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28 / Male / Single
Bite me, nope - United States
Yes it's me, I know I'm an idiot. Yes I knew I screwed up. I know. I'm here to kill what ever free time I do have now. I'm pretty much done woth streaming, I have no desire to do it anymore. I guess let's rp or something.

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Me:*mentally drained and tired*

Everyone: "your lazy, you don't put effort in"

Me: "yeah, sorry about that. I'll try and be better"
3  3 hours ago

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Ophelia asked the question
Q. Matching pfps...
that's cute...
A. Tha k you, we thought so as well :)
 May 13th 2022 08:15

Ophelia asked the question
Q. Our family tree is wayyyyyy too confusing-
A. I agree, its more of a bush.
 Apr 27th 2022 22:46

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All yours~ <3

But... Mine~!
May 5th 2022 18:29

Shall we count the ways I love you?
Fridge Daddy
Refrigerator Father
And those are just the ones I can post here without giving away your real name
Apr 28th 2022 23:57

etfru6yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyg b
Apr 10th 2022 10:26

Apr 10th 2022 09:01