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The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Wit hums, shrugging for a moment before responding.*

Wit:Your expression. I've seen it before on ponies sufferin' from migraines. Meditation is supposed to help with that kind of stuff, at the very least with with stress part of it.

*With this, Wit turns her attention to Heart upon spotting the card she's holding.*

Wit:You doin' alright over there?

*Heart glances up from the book she's holding and nods, placing the book back and moving over to another shelf.*

May 13th 2022 19:19

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Wit huffs, nodding after a moment. She stares at Dizzy for a little while before gesturing to one of the shelves further towards the back of the shop.*

Wit:Meditation books are over there if you're interested.

May 6th 2022 17:25

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*The mare's eye twitches, a scowl almost immediately overtaking her expression. Solar notices a nameplate on the counter the pegasus stands behind. Engraved in a pleasant font is the name, 'Written Wit'.*

Written Wit:No. They are most certainly not!

*Wit's wings spread at her sides for a moment in her frustration, showing that the right one is underdeveloped. It's smaller than the left.*

Wit:There are several different types of paper, the number changing depending on where you are and who you ask. That's not even starting with the color, texture, thickness, weight, and cut! Not all paper can be used for the same purpose either, as the-

*She pauses mid-sentence when she notices something outside her shop, her eyes narrowing at the sight of Stripes sitting outside. It's a few minutes before she speaks.*

Wit:....Ah. So you came here with him. Joking around are you? Well you'll have to excuse me if I'm not laughing.

May 1st 2022 20:40

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Heart hums, glancing at Solar for a moment, waiting for his opinion.*

Solar:Uh..... It looks.... nice?

*Heart nods before wandering over to one of the many shelves, still carrying the card. The curtain to the back room opens, and out steps a Pegasus the color of parchment. She's wearing a dark gray beanie, though strands of her mane, red and curly, stick out in some areas.*

???:Everything alright here? Need help or anything?

May 1st 2022 17:12

An una-VOID-able meeting

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Fry watches the interaction between Tom and Papyrus carefully, tilting his head when Papyrus's expression lights up.

Fry:(.....The small one.... is not a threat?)

*Gaster looks between Sheep and B, uncertain of what to day. He gives B's hand a comforting squeeze before looking back to B.


*Gaster offers Sheep a weak smile.

Cross:We... wait for now, I guess. No one can access their magic, I think. I can't. Coco...?


*When Fresh is finally by Dream's side, he doesn't look at him, instead watching the burning remains of the building they were just in. Eventually, he speaks, his voice low enough that only Dream may hear.

Fresh:I see you got a power up, broski. How'd that happen? You, uh.... You cool?

*Outer hums, nodding after a moment.

Outer:It.... certainly was. It seems that everyone got out, at least. Hopefully.


Potato:It's your choice in the end.

*The Guide turns their featureless face away from Mono and back towards Bambi. They study her for a moment, clearly curious, before turning their attention back to the crobbit in hand.*

From:[Mischief Mom]
[*There's no written reply, except an eye emoji followed by a thumbs up emoji.]


*Which door does he go to first? Which room does he enter?

*Fell pauses for a moment, looking down at the brace and flexing the hand of the wrist the brace was on. He's silent for a few minutes, before looking at Otane and smiling. Despite the sharp teeth, it's a gentle smile.

Fell:....Thanks, kid.

*He looks back at the brace with a frown for a moment.

Fell:....We shouldn't leave these here. If someone comes back and finds them...

*Fell carefully picks up the brace and offers it to Otane.

Fell:You know how they work, pup. You should keep them with you, just in case. I trust you.

May 1st 2022 15:53