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(Dev Swada)
25 / Male / Single
Find Ne, North Carolina - United States
Hiya! Welcome to my page, interested in talking or starting an Rp with me just add me and we will see we’re things go.

I role play with anyone guy or girl. I do MxM, MxF, and MxNB. I’m into all genres if you have a plot Lemme know. If not sure we can think of one.

@YesU-My adorable son, wouldn’t trade him for anything.

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Latest Questions

Q. can we roleplay dear?
A. Yes of course ^_^
 Feb 13th 2023 12:43

Q. Welcome back!!
A. Thanks!
 Jan 27th 2022 21:09

Latest Comments

Hey! I hope we can rp again!!
Jul 7th 2022 15:30

Legs are definitely nice
Feb 9th 2022 19:56

Defo D*ck person, occasionally Ass. Sometimes thighs, depends really.
Feb 9th 2022 19:33

Just checking to see if we are still roleplaying
Jan 5th 2021 21:51