ February Twenty-Fifth

↬ 1995

↬ Twenty-Four

↬mentally; Forty-Five

↬physically; Seems to appear younger, late teens, eighteen/twenty

↬western zodiac; Pieces

↬chinese zodiac; Pig

↬birthstone; Amethyst

               〖 l g b t q + 〗

↬born; Male

↬ Male

↬ He/Him/His

↬ Demi-Romantic

↬ Demi-Sexual

               〖 c u l t u r e 〗

↬ Human/Corrupted human? Infested? Humanoid?

↬ Russian, English, Japanese, Korean, Irish

               〖 h e a l t h 〗

↬ O+, Tar[?]-like substance within

↬ Does cannibalism count as a mental illness? If not, he is rather, all around, very healthy. Nothing else out of the ordinary besides the grey/blue pigment to his skin[will note in the trivia section]

                            ↷ 体裁 ↶


               〖 n a t u r a l 〗

↬ Slight curl, not much

↬ Short hair, long enough to be counted as shaggy

↬ Chestnut brown

↬ Soft and very smooth hair

↬ Jack has a rounder face for a male, but don't let it fool you. The man has a chiseled jawline, sharp. But nice

↬ He has round eye's, usually relaxed looking however and they seem to be just empty sockets filled with a black liquid like tar, but he can see

↬ 5'11'' ft.

↬ 175 lbs.

↬ Muscular/Lean, he has a slight build to him but he isn't all buffed out

↬ Jack has multiple tongues, up to five; sharper teeth when he is getting hungrier[will show in future art]; as he gets hungrier/begins starving, his form will change, like my own oc's who I will post up soon

               〖 c o s m e t i c 〗

↬ Jack does have a dash of freckles on his face and shoulders, the freckles dithering out to angel kisses placed randomly around his body

↬ Jack has a few scars, either from accidents or getting harmed on purpose

               〖 c l o t h i n g 〗

↬ A black hoodie/Darker colored long-sleeves/turtle necks

↬ Usually dark jeans, or dark colored slacks

↬ Converse looking shoes

↬ He does have his ears gauged, but not HUGE gauges, no, probably as big as a cigarette butt?

↬ A blue wooden mask, painted on black lines that appear to mimic his own 'tears'

                           ↷ 人格 ↶


               〖 c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s 〗

↬ Jack is blunt, odd and can be rather mean. But he does have his softer moments, like when he's around the younger pastas, he gets protective even if he doesn't seem it

↬ He knows his anatomy and medicine, as well as first-aid; he's handy with sharp tools[scalpels, knives, etc., etc.]; he can cook well! if you like fried lungs with a side of liver; he also knows how to take perfect care of plants

↬ He can blow up easily when it comes to his mask and his face... To himself, he's kind of disgusting... Which he'll admit to- when he breaks down, which is also rare. He bottles up, and that may be why he gets ticked easily with certain things

               〖 i n t e r e s t s 〗

↬coffee over tea

↬cats over dogs

↬books over movies

↬dark over light

↬savory under sweet

↬fruits over veggies

↬car over bike

↬logic over emotions

↬city under country

↬live action under animated

↬early riser over night owl

↬cold under hot

↬waffles over pancakes

↬pie over cake

↬indoors under outdoors

↬ animal; Whatever the Hell Seedeater is

↬ color; Oddly enough- green or brown

↬ season; Fall/Winter

↬ smell; Blood[not strong], or anything warm, such as a bakery or a fire, even the sun

↬ fruit; Blueberries

[ more things will be changed/fixed up in the future. ]
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1 | 0 Comments | by KIDNEYS | Jul 8th 2020 23:34

The Prologue of Callidora Quinn

Callidora Quinn
A.K.A Calli
Birthdate: October 31st 1995

Birthplace : Vulterra, Italy (Unknown at Time) Townsend, Tennessee (Thought Birthplace, Hometown)
Still lives in Townsend.
Species: Half Human, Half Witch ( Did not Know Was A Witch Until Age 24)
Race: Caucasian
Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status Single

Job / Occupation: Currently Owns A Boutique in town, while attending classes In Knoxville to earn her Psychology degree.

Appearance: 5'5, with Brown Hair, Blue Eyes and Lightly Tan Skin. Callidora has light freckles underneath the base her of her yes. With a petite, curvy figure. She has a birthmark on her left hip in the shape of a crescent moon. Callidora has a strong southern accent.

Personality: Growing up in the south, Callidora is a typical southern bell. She has smart ass mouth, a great sense of humor, and a bubbly personality. With an extroverted personality, Callidora makes friends easily.

Hobbies/ Likes : Fishing, Swimming, Country Music, Psychology, Cooking, Spending Time with Friends and Family

History: Callidora was born in Vulterra, Italy. Information she did not know until later in life. She was adopted by a family in Townsend, Tennessee, a town with a population of less than 1,000. Her childhood neighbor, Artie, is one of her best friends. Callidora, Calli for short, was a popular student, straight A's, Class President, and Captain of the Cheerleading Squad. After graduating High School, she began attending University of Tennessee Knoxville, studying Psychology. On the weekends, she runs her own Boutique in town, selling handmade goods, clothes, and baked treats. She is the oldest of four, having two brothers and a sister.
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1 | 0 Comments | by moonprincess | Jul 8th 2020 22:50

Oc Lucifer


I understand some people see a character like mine and deep in their mind comes these desires to see themselves and/or their characters used in demeaning ways. We all have things we enjoy be it in writing or in our own personal lives that can come alive in our fantasy world. What I have issue with is people coming into my inbox, lacking anything beyond a character looking for me to help get their rocks off in a round of cybersex. I refuse to allow myself, or my character, to be used in such a manner. Especially by you underage girls, who see my age requirements and adjust your profile to reflect it.

Villains are attractive, even more so the ones we have learned so much about while growing up. The real deal. It is totally okay to have these desires, but it is not okay to take advantage of someone and the time they have spent developing their character, writing their personality, their experiences, their history, and throw it all away for a quick one off. I want story and time and development!

I have absolutely no quarrel with writing sexual themes and/or relationships with this character, but they will be played out in a way that fits his personality/timeline. He is not a gentle lover, if you can consider anything he offers as love, and I have expanded up on before, he is a man without limits to what he can and will do, to anyone. This includes abusive relationships, mentally and physically.

Please understand if you want a relationship with Dietrich, it will not be an easy path to take. It will be long and hard, with many trials and tribulations that may not even end up as the idea we have in our head. He is evil, a patriotic Nazi through and through, right down to his cold little heart. Do you think his relationship with a Jewish or Ethnic character would be played out with loving brunches and flowers and chocolates? No, absolutely not and I do not want to give you the idea that it would. If you want to roleplay that experience of forbidden love, I am okay with that! Talk and plot with me, that is all I am asking.

Thank you,
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1 | 0 Comments | by GodsAndBeasts | Jul 8th 2020 21:59

Jose Chavez y Chavez, A Western OC

Name: Jose Chavez y Chavez (Goes by Chavez)

Age: 19

Date of Birth: 1858

Date of Death: 1889

Height: 5'11"

Hair: Shoulder-length, and a warm black

Eyes: A lighter brown color

Nationality: Mexican Indian (Specifically Navajo)

Clan: He belongs to Ats'oos dine'é - The Feather People

Siblings: 3 sisters (all deceased)

Occupation: He is a warrior/bounty hunter

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Personality: Reserved, kind of cold, harsh but fair

Chavez grew up in the Red Sand Creek Reservation in New Mexico, Texas. He lived with his mother and his sisters until the winter of 1885 whenever the US Army sent them only rotting meat for food, which resulted in the Natives starving. In desperation the Navajo moved out to seek food from a nearby white village only to be slaughtered. Chavez was the only survivor. 2 years later, he moved on to become a member of a posse with Billy the Kid, and three other unnamed men. In 1889 he was shot and died many hours after.
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0 | 0 Comments | by LDPhillips | Jul 8th 2020 21:57

Roleplay Expectations

1. I am a busy person with a busy schedule so I will respond to roleplay when I have free time.

2. Don't come into my messages with the intention of dating my character get to know her first.

3. I will not give out real life personal information so please don't ask

4. I'm open to roleplay anything as long as the person is of age.

5. Don't start a roleplay with me and not finish it that is not what I'm here for.

6. My character is not canon so I don't go by original script.

7. I will roleplay with anyone if you ask.
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2 | 0 Comments | by michaela999 | Jul 8th 2020 21:46


1. Please respect me and yourself.

2. Please use proper grammar to the best of your ability. It makes things easier on both of us.

3. Please do coherent, competent, and thorough responses.

4. No God mode.

5. Please try to stay active and provide consistent responses. I understand if things come up, just please inform me if possible.

6. I am happily married. We aren't dating or in love if we do romance stories.

7. No real life face claims unless I *REALLY* like your profile, but that means a well thought out and capturing bio as well as detailed rules.

8. Under no circumstances will you insult me, my family, my friends, or yourself.

9. I respect this website's rules. No N*FW roleplays.

10. If you are to request me and I accept, you will message me first. If you don't within a day of being accepted, you will be unfriended.

11. I will block you if you try to request multiple times.

12. I respect triggers, but I do tend to go for a more unforgiving approach with my characters as they will be flawed and I have no intent on changing that. Find the one that best fits you.

If you read these, then heart the post and your first message will contain exactly what is in quotes, "Lovely weather." If not, I will unfriend you as you did not read my rules.
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2 | 0 Comments | by Picture_Frame | Jul 8th 2020 21:32

✽ — Rules

✽ — Please have patience with me, I have a very busy and hectic real life and let it be a reminder this is a hobby, not a part time job therefore I can't always reply fast enough.

✽ — This is not a dating site, so no I'm not here to date people via long distance relationships because romance in roleplays is FICTION, not reality.

✽ — I'm a multi-verse roleplayer so that means depending on what universe we're going to write together, I'll be adjusting my character to that universe.

✽ — Also no, er*t*ca is not my cup of tea; it is against the site's rules and I'm fine with abiding their rules, I'm okay with m*tu*e content for storylines but I'm not looking to create a Fifty Shades of Grey type of story.

✽ — Discussing an plot and simply winging it is fine by me on both, if one or both of us can't come up with a plot then it's fine to send a starter my way.

✽ — This account is also a multi-ship account, if you don't know what it means then I'll explain; it means the romantic nature of my character in one storyline does not interfere nor coincide with another storyline given they're from two different universes.

✽ — I write more than four to six paragraphs but that usually depends on my motivation, my mood and my real life situations.

✽ — That is pretty much it now, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to let me know. (:
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4 | 1 Comment | by AngelWithAGun | Jul 8th 2020 20:41


-1 PLEASE NO SM*T. I do not like sm*t. I will only do sm*t if it is what the characters would really do. And even then it must fade to black.
-2 PLEASE DO NOT COME TO ME IN CHARACTER. I like to talk about the roleplay, before you jump right into it.
-3 PLEASE BE NICE. I hate when people are in a bad mood so they treat me like sh*t. I will not treat you bad, if you don't treat me bad.
-5 PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ME DO ALL THE WORK. Please, If I make the plot do not make me send the starter.
-6 PLEASE DO NOT UNFRIEND ME FOR NO REASON. If I do something wrong, please tell me so I can fix it.
-7 PLEASE, IF YOU GET BORED WITH THE ROLEPLAY, TELL ME! DON'T IGNORE ME!! I don't want any of us to get bored with the roleplay and have to go on with it.
-8 PLEASE, TEXT ME ''The waves are lovely today'' IF YOU READ THIS.
-9 PLEASE DO UP TO 6 LINES IN THE ROLEPLAY. If it drops below 3 lines the roleplay gets boring fast. You know.
-10 PLEASE REPLY WITH IN 4 WEEKS. If I see you are online and you have not replied to whet I said last I will give a friendly reminder. Like sending a emoji.
-11 PLEASE GIVE ME TIME. Do not rush me. I like time. And I do have a lot of things going on in my realy life so I will not spend all of my time on here.
-12 PLEASE NO ACRONYMS WHILE WE ARE ROLEPLAYING. If you say "Idk" as a reply of whet your character said they will not have said the meaning to the acronym, but they said the same thing you spelled.
-13 PLEASE DO NOT MAKE YOUR CHARACTER UNDER AGED IF WE DO A ROMANCE ROLEPLAY. I will not roleplay romance with your character if they are under aged.
-14 PLEASE, IF I DON'T WANT TO DO ROMANCE WITH YOU, DON'T PUSH IT. I feel uncomfortable with roleplaying romance with anyone 18 or older.
-15 PLEASE HAVE DECENT GRAMMAR. When people act like they don't know how to spell it makes me feel like I did something wrong. So please have at least okay grammar.
-16 PLEASE, IF I SPELL SOMETHING WRONG DON'T HATE ME. I have dyslexia. So at times it can be hard for me to spell. And even sometimes read. So please go easy on me.
-17 PLEASE NO CHAT HUGS. They freak me out..
-18 PLEASE NO SPAM. I can't work with you if you spam. It overwhelms me. And I just can't do it.
-19 PLEASE, IF WE ARE GOING TO DO A ROMANCE ROLEPLAY, LET IT BE SLOW BURN. If it's fast I feel nothing for the character who are falling in love. And I can't roleplay something like that.
-20 PLEASE, ONLY 3RD PERSON ROLEPLAYS. I can't enjoy a roleplay if it's in any other type of person.
21- PLEASE NO GOD MODDING. I hate roleplays where someone else picks what my character(s) do.
22- PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ME PLAY A FANDOM I DON'T WANT TO. It just really makes me uncomfortable..
23-PLEASE, I WILL ONLY PLAY MY OC'S. So please don't push me to play a character you've been wanting to roleplay with.
24- PLEASE DON'T MAKE YOUR CHARACTER HAVE MAGIC WHEN THE ROLEPLAY IS NOT ABOUT MAGIC. I do fantasy roleplays for that. But if you character is going to have magic we need to talk about it first.
24- PLEASE NO REAL LIFE THEMES. I only do anime roleplays. I get on this site to run away from life.Not play it.
-25 And last but not least. Please do not be afraid to add me! I know since I have a lot of rules you must think I'm picky and mean. But I am really loving and nice!

✧Thank you for reading✧
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2 | 1 Comment | by dreamer | Jul 8th 2020 20:29

✩ Escaping the Asylum (a role-play, open) ✩

✩ Plot: Muse A is a child with major epilepsy, their epilepsy is very unusual. They are prescribed medication with side-effects of hallucinations, but it supposedly worked for every other kid. Muse A ends up in a mental health asylum due to acting violently against their parent(s)/guardian(s) because they believed them to be a monster because of the hallucinations. Nobody knew it was the medicine that was doing it, and believed Muse A to be mentally ill, and very unstable. They sent them to a mental asylum, where they meet Muse B, a child that is actually mentally ill, and in there because they harmed somebody, and not just once. Muse A tries to avoid Muse B at first, but they end up talking, and Muse B proposes to Muse A an idea to escape the asylum. Knowing that they deserved to be free, and that they were misunderstood, Muse A takes Muse B up on the offer, and they try and escape the asylum, along with Muse C and Muse D, fellow children in there for similar, or completely different reasons.

✩ How it works: Basically, I post this plot and the starter. Below, in the blog comments, you post your reply, then BOOM! We're role-playing. Follow the rules and enjoy! :)

Don't forget to send me your character bio first so I can put it in the character bios area, so that people know who your character is. ^^

P.S. for those of you who do not know, the role-play takes place in: Pennsylvania, United States.

✩ Rules:
-- Do not control others' characters
-- Do not be over-powered
-- Do not play puppeteer
-- All side-characters and background characters are @periwinkle's
-- Do not steal the plot for yourself, or use it elsewhere without permission
-- No magical powers
-- Character must be in the asylum for a reason
-- Character must want to escape
-- All characters must be fourteen or younger, but no younger than eight
-- Post basic biography with reply!
-- No one can have two characters
-- No canonical characters
-- Do not reply until someone else does
-- Role-play can not go on without all characters
-- Accept that if your character messes up, that's okay
-- If the role-play begins to be inactive, comments will be deleted

✩ Muses:
-- Muse A (open)
-- Muse B (@periwinkle)
-- Muse C (open)
-- Muse D (open)

@periwinkle's original character, Muse B
Name: Nolan Robinson
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Ethnicity: Italian, English
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Birthday: March 26th
Reason for being in asylum: Acting violently with classmates
Looks: Brown hair, fair skin, hazel cat eyes, some birthmarks on his chest, silver-rimmed glasses

Feel free to join in!!
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0 | 0 Comments | by periwinkle | Jul 8th 2020 20:27


Dear male Roleplayers let’s rp add me and then message me if your interested in anime rp/oc anime rp after I add you back of course
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0 | 0 Comments | by Lilithnaza | Jul 8th 2020 20:10

yama's playlist

The Macarons Project- Fly Me To The Moon

Jai Wolf - Starlight

xix - kismet

emoprincess666 - fly away

conan gray - heather

mxmtoon - prom dress

more to be added
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0 | 0 Comments | by freckles | Jul 8th 2020 20:01

You could be the one?

Good day lads and gents!

I'm a friendly sort of lady, who likes nothing more than football with the right man.

The first thing people usually notice about me is my hopeful personality, closly followed by my smashing hands. I am not one of those fake people who pretends not to notice their own qualities. My hands and lips are top notch. These gems of honesty are just part of the friendly person I am.

I work as a Artist, helping public. This allows me to exercise my skills: painting and bravery. I would like to tell you about the time I met Johnny Depp, which is true, but it's important to me that you know I'm honest, so I'll save the wilder parts of my life for another time.

If you're the right man for me, you'll be stable and thoughtful. You won't be afraid to be themselves and will have a healthy respect for monogamy.

My ideal date would involve star gazing in New York with a vast man by my side. While we're there, I compliment your vast spots.

Honesty and openness are the most important qualities in a relationship. I will be honest with you, if you will be honest with me. I will never hit on your best friend whilst you're visiting a sick relative, never text my ex behind your back while you're asleep, never post naked photos of you on Facebook. That's just the kind of lady I am.

When you play The Game Of Love, you win or you die.

I urge you, get in touch

@KathyTeasingThing x

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0 | 0 Comments | by KathyTeasingThing | Jul 8th 2020 19:58

First Night

My name's Jack Russell and Things finally seemed to be looking up for me. I was 18 years old today, my whole life in front of me. I could finally get away from my Step-father and have a little independence. One thing that did suck though is that I would be leaving my mother and younger sister Lissa at the mercy of him and his 'chauffeur'.

My Step-Father was a wealthy movie producer in Hollywood. He didn't much care for me and my sister, but we were a packaged deal if he wanted to keep my mother. How this snake ever managed to get himself wrapped around such a sweet woman like my mother is beyond me. And then there was his driver. A large boorish man named Grant. He seemed more like the muscle for Philip Russell than just his driver.

Grant was a small man in reality despite his physical size. He liked to remind others how alpha he was to everybody, especially my mother. He'd grab her too hard, pull her forcefully, and get in her face if what she wanted went against what his employer said. I wanted nothing more than to kick his ass, but I knew that he would destroy me in a fight. It was a really frustrating situation to tell you the truth.

Whatever, I wasn't going to let this spoil my mood. It was my 18th birthday and I was going to celebrate it proper. First I had to make sure my mom was okay of course. I got her an ice pack for her newest bruise. I tried to tell her to get out, to get away...but she told me I would understand when I was older.

"I'm 18 now mom. How much older do I have to be?" I asked her. She didn't respond, instead she just reached up and put a gentle hand on my cheek and wished me a happy birthday. I kissed her forehead and shook my head before leaving.

"Gonna see Emma tonight?" Cane a voice that made me smile as I reached the door. I turned around and it was my sister with a sh*t eating grin on her face. Her and I were only a year apart in age so we were the best of friends. I picked her up and she tried to squirm her way out but there was no escaping my iron vice.

"What's wrong Lissa? Afraid I'll replace ya?" I teased and moved to give her face some smooches and as I predicted, she screamed and swatted at my face.

"Get off you f***ing loser!" She cried out on laughter. Before I could put her down myself a very angry voice called out my name. It was Philip. He stood in the doorway, cigar in his mouth and annoyance clearly painted on his features.

"You're a man today Jack. I suggest you start acting like it." He said sternly. Like I said, he didn't like me and my sister. I put her down and looked at the man, narrowing my eyes at him. Oh I couldn't stand this bloated jerk.

"I suggest you mind your own business Phil. As you said, I'm a man today. I don't need to listen to you a**hole." Where did that come from? Even Lissa looked surprised at me. I was always rather quiet around Philip. Before he or anyone else could say anything, I left the house and slammed the door behind me.

When I got outside, I found Grant working on my mother's car. The way I had slammed the door had clearly gotten his attention. He stood up, wiping oil from his hands with a rag. "Well, aren't we feeling aggressive today rich boy?" He said with that damn smirk of his. I hated when he called me that. I never asked for any of this. It wasn't my fault my mother married a rich man who treated her like a trophy. And this guy, my Step-father's attack dog always liked to talk down to me and my mother. I clenched my fists and I'll admit, I really wanted to clock him one good. But, I knew better than that. I wasn't an idiot. Instead I just brushed past him, making sure to bump my shoulder into him as I walked. That was the wrong move.

As soon as I walked past him, I felt my hair get grabbed and tugged back. I was pulled by Grant who delivered a punch right to my stomach which knocked the air out of me. I fell to my hands and knees and I tried to catch my breath. "Ya think just cause you're 18 now that you can be a tough guy?" Grant asked. "Lemme tell ya something bitch boy, your dad owns your ass. Forever." With that, Grant turned back to the car and continued working. I got up, feeling only slightly dizzy from the unexpected punch. More so I was running on the adrenaline. Maybe Grant was right, I was feeling aggressive today. Must just be the hormones. Puberty wasn't done yet for me after all. And my mood always took a nose dive dealing with Phil and his rabid dog.

It was already starting to get into the late afternoon by the time that I'd gotten to the Shake Shack. It was a favorite spot for me and Emma. When I walked in I saw her sitting at our table. She'd already ordered for me which was fine. She knew what I liked. I gave her a kiss before I sat down across from her. "Sorry I'm late." I apologized and then explained what had happened before I left.

"What an a**hole. Well, don't worry. When we get our own place, you'll never have to deal with them again." She said as she stirred her strawberry shake. It made me smile. We've been looking for a place we could rent, just the two of us and we were getting close. Emma and I met in high school. She has moved to LA from the Poconos so she was suffering from some culture shock.

I befriended her, nothing romantic at the time. But, as we got closer our feeling for one another seemed to become more apparent. And now? Now I was crazy about this girl. Her eyes just had this way of drawing me in. I loved those eyes. I think they were my favorite part of her, as cheesy as that sounds. I really think she's the one. "It's gonna be a full moon tonight you know?" She asked with a grin. "I was thinking for your big day that we could have a midnight picnic. Stare up at the moon and stars, make a little love..."

"Get down tonight?" I finished off her thought with a chuckle. "Honestly Em, there's no other way I'd rather spend my time." I said with a big dopey smile on my face. We finished eating our food, paid, and off we were in her car. I drove despite the fact that I didn't have a car of my own. Philip said o hadn't earned it but it was really just his own way of keeping a leash on me.

The sun was just about set by the time we pulled up to our spot. It was perfect. We could look down and see the city lights, and we could see the sky above clearly as well. I just held Emm in my arms, we discussed our plans, our dreams, and just enjoyed each other's company. The moon rose as we kissed in the back of her car, and that's when things changed forever.

First Night:

I had to pull away from kissing her which sucked as much for me as it did for her. But I had to. I started not to feel well at all. "Jack?" She asked, putting her hand to my forehead before quickly retracting it. "Jesus, you're burning up..." She was right. It felt like I was on fire, both inside and outside of my body. I had to cry out it was so intense. I had to cool down. I ripped my shirt off, yeah actually ripped it. Somehow, it just made the heat worse. I cried out to Jesus to help me, but I would learn that he had already forsaken me.

My body began to shake and convulse as if I was having some sort of seizure. Emma and I both screamed as we watched the bones in my hands began to break and extend. The pain was blinding but it was nothing compared to what was coming. Hair began to grow over my body as the sounds of my bones shaping, breaking, and moving began to drown out our screams. Every vertebrae on my spine popped out and became prominent one at a time and each one hurting more than the last. My nails grew out to claws and my legs extended and bent horribly. Emma tried to call 911 and explain what was happening, at least I think that's what I heard. The pain was too much to focus on much else. I could feel my organs start to go into failure, and somehow I still lived, and then they got bigger inside of me as my body did as well. My teeth sharpened to points abs the bones in my face ripped from my skull and pushed forward in agonizing torment. Thankfully, that was when things had finally gone black.

I woke up god knows how long later? I was in the woods, near a stream that was rippling along. When my senses were finally about me I looked around for Emma, or her car. When I called out to her, that's when the taste in my mouth became apparent. It was like raw meat and metal. I looked at my hands and saw them covered in blood. My jeans were torn to shreds and my stomach was on fire. I couldn't stop it from coming out. The red bile that came from my stomach and out my mouth had shocked me. I could see bits of flesh strewn about it. But then I saw something that made my blood run cold, a sight I would never forget as long as I lived. There, in the bloody vomit floated the was Emma's eye, the eyes that I had fallen in love with, the eyes that I had gotten lost in more times than I could could. Why...why was it here like this?

Dear Lord, what have I done?

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Let’s get this out of the way...


•I’m a multi-para/slight novella writer, which means I won’t settle for anything less than that. If you’re someone who happens to hate multi-para writers and just prefer either a paragraph or one-liners, then look the other way.

•In the past I used to be such a stickler for perfect grammar, but I wasn’t close to being a grammar nazi! However these days I do allow a slight leniency to those who state that English isn’t their mother tongue. For all you others who either misspell words constantly in a sentence or just prefer to use “text” talk, I am not interested.

•Now moving along to genres and settings. I’m more of a slice of life person with a penchant for the more darker genres (violence, gore, etc) with the slight insert of fluff and sweetness! But due to past role plays I won’t be doing a lot of smüt, hell some storyline’s may not incorporate smüt at all. If you’re someone who’s trying to get their rocks off on this site, I suggest in buying an adult toy, subscribing to a site that rhymes with Hornpub.

-I will be adding to this section later on.


•Don’t ask for any personal information, pictures, my personal social media. I’ve made the damn mistake in the past of allowing a “close” writing partner of mine adding me on Facebook, and let’s just say that it wasn’t pretty. All you need to know is that Cassie’s age is in fact my real age.

•I must admit that I’m a busy person in real life. There will be times where I maybe inactive for days on end. If you don’t like people who are inactive or just prefer people to be online constantly, then you can take yourself and ideas and just bugger off.

•Racism, homophobia, transphobia or any other bullying isn’t tolerated. That sh*t can be kept off my profile. And to be blunt, most of you people are f***ing adults, so act like one.

•As you can see I have a snarky attitude. I’m not going to change that just because someone’s feelings got hurt. (Then again you probably did something to piss me off *insert eye roll emoji* or you probably broke a rule)

•I will not add: minors, furries, anime/manga characters, trolling accounts (Comic and video game characters are fine!) etc. I also will not add accounts that are heavily into kink/b*sm/fetishes, or ones that are just looking for sex on this site. (Be gone you sick sex fiends)
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