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Lui decide che è ora di riallacciare i rapporti con la sua vecchia amica Carlie, che è arrivato il momento di farla smettere di soffrire, di rivelarle la verità dei fatti così che possa capire quanto sia stata sciocca, conoscendolo, a credere che lui fosse morto.
Lui ha ricontattato tutti i vecchi membri del suo gruppo di rapine, tutti a parte Alaric e Carlie, lui sa che sono fratelli e prima di rivelare tutto al fratello vuole che Carlie abbia paura, paura di qualcosa che credeva di aver dimenticato e che non sarebbe mai tornata alla luce...

Il suo piano è di farle passare dei momenti di terrore, terrore alimentato poco a poco da piccole cose, piccoli segni sempre più evidenti e contorti.
Dà il via al suo piano scrivendole attraverso la posta magica diversi biglietti, tutti firmati JOKER e tutti scritti con inchiostro viola sopra dei fogli verdi, alcuni molto strani in modo da confonderla, come ad esempio, "Carlie, tu devi essere molto sciocca per aver pensato di potermi sfuggire, io voglio sentire la tua paura, la paura che hai per me, credi di non conoscermi? Credi che io sia pazzo? Forse per qualcosa hai ragione, ma sappi che tu mi conosci molto bene e che io non ti perdoneró mai per avermi abbandonato, come i miei genitori. Ahahahahahahaahaahahahah"

Altri molto espliciti, scritti di proposito in modo che lei ricolleghi tutti i frammenti del puzzle, come ad esempio, "Carlie, oh Carlie, in questo modo tu mi offendi, mandi un invito di nozze a casa mia scrivendoci sopra che inviti tutti i Riddle della magione, ahahahahahaha dovresti sapere che odio quel nome... Ragazza mia"

Altri ancora molto passionali, in cui le da complimenti e le dice cose molto provocanti e le dice cose che gli ha confidato in passato. Nel momento in cui molto probabilmente pensa che Carlie abbia scoperto chi sia, smette di scriverle, vuole che lei abbia timore di lui e che abbia paura di ricevere altri messaggi, che non dorma la notte per la paura che lui le si avvicini.
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1 | 1 Comment | by Onibugi | Aug 28th 2016 08:22

Marvel universe alternate 01

WW2 mr stark finds the tesseract a device used by the Germans in ww2 .shortly after Odin travels to earth to retrieve it .odin trades asgardian artifact smithing technics (blueprints to the destroyer) to mr stark in exchange for the tesseract . Odin believes midgards (earths) knowledge being to small to make the blueprints of any use. However Howard using his tech genius and stolen tech from hydra makes a power source strong enough to power the destroyer. However he can not replicate the destroyers ai and remaking it into a piloted suit, however the controls are to complex and so the only suitable pilot is Howard stark , he is the allies secret weapon ,and is used in a secret attack on a camp who's location they learned about by a hydra defector. The camps name is auschwitz. When auschwitz falls many members of the facility are captured or killed ,however some key members flee. But this is not the main issue.While combing through the facility Howard discovers a young Gypsy boy by the name of Erik Lehnsherr,He discovered this boy had great powers but could not control them. They returned to the states where Howard legally adopted him as his son in hopes of training him but before he can do that he is shipped off to war unaware that Erik was a stowaway on his airplane
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0 | 0 Comments | by Psychosilvertongue | Aug 27th 2016 20:28

Kai Nakamura

Name: Kai Nakamura
Nicknames: None
Age: 16
Race: Human
Occupation: None [Heir to Nakamura estate and Company]
Orientation: Bi (for BxB or GxB roleplay)

Hair: Silver
Eyes: Silver (You have silver eyes. +1 for those who get it)
Height 5,3
Weight: 145lbs

After his parents death he secluded himself, Using what money he had at the time he scheduled his parent's funeral and continues to study their work while at home taking care of himself. He takes jobs until they find out he's too young and takes the pay until he is fired. He'll go and try to and stay strong but he's very broken and insecure, under that tough do-it-my-self shell is a little kid who needs someone to help him and be there. Aside from owning a full mansion and more, he'll sometimes choose to live in a small 3LDK apartment not liking being in a huge house but all alone. He won't often tap into his rich bank account but he does it.

Likes: Kind people, hugs, having fun, being comforted
Dislikes:Horror Movies, rude people, working too much, and losing jobs

Fears: The Dark, Being left alone, Being abandoned.

Guilty pleasure: His desire for parents has led him to get as desperate as almost hiring an actor or prostitute
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4 | 0 Comments | by Kyo | Aug 26th 2016 19:08

Recap about families of my chars.

With the changes and new stuff about each family of my chars.

(+)= Free to be RPed if anyone wants.

Edward+Shelly -> Dexter/Ramms/Scheireen/Jade/Sid

Richard+Reyja -> Torntorn/Jean-Philippe/Chimièn/Eloise(+)/Elenoir(+) (Twin sisters.)

Christoph -> Bartholomew II/Adheleid/Nikolaus.

Benjamin+Amelis -> Anthony/Dorian/Timothy/Thomas/Johnathan/Devon/Mortimer/Jackil/ Dominic/Ronald(+)/Daniel(+)/Michael/Gabriel/George(+)/Rosiemary.

Anthony+Zhimint -> Candice(+)/Rumilla(+)

Timothy+Miranda -> Althus/Andy/Rebeccah.

Heidi+Connor -> Samuel/Deanna.

Johnathan+Miriesh -> awaiting one son, still to be born.

Jackil+Carlie+Thorin -> Tristan/Frerin/Sigurd.

Stephen -> nothing to declare. (XD)

Ming+Taimy -> 0

Fabian -> nothing to declare.

Sid -> nothing to declare.

Adrien -> nothing to declare.

Sao -> nothing to declare. (Decided he never got married with Shushu, like Thranduil he is love-one-woman-only type.)
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1 | 0 Comments | by Dream | Aug 25th 2016 10:22

Ally Key

Name: Ally key (Goes by Bri
EC: Blue
HC: Black
Age 15-17

What she is like: Quiet, Smart, Cunning, Fast,Sneaky, Smart ass at times also.She works quite well with knives though also has her gun. She stays to her self and doesn't really talk about her self to much. She doesn't like talking about her previous life before the apocalypse. She's trust worthy but when it comes to trusting others she has a hard time doing so. She has a hard time listen and is very stubborn.

She dislikes: Being lied to, More to come
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2 | 0 Comments | by Clary0905 | Aug 24th 2016 17:22

New visit.

Nell'ultimo anno a William è nata una nuova bambina, lui e Cassandra ne sono stati molto felici, ci serviva una nuova faccina sorridente dopo che Frederick è morto nella battaglia, hanno chiamato la bambina Alexandra.
Lei attualmente ha 1 anno, essendo nata in un periodo dove c'erano pochi dottori in circolazione William e Cassandra hanno dovuto chiamare uno sconosciuto a far nascere la bimba, Stephen. Il parto è andato per il meglio e ora ad un anno di distanza William sta portando la bimba ad una visita medica da Stephen, la moglie non è con lui perchè deve occuparsi dei loro altri figli.
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1 | 21 Comments | by Dark_Lord | Aug 23rd 2016 13:08

Extended bio.

Name. Tatsu Yamashiro.
Birthplace. Eastern Wildlands.
Clan. Mizu no Sentōki (A section of (Migong) Yin's clan)
Age. 16.
Hair color. Black.
Eyes color. Grey.
Skin. Paler than normal for an Eastern.
Favorite color: Red.
Parents: -Unknown father, from whom she inherited her bloodthirsty katana-, Midori Yamashiro, mother, deceased.
**Her father was a Knight of Zimkesha, one of the very few Eastern ones. He spent his life as protector of their clan (even though he didn't live among the people, but out in the wild), until a Hunter found him. He himself forget the Katana and Tatsu is the only child he ever had.**
Siblings: a bigger brother, Fumiaki (He had a different father ofc). She saw him die in an attempt to rescue her from her Master, in the Empire.

■She has no clue she is a half Knight of Zimkesha■

Facts about her:
ₒ She tends to be very careful with people and to ponder very well whom to trust .when possible-, All in all, she is still just a teen, who can feel very lonely sometimes.
ₒ She can be very shut and cold, she doesn't allow herself to be open and friendly, since she doesn't trust people and tends to think everybody just wants to use her.
ₒ Her mood can change very fast and somtimes without a specific reason, she is very moody indeed.
ₒ She rarely smiles and laughs. But if she does, the other earned a loyal friend.
ₒ She is loyal to death and would do everything to hold on her word.
ₒ She prefers to live in wild areas and forests rather than in house and cities.
ₒ If someone earns her hate or disrespect, she will be insolent, even when risking to be killed.

Characters reactions to her:
ₒ She is easy to be found a weirdo.
ₒ Some find her creepy.
ₒ Some think she is simply some problematic teen to keep distance from.
ₒ Sao would slap the hell outta her.

ₒ Martial Arts (Karate).
ₒ Swords and weapons. (Eastern ones)
ₒ Nanture and animals.
ₒ Wind.
ₒ Red things, especially rubies. (She never touched one nor owned one in her life.)
ₒ Friends.

ₒ Imperial Eastern people.
ₒ Cities.
ₒ Sao Yung. (Welp, if you are Eastern (And are not Khai-Ming), he just must be in your dislike list.
ₒ Dishonor.

ₒ To be deprived of her freedom again.

•• Bio•• She was born in the Eastern Wildlands, during the times of the old Emperor, before the civil war.
She never knew who her father was, in fact, nobody knew, but her mother said that her father was a hunter from Migong clan, who died in an ambush from Empire soldiers.
Her clan was attacked previously from Khai-Ming's one. Most of her people were enslaved and sold, other killed while children ended up in orphanages. She, in the specific, was sent to the same orphanage as the one where Cody was and grew up.
While they were at the orphanage together, she promised Cody she would make sure nobody would hurt him ever and that she would find a way to go away from there with him. Too bad she was sold to her master over 4 years before Cody was taken and given to Sao.

With her master, life surely wasn't good for her. Her brother, who managed to survive the attack to their clan, tried to rescue her from the rich man, but still, he was taken by the Assassin protecting him and killed in front of her eyes.
Since that moment on, her hate just kept growing and growing, till the day where the rebels attacked the mansion in which she was held, freeing her.
She didn't join the rebels, she returned to her homeland in the Wilds, but found no one of course. She reached for the hideout in which her mother used to hide their precious things and there she found her father's katana. She took it along with everything else and left, to look for Cody.
For over 2 years and a half, she has been wandering all over the world to find him and thus honor her promise to him.
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3 | 1 Comment | by SulBang | Aug 22nd 2016 10:49


Jackson Rupert Riddle is the first born of William Riddle, When William saw for the first time the baby in the arms of his wife Cassandra he remains literaly without words, for a period he was less violent and oppressive with Richard and more caring and present to his son.
William taught to Jackson very much things, likes how wins a fight, how kill someone if necessary, how torture someone to take information, how plan a right strategy before to do something, ecc...

18 years later, many things changed. Jackson started to need his own freedom and William returned to be violent and oppressive towards Richard.
With all his father had taught him, he started to ponder what to do with his life and since killing him to earn all his richess was out of plan, nobody would be so suicidal to try to kill William, and since he had the attitude of a criminal, he decided to give himself to that kind of life. With a group of people, he started to rob jewelers and banks, always wearing a clown mask to not be recognized.

In that period, he also met Carlie, with whom he firstly had some dealing as criminals, her skills with frauds were simply perfect for his business and it soon turned into love. They dated for a time, until he met his fate.
One day, he committed a big mistake, a hasty attemtp to rob a big bank, which is never a smart thing to do. They got captured, he along his men. It was due to the fact his mother was in the bank and he had to rush to her to protect her from his men.

His father, of course, didn't take it well at all, in fact, he was totally angry and even denied him. And to make sure he would learn his lesson in the harshest way possible, he also sent him to an asylum, where he spent many long years and where he completely lost his sanity,

It had not been easy to him to be there, he was completely destroyed and thought about Carlie night and day. Though, at some point, with some bad friendships he made there, with whom he kept plotting against the doctors and nurses, led him to the staff's revenge. They beat him up badly and even tortured him. Ever since that day, his change was complete, he kept laughing at everything, all the time, lost that bit of humanity he had left and became the worst fear of the people there.
He named himself the Joker, since the name his father gave to him literally made him sick to use it, for how he hated him and eventually, he managed to escape from the asylum with some "friends".

When he was imprisoned there, William made sure everybody would think his son was dead and that same news was given to Carlie by the few of Jackson's men who managed to escape the bank.

Right now, he is the leader of the criminality in Hagen city and the biggest fear of other criminals of the place.
He always wear clown like make up, it became his "trademark".
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3 | 0 Comments | by Onibugi | Aug 22nd 2016 06:00

The Joker

Jackson Rupert Riddle figlio maggiore di William Riddle, età della morte 33 anni, come ogni altro figlio maggiore era la luce dei suoi occhi.
La prima volta che William ha visto Jackson tra le braccia di Cassandra è rimasto davvero senza parole, per un periodo è stato perfino più buono.
O in ogni caso il fatto era che passava molto tempo libero con suo figlio e non aveva tempo di fare il cattivo con ad esempio, Richard. William gli insegnò tutto quello che aveva imparato da militare, come pensare una giusta strategia, come combattere, come uccidere a mani nude qualcuno, come stordirlo, come estorcegli informazioni, ecc...
Qualche anno dopo le cose sono cambiate, Jackson ha cominciato a cercare i propri spazi e William è rimasto senza passatempo ed è diventato ancora più cattivo e oppressivo verso Richard.

Con tutto quello che il padre gli aveva insegnato lui cominciò a pensare a cosa voleva fare della sua vita immortale, pensando a questo lui cominciò a stipulare un piano. Lui non avrebbe mai preso possesso delle ricchezze e del castello del padre poiché nessuno avrebbe mai sfidato a tal punto la sorte da cercare di ucciderlo. E dato che`aspirazione criminale non gli mancava, qualche mese dopo cominciò a rapinare gioiellerie e banche, non veniva mai preso perché faceva in modo di non essere riconosciuto e perché era troppo preciso nei suoi colpi.

In quegli stessi anni conobbe Carlie che fu sin da subito la sua complice preferita, cominciarono a rubare insieme e andarono anche un po` oltre, lui la amava molto, era pazzo di lei, non avrebbe potuto desiderare una vita più felice che con lei.
Però un giorno successe qualcosa di spiacevole, fu avventato, e un colpo avventato in una grande banca è un colpo fallito in partenza. Non aveva organizzato tutto e il caso volle che ci fosse la madre in quella banca, quando i suoi compagni cominciarono a sparare lui si fiondò sulla madre per proteggerla.

La rapina andò in fumo e loro scapparono via, il padre non prese bene le informazioni che la madre gli diede. Un tale affronto per lui era inammissibile e quando tornò a casa con la coda tra le gambe gli disse: "Tu ingrato! Ti sembra un comportamento da nobile il tuo? Andare a derubare le banche con un branco di poveracci e una troietta da strapazzo e perlopiù vestito da pagliaccio! Sei una delusione per me!" In seguito ci fu un violento litigio in cui in conclusione William gli tolse ogni diritto di successione e poi lo mandò in un manicomio così chè comprendesse quello che aveva e che era stato così stupido da perdere.
William non fu più lo stesso dopo questi eventi e fu peggiore di prima con tutti perfino con i suoi successivi figli. Alla famiglia e alla gente disse che il figlio era morto, e in un certo senso lui si sentiva così, come se fosse morto, a tal punto lo aveva deluso.

Jackson prima di tornare a casa dal padre aveva fatto una lunga chiacchierata con Carlie, le aveva spiegato chi era e che probabilmente non si sarebbero mai più visti in futuro. Era così triste che avrebbe perso Carlie che era pronto a qualsiasi cosa il padre gli avrebbe detto e avrebbe accettato qualsiasi punizione avrebbe ritenuto necessaria. Carlie di canto suo cercò di convincerlo a non andare, che sarebbero potuti scappare e avrebbero potuto vivere in pace lontano da lì. Ma lui sapendo di che cosa era capace il padre aveva già deciso che avrebbe subito la punizione del padre da solo, senza dirle niente se andò, dopo averle dato un bacio.

Non conobbe mai suo fratello, Frederick nacque dopo che lui fu rinchiuso, con precisione 20 anni dopo. Gli anni più folli della sua vita furono quelli passati in manicomio, se prima era tendente alla pazzia quando uscì dal manicomio era davvero fuori di testa.
Nei primi anni della sua reclusione pensò a Carlie notte e giorno, gli mancava, il suo sorriso, le sue labbra, il brivido delle rapine, ecc...

Nei primi tempi era serio, distaccato, non parlava con nessuno, col tempo si lasciò andare, non poteva avere contatti con l`esterno, ma il padre gli aveva detto che nessuno avrebbe sentito la sua mancanza, dopo qualche tempo lui sarebbe stato dimenticato da tutti, nessuno sarebbe andato a cercarlo.

Col tempo attirò brutte amicizie, cominciò a fare complotti agli infermieri e agli psichiatri e un giorno successe qualcosa di inaspettato, non la presero bene, e decisero di dargli una lezione, lo picchiarono e lo torturarono e prima di riportarlo nella sua stanza uno gli disse, "Adesso non ridi più eh bastardo? Spero che la lezione di sia stata d`aiuto a capire con chi puoi scherzare e con chi no."
Da quel giorno cominciò a ridere sempre senza freno, gli anni a seguire non furono affatto migliori, conobbe gente molto cattiva e si fece istruire da loro. Alla fine dopo quasi un secolo in cui è stato rinchiuso è riuscito a scappare, uscito da lì a cominciato a farsi chiamare il Joker, il nome che gli aveva dato suo padre gli faceva troppo ribrezzo per poterlo usare ancora.

Intraprese un giro di affari illegali e divenne il re della criminalità nel Nord, tutti cominciarono a conoscerlo come Joker, come copertura cominciò ad usare il trucco, si trucca la faccia da clown, in fondo gli si addice, ride sempre...
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0 | 0 Comments | by Onibugi | Aug 22nd 2016 03:48

Looking for someone

Hey guys if you replied to me in our rp and didn't get a reply back can you please message again because I don't know which message I lost but I did sorry
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18 | 1 Comment | by karkay | Aug 20th 2016 09:05

Another strange visitor.

•A detailed bio will come in the upcoming days, for now just some useful details for the RP•

√ Eastern, from tribe of the wild;
√ Orphaned by the Empire;
√ Spent some year in an orphanage if the Eastern Empire during the rule of the old Emperor;
√ Met and got tied to Cody as they we're in the same orphanage;
√ She got sold a couple of years before him and not to Sao;
√ Rather good martial artist;
√ Well trained with sword -katana-;
√ 16 years old;
√ Flees from most people since she has no intention to spend the next 5 years in another orphanage/temple/adoptive family;
√ She promised Cody she would protect him, thus as soon as she gotnfreed, she started to look for him;
√ Her katana is magic and get a empowered by blood;
√ Has a scar across her cheek-eye-forehead that she covers with the white mask;
√ Can be rather rude/Doesn't speak Common Language too well/Couldn't be more stubborn;
√ Can be even too clever for her own good.

Tatsu has been looking dor Shin -Cody- for over two years by now. She had to be careful to avoid to be taken and brought to some orphanage, since she is too young to live on her own. She knows how to survive, though. She was in Yin's tribe and learnt everything she needed before her village was attacked and her, along with the other youngs, were captured and taken to the Empire.

Eventually, she managed to find some clue about Shin, which led her to the North, where she learnt he was taken back by his northern father and then left with his brothers to another world, Arda.
It was easier to her to find the information than to come up with a way to teleport there, but she got lucky. As a matter of fact, when Jackil opened a portal to bring the children back to Nortrig, she was close enough to jump in, hoping the portal would lltake her to the right world and miraculously, it did.
She found herself near the ruins of Laketown, saw the corpse of Smaug and even picked up a scale from it that got torn off during the fall.

Obviously, she couldn't know where to find Shin, but let her instinct lead her and also some logic, seeing that the ruins on the other side of the lake we're clearly inhabited.
She walked around the lake and reached the other side, walking towards Dale and sneaking inside while Alfrid was on guard, before the arrival of the elves.
Ever since that moment, she started to search the whole place for Shin, just like that, despite it is totally obvious she doesn't belong there.
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2 | 52 Comments | by SulBang | Aug 20th 2016 07:28


A place of no magic save for a few rooms. Locked withing time and space. In the in-between of each universe. Thousands upon thousands of rooms, all with a carving on the door for each guardian's greatest and worse moments. There is no normal way of getting to this silent paradise only way is by creating a portal to the heart of this great building. There are no windows and technology won't survive. Welcome to the Sanctuary.
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1 | 7 Comments | by Guardian_of_Death | Aug 19th 2016 00:20

My Newest OC:

Name: Umiko Adashi
Age: 21
Height: 5'0
Gender: Female
Nationality: Japanese
Likes: Nature, the ocean, the arts.
Dislikes: Loud noises, thunder, being yelled at.
Strengths: Her kind personality, her sweet demeanor, and maternal instincts.
Weakness: Her quick caring nature, easily trusting someone.
Personality: She is a very caring, and sweet person. She is also a rather quiet person, and doesn't do well when people yell at her or are angry at her. Peace and tranquility is all she truly wishes for.
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2 | 0 Comments | by Izzabella_Schuyler | Aug 16th 2016 02:55

Sara Hartley

Name: Sara Hartley

Age 188 (appears to be 18 years old) (age can be adjusted

Origin birthplace: London

Current residence: North Dakota

Distinguishing marks: Tattoos on her chest,neck,arms,and legs.

Medical conditions: None

Likes: Friends, dancing, animals,cooking, honest people, candy

Dislikes:liars, abuse, fighting, stealing, pretending to be someone else

Current occupation: Bakery worker

Scent: Vanilla and Firewood

Since Sara was a child, she had been taken into a wealthy family and lived in the best part of London since then. She loved it out there, her parents had spoiled her at times, but she was placed into the best schools, all of which were paid for. As a teenager,She was given the chance to go to one of the best schools on a full ride scholarship,which she accepted. Now an adult,after the time in college, at a reunion party with her closest friends and her current boyfriend, she had been Attempting to dislodge a football from a tree in the park, only to have noticed the guests had fled upon noticing the supposed wolf now sitting there staring at her. She didn't have any time to react or fight back when the wolf charged her. After the wolf attacked her, she was left for certain death. If it hadn't been for her parents bringing her to the hospital she'd be done for. After being discharged from the hospital after staying for a month, she had been experiencing strange things after the wolf bit her. It was after a full moon occurred, she had realized she could turn into a werewolf at any given time,but it would leave her very tired in the end depending how long she stayed in her werewolf state. After hearing in the news about a wild animal roaming the streets and incidents of it attacking others, she had been panicking which made her relatives leave to think something happened to her. After they questioned her About what else happened that night, she refused to answer about it. The paranoia eventually got to her and lead to one night where she packed up everything she could and left to live in the United States without saying a word to anyone. For years now she has been struggling to live a normal life now in Louisiana for a few a years,before moving to North Dakota to start anew. She loves it out there, but wishes to eventually meet someone that will understand what she is and won't see her any different for it.

Ever since That day, she has been able to hide who she was while avoiding anyone who asked her about the day the attack happened to her. She still holds hope she can meet someone who would understand the issue she is facing and will be there for her as she tries to seek answers about what happened to her.
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2 | 0 Comments | by SunBunni | Aug 15th 2016 18:32

100 anni.

Imal è il Maia di Irmo, lui è intelligente, è assurdamente eccentrico e molto rapido nelle decisioni e nelle azioni.
Veste quasi sempre con colori vivaci per far vedere quanto sia un tipo allegro, è nella Terra di Mezzo da 100 anni ormai. Ha abbandonato Irmo perché ormai riteneva di non poter imparare più niente da lui. Quando ha espresso ad Irmo la sua volontà di lasciare Valinor lui ne è rimasto un po` deluso ma nel contempo ha accettato la sua decisione. Però prima che se ne andasse gli ha fatto delle raccomandazioni, "L`oscurità sembra sconfitta, ma ricordati che tanti come te si sono avventurati ignari del pericolo che correvano, e sono caduti nella sua tela. Devi fare attenzione a non farti ingannare da coloro che si sono ridotti a seguire quella strada.
Ricorda quello che ti raccontato e insegnato e usa il dono che ti ho dato per sfuggire agli artigli nell'oscurità, so che non mi deluderai Imal."
Quindi ha deciso che era ora che come altri Maia andasse alla scoperta della Terra di Mezzo a diffondere il suo sapere.
I primi che è andato a visitare sono stati i 5 stregoni, considerando che una volta come lui erano dei Maia che allontanatasi dal loro Valar erano alla scoperta della Terra di Mezzo.
Saruman gli è sembrato molto antiquato e noioso, e pensando che lui è il Maia di Irmo è tutto dire che lo ha trovato noioso xD. Si è congedato dopo poco tempo dicendo che era di fretta per fermarsi troppo a Isengard.
Gandalf al contempo gli è sembrato molto più rilassato, infatti gli ha fatto molte domande e gli ha chiesto molte cose sulla Terra di Mezzo e su quello che pensava della pace raggiunta, se per lui sarebbe stata duratura o se l'oscurità sarebbe mai tornata secondo il suo saggio parere... E sono diventati amici, Gandalf gli ha anche fatto provare l`erba pipa della contea ;-).
Radagast gli è rimasto molto simpatico, forse un po' troppo fissato con la natura e gli animali, ha pensato però all`avanguardia, gli ha dato molti consigli utili per vivere in un bosco e quale legno usare per costruirsi una capanna.
Con gli stregoni blu ha scambiato giusto due chiacchiere, solo per conoscerli perché Gandalf aveva già sedato la sua curiosità rispondendo a tutte le sue domande.
Nei cento anni in cui è stato nella Terra di Mezzo la ha girata in lungo e in largo, ha scelto un aspetto piuttosto semplice per passare inosservato ha visitato tutti i re della Terra di Mezzo, degli Elfi e degli uomini. Si è stabilito a Fangorn in un angolo della foresta dove Saruman non era uso incamminarsi, si è costruito un`umile dimora e vive di caccia e raccolto. Ha scelto Fangorn perché quella foresta gli ha stuzzicato interesse sin dalla prima volta che la ha vista, alberi viventi e tutto il resto...
Sempre ricorda Valinor e le parole di Irmo, lui immagina la disperazione dei suoi fratelli che si sono lasciati corrompere da Morgoth e sono passati nell'oscurità...
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