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(Sega Dreamcast)
26 / Male / In Like
Mobius, Japan
Sonic is the fastest hedgehog in the world, and he can easily break the wall of sound to pieces, simply by running. He hasn't a fixed house, and he's always traveling around the world, looking for adventures. He's always ready to aid his friends, but he's got an impulsive and stubborn temperament, which often brings him to fall into troubles. Sonic is a hero admired by everyone, who always manage to spoil the plots of his eternal enemy, Doc. Robotnik.

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Thank you thank you thank you ^.^ =P I need to make an edit for us XD though you may have to deal with being a human and blue
Dec 11th 2017 11:10

I am very well thank you for asking ^.^ I was so obsessed as a kid like I ate chili cheese dogs for like half a year lol
Dec 11th 2017 10:55

// Sonic is like my main sonic character ❤️ He is the best how are you doing today
Dec 11th 2017 08:33