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The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Stripes sticks his tongue out at Dizzy's retreating form, leaving him with Heart.* sure you're okay out here?



Stripes:It was only one time, Heart.


Stripes:One time.

Heart:. . . . .

Stripes:It's not going to happen again! Come on! Have some faith in me.

*Watching Stripes for a moment longer, Heart turns and enters the shop. Stripes rolls his eyes and walks over to the bench.*


*A bell chimes upon entering the shop and the smell of ink and old paper fills the air the moment you step through the door. Bookshelves line nearly every wall, chock-full of books of all sizes and genres. What little space that isn't filled with books instead holds trinkets, bookends, and writing supplies such as a jar full of quills and bottles of ink. There's a few spinning racks with a number of colorful cards. Some racks are labeled "Home-made cards".*

*A bored voice drifts out from a room, the entrance hidden by a curtain, behind the glass counter. Inside the glass counter is a number of old looking books and expensive looking writing supplies.*

???:Welcome. I'll be out in a minute so... yeah. Just do whatever. Don't steal though. I got cameras.

*Solar seems to have already found something of interest, looking through a book labeled, "Magical Theory Through The Ages".*

Apr 14th 2022 12:45

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Heart stares blankly at Dizzy for a moment before glancing at the store window. Something seems to click after a moment because seconds later, Heart looks away, trying to cover up the quiet snort that escapes her as a cough.*

*Stripes groans, running a hoof down his face.*

Stripes:Nooo.... Not writing puns.

*Stripes looks around before gesturing to a nearby bench.*

Stripes:I'm going to stay out here. I don't need to hear another rant about paper. So... I'll see you when you come back. Okay?

*Heart looks over at Stripes and nods.*

*Solar has already entered the shop.*

Apr 13th 2022 19:43

An una-VOID-able meeting

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Gaster looks over at Papyrus, it seems he's just now noticed that there's a Papyrus here, or at least a different version of his own. He does his best hide his surprise.

Gaster:Er... who is Fry?

*How are Fiji and Hood since they got out?

*Fry remains silent, choosing the slip under the blanket in the basket, his head just barely peaking out from under the edge, gaze still trained on Briar.


*Horror shrugs, though he still seems worried.

Horror:More like a Monday than a Friday.

Fresh:Huh. Sorta like Teddy and Horror. At least you found a way to deal with it.

*Fresh pauses as Alesa races past, frowning after a moment.


*Outside, Fresh stares at Rose, raising a brow at the nickname of "Cthulu". After she leaves, he starts digging through his inventory, pulling out a neon colored lighter and some firecrackers after a few minutes.

Fresh:...This'll work.

*Fresh looks over at Alesa, quietly, he whispers,

Freah:So... You might wanna go over to Teddy. Hide in a crowd, dudette. I'll see if I can make them blame me.

*Fell turns to Ink, nodding to the shorter skeleton.

Fell:Kid. I need you to help watch Crystal. I'm going to help Rose. We'll be back, promise.

*With this, Fell races after Rose.


*The deity sitting on the bed doesn't respond immediately, her expression hidden and the symbol on the mask unchanging. She hums after a moment, rubbing the soreness from her wrists.*

Potato:More than likely... they went after them. Can't say I'm certain about their magic levels, though...

*Potato gestures to the portal, more specifically the bands that are stuck on the Sterling's wrists.*

Potato:They could be trying to overpower the magic nullifying bands. As for the fire magic, one of the others... the new faces there? They could have access to such power.

*Potato glances back at the portal.*


*Blinker has fallen silent once again, this time creeping over to Celaeno's abandoned drink. For a moment, they gaze at the dark liquid, seemingly enamored before suddenly sticking their head into the cup. Despite having no visible mouth, it seems Blinker wants a taste. At least... that is until Blinker tries to pull their head back, only for the mug to follow.

*A muffled, distressed meow is heard.

Apr 10th 2022 21:48

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Solar huffs, gesturing a hoof to the shop window.*

Solar:Looks more like a bookshop if you ask me, but the name sorta hints otherwise?

*In the window, painted in cursive lettering, is the shop's name, 'Calli-literature'. The display on the other side is a mix of new and old popular book titles, along with writing supplies and a few fancy looking cards.*

Stripes:This is it!

*Heart stares at the display, a small smile creeping onto her expression after a moment.*


Apr 10th 2022 19:36

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Heart's gaze flickers to Dizzy for a moment, her expression unreadable. Stripes catches this, frowning slightly before letting out a laugh, though it sounds the tiniest bit strained.*

Stripes:Hey! At least with sharpie it washes off eventually. You can test what colors work best instead of going in without any idea of how it'll look in the end.

*Solar, having gone up ahead, has stopped in front of a small looking shop crammed between several taller ones. He looks over at Stripes.*

Solar:Hey... Is this the place?

Apr 9th 2022 21:02