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ʚ all that i know is ʚ i want you forever - Rules - Naughty Information
ʚ and nothing like t ʚ could be wrong ɞ ʚ♡ɞ - Characters/ fandom
A maiden of Life and Primodial God of Dar Goddes of War and De The one who chases t
Rules of the playgro . ✮ ⎯⎯ all my night, y ✮ ⎯⎯ still got some
✮ ⎯⎯ and the look ba ✮ ⎯⎯ ooh, do you thi ✮ ⎯⎯ ooh, your flowe ✮ ⎯⎯ you built me up
✮ ⎯⎯ he took my hear ✮ ⎯⎯ look into his a ✮ ⎯⎯ you'll think yo ✮ ⎯⎯ oh, please don'

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