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General Plots

• The Enchanted Heirloom •

Geralt of Rivia encounters a young woman while on a contract in a remote village. She possesses a mysterious amulet that has been passed down through her family for generations. Unbeknownst to her, the amulet holds the key to unlocking her latent magical abilities. Geralt becomes her reluctant mentor, teaching her to control her newfound powers while protecting her from those who seek to exploit her abilities for dark purposes. Together, they embark on a journey to uncover the amulet's origins and face ancient magical threats.

• The Cursed Love •

In a war-torn kingdom, Geralt stumbles upon a cursed princess locked in a tower. She is cursed to transform into a deadly creature at nightfall, and the kingdom believes her to be a threat. Geralt, with his knowledge of curses and monsters, offers to break the curse. As they spend time together, they fall in love, but breaking the curse proves to be more challenging than they initially thought. Their journey takes them through perilous lands and tests the limits of their love and determination.

• The Elemental Alliance •

Geralt having the ability to control fire with his witcher igni sign, crosses paths with a water elemental, a female being of immense power. Initially, they are on opposing sides, but they soon realize that a greater threat looms over their world—an ancient evil that seeks to disrupt the balance of the elements. Reluctantly, they join forces, combining their abilities to confront the darkness and restore harmony to the elemental realms.

• The Lost Kingdom •

Geralt is hired to locate a lost kingdom said to be hidden deep within an enchanted forest. He discovers a young woman, the last surviving heir to the kingdom, who possesses the knowledge to unlock its secrets. Together, they navigate the dangers of the forest, decipher cryptic riddles, and face mythical creatures guarding the kingdom's ancient treasures. Along the way, they forge a deep bond and unearth the truth about the kingdom's downfall.

• The Shadows of Destiny •

In a world plagued by an ancient prophecy of doom, Geralt crosses paths with a gifted seeress. Together, they must decipher the cryptic verses of the prophecy and prevent its dark foretelling from coming true. As they travel through treacherous lands and face powerful adversaries, their bond deepens, and they come to understand the true nature of destiny and free will.

• The Alchemist's Secret •

A brilliant female alchemist, shunned by her own kind for her unorthodox experiments, seeks the help of Geralt to protect her groundbreaking discovery—a potion that grants incredible powers. As they evade those who wish to steal her formula, they uncover a web of political intrigue and betrayal that threatens to engulf the entire kingdom.

• The Beast Within •

In a kingdom plagued by a curse that transforms its inhabitants into ferocious beasts, Geralt encounters a woman who possesses a unique immunity to the curse. Together, they must find a way to break the curse and save the kingdom, all while battling their own inner demons and confronting the dark sorceress responsible for the curse.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Kombative_Witcher | Sep 20th 2023 19:47

A partner for a Sci-Fi story (Action, Mystery, Rom

This is a vague plot which I hope we could refine more together, so bring your ideas to the table!
I'm leaving my character vague since I thought it would be fun for you to assign me a type of character to play as. Only restriction is that my character would be a male since these prompts involve romance and it would be Male x Female ^^

Your character would be remotely controlling a robot either because they are either too shy or sick to go out themselves. Working either independently or for a company to take down thugs or investigate crimes, eventually you would cross paths with me and we would end up working together.

Now I'd like us to meet face to face eventually, but that would happen only at the most extreme of situations. Someone attacked your home? You've fallen too sick?
From there our bond would grow even stronger etc.
As for your robot, it can be quite literally what ever you want! High tech and Humanoid or very crude early robot model with a drawn on face? Up to you~
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0 | 0 Comments | by Chaos_ | Sep 20th 2023 17:29



storyline ideas .
1 Ex husband- Runs into her e husband at a gala ball, only hes not alone, its his fiance. She introduces them to her date. Later that evening her date has too much to drink and ends up hitting her. Her ex husband sees this and rushes to protect her. He takes her outside and they end up kissing.

2. Dating a mafia member- She's been dating a guy for 6 months unaware that he's from the mafia. She accuses him of cheating on her after going out for most nights but end up telling her the truth.

3. High school sweethearts. - They havent seen each other in years.. and since they had the friends they were both invited to a yacht party. The only problem os they're both married, but when they see each other again, old feelings come rushing back.

4. Work colleagues- She works for her boss, but whem he starts to take an interest in her work colleage, she begins to get jealous and tries to get his attention by flirting with his assistant
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3 | 0 Comments | by SophiaJames | Sep 20th 2023 17:12


Johan's advices inspired him and he really decided to sell fishes that he himself catches. But he is just too clueless and ends up doing it in such a clumsy and dumb way. XD

In the morning, after catching his two fishes, he heads to the market and goes to stand right in front of the stall of a fisherman. The man doesn't appreciate that Dan Heng tries to steal.his customers and eventually kicks him away. After all, the fisherman has a trading licence, Dan Heng doesn't even know what it is.
So he moves to another spot, but every time someone is brave enough to ask for the price of the fishes, they just leave without accepting to buy.

Not understanding what he is doing wrong, he thinks that the problem must be the place. It's afternoon by now and he tries to sell fish at his favourite place: by the gate of the palace.
The guards by now think that he is just a guy with some mental issues so they just leave him be. XD
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1 | 28 Comments | by DanHeng | Sep 20th 2023 16:57


Once back, he heads straight to his room to relax. He couldn't sleep at all in the North, so he tries to recover a little. It doesn't take him long to fall asleep, he doesn't even change his clothes, too tired.
When he wakes up, a few hours later, he goes to take a bath, returning to his comfy clothes. right after. He starts checking his phone and deleting the random pictures sent by Shu to pester him while laid down on the bed.
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1 | 30 Comments | by Preservation | Sep 20th 2023 16:17


After the three hours passed, they head to the gates.
Chan left the others to go to give the phone to Wu and also taught him some basics on how to use it, before joining at the gate.

When they are there, eventually the physician arrives and with him, Princess Yinbok. She insists to come with them, so that if her daughter can't come back, she will at least have the chance to see her one last time.
XiFan makes his appearance a little late, with a servant carrying his belongings. His father broke his face. XD He has a black eye and his cheekbone a little swollen.
But his father comes with him to say goodbye, at least. He actually cares about his son, that's also why he got so mad for his decision.

Chan doesn't argue about the fact he will have to take the physician and the Princess back to Xi'An, he is only eager to go home, also because he worries for Miko and Aron, in that place.
When everyone is ready, Chan teleports them all to Guyun and they head to the palace.
Chan stops by the guards to tell them the situation and to warn the king, to ask the permission to bring the people inside, wanting to follow all the procedures, including checking that the guests have no weapons on them.
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0 | 35 Comments | by Chan | Sep 20th 2023 16:16

    never knew her name,

admin + rules

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0 | 0 Comments | by honey | Sep 20th 2023 15:43

 they're looking all the same to me.

about me me me

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0 | 0 Comments | by honey | Sep 20th 2023 15:42

      .·:·.✧ ✦ ✧.·:·.

rosalind / ophelia

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0 | 0 Comments | by honey | Sep 20th 2023 15:41

    they only chase the fame,

friends n thingz

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0 | 0 Comments | by honey | Sep 20th 2023 15:41

 there's no one left to blame but me.

thoughs / prayers

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0 | 0 Comments | by honey | Sep 20th 2023 15:40

I Hope That She

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0 | 0 Comments | by H0THEAD | Sep 20th 2023 15:04

Looks At Me

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0 | 0 Comments | by H0THEAD | Sep 20th 2023 15:03

And Thinks

[ Constant WIP ]

@ghosted - Em hates to admit it from how bad of a person he is, but Danny is her favourite person and best friend. He may not be good at it but when she's upset he attempts to help, and he jokes with her, plus he even let her see his face! Emma is so happy that he trusts her enough and wouldn't want to live another day without her chaos buddy - as long as she doesn't have to kill.

@eatmypallets - Minnie is like, one of her best friends! They can see eye to eye and practically read eachothers minds. Em is even one of the few trusted with a rabbie! She'd go to Minnie for anything and knows she can, and vice versa.

@sleepwalker - Quen's a good kid, Emma sees him as her little brother. She always goes out of her way to help him out, whether he wants it or not.

@sorceress - Gay gay homosexual gay. Em has a big fat crush on her and will not deny it unless to Lori herself. She lub.

@claw - Emmie's adopted daughter. Mumei is her world and ALWAYS comes first. She loves her baby girl with her soul and everything. Nobody lays a finger on a hair on her head.

@gh0st - Other chaos buddy. They play pranks on people and love it so much. He's a-okay in her books.

@handsome - CHOKE AND DIE HUMAN SCUM. He abused her wifey :( hates him a lot

@renegade - Bottom. He's the biggest bottom ever in her eyes. She looooves to tease Frankie, and him to her. Will choke him for fun.

@unkillable - HOW HAS HE NOT KILLED HER???? Emma narrowly treads the line of Michael's patience and still somehow stays on his good side. She's a headache to him but she loves his company.

@wrench - ANOTHER chaos buddy. He kinda scares her but she still likes him a bunch.

@stripes - RUN HIDE CRY. But steal his candy first. He scares her tbh, and he's one of the few that does.
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0 | 0 Comments | by H0THEAD | Sep 20th 2023 15:03

Sh*t He's So Pretty

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0 | 0 Comments | by H0THEAD | Sep 20th 2023 15:03