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An una-VOID-able meeting

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*In another part of the infirmary, Fresh has nearly finished removing the strings from Error's temporary room. The glitching skeleton lays still on the bed,the only indication that he's still alive being the slow rise and fall of his chest. Fresh meanwhile, ties up another bag full of string, preparing to move it to Error's room. He brushes off the exhaustion that'sslowly weighing down on him, believing that the SOUL he currently holds is starting to give out. He might need to look for a replacement soon...

*In another room in the VOID, Dust stirs for a moment before letting out a quiet sigh. He does not dream. Perhaps this is a good thing...

*At the same time, Murderer's sockets slide shut, the headphones he was wearing slide off his skull. It seems that he's been binge-watching a number of unnamed DVD's on a portable DVD player. He must've smuggled the items into his room after a supply run at one pointor another. There may or may not be a half empty bottle of vodka near him.

*Outer has fallen back asleep, despite waking up not too long ago.

*Night is reading one of the books from Nightmare's...his?... collection. He stretches for a moment before turning the page. The purple-clad skeleton hopes Nightmare will return soon...

*Captain frowns for a moment, glaring at the door before turning heel and entering the portal. If his father plans on returning, so will he. He does not plan on letting Sheep be alone when confronting Scout's father...

*Elsewhere in the VOID, Teddy stumbles, nearly falling flat on his face. He's been slowing down...


*There's silence for a moment, before Sage is suddenly picked up.

Cross:Take it easy, Sage. We'll get you to the infirmary, alright? Just hold on.


*Fell doesn't answer immediately, instead laying Ink and Crystal down on the the couch in the kitchen. He stares at the anomaly he forgot to leave outside before sighing, setting it down far away from the kids. Blinker watches this in silence, hiding by a potted plant.

Fell:Something is wrong. I don't know what, but it's already affected Ink and Crystal. By the looks of it, we're next.

*Fell starts to pick up chairs and stack them in front of the door.

Fell:If this is an attack, the last place we need to be is out in the open...

*Mono huffs, feathers and fur bristling, making her look just a bit bigger than she is.

Mono:Would it be so hard to explain what's going on?

*Despite her snarky tone, there's the tiniest hint of worry in her voice.

Jan 8th 2022 15:34

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Solar is silent for a moment, before asking-*

Solar:Do you have his number?

*Stripes meanwhile looks confused. Quietly, he whispers to Heart-*

Stripes:He's the green pony, right?

*Heart only nods in response, quietly working on her omelet.*

Jan 8th 2022 14:56

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Stripes is silent, not having an answer for that. Heart looks over at Pumpkin and nods, thankful for her appearance.*

Heart:(*Mumbling*)...Thank ya. Er... 'm good.

*Solar looks at his plate at flashes Pumpkin a smile, though it doesn't quite reach his eyes.*

Solar:This looks good! Thanks.

Jan 2nd 2022 22:46

An una-VOID-able meeting

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*A quiet, "Thank you" follows Fiji out the door. The chaotic deity waits until the door is closed to stand up, her form rippling and distorting as she walks over to grab her mask. The masks symbol still shifts when she picks it up, only stopping when she places the mask back over her face.*

[*Paige can now tell and record what's happening in this room.*]

[*Bambi can now tell what's happening in this room.*]

*With a tired sigh, Potato stumbles back to the bed, curling up and allowing the foreign magic that's slowly filling the VOID to overtake her.*

*Elsewhere in the VOID, a jar appears. The glass of the jar shudders, contorting and warping until four spiderlike legs appear. The jar shakes slightly, stretching its newly formed limbs before setting off.*

*Gaster frowns, straining to hear the sound. While he hears....something.... he's not sure it's of any importance. Shaking his head, Gaster carefully picks up Tom, stumbling slightly from the weight as he makes his way to the bed and lays the child down.


*Gaster makes his way over to Grell, summoning extra hands to help move the IV so it doesn't disconnect. Carefully, Gaster picks Grell up, and just as he did with Tom, the skeleton lays the reaper on the bed. With that, Gaster moves back over to his desk, ready to continue filling the notebook with rough sketches of designs and formulas. Just as he picks up the pencil, he spares Max a glance, sockets widening when he sees the blaster glaring at the door, a low growl slowly filling the room.



*Captain makes no attempt to stop him. Captain's gaze is narrowed on four things at the moment. They are as follows: Swap, the attack the older monster is holding, Scout, and Scout's more than likely injured arm.

Captain:. . . .

*Captain follows after Sheep, hands clenching and unceasing with each step. He's telling himself to get Scout away first. It... doesn't help that he's seeing red.

Captain:Let Me Get Scout Away Before You Start Fighting. He Doesn't Need To Be Caught In The Crossfire.


*Cross tenses, wrapping an arm protectively around Sage. Coco moves closer to Sage, scanning the room for any visible threat.

Cross:Let's go then.

*Cross quickly pulls one of the portal marbles out of his Inventory and tosses it a few feet away from the small group.

Cross:Ready, Sage?


Fell:Ink? Ink!?

*When Ink doesn't stir, several alarms bells start go off in Fell's mind. Looking around with narrowed eyes, Fell somehow manages to pick Ink up and starts to move to the kitchen. It's not too far from where he is now and, if nothing else, he can barricade the door. He's not certain if this is an anomaly's work or the work of another... but right now, being out in the open is probably the worst thing.


*Mono scowls, looking between Book and the door.


*Without another word, Mono hops into the nearest shadow, reappearing outside of Book's door. Instead of walking, she settles beside the door, eyes narrowed and wings ruffled.

*Horror frowns at the lack of any useful information. The large skeleton moves toward the door, looking back at Robin and Geno one last time before exiting the apartment. He has to get help.

*He only makes it a few steps away from the door before exhaustion hits him like a freight train. He stumbles, his vision starting to go dark. Horror's view starts to tilt when he stumbles, there's a thud, and he knows no more.

Jan 2nd 2022 22:24

An una-VOID-able meeting

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Potato hums, placing the box back into her cloak before taking a moment to stretch.*

Potato:Me? Nah. I'm not gonna take credit for this. I may have played a part, I may have not. It can be hard to keep track after a while. Though there are others watching...

*Shaking her head, the chaotic deity gesturesto the doorknob Fiji is holding.*

Potato:Stick that into any wall, or don't if you want, and turn it. A door will form around it. The room will be basic, with a simple set of furniture. Decorating it and changing it is up to y-(*Yawns*) you.

*Potato slips back onto the bed, her cloak wrapping itself around her shoulders.*


*Glancing at the jar marked for Bambi, Potato snaps her fingers, the jar reappearing in her hand after a few minutes. Grabbing a pen from somewhere inside her cloak, the chaotic deity scribbles a picture of Bambi and Fell's faces, along with arrows pointing between them. Satisfied, Potato taps the jar, whispering to it.*

Potato:Go. Find her.

*The jar seems to shudder, its precious contents rippling momentarily, before it disappears with a quiet pop. The chaotic deity looks back over at Fiji, frowning slightly.*

Potato:...Fiji.... could you lock the door if it isn't already locked?

*Gaster kneels down and offers Tom his hand.

Gaster:Come on, Tom. If you're going to fall asleep, lay on the bed. I'll...

*Gaster looks over at Grell with a worried frown.

Gaster:I'll move Grell next. That position can't be comfortable.


*Captain doesn't immediately respond, staring at the house Scout ran into.

Captain:I... Don't Know What's Going Through His Mind Right Now. I Can't Even Begin To Imagine. It Sounds Like His World Has Been Falling Apart For A While, And He's Just Now Acknowledging It. His Brother's Decline In Health Obviously Doesn't Help.... But That Doesn't Mean He'd Abandon Him. Scout... He Doesn't Seem Like The Kind Of Monster To Do That.

*Captain shakes his head, looking back at Sheep.

Captain:We'll Figure Out How To Get Back After We Convince Scout To Come Back. We Can't Force Him, It'll Only Make Things Worse. He's Stressed, Probably Scared, And We Don't Know If His Father Is In There With Him. We Can't Just Barge In, That'll Cause Attention And Possibly Draw In Neighbors Or Worse.... The Authorities.

*Captain groans.

Captain:The Last Thing I Want To Do Is Try To Explain That I'm From An Alternative Universe. They'll Think I'm Insane.


*Both Coco and Sage are silent for a moment, before Coco speaks.

Coco:When you want to come back.... if you want to, me and Cross will come with you.

*Despite trying to hide it, Coco sounds like he's going to cry.

Cross:If you're ready... we can go now. We need to get you looked at by Outer. He could heal you. Okay, Sage.

*Despite sounding more composed than Coco, Cross's voice wavers at the end. Sage can't see it, but Cross's eye-lights have grown hazy.


*Cross digs through his Inventory and pulls something out, placing something soft into Sage's hand. It's her plush that she dropped earlier.


*Fell frowns, looking between Ink and Crystal before leaning down and shaking Ink's shoulder.

Fell:Ink? Kid? C'mon, kid. Wake up. You can't sleep here.


*Mono immediately grows tense, ears flicking back.

Mono:What? Who-

*Mono is cut off when SB crashes into the pile she's seated on. The crobbit scrambles to jump onto another stack as the pile she was on come tumbling down onto SB. Book is in front of the mess moments later, digging through the fallen pile and until she finds SB. Carefully, Book picks up SB, cradling the blaster in her arms.

Book:SB?! SB, are you okay?

*SB glances up and gives a tired squeak, nuzzling into Book's arms. From here, Mono notices that both the blaster's and Book's eye-lights have dimmed considerably.

Book:Let's just... Let's just relax for a bit. How's that sound, SB?

*SB only yawns in response. Slowly, Book stands up, moving over to her bed. She sets SB down on her pillow, sitting next to the blaster and petting them.

Book:A nap...that sounds good right now...

*SB is already snoring.


*Mono looks up, frowning.

Mono:What is this?! What's happening!?!

*Horror immediately stands up, the chair he was in scooting back slightly from the suddenness. He immediately moves over to Geno, shaking the skeleton's shoulder in an attempt to wake him up, with no success.


*Frowning, Horror moves over to Robin, he hesitates for a minute, but carefully wakes Robin's shoulder.


*Horror moves back when he doesn't get a response, looking at the door nervously. Something is going on, and it isn't good.


*Horror attempts to CHECK Geno and Robin in an attempt to figure out what's going on. Geno did say the name, "Otane", but Horror has no idea who that is.

Jan 1st 2022 19:52