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An una-VOID-able meeting

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Potato doesn't answer immediately. Her gaze is on the door, more specifically, it's on her mask. There's been no change to the mask since it was placed there, the symbol on it continuing to shift an change every few seconds. She seems relieved by this.*


*Turning her head to look back at Fiji, the chaos-bound deity nods.*

Potato:...Okay. Just... If it's really bad....

*Potato trails off, not certain how to finish that sentence.


*Sighing quietly, Gaster nods, recalling the ordeal with William.

Gaster:I... I know it isn't, but it's one of the only safe places right now. Things.... Things will get better in the future. One way or another things will get better, even if it doesn't seem like it right now.

*Gaster falls silent for a moment, glancing back into his room with a frown before turning to face Grell and Tom again.

Gaster:Is there.... Anything I could grab for either of you? To keep entertained? Or... Are you hungry? Thirsty?


*Captain seems tense. Not from Sheep's revelation.... Well, perhaps partially from that, but also from admitting his past deeds to the Monster that is his father. At least.... The Monster he believes is his father.


*Captain eventually sits down, but his posture is rigid. Awkward, even. He manages to speak, after a moment.

Captain:......I.... I Highly Doubt That You Are The Reason That Our World Turned Out The Way It Did. No Matter What Your Past Profession Was.


*Coco shrinks away from a nearby skull and Cross is immediately on guard at the change. The specter and skeleton's hands itch to summon a weapon. A bone attack. Anything to feel even a tiny bit more secure than they are now. This place.... Right now, it feels like a trap about to snap down an all of them.

Cross:Sage. I don't think this is the best place to look...!


Nightmare:You heard me.

Night:I-Is there any way to fix it?!


Night:N.... Nightmare? Th-There's a way to fix it... R-Right?


Night:R.... Right?

*Nightmare's continued silence make's Night's metaphorical heart drop. The small skeleton begins to tremble, not noticing or caring that the room around him is starting to spin as he panics. It's only when a migraine (the equivalent of being physically slapped) hits him out of nowhere does he finally breathe.

Nightmare:-the, Night! Just breathe!

Night:Wh..... What?

Nightmare:You were shutting down. Just focus on breathing right now. Slow breaths. Just listen to me....

*It takes a few minutes, but after a few deep breaths, along with Nightmare counting down between each intake, Night is calm enough to continue.

Night:How.... How did you get Dream out before...?

Nightmare:I didn't. He got himself out.... Though it took a few centuries.


Nightmare:What did I say about breathing?


Nightmare:Panicking right now won't help, little prince. As much as I enjoy negativity... I wouldn't recommend creating any more than necessary right now. With the balance being shifted... It'll only make things harder, as much as I hate to admit.

Night:Is... Is there any way we can at least reach Dream?

Nightmare:....maybe. I'd have to test a few things at least. If he's stone once more.... He may be dreaming.


Nightmare:As I said, I need to check. For right now, little prince, you need to breathe. Focus on...

*Nightmare groans slightly.

Nightmare:I can't believe I'm saying this.... You need to focus on what's positive. Happy memories and garbage like that.

*Night stares blankly ahead for a moment, processing Nightmare's words. After a minute, he quietly snorts.

Night:"H... Happy memories and garbage like that"...?



*Fell only shakes his head, watching Ink for a second before letting out a tired sigh. He doesn't seem angry, just mildly annoyed. Has he.... Dealt with something like this before?


*Fell's blaster looks between Ink's retreating form and Fell. They seem confused that their summoner hasn't sent them after the trio, but that confusion suddenly melts away into realization when a red aura surrounds the area around Fell.

*The blaster moves behind Alesa when thin red tendrils of pure magic rise and shoot after Ink, Crystal, and the anomaly. Quicker than Alesa or Ink can blink, the red tendrils have wrapped around Ink, Crystal, and the anomaly. The three are pulled away from each other and instead pulled toward Fell. Crystal and the anomaly are held up higher than Ink for... Some reason. The grip of the attack isn't tight enough to be painful, but just enough to be secure. Like a seatbelt.


*....don't you want to get into some mischief? Maybe mess with some of the humans and monsters around here?

*If not.... I could try to rope that other crobbit into helping...

*Despite Geno's enthusiasm, along with the promise of free food, Horror seems hesitant. For someone who has presumably been ripped from existence, Robin is taking it... Well? If he snaps from the stress.... Horror isn't sure he wants to be nearby.


*Eye-light darting between Robin, the door, and Geno, Horror eventually nods. It wouldn't be fair to leave this new monster to try and figure everything out alone.

Horror:.......alright. Just... Leave the door open.

Dec 1st 2021 19:42

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Heart stares at Dizzy for a moment, confusion and suspicion clear on her expression. She opens her mouth, a question on the tip of her tongue, before quickly closing it. At this point, this early in the day, she probably doesn't want to know. If only for her own peace of mind.*


*Shaking her head, Heart looks back at her phone, scrolling through the recommended articles section with disinterest.*


*Solar looks back at Dizzy.* Is anypony else going to show up???

*Solar looks confused, occasionally looking over at Stripes. The zebra seems preoccupied with signing a receipt, not noticing the pegasus's gaze.*

Nov 25th 2021 18:12

An una-VOID-able meeting

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Potato tenses at the contact at first, her remaining eye widening slightly, before forces herself to relax. It's safe here. Fiji is a doctor, he's not going to hurt her. It's safe. It's safe. It's.... safe.... Right?*


*She already feels raw, exposed even, from showing her scars and talking about... About them. She doesn't trust herself to speak, afraid of saying any more than she should, so at this point all she can do is nod.*

*Gaster glances between Tom and Grell, but nods anyway, moving aside so the two can enter. Behind him, the disembodied hands he summoned earlier are picking up and moving the books he had scattered across his room.

Gaster:Of course. It's no trouble.

*Gaster glances at Grell, eye-lights flicking to the IV for a moment.

Gaster:Grell. Do you need help moving...that?


*Captain stares at Sheep in surprise before looking away in shame.

Captain:I Didn't Know He Was A Child... None Of Us Did.

*Captain pauses, suddenly looking ill. He recalls Error's... Reluctance to battle Scout.

Captain:At Least... I Don't Think Any Of Us Did. I Don't Know How Long Ink Had Scout On His Team, Only That The Star Sanses Would Show Up And Attack Us. Error Seemed Familiar With Them Whenever They Would Appear, As Did Nightmare And Fresh. It Didn't Help That Ink Wanted Us.... Dead. He Almost Succeeded A Few Times, Actually.

*Captain clenches his fists, staring at the space acting as the ground in the VOID.

Captain:In The Arenas, It Didn't Matter If Your Opponent Was A Child Or Not. It Didn't Matter If You Knew Them. If You Did Not Fight, You Would Be Killed. I Never Wanted To Fight, But I Didn't Want To Die. I Did What I Had To So Me And Papyrus Could Survive Back Then, And When I Got Here, I Did What I Had To So I Could Survive Here. That Doesn't Mean I Enjoyed It Then And That I Find Much Joy In It Now. I Enjoy Sparring, But That Doesn't Mean That I Find Any Pleasure In Taking Lives.

*Captain takes a deep breath and looks back up at Sheep, staring him straight in the socket. Quivering red eye-lights meet Sheep's own.

Captain:Think Less Of Me If You Want. I.... I Don't Really Care If You Do. I Was Just Trying To Stay Alive Like Everybody Else. I Still Am.


*Cross watches the display in silence, wearing an unreadable expression, though his hands are clenched into fists and shaking ever so slightly. As he turns toward Sage and the she-wolf, a flash of white in the corner of his vision catches his attention. Coco has reappeared. Judging by Coco's expression of horror, the specter must have been back at least long enough to see... Cross isn't even sure if he should call it a memory. He doesn't know what that was.


*Careful not to touch the circle, Cross moves around the room over to Sage and the she-wolf. Coco follows in silence after a moment.

Cross:Sage? Let's just... Let's get out of here, okay? You don't have to explain anything, just... Focus on breathing. We'll be out of here soon.


*In Nightmare's room....*

Night:What happened...? Was that... That was Dream. What just happened!?!


Night:/ANSWER ME!/

*Unknown to Night, a sudden chill grips Nightmare's very presence. The being of negativity is silent for a moment before responding, though it almost sounds.... Forced?

Nightmare:That was Dream. He's given up.


Nightmare:He's lost all hope. That was the balance shifting.

Night:He's.... He's d-dead...?


Night:Th-Then what happened to him?

Nightmare:The same thing that happened after the accident.


Nightmare:He's become stone.

*At these words, dread fills Night's heart.



Fell:It probably isn't. That's the problem.

*Fell stares at down at 'his' hands for a moment before looking back at the anomaly. Fell attempts to tap into his magic, despite being uncertain if he still has access to it.

*For a moment, nothing happens, until suddenly one of Fell's blasters appears. The blaster looks confused for a moment, looking around before their gaze lands on Fell. The unnamed blaster squints at Fell before its sockets widen in recognition. The blaster looks away, making a noise that almost sounds like snickering.


*Fell glares at the blaster. The blaster freezes, seeming to sense Fell's growing ire, despite not seeing his expression, and immediately falls silent. Quickly, the blaster floats between Crystal, Ink, and the anomaly, being careful not to harm any of the three.


*I see....

*....Imma poke him.

*Carefully pokes Ripper's side with a stick.*

*Horror looks between Robin and the door before looking away. He seems...nervous.

Horror:....shoulda known you'd be the owner.

*Horror takes one last glance at the apartment before looking back at Robin. He's frowning.

Horror:I hate t' break it to you, but this is the farthest thing from a dream. Your apartment showed up here not too long ago. Whatever brought you here... Coulda been an anomaly. I didn't know they could leave the VOID though...

Nov 18th 2021 16:03

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Heart stares at Dizzy before glancing over at Solar, who still has his hoof raised in a wave. Solar catches Heart's gaze and quickly pulls his hoof down, looking anywhere but in Heart's direction.*


*Sighing, Heart quickly types into her phone.*

"IfIOnlyHadAHeart has sent a text."

*There's a moment of silence before the phone dings with a reply.*

"TimeToTrot has sent a sent a text."
-Great! Can't wait to see the place!

"IfIOnlyHadAHeart has sent a text."
-I saw you waving to Solar. If this was planned, I'm gonna kick your flank into next week.

"TimeToTrot has sent a sent a text."
-Only if you can catch me first, TinMare!

"IfIOnlyHadAHeart has sent a text."
-I regret letting you give me that nickname.

"TimeToTrot has sent a sent a text."
-We both know you love it.

*Deadpanning at the screen, Heart looks back up at Dizzy and Solar.*

Heart:...He's excited t' come over.

Nov 16th 2021 17:27

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Heart stares blankly at Dizzy, ignoring the mare's last statement, though that isn't to say she doesn't still grow flustered by what said statement implies. There's a beat of silence before she asks, sounding rather hesitant, -* did ya know he was a zebra, and that he's here.

*Solar, meanwhile, has started to look around the diner from his seat. He's surprised, well... almost surprised to spot a zebra watching his party's booth from the bar. Stripes catches Solar's gaze, and waves.*


*Solar awkwardly waves back after a minute.*

Nov 14th 2021 15:25