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Hayat kısa, insanlar ölüyor
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||Bellamy Sprouse||

Jackson (Original Character)

Name: Jackson Cook
Nickname(s): Jack
Age: 14
Birthday: May 12
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexuality: Bisexual
Nationality: American
Personality: Outgoing, friendly, and a bit sarcastic at times. He’s serious about school but weird anywhere else.

Eye color: Dark brown
Hair color: Dark brown
Hair length: Short
Tattoos: None
Scars: A few on his right shoulder
Piercings: None
Jewelry: Wristbands
Clothing style: Casual, slightly gamer vibes. He loves wearing baseball caps.

--Music Info--
Instrument: Drums
Do they sing? No
Are they in a band? No

Food: Potato chips
Drink: Grape soda
Color: Yellow
Music genre: Any
Book: Divergent
Song: Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles
Animal: Alpaca
Candy: Snickers
Movie genre: Horror

--Personality Info--
Dere type: Tsundere, deredere
Dom/Sub: Switch
Likes: Horror movies, dystopian books, the drums, being outside, trees, photography, nature, ramps, video games, Minecraft
Dislikes: Stairs, trying to get around school, bitter food, being sick, hospitals, math, social studies, making people wait
Hobbies: Reading, playing drums, photography
Strengths: Not getting scared, photography, coming up with rhythms
Weaknesses: Getting around the hallway at school, comedy, being super patient
Abilities: None
Weapons: None
Fears: Being fully paralyzed, falling off a cliff, swarms of bugs

Mental issues: None
Physical issues: His legs are paralyzed
Smokes: No
Drinks: No
Drugs: None
Other addictions: None
Normal medications: None

Parents: Ryan and Ty
Siblings: None
Pets: Lily, his doggo
Friends: A few
Girlfriend/boyfriend: None

--Extra information--
Theme song:
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||Shawn Sinclair||

My rules. Please read them before trying to rolepl

This is going to make things a lot easier for everyone. I have a few rules to make things easier between the two of us, and we can decide if we're compatible or not.

1) No one liners. To put it simply, I'm not into a roleplay that involves one line describing my whole story. I prefer writing paragraphs and getting in detail that will make us both feel something.

2) This one isn't much of a rule, just a preference. I usually write in only third person, but if you're more comfortable in first, let me know beforehand so I'm not caught off guard.

3) I need more than just sex to be the plot of a story. I get it if it is the guide of the story, but I need spice, detail, drama! Let me see what you can do in writing, not just lust.

4) I am lesbian which means literally this - I'm attracted to girls only. Everyone is welcome regardless. Just please follow my rules.

5) Do not dump all of the plot decisions on me! If neither of us have an idea, that's okay! Just be open and decisive when I ask you what your preferences are so we can reach a roleplay plot quicker and not be so awkward in between!

6) Don't ask for any of my real life information, nada. None. Zilch. No address, no number, no discord, no.

7) I roleplay as only female, and refuse to do anything furry related or body modifications. Let's leave it at that.

8) Original plots only. I like all the fandoms and such, but I'm here to write a story of my own, not use something as my basis.

9) For everyone in the NSFW section, especially if we're writing er*t*ca, I can message you about what I'm into and such, but do not ask that I'm the dominant one or do specific things. It's not who I am and it will be very awkward and neither of us will enjoy it.

10) Try not to message me in character only because it is going to make for a very awkward introduction and I will be really clueless on how to go anywhere with it. Nonetheless, let's chat!

So far I think these are all the rules. For all I know this could be updated at any moment.

Comment "Wilco, over and out" if you've read all of the rules, thanks!
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