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Jupiter of Fang Clan

Full Name: Jupiter Little Fang
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Unknown
Species: Werewolf

Height: 5’0”
Weight: 91.50 lb
Figure/Build: Petite / Short
Hair Color/Style: Blonde
Eye Color: Navy
Skin: Pale
Scars/Distinguishing Marks: Paw print birthmark on shoulder
Jewelry/Accessories: Chokers
Usual outfit: Dresses or blouses with skirts

Drinker? No
Recreational Drug User? No
Addictions (if any): Sweets
Allergies: Pollen
Physical Ailments/Illnesses/: Nope
Disabilities: No
Medication: No

Personality Overall: Shy at first but outgoing once familiar with you
Likes: Candy, Fruits and bright colors
Dislikes: Her height, appearance and step mother
Fears/Phobias: Never finding love , Darkness
Favorite Color: Pastels
Hobbies: Walking, drawing and gardening

Jupiter is the daughter of the alpha of her clan. Her father is remarrying which upsets the canine girl. Mostly, because of her step mother wasn’t all that great. But she does wonder what her father sees in her step mother to be however she wishes to know what real love feels like…
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Victor // Oc

Name; Victor Felince

“[…] Hello, how are you? […] well welcome to my bio/blog, whatever you want to call it […]”


Victor is a 5’6” male, he has short black hair and tattoos on one of his arms. He usually wears a black button up shirt and black ripped jeans, a black trench coat and a tan belt. He can sometimes be seen with a cross necklace. Even though he isn’t religious.


Victor is a crude, brutally honest man. He doesn’t believe in lying to you to save your feelings, Victor is very cunning, smart, attractive and romantic. He has a few flaws, he likes to drink and smoke, most people don’t like that about him.


Victor had a few issues with mental health growing up, his father left and that tore his family apart. Ever since his mother was trying to do all sorts of new things, being an organ donor, doing yoga, eating more healthy meals […] and trying to get Victor and his sister Ella do it also. Victors mother doesn’t know he smokes, he smokes normal cigarettes outside and in other peoples houses but e-cigarettes at home, which means his house doesn’t smell bad. He comes from a wealthy family that paid for his hotel and college.
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Lilith the Vaporunny [my oc] (click if interested)

~Basic Information~

Name | Lilith the Vaporunny

Nicknames | Lily, Water bunny, Bunbun

Pokemon species: Lopunny + Vaporeon fusion

Ability: Water Absorb + Cute charm

Gender | Futa / Trans

Pronouns | She/Her & They/Them

Sexuality | Pansexual

Dom, sub, switch? | Switch

Weak spots | Ears, ear fluffs, head, neck, back fins, belly, and tail

Likes | Anything with water, head pets, tail pets, ear scratches, brushies, hugs, cuddles, sweet treats, warm baths, chin scratches, sun bathing, playing hide and seek, fluffy pillows, soft squishy plushies

Dislikes | A**hole people/pokemon, cold temperatures, being ignored, lack of pets, having to shear her ear fluffs, having her tail tugged, having her skin too dry, cramped spaces, being forced into her pokeball


Body Color | Light blue scales with dark blue fins from back down to tail

Fur Color | Cream to pearlish white

Fur Length | Usually long (but needs to be sheared often)

Eye color | Purple

Height | 6ft 2in (medium Alpha height)

Lilith was once originally just two separate Pokemon, a Lopunny and a Vaporeon.
A curious scientist created DNA fusers in attempt to make Pokemon much stronger. This gain much popularity that it began to be sold in stores to the public.

A trainer buys one to try and fuse his weak Pokemon to try and make them stronger. Despite the new fused form, Lilith still wasn't strong enough to meet their trainer's expectations.
Eventually Lilith's trainer decided to throw away their pokeball, completely abandoning them.

Still unfused, Lilith took a couple of months to adapt to their new permanent form. Thankfully Lilith loves their new form but is now afraid of being unfused along with battle obsessed Pokemon trainers.
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OC Backstory #7: Daraz Kiyon (DC Universe)

All throughout history, there have been villains in this world. The Joker, Lex Luthor, and even all the criminals. However, there is one who is about to be born who is destined to surpass them all. In the days of darkness, when criminals ran towns and cities, there was a prostitute with blazing red hair and emerald eyes who wore tattered and shredded clothes on the corner of a street in Gotham. A young man wearing a suit and tie would approach her, "hello there. And what is your name, milady?" The woman looked up with teary eyes that had a dead look to them, "H-Hannah M-McBella." The man nods, "Hannah McBella. Your eyes have a dead look to them, I can tell. How about a deal, Hannah. I offer you shelter, clothes, food, and drink. But, in exchange, you must undergo a special ritual and give birth to my child. If we have a deal, stand and follow me." She glared at him, "why would I make a deal like that?" He chuckles, "because I am offering you more than any other man would. If any other man came, he'd pay you for sex then leave your life for good. Me, I am offering the necessities for survival and good health without paying you for sex. Think of it like this, you only need to give birth once and you get everything you need to survive in good health." The woman, having no options before her death, took the deal.

A month passed since then, and she hadn't had sex with the man even once. So, she approached the man curiously and suspiciously. "So, when do we have sex so I can give birth?!" The man chuckles, "relax~ I needed to spend this past month working on the room for the ritual, which will not only ensure the baby is a boy but also increases the pregnancy rate to five hundred percent. With that, only sex one time will ensure you end up pregnant." She nods, "alright. Well I'm ready, lets go!" The man chuckles again, "come with me then." The two roam the mansion, and end up entering a giant room with a strange circle in the middle of it. He walks around and gets on to the other side, "now strip naked and step into the center." Hannah nods, stripping down naked before slowly approaching the center. The man cuts his hand, and lets the blood drip down on to the circle causing it to light up. "Now, state your name," he says. She took a moment to breathe slowly before speaking her name aloud, "I am Hannah McBella." He nods smiling at her, "now be sure to speak aloud a vow of your choice." She nods, kneeling as she bows her head. "I vow to give birth to a healthy baby boy, one who is worthy of your praise and who will take the path fitted for him. I offer my body, to you so that this boy shall be born one day." She noticed a knife next to her, slowly cutting her hand as she lets the blood drip into the center of the circle causing the glowing to erupt before fading suddenly.

That night, the two engaged in a heated passion until morning. That morning, the man was making breakfast and Hannah kept sleeping. Later that morning, she came down wearing nothing but her undergarments and looked at him in shock. "Y-you're making breakfast for us?" He nods, "indeed. And, I left a pregnant test in the bathroom for you." She nods, taking the test before coming out of the bathroom as she sat down and began eating. After she was done, she went back to find that the test was positive. She gasps, "i-it can't be. That ritual actually worked?!" He laughs as he stood in the doorway, "I know what I was doing. I am not of this world, but I can stay until you give birth. Once you do, I am to take my leave. But know this, our son is meant to become a villain. One of incredible reputation, strength, mind, and body." So, for the next nine months, they lived together and ate together. However, she became desperate for sex and began to have her fun with him every night after the second month passed. The time finally came, when she was in the labor delivery room of a hospital and began to scream as she pushed. Eventually giving birth to a baby boy, "my son." The doctor looked at her, "and what is his name ma'am?" She smiled, "I believe Daraz Kiyon." They nod, and so she spent the next few days recovering. After returning to the mansion, she would spend the next eight years raising Daraz. However, she was seen poisoned and knew the possibility was the ritual. "My son, please. I know you're meant to be a villain, but do not walk that path. For me, please." With that, she took her final breath.

During the next eleven years, he would learn to survive on his own. He learned the various crimes and how to master them. Arson, theft, blackmail, forgery, and more were in his arsenal of skills. And, over these past eleven years, he was given a nickname because of his abilities. They called him the, "Twilight Devil." He was given this name because his jobs were deals he made with his clients, and he would only strike at midnight. However, not a single person could capture him let alone see his face. So, during the next two years after these events, the legend of the Twilight Devil spread throughout the world. There wasn't a single woman that didn't want to know who he was or wanted a man like him, and there wasn't a single man who envied him. However, all over the world, regardless of whether they were man or woman, fear of him was common in them all. Now, he was seen roaming the streets in a suit and tie looking for a new client so he could make more money.
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OC Backstory #6: Zaikon

After God came to exist, he created the three arch angels. Michael, Lucifer, and Gabriel. After which, he created other angels as well. However, before Lucifer was cast into Hell, there were twelve entities of corrupt or dark power. These entities were given the title, the Sin Supremes. These Sin Supremes were Lust, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Gluttony, Pride, Envy, Control, Betrayal, Ego, Manipulation, and Narcissism. The twelve Sin Supremes were scattered all over the world, however one of them sought more power than the rest. This one supreme was Control, whom had sought out his kin. First, Control would seek out Ego and Narcissism knowing they'd be in the same vacinity. "Look brother, seems Control came to our territory," said Ego. "Indeed, but why," asked Narcissism. "Simple," Control said before charging them. "I want more power, and we all know what happens to the Sin Supremes that fall in battle." So, against their brother, the two Sin Supremes began to fight. The battle was a struggle for Control, however he seemed to grow in power the more control he wanted to gain. This, eventually, led to the defeat and death of his two brothers whose essences flowed into him.

With the power equivalent of four sin supremes, Control then sought out the other Supremes. Next was Betrayal and Manipulation, knowing their territories would overlap somewhere. Once in the center, his sisters would come forth. "Control! How dare you break the taboo of the Sin Supremes! We shall stop you, no matter the cost!" However, the two sisters were both beaten within a short amount of time causing their essences to flow into Control like their two brothers before them. The remaining seven Supremes would confront him, "Control! You have broken the taboo, and taken the essences and powers of your brothers and sisters! You are seen guilty, and your punishment is death!" This only made Control laugh, "you can try. But you know as well as I do, my powers have grown exponentially since we arrived. I now have power equivalent to you, Wrath. The former most powerful supreme, but now I hold that title. Witness, my power!" Control unleashed power which darkened not only the world, but reality and the other dominions as well. This caught the other sin Supremes off guard, but nonetheless strengthened their resolve. Thus, the seven supremes engaged in a battle against their brother who fought on equal terms of them. The battle would last up to the moment of Lucifer's casting into the pit, when the sin supremes were worn out against Control. With their sin supreme powers, they began sealing him within an urn and hid the urn in a territory of Hell that none would traverse to.

Ages passed since then, and there was a lone succubus who was in her territory with her sisters. One of them approached, "hey Felicia! Why don't you find a good man to be with, huh?" The lone succubus, now known as Felicia, would respond. "Because no man would want me, or be capable of keeping up with me." The other succubi laughed, which made Felicia leave. The queen would come into view, "ladies? Where is Felicia?" The one succubus said, "she ran away after we laughed at her." The queen gasps, "you fools! Spread out and find her! If I read the prophecy left behind by the seven deadly sins, there is a succubus here that is still a virgin who'd give birth to Hell's future." The succubi would begin spreading out, and would start searching for her. Felicia, hidden in a cave, began to scream out as she started to push as eventually a baby incubus would come out of her cunt. She slowly picks up the baby and smiled, "oh my god! I gave birth, and it's a boy! But, succubus only give birth to more succubus. So, why is this happening?" A faint aura began flowing around the baby boy, "my son. My little...Zaikon, my son who'll change Hell forever someday." However, one of the other succubi came in. "Felicia! You don't know the severity of this situation! If anyone else finds out, you and the baby boy will be executed!" Felicia gasps and then sighs, "oh, it's just you Arianna. But, you're right. So, I have a favor to ask of you. Will you please, keep him hidden until the time is right for him to head to the surface?"

Arianna sighs but agreed, hiding the baby boy on the border of Hell and the land of the Forbidden. The baby, however unknown to Arianna and Felicia, would make its way to a pillar and accidentally knock an urn over causing it to break then shatter upon impact. A voice began to speak as an odd essence began to form, "so this boy was birthed by a lone virgin succubus? Interesting~ I must admit he has the potential to become a new Sin Supreme, with my assistance." The essence then began flowing into the body of the incubus known as Zaikon, and years passed. Zaikon, now at the age of ten, would begin seeking out his mother. A woman was roaming Hell trying to find Zaikon before bumping into him, "oh! I am so sorry, little incubus!" He smirked, "it's quite alright. I'm just seeking my mother, though I don't know her name." The woman tilts her head, "your mother? If you're looking for her, she must be a human right? So, she wouldn't be in Hell." A voice whispers to Zaikon in his mind, 'this is perfect. I sense your scent on her faintly, meaning she met you before.' Zaikon smirks, "we met before. At least, that's what a friend of mine claims. Name is Zaikon, milady." The woman gasps and kneels, "Z-Zaikon?! Is it? It is!" She then had a concerning thought in her mind, 'but his power rivals that of a mid tier demon on the lowest scale. He must be no less than thirteen, but his power is incredible despite that.' She cried, "I'm sorry Zaikon. She was executed, after the queen of succubi informed Hell of her child's birth. You must hurry, to the land above! Train hard, do what you must to survive. And one day, when you're powerful enough, return here and change Hell!" Zaikon nods, "I vow on my mother's name." He then creates a portal and walks through, leaving Hell for Earth.

Now, as he roams through the woods, he would begin his training and survival. A decade passes by, and he was already at a point in his training where he now needed human interaction. "So, this is it. The limit of my powers and abilities for the time being, until I meet humans." Control then speaks to Zaikon in his mind, 'I sense many humans to our west. Meaning, there must be a town or village. We head there, we can have some fun and progress in your training to become a Sin Supreme. You're already as powerful as a mid tier demon of the highest caliber, but you're far from changing Hell itself.' Zaikon nods and agrees, heading west for a week until now walking through a village disguised as a human. 'So, this is a human village eh? Time to begin, my training's progression,' Zaikon thought in his mind as he looks around for a woman to use for his training.
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Teaser lines

‘ ‘ My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I am right. ‘ ‘

‘ ‘ We have enough gun control. What we need is idiot control. ‘ ‘

‘ ‘ I intend to live forever. So far, so good. ‘ ‘

‘ ‘ Some cause happiness wherever they go. Others whenever they go. ‘ ‘

‘ ‘ Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure makes misery easier to live with. ‘ ‘
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Fandom; (Wip, more to come)

Dazai (BSD)


OC; (More to come)

Chester (OC)

Victor (OC)

Vast (OC)


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Death note
My hero (on occasion)
Hero mask
Bungo stray dogs
Blue period
Hitorijime my hero
Goodnight punpun

Lost in space (NETFLIX)
Singles inferno (also on Netflix)
. . . WIP

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♡ Starter Plots/Ideas & Genre Information ♡


Listed below is information pertaining to the types of genres and RP's I will work/am familiar with to give you an idea of some of the concepts that interest me! I also have listed possible RP starter plots/ideas; if any should catch your eye, please let me know!
Any can be expanded or altered to fit potential narratives and characters. (:





2.) Psychological: Anything pertaining to horror, graphic/TW/taboo, suspense, drama and especially adrenaline/thrill or action based. I also love exploring more controversial/disturbing type of themes, macabre and just the element of surprise/twists and consistent detail/descriptions.
3.)Fantasy: Supernatural topics; especially those involving demons, angels, immortals. Also those that may include mythological creatures, magic/powers, vampires, werewolves, hybrids, etc.
5.)Romance: Medieval, Modern or General; this may include scenes of potential sm*t/or more deviated roles and topics that may be triggering or unnatural, OC parings, etc. NO SLICE OF LIFE.
6.)Original/scratch made plots/OC’s! I love to improvise my settings and work and evolve my characters as I go.
8.)Animals: FERAL only, I will not do anthro AT ALL. I am more familiar with Felines/Canines! Or this can work with shape-shifters and other human & animal ideas.
9.)Third Person only, very rarely do I do first.

(Literally, I pretty much am open to anything, but if I can think of anything more, I’ll add as I go! If you didn’t see anything listed here so far that you wish to ask me about or want to explore, just message!)



****Plot #1: My own world; this plot is mainly about my OC discovering herself and the world around her as an angelic immortal/earth angel. Or perhaps both of our characters story of growth and connection. I guess you could say like a late “coming of age” or liberation from all that she is running from as well. The backstory of my muse is highly about her being this seraphim on earth made possible by her mothers own added sacrifice in an unfortunate death to spare her from her fathers insanity and desire for power. He being that he is on the hunt to snare her and “extract” these powers for himself to deliver a more sinister world and motive—what that his? Can be decided. Given she is unaware of the extent of the rare power she holds already (hereditary that was wiped out) her story will be about exploring it and finding a purpose within it. //To note, I am still a little rusty on this as this world is still pretty new to me, but this is just a general synopsis!

Ideally, she is like this guardian angel without knowing it and depending on which route she goes, is finding her place as one or is trying to discover more answers about them and the traumas of her life. This plot also deals highly with a “father/daughter” theme and with her fathers corruption, can either be the main antagonist or one of the protagonists alongside my main muse. You can find more basic information about this story in my characters “Claire” and “Vincent” Ciampa’s biographies listed on my alt profile, but one thing I do want to note about this world is that it has a very strong premise around love and strength when between two muses. I also tend to add in a few ties/quotes of religion in it for the sake of it being just a parallel, but its not a major component. With this story as well, I find it enjoyable to also involve romance—but be weary! This story has a lot of dark concepts, tragedy and depth.

Though closely tied to the plot, as I said, her father is a huge role in this story for her and again, depending on what we discuss can either be played by you as an “OPEN OC” or used in my own direction. This world of mine is very personal and dear to me, but I hope to find others to explore it with! ❤ Also one of my all time favorites! ~

Some examples that I have done with this storyline are:

1.)You are an outsider that gets dragged into the world in which my muse (Claire) is running/tormented by. You decide to help her or get involved, and either become:

a.) A love interest, friend or just general ally in helping her find freedom, closure and resolve. Maybe even discovering something about your own character as the two evolve together or go through these obstacles.

b.) Enticed by her powers and finding out who and what she truly is, your OC perhaps gets corrupted or fights against with lust or greed; maybe becoming an antagonist of your own looking to take advantage or snare her. Maybe you were influenced by her fathers evil or possibly already ally with her father/sell her out/or are your own separate villain looking to trap her and gain whatever goal you wanted.

c.) You are one of my OPEN OCs:

-Angelina: The mother of Claire, you can stay a powerful immortal and a good person/healer in tune with higher powers—alive and looking to reunite with my OC and warn/lead/keep her down a benevolent path. OR instead of her mother being dead as in the original text, she can have met the same fate as Vincent and turned evil, looking to go after her with him.

-Vincent: The father of Claire, who originally was lured into evil by a powerful entity/god by the promise of sovereignty and perfectionism/New World. You are relentless, unmatched, powerful and successful, reigning and looking to snare my muse as the ultimate and final obstacle into achieving the goal he desires. (Maybe even adding something more twisted to this character that he speaks to you about that I have yet --as the creator of him-- to discover...surprises welcome!!)
He is aware of his growing insanity and not completely evil just yet or has yet to be deceived and both he and my muse are working together somehow.

-One of the powerful creatures of influence of my characters world known as "Paimon" or "Asriel". Demons that look to completely seduce someone into corruption or whatever motive you’d like them to.

You can always play both your own OC and an OPEN OC too if you’d like to! Any other ideas that weren't mentioned here that you would like to suggest or bring to the table, please, lets hear it!! ❤



**Plot #2: A very dark relationship where my OC falls in love or gets entranced by the charm of a psychopath. Maybe he/she kidnaps or pursues her; snaring her into their reality. Though, blinded by her love at first, My OC slowly realizes how dangerous and frightening the situation is and tries to escape/wakes up. OR she is coerced into their ways and is being made into falling down the same rabbit hole of insanity. More “Stockholm-Syndrome esque”vibes.

a.)Your OC is the main antagonist against mine and has a motive/goal in which you are trying to lure my muse down and has to find ways to keep her from realizing the truth.

b.)Your OC is outside of everything happening and trying to help my OC escape or is part of the inside drama and both are looking for a ways to escape the mental grasp of the antagonist. Both victims.


Plot #3: A newly transformed immortal (can be demon, vampire, werewolf, etc.) who struggles to resist against her urges in desire in what comes with being a new born. She battles against her morals from previously being a benevolent human being to her growing need for destruction and succumbing to evil or the reality of no longer being who she was.

a.)Your OC is responsible for her change, a means to drive or lure her into the “dark side” and encourages her into becoming evil and embracing the nature or taking her "under your wing".
b.)Your OC is an immortal themselves; but does not harbor any ill intentions. Maybe they are even the side that is good. Perhaps both our OC’s become close-whether she is still mortal or immortal- and in some ways it is expressed/implied that they wish to be with each other but it comes with a cost.
c.)My OC is accidentally changed. This resulting in either another immortal or mortal trying to stop her from doing more damage. My OC would be more the antagonist whereas yours would be the “hero” in this case!


***Plot #4: A lost soul or spirit who is stuck in limbo roving about the Earth hoping and trying to help others find justice or answers. Maybe wanting her own redemption in past errors or trauma to hopefully be redeemed so she can cross over. Or finds a purpose in helping the living with things she never had/got a chance to do. Or, as she interacts with humans, she is torn between staying behind as a guardian angel or ascending to heaven. Perhaps this plot even introducing the concept of being guided through the afterlife too!

a.)Your OC has a sixth sense and can communicate with her/see her while others cannot. Maybe you summon her through sheer spiritism, being curious or just happen to find/encounter her one day.

b.)Your OC is troubled and in need of help and something of a miracle, my OC is drawn to you and wanting to help you.

c.)Both our OC’s are stuck in the afterlife trying to crossover to the other side, or my OC is once human but meets a sudden death and has trouble accepting their new reality and you are the guide through.


Plot #5: A member of a religious cult/sect. My OC starts to slowly wake up and notice that not everything is as “perfect” as she was made to believe but is stuck within it because it is all she has ever known. (Huge inspiration taken from one of my favorite movies- “Midsommar”! Also, a personal experience with high control religious groups that I escaped/dissociated from.)


a.)Your OC is part of the cult/inside with her and also starts to notice the danger of their situation and the two of them try to escape.

b.)Your OC is a cult member noticing my OC waking up and continues to try to further indoctrinate her into staying often taking extra measures to keep her in control and order.

c.)Your OC is an outsider who wants to help my OC escape, or is drawn into the cult as mine tries to leave. Or both our OC’s know nothing about it and is lured into it.


Plot #6: A rebel and “escapee” of a tyrannical government, looking to help others out of the new system and of it's control. Possibly even wanting to help bring down the severance between the two existing halves of the new world.

a.)Your OC is trapped within this tyranny and subject to the horrors taking place, trying to escape and suddenly finds my character and desires to help you to plan an escape.

b.)Your OC works within the government and is looking to capture all those outside of it’s control, including my OC.

c.)Your OC is a rebel alongside me and we work together helping others escape.

Inspiration to the world of "Starset"`!


Plot #7: A victim of a sophisticated and highly dangerous network of people (Main idea here is more so in terms of “trafficking” regarding my real and actual experience as a survivor) and whose goal is in warning others/trying to expose it but is ridiculed as “insane” and on the run.

a.)Your OC is someone who helps mine in this quest to expose, exploit and break up all the crime happening on a larger scale. Maybe your character saves her, can relate and gives her refuge or simply they develop a friendship/maybe relationship?

b.)Your OC is a victim alongside mine/in the same experience and we escape together.

c.)Your OC is one of the sadistic antagonists trying to re-capture my OC and silence her.

EXTRA DETAILS: Before I go on- NO this will not trigger me in anyways, it’s more of a healing experience. What side your character takes, be it in being the one warned or the ones against her is entirely your choice. Given this is a personal experience, I am more than happy to share details to help you establish a better picture if you need it to go off of and the reality of the people that have been involved/both sides.


Plot #8: A vagabond, a wayfarer, going about the world trying to make a difference and escape her past. My OC is often portrayed here as a hopeless addictive personality who falls into numerous bad habits and is just trying to get by in life, waiting for a miracle.


a.) Your OC is a positive influence on the world, successful and interacts with my OC unexpectedly. We both see and live to experience two different sides of each others world.

b.)Your OC shares the same kind of lifestyle as mine and together we seek to find purpose and meaning or both trapped in our own “hells” and meet randomly.

c.)Your OC is someone who is sent out to help my OC recover their life and be a “guide” into a better future, to shape her up.

EXTRA DETAILS: This one is more on the tragic side and that of a “drama” or can include romance/friendship. This one deals with more real subjects than strictly fictional that also can be quite triggering such as my own personal experience with drugs/homelessness/abuse. Not saying this has to be 100% based on real life or yourself, but many have enjoyed this because it allows them to also vent and find comfort in being themselves/open if they chose to.



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5SOS - She's Kinda Hot
0:35 ━❍──────── -4:06
↻ ⊲ Ⅱ ⊳ ↺
VOLUME: ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇ 100%

Taylor Swift - Anti-Hero
0:35 ━❍──────── -5:10
↻ ⊲ Ⅱ ⊳ ↺
VOLUME: ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇ 100%

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♡ General Rules ♡




~If you are the kind of person who takes weeks to reply, freely ghosts off (or doesn’t take your plots seriously) and just basically doesn’t put in any effort to keep a steady pace of an RP, do not message or add me. I understand busy schedules and having lives outside of here, but if you cannot bother to at least update me or keep some outside line of communication/be an active member, do not request to be “friended”. If you also just add me and never talk or don’t give any response within a fair time frame, you will be immediately removed since I hate lurking. Sh*t is embarrassing and you lose all respect in being called any “writer” in treating people so inconsiderately.


~If you wish to just strictly casual talk, please do so on the socials I provided on my profile to keep things more organized.



~If you do, you will be immediately blocked/removed. Given a lot of new health issues/decline recently, I often am a bit late myself with replies; BUT—I will ALWAYS keep you informed/up to speed the best I can and if there should be any further delays or reasons that affect our RP’s. PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON STATUSES!
I also usually respond anywhere from a few minutes to possibly at longest being a week. If I haven’t replied in at least a few days in that time frame (4), please feel free to give me a nudge if I haven’t expressed reason for it.

~Also, I am not always online but I leave my account open in hopes to generate more people! If you add me and I add you back, chances are, I seen your message and will get back to you shortly or within the day. I have had so many people become so rude and passive aggressive when they aren’t met with an answer ON THE SPOT and it’s honestly disappointing.



~Please try to make sure some substance goes behind your responses. The more I can work with, the better. I don’t expect you to be a professional, veteran or immensely skilled in literature, but some decent grammar and just basic effort goes a long way.


~Also, please keep consistent with your writing style. (I.e: Do not just respond to me with one sentence after I have given you a lengthy reply unless you indicate why. I prefer to use novella to multiple paragraphs with my RPs. Please let me know what is comfortable with you so I am not wasting yours and my time.)

~To add, I absolutely ADORE people who can provide their own twists and other surprises to a plot! If you can even help carry and introduce more substance to work with as well, I swear you will be like my most favorite person. Lol! I DO NOT WANT ONE SIDED PLOTS! As in, I don’t want either one of us to feel like it’s only about one person’s storyline only, let’s make it something we can both expand upon and keep the excitement going!



~PLEASE GUYS; If something isn’t going the way you like, gets stale or you want to change it up, LET ME KNOW. Or, if you are no longer interested, please do not just drop off the face of the Earth. I promise you will not insult or “hurt” me; the more straightforward you are the better. I highly value rapport/chemistry between one another and I am more than happy to try to accommodate and make things work instead of just giving up so easily. Be polite, m*tu*e and open -and I will do so for you! ❤

~Also don’t be afraid to introduce new ideas if they should come up on the spot!


5.)PLEASE USE “//”, “()”, OR “{}” to indicate when you are OOC and don’t mix with lore.

~If you don’t, I might misunderstand what is fictional from reality. Also, there is a time for just “chatting”, so please do not conversate with me between our RPs or within the same messages. I prefer my main socials outside of to communicate casually, just so things don’t get disorganized. It really is a turn off and doesn’t help the focus of any plot and honestly takes away from the beauty that is imagination and creativity. More than happy to talk with anyone or be a listening ear, but please give me a heads up if that’s what you want to do or continue with our RP! Or should you wish to take a break in between our storyline, that’s okay too!



~I generally have NO limits when it comes to my RP’s and am happy to explore and be open to your suggestions, but please make sure you elaborate and fully discuss what you want with me so I know exactly what you are looking for and how to play my part and make things enjoyable. In terms of the TW/M*TU*E category, please do not make it the main focus. Build up and solid connection is more rewarding than just constant sm*t. Not to mention it gets old fast. So don’t please be one of those people who lack serious originality and think this site and the genuine people on here wanting to actually WRITE is just for you to get your rocks off. I’m not here to indulge in any “dirty talk” or piss poor narratives.

~I have done pretty much anything, so don’t be afraid to go all out or be just blunt! I believe what makes an exceptional writer is to be able to go outside your comfort zones at times. (;

-In terms of intimate scenes, if interest or things coexist well between our muses', I am more than happy to also entertain pairings. Also, on this subject, please do not linger these scenes out too much or overdo them, it’s boring and weak writing. A healthy balance is alright especially if it pertains to the plot or genuinely works between two characters or development. Also, you may be extra detailed or graphic, but again, please try to be reasonable with it.


7.) ABSOULTELY NO MINORS ALLOWED. 21+ is preferred.}

~I will not bother to add you if you are not 21+ so spamming me and continuing to try is only going to get you blocked.



~Also, do not dictate my characters actions and thoughts or move the plot in a direction that has yet to be decided on either side. ALSO DO NOT RUSH THE PLOT! I love adequate build up and taking things steady. I also enjoy when storylines offer a lot of background and develop with a lot of information to gather which can make it quite complex—but in the end, offer a lot to work with. However, if you are one of those people who already have an idea set in stone and are only working with your predictability/plot that has little involvement on my side or is just “SQUEEZING in my OC’s”/not open to a change of course, do not RP with me and get mad when things do not go your way or how you want “planned”. I am willing to work with you and understand how things go the best I can and give them a shot, but so many people already I have found on here are very particular and unwilling to adapt to another person’s OC, sadly. :/

~Also, don’t be an ass. Any character unwilling to change or even somewhat co-exist with my muses will not be tolerated. You can have difficult or very superior ones, but please just don’t make them borderline insufferable.



~With multiple characters: Please just try to keep things controlled and involve them with my own and not just yours. Vice versa. Also, when working with any of my “OPEN OC’s” please try to keep them somewhat within their realm of personality. Backstories can be adjusted slightly if you want to add something or have an idea on adjusting to how you wish, but of course, this too can be discussed more. As I state on their original biographies, I am OVERJOYED when others interpret/play my characters how they see fit or want to explore in their “skins”. For me, it helps me to see them in a different light and even evolves them in ways I—as their creator—may not even see yet! Plus, just the general inspiration you get from others perspectives is beautiful.❤



~Troll accounts, people that always just “come and go”/create account after account and then just delete after one hour, spam, intentionally do stupid sh*t to get attention… from one stranger and of the vast community of legitimate writers on here to you—

Kindly do a backflip out the window and wave on the way down.



~Please ask me first for film related discussions/RP’s. I am not big on a lot and have many different movies I work with and prefer, this also applies to TV shows.

~OVERLY COMPLICATED/MULTI THEMES. Again, please message me and explain as much as you can. I will do my best to entertain your ideas or even look into what you are wanting (if it applies to something like say, a conspiracy theory, novel, theories, ideologies, etc.) but if we cannot agree on things, I will not wish to continue. Sorry.
(Ps. If using a character from a movie, show, series, etc and using them outside of their material (i.e, original plots instead) I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, do my best to do background research on them as a means to get a better idea of who they are!)

~See more information in my genres/roles/starter blog about the types of themes I am used to.




12.) Optional: If you wish to co-write or be apart of anything original from me (works) please reach out! I am looking to bring others into my realm and creating a world/arg or even visionary works with you! Also, if you are an artist, I AM ALWAYS LOOKING TO COMMISSION!!

(Any further questions you may have that were not clarified here, please don’t be afraid to just ask me. Thank you for reading!)
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While at the breakfast, the doors of the hall get suddenly open by a strong gust of cold wind. But the wind itself carries a message for ZhongLi, written in a small parchment, in light blue ink. Ancient dolashin.

The message says "I need your help. Please meet me outside the city, north-west".
Red Dawn is probably familiar with the awkward, antisocial ways of Windhope by now. XD
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・*:..。o♬*゚゚the music industry

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★ Nobody under 18. No excuses. In or out of character!

★ I will accept no less than a detailed multipara writing partner. I do not do liners, para, or one-word responses. Absolutely not. Poor grammar and punctuation will be dismissed. These are my pet peeves. My English is by no means perfect, but I expect effort.

★ Yes, I write N*FW. Whether it be triggering topics or steamy action. I don't censor much of anything. S*x is an important part of most relationships. I'm not a prude so I will not exclude it. I'm friendly with most k*nks, but nothing extreme or taboo. Don't be afraid to ask.

★ There has to be romance in our plot, even if it's a side plot or I won't be interested.

★ I will not do stories in any kind of fantasy world, and all characters will be human. I will only write this character in the 1970s era. Think of it as a time with no cellphones, personal computers, internet, etc. The golden video game was known as Pong.

★ Contribute to the story. I won't be the only one pulling my weight around.

★ Related to the previous rule, I refuse to plot with roleplayers who just send me a "hi" or "how are you" as a first message. I will likely get bored and unfriend you.

★ Don't spam me with friend requests. I'll just block you. I denied you for a reason.

★ I only write with cis characters of either gender. It's who my guy is attracted to.

★ I refuse to write with anime, wrestling, mafia, canons, or supernatural. These just don't suit my character.

★ I will not write in the first person perspective. Huge pet peeve of mine. I only write in the third person and in the past tense and I expect my partner to do the same.

★ Please be as active as you can. If I don't hear from you in seven days whether it be a message or a status, I will unfriend you. Feel free to re-add if things change.

★ I don't accept friend collectors, blank profiles, anime accounts, those strictly in-character, private profiles, or exclusively N*FW. No buts.

★ Aside from my strictness, I do my best to be a good writing partner.
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Legal First Name | Anthony. His father’s first name.
Middle Name | Joseph. His Portuguese grandfather’s name
Legal Surname | Perry. Formerly the family name was Pereira before he was born.
Alias Has gone by “Joe” ever since he was very young.
Nicknames | Joe F***in’ Perry, King of Cool, Cool Joe
Age | 25
Gender | Male
Sex | Male
Birthdate | September 10th, 1950 (Virgo)
Birthplace | Lawrence, Massachusetts
Species | Human
Race | Mediterranean-European
Ethnicity | Italian-American
Relationship Status | Legally separated
Languages Spoken | American English
Accent Harsh Boston
Voice Pitch Baritone

--------- LIFE ---------

Occupation | Lead guitarist and co-founder of Aerosmith
Residency | Boston, Massachusetts
Setting 1975 (?)
Children | None
Relationship Status Single, heartbroken
Pets | A German shepherd named Rocky
Life Goals
-Find his soulmate
-Become a father (preferably to a son)

+ Playing guitar
+ Performing on stage
+ Collecting guitars
+ Writing guitar riffs
+ Seeking his soulmate
+ Reading
+ Movies
+ Italian food
+ Sushi
+ Nature
+ Scuba diving
+ Swimming
+ Reading
+ Getting drunk and high
+ His family

- Raunchy groupies
- Needles
- His ex-girlfriend, Elyssa
- Arguing
- Loud-mouths
- Conservatives
- Crowded places
- Prejudiced people
- Playing "Dream On"

Favorite Musical Artists Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Led Zeppelin, The Yardbirds, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, BB King, James Brown, The Jeff Beck Group, Buddy Holly & The Crickets
Musical Influences Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, BB King, Led Zeppelin, The Yardbirds, Jeff Beck, Les Paul

--------- PERSONAL ---------

Sexual Orientation | Heterosexual
Adult Behavior |
Relationship Role | Joe is quite dominant, though a bit soft. Ever since he escaped his abusive relationship, he will not let another girl take advantage of him.
/external.php?l=/external.php?l=https://N*FW Joe is well-endowed at 8.5 inches and is uncircumcised. He has been picked on in the boy’s gym shower room in high school for being intact and also has been rejected by potential partners. Aside from that, he isn’t exactly satisfied with his size, in fact wishing he were a bit smaller in terms of length.
What He Seeks | Joe seeks someone he would get the motivation to drop the drink and the needles for. While he thrives mostly for a loving wife to have children with, he is on shaky ground at the moment with his developing substance addiction.
Joe is pretty s*xually active, using it as a way to release his tension. But it’s not as satisfying for him if it is not with someone he loves. In the bedroom, Joe is an experienced switch who gets off on his partner’s pleasure rather than his own. Joe sometimes has a hard time controlling himself, especially around someone he is attracted to.

--------- CHARACTERISTICS ---------

Basic Physical Description | Joe is an above-average height of five foot eleven with an underweight build weighing in at one hundred and thirty pounds. His skin is a warm ivory shade with a slight olive undertone. Warm black hair and chestnut brown eyes. he regularly has his shoulder-length hair done and keeps his face clean-shaven.
Distinctive Features / Scars | An oblong face, piercing eyes, aquiline nose, and chin. A faint scar under the left side of his lower lip from being bitten by his ex-girlfriend.
Personality | Joe is an all-around gentleman when he wants to be. He is passive-aggressive and good-tempered; difficult to truly anger. Joe respects others regardless of how they treat him. He is most of the time uncompetitive, disliking most competition with others due to his selfless nature. He was never too much into a life of leisure and is quite the workaholic. Raised on ethics of hard work, he is willing to bust his ass for money.

Mary Perry - Mother
Anthony “Tony” Perry - Father (Deceased)
Joseph Pereira - Grandfather (Deceased)
Anne Perry - Younger Sister
Steven Tyler - Frenemy, bandmate, songwriting partner
Tom Hamilton - Best friend, bandmate
Joey Kramer - Friend, bandmate
Brad Whitford - Close friend, bandmate
Elyssa Jerrett - Enemy, ex-girlfriend

--------- Brief History ---------
Born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Joe spent his boyhood near Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire with his family. His first idol was Jacques Cousteau, an ocean biologist. His first music loves were The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and Chuck Berry. His first fan was his sister, Anne.

Joe was a sigh school dropout who had plenty of potential to move on to college. His childhood dream of being a marine biologist was thrown out the window when he refused to cut his hair so he could attend school. At the beginning of his senior year, he bailed and began working blue collar jobs to save up money to move to Boston and start a band after his previous group, The Jam Band, split. His best friend, bassist Tom Hamilton, followed after graduating high school.

A guitar icon in the making, Joe has an iffy relationship with his partner-in-crime, Steven Tyler. Forming Aerosmith after he moved into a Boston apartment back in 1968, he had huge ambitions of making it to the top and becoming one of the greatest rock bands to ever exist. So far, he’s succeeded when the band’s third album, Toys In The Attic, hit the charts and sold many copies. Singles such as “Walk This Way” and “Sweet Emotion” are Perry’s guitar work.
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