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The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

Solar:From Manechester. I lived in the town of Wingan. It was mostly populated by pegasi, so.... Books on the science of magic weren't as common there. It made doing research harder... but all the more reason to try and learn what I could. Nearly drove my folks mad when I kept asking for books on magic.

*Solar scratches the back of his neck, chuckling nervously.*

Solar:I guess I got lucky, huh? If my class hadn't gone to the crystal caverns nearby, I never would've found my love for studying magic and magical artifacts. Or gained my cutie mark from it.

May 29th 2022 22:02

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Solar is caught off guard by the question, but eventually offers a small shrug.*

Solar:Uh... Hehe... It's... It's nice to see that there's a large section for Magical Theory and the like? Back at home, it was harder to find books like these.

May 29th 2022 17:56

An una-VOID-able meeting

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Captain freezes for a moment before he facepalms.*

Captain:I.... I Didn't Mean It Like That. It Was Supposed To Sound Motivating. Ugh...

*Pinching the space betweenhis sockets, Captain mutters,

Captain:This Is Why The Queen Never Let Me Do Speeches.

*Gaster watches the interaction between Grell, Tom, and B in silence. B is probably going to question what Grell means later....

(*Saaaaaage (;0;))

*How is Hood? What's he doing right now?

*Hm.... Teddy and Book?

*Teddy is just chilling at the moment, sitting in place. He... doesn't seem to bothered by the situation at the moment. It helps that Catcher has also left, after all, "Out of sight, out of mind."

*Book....  She's staring at the burning remains of the building they were just in. Her eye-lights have dimmed considerably, growing hazy around the edges. Otherwise... she seems fine.


*Fresh blinks at Rose and glances at Dream's retreating figure with a frown. He looks back at Rose and nods, holding up his vessel's wrist.

Fresh:Totes, brush. It's like herdin' cats, amirite?

*Night, meanwhile, is spiraling. His brother, who is in some unknown location, has become stone. Dream is stone and it might take centuries for him to turn back from being stone. He can't access any magic, so he's stuck in this place with a bunch of strangers that Nightmare only knows, and can't leave to try and find Dream. Dream, his brother who he's just gotten back, IS A STATUE BECAUSE WHY NOT!? ARE THEIR LIVES JUST SOME COSMIC JOKE FOR THE UNIVERSE TO KEEP LAUGHING AT?!?! IS THE BALANCE EVEN SOMETHING TO CARE ABOUT AT THIS POINT!?!

*Nightmare, on the other hand, has had no luck in his attempts of reeling in this flood of negativity and is stuck listening to Night's spiraling thoughts. The brace of Night's arm is doing nothing to help. If anything, it seems to be interfering with the link between Night and Nightmare.


*A noise, similar to that of a deflating balloon, escapes Potato at that question. She quickly shakes her head, flailing her hands. Her face is crimson behind her mask.*

Potato:N-Not creation like that-! NOT AT ALL LIKE THAT-

*From their seat, the Guide chuckles quietly. It sounds almost like rustling leaves.*

*Fell winces at that information, recalling the reactions of the Dog Monsters in his AU when others attempted to do the same. It... didn't end well for the monsters who tried.


*True form...? This is another time that something like that has been mentioned. Fell figures that it's better not to push for further information at the moment. It's probably better for Rose (and Crystal) to explain when they're both ready. Instead, Fell looks back at Otane.

Fell:....You mentioned case-files earlier. Do I even want to know what they said about us?

May 29th 2022 17:50

The Mane Event

Spade replied to Spade's topic

*Wit sighs, nodding though her gaze doesn't leave Stripes and Heart.*

Wit:I'll believe you. From what I know, gang violence and raids happen mostly in the bad parts of the city. Can't help but feel bad for the ponies stuck in those areas...

*Solar remains silent in the background.*

*Heart and Stripes enter the shop in silence, the zebra clearly fuming. Heart grabs the card and book she had and heads over to the counter. She places both items on the counter, offering Wit a strained smile.*

Heart:....'m ready to check out now.

*Wit glances at Stripes before looking back at Heart and nodding.*


May 28th 2022 17:38

An una-VOID-able meeting

Spade replied to Spade's topic


*Captain shakes his head, raising a hand lightly flicking Sheep's between the eyes.

Captain:Don't Apologize. Not For Needing Help. Besides... We Are Family, Are We Not? Family Doesn't... They Don't Abandon Each Other When Things Turn Sour.

Gaster:That's perfectly understandable, Sheep.

*Gaster returns his attention to Tom and returns the hug, glancing at Grell when they speak.

Gaster:...I... I could make you something. If... that would help?

*Coco has to look away at seeing the state of Sage's eye-lights. Guilt fills Coco's chest like a weight, a cold feeling following.


*Cross frowns at Coco, but turns his attention back to Sage.

Cross:I shouldn't have asked, Sage. Sorry. We'll figure this out, okay? We can fix this.

*Anyone we should check on?


*Fresh stores the water back in his inventory, nodding at Dream.

Fresh:Uh... I'm not the guy to talk about that kinda thing. Though... wouldn't you turn back to stone if you got it out? If it's helping you right now... why remove it? You don't know what might happen if you can remove it, if it's even safe to do so.


*Unknown to Bambi, Potato grimaces at the question. She knew this would eventually come.*

Potato:To start off.... I need to state that this isn't the first time you've forgotten. I... Whenever you use your power... You lose memories. If you lose too much... It all disappears. I... don't know why this happens.

*Potato doesn't dare to meet Bambi's gaze as she continues.*

Potato:You had already forgotten your name when we first met, so I called you Bambi. As far as I am aware, you are a deity of Balance, though leaning more towards the side of Order than Chaos. We have been....

*Potato pauses, looking for the right word.*

Potato:...companions... for a rather long time.

*The Guide doesn't look away from Mono, but is clearly listening.*

Potato:My full name is Azaraphanaquosonapotatonuszarakatamonius. It's a pain to say, I know, so I go by Potato. I am... a deity of chaos. A personification of the concept, if you will.

*Potato falls silent, her conversation with Paige earlier coming to mind. More memories follow and she grimaces.*

Potato:....I... am prone to acting without thinking of the consequences at times. This... has cost me and others, unfortunately.

*The chaotic deity is silent for a moment, allowing Bambi to digest this information before continuing.*

Potato:The person coming here... her name is Paige. She... is one of your greatest creations.

*Potato chooses not to mention how she interfered with Bambi's creation of Paige for several reasons. The main reason is that the first reaction is more than likely going to be anger and questioning, and this conversation is already making the chaotic deity feel more drained than she already is.*

*Fell grimaces for a moment at the question,but nods.

Fell:You want to know about that? Alright, I guess.

*Fell glances at Rose, Ink, and Crystal for a moment, almost to make sure they're actually there. That they're real.

Fell:My world...wasn't a good one. It was already bad before the War and it only got worse when we were sealed Underground. It was kill or be killed down there. The strongest survived while the weak would perish. Free EXP and LV for the strong.

*Memories flash in Fell's mind, so many are filled with dust. It takes him a moment to continue.

Fell:....I had friends there, at least. Almost like a family. The Dog Pack... we would watch out for each other. I can only hope that they all made it out. There was Grillby. We fought together in the war. Brothers in arms. Eventually... I found Rose. She had fallen Underground and was injured. I... took her to my home after... she passed out. I couldn't leave her out there.

*Fell winces after a moment.

Fell:She has a mean left hook, you know that? Knocked me right out.

*Shaking his head, he continues.

Fell:Grillby found out about Rose not too long after. He actually walked in on her tying me up. He... agreed to help hide her. We did our best to keep her hidden, snuck her outside when we could....

*Fell falls silent. His gaze returns to Rose.

Fell:....The rest of this isn't my story to tell alone. You were asking about the VOID, right?

*Fell looks back at Otane and Briar.

Fell:I... didn't actually plan on leaving my world. Didn't know it was possible. One day I was walking through Hotland and the next thing I know... I was falling. I was pulled into the VOID, at least, that's what Gaster says happened. Eventually we found a way out, but... the Monsters had been freed in the time I was in the VOID. Most Gasters... from what I've heard, were forgotten by their AU when they fell. I figured that there wasn't anything left for me there, since there was no chance anyone remembered me. I went back to the VOID.

May 28th 2022 17:28