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The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Stripes seems surprised at the offer, but nods, carefully taking the controller. He fumbles with it, nearly dropping it, when Dancer addresses him as Heart's coltfriend. Despite this, he grins at Dancer.*

Stripes:You got the name right! I'll join if you're sure. So, uh... Thanks.

*Heart nods, going over to the cabinet and studying the drinks inside. After a moment, she grabs a few random drinks, just enough for everyone with a one or two spares if Dizzy comes in.*

Nov 7th 2022 19:14

An una-VOID-able meeting

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Yep. Well... If he needs a drink after this... There's a bar now? And a therapist. Can't forget Robin.

*Gaster startles when the CHECK box disappears as quickly as it's generated. Sighing, Gaster looks between Grell and Tom, before shaking his head.

Gaster:There's..... It's fine. B... hasn't had the best experience with humans, and... it seems they've been in a rough area for a while. He... didn't quite help the situation either. Right now, B is trying to get an idea of where things are.

*After a brief pause, Gaster gently asks,-*

Gaster:Tom... Does anywhere hurt? I... couldn't read your STATs.

Fell:..... You're lucky that the Asgore you knew didn't let his anger warp him. Most would lose themselves to the weight of the crown, and the tragedies that that follwed the position, if it were anyone else's duty at least.

*Fell and Celaeno pass the doors to the kitchen and bar as they chat, as well as Captain's door. Fell points to a door up ahead, once more offering Celaeno the change of clothes.*

Fell:There's one of the washrooms. Just... leave your old clothes in the hamper. We can worry about them later.


*You do have a point there. Hopefully Dream is a little better than he was earlier in... the Anti-VOID, at least then when he was found by Mike.

*Dream was with Night last, right? When leaving the Anti-VOID after the fire? Are they in the kitchen or...?

*Hemlock follows, ignoring when one of the pillows on the chair hisses and suddenly skitters away to hide under the couch. Instead, she takes a seat across from Paige, smirking in amusement.*

Hemlock:A revolution? Oh no, those never end well. Not completely, at least. Too many losses for what could've been resolved peacefully. And despite how tall you may have grown, I still recall when we first met. Little scribe, you were but a flailing bundle of limbs. Sweet, yes, but at times a tiny terror.

*Hemlock chuckles fondly, folding her hands in her lap.*

Hemlock:I cannot tell you how many times your mother came to me sporting a black eye or bruises, gushing about how your hand coordination was getting better ever day and how you grew.

*Her smile fades after a minute as she studies Paige's face.*

Hemlock:....And you, little scribe? Are you well?

*Lying is pointless to this deity, as are making any false promises. After all, she would know the moment the words left your mouth whether or not they held any semblance of truth or falsehood.*

*Fry shrinks back, quickly nodding his head.*

*Captain falls silent at Sheep's worry, but nods in agreement at his words.*

Captain:Very Well. We Should Probably Avoid Asking About Their Old Home, Or Mentioning Their Father, If It Can Be Helped For Now.

*Captain starts after Scout, walking slowly enough for Sheep to catch up.*

Nov 7th 2022 18:44

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Solar grins excitedly, hoof pumping the air and cackling like a madman.*

Solar:YES-! I was holding onto that banana forever!

*He smiles smugly at Dancer when he manages to calm down, raising a brow.*

Solar:We can do a rematch, if you want. You want to pick a different course this time?

*Heart watches the two in silence for a minute, before looking back at Lime, shrugging.*

Heart:...You want me to grab some drinks while you start the popcorn? Just point me in the right direction and I'll get 'em.

Nov 6th 2022 16:35

An una-VOID-able meeting

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Hoo boy... They're certainly in for a shock-!

*Gaster looks between Tom and Grell, frowning before making was over to Tom's side, kneeling down beside the small Reaper child.*

Gaster:Tom? May I CHECK you?

*He pauses, quietly adding,*

Gaster:And.. what do you mean by "the nice man in green"? Was someone else here?

*Fell looks back at Celaeno and grins, shaking his head and laughing quietly to himself, as if amused by the thought.*

Fell:The Royal Scientist? In my world? Nah. I was apart of the King's Royal Guard.

*Fell's grin immediately drops, and he looks away from Celaeno. When he next speaks, his tone is... haunted.*

Fell:If... the King got angry, you can guess who he'd take it out on first. Working for him wasn't... easy, but it meant some form of protection from the rest of the Underground.


*It should be stated that, as Fiji works, it's clear that whatever foul magic was used to destroy Potato's eye is as strong as ever. The first time Fiji's tools even graze a area that's stuck in a constant limbo of disintegration and regeneration, the tool itself starts to rust and break apart.*

*Not to mention the occasional distortion that Fiji may feel, every so often. Luckily, these moments of distortion only last a second or two.*

*Ah... Has anyone noticed her? Is anyone approaching her?

*Two sets of eyes, the first pair being a reddish pink color while the second pair is an intense blue, stare boredly at Paige. The figure crosses her arms loosely in front of her chest, though she smiles a small smile at Paige after a few minutes.*

Hemlock:If it was, you would know, wouldn't you? Or perhaps not. It depends on how it's written, after all.

*The deity looks past Paige, raising a brow as a small frown tugs at her lips.*

Hemlock:There has been a rather concerning shift in the air. It's far too quiet, too peaceful. Tell me, little scribe, what has your chaosbound mother done now?

*Fry seems rather surprised by both the offer, as well as this new information about Scout. The bitty glances in the direction Scout went before looking back up at Papyrus.*

Fry:(He makes them? The quality and detail is on point, at least from what I've seen when close enough to.)

*Fry fidgets with his hands after a minute, shaking his head.*

Fry:(I am fine, though the offer was tempting.)

*Captain immediately turns at the sound of approaching footsteps, suppressing a wince when he sees Scout fall. He chooses not to comment on it, instead raising a bonebrow and asking,*

Captain:Is He Really Okay With Us Joining?

Nov 6th 2022 16:27

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Solar waves at Lime from his spot, though he quickly turns his attention back to his controller and the screen when his character nearly falls off the track.*

Solar:All good-!

*Stripes glances between Lime and Dancer for a moment, before glancing at Heart. Heart shrugs, nodding towards the couch. Stripes takes a seat on the end, watching Dancer and Solar play. Heart looks back at Lime.*

Heart:You want some help? Don't feel right t' make ya grab it all alone.

Nov 5th 2022 20:26