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anime and manga
 • blue exorcist 
 • attack on titan ✦
 • demon slayer: kimetsu no yaiba ✦
 • dr. stone ✦
 • dragon ball ✦
 • naruto
 • bleach
 • jojo's bizarre adventure ✦
 • mob psycho 100
 • my hero academia ✦
 • seven deadly sins ✦
 • the promised neverland
 • world trigger

 • danganronpa
 • detroit: become human
 • fire emblem
 • pokemon
 • the legend of zelda

 • spider-man: into the spider-verse ✦
 • marvel universe
 • dc universe
 • detective pikachu

 • action ✦
 • comedy
 • crime 
 • drama
 • fantasy 
 • horror
 • modern
 • mystery
 • romance
 • science fiction
 • superhero
 • supernatural 

looking for
 • dragon ball stories ✦
 • demon slayer stories ✦
 • jojo's bizarre adventure stories ✦
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2 | 0 Comments | by potential | 8 hours ago


i. please be respectful of me and my preferences. i don't roleplay sm*t and all that. if i say i don't want to roleplay a character or a fandom or an idea, don't push me into doing it.. if you do so, I would simply have to move on to another writer.

ii. i except a response that's at least half the length of mine, i don't want to write ten paragraphs and only receive a single sentence back. i write third-person past tense and use "quotation marks" for dialogue so i expect the same to keep a certain flow, ya know?

iii. the plot comes before all else. don't go sending random starters. when we're planning, don't push all of the work onto me. if you don't like the plot or my responses then tell me and we can work something out!

iv. this shouldn't need to be said but do not control, kill, or alter details about my characters in any way, shape, or form without my permission. it's annoying to say the least when someone does this out of the blue to their self interest..

v. don't pester me for a response. i have a busy life outside of roleplaying and a lot of stress. you're free to send a reminder after a week if you want but constantly sending messages is a no-no.

vi. if you've read this far, please click on the heart and message me with the word "hybrid".

vii. while i love romance, i don't like when it's the main theme. if it does happen then i expect the characters to have chemistry..

viii. dark and m*tu*e themes are allowed in moderation, just don't go over-the-top and use tragedy and mental illness for the sake of pity. it's distasteful.
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3 | 0 Comments | by potential | 8 hours ago

Stevie Bio

Name: Stevie Dalton
Age: ??
Nicknames: Sqwishy, Pink Guy
Occupation: Thief, Mechanic, Cool guy
Height: 5'0
Weight: 120 lbs
Gender: Male
Species: Mimic
Personality: Very "all over the place", an excitable little ball of energy that's always looking for ways to get all of his pent up energy out. Quite jumpy and playful, hard to keep track of due to their constant excitement.
Likes: Memes, Parties, DND
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0 | 0 Comments | by Thiccboye | 8 hours ago

Park Chaeyoung

Nicknames: Chae


Personality: cold, hard and bitter on the outside, badass, rough around the edges, actually really caring and selfless on the inside, loyal

Likes: dancing, fancy/expensive things, stuffies but hides it, animals, food, good/real people, affection, company, fashion, makeup

Dislikes: most veggies, math, rapists, racists, homophobes, being alone though she'd never admit it, people who just want her for her looks and money

Extra: -sleeps with a fan on
- A model
- as a black kitten named Jin/Jinnie
- has major trust issues
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0 | 0 Comments | by BeautyAndTheBeast | 9 hours ago

new verse

Eddie leaves derry and his mother behind and he moves to New york and ends up becoming a rock star and playing music in clubs and forgetting about the losers club and the past.

The face claim is xavier samuel and he's 18 to 25 in this verse it's an au verse for him.
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0 | 0 Comments | by Theyregazebos | 9 hours ago