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Rules and Guidelines

No. 1. No one-liners. It just isn't my cup of tea.
No. 2. Third-person, literate and detailed roleplay(er(s) are prefered.
No. 3. Correct spelling and grammer is requiered. Of course, mistakes can occur.
No. 4. Communication; be honest, respectful and don't leave me hanging.
No. 5. I expect all my roleplay partners to take initiative in the story we create. So, dicussion of idea's, plots and characters before starting a roleplay is a must.

Still under construction...

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6 | 0 Comments | by hullabaloo | Dec 2nd 2022 10:52

Rules | TW

I’m very open to almost anything!
Though of course I’m gonna set some rules/boundaries.
Make sure to read carefully!


Dont send 1 liners, at least put 2-3 sentences when you send me a reply. If not, i won’t be able to answer you. So don’t be surprised when I can’t.

I would like it if you told me if you lose interest in a role play with me or get bored of it. So we can discuss something new, or I could spice it up a bit? Just don’t completely ghost me.

Don’t kill my OC in a role play.

If I make you uncomfortable in any way, don’t be afraid to tell me. I Re-read my role play partners rules daily, so Im not sure that will be happening.

To make sure people are actually reading, answer this question. What’s your favorite color? I don’t want someone to say they read my rules when they didn’t.

I try to respond as quickly as possible, if I don’t. Then I’ll get to you when I can, I have plenty of things to do that sometimes gets me distracted.

If you don’t reply in about a week I’ll just messsge you checking in. If your ghosting me or just ignoring me I will most likely unfriend you. You’re able to request me again.


I’ll be adding more rules soon! If I figure out some more issues, I’ll add them on.
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2 | 0 Comments | by Carlo | Dec 2nd 2022 09:12

Red Like Roses (Red Trailer Rewrite)

The winter wind whistled through the cold open plain, the breeze rather soft as the bitter air flew graciously across the land. Stood solely in the sea of white was a singular rose, hood pulled up to protect from the cruelty of the cold. She stood with her head tilting down, droplets falling from her face onto the stone below that read, “Summer Rose - Thus Kindly I Scatter.” The singular rose looked up to the moon above before turning her back to the gravestone. “You are no longer blooming alone Mother… the flowers of your kin have blossomed and are now ready to inhabit the bleak world, but not alone…” the rose spoke to the grave, no reply was expected. She advanced from the stone as a lonely crow landed on the gravestone to watch the singular rose.

As the rose left, a few figures begun to close down the distance. The rose stood strong, not withering to the threat of the creatures. She stood in place and as one of the creatures lunged forwards, the rose hovered atop the ground, with her thorn at hand before her red hood fell to reveal the face of a little girl. Her stunning silver eyes stared down at the monsters as she lingered high in the air before she drew her weapon and aimed at one of the monsters heads, taking aim and firing. Upon landing, she lifted her foot to prop herself off of the second creatures head, flipping to then take aim and end the life of the second monster. With a swift roll, she shot one more in the head and gain her composure. As she did so, the sniper form of weapon folded out into a scythe. As one monster approached, she held the scythe in front, the blade pressed against the creatures neck as she aimed for a second - firing to end one with a bullet the second by decapitation. As she reloaded, the monster collapsed beside her and she stuck the sharp peak of the scythe into the ground, taking aim and firing numerous shots as the creatures closed in as a group.

Panting, she waiting for one to approach and as such, she hopped with her scythe in the air and fired as the creature drew head height with the nozzle of her gun. This propelled her backwards rapidly and she dug the blade into the ground to stop her momentum, standing on the staff of the weapon as a vantage point. One monster approached and she spun to lay down on the weapon, pulling the trigger to headshot one creature as she grabbed the handle as the momentum flipped her hurdling into the monster she had evaded. The impact knocked the wolf-like creature down, she landed on both feet and begun her onslaught of slashes against the oncoming creature. During one slash, she pulled the trigger to defeat the monster behind her and the momentum of the slash defeated the second. With swift overhead slashes, another was finished. She then extended the blade outwards and shot the bullet whilst pulling her weapon back, once again decapitating one of the creatures in an instant. She then used the cover of the blade to knock back one of the monsters, spinning with her weapon so the blade was against the monster’s back whilst another approached. With two shots, one creature had its torso torn inside out whilst the other was completely sliced in two. The top half of the creature catapulted into a second, knocking it away as three more approached. Jumping away, she gained some space to breathe as sweat trickled down her face. She then rushed again, slashing in three circular motions to remove an arm and a leg from one of the creatures before shooting, the bullet catching the leg of another and the blade propelled into the neck of the monster. She fought with the blade for a moment, struggling to remove it from the creature. She looked over her shoulder and panicked a little as she rolled forwards, changing the weapon from scythe to sniper form as she shot upwards whilst on her rear. She then, shot over her head backwards once, luckily able to scramble back onto her feet.

The next creature she hooked around it’s neck, spinning to be stood on its head with the blade against its throat, shooting to remove another head and flipping against the momentum. Whilst in the air, monster leaped towards her, which she countered by spinning rapidly and taking down two, she then used one as a perch, shooting it to gain some more air time. She slashed downwards to end another but had to defend against one swiping its dirty claws at her. She was sent back some and used the blade once again to stop her movement. Despite how many she had defeated, there were still countless before her and she devised a plan. She removed her clip and reloaded with another, leaving the clip in the snow beside her. With the scythe behind her, she stepped forwards with a lot of pressure and with a quick boom, she propelled forwards faster than imaginable through the crowd of monsters, spinning her blade as quick as possible to defeat the herd of Grimm. As she reached the end, she shot backwards once to finish off the one she missed and looked over her shoulder. Simultaneously, they all dropped to the ground. Lots of shells fell behind her as she stood with the staff of her scythe over her shoulders and smiled softly. She then noticed the flapping of wings from behind her, a singular crow was leaving the forest she had came from before. “I won’t leave you… since your loved ones are sleeping… go sleep with them. We will be okay. I will follow one day… when all my duties come to an end. But until then, I take up your mantle as hero. I’ll be the protector for all of those you held dear and all those I do too… don’t worry mom, I’m going to get stronger until one day, I can protect you too.” She said into the wind, walking away from the grave through the woods.
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1 | 1 Comment | by FROM_SHADOWS | Dec 2nd 2022 06:12


The Basics:
• Tom Hiddleston as Tom Hiddleston ~ Need I say more?
• Loki ~ Do not think I need to explain.
• I do medieval roleplay as a Duke or Prince waiting for the crown. He is known as a viper.
Slice of Life more your thing:
• Millionaire playboy who runs himself on empty. A bit of a philanthropist but is known for drunken rages and time in rehab. Loves to hear himself talk.
• Ruthless defense attorney or a prosecutor. Open for ideas and concepts on this one but either work.
• A man who runs is own IT tech firm, his wife passed away a few years ago. He is often called the most eligible bachelor, but he has no energy for that really.
• Psychologist and he is damn good at what he does. He will not date his clients.
• FBI/Detective

• Hunter
• Vampire
• Lucifer himself

****Open to Other Ideas (if I can’t play it I will tell you)****
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4 | 0 Comments | by TomHiddleston | Dec 2nd 2022 03:16

Click to watch

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1 | 0 Comments | by TomHiddleston | Dec 2nd 2022 02:04


                                        layout by @heartache
  ⊱ : ♡ — ABOUT ADMIN

hi, hello, hey!! my name is drew, i use she/they pronouns.

wanna be friends? of course! why would i say no? i love making new friends and i would love to be your friend. if you want my socials, don't be afraid to ask because i don't mind giving them out to people.

get to know me? i like the smell of strawberry pound cake from the bath and body works line, but i also like the smell of burning campfire, not only in bath and body works line but in real life too! my favorite color is green. i don't like the lighter shades of green but i do like the darker shades. some of the shows that i like are stranger things ( obviously ), vampire diaries, shameless, gilmore girls, and peaky blinders. i'm not much of a movie person but i like twilight, harry potter, and call me by your name. do i play video games? yes! well.. two games so i don't know if you could say i play games. i play minecraft java and mobile dead by daylight. if you want to get to know me more, don't be afraid to message me and we can literally talk for hours if you want.

  ⊱ : ♡ — SCHEDULE

my time zone is central daylight.

week of november twenty-first through twenty-fifth, i have thanksgiving break so i'll be home that week.

on weekdays, i have school which starts at 7:10 and ends at 14:35. i typically get home around 13:10, when i ride with my friends but if i have to ride the bus, i wouldn't be home until after 14:00.

on weekends, i usually get up around 7:00 but depending on how late i stay up the night before, i could wake up as late as 13:00. my schedule is always different on the weekends.


i usually write in all lowercase letters. i'm sorry, it is what i'm comfortable. you can write however you want but i use lowercase, unless for abbreviations or yelling.

some of the things that i'm uncomfortable with is: trauma venting, forced religion, homophobia, transphobia, and politics. i do not wish to talk about these, at all.

if you have triggers, tell me. i don't know how i'm suppose to know if you don't list it somewhere or mention it to me. i always do my best to make sure everyone around me is comfortable.

please be patient with me as i have other accounts and sometimes, one character may be taking more of my time than others but i do get one everyone everyday.

accs : @heartache | @disgrace | @ragged | @myths | @antisocial | @cigarettes | @byrdie
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1 | 0 Comments | by promise | Dec 1st 2022 22:14


                                        layout by @heartache
                                 TW : s*lf h*rm, drug use, eating disorder

# NAME !ુ

romeo forest addams. rome.
romeo forest addams .. row-mee-ow faw-ruhst ad-uh-mz.

romeo .. roman origin, which means "pilgrim to rome."
forest .. french origin, which means "woodsman."
addams .. hebrew origin, which means "son of adam."

rome .. he only ever got called this by pugsley when they were younger.


currently seventeen years old.
born on october thirty-first.

hometown is unknown.
current residences is nevermore academy.


cis-male. he/him/his pronouns.
bisexual but closeted, presents himself as aromantic.


he didn't have a childhood crush.

a few past crushes but nothing notable.

currently single.


portrayed by thomas_tapy on tiktok.

naturally brown hair.
blue-grey eyes. twenty-twenty vision.

six foot, eight inches. one hundred twenty-six pounds.

he is constantly seen wearing baggy clothing. he very much prefers the hot weather since he can easily accommodate his clothing to how hot it is. typically in shorts and sometimes a shirt. when it gets closer out, he is seem in sweaters and huge jackets, joggers and slippers.

tattoos .. a few but not important.
piercings .. he has none so far.

has a few cut scars on his thighs and wrists but he doesn't make note of them.


as a child. to be added.

as a pre-teen. to be added.

as a teenager. to be added.

diagnosed by a doctor, he has eating disorder.
diagnosed by a therapist, he has commitment issues.


likes. long walks, swimming, runs, sunsets, sour candies, diet coke, music.
dislikes. hot weather, silk clothing, tomatoes, onions, early mornings.

allergic. honey, bees, peanuts.

phobias. atychiphobia, atelophobia.
fear of failure, fear of disappointment.

soft spots. long walks, diet coke, sour candies.


father. gomez addams. alive.

mother. morticia addams. alive.

younger sister. wednesday addams. alive. ( @woe )

younger brother. pugsley addams. alive.

uncle. fester addams. alive.


( )


he was sent to nevermore academy when he was thirteen by his own choice.

he is a huge softie when you get to know him, he won't show it quickly however.
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1 | 0 Comments | by promise | Dec 1st 2022 22:14


to be added.
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1 | 0 Comments | by promise | Dec 1st 2022 22:14


to be added.
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1 | 0 Comments | by promise | Dec 1st 2022 22:14

~June (Nerdy/Shy human girl)~

Name: June
Gender: Female
Dates: Males

Hair Style: Long and straight
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Shape: Almond
Eye Color: Brown

Usual Style:
Baggy, oversized black hoody and jeans

Usually Carries:
A few books

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0 | 0 Comments | by RuByDaQuEeN | Dec 1st 2022 21:59


"Hypnagogia" by Cambatta and Kendrick Lamar's alter-ego "ELEMXNT." Underrated song as f***.

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Yeah, wake me up at 3 A.M., never want to sleep again
Batta bring the bigger weapons, homie, that's my evil twin
Motherf***in' open mics, I'm finna let the needle in
For you to think I need a friend, it's me who make the planet spin
Release RPGs with the bullets I put inside the chamber
I'm tryna to keep the street away from crimes with anger
They love a little action. The moment I get it established
I see a demon whenever I sleep inside the ashes
Yeah, big mistake, bodies on my dinner plate
Show you where the magic lives, I cut through bitches inner state
I think that I'm the reason y'all rappers can't never meditate
I live inside your head, I stay in different bodies everyday
Okay, lemme demonstrate, Heaven got 11 gates
And every single one is like serenade from angels wait
For me, Em and Jay were renegades, the guns in hands
So lemme spray, where I'm from the lemons on the tree
Make no lemonade! Leave you dead before the coffin
The scene is seeing red too often
I talk when the bread is talking, I leave my bed wit' a carcass
Nigga, light the flame, I admit my idols not right, the same
I keep a Kool in me but my one is G. Rap, yours The Aid
I'm hypnotizin', y'all plagiarizin', lemme stick 'em up
I give no f***s, you're way beyond being p**sy
You're a sitting duck. Murder like Ana' the Op'
I think I need a bigger truck to run y'all niggas over
For them sh*tty rhymes y'all sing to us
Then I'mma get a little more scary in the obituary with Bloody Mary
Won't you like to travel to the badlands? The land can be bad
Enough it varies, and I'm toxic, more than the rap game
Everyone knows my rap name. Lyrical Ted Kaczynski
When the bomb in the track came. I told you for the last time
A danger to the innocent, good turned to evil
Mood kills you by the science experiments
So could you experiment, I'mma vomit so there will be no spits
To show you where the Devil lives, better for your head
To bring a therapist, nigga!

[Verse 2: Cambatta]
Wake up in the sunset, I don't ever get enough rest,
And I'm upset, MCs need to contest,
So my context is strapped TECs,
If I confess what I do on the church, better make a nun sweat,
Cheddar bubblegum she's wet, make The Virgin Mary undress,
Love lust and I love sex, only fun sex is the rough sex,
Even though we just met, this slut mess left my nut pressed,
My rap's origin dates back to the dust left in cassettes,
Never ever struck last, never did the drug meth,
But I've done X, mushrooms grew my lung chest,
When it comes to smoke bud' cess, I'm just obsessed,
Joe Frazier, I got a strong left! Had an mind but I lost that,
Had to lie I was 'bout to raise Hell 'till The Devil took his fire back,
Same fire is onto my tracks, God didn't died, he called me back,
That's why I got balls black, your fake Lord gotta ask why,
He ignored that, got a nigga trigger finger itchin', gimme mo' crack,
He's foaming overdose by his mouth 'cause I'm all that,
Wrap his body in an long mat' cause I'm all black,
When a man is a p**sy ass bitch copycat, what you call that?,
I'm an wolf and an panther, I'm T'Challa, Larry Talbot,
My d*ck and an horse match, I'm seen where my house at,
Crisis poppin' Prozac, slice pieces, cannibal snacks,
Yeah, I'mma leave you dead with Hannibal masks,
Yeah, I'm a wolverine, you're a wombat,
Got a lethal weapon for the combat,
Yeah, mixture all the elements of an bomb track,
I defeat you mentally with Don's crack,
Don't even try to argue against facts,!
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1 | 0 Comments | by KENDRICK | Dec 1st 2022 21:31



• All of the people I write with must be 1*8+

• I am not going to write with one-liners

• I am not going to fulfill your weird fetishes, so don't message me asking for intimate interactions with children, animals, monsters, cannibals, aliens or whatever your sick mind might have in plan. You are going to get blocked.

• As a first interaction, messaging me with a classic horndog line such as "hello sexy, hello babygirl, wow you're hot" won't make me wet. If that's your way of trying to receive sm*t, you're pathetic and I can feel your sm*t is too. So please, just don't.

• I have a life outside of this place, I will reply when I can, spamming me won't make me reply faster. You can however give me a nudge if I haven't replied in a day or two.

• I am generally open to many, many genres. I would prefer for you to let me know what you're interested in, and I'll see if I can adapt to your request.

• Yes, I am playing a male and a female version of my character. I am figuring everyone seems to react better when writing with the opposite gender, so I am putting both options on the line.

• The admin of this account is a female.

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2 | 0 Comments | by OceanEyes | Dec 1st 2022 19:57

The Psychic

Raised in a cult all her life, nineteen years-old Isis Rhodes escaped by the skin of her teeth from her abusive home. The path outside the cabin she was locked up in was revealed to her in a string of strange visions- one that would later prove itself to be her reckoning with her destiny as a prodigy from a downward of tenacious psychics.

Now living in a homeless shelter far away from her abusers, Isis is contemplating her next move. With her future calling for her more than it ever did before, she watches her powers unfold in front of her very eyes; it would take a lengthy journey to fully realize what she's capable of and where she's going.

>> Plot Proposals <<
⛤ Your character was another victim of the cult who had recently escaped and has fled to the same homeless shelter as Isis.
⛤ Your character and Isis became best friends scavenging for food on the street.
⛤ Your character hails from a rival cult and is looking to abduct Isis.
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1 | 0 Comments | by Vex | Dec 1st 2022 19:26

The Druid

Liah Addenaux always loved the outdoors. Taking on daring camping expeditions with her late father, Liah would find her passion in the collection of bugs as a little girl. She would often place them in labeled jars and cultivate them before adding them to her makeshift habitat in the corner of the family living room.

When her father fell off the boat and began to drown during the climax of a canoe trip, Liah leapt in to save him. Little did she know, she was jumping head-first into the excrement of a primordial being- an essence so powerful it found her worthy to grant her tantalizing shapeshifting powers.

Liah can assume the form of a:
- Cougar
- Vulture
- Piranha

>> Plot Proposals <<
⛤ Your character is Liah's new hiking partner, unaware of her powers.
⛤ You play as a farmer/hunter determined to bring down the cougar that's been terrorizing your livestock.
⛤ During an emergency, Liah saves your character's life and decides to take them in as a traveling companion.
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2 | 0 Comments | by Vex | Dec 1st 2022 19:20

Grant Origins Part 2

They drove for a while more in silence. To where, Grant had no idea, until they pulled up at a run down motel near the edge of town. The boy waited until they were safely inside before speaking. “Why did you bring me here?”

The taller brother gave him a comforting smile and soft eyes. “We just want to ask you some questions, Grant.”

“Like how you knew that demon’s name.” Dean interjected.

The boy sighed. He was already getting tired of keeping up his innocent persona and was tempted to tell the boys everything. “I told you, I don’t know. His name just popped into my head.” Well, that wasn’t a complete lie.

Both Sam and Dean squinted their eyes suspiciously at him. He wasn’t as good at lying as he thought.

Grant’s eyes widened as the blood rushed from his face. He felt that aura again, but this time, it wasn’t alone. “They’re here.”


The boy sighed out of frustration. “F*** this.” He turned to the blonde. “Jack, Asmosdues wants to take you down to hell and force you to do his bidding.”

“How do you know?” Sam asked, more than a little confused by his sudden outburst.

“I read his mind, genius.” Grant said, deadpan.

The brothers glanced at each other. “Guess that explains it.” Dean responded.

“There’s five demons. They’re circling the motel, trying to ambush us.”

“Where?” Cas demanded.

Grant pointed to seemingly random points on the walls. Cas and Dean got into position, readying their blades. Sam trained the barrel of his gun at the motel’s front door.

The boy looked at him. “I can help, how do you kill a demon?”

Sam stopped him from walking any closer to the door. “That’s not necessary, we got this.” He said, pulling Grant and Jack behind him.

Despite the fact that the hunter didn’t answer his question, he got the information he needed. “Angel blade, got it.” The boy unzipped the duffle bag on the bed, pulling out a sleek, silver blade identical to one he saw in Sam’s head.

The demons came through the window and the walls. Cas stabbed the first, but got caught up in a fight with the second. Dean was fighting another one. The last one walked past them, raising his blade at Grant and Jack.

The last demon broke through the door. Flicking his hand, throwing Sam against a wall. Jack went to aid Sam, leaving Grant with the last demon.

The demon lunged towards him. Luckily, Grant was able to dodge, but then it swung its blade, slashing Grant’s front. He staggered backwards, holding his chest. He hissed from the pain in his stomach, but he stood his ground, retaliating with his own slash. The demon grabbed his wrist. Throwing him to the ground, Grant struggled to keep the blade away from his body.

Sam witnessed the struggle. “Grant!” He yelled, trying to get the attention of the demon.

Jack turned in time to see the demon piercing the boy’s chest. “No!”

As soon as he spoke, a funnel of pure energy exploded from the boy’s palm. His eyes glowed a bright yellow as he pierced the demon with its own blade. Dean and Cas killed the other two before turning to Grant, who was bleeding on the floor. However, despite his scrunched up face and his moans of pain, he seemed overall unaffected. He pulled the knife out of his abdomen and sat up, clutching his wound. The brothers and Cas exchanged astonished, as well as confused glances before Sam kneeled down.

“Hey, it’s gonna be ok. Let me take a look.” He tried to push Grant’s hand away so he could inspect the injury, but the boy held on.

The boy sighed. “Sam, I’m fine.” The larger brother helped him to his feet as he removed his hand from his chest, showing that the wound had already begun to heal.

“What are you?” Dean demanded, raising his gun.

Grant raised his blood-soaked hands in defense. “Hey, hey, I’m not here to cause any trouble. I was just trying to help.”

“Answer his question.” Sam brought out the dad voice. The boy was sure he meant it to come out as more threatening, but he was clearly still concerned for the kid. “Grant, what are you?”

He glanced at Jack, who was silently begging him to calm his dads down. Grant tried to figure out a way to get out of this without telling the world’s greatest hunters what he was, but he couldn’t. He huffed, “I’m…a vampire.” The boy opened his mouth, exposing his retractable fangs.

Sam and Dean looked at each other, they seemed a little disappointed, as well as confused.

Grant gave them an unamused glare. “Sorry I’m not the big baddie you were expecting.”

“We didn’t say that.” Dean replied.

“But you thought it.”

Dean sighed, rubbing his temples. “Right, a psychic vampire.”

“How is it that you can read minds?” Jack asked innocently.

Grant shrugged. “Don’t know, always have been.”

“Even after you were turned into a vampire?”

The boy tilted his head in confusion. “What?”

“After you were bitten.” Dean said deadpanned, giving the kind an unamused glare.

His auburn eyes bounced between the two of them. For the first time, his confusion seemed genuine. “I was never bitten. I was born like this.”

Sam and Dean’s eyes widened so aggressively, they threatened to fall out of their sockets. “What?”

“My dad was a vampire, my mom was human. It’s not that complicated.”

Sam, Dean and Cas whispered to each other while Grant and Jack sat awkwardly on the bed. Grant glanced at the adults as they conversed.

“So, are we really buying this?” Dean asked, crossing his arms.

“I mean, we’ve seen weirder.” Sam retorted.

“Is it really the best idea to trust a vampire, though?” Asked Cas.

Sam brought out his lethal puppy dog eyes. “Come on, Cas. Yes, he’s a vampire, but he’s also a kid.”

“We don’t know how old he is.”

Sam glanced at his older brother before sighing. “Well, regardless, he did help us.”

“That’s true.” Dean thought for a moment, then smirked. “You know, we could use him.”

The long-haired man glared at his brother.

“Think about it. No one’s gonna be able to lie in front of him. He could help us get information without using ‘advanced interrogation.’” Dean turned to the two boys sitting on the bed, raising his voice so they could hear him. “Hey kid, do you know if there’s any monster you can’t read the thoughts of?”

The black-haired boy thought for a second. “Well, I can’t look at your friend for too long without hearing an ear-piercing scream.” He gestured to Cas.

“That’s not screaming, you’re hearing Enochian.” The man with the trenchcoat responded matter-of-factly. He saw the boy’s confusion and tried to clarify. “The language of angels.”

Grant looked between the two hunters. “Angels?”

“Yeah.” Retorted Sam. “He’s an angel.”

“I am too.” Grant turned to Jack, who smiled. “Well, half. My mom was human.”

Grant closed his eyes, rubbing his temples. He tried to make sense of the information he was being given. “You know it's been a long day when I’m not the weirdest thing in the room.” He muttered, half to himself.

“Speaking of,” the moose interjected. “Where are your parents?”

“Dead.” The kid’s deadpanned response shocked the two fake FBI officers. “My mom died when I was born. My dad was killed when I was 8, probably a hunter.”

“Who’s been raising you?” Dean asked, narrowing his forest green eyes.

The dark-hair boy looked at him like he was asking an obvious question. “Me?”

Both of the brothers shared a look of surprise with a hint of familiarity. They had so many questions, but it was Jack that spoke up first.

“You’ve been taking care of yourself since you were 8?” The blonde stared at him. His eyes were wide with curiosity. Grant nodded.

Jack tilted his head. “How?”

He shrugged. “I stole anything I could find. It was pretty easy when you know exactly when someone is coming.”

“What about a home?” Dean questioned. He seemed to have a hard time wrapping his head around a child so young being completely independent. That, or he was trying to squeeze information out of the young vampire. “Where did you sleep?”

Grant narrowed his eyes. He was starting to get suspicious. In order to keep his fellow vampires out of the flames, he decided to lie. “Bounced around orphanages, a few foster homes, there were times I just slept at people’s homes while they were away on vacation. Now, I pretty much live at the only motel in town, which we’re at right now.”

“Did you interact with any other vampires?”

The boy gulped down his nerves. “Nope.”

“How about your father?” Sam asked. He noticed the confusion in his eyes so he tried to be more specific. “The alpha? The one responsible for all vampires? He has a psychic connection with everyone that’s been bitten and turned.”

Grant shook his head. “Never met him, psychically or otherwise. Didn’t even know a guy like that existed.”

Shock washed over Sam’s face. “That’s impossible, every vampire knows him. They’re deeply connected to him. He practically controls them with his thoughts.”

The kid gave a half hearted shrug. “I don’t know what to tell you, I guess he just didn’t like me that much.”

Sam leaned into Cas with a quizzical look of wonder. “Do you think he couldn’t make a connection because the kid somehow used his powers to shield himself from his control?”

The angel thought for a minute. “It’s possible. Psychics do tend to have some mental barriers to protect themselves from outside influences, purely by instinct.”

“So, this interrogation’s been fun and all, but when do I get to leave?” Grant looked up at them expectantly.

Dean locked eyes with the black-haired vampire. “You’re not leaving, kid.”

Both Grant and Sam gave him a look of nervous shock. “Dean!”

“Oh, come on man!” Grant responded, raising his voice. “I haven’t done anything to you. In fact, I saved your kid over here from being taken by a demon. That’s gotta be worth something!” Grant then took a moment to gaze into the hunter’s emerald eyes. His demeanor changed from fearful and angry to disappointed. “You gotta be kidding me…”

“What?” Sam asked, looking between the two.

“Nope.” Dean responded, confidently. “We have a deal?”

“What are you talking about?” Jack chimed in, as confused as Sam. There was clearly something going on between Grant and Dean that no one else was aware of.

The vampire sighed. “He wants me to be your personal lie detector…in exchange for my life.” He turned back to the blonde. “Read minds for you or you shoot me, doesn’t really seem like I have a choice.”

Dean gave the same fake smile as back at the gas station. “Sure you do, you’re choosing between living and dying. So, bud, what will it be?”

Grant narrowed his almond eyes, piercing a glare at the blonde, before sighing. “You’re such a d*ck.”

Dean turned to the rest of his family with a smug grin plastered on his face. “I think that’s a yes.”
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