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J u d i t h L o v e l l

Oscar Karkoff

Name: Oscar Karkoff (originally Olivia)

Age: 21

Gender: trans male

Pronouns: He/they

Sexuality: not quite sure, but is leaning towards homosexual

Personality: Oscar grew up in a bad household, his father was drunk who hit him on multiple occasions and his mother was neglectful crack addict. Oscar did have a older brother named Tomas who cared for him, although that changed when he came out to him. Tomas immediately stopped taking care of Oscar and started treating him like his parents. All this lead to Oscar coping by bottling up all his emotions up and ignoring them, he dislikes talking about gender and emotions. Oscar is very reclusive, he dislikes leaving his apartment and talking to people. He tends to not stand up for himself and let’s himself get pushed around, being pushed around was what he was used to. After a car accident that left his body covered in burns, Oscar started to refuse going outside, he only goes outside to get food and other necessities.

Surgeries: Top surgery, phalloplasty, vaginectomy, skin graphs.

Mental disorders: depression, anxiety.

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❈` lucille `❈

【 Name 】
‎‎‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎Lucille

【 Age】
‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎21

【 Gender】
‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎Female

【 Appearance】
‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎‎➼ Hair: straight, dark brown
‏‏‎ ‎➼ Eyes: dark hazel
‏‏‎ ‎➼ Height: 163cm
‏‏‎ ‎➼ Body: toned
‏‏‎ ‎‎➼ Marks: Burn mark across the face

【 Personality】
‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎➼ emotional
‏‏‎ ‎➼ stubborn
‏‏‎ ‎➼ will probably smack you
‏‏‎ ‎➼ easily flustered
‏‏‎ ‎➼ five hundred thoughts a second

【 Likes】
‏‏‎ ‎➼ green tea
‏‏‎ ‎➼ training
‏‏‎ ‎➼ cats

【 Dislikes】
‏‏‎ ‎➼ selfish people
‏‏‎ ‎➼ sour food
‏‏‎ ‎➼ waiting

【 Powers】
‎‎‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ -

【 Weapons】
‎‎‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ Sword wielding

【 Backstory】
‎‎‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ Lucille was born in a rich and noble family with plenty of money. She was quite spoiled as a child although soon it became very annoying that everything was done for her. She turned into a rather rebellious child- often running away from home and getting into trouble, sometimes even into fights with other kids. But she also grew out of it too.

Fast forward into her young teenage years she became even more independent when she chose to pick up a weapon for the first time in her life. The fact that such a noble young girl decided to learn how to fight was a complete catastrophe for her father. They had a fight which turned physical real quick and ended up with her father scarring her face for life. But despite it all she continued with her training, she even hired herself a special teacher for it.

Once Lucille was capable of standing up for herself she took on her first job, then a second one and so on. Once she started earning enough she moved out of her parents' house and started living on her own with her own finances. She worked her way up and became a noble by herself.

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   this will be rules. will update soon.
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     Name: (刘翔) liu xiang.

     Nicknames?: xia, xixi.

     Birthday: december 16, 1999.
     Age?: twenty-one

     Zodiac Sign: sagittarius.

     Chinese Zodiac: rabbit.

     Species: human.

     Sex: male.

     Blood Type: b.

     Place Of Birth: shanghai, china.

     Current Location: seoul, south korea.

     Ethnicity: asian.

     Nationality: chinese.

     Spoken Languages: english, chinese, korean.

     Sexual Orientation: pansexual.

     Romantic orientation: bicurious.

     Position: versatile switch.

     Virgin?: yes.

     Occupation: mortuary makeup artist..

     Class: lower middle.

     Average Income: $38,000 USD.


     Height: 5'11", 180cm.

     Weight: 56kg, 123lbs.

     Figure: tall, toned.

     Skin: warm beige.

     Hair Color: black, bleached underlayer.

     Eye Color: brown.

     Scars?: self defense scars on arms.

     Tattoos?: n/a.

     Piercings?: lobe.

     Scent: sandalwood.

     style: black and white themes, long clothing to accentuate height. consists of bold rings, layered
     jewelry, straight pants, trench coats, boots, ect.



     Alignment: neutral good.

     Good Traits: honest, dutiful, analytical, strong-willed, responsible, calm, friendly, loyal.

     Bad Traits: perfectionist, anxious, struggles to express emotions, blunt,
     finds it hard to understand feelings, stubborn.

     Habits: fidgeting with rings, dancing publicly- with or without music, pulling faces to things,
     using slang, 哈哈 or 233 = laughing, touching hair, stuttering, restlessness.

     Hobbies: makeup, fashion, cooking.

     Likes: cosmetology, fashion, accessories, road trips, incense, decorating, cooking/baking.
     cold weather, rain, deep conversations, documentaries, smoking, blood.

     Dislikes: small spaces, crowded areas, sirens, loud noises, being lectured, intrusive thoughts.

     Fears: claustrophobia.

     Pet Peeves: being interrupted, dry conversations.

     Allergies: pollen.

     Mental Disorders: ocd.

     Physical Health: average.

     Addictions: smoking.

     Drink?: yes.

     Smoke?: yes.

     Drugs?: no.

       Animal?: dog.

       Flower?: hydrangea.

       Color?: dark blue.

       Food?: sichuan pork.

       Drink?: coconut milk.

       Song?: 後弦 ─ 愛妃.

       Movie?: mulan.

       Series: n/a.

       Ideal Type: unsure- someone reliable?


     Mother: liu yifei. (deceased since 2006)
       - died after becoming very sick, reasons unknown.
       - was a nurse.

     Father: liu wei. (deceased since 2010)
       - was a physiotherapist.
       - killed by xiang.
       - abused xiang in many ways, blaming him for the death of yifei, telling him he was the disease.

     Aunt: zhao yue. 68 (alive)
       - lives in hongkong.
       - liu wei’s sister.
       - masseuse, lives in a poor neighbourhood.
       - looked after xiang until he was eighteen and moved to korea.

     friends?: tba.

     lover: n/a.

     pets?: n/a.


       before moving to korea, xiang learned korean
       for a few years as he knew that’s where he
       wanted to escape. he has a minor accent still.


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       ABOUT IT



xiang was born in shanghai, china, the first child of yifei and wei after their many failed attempts. his family were not particularly wealthy, but were comfortable with money and were able to provide xiang with everything he needed. due to the one child policy during the time of his birth, xiang did not have any siblings. luckily, because of his bubbly personality, he was able to make some friends at school.

as a few years went by, his mother became incredibly sick, extreme food poisoning after she was given undercooked chicken. it was rumoured by wei’s coworkers that he had let yifei become ill by undercooking it purposefully, as she happened to be the only one who ate it. whether this was really true or not was unconfirmed. yifei had always suffered from her weak immune system, and left her sickness so long that it was too late to receive care. she unfortunately passed away.

both xiang and wei were devastated by the unexpected death. but wei had made it clear that the death affected him the most negatively. xiang was only six at the time, and had a hard time processing his mothers death. his father’s reaction to the death was all taken out on him. he blamed everything on the child by telling him that he was the disease that caused the death of yifei. the verbal abuse escalated into actions much more physical, as wei found that words were not enough to express his anger and sadness. xiang was young, and gullible, believing his words for a very long time and accepting the neglect that he thought he deserved.

after a few years of suffering, xiang vented about it to one of his friends at around the age of ten, explaining how his father would quickly change emotions. he would change from being overly touchy, telling xiang that he looked beautiful like his mother, to punishing him with objects, like a belt, and hitting him. the boy had already found ways of coping with his mother’s death, but was confused as to why his father struggled with it much more. Was it due to the power of love? obviously after these words, his friend became concerned and stated that this was not a normal way for someone to mourn. since the two were still young, the conversation was too intense for them to continue.

xiang ventured home that day, father at work, and went onto his computer to search a little more into what was going on. the words on the screen were too complicated for him to understand, and he was presented with many numbers which were captioned with ‘call if you’re in danger.’

on christmas, after xiang’s 11th birthday, he received nothing. even with the abuse before, wei would still always buy him a little gift. around that time of year, he went through a strange delusional stage in which he would be inappropriately affectionate with his son. that year, there was not even that one little sign of love. though a minor situation to many, xiang was still learning about emotions and slowly maturing, and therefore this was a big thing to the boy.
aggravated and feeling betrayed, xiang tried to come up with a plan. revenge? defence? whatever it was, he was convinced that the suffering would never stop unless his father was gone. he had already begged for his father to stop, and threatened to tell for many years but nothing worked. he decided he would have to do something his father wouldn’t expect.
a few days before new years eve, xiang waited for his father to fall asleep. he would then creep out of bed after hearing his fathers loud snores, tiptoeing to the kitchen in which he grabbed the largest knife he could hold comfortably.

his legs were weak, and his hands trembled violently. he tried to hold in tears that were on the verge of pouring from his eyes. he didn’t even think for a second that his plan was the wrong thing to do, instead, he was scared that his father would somehow end up killing him first.

the handle of the doorknob was slowly turned, letting out a little click when the door opened. the room was fairly dark, the halls were silent, only snoring from the father was to be heard. xiang held his breath, not wanting to make even the slightest sound, bare feet shuffling along the floorboards to prevent any from squeaking. the room glimmered slightly from the streetlights that peered through the blinds, the light outlining the shape of his sleeping father’s face.
the boy stood next to his father, eyes glaring at the man beside him. the blade was slowly lifted into the air, but before the boy threw it down, the metal accidentally caught the light outside, reflecting onto wei’s face. xiang’s breath hitched, his reaction clearly too loud as his father’s eyes shot open, noticing the metal object in his son's hands. as the man went to grab him, xiang's arms swung down as fast as they could, the blade penetrating inside of his father’s neck. he was unable to even let out a scream, hands wrapped around the handle of the knife with eyes wide as he looked at his son in poor shock. xiang never broke eye contact with him, his nerves slowly soothing as he realised that he had won this fight. to end it for the male quicker, he pulled the knife from his neck, watching a velvet stream pour, letting the knife fall to the ground.

the morning after, xiang phoned the police, acting as he cried over the phone, announcing that his father wasn’t responding and his body was all red. the police arrived at the scene, absolutely shocked by the corpse covered in blood. there were no signs of a break in, detectives becoming confused over the death. they did a few fingerprint tests, finding both xiang’s and wei’s lingering on the handle of the knife. he made up another excuse.

“when i woke up, there was no breakfast so i came in to ask papa why he wasn’t up. a-and then, i saw him just there, hand on the handle. i was so scared. i ran up to him, and shook him, but he wouldn’t wake up. I took it from his neck because i thought it would help him,” was his lie. the police believed him, not only from empathy, but they also believed such a sweet boy who had already suffered the death of a loved one would be incapable of doing such a thing.

the case was quickly closed, labelled as a scuicide. xiang was sent to live with a relative, his aunt, who cared for him as much as she could with the little money she earned. he was thankful she took him in, though upset that he had to move to hongkong and leave behind his friends. thought he seemed quite unaffected by the event, occasionally he would have dreams or thoughts about being caught, or karma coming back to him. later, these thoughts become more regular and intense, mental health taking a bit of a toll.

after highschool, he attended university for a year, studying cosmetology, then moved to korea. this had been a part of his plan for some time. he studied the language before he moved. he wanted to live there because it was somewhere different he could escape to, but close enough to home in which he could get on a plane to visit his aunt whenever. his aunt offered her savings to him so he would be able to move. he also used the money he earned during his part-time jobs.

he moved to korea at 19. he got a small apartment with cheap rent, and searched for a job. he became a mortuary makeup artist, a job that he decided he loved with a passion. he also got a diagnosis, ocd. in hongkong, he was afraid of the judgment which was why he decided to seek help in korea instead.

now 21, he earns a decent amount in his job. he lives in a much bigger apartment and is trying his best to accept his new life, attempting to make friends like his bubbly self when he was much much younger. he continues to live with the fact he murdered his own father, not any other soul knowing.
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      /external.php?l=/external.php?l=https://b*sm test

      100% brat
      100% switch
      99% sadist
      95% masochist
      94% submissive
      91% rope bunny
      89% degradee
      88% prey
      86% pet
      84% rigger
      80% dominant
      79% brat tamer
      76% degrader
      75% experimentalist
      72% hunter
      61% vanilla
      56% owner
      27% slave
      24% exhibitionist
      24% master
      21% voyeur
      17% non-monogamist
      11% daddy
      0% boy
      0% ageplayer

      kinks tba..

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Nadeshiko Kagamihara

Nadeshiko Kagamihara is a young 16-years old girl who is a recent transfer to Motosu High School from Nanbu-chō (Nanbu town). She previously lived in Hamamatsu city on the the southern coast of Shizuoka prefecture.

Gender: Female
Birthday: March 4th
Occupation: Student / Courier (part-time) / Waitress (part-time)
Affiliations: Motosu High School / Outdoor Activities Club
Relatives: Shūichirō Kagamihara (Father) Shizuka Kagamihara (Mother) Sakura Kagamihara (Older Sister) Nadeshiko's (Grandmother)

Nadeshiko is a pale-skinned teenage girl with upper-back length pink hair that she keeps in twin ponytails on the back of her neck which is held by white ruffled scrunchies and light-blue eyes.

When camping, she is seen wearing a pink plaid jacket, a light pink ruffled dress underneath, black leggings, and green-and-white lace-up boots (or, alternatively, dark brown boots that are rolled down) with grey fingerless gloves and an orange scarf. While in school, she wears the typical female uniform (seifuku, 制服).

Nadeshiko is a cheerful, energetic and often ditsy girl who comes off as easily excitable. She loves food and her appetite is huge.

Nadeshiko's interest in camping is ignited after her first encounter with Rin Shima at Lake Motosu. She was overslept after an exhausting trip from Nanbu to lake Motosu. After being helped by Rin and the first sight of Mt.Fuji at night, she fell in love with camping.

She is sometimes seen solo camping Lake Motosuko, where, by coincidence, she runs into Rin after a text exchange between the two in which she receives a picture form Rin of herself taking a photo of Mt. Fuji.
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Chiaki Ōgaki

Chiaki Ōgaki is a high-school 16-year old girl, who is a student at Motosu High School. She is a founding member of The Outdoor Activities Club.

Gender: Female
Birthday: August 31st
Occupation: Student / Liquor store worker (part-time)
Affiliations: Motosu High School / Outdoor Activities Club

Chiaki is a pale-skinned girl with thigh-length bluish-purple hair that is tied in twin ponytails on the side of her head with some of her hair falling onto the sides of her face, very short bangs above her eyebrows, brown eyes and semi-rectangular wire-frame glasses.

When outdoors and when camping, she wears black leggings, reddish-brown boots and a large dark-blue coat.

When at school, she wears the typical female uniform (seifuku, 制服).

Chiaki is a friendly, bright, and playful girl. She is shown to be very happy and high energy. She is a bit mischievous and sometimes pulls pranks on other club members, often initiated by or with Aoi, especially concerning Nadeshiko.

Chiaki started camping with her family and found it really fun, from eating curry to sleeping in the wild, hence she founded The Outdoor Activities Club to do it more, but along with her friend Aoi Inuyama.
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Angel OC

Full name: Amais L’amour
Age: 4.543 billion years, since adam and eve
Age appears: Late teen/ early twenties
Race: Angel
Gender: N/A, nonbinary

Hair: fluffy pink hair
Eyes: Purple eyes
Height: Average
Build: Skinny

Likes: small cafes, meet cute movies, helping people, suprising people, sweets

Dislikes: spiders, bullies, demons, spicy food

Items: glasses that show them their target, a cross earing that lets them communicate with heaven, a gun that shoots bullets of love, sweets (this isn't an angel item they just always has sweets on them)

Job Title: Cupid
Job description: helping young adults find there soul mate, ridding people of loneliness and unhappiness, protecting humans from demons of dispair.
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Aoi Inuyama

Aoi Inuyama is a high-school 16-years old girl, who is a student at Motosu High School. She is a founding member of The Outdoor Activities Club.

Gender: Female
Birthday: March 4th
Occupation: Student / Supermarket Cashier (Part-Time)
Affiliations: Motosu High School / Outdoor Activities Club
Relatives:Akari Inuyama (younger sister) Mineko Inuyama (grandmother)

Aoi is a pale-skinned girl with chest-length greenish-brown hair (its edges fade to a blonder shade), which is tied in a side ponytail on the left which is held by a purple hair bobble with bangs hanging on the right side of her forehead. Her eyes are olive-green colored. Her eyebrows are not only visible through her hair, but appear in front of a hat if she's wearing one.

When camping or outdoors, she wears a large grey-and-white scarf, a light-blue sweater with a dark-blue shirt, a multicolored skirt, and brown boots. When in school, she wears the typical female uniform (seifuku, 制服).

Kind and affable, Aoi is a sincerely sweet young girl with a general interest in camping. Although, she does cause some envy from Chiaki over the fact that she has a boyfriend. She likes to spin tall tales, often making up a wild story off the top of her head.
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Rin Shima

Rin Shima is a young 16-years old girl, who is a student at Motosu High School and enjoys camping, but she usually camps by herself until she meets Nadeshiko Kagamihara.

Gender: Female
Birthday: October 1
Occupation: Student / Bookstore worker (part-time)
Affiliations: Motosu High School
Relatives: Saki Shima (Mother) Wataru Shima (Father)

Rin is a pale-skinned girl with thigh-length dark-blue hair that is tied in a high bun with bangs hanging over her eyebrows, two hair strands framing her face on both sides, and purple eyes.

When camping, she wears brown boots and black leggings, a pinkish dress, and a green sweater underneath a plaid grey shawl. She usually keeps her hair in bun. Sometimes she also wears a white knit-cap and she has her hair loose. Once, Ena Saitō tied her bun into a small teddy bear and a generic Japanese castle. In school, she wears the typical female uniform (seifuku, 制服) and she has her hair loose.

Her height is approx. 144 cm, slightly shorter than Nadeshiko at 145 cm.

Rin is depicted as having a quiet and reserved personality; preferring to camp alone. Despite that, she regularly converses and texts with Ena Saitō. Rin is seen slowly opening up to Nadeshiko Kagamihara and the rest of the Outdoors Activities Club members. This culminates in Rin agreeing to participate in the club's end of the year camping trip.

Rin began camping around the winter of her first year in middle school when her grandpa handed her down his camping equipment.

She's a solo camper in the first episode, but throughout the series, she seems to camp with Nadeshiko Kagamihara through the weekends whenever they invite each other out.
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Ena Saitō

Ena Saitō is a 16-years old young girl, who attends Motosu High School, and is a part of the “Welcome to the Outdoors Activities Club!”, knowing Rin there first.

Gender: Female
Birthday: September 1st
Occupation: Student / Cashier (part-time)
Affiliations: Motosu High School
Relatives: Chikuwa (her dog) / Jun Saitō (father)

Ena is a pale-skinned girl with short brown hair that has hair strands swept to the left side and blue eyes. When outdoors or camping, she wears a puffy blue coat and maroon leggings. She also wears white-and-blue ankle-warmers, grey boots, a white-and-blue scarf with grey gloves, and earmuffs. In school, she wears the typical female uniform.

Ena loves her pet dog and maintains a cordial relationship with Rin. When Ena and Rin talk via text, they tend to be rather sarcastic with each other.

Ena usually likes to sleep with Chikuwa (Ena's dog). She loves to play with Rin-chan's hair.
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Callie Athena Kildare

Cal, Thena


Date of Birth
October 5, 1993

Place of Birth
Athens, Greece

Father’s Name
Max Kildare

Mother’s Name
Athena Kildare

Ethnic Background / Race
American, Greek, Irish


Sexual Orientation

Languages Spoken
To many to list




Body Type
Thin and Athletic

Eye Color
Light Brown

Hair Color

Hair Style
Long, in a bun, ponytail or down

Facial Hair

Clothing Style

Glasses / Contacts
Reading Glasses

Facial Piercings

Skin Color

Head of The Smithsonian and an FBI Agent
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The Lost Boy No One Ever Wanted

Landon Kirby grew up knowing what he was kind of after he was born. His birth mother took care of him a short while earlier in his life letting him know what he is. Also who his father was. A evil being known as Malivore in a dark dimension he lived at. That he had a army and they searched out to destroy every other supernatural being in existence. Landon hearing this made him sick to his stomach and despised him. That was how Malivore was made and operated but at first wasn't bad. He was supposed to protect humans from supernatural threats only evil witches, vampires, and werewolves. Sent out his creatures and such. And a army to do this after being created by a witch. Over time Malivore got caught up in the lust and thirst for power. He grew a ego. That was being a God complex he was the ultimate superior being and only one in existence. Malivore changed his ammo and was to only purify beings make them human send them on their way. He was also a devour who hate these supernatural threats but now he felt he was above even humans and sought to make a new race in his own image. To create golems and wipe out all other supernatural races, gifted beings and people. To institute a new race and rule supernatural world with them. He created a army using his own powers and his own minions being golems to bring him supernatural creatures that were wild. He then would train them to join him and his new plan. Malivore also had a power once you were there had the power to make you forget, also everyone in existence would never remember you. Malivore sent his creatures and warriors to destroy supernatural gifted beings to take over world with his new army. To institute a new race created in his own image. Hearing this scared poor young Landon and that being his father wanted nothing to do with him. His birth mother had gone there by accident falling into the pit. Malivore then mated with her spitting her back out her forgetting for a short time. He was not aware of her being pregnant with his son at first. But she did work for a evil organization led by the son of Malivore another one named Ryan Clarke. He was loyal, true to plan of Malivore and tried so hard to be dedicated, humble to them but was instead rejected, hurt, and sent out of Malivore pit, dimension it hurt poor Ryan. He became obsessed in rage to please his father and to do anything to get him to care, love, and affection it drove him overboard with a rage to continue what his father was doing. So he got a bunch of other former part human part golem rejected by Malivore and trained them. To do his bidding forming a organization called Triad. Their goal and his goal were similar to that of Malivore to eliminate all supernatural gifted beings, purify and sanctify them to be golems. He became a sociopath and to get his father to love, accept him. He did this and started to capture, then detain, and kill supernatural gifted beings. He became a bloodthirsty, egotistical, sadistic manipulative man with a goal of his own. He often used his charm to get others and lead them to their doom. Young Landon had developed a hatred and also fear of his father Malivore what he might do to him. It scared the crap out of him. His mother was afraid Landon would be used as a tool and also that to protect him from the Triad which she worked for as a assasin and his father. She had no choice. She wanted him to have a better life sanctified her love for her young son. She had no choice she wasn't selfish and wasn't thinking about her decision to get him away from madness, of supernatural world, and his safety. Gave him a special powerful medallion to remember her by. She hugged him and told him she loved him. That she had to go away and to protect him from very bad people. She given Landon up to foster care system. Landon was devastated and heartbroken. He was a good kid that made her proud he cried yelling for her. She held back tears. Landon taken away and off. He would spend latter part of his life uncertain, unattached, and socially distorted. He felt hurt, betrayed, and didn't understand anything. Why his mother didn't want him. He wrestled with this and was so confused why no one wanted him. He didn't have a place.

Landon started to resent his mother often thinking to himself why she did this to him. He started sinking into depression and became detached with social anxiety. Wouldn't open up or talk to others. His mother had in his mind hurt and betrayed his trust in her. He wondered why he was not wanted and thought of himself as useless. Landon was a lost shattered soul he didn't have any certainty left. He was just like wherever and whatever floats your boat. He was upset and filled with anxiety, became anti social, distant from others. It didn't help he was in the foster care system. He was bounced from different home to home and different schools. It was affecting young poor Landon. He just felt unwanted, unloved, and had no place in the world. He had no path or direction. Landon had given up hope and belief in himself. He felt out of place and touch. Though he was a good kid with a big heart. He did get good grades in school, he was smart, bright, and didn't get into trouble. Landon did as he was told to do. He did his chores, homework, and he never once talked back. He had respect and treated others with kindness. He was polite in his distorted manner. Landon though being anti social, depraved state of mind lacked confidence in himself. He did have a hidden talent of singing, writing music, and picked up playing a guitar. It helped him cope with the messed up life he was living. He beat himself up longing for to be wanted, to be loved, accepted, and someone to be proud of him. He had been eager to please to have people say how proud of him he was, wanted parents that wanted and accepted him with love, affection, and attention he never got in foster care homes because he was essentially stubborn, difficult, and withdrawn. He didn't get along with any of his foster parents demanding attention, affection. He wanted a place and wanted to be loved, accepted. It affected him and he began to exhibit some of his supernatural abilities that he never knew he had. Of course he knew what he was but none of these supernatural gifts and powers were like of that of his father. Like being able to sense what others are feeling and doing. He did research to find out if he was really nuts or going crazy but wasn't. He read about empaths which made sense now. But he was something more special, rare and only of his kind. He often would see others in hurt, pain, agony, and grief confiding them with this ability. He couldn't stand seeing people in hurt, suffering showing he cared with a big heart. Landon would show them he was there, he cared, and contorted them showing he wasn't leaving their side. Getting them through it together. He rather be one suffering not them. It was start of his new side. And slowly improving his difficult, stubborn anti social and distorted nature. He always put up tough guy act on outside he would show he was fine but inside he had anger, torment, suffering, agony, and grief. He also suffered from lack of self confidence and couldn't talk to girls. He was different and knew this. He had grown up though learning to be responsible, taking care of himself. He learned to cook and grew up fast but shouldn't had to but did. Landon would fix his own meals and he was just a lost boy with trying to find his path, way, and meaning. Wanting to be loved, wanted, and appreciated for once. He always had that dream one day to be with a family of his own with parents that accepted him. He also was picked on, bullied let it happen he didn't stand up for himself do to this also because he was different called names, often beat up just sucking it up. He didn't know how to defend himself and felt like he was weak and vulnerable. Landon continued to socially decline with more and more bouncing around in foster care system.

Landon had began to show more of his supernatural gifted abilities another was when he got a cut, injured, or hurt he would heal quickly. Especially being bullied, pushed around. He was finding this odd. He was so confused and so distraught wondering if he was actually a evil person and being of some sort. It made no sense to him. Landon one day was minding his own business and seeing a house on fire engulfed in flames. He could sense and see, hear, feel people trapped in the building. He wondered why nobody was hearing their cries fire department at the time arrived. Landon went in and decided to be brave, bold, and courageous. Going into the engulfed in flames building. Then saved the two frightened girls and mother out with no burns, left unscathed. Everyone thanked him for saving them. Landon just thought of it as his good deeds it was becoming overwhelming for him. He had no idea what this was. He wasn't exactly sure if he wanted no part of it. He often would sit for hours on his bed in his room and think the worst, negative things was he evil like his father Malivore he despised wanting nothing to do with him or was he evil supernatural being that was going to hurt others. All this affected him starting having a true darkness seep out but fighting it keeping it at bay. He found ways like playing his guitar which he picked up, writing his music, and would sing it was his comfort zone tuning out the world. He was very talented and quite good. Landon would also relax and would often drift into happy thoughts, being positive, and then would picture himself with a real family and such. This was what he used to keep his darkness at bay. He had a pure good heart and always thought about others not himself putting them first. He was sweet, kind, generous, down to earth, and so humble, goodhearted young man. That cared about others. He learned how to keep going, being strong despite the crappy and rough road, life he had. He was one to keep going suck it up and though being at his worst find a way to fight. He finally had landed in a foster home in the supernatural town with a long history supernatural significance of its own in Mystic Falls with Gonzales family. Hector and Maria Gonzales were good to and for Landon accepting him as their own. There he met his foster brother Rafael Waithe. He was finally accepted, got the love, and affection he lacked, gotten all his life. It was all new to him. He was finally treated like their own. He was becoming slowly better becoming more open, happy, direct, and more sociable slowly. He opened up to Rafael both trading stories of everything they went and been through. They became close. Rafael was more sociable and outgoing than Landon. Landon wanted to try to be more open with people and outgoing, to stand out to also actually make friends. Landon actually tried and put up a effort and made it after Rafael giving him hints, pointers. Showing him to interact with people at school and it worked to perfection. Landon was trying so hard and he put up a hard effort paying off. He made more friends but was bullied by the c*cky, arrogant jerk he made enemies with being jock popular but pushed others around. Picked on others and decided to pick on Landon. Rafael steeped up and in for Landon defending him beating up a jock and also hitting Connor Ashby who was this jock. Rafael then taught Landon to start sticking up for himself to not let others push him around. Their bond grew and became inseparable. They were best friends and family. Treated each other like actual brothers accepting themselves as that though they weren't blood related. And were just foster brothers. Hector and Maria were proud of Landon making a complete turn around. He was doing good in school, getting good grades, making friends at Mystic Falls High School. He was well on his way to improving and he was accepting to them. They were enamored and loved Landon and Rafael so much they were wanting to keep, adopting them seen them both as special lost children, their children since they couldn't conceive. This was next best option. And had adopted them. Landon had developed finally into a more sociable, outgoing, well liked, humble, sarcastic, witty, down to earth, determined, sweet, loyal, fiery young man that took care of himself and Rafael looking after each other, having each other's backs. Landon was finally where he needed to be. He felt drawn and connected to the town of Mystic Falls liking it. He was happy and could see himself with a future here. He had also fought to find his path and way in life which still was what he longed to do. Landon wanted to be a somebody and be a part of something. With few supernatural gifts he still was getting a handle on. He had only used earlier in life. Landon had exhibited another supernatural gift one night he had somehow able to protrude a ball of flames from his hand. He was marveled and wowed even excited about it. He didn't dare tell a soul he was afraid he be laughed at, institutionalized, or have a exorcism done to him. He would play with it and learned on his own to control it. He practiced and evidently could turn things into molten ash and pile of soot with it. He wanted to find out what he was and wanted to use these abilities for good to help others. Protecting his family, his brother Rafael Waithe. And other people he would get that chance soon. All things would not be so lasting. Landon had went to a new diner in downtown Mystic Falls and been a regular customer there. Not knowing his actual birth mother had been in exile from the Triad wanting out, to start over, and turn a new leaf greeted Landon everyday. Often talking up conversations with her getting along and Landon would shoot off sarcastic things. He had grown attached to it loving their coffee and donuts going there before school. He had learned to drive and had his driver's license. Also got a job there at the Mystic Rock Cafe his mother owned and ran. He was such a good hard worker and polite, nice to the customers. Taking good care of them and made a good impression on his mother giving him a raise. He was a waiter, server, and bust boy and had bought his own car. He was responsible and impressed his now actual parents at how he could wash his own clothes, cook his own meals, look after the house, paying bills, took care of himself independently accepted it. He was well capable living on his own. If he could. He took care of and looked after Rafael he felt need to be a caretaker. And got no arguments. He also began to go to the park to clear his mind, keep his darkness in check. Feeding the ducks with bread he bought there, fished in the ponds there, set out on a blanket playing his guitar, writing music, and relaxed. He loved sounds of nature found it soothing and often needed to get away from everything. He had gotten a dreaded urgent call one day from his brother Rafael Waithe he had been in a car accident. And his girlfriend accidentally died. He had something wrong with him his hands had big nails, eyes glowing yellow. He had activated his unseen werewolf curse by accident. Rafael had thought it was end of the world and it was end of the line, road for him.

Landon came driving to Rafael checking on his girlfriend. She was dead. He comforted Rafael hugging him telling, assuring him this wasn't his fault. They would get through this together. Also that it was a accident he couldn't had done nothing to prevent her death. Landon stayed by his brother's side not leaving it. Helping fight for his brother Rafael. He wasn't going to give up on him. He was going to help clean up this mess. Landon saw the tall tale signs and he knew exactly what to do. He had been studying up online and going to public library reading up on supernatural world which fascinated by him. Helping Rafael adjust and with the transition without the knowledge of their parents. Both of them felt to keep them safe and out of the loop. Landon wanted to protect them. Landon helped Rafael on full moons and then helped his brother get his werewolf powers and supernatural gift under control. With research Landon had done his knowledge of supernatural world, his father was more evolved than most that been involved in supernatural world their entire lives. He was out to help cleaning up after his brother and helped him curb his anger doing things to occupy his time. Landon believed in and saw something in Rafael he didn't see in himself. Helping him to become a better person. Rafael had been invited there to attend a special school for supernatural gifted. A school where supernatural gifted beings could be around their own kind. The school took in supernatural gifted students unwanted, thrown out, to learn to accept who and what they are, and get their gifts under control. It was a safe haven. Landon had helped Rafael turn around and owed it all to him for not giving up on him. Landon had saved up his money and was responsible help stepping up paying bills, car payment and insurance, he was singing and writing music, and playing his guitar in his free time. He had seen a property in town he loved but no one ever was interested in it. It had a horse stable, lake that went with a big log cabin type house, and he knew he wanted it. It was peace and quiet he knew with how much land it had Rafael be able to run out on full moons. He had a lot he would do with it. Now he had the money saved up to buy it for him, his parents, and Rafael as a surprise. Maria and Hector got a job offer from Atlanta, Georgia and were wanting them all to move there. Landon and Rafael were devastated tired of moving Landon put a action into play. To step up to take care of him and Rafael. He wanted to stay tired of moving like he did all his life. He purchased the property with land and lake he now owned using money he had saved. Moving in he bought furniture, pool table, beds, food, appliances, and everything else needed. Bought horses for the stable and hay for them, bought a fishing pole, and tackle to fish on the lake. He had the part of the yard with a movie projector he bought calling it his movie night with buying film strips of movies both new and old would set out watching movies. He had stepped up being responsible paying bills, he had everything setup taking Rafael and their parents there. Rafael loved it there. Both of them came up with a agreement to stay together as family and never be separated, have each other's backs. Made a important decision to stay put there. That's what they did. Hector and Maria impressed by how grown up Landon despite being a teenager how he was. They both told them the truth and not wanting to leave the town, they loved it, wanting to stay in school there. And Landon was going to care for Rafael. They could live on their own. Not wanting to separate them or keep them from there plus Rafael liked new Salvatore Boarding School for supernatural gifted so much doing well at it. Hector and Maria had to let them go and make their own decisions but to promise to call, face time them everyday. Both agreeing and moved away. Landon had stepped up and provided for him and Rafael. Their brother and family bond got bigger and Landon taking on as guardian and caretaker. One day Landon always like he did come to pick up Rafael from school. He saw what has been happening to a lot of werewolves in school to either join the pack or be initiated with having other wolves do it. Led by a c*cky and arrogant, eccentric, popular person but abused his power as alpha of Mystic Falls Werewolf Pack. Landon saw them jumping Rafael. He was pissed getting into protective mode he ran towards the werewolves standing over, protecting Rafael his brother on the ground after being pummeled, kicked, and punched. Landon tacked one of the werewolves punching them. He then threw another up against the side of the school. Then Jed alpha charged at Landon. Warning him he was getting himself into something and business that didn't concern him to run off. Landon then shot out concentrating on his fire power and protruding from his hand. He then uses it big ball of flames hurdles it at them showing that he meant business. All students were shocked including headmaster, head of the school itself Alaric Saltzman was stunned, impressed by Landon showing he could turn things to ash. Rafael never knew this either. Landon yelled at the werewolves and demanded them to leave or be turned to ash or worst. Jed warned him this wasn't over. Landon threatened him if he came near his brother Rafael again he end him. Josie and Lizzie Saltzman siphoner gemini witch twin students looked on impressed by how Landon stood his ground standing up for Rafael and putting Jed in his place. Landon got Rafael who thanked and hugged him. Also asked about this Landon had told him about what abilities he had but never used them fully till then. Landon was skeptical of after Rafael suggesting he attend school there. Landon didn't like how things were ran if the werewolves got away with what they did the practice of whoever was in charge of the school needed to change them. If they wanted to provide a safe haven for their kind why they allow such barbaric behavior. Alaric was wondering who the person was and even tried to approach Rafael about his brother. To protect Landon he told him his brother was not interested in the school and was happy at their school to drop it. Alaric did. One day out in the woods Landon was gathering firewood for the fireplace. He had witnessed a young either brave, bold, courageous or dumb woman he couldn't decide to make out what to think having a big nasty supernatural creature chasing after her leading it away from the same school he questioned the morals, practices of. Landon was seeing this woman what he made of leading the supernatural creature away from the direction of the school where his brother attending. Now knowing the truth she was saving students it had a positive affect on him and he was awoken up. Wanting to use his unknown supernatural abilities for good. It was here he was going to use them to protect the town, Rafael, and people. He then saw her struggle wrestling with the big nasty supernatural creature. Landon then decided to help her charging at it hitting it from behind punching and hitting it with strikes that were actually landing effective. Stunning it using his new found new strength another ability of his supernatural gifted ability of his he just unlocked. Ducking protecting the stunned tribrid being only of her in existence. A witch, vampire, and werewolf mixed in one of the infamous supernatural family of first witches, werewolves, hybrids, and vampires on existence the Mikaelson family. The proud and pride, joy who is chosen one to carry the torch of heritage of Mikaelson family going. Making them proud to restore honor, glory to the distorted name fighting for it. She was selfless, kind, and sweet. Her name was Hope Mikaelson who was supposed to have a big legacy and role not knowing what that was yet. Landon just then uses his flaming torch protruding from his hand disoriented the creature then Hope gets up using her witch magic. Landon using his supernatural unknown gifts together destroying it. Landon somehow heals her and himself. She was stunned taking and walking with him back to the school. She went straight to the office of Headmaster Alaric Saltzman. Telling him everything and Landon respectful of Alaric shook his hand thanking him hold him that was a brave and courageous move. Stating he had helped save many lives offering him a place at the school to attend there. He would help with his supernatural diagnosis too. As Landon was asking him all kinds of questions about it. Landon accepted and started attending clinging to Hope and Rafael do to him being in a unknown new place. Landon then got a grand tour of the school by infamous Gemini Siphoner twins Josie and Lizzie Saltzman who actually were nice. Landon then started going to school there. Somehow juggling a job at the Mystic Cafe as a bust boy and waiter, taking care of Rafael, going to school, and paying bills, but still found time for everything else. He began hanging out with Lizzie Saltzman people warned him of her she was selfish, needy, attention seeking but she was actually nice to him. They had this special thing where they would gossip together. Predicting what their lives were like, what they did as students walked by. She would call him nicknames like Hobbit, Mophead not to poke fun at him just how she was. She had them for everyone. She liked how nice, respectful, and with manners, being polite he was. He didn't even judge her he accepted her made her drawn to him as moral support and new friend. They would hang out after school and came over to his house. She had been friends with Rafael awhile now. Lizzie looked to Landon as like a brother he was only one could understand her. He was accepting of her and put up with her. They became best friends and he would always have her back, stuck up for her. Even didn't back down from anyone. Landon had earned his place here. He was doing a lot better and being accepted, wanted for first time in his life was good. Landon was though helping Josie, Hope, Rafael his brother, and Milton Greasley a vampire at the school battle his father he wanted nothing to do with. When people questioned him and whether it was him the reason why his evil father Malivore was sending creatures to destroy them all Lizzie and Josie, Rafael came to his defense as did Hope Mikaelson. Alaric Saltzman was good to him. He was so helpful and nice to Landon. Landon looked to him like a father figure type, mentor, hero, and role model. Landon hung out with and started spending more and more time with Hope. The two just hit it off and began dating. Landon wanted to prove them wrong. He decided to join his friends special group of supernatural gifted team led by Headmaster Alaric Saltzman himself to use their supernatural gifts to protect each other, their town, students, school, and people from evil Malivore and his evil legion, army. Called the goon squad. Landon decided to use these unknown supernatural gifts he had to help others. He stepped up and chose his path to help others struggling to control their supernatural gifts, writing wrongs of others making them right, and to clean up messes of others. He had been dating Hope Mikaelson for awhile now and also befriended Milton Greasley a ripper vampire student two began hanging out became close as did him with Rafael. Jed and werewolf pack wouldn't leave Rafael alone forcing Landon, Lizzie, and Josie to step in. Landon had a idea to solve this issue. He pushed and urged Rafael to challenge Jed for the alpha position as did MG, Hope, Josie, and Lizzie with courage Rafael challenges and beat Jed to become new alpha of Mystic Falls Werewolf Pack. He was wanting to bring honor, glory, and change back to the wolf pack changing things. Bring good and restore its honor, image. Landon had also started hanging out with Josie becoming best of friends went to the park together feeding ducks, playing instruments him with his guitar and her little banjo. Josie had kept something from everyone but opened up to Landon about it. She was secretly fighting a darkness that could care less about the ones she cared about most. She was selfless, kind, spreading it being nice to everyone stepped up taking care of her father, sister, even playing second to her sister. She was so loyal, sweet, nice and Landon thought world of her. After she told him this he helped her with teaching her ways how he fought his and it worked. He also taught her to stand up for herself not to let people walk all over her. But as they spent more and more time together she grew feelings a big crush on Landon. She told her sister Lizzie comforting her. Josie began going into meaningless toxic relationships to get over and sacrifice her own happiness to get over him do to Hope Mikaelson being her best friend and when she got hurt. Landon would defend her having her back like always going off on guys who hurt her. Landon and her had a unique bond and friendship also it meant world to her so she pretended to be all smiling happy but on inside she couldn't help it or find herself to get over him. One night Milton had gotten into some trouble. Kaleb had brought some humans teaching MG that humans were food and to taste then compel them away like nothing happened. MG had accidentally lost control killing ten people afraid he was going to get kicked out of school he called Landon. Rafael and Landon arrived to help him and rid of the bodies. Making him realize it wasn't his fault. Rafael confronted Kaleb in the hallway a scuffle and shoving fest went on. Upon learning what Kaleb did he got voted out of school. MG was rushed in as new vampire leader and representative. Hope, Josie, Lizzie, Rafael, and Landon took turns helping their friend MG get control he got control beating overcoming his ripper side. Thanking them considering them his family. Their battles against Malivore heated up having destroyed every creature he sent out of the pit. One day a dragon had attacked ancient and evil sent by Malivore with a object they had a certain knife artifact that it was looking for and had killed a lot of people. Landon decided to take the knife running to keep people safe at the school and in town it chased him. Hope was upset and disappointed in Landon feeling he betrayed their trust. MG, other representatives from honor society as Lizzie or Josie Saltzman didn't show up against it voting Landon out of school. Rafael went with Lizzie, Josie to find Landon and to prove his innocence. That he did in fact was the unsung hero he had been there since day one. And they found him battling the dragon together. Rafael, Jed who now had the back of Landon joining his alpha Rafael, Josie, and Lizzie all fought it courageous together Landon then stabbed it killing it. Landon handed it to Headmaster Alaric Saltzman upset he gave him a piece of his mind. Going off on Hope, MG, Wade and others from honor council. Landon was wronged. Hope tried talking to him and apologizing but it didn't work he was abrasive telling her he had to go get to class. He didn't have time for those that betrayed him. Hope was crying upset. Landon was voted back to school he avoided MG, Wade, and Hope giving them a cold shoulder. He got Hope in the hallway telling her that he was done. And that he felt betrayed, hurt, and that she think he ever hurt anyone. He broke up with her and then told her they could remain friends that was it. That made her feel like her heart ripped out but deserving of it. Landon stayed single focusing on protecting and helping everyone battling his evil father Malivore. One night Hope Mikaelson, Josie Saltzman had a idea. They were feeling Malivore was too much of a threat. And that it was a risk Hope Mikaelson was willing to take to save everyone. She was going to jump into the pit and destroy Malivore, the pit itself and send remaining of his army, creatures out Josie and Landon her wanting them to destroy them. But price for going into the pit everyone would forget she existed she wasn't caring at all. Hope told Josie of her plan and since Landon was pretty powerful he could use his powers combined with Josie to destroy the rest of the army. Landon liked the plan and so they go to the pit. Hope opens a portal to it going in. She went in using all her might and power began yelling her magic destroying the pit. The army of creatures drawn out and running to escape Landon and Josie stood tall fighting them hand in hand destroying them all. Hope and her plan worked to perfection. She had destroyed Malivore for good and the pit getting gushed out everyone forgetting her. Josie and Landon only remembered fighting creatures and were celebrated next day with a award and plaque as the two slayers of Malivore but was three with Hope now out of the pit. Malivore had fallen and pit destroyed for good. Landon and Josie along with Hope Mikaelson earned their stripes as heroes and slayers of powerful evil once mighty Malivore.
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