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67 / Male / Its Complicated
Liyue, China
To cleanse the land and to defend our safe harbour was the first contract in Liyue and now the final contract too has been set in stone...

Once Rex Lapis said "Ones who break their contracts, will suffer the Wrath of the Rock".

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''I fear this turned out to be even better than my own spear, WooPil. Mine doesn't have a light...''
Mood: animated
1  Sep 20th 2023 15:49

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Maybe it's better if you don't bring your son with you when you look for a potential company for the night.
Sep 7th 2023 15:45

My friend, you risk to make people horny this way…
Sep 7th 2023 15:19

What happened in Khaenri'ah.
Jun 16th 2023 16:18

*He tells to Rex Lapis in prayer how the boss he had a verbal contract with didn't respect the terms*
May 29th 2023 15:37

Courtesy name Rex Lapis?? I demand you change it this instant! It's blasphemy!
May 22nd 2023 16:27

Here, dear child. Have some freshly baked cookies, they are still warm! *Cookies contain detailed instructions on how to unseal Osial*
May 20th 2023 18:27

Just because I didn't hurt you so far, it doesn't mean I won't, later!!!
Apr 13th 2023 16:14