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Chapter Three: My Ride or Dies

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0 | 0 Comments | by GoodVibes | Jan 20th 2022 12:31

Chapter Four: The Test You All Want To See

== Results from b* ==

100% Exhibitionist
100% Switch
99% Non-monogamist
99% Voyeur
97% Rope bunny
89% Submissive
89% Degradee
88% Experimentalist
79% Brat
74% Slave
61% Masochist
53% Vanilla
19% Primal (Prey)
12% Pet
0% Ageplayer
0% Boy/Girl
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1 | 0 Comments | by GoodVibes | Jan 20th 2022 12:31

⚝ Imogen ⚝

⚝ Personal Info ⚝

 ○ Birth Name: Imogen
 ○ Nickname: Imy
 ○ Name Meaning: Maiden
 ○ Species: Human (?)
 ○ D.O.B: January 13th
 ○ P.O.B: Silverwood Hospital Center
 ○ Ethnicity: White
 ○ Languages: Common

⚝ Physical Info ⚝

 ○ Height: 152.4 cm
 ○ Weight: 53.163 kg
 ○ Age: 18
 ○ Body Type: Hourglass
 ○ Eye Color: Crimson and Yellow
 ○ Hair Color: Dusty White

⚝ More Physical Info ⚝

 ○ Tattoo: ✗
 ○ Scars: ✗
 ○ Piercings: ✗

⚝ Family ⚝

 ○ Parents: ✗
 ○ Siblings: ✗
 ○ Children: ✗

⚝ Etc. ⚝

 ○ Introvert - Ambivert - Extrovert: Ambivert (Introvert Lean)
 ○ Dom - Switch - Sub: Switch (Sub Lean)
 ○ Trigger Warnings: ✗
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4 | 0 Comments | by Irie | Jan 20th 2022 12:23


♦ *legal name*; benjamin claude pratt
♦ *d.o.b.*; april 16th
♦ *age*; one hundred twenty-nine
♦ *sexuality*; bisexual
♦ *classification*; vampire
♦ *ethnicity*; european
♦ *occupation*; hotel owner, resistance founder

♦ *eye color*; hazel
♦ *hair color*; auburn
♦ *skin tone*; pale ivory
♦ *height*; 6’0
♦ *markings*; freckles across face, backside

♦ *mental health*; n/a
♦ *physical health*; inability to digest
♦ *alcohol*; moderate
♦ *smoking*; moderate
♦ *other drugs*; n/a
♦ *moral alignment*; lawful evil


⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ † Blood Flow Vision
Benjamin may observe blood flow within someone’s body - inanimate objects (walls, clothing, ect.) do not obscure his vision

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ † Blood Marionette
A living creature embedded with Benjamin’s blood (through a wound, digested, ect.) may be manipulated by Benjamin once his blood fully courses through the victim’s body. Benjamin may also create his own shedding his own blood but its intelligence is minimal
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ † Supernatural Condition
Possession of enhanced agility, strength, stamina, endurance, speed

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ † Blood Link
The vampires Benjamin converts are automatically connected and able to be traced by Benjamin; Benjamin may trace and decipher the thoughts of select individuals by smudging his target with his blood

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ † Blood Weaponry/Artillery
Benjamin is capable of slashing a blood-made whip out of his wounds and creating projectiles out of his blood to implode with an acidic bite on his target.


An old-fashioned gentleman. At first glance, there is nothing peculiar about the man besides his unforgettable appearance. His smiles are the warmest and his words are the kindest. This, unfortunately, is the byproduct of his manipulation and entitlement to success. Benjamin is a quiet and calculated man, a master at conjuring the perfect excuse for his wrongdoings when questioned at an inconvenient time. If caught red-handed, he simply taunts, enrages, and waits for his foe to wind a punch so Benjamin can knock out or slaughter his foe with the cover of self-defense. Benjamin has mastered the art of forging suicide, accidents, and natural causes from the death of the ones he lays a hand on. If not lying with tears in his eyes or a pseudo smile on his face, he is unforgivingly blunt. Benjamin’s younger years gave him the experience to learn how to please the crowd in his hotel and how to motivate the ones underneath his authority. Benjamin does not fall in love at first sight; he does, however, succumb to temptation at first sight with little words and physical touch that caresses his prey. Benjamin struggles with commitment, one factor being his undying skepticism of even his closest friends. Despite his stony expression, his fervid aura shines through. Benjamin flaunts his elegance and intelligence with poetic speech when the mood arises. Benjamin never acts without a plan even on the most mundane of days. Benjamin is a bona fide aristocrat at heart, a true snob who demands the highest standards and proper presentation of himself and his acquaintances, customer or friend. In a fight, he cannot rid his poise, his head held high and body only clashing against his adversary when he is guaranteed victory. Otherwise, he orders his subordinates to handle it. The most brutal Benjamin can ever be is with a human who oversteps their mortal authority. Benjamin is often seen as a father or brother-like figure to the supernatural beings who wander to him in dismay because he provides shelter, plentiful food, and infinite empathy in exchange for honest labor in his hotel.


Benjamin is the sole son of a noble English family. His family was one of three with a vampiric bloodline, a bloodline maintained by arranged marriages and Benjamin’s bride-to-be was chosen when he was only a child. As he waited to be wed, he grew up to be a wondrous prodigy in the world of medicine despite his boisterous habits whenever he snuck out at night to wreck gardens and drink himself half to death with neighboring boys of wealth. Benjamin never had an issue socializing and impressing whoever he met. The young vampire dedicated himself to serving as a surgeon in both World Wars, and every time he returned to the comfort of his bedroom, his contagious smile faltered. The last time Benjamin can remember smiling was when he held his newborn daughter for the first time. The next time Benjamin held her, a tiny body under a mass of enveloped fleece, was when he sat adrift in the vast sea that dwindled in darkness on a fisherman’s boat to shield his daughter from the icy wind that bit into his bones. His wife, a gorgeous woman who had convinced him he did not need to seduce woman and woman to live a satisfying life, was the one who hollered that Benjamin was one of the demonic beasts who infected the world with the deadly plague engulfing the world and their daughter was another curse. Benjamin had to flee with the threat of steel piercing through his back, the threat of pitchforks piercing and claiming his daughter as a prize, the fear of flames devouring him and his daughter…he fled, he fled and he had no remorse severing their hands.

For the sake of his daughter living a fruitful life, Benjamin bought and renovated a grand hotel that attracted a million guests from each corner of the world. In the massive crowd were vampires like himself, werewolves, phantoms, disgusting things in-between, and Benjamin welcomed them with open arms. In the crowd were enthusiastic couples in seek of a romantic voyage, and Benjamin took advantage of their foolishness:

The Red Rooms. To the young, adventurous couple, it was the opportunity for a sexual escapade. For Benjamin and his hotel staff, it was their dinner.

In the casino, the most drunken, confident gamblers would be challenged by the deceitful staff. If the gambler wins, it was a fortunate dreamt by millions. If the staff wins, it was their life to consume.

This all was, of course, legal by contract.
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0 | 0 Comments | by beau | Jan 20th 2022 12:23


1. Im a straight male so please MxF
2. I will ONLY type 3-5 sentences i just want to get to the point.
3. I dont have any kinks. Please send me your kinks/limits
4. Limits: no bathroom stuff, no underage, no feet.
5. Have fun and respect my rules.
6. Reply with the word: “Ayo” so i know you read these.
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1 | 2 Comments | by MaleNeko | Jan 20th 2022 10:54


• I do not accept people with a real life pic as their pfp

• if I denied your request do not send another one

• don’t approach me in character or greet me with a random starter

• be nice to me and I will be nice to you
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10 | 0 Comments | by Akirachan | Jan 20th 2022 10:44

Anyone wanna roleplay?

Im looking for someone out of the danganronpa, mha, tbhk, or mcr fandom, any ocs are also allowed.
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2 | 1 Comment | by yuuchan | Jan 20th 2022 09:40

I'm still working out how to use this

I know my activity has been infrequent and i apologise i'm still learning the ins and outs of this place
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0 | 0 Comments | by RetroGamer97 | Jan 20th 2022 07:47


Name: Alexander/Alexandrea

Nickname(s): Alex

Gender: FemBOY

Age: 9

Sexuality: Bi

Relationship Status: Single

Power: Can see the most likely future.

About me: W.I.P.
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1 | 0 Comments | by DemiDeities | Jan 20th 2022 06:22


Name: Kikio

Nickname(s): Kiki

Gender: Female

Age: 9

Sexuality: Bi

Relationship Status: Single

Power: Can read minds

About me: W.I.P.
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6 | 0 Comments | by DemiDeities | Jan 20th 2022 06:21


::The Basics::



Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:

::About them::

Positive traits:
Negative traits:


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0 | 0 Comments | by CircleOfLove | Jan 20th 2022 06:15



-> Be at least semi-lit (5+ lines)

-> Add detail in your replies, and I know I may not have DETAIL detail in my responses but just keep the response entertaining.

-> I will leave the chat/ unfriend after 5 days if you have not told me you’re spending time away

-> Please be 1*8+ even if it’s just fluff, I just get uncomfortable with someone who’s not

-> Have decent grammar. Yes we all make mistakes and imma be honest, I make many mistakes but I always try to fix them. But if I can’t understand your reply then yeah

-> Third person. Please be able to rp on third person, first makes me uncomfortable


X Suicidal topics. This includes death and sh, please respect that

X No feet. I understand people may have this kink/ fetish but I do not so please don’t have this in there

X Insects. I’ve had so many people ask if we can do a rp where giant worms take over the planet and honestly that just freaks me out ;~; sorry not sorry

X Extreme gore. I know I asked for detain but when it comes to gore please don’t put really deep detail into it. I’m fine with like blood on ocs and what not but don’t explain how you’ve ripped someone in half ;~;

Other rules

:3 do have a life outside amino so please respect that if I do not instantly reply it’s not because I’m ghosting you. I will respect you if you send a quick hi after 3 days but if you’re spamming me then I will leave the chat with no warning

:3 Don’t control whoever I’m playing. Yes side characters are fine but if I am playing one of my ocs or a character from something then please do not control it

:3 No main character death. I’m a sensitive person when it comes to that so please don’t have mine or your character die, I like angst and sad stuff but character death will make me sad as hell

:3 Respect me and I respect you. Simple as that

:3 don’t make everything about your character. I am SO over people making the plot ALLLL about their character. Yes I might sound like a hypocrite but I only ever do it to ONLY make the plot escalate or something. Like if here’s a bit where I can tell there isn’t much happening then yes I will make something happen. But if the plot is something like one of them is mad at the other for some reason. Don’t make your oc all depressed and slowly shuffling around so I’m forced to help them. I HATE having to do this and I am not afraid to leave the chat if it ever happens.

:3 Please help with the plot! I’m so over discussing the plot yet it’s just me saying stuff and people just respond with a “yeah I like that” and that’s it

:3 Third person only. Do not force me to do first, yes you can if you really want to but I get extremely uncomfortable when I rp in first
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6 | 0 Comments | by GoodKitten | Jan 20th 2022 05:25

⚝ Yael ⚝

⚝ Personal Info ⚝

 ○ Birth Name: Yael
 ○ Nickname: Ale
 ○ Name Meaning: Mountain goat, Heights
 ○ Species: Zombie
 ○ D.O.B: ✗
 ○ D.O.D: ✗
 ○ P.O.B: ✗
 ○ Ethnicity: White
 ○ Languages: Common

⚝ Physical Info ⚝

 ○ Height: 175.199 cm
 ○ Weight: 58.967 kg
 ○ Age: 17
 ○ Body Type: Ottomode
 ○ Eye Color: Light Blue
 ○ Hair Color: Dusty White

⚝ More Physical Info ⚝

 ○ Tattoo: ✗
 ○ Scars: Almost everywhere, as though he was cut into pieces
 ○ Piercings: ✗

⚝ Family ⚝

 ○ Parents: ✗
 ○ Siblings: ✗
 ○ Children: ✗

⚝ Etc. ⚝

 ○ Introvert - Ambivert - Extrovert: Introvert
 ○ Dom - Switch - Sub: Switch
 ○ Trigger Warnings: Blades, Weapons, Needles
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2 | 0 Comments | by Irie | Jan 20th 2022 04:47

Quinton John Corvine, (* Of The Wood*)

Quinton John Corvine,

(Any RPs with him will likely be N*FW just forewarning)

Age: 31
Sex: Male
Species: Satyr
Height: 5ft10
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual (Switch)
Relationship status: Single
Powers/Abilities/Attributes: Pheromones that tend to act as a aphrodisiac. His horns also are able to do decent damage if he so needs them too. He can also speak with animals.

Appearance: He has short dark hair and stark emerald green eyes. He is muscular in a trim slender sort of way and rather hairy. Especially around his chest arms and his v line. And of course on his head are large curled horns and at his thighs furry legs which end in large hooves. His fur chestnut in colour, his skin somewhat pale with a faint tan to it.

Personality: Quinton is known for his playful behaviour. And for the most pat is just a fun loving guy with a bit of an er*t*c streak. Just as all the proverbs and stories of his kind say, Satyrs are a little sex hungry and he isn't exactly much different to that. He's usually pretty sweet, and kind hearted. Even if he is ultimately an utter flirt. Though he will back off if told to. That is most of the the time. As at certain parts of the year Satyrs come into heat and during that period his sexual tendencies are almost to difficult to contain. The drive to copulate almost impossible to resist. The best comparison would be like a heroine addict, in need of their next fix. It doesn't matter how sweet or kind they usually are they will do nearly anything for the next fix.

Backstory: As is the life of a Satyr a entirely male species that can reproduce with any female of any species as long as they are somewhat humanoid. There ability to mate with most women and their genetics being so strong that they dominate the females genetics they impregnate. That the only children they bare when copulating with a Satyr are more male Satyrs. Be it Orc, Human, Elf, Lizardman or wolfman their females will give birth to a male Satyr. Perhaps with some of their secondary characteristics. Hair colour, eyes or skin tone. But everything else would be taken from their father. Satyr women are a possibility but they are so rare they are almost mythical. Franky even male satyrs are a rarity as they tend to keep to themselves as much as possible. As they tend to actually be rather inward looking and nature driven.

Mostly because when around others, even if they are more social they will be very sexual which is usually looked down upon by most other races. Many a story had been written about the sneaky Satyr sneaking into campsites with a lone adventurer or stealing away and impregnating an otherwise loving wife. And thus among the wider populace are treat with distrust and often hunted.

And this is why Quinton tends to keep to himself deep in the largest forest in the realm. Where people are scarce and he is surrounded by nature. Where he feels most at home.

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0 | 0 Comments | by Chronosity | Jan 20th 2022 04:35


Words were never one to come as they were called but when they please

No inspiration around yet the words linger inside my head pushing and pushing until they bubble up

Yet no inspiration, none to be seen

How are words able to come out and be written on this empty sheet of nothingness

How can my mind feel so full yet empty

Words scrambling around I'm trying to keep up yet they're piling against me

I'm writing I'm trying but no inspiration

The words never stop

My brains going haywire unable to keep up ,lacking the space to keep any more words

So instead they blow up on to this

On here where the words would go unnoticed

Hidden away by the thousands and thousands of writing others fill

Yet that's okay better to be hid away than standing there for all to see

And to see is what they will see

Of a person with no focus or drive an empty shell of the definition simply going with the flow

What kind of person lacks so much yet is still here trying for what I'm not sure

Of course an inspiration comes in the middle of writing just nonsense

What a load of crap ,of course it would

Yet it's gone in an instant

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0 | 0 Comments | by nikko | Jan 20th 2022 02:25