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( ♚◞basic information )
♚◞full name◟ Maddox Florian Hoppe
♚◞birth name◟ Maddox Florian Hoppe
♚◞nickname◟ Maddie
♚◞gender◟ Male
♚◞age◟ 27
♚◞birthday◟ N/A
♚◞sex orientation◟ N/A
♚◞ethnicity◟ Caucasian/Polish
♚◞species◟ Human
♚◞face claim◟ Young Ralph Fiennes

( ♚◞personal information )
♚◞five positive adjectives◟ Inquisitive, Kind, Dedicated, Hard-working, Polite

♚◞five negative adjectives◟ Forgetful, Passive-aggressive, Too-focused, Careless, Free-Speech Activist

♚◞song◟ Rise Against — Hero of War

♚◞quote #O1◟ "I can't live without you. The thought of being without you kills me. Do you love me? Do you /love/ me?"

♚◞quote #O2◟ "I said I was sorry about the name calling. It was very impolite, I know, but in principle I was absolutely right."

♚◞quote #O3◟ "You'd like to run away wouldn't you? Catch a train get out of this country. But you can't. You're trapped. There is no train. Oh clever, clever you..."

♚◞quote #O4◟ "Let him grow up, Regan. Quit fighting the inevitable. For Christ's sake, Jeremy's nearly a man."

( ♚◞likes)
♚◞ like #O1◟Writing
♚◞ like #O2◟Drawing
♚◞ like #O3◟History

( ♚◞dislikes)
♚◞ dislike #O1◟War
♚◞ dislike #O2◟Politics
♚◞ dislike #O3◟Useless Death

( ♚◞habits)
♚◞ habit #O1◟Apologizing
♚◞ habit #O2◟Losing himself to the arts
♚◞ habit #O3◟Smoking cigars

( ♚◞history)
♚◞ birth◟ Maddox was born to single mother, Ada Hoppe in East Poland. His father left before he was born.

♚◞ adolescence◟ During the depression that swept through Europe post-world war one, Maddox and his mother struggled for necessities. The two were often forced to beg on the streets for anything; and were eventually evicted from their home.

Maddox rarely went to school as it was either too much effort or he was too sick to go. When world war 2 struck, Maddox was among the first to enlist. His first attempt was denied because of his failing health. On his second attempt, he was allowed to fight. He only served for two tours before being honourably dismissed with a purple heart. He lost two fingers on his right hand from a stray bullet. (Pinkie and ring finger).

♚◞ adulthood◟ During a gruesome recovery, Maddox began to write the stories of the other recoverees. By the time his hand was healed enough for him to leave the hospital, he had written, drawn, and filled 3 separate journals.

By accident, someone found his journals and spurred Maddox to get them published. He did and attracted attention of many people.

♚◞ now◟ It was no surprise when someone offered to fund a project where he returned to the battlefield to record the accounts of the war as he saw fit. He reluctantly agreed.

( ♚◞relations)
♚◞mother◟ Ada Hoppe— alive

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charles ◕ pembrook

( ♚◞basic information )
♚◞full name◟ Charles Arthur Pembrook
♚◞birth name◟ Charles Arthur Pembrook
♚◞nickname◟ Charlie, Mr. Pembrook
♚◞gender◟ Male
♚◞age◟ 33
♚◞birthday◟ N/A
♚◞sex orientation◟ N/A
♚◞ethnicity◟ Caucasian/British
♚◞species◟ Human
♚◞face claim◟ Tom Hiddleston

( ♚◞personal information )
♚◞five positive adjectives◟ Consistent, Logical, Ambitious, Impartial, Passionate

♚◞five negative adjectives◟ Callous, Cynical, Domineering, Materialistic, Overcritical

♚◞song◟ Mumford & Sons — Broken Crown

♚◞quote #O1◟ "My loyalty to my friends is how I measure myself."

♚◞quote #O2◟ "Sometimes to achieve greatness, you do, you have to cut off a little piece of yourself no matter how much it hurts, in order to grow, in order to move on. It takes courage and I admire that. "

♚◞quote #O3◟ "I was a victim of a series of accidents, as are we all.”

♚◞quote #O4◟ //His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.//

♚◞quote #O5◟ //He watched and recorded their subversive activites with love, amusement, and detachment.//

( ♚◞likes)
♚◞ like #O1◟Calculating
♚◞ like #O2◟Overthinking
♚◞ like #O3◟Control

( ♚◞dislikes)
♚◞ dislike #O1◟Arrogance
♚◞ dislike #O2◟Singular Displays of Power
♚◞ dislike #O3◟Mass Hysteria

( ♚◞habits)
♚◞ habit #O1◟Smoking
♚◞ habit #O2◟Turning himself 'off'
♚◞ habit #O3◟Cracking Knuckles

( ♚◞history)
♚◞ birth◟ Born the third son of Adelaide and Howard Pembrook, Charles had a fairly normal childhood as per the time in which he lived. Completely unaware of the Pembrook family criminal gang.

♚◞ adolescence◟ At the age of 8, he was brought into the family occupation; first as a runner. His brothers were both very involved in the ongoings and harsher crimes of their family. At 15, WW1 broke out and his brothers were both conscripted. At 16, Charles also joined the army of his own coalition.

♚◞ adulthood◟ During the Battle of Verdun and the Battle of Somme, both his brothers were killed. His own actions at Mons reportedly saved thousands of allied lives, for which he received medals of honour after the War, including the Military Medal and the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

His experiences during and after the First World War have left him disillusioned and determined to move his family up in the world.

While he was enlisted, his father was killed by a rival gang. With no patriarch to lead the gang or the family, the Pembrook wave broke down. When Charles returned to his home, he was left with the scraps of his to pick up and put back together. His mother killed herself 3 months later.

♚◞ now◟ Charles is continually pushing and thriving to put the Pembrook gang back on top; after its horrible crumble during the war.

( ♚◞relations)
♚◞ mother◟ Adelaide Murphy — deceased — suicide
♚◞ father◟ Howard Pembrook — deceased — homicide
♚◞ brother◟ Daniel Pembrook — deceased — KIA
♚◞brother◟ James Pembrook — deceased — KIA
♚◞best friend◟ Mickey Hudson — alive

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Hunter Stevens

((Art not mine and it came from Pintrest))

"Dont worry Lucas.. As your manager and lover... I will be there for you best I can"

|General Info|


•Hunter Stevens•






•170 pounds•


•Sempter 16th 2003•





~Blood Type~

•AB Negative•

~Relationship Status~

•Taken by Lucas Silverson•


[•Hunter seems to have a very caring personality, but he also seems to fall into depression, but he tries to be happy around others just so he doesnt make anyone else sad or upset. Lucas also seems to have a very emotional personality as well. Not only that, but Hunter can get really nervous and shy to the point where he will end up throwing up and also pacing around•



|Family Info|









~Other Family Relations~


|Health Info|





~Drink Alcohol?~


~Does Drugs?~


|Like and Dislike Info|


•Hanging around Lucas•


•When he worries about Lucas•
•When Lucas has his acts•

|History (Backstory on his/her life)|

•Hunters mother died after she gave birth to him which lead his father into very heavy drinking, but him still taking care of Hunter. Of course with Hunters father heavily drinking, the father abused Hunter and blamed his mother dying because of him. Hunter put up with this abuse and rape for 3 years. From 7 to 9 years old. He eventually got fed up with it and he killed his father by using a gun, pointing it to his head and pulling the trigger. When the trigger was pulled, Hunter made the shot and his father dropped to the floor and died instantally. The police had heard the gun shot and sirens started to flare and Hunter knew he needed to make a run for it, but he wasnt fast enough. When he went outside, police were surrounding the house. Hunter was put into handcuffs and was taken to jail. He was sentenced to life in prison, but he escaped shortly after he was put into his cell, but surprisingly it was an easy escape for him. He went back to his house to pack all good things and went to a near by orphanage. The orphanage owner treated him nicely and gave him a room to sleep in. Hunter was at the orphanage for atleast 5 years until he decided to open up his own restaurant, but before he could, he needed to earn money. He decided to work at a maid cafe until he had enough money to put up his own restaurant and that took him about 4 years. Once the 4 years were up, he had the restaurant built and was ablr to finally work there. The restaurant was where he ended up meeting Lucas and Lucas told Hunter that he had alzheimers and Hunter took note of that and made sure to check up on him now and then. One time when he did, he noticed a customer was yelling at him and told him that Lucas had alzheimers and the customer calmed down and was given his food and Hunter let Lucas go early that day, but when Lucas came back, he attempted suicide infront of everyone and Hunter was shocked by that and made sure he helped right away. Ever since that day, Hunter made sure to stay by Lucas' side 24/7, especially since he is Lucas' boyfriend and wanted to do the best for him even though he couldnt give Lucas all that he needed, but he knew trying was good enough and he wouldnt stop. Although Lucas may of been Hunter's main focus, Hunter also had some problems of his own to deal with, like his depression. When his dad abused and raped him, that made him slip into depression, but he had never really showed it until now and he knew that was bad and that faking happy wouldnt work forever. One day when Hunter had time to himself, he ended up shooting himself in the head and that warned Lucas. Once Lucas heard that gun shot he came running over to Hunter and tried to stop the bleeding and called an abulance. Once the ambulance came, they took him away and put a medical bandage on his head, trying to keep his breathing stable and trying to keep blood inside. Once they got to the hospital, Hunter seemed to be in a stable condition, but they couldnt remove the bullet due to chances of it killing Hunter. Once Hunter woke up, the doctors told him that the bullet round be stuck in his head and that he must keep a medical bandage wrapped around his head due to the wound still being able to bleed. They said he must change it every 2 hours every day. When Hunter was released, he took a week off work. He needed to relax and have some time to himself, but once he was ready to work again, he seemed happy to do so, but just like Lucas, he took it fairly easy and tried not to rush himself. It was better off with Hunter not rushing and with him taking it easy so that he was able to cope with keeping himself on a stable level•



|Conversation Info|



~Made up words?~


~Made up language~


~What other languages can him/her speak (If they can speak another language)~

•He can speak English only•

|Habits Info|


"Lucas... Your okay.. Just calm down.. Please... Your fine. Im here to help... I promise"
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henry ⚫ thomspon

( ♚◞basic information )
♚◞full name◟ Henry William Thompson
♚◞birth name◟ Michael Douglas Roy O’Keeffe-Daly
♚◞nickname◟ Dr. Thompson
♚◞gender◟ Male
♚◞age◟ 58
♚◞birthday◟ August 3rd, 1960 — Leo
♚◞sex orientation◟ N/A
♚◞ethnicity◟ Caucasian — Irish
♚◞species◟ Human
♚◞face claim◟ T.R. Pescod

( ♚◞personal information )
♚◞five positive adjectives◟ Goal Oriented, Intelligent, Perceptive, Sleek, Prompt

♚◞five negative adjectives◟ Hot-tempered, Narrow-minded,
Violent, Possessive, Unstable.

♚◞song◟ Trust me - The Devil's Carnival

♚◞quote #O1◟ "In Order to know virtue, we must first acquaint ourselves with vice. Only then can we know the true measure of a man.”

♚◞quote #O2◟ "Are your convictions so fragile they cannot stand in opposition of mine? Is your god so flimsy, so weak! For shame."

♚◞quote #O3◟ "Why should I love God? He strung his only son like a side of veal. I shudder to think what he'd do to me."

♚◞quote #O4◟ "I have known the great, eternal truths that bind together all mankind. The whole world over, we eat, we sh*t, we f***, we kill and we die."

♚◞quote #O5◟ "You prefer a book to your lover's company? Well no wonder, I'm only flesh and blood—that's no match for the printed page!"

♚◞quote #O6◟ "Then bugger me! Goddamn you, Ira. Have you no true sense of my condition? Of its gravity? It is involuntary, like the beating of my heart. My constant erection!"

( ♚◞likes)
♚◞ like #O1◟Control
♚◞ like #O2◟Punctuality
♚◞ like #O3◟Obedience

( ♚◞dislikes)
♚◞ dislike #O1◟Religion
♚◞ dislike #O2◟Silence
♚◞ dislike #O3◟Indirection

( ♚◞habits)
♚◞ habit #O1◟Strict Time Management (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
♚◞ habit #O2◟Scratching (objects or himself)
♚◞ habit #O3◟Teeth grinding

( ♚◞history)
♚◞ birth◟ Third born to Cathleen O'Keeffe-Daly and her father Roy O'Keefe. Michael knew Douglas Daly, the local clergyman, to be his birth father, while in actuality, he married into an incestuous family.
♚◞ adolescence◟ Michael and his siblings were all homeschooled. They were deeply religious; believing their bloodline to be Holy and pure due to their devotion to their Lord. All three children were brutally punished if they stepped out of line. When Michael was eight years old, his eldest sister threatened to run away. In front of the entire family, she was beaten and later succumbed to her injuries. The family claimed it was God’s ultimate decision to send Erin to the fire-y depths of Hell. Not that it mattered if the rule was put in place or not; the two children knew only each other. Their family refused any outside contact; saying that it tainted their blood and the purity of their minds.

When Michael turned nine, his only other sister, became pregnant with their true-father's child. After three months, she killed herself. She was thirteen. He found her body hanging from the rafters in their barn. He immediately took to hiding the body. He was caught in the act of burying her and was thought to have killed her in a jealous rage because he could not share his father's physical love the same way Shannon could. The punishment that ensued left Michael's skin torn and ripped and burned; his jaw dislocated and splintered from what could only be described as 'forced entry'. Michael, to this day, has a metal plate in his jaw from the act and adorns scars on about 40% of his body.

After this, Michael promised to be the 'perfect son' and it was only until he turned sixteen that he was found killing small animals. When his father came at him to beat him again; Michael retaliated. Then the rest of his family felt the hand of judgment upon them.

Once this was all over and done with, Michael left the family's land and never looked back. Luckily, their family lived in a very small town that barely knew of their existence as they were an introverted group. He lived on the streets for a month before deciding to change his name to Henry William Thompson and joining the military in 1976 to aid in The Troubles; but was honourably discharged in 1978 after a stray bullet carved it’s way through his abdomen.

It was only until 2 years later than anyone even noticed the O'Keeffe-Daly family were dead and by that time Henry was across the country and no lines of speculation were brought to him. He was known as Henry Thompson; with no living connection to the O’Keeffe-Dalys.

♚◞ adulthood◟ Immediately following his recovery, Henry enrolled in the School of Psychology in Dublin, funded partly by the Government for his service. Henry met Siobhán Murray in his second year and married her within the semester. He found her very docile and easily manipulated into doing things or keeping her silence about them. She never questioned his past; nor did he bring it up. He never involved her in his dark tendencies, but he suspected she knew. When their daughter was born, Henry found his obsession falling to the young child. Siobhán threatened to leave him, which spurred Henry’s possessiveness to flair.

That same night, Henry was able to persuade Siobhán to stay one more night then she would be free to leave in the morning. The moment she fell asleep, he began to pump their home with carbon monoxide to kill them all in one final hurrah. But as his lungs filled with the toxic gas, he realized he had no interest in dying. The authorities claimed the death of the woman and child were accidental, as Henry had only /just/ survived; and his no man would put himself in danger or consciously do such a dreadful thing.

♚◞ now◟ Henry has since left Ireland and come to America to continue his ever-growing field of work. He is the Head Psychiatrist of a major hospital. He has evaded authorities through sheer brilliance and precision of work. He battles with the scars left from his childhood more often than he would care to admit.

( ♚◞relations)
♚◞ mother◟ Cathleen O'Keeffe-Daly — deceased — homicide
♚◞ father◟ Roy O'Keeffe — deceased — homicide
♚◞ grandfather◟Roy O'Keeffe — deceased — homicide
♚◞ stepfather◟ Douglas Daly — deceased — homicide
♚◞ sister◟ Erin Daly — deceased — homicide
♚◞ sister◟Shannon Daly — deceased — suicide
♚◞ ex-wife◟ Siobhán Murray-Thompson — deceased — apparent accident
♚◞ daughter◟ Eileen Thompson — deceased — apparent accident

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✦ Character Directory ✦

Aila Vossen ➳

Amélie Bennett ➳

Aster Musser ➳

Chrysanthemum Light ➳

Dylan Turner ➳

Estelle Graves ➳

Kennedy Dessen ➳

Rhea Adair ➳

Riley Evans ➳

Yvette Petrov ➳
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