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Alpha Centauri

Hazel was the first of two sisters to become a star child, and the second born of three children to an ancient alien empire. She now protects her sister Asteria as Alpha Centauri. She attends school in Japan, a country of the planet Earth, as a student. Being the middle child, she wanted to be the smartest, and took the most time to be reborn as the spirit of her star. She is loyal to her older sister, though and would do anything to help her and still keep the peace that Asteria so deeply desires to maintain.
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2 | 0 Comments | by StarryGoddessRP | 9 hours ago

She Defies Worlds (Verses)

The Vampire Diaries/The Originals:
Admin Is:
- Caught up and has finished TVD
- Has seen up to the last few episodes of the originals S3 (has not seen season four)

For this universe, she is set in her bio's story line as she already lives in New Orleans. Expect she is very aware of the Mikaelsons. While she does not fear them she also does not go out of her way to upset them. The story of the doppelgangers is known to her briefly as it is part of the knowledge of her organization, however she is not familiar with TVD gang's past in detail.

Teen Wolf:
Admin Is:
- not a regularly viewer.
- has seen season four, but no seasons before or after it.
- knows enough lore to carry a roleplay however.

Instead of her family moving to New Orleans, they settle in Beacon Hills for a mission, much like they previously did in California. Sybil's job is to go into the high school and see what troubles lie there as their family tries to figure out weather or not the 'troublemaker' Peter Hale is worthy of death. (as well as any other trouble creatures)

Admin Is:
-Fully caught up

The Whitewaters have fallen into a dangerous position forcing them to hideout where no one would think to find them, Riverdale.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Siren | 9 hours ago

hey peeps sorry

sorry i havent been answering as consistently its just that school and piano and viola have gotten harder to juggle evenly and ta school this site is blocked so i cant get to it and talk to you people as much so sorry if i dont answer its probably cuz i feel depresed or im busy with some other thing so yeah im sorry
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Oc #4 Hunter *Wolf male*

Name- Hunter
Gender- Male
Parents- Mother: Kaila, Father: Deceased,

Siblings- He considers Snow and Midnight like his little sisters,
Mate- Not yet
Pups- None yet
Personality- Cautious, Can be Scary sometimes, Has a temper,
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✺ Park Nawoo
✺Not interested in a relationship at the moment
✺Tattoo artist
✺Can be Violent
✺Curses a lot
✺Doesn't drink a lot
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0 | 0 Comments | by Misunderstood | 9 hours ago