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The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Solar leans back into his seat at the sight of the jar of wasps, pressing his wings close his sides and ears flicking back. A quiet sigh of relief escapes him when the jar is put away. Out of sight, out of mind... The badge quickly catches his attention.*

Solar:You're a cop?

*Choosing to politely ignore the miscellaneous objects that fell out of Dizzy's bag, give or take the wasp jar, Heart focuses on the numerous licenses. The mare's brows rise higher and higher as she reads some of the licenses, at one point disappearing behind her bangs.* about a jack of all trades.

Dec 24th 2021 16:58

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Solar gapes at Dizzy, but quickly shuts his mouth.*


*Heart blinks at the question, brows raising momentarily in surprise.*

Heart:You got a license?

*She sounds impressed. Considering the three were talking about the bad parts of the city only minutes ago, Heart has a pretty good idea of why Dizzy is looking to carry a firearm. At least...she thinks she does.*

Dec 19th 2021 19:57

An una-VOID-able meeting

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Potato raises a brow at this new information.*

Potato:You... don't have a living space? Really???

*Ugh... What else has she missed. Being weakened sucks. Nothing time won't fix. ...Eventually.*


*Potato's gaze lands on the box containing the mug for Fiji. He has yet to open it. This gives her an idea.*

Potato:....I could make you a room. You did keep your end, and the fact that there's a chance that my eye can be fixed... I don't think a mug is a good enough form of payment. Do you?

*Potato's tone leaves little room for argument...*

*Max settles in one of the less cluttered areas, plopping down on the floor with a sigh. Gaster carefully steps around him as he walks toward Tom and the papers.

Gaster:Yes and no. It's still a work in progress.... Rather than keeping Grell out, it will keep William leaving his world. Unfortunately... it's in the process of designing it.

*Gaster looks between Tom and Grell.

Gaster:You two can sit on the bed if you'd like, rather than sitting on the floor or standing the whole time.


*Captain swears loudly and races after Sheep and Scout. What is Scout doing!? Did... Did he hear his conversation with Sheep? No. Nonono- He couldn't have-

*Without a second thought, Captain runs through the portal after Sheep and Captain. He has a sinking feeling about where this portal leads, but he hopes he's wrong...


*Coco is the first to move forward after the she-wolf. He doesn't day anything, put places a hand on Sage's shoulder.


*Cross takes one more look at the giant skeletal remains of Sage's mother before making his way across the room, doing his best to avoid stepping on any stray bones, discarded weapons, and plants.


*Still uncertain of what to say, Cross places a hand on Sage's head.


*Fell's grin quickly fades at this scene, a grimace of disgust appearing briefly only to be replaced with a look of concern. He quickly makes his way over to Ink, more of the same red tendrils from before (and currently carrying the anomaly) appearing and picking up the picnic bench, moving it away from on top of Ink.

Fell:Deep breaths, Ink. Calm down...


*Mono's ears perk up at this.

Mono:Really? Take care in what way...? That phrase has a few meanings and one's a lot harder to clean up.

*Horror is silent. He looks.... almost confused by Robin's offer. A brief silence fills the room as the skeleton ponders this information.


*Soon enough, Horror looks up at Robin, a small frown on his expression.

Horror:...I'm not sure how many will take you up on your offer. Like I said before, a lot of us have been through stuff. There are others out there that would.... want us gone for what we've done.

*Horror shakes his head, giving Robin a half-hearted shrug.

Horror:Do whatever you want. As long as you don't try to end us or something like that... no one should bother you. There's a kitchen out there if you start runnin' low on food in here. If you need anything specific... just write it down. Someone will see your note and grab it on a supply run.

Dec 14th 2021 23:15

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Heart frowns, but nods.*

Heart:Plenty of hidin' spots, if ya know where t' look at least. Sometimes...

*Heart glances over at Stripes. At seeing the stallion distracted, she looks back at Solar. She leans forward, her voice a hushed whisper.*

Heart:Sometimes it don't matter if you're a stallion. Keep that in mind.

*Solar startles, ears pulling back, as he looks at Heart with wide eyes.*

Solar:Is- was that a threat???

*Heart sighs, leaning back into her seat with a tired eye roll.*

Heart:Nah. It was a warnin' and nothin' else.


*Solar isn't sure if he should say thanks or be worried.*

Dec 14th 2021 15:12

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Heart gives a small nod in agreement.*

Heart:'s better t' know them first.

*Solar looks between Heart and Dizzy with a concerned frown.*

Solar:Are there... a lot?


Dec 13th 2021 18:59