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An una-VOID-able meeting

Spade replied to Spade's topic

[*Tastes like passion fruit!*]

*Gaster pales at Grell's abrupt decision, a strangled noise escaping the scientist. He looks ready to faint.




*For a few moments... nothing happens. At least, until a puff of smoke covers Grell.

*Teddy stiffens at the scream, yet offers Hood a small smile. With that, the large skeleton shuffles off toward the steadily growing line, certain that Hood is following. He only stops to grab Book, poking her shoulder.


*Book blinks a few times, eye-lights brightening as she's pulled from her train of thought, and looks over at Teddy.

Book:Ah... Yeah?

*Teddy only points to the portal and the line. Looking over to where he's pointing, Book nods.

Book:...Thanks, Teddy. I'll... I'll be there in a minute.


*If Teddy is concerned, he doesn't show it. Instead, he nods, and continues his trek to the line.


*Fell, having bent down to pet Ovo and Eve, stares back at this new Gaster, just as shocked at the stranger. He only snaps out of it when the stranger bolts. Fell immediately stands, having managed to pet the corgowls at least once before doing so, and starts off after the new Gaster.

Fell:HEY! WAIT! D*mn it- STOP!


*Night doesn't speak, but he does gently squeeze Dream's hand. While his mind is still somewhere else, it seems he can hear Dream and feel his hand. It might be good to lead him toward the line.

*.....Night is trembling.*

*Potato hums for a moment, falling silent as she watches Grell drink the potion, before offering Bambi a small shrug.

Potato:I could, and still can, but I won't. There's a chance that the jar will be left in the Anti-VOID. That place is know to...corrupt those unfortunate enough to be trapped there. Well... only if they're there for an extended period of time, at the very least. Why risk leaving it to such a fate?

Jul 1st 2022 19:10

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Fortunately for Dizzy, the next turn right doesn't lead to an alleyway, but instead to a much smaller street. A few buildings have stairways with various ponies lounging on the steps, apartments more than likely, while others are obviously shops.*

Jun 30th 2022 16:55

An una-VOID-able meeting

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Gaster reaches back and reassuringly pats Tom's head. With his other hand, he carefully takes the jar from Grell, making sure to not press the jar's wings.

Gaster:I'll give if back in a moment. I just want to make sure it isn't anything like nitrogen trichloride... or something worse.

*With that Gaster removes pulls a blank piece of paper from his inventory and unscrews the lid. It's times like these he wishes he was in a lab.... or at least had a ph water testing kit. Before pouring a drop onto the paper, he risks a whiff, rather surprised that it smells somewhat...fruity? Pleasant? Mumbling to himself, Gaster pours a drop onto the paper, watching it carefully.


*Gaster offers the jar back to Grell.

Gaster:From the looks of it... it should be safe? Not that I'm saying it's a good idea to trust flying jars carrying unknown liquid. Eh...

*Gaster still seems uncertain.

*Teddy hums, giving a slow nod. We' the....VOID...

*Teddy turns and looks at Erro, frowning at the state of the glitching skeleton. He glances at Fresh, watching the colorful skeleton help gather everyone in a line. Error...doesn'


*Fell hums, glancing at the portal.

Fell:Only a head? Too easy.

*With that, Fell enters the portal, but not before winking at Rose with a cheeky grin of his own.


*On the other side of the portal, Fell straightens himself, looking for anything new or that obviously doesn't belong in The Oasis.


*It takes a few minutes, but Night's tension seems to faden his shoulders slumping. At the same time, the negativity emitting from the purple-clad skeleton lessens greatly.

Potato:Unless it had some form of telekinetic ability to keep itself floating without wings... it would fall. Unless it was in space. No gravity means it would continue to float.

Jun 26th 2022 01:00

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Stripes rolls his eyes at Dizzy. He's been called worse. Heart checks her phone, frowning in concern.*

Heart:....take the next right at the corner of this street. It's faster.

Jun 25th 2022 21:40

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Heart mumbles something that suspiciously sounds like, "No promises." Meanwhile, Stripes looks up at Dizzy, quirking a brow. He seems amused.*

Stripes:Disgusting? Rats aren't that bad. Maybe the ones on the streets, sure, but even those can be made into good pets. I should know! I had one that I trained when I was a colt.

*Stripes looks proud of this fact. Solar stares at Stripes, uncertain of how to feel about this information.*

Jun 25th 2022 21:15