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An una-VOID-able meeting

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Mike stares blankly at the spot where Catcher and the Dream statue stood. He groans slightly, running a hand down his 'face' after a moment.

Mike:He could've at least left the blanket. It was a gift...

*Checking his watch, Mike freezes before hurrying over to another room in the hall. It's almost time for his radio show, and he has to make sure everything is in working order.

*Fry falls silent once Sheep turns away, instead focusing on Papyrus. Frowning when Papyrus doesn't respond when he calls his name, the bitty takes a moment to study his surroundings, looking for any sort of cracks or crevices he can slip out through.

*Fell mumbles something quietly in his sleep, his face scruching up for a moment before relaxing.


*Outer smiles at June, but still seems worried. Raising his hands, he shakily signs,-

Outer:"Perhaps they are both. Even so, if they are able to use this... I fear what other runes they have at their disposal."

*Gaster doesn't pull away from Tom.

Gaster:It's okay, we'll be okay. We'll find a way out.

*Murderer, at the sudden announcement from the speaker, winces at the volume.

*Night grows tense at Fallows approach, staring at the wendigo's offered hand in distrust. He scrambles back from Fallow when Hood punches the wall and shouts. Night is trembling hard enough that his bones are rattling quietly.

*Cross' sockets widen at the new specter, though he looks distressed at the news that Sage may be blind from now on. He moves slightly, doing his best to shield Coco and Sage from their view, looking at Briar warily.


*Dust glares at Briar. Taking a deep breath, he attempts to calmly ask,-

Dust:Why are we here, and why can't I- why can't any of us access our magic.

Feb 13th 2022 17:43

An una-VOID-able meeting

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*If Mike had eyes, at least ones that were visible, he would roll them at Catcher's rather obvious threat. Instead, the object head chooses to give a nonchalant shrug, humming to himself as he turns a corner.

Mike:I suppose it's good to at least know that someone is constantly breaching my privacy. That being said, I have better things to do than waste my time trying to go against you and your organization. I know when to stay down, at the very least.

*Mike stops in front of a door, pulling a key out of his pocket and undoing the lock, stepping aside so Catcher can see inside the room. It seems to be a recording room, completely soundproofed, with a few pieces of equipment and furniture inside. In the center of the room is Dream, a blanket draped across the statue's shoulders. Next to him is the dolley that Mike used to presumably cart him to this space.

*Mike gestures half-heartedly at the statue.

Mike:Ta-daaah.... Here he is.

*In Cell 1(where Alesa is located):*

*Fell is still asleep, snoring softly. Fortunately he's been returned to his original shape after Bambi used the potion.

*Captain is awake, but seems disoriented. Probably from the fact that he hit the ground pretty hard back in the infirmary when he collapsed.

*Fry seems panicked, hissing at anyone and everyone he doesn't know or that looks like vaguely Swap, so in this case Fell and Sheep.


*In Cell 2 (where June and Raptor are located):*

*Outer is awake, studying the rune on the wall, though he seems nervous for unknown reasons.

*Gaster is fretting over Tom and Grell, though seems to be pretty calm. This may just be to try and keep Tom from panicking, at the very least. Occasionally, he glances over at the huge dog thing, seeming uncertain of its presence.

*Murderer is awake and has moved to a corner of the cell, far from everyone else. He's holding his hands on his head, groaning quietly. His breath reeks of alcohol. It would be best not to aggravate him at the moment.

*In Cell 3(where Fallow is located):*

*Night is huddled in a corner, clearly terrified. He keeps glancing at the other occupant of the cell with widened socket. He at least told Fallow his name, though with much hesitation.

*Error isn't doing too well, glitching more than usual. He seems to also be lagging, as every few minutes a small hourglass will appear over his head, causing him to freeze until it disappears.

*Fresh is smiling, staring at the glass wall, though he seems tense. He seems to be muttering about character redesigns to distract himself...????

*Teddy is asleep. There's not much else to be said about him at the moment.

*Dust is awake, but seems aggravated for some reason. Probably because he been completely disarmed. The fact that he can't access his magic doesn't help.

*Cross is awake and has moved over to be with Coco, Sage, and Morrigan. He seems distressed that he still can't get Sage to either Fiji or Outer. Coco is still asleep for some reason.

*Horror, though clearly tired, is with Book on the other side of the room, across from Cross, Coco, Sage, and Morrigan. She seems to be panicking about someone called SB being missing. Horror is attempting to reassure her. It's slowly working.

Feb 8th 2022 20:16

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Heart seems to slowly be realizing this, her wars pinned back and face slowly turning red with embarrassment. Even so, she continues.*

Heart:We... We saw the post.

*Heart grows quieter and quieter as she speaks.*

Heart:We just... We wanted to make sure you're okay...

*Heart is practically mumbling at this point, face a bright red and eyes downcast. Stripes pats Heart's back , though he's still grinning in amusement. This doesn't seem to comfort Heart any.*

*Solar mutters quietly to himself from beside Dizzy, running a hoof down his face.*

Solar:This.... This is just painful to witness.

*Watching Heart for a moment longer, Solar looks down at his pancakes and starts to eat. No need to waste good food.*

Jan 25th 2022 17:08

An una-VOID-able meeting

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*There's nothing really out of the ordinary in the living room. A standard furniture set with one or two potted plants and a few trinkets here and there. A few photos hang on the wall of Mike and what can be assumed as his family or friends, along with some framed CD's, and even a few vintage records.

*Mike hums quietly in agreement, studying Catcher's badge before nodding.

Mike:Uh-huh...Funny that you chose to wait until now to get him, but who am I to question it? Come on. I'll take you to him. I'd ask how you knew he's a statue, but that's probably pushing it. Right?

*Mike starts down the hall, pausing and gesturing for Catcher to follow.

Mike:I couldn't exactly keep him out in the open. It would be hard to explain to any guests why I have such a strange.... centerpiece.

*Captain doesn't answer. Instead, a thud is heard from elsewhere in the room. Looking up would reveal Captain unconscious on the floor.


*Cross isn't doing much better at the moment, having trouble reading the screen as his vision starts to grow blurry and his hands starts to shake, accidentally hitting the cancel button. In a moment of frustration, Cross hits the machine, sinking down to his knees. He blacks out.

*Coco's form flickers as he struggles to stay awake, eventually fading as he falls asleep.


*The moment Bambi drinks from the potion, there's a brief puff of smoke, and where a skeleton stood now stands a deity.

*Elsewhere, Fell's form is rightfully returned in the same fashion. Not that he's aware of this occurrence of course.

*Yep~! Who are we to intervene, after all?

*Shall I fetch the popcorn? :3

*Just about everyone is asleep or too tired to properly fight back. With the exception of the Shadows.*

Jan 25th 2022 15:31

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Heart rolls her eyes at Dizzy, shaking her head before answering Lime.*

Heart:'s Heavy Heart.

*She falls silent for a moment, scrambling for an explanation as to how she got Lime's number without throwing Dizzy under the bus.*

Heart:I, uh... Entered a bunch of random numbers until you picked up.... Had a lotta weirdos answer before this.

*Next to her, Stripes snorts rather loudly. Solar watches Heart with a deadpan expression.*

Jan 17th 2022 19:35