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✿ Ava ✿

✿Name✿ : Ava
✿Surname✿ : Nixia
✿Age✿ : 16
✿Birthday✿ : 3rd January
✿Zodiac✿ : Capricorn

✿Height✿ : 5'3"
✿Weight✿ : 61kg
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✿ Josie ✿

✿Name✿ : Josie
✿Surname✿ : Kotoroki
✿Age✿ : 16
✿Birthday✿ : 3rd January
✿Zodiac✿ : Capricorn

✿Height✿ : 5'3"
✿Weight✿ : 61kg
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Alexander St.Cloud

Name:Alexander Thomas St.Cloud
Alias: Prince Alexander
Nickname(s): Xander, Alex
Age: 26
Birthday: June 22
Relationship Status: Falling in love
Partner: Piper Salvatore (@RecklessRoyalty)

Mother: Cynthia St.Cloud
Father: Richard St.Cloud
-Mystic St.Cloud (Younger sister)
-Jeremy St.Cloud (Younger Brother)
-Liliac St.Cloud (Younger sister)
-Cassandra St.Cloud (Youngest sister)

Species: Elementalist/Witch
Powers/ Abilities:
Fire Manipulation

Likes: Parties, Girls, his family, chocolate, and anything black.

Dislikes: Having to take on the kingdom, anyone threatening his family, and his namesake.

Fears: He won't be a good ruler, someone will take away his family, death, and losing Piper.

"I may not want this crown, but now I know I'm the only one whose meant for it and I will take on that challenge. If only to protect my namesake."
~ Alex to his father

"I'm picking my own bride, I found her. I know her it's just the aspect of getting you to accept her."
~Alexander about Piper.

Alexander was the first child of the queen and king in the elemental kingdom, be was the matter of true love and he was their first baby. The king and queen raised their son to be happy and free, they also raised him to have an open mind and respect everything. Alexander was a brave boy, but timid when it came to his abilities to manipulate fire. He was overly protected of all of his siblings, but he never truly got the freedom he needed. He was always looked upon, always watched no matter what he did people were always judging.

So, he traveled between realms moving to earth and taking his place trying to blend in to hopefully find a wife. Though, he found himself partying, for months that was all he did until he met Piper Salvatore, now he's found his girl and he plans on marrying her.
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Sonic Speedster

He's just like Sonic the hedgehog, but more of a human form.
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Personal Information

Name: Lorenzo Pierce
Sex: Male

Orientation/Sexual preference: Bi-sexual


Height: 6ft 2
Weight: 67kg
Eye colour: Hazel
Contacts (if any): N/A

Body build (slim, muscular, etc.): Athlete (Slender)
Hair colour: Black
Tattoos: Double strip on his right arm just an inch below the elbow.
Species: Human
Status: Alive

Marital status and Occupation

Marital status (Single, married, dating, etc.): Single

Occupation: Professional photographer and art director


Enzo grew up in a middle-class family with his other siblings who looked after him and vice versa. Unlike them, he was different. Especially his personality. He understood his obligations very well and how to perform them. How his actions will affect the other's life as well. Where others failed to see a point in discussions or a problem or anything, he was able to grasp it because of his observative skills. No wonder they loved him so much. However, at the same time, he was kind of a spoiled brat. Maybe not financially but from affection and love, it was certain!

From a very young age, the boy started to show off his interest in drawing. First, he started with the cartoon characters and then it moved to anime and later by the time of high school, he was already creating realistic sketches. He possessed a natural talent in it.

When it comes to his teenage, it was a little bit difficult. First love, first heartbreak. Because of it, he suffered from depression. But thanks to his close friends and family who supported him, he was able to step out of that stage quickly. He recovered and further improvised in the academics and P.E -wherever he was left behind. It was during the senior year of high school when he grew an interest in photography. He loved to catch his favourite moments in a picture so that he could rejoice them later in his life. And that's what made him seek his career as a professional photographer. He grabbed his graduation degree in media and communication plus photography as the major. (Will be updated with time)

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