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119 / Female / Single and Looking
Curving center, - Trickery Realm - Sweden
Hey there! I'm Trickstress, and I play a variety of OCs. I can do both FxF and FxM (I only play female characters, sorry!), I'm fine with doing things like kinks and other stuff like that, though I have to add that for an actual s** scene I need to trust you and RP with you for a while first.

For romance I prefer playing a more shy and sub character with a hard shell, though I'm pretty flexible in my sub/dom role so I can always switch.

Huge video game nerd with a love for Monster Hunter and Super Smash bros!

Dominant femboys are double-welcome ;)

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Latest Status

Ima nap, see you loves later
4  Apr 20th 2024 18:23

Latest Questions

Q. Surely it's past your bedtime~ fufufu
A. M-maybeeeeeeeeee <3
 Apr 20th 2024 17:58

Q. *Sips tea again* So you really like show off your big behind, huh?
A. Maybe I do, maybe I do not. Can I have some tea? I'd love to have some aswell.
 Apr 16th 2024 09:58

Latest Comments

Ladies n Gentlemen.. we gottem!
Apr 20th 2024 18:25

Yes, that's what I've been saying! It's so damn creepy... my condolences. I hope he goes away soon.
Apr 19th 2024 17:34

You deserve to be compared to me dear, you're an incredibly talented writer~

I'll be sure to help you all out and keep you safe~
Apr 18th 2024 12:59

You're so sweet! I'm honored to be your writing buddy~! ♡
Apr 16th 2024 18:31