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[Character] River

Name: River Styx
Nickname(s): River, Styx, Charon
Age: He has existed since the dawn of time. But he's 19 physically and mostly mentally.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Hates his job. Does it because he has it to. He's a joker and enjoys cynical humor. Don't piss him off. He don't like that.

Eye color: Vantablack
Hair color: Black

—Special Info—
Likes: Chilling out in the underworld
Dislikes: Collecting souls

—Extra information—
Voice reference: N/A
Appearance: See image
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1 | 0 Comments | by To4oo4 | 16 hours ago

A U A - Z


~ A

• Accidental Marriage AU
• Actor AU
• Alien AU
• Amnesia AU
• Android AU
• Angel / Demon AU
• Animal AU
• Apocalypse AU
• Arranged Marriage AU
• Artist AU
• Art Student AU
• Assassin AU
• Author AU

~ B

• Babysitter AU
• Bakery AU
• Ballet AU
• Bartender AU
• Blind Date AU
• Bodyguard AU
• Book Store AU
• Bounty Hunter AU
• Brothel AU

~ C

• Camp Counselor AU
• Camping AU
• Carnival AU
• Castaway AU
• Celebrity AU
• CEO / Boss AU
• Circus AU
• Club AU
• Coffee Shop AU
• College AU
• Choreographer AU
• Co-worker AU
• Criminal AU
• Cult AU
• Cyborg AU

~ D

• Dancer AU
• Dead / Death AU
• Deaf AU
• Demigod AU
• Demon Hunter AU
• Detective AU
• Doctor AU
• Domestic AU
• Dragon AU
• Drama Class AU

~ E

• Enemies AU
• Ex / Ex-lover AU

~ F

• Fairy AU
• Fake Dating / Engagement / Marriage AU
• Fashion / Fashion Designer AU
• Fugitive AU

~ G

• Gang AU
• Gardener / Gardening AU
• Ghost AU

~ H

• Hairstylist AU
• Haunted House AU
• Hero / Villain AU
• High School AU
• High School Reunion AU
• Historical AU
• Horror AU
• Hospital AU
• Hunger Games AU

~ I

• Immortal AU

~ J

• Judge AU
• Jury Duty AU

~ K

• Kidnapped / Kidnapper AU

~ L

• Lawyer AU
• Library AU
• Lifeguard AU

~ M

• Mafia AU
• Magic / Magician AU
• Marriage AU
• Medieval AU
• Mermaid AU
• Military AU
• Model AU
• Monster / Monster Hunter / Monster Tamer AU
• Murder Mystery AU

~ N

• Neighbor AU
• Nurse AU

~ O

• Office AU
• Officer ( Police ) AU

~ P

• Parallel Universe AU
• Paranormal / Paranormal Investigator AU
• Photographer AU
• Pirates AU
• Podcast AU
• Prisoner AU
• Prostitute AU

~ Q

• N/A

~ R

• Resurrection AU
• Road Trip AU
• Room-mate AU
• Rival AU
• Royalty AU

~ S

• Serial Killer AU
• Servant AU
• Sick AU
• Single Parent AU
• Soulmate AU
• Spy AU
• Stalker AU
• Street Racing AU
• Stripper AU
• Student AU
• Survival AU

~ T

• Tattoo Artist / Tattoo Shop AU
• Teacher AU
• Thief AU
• Time Travel AU

~ U

• Undead AU
• Undercover Cop AU

~ V

• Vacation AU
• Vampire / Vampire Hunter AU
• Veterinarian AU

~ W

• Waiter AU
• War AU
• Werewolf AU
• Wild West AU
• Witch / Wizard AU

~ Y

• Yandere AU
• Youtubers AU

~ Z

• Zookeepers AU
• Zombie Hunters / Zombies AU

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Just a list of things i like... May actually do something better when i got something going.

Dark Tony (Not specific really) ;Although one of those ideas is just tony taking over the world like, he'd do it and i doubt anyone would notice if he put his actual mind to it.;
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0 | 0 Comments | by ShellHead | 17 hours ago

Basic Rules

Rules can and most likely be updated every now and then.
I will also give the benefit of the doubt (don't waste it.) that the lot of you know the general rules, if not we're going to in for a long night and i ain't for it.

I'm a, a slow bugger that may need a reminder every now and then. Not once a week tho thanks. I also have blogs on tumblr, facebook and spend time reading more than most. And yes, i have a life outside of social media.

Right these things are definitely on the avoid at all costs. Those being in the general rape, abuse etc. (Look i'm still not sure what they all are so)

Firstly, this stuff needs to be discussed, whether in the middle ofthe rp or before. I don't care, we need to discuss it before hand.
Secondly, I don't rp sex/smut whatever the case may be. No excuses, I'm not into it it's come to the point of uncomfortable for me.
I am 100% into angst and cuddles. WHICH NON OF YOU ARE OFFERING.

The Mun;
Is not the muse, I am a sarcastic a**hole. If we do become friends I'm probably going to be more of an ass, my humour (Some of you take things way too seriously with me.) tends to be something 'apparently' something few people get. *isn't mentioning certain people.* Yes, I'm male, call me puppy and i'm old enough thanks. Tony is the muse.

The Muse;
He's fickle. (as is the mun sad to say) i don't technically agree with eveyrthing he does, he's a lovely smart idiot. But an idiot non the less.

Social Sites;
Like i said before i'm on other social media sites and if anyone wants to know my discord, tumblr (personal or rp one), facebook, twitter or like snapchat which i'm not always on. Just message me.
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0 | 0 Comments | by ShellHead | 17 hours ago

Intro to B-138 (Yuki)

Name: B-138 (Yuki; adopted from his creator)
Age: Indeterminate
Gender: Visibly male (parts and such)
Birthday: No written record on creation date
Race: None specifically
Species: Cyborg rabbit (artificial intelligence)
Sexuality: Pansexual
One word summary: Inquisitive
Origin: Built in secret by scientist and artificial intelligence specialist Dr. Yuki Hanase and given the code name of B-138, the spirited AI was left an abandoned project after the untimely death of his creator. He was meant to be a weapon and a guardian, and after going through years of a power cycle he emerged, taking on the surname 'Yuki'.
(Art by me)
Plot and backstory may change based on RP.
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0 | 0 Comments | by SketchQuest | 17 hours ago