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(Akemi Chiyo)
15 / Female / In Love
I EAT NUGGIES, They are removing dino nuggies ;-; - United States
"I saw you, I heard you, I listened for you, I've come to take you..."

*★.。. .。.:*☆*: .。. o .。.:*☆*: .。. o .。.:*☆**★°*:.☆:*.°★* 。
Hello, beautiful creature. Thank you, for gracing me with your presence, and welcome to the bio. I hope you enjoy your stay<3

Roleplaying is fun and sometimes helps me escape the world; that's why I do it.

I have four and a half years of experience in roleplaying. Since I adapted quickly and began to love roleplaying, I have gained more experience in writing.

Please be patient with me. I'm only 15, still in school, and the oldest of three. So, if anything's bugging, annoying, or pissing you off, please let me know in advance. I'm not on very often, so apologies if I get back to you late. ಥ_ಥ

Things I'm obsessed with: Men, soft doms, doms, vampires, giants, femboys, tomboys, and f*tas~! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
To dominate or be dominanted
To be submissive or make them submissive

A few genres I enjoy are Fantasy, medieval, action, comedy, romance, angst, dark themes, and a bunch more but those are the ones I enjoy the most.

Don't be afraid to send me a friend request. I'll gladly accept if I want to, and I feel like we'll get along well.

~Ongoing Rp's~

Please read the rules and let me know if you follow them. and

Bye-bye for now!<3

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Okay, so it's exam week and I've tried to be on here as much as possible. But it's not working so, I'll be taking a 2 week break, to study for the upcoming exams. Thanks for understanding. ヾ(≧▽≦*)o
0  May 14th 2024 14:24

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Q. Poke
A. Boop
 Aug 10th 2023 11:35

Q. still here?
A. Yep, sorry. I'll reply to you tomorrow gotta go to a b-day party.
 May 21st 2023 20:47

Latest Comments

I glanced at your profile and became sad that no one left you a proper comment, so let me try to make your day brighter and shine with the same radiance as felt when you post. ~~

Cookiescent is a marvelous writer, I have been playing with her for almost a year now, and boy, the improvement in the girl’s prose is astonishing. From a simple sci-fi story with simple characters, to a medieval story about a Witch Hunter and a Witch, the abyss between both of the stories, be related to lore, to technique, to way of replying and size of replies. It’s a marvel to see how proficient Akemi turned out to be.

I never play Para stories because I’m a Multi-Para/Novella writer, but with Cookiescent, she makes every post so well crafted, and so well written. Full of references, and in a way that only few here are capable of doing. And it makes me more astonished that she does that in one or two paragraphs! How? What is your witchery?

Out-of-character, Akemi is this sweet person that always supports this dying carcass of mine. (Thank you so much for it darling.) Always replying to stuff that I create and making her witty comments and showing her her esteem for my craft. She is clever and quite receptive, always getting the idea you propose and creating her own twist.

I cannot let Cookiescent without a proper comment, because this gal is pure gold. If you want a good RP, with someone that really has improved her game throughout the time. This girl is for you. <3

“I have traveled so far.
I have not seen such a star shine so bright.
Right in the middle of the sky.
Your shiny splendor makes you so unique.

In this weird, convoluted sea of stars.
Never stop shining brighter in the sky.
Oh, my beaming heavenly star.
Because, my sweet Cookiescent.

You deserve it all.”

Nov 17th 2023 00:12

Dec 31st 2022 19:53

elloooo- you still wanna rp?))
Nov 10th 2022 12:07

ello?u there?))
Nov 9th 2022 11:02