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Stuff about me.

Basic Statistics
Name: “Their name is Joseph Moon, but they forgot a long while ago.”
Age: “40… wait, maybe 42?”
Hometown: “The Badlands, the most f***ed up place known to mankind”
Current Residence: “The most f***ed up place known to mankind”
Occupation: “Psychotic Raider, it’s quite fun”
Siblings (describe relationship): “Joshua and Jonas… bastards”
Spouse (describe relationship): “Never had one, never will”
Children (describe relationship): “F*** that”
Grandparents (describe relationship): “Never met them”
Grandchildren (describe relationship): “Once again, f*** that”
Relationship skills: “Back then, I was kinda good to be honest, nowadays it’s just screaming”

Physical Characteristics:
Height: “Six foot four, genetics right?”
Eye Color: “Hazel, kinda red-ish… parents always talked about ‘em”
Hair Color: “Don’t get on me about being bald”
Glasses or contact lenses?: “Neither. Always had good eyes… well, eye”
Skin color: “Quite pale, my skin never really absorbed sunlight well”
Shape of Face: “I was never good at describing faces, it’s gotten harder”
Distinguishing features: “I dunno, maybe the missing eye socket?”
How does he/she dress? “Jeans. Steeltoe boots. Steel bracers. Arm bandages. Leather harness. Gasmask. Hate shirts”
Mannerisms: “SCREAMING”
Hobbies: “I never really got one.”
Favorite Sayings: “STOP SCREAMING!!”
Speech patterns: “We switch. I go, he goes, circle of life. I’m the rational one, he’s… something else.
Greatest flaw: “Being here, him being in my head”
Best quality: “LIFE! IS! PAIN!”

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes
Educational Background: “I had a good series of learning, him not so much”
Intelligence Level: “Same situation. I’m on the more intelligent side, him not so much”
Any Mental Illnesses?: “Is it obvious?”
Character's long-term goals in life: “Find her again.”
How does Character see himself/herself?: “A SLAUGHTER MACHINE”
How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others?: “Mainly a maniacal bulky dude.”
Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?: “Yeah. Insanity.”

Emotional Characteristics
Strengths/Weaknesses: “BLOOD AND MEAT”
How does the character deal with anger?: “I TASTE BLOOD, MINE AND YOURS!”
What does the character want out of life?: “I JUST WANT MY CASTLE OF MEAT AND SOULS!!”
What would the character like to change in his/her life?: “I just want him out of my head.”
What frightens this character?: “HE’S GONNA KILL ME!”
Is the character generally polite or rude?: “What is politeness?”

Spiritual Characteristics
Does the character believe in God?: “To a certain degree, yes”
What are the character's spiritual beliefs?: “THERE’S ALWAYS MORE BLOOD TO SPILL!”
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( ' LYSANDER ' - the devil's harbinger )

Born in Australia, Lysander Ptolemy Atwood was born into a small family consisting of his father, Peter, his mother, Margaret, and his sister, Beatrice on July 30th, 1993. His relationship with his parents was average, but he didn't have one with his sister. Beatrice wasn't around that much due to her being much older than Lysander-- about ten years to be exact so by the time Lysander wanted to take interest in her, she was already gone for college.

Lysander had always been a vain child growing up. He would talk about the strangest things to the children at school, sharing his nightmares about demons, horrifying monsters, and the like. This frightened the students and eventually, his parents got word of what Lysander was doing. Peter tried his hardest to get through to his son, but it never worked. It was like Lysander was hopeless.

As he grew and reached his last year of high school, Lysander was at a party with a few of his mates. He had way too much to drink and bragged to his friends that he could totally drive home without scratching his car. Some of Lysander's sober friends tried to stop him, but the male went anyway.

You probably already know what happens next.

Lysander was in a god awful car accident. He couldn't stop spinning the wheel and couldn't focus on the road, making him slam head on into a semi, dying on impact. From his sins, his cruelty, and his morals, Lysander was sentenced to Hell to spend a lifetime of hard labor.

Oh, but Lucifer took interest in this red-haired devil. He loved his spirit, his maniac attitude, and the fact that he was ambitious. Lysander was his perfect prophet; one that could go out on Earth and help prepare the world for Lucifer's doomsday, which involved him taking over the world. Lucifer revived Lysander, calling him the "Devil's Harbinger," someone that has the duty of murdering the non-believers and creating a four-man cult called the Black Magicians, consisting of Lysander as the leader.

Lysander is described as an outgoing, energetic man with twisted morals and dangerous thoughts that always cloud his mind. He is deceitful, manipulative, and quite frankly, finds it difficult to care for anyone, with the exception of the three other members of the Black Magicians. He is considered faithful, as he follows Lucifer's plan to annihilate the human race, and places his trust in the demon. In terms of sexuality, Lysander is definitely homosexual.

He stands to 6'1", with a skinny body type, a square facial structure, and his body is covered with freckles. Lysander's eyes are probably the most off-setting thing about him, since they are eerily yellow -- like a cat's eye. His eyebrows are neatly trimmed, and his ginger hair sits in a fluffy quiff above his forehead. His average attire is a black, long-sleeved shirt with the first to third row of buttons undone and collar yanked up around his neck, tight black slacks, heavy black boots that reach below his knees, an extremely long dark blue trench coat with a brighter blue trim around the edges and a long belt tied to the fabric. Usually, Lysander doesn’t tie the belt around his waist so it flows in the breeze. He also keeps his grimoire next to him in case of emergencies.

FC: Eddie Redmayne

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William Sherlock Scott Holmes

⌠Name⌡ William Sherlock Scott Holmes - Prefers: Sherlock, or Sherlock Holmes.

⌠Age⌡ 27 years of age. Possibly willing to alter for roleplays.

⌠Nationality⌡ British.

⌠Socioeconomic level as a child⌡ Upper-Middle Class.

⌠Socioeconomic level as an adult⌡ Middle Class.

⌠Hometown⌡ London.

⌠Current Residence⌡ 221B, Baker St. London


Knowledge of Literature – nil.
Knowledge of Philosophy – nil.
Knowledge of Astronomy – nil.
Knowledge of Politics – Feeble.
Knowledge of Botany – Variable. Well up in belladonna, opium and poisons generally. Knows nothing of practical gardening.
Knowledge of Geology – Practical, but limited. Tells at a glance different soils from each other. After walks, has shown me splashes upon his trousers, and told me by their colour and consistence in what part of London he had received them.
Knowledge of Chemistry – Profound.
Knowledge of Anatomy – Accurate, but unsystematic.
Knowledge of Sensational Literature – Immense. He appears to know every detail of every horror perpetrated in the century.
Plays the violin well.
Is an expert singlestick player, boxer and swordsman.
Has a good practical knowledge of British law.
Holmes is also a competent cryptanalyst.
Sherlock Holmes knows German,French and Latin appart from English
Holmes's analysis of physical evidence is both scientific and precise. His methods include the use of latent prints such as footprints, hoof prints and bicycle tracks to identify actions at a crime scene (A Study in Scarlet, "The Adventure of Silver Blaze", "The Adventure of the Priory School", The Hound of the Baskervilles, "The Boscombe Valley Mystery"), the use of tobacco ashes and cigarette butts to identify criminals ("The Adventure of the Resident Patient", The Hound of the Baskervilles), the comparison of typewritten letters to expose a fraud ("A Case of Identity"), the use of gunpowder residue to expose two murderers ("The Adventure of the Reigate Squire"), bullet comparison from two crime scenes ("The Adventure of the Empty House"), analysis of small pieces of human remains to expose two murders (The Adventure of the Cardboard Box) and even an early use of fingerprints ("The Norwood Builder"). Holmes also demonstrates knowledge of psychology in several occasions, such as in "A Scandal in Bohemia", where he lures Irene Adler into betraying where she had hidden a photograph based on the "premise" that an unmarried woman will seek her most valuable possession in case of fire, whereas a married woman will grab her baby instead. Another example of this may be found in "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle", where Holmes is able to obtain information from a salesman by a wager rather than by interrogation or bribery, remarking, "When you see a man with whiskers of that cut and the 'Pink ’un' protruding out of his pocket, you can always draw him by a bet ... I daresay that if I had put 100 pounds down in front of him, that man would not have given me such complete information as was drawn from him by the idea that he was doing me on a wager."

Despite the excitement of his life (or perhaps seeking to leave it behind), Holmes retired to the Sussex Downs to take up beekeeping ("The Second Stain") and wrote a book on the subject entitled "Practical Handbook of Bee Culture, with Some Observations upon the Segregation of the Queen". His search for relaxation can also be seen in his love for music, notably in "The Red-Headed League", wherein Holmes takes an evening off from a case to listen to Pablo de Sarasate play violin.


Holmes, as a gentleman, often carries a stick or cane. He is described by Watson as an expert at singlestick and twice uses his cane as a weapon.


In A Study in Scarlet, Watson describes Holmes as an expert with a sword—although none of the stories have Holmes using a sword. It is mentioned in "Gloria Scott" that Holmes practised fencing.


Holmes is described as a formidable bare-knuckle fighter. In The Sign of the Four, Holmes introduces himself to a prize-fighter as:

"The amateur who fought three rounds with you at Alison's rooms on the night of your benefit four years back". McMurdo responds by saying, "Ah, you're one that has wasted your gifts, you have! You might have aimed high, if you had joined the fancy".
Holmes engages in hand-to-hand combat with his adversaries on occasions throughout the stories, inevitably emerging the victor. It is mentioned also in "Gloria Scott" that Holmes trained as a boxer, and in "The Yellow Face" Watson comments that "he was undoubtedly one of the finest boxers of his weight that I have ever seen."

Physical condition

In several stories, Holmes is described or demonstrated as having above average physical strength. As an example, in "The Adventure of the Speckled Band", Dr. Roylott, 6 feet tall and wide as a doorframe, demonstrates his strength by bending a fire poker in half. After the Doctor leaves, Holmes said, "laughing, 'I am not quite so bulky, but if he had remained I might have shown him that my grip was not much more feeble than his own.' As he spoke he picked up the steel poker and, with a sudden effort, straightened it out again." In "The Yellow Face" Watson comments of Holmes, that "Few men were capable of greater muscular effort."

⌠Birth Order⌡ Third out of three. Youngest child.


-Mycroft- Eldest brother. Oldest out of three.

Mycroft and Sherlock never really got along well, and they still don't as grown men. Mycroft prides himself on being the smartest out of the siblings, implying that Sherlock is the dumbest compared to the three Holmes children. He would often bully Sherlock in their youth, which is why they never grew close to one another. Now as adults, they are more mature, and on somewhat speaking terms. Sherlock even does the occasional investigation on Mycroft's behalf.

-Eurus- Older sister. Second oldest out of three. Middle child.

Eurus wasn't introduced as a character until later on in the Sherlock seasons. She is described as having the brightest mind anyone has ever seen, and is possibly the smartest person on Earth, her IQ outranking scientists by the like of Edison, Newton, and Einstein. Eurus and Sherlock never got along either, but in this instance it was Sherlock's fault. He would refuse to let Eurus play with him, and slowly they drifted apart. As adults, Sherlock met Eurus in an asylum (a story for a different day) due to her being so smart she was considered "insane" and "psychopathic". Even as a child she showed these symptoms, killing Sherlock's best friend (not found out until later) and setting their childhood mansion on fire.

⌠Significant Others⌡

-Moriarty- Sherlock's archenemy.

Sherlock and Moriarty were in possibly the greatest battle of wits and mind in history. Together the two of them fought it out long and hard, eventually after Moriarty killed himself Sherlock faked his own death (for two years) just to throw Moriarty's henchmen off his trail. Moriarty was acquaintances with Eurus, Sherlock's sister, and together the two of them invented possibly the hardest and greatest mind-game of all time (putting Sherlock, Mycroft and John through it later). In the end, Moriarty killed himself, shooting his brains out, and that was that. He has somehow left behind messages, and they always find their way back to Sherlock.

-John Watson- Sherlock's sidekick/flatmate.

John Watson, or John, came to know Sherlock through being flatmates. The two of them were in dire need of a home, and decided to split the flat pay. Through this, Sherlock managed to drag John down to crime investigating and detective work. Over time, John came to realize he loves working with Sherlock, and the two are now a crime-fighting duo and the closest of friends; despite, how much Sherlock wants to admit it.

⌠Height⌡ Sherlock is described as lanky, and is at least six feet tall.

⌠Weight⌡ Defined as "tall and gaunt" Sherlock is quite skinny, although his exact weight is never specified.

⌠Race⌡ Aryan (White).

⌠Eye Color⌡ Dark Brown.

⌠Hair Color⌡ Black.

⌠Shape of Face⌡ Sherlock has very distinct cheekbones, and a chiseled jawline. He has close to a "diamond-esque" face shape.

⌠Clothes⌡ Sherlock mainly sticks to a white button-up shirt (without a tie), a blazer over top of that, tailored black dress pants, leather dress shoes, a scarf and his classic overcoat. He hates the deer-stalker hat.

⌠Mannerisms⌡ Sherlock is rather cold and brooding. He prefers to do something all on his lonesome, and seldom asks for help. He gets so lost in thought he does not notice that John leaves and continues to have a conversation "with him". It's quite ridiculous really. Sherlock is described as having "sociopathic tendencies" but he is not a sociopath. Believe it or not, he still has emotions, so he's not a psychopath or a sociopath. He simply does not like others, often comes off as rude and arrogant, but in the end, he is a person as well.

⌠Habits⌡ Sherlock is recovering from a smoking addiction, he occasionally uses nicotine patches for this. He has no other bad habits.

⌠Greatest Flaw⌡ Sherlock pushes people away too often. He feels as if he can do everything by himself. If John wasn't with him half the time, Sherlock would have no idea on how to deal with a medical situation. If he didn't have a bigger brother who constantly "spies" on him, Sherlock might get into heaps of trouble. It is the people in Sherlock's life who are looking out for him, despite what he may believe.

⌠Best Quality⌡ Why do you think Sherlock solves the crimes? Sure he does get paid, but others get the credit. Sure he's along for the thrills and loves a good mystery. But why? Because deep down, he cares for those people, and he wants to save, or help them, or do whatever he can to make them feel safe. Maybe it's his own past that makes him this way, no one knows. But deep down, and even John must've realized this by this point, underneath all that coldness and darkness, Sherlock is a caring person.


Sherlock was born on 6th January 1992 and spent his early childhood at Musgrave Hall, the Holmes family home located somewhere in the countryside. He was raised by his mother (a genius mathematician), alongside his father, who describes himself as 'something of a moron' compared to his wife . He grew up with his older brother Mycroft (seven years his senior), who Sherlock in later years claims would belittle him and try to frighten him with stories of 'the East Wind'. He also had a younger sister named Eurus (one year his junior), who taught him the violin.

During his early years, Sherlock befriended a boy named Victor Trevor, with whom he became 'inseparable'. The pair often played pirates together, nicknaming each other ‘Yellowbeard’ (Sherlock) and ‘Redbeard’ (Victor). Eurus harboured a jealousy of Sherlock’s friendship with Victor, and imprisoned Victor in a deep well, where he would ultimately die. She sang a song to Sherlock in hopes that it would lead him to her, but Sherlock misunderstood the lyrics as a set of directions that would lead him to Victor.

Eurus' animosity towards Sherlock following this led her to burn down Musgrave Hall, supposedly with the intention of killing him.

Sherlock never discovered the truth of Victor's fate and became severely traumatised, with Mycroft later claiming that he was much changed afterwards from the 'emotional child' he'd been before. In order to cope with the loss, Sherlock manifested a memory of owning a pet dog named Redbeard in place of his memories of Victor. As Eurus was taken away and institutionalised, his memory of her gradually faded over time.

In 1989, Sherlock learned about the death of child athlete swimmer, Carl Powers. Upon reading that Powers' trainers were missing, Sherlock began to consider the case suspicious. He attempted to enlist the police force's help, but his attempts were denied and the case was ultimately dismissed.

Sherlock went to university to read chemistry, but was unpopular with other students. Sebastian Wilkes, who was at university with him, later mentions how Sherlock would 'put the wind up everybody' by deducing things about their private lives.

Sherlock is said to have struggled with drugs in earlier years, at some point reaching an agreement with Mycroft that he would always write a list of anything he had taken. [16] It is implied that some of these struggled originated in Sherlock's trauma regarding the loss of Victor Trevor, as Mycroft has noted down 'Redbeard' from a time when he'd found Sherlock high.

In 2004, Sherlock befriended Inspector Greg Lestrade, (after aiding him in solving a case) and through Lestrade became affiliated with the London police force with whom he maintained a rather difficult partnership with several police officers: Sally Donovan and Philip Anderson in particular distrusted him for his over-zealousness at crime scenes and harsh disposition.

At some point, Sherlock managed to gain access to St Bartholomew's Hospital, where he utilised the equipment to conduct experiments. It was here that he met pathologist Molly Hooper, who developed a secret affection for him.
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Location: 13 miles beneath Central Africa
Date: Present Day

In it’s time Deep thirteen was the hub of scientific innovation and progress. Although the progress was done in seycret, the inventions never breaching beyond the twelve inch thick steel walls of the underground complex, the innovations championed within would boggle the mind and rewrite humanities scientific knowledge as a whole and change the very face of the earth.

However, in recent times the once astounding facility lay dormant. The incredible creations silently gathering dust, as their creator was away. So, for the first time in nearly two decades, the base slept.

Until, it found a new resident. A young man had made his way down into the complex, passing the automated security checks that were littered down to the facility. This young man had breathed life back into the dormant base for nearly two months now he’s spent his time below the surface of the world, working at his own leisure on innovations of his own. However, his silent work was his second priority. His first was monitoring four specific people. Hours he’d spend in the surveillance room, examining the footage picked up by his specially made miniature spy cams. Getting them worked into the system was the easy part, the hard part...

He’d watch one specific monitor closer than any. A burning, seething rage building as he observed a young woman, with red and black hair go about her day to day life. Drawing. Playing with stuffed dolls. But most of all.. spending nearly every second of her day with another. With /him/...

With his father...

Tam Wilson, That was the name he went by. No matter how much /she’d/ say it was Tamatoa. Not like she’d say it much. She’d have to have been around to actually call him that. But, no. She’d of rather spent her time off and about with /him/ than with her own spawn. Not like he cared much anyway.. Cherry undoubtedly was a better mother than she could’ve ever dreamed of.


The title itself held a form of greatness in his mind. As if it were a title of.. meaning, almost. he strived to attain it. The /original/ INSANO was always there. She taught him how to pass beyond the limitations of mere man and reach beyond the stars. For that he felt fond of her, and he wanted to carry on her legacy, the INSANO name. Only he wanted to far surpass it, to bring about true greatness to the title. To do what his maternal creator never had the ɢᴜᴛs to do. To actually live up to her title. To show respect to the woman who cared for her. He’s not shocked Terren wouldn’t however, she’s never been good with responsibility. His own birth would indicate that much. Her lack of parental skills would say as much.

She never gave he nor his brother much mind, and if Num Nums stories were true was openly hostile towards his older brother Clayton at one point. Clayton.. such a fool. He never truly tries to obtain greatness, nor does he even understand what greatness would mean. Even for Clayton’s /obvious/ mental deficiencies, He also felt fondly of Clayton. They were always close, and Clayton never judged him..

Unlike Sarah.

Sarah.. she’s always been his inferior. Although he never much knew her at a young age the moment he met her he could tell. She was nothing but a nonentity. Her motives petty, her attachment to /him/.. to their father pathetic. Cherry would often talk of how much she hated Sarah, and how horrible the woman was. But tam never saw it. All he saw was a nuisance, acting on whatever nonsensical whim moved through her mind. The attraction to Clayton not much bothering him, because in all honesty he saw nothing wrong there. If anything truly mattered, perhaps he’d feel differently but he can’t be bothered to delve into such flights of fancy. Sarah was all around a non threat, and a non problem. So much so he needn’t waste any more time on her..

Kalik, or ‘Kross’ as he was known was similar, but merely in one regard.

He was just a nonentity. A nuisance, much like Sarah, except that he’d no doubt prove to be more of an obstacle to Tam’s goals. His goodie goodie nature fell flat with tam, and all around seemed rather foolish. Kross May have always been kind to tam, even from a young age, but he never truly grew fond of the elf. No mattered how hard the elf tried, Tam just never cared for him. Again, he needn’t waste much time on such a person of little significance.

Now someone he would go on about, even though they’re insignificant, is his father. Slade.

He never put much stock in his fathers last name because of how tied to failure and idiocy it is. He’s heard the stories of how badly Cherry humiliated the man. Of how pathetic he was. He never cared about all the supposed ‘bad’ things Slade had done. No, what made Slade.. slightly fun for him was how incompetent he was. He’d make a marvelous toy, almost like a doll Tam can play with and destroy as he pleases. If the /original/ INSANO could best him, Tam felt he could wipe the floor with the man in no time. Quicker than the original, even.

Tam... had memories however. That’d periodically resurface and confuse his entire perception of reality. Memories of laughing.. of loving. Of.. caring. Of being attached to Cherry, Clay.. and even at one point Terren..
Of course he’d always realize and rationalize that all that was merely childhood foolishness, foolishness he’d grown out of years ago. He now realizes just how small minded all that was, how pointless. How.. meaningless.

Oh, but soon. Yes soon. His plans would finally start rolling. He would finally surpass the INSANO title and claim it as his own. Finally give his maternal creator her comeuppance. But most importantly.. he would be entertained. If his calculations were correct, /she/ would get involved, in Exactly the way he hopes she will. Then he’ll finally prove himself to be her superior. But again.. most importantly, her involvement would assure entertainment on a grand scale. He’d sit forward in the old swivel chair. Staring directly at Cherry through the monitor, as she played her SNES game. He’d watch with a blank, emotionless face. But.. for a second there he felt a small tingle of something..

Of excitement.

To be continued...
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The core message behind Cherry’s story

The message behind Cherry’s development is..
One I myself am trying to learn irl
That nihilism, detachment, all that..
Is in and of itself unhealthy, and bad.
That hope is not fruitless.
That you shouldn’t hate yourself for the actions of others, even if they share your Genetics- in Cherry’s case, if they’re an alternate of her-
That if you have the intellect and ability to change sh*t for the better, you should. The main force driving this development is a simple concept; Actions have consequences. I’m sure anyone with a perceptive mind can pickup on a pattern that’s followed cherry throughout her life. That pattern being; nearly every obstacle, every villain, every conflict, everything that’s happened to her throughout her life is a result of something she’s done whether it be directly or tangentially. An easy example would be the king of worms- if Cherry had never meddled with omniversal traveling, if she’d never slain the guardian, the king of worms wouldn’t have been set loose to run roughshod over the omniverse, devouring several universes and wiping numerous lives from existence itself. I could go on all day explaining this, but I think you get the point. Thank you for your time.
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