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(Akemi Chiyo)
14 / Female / Its Complicated
Hampton , ??? - United States
“I wonder if that's how darkness wins, by convincing us to trap it inside ourselves, instead of emptying it. I don't want it to win.”
— Jasmine Warga
No, I am not depressed. I just like dark quotes.

The real question is...

What are you doing here...


Still here?


Few more scrolls left~


Hello, and welcome to the bio.

Roleplaying is a way to escape reality; that's why I do it.
I have three years of experience in roleplaying. And, since I adapted quickly and began to love roleplaying, I gained more experience in writing.
If I like you and we're close enough, I'll give you my discord and probably my real name.

I mainly do MXM or FXF roleplays. Sometimes MXF if that's what they prefer.
I don't roleplay with 40+ people. (But, of course, I will make an exception and we can stay RP partners or friends!)

I'm a switch.
I'm bisexual.

I'm not a fan of Star Wars.
I may not be a hardcore fan of anime. But I do enjoy it.
I'm a complete sucker for fictional men and villainous women.

Don't be fooled by the age.
Also, I'm a BL fanatic, and even though I can't remember the names, sometimes I will always find the BL I'm searching for.

Don't be afraid to send me a friend request. I'll gladly accept if I want to and feel like we'll get along well.

Please read the rules and let me know if you followed them. Send me your favorite color or something.


You are gay and you know it...
Bye-Bye for now!<3

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Guys I'm going on my well-deserved and long-awaited spring break. So, I won't be on for a week plus two extra days.
Mood: blissful
4  21 hours ago

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Hey you've been offline for a few days now! I'm just making sure your ok?
Feb 25th 2023 21:37

Feb 23rd 2023 19:39

We still good to RP it's been a few days.
Feb 21st 2023 16:25

Feb 15th 2023 20:58

We still good to RP?
Feb 15th 2023 18:44

Dec 31st 2022 19:53

elloooo- you still wanna rp?))
Nov 10th 2022 12:07

ello?u there?))
Nov 9th 2022 11:02