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MORAX's Blog

After his obvious defeat

He didn't take well his defeat but the worst was receiving his punishment for loosing. He was caught very off guard by the new skills TiHao showed, he already hated every single IA but now he got a special place in his heart.
His special spot among IA, because of his skills and coldness in killing, threatened by TiHao. He gets demoted and sent to serve Ri on Earth.
He doesn't love being an IA, but in his life he has never known anything else and working for Sao diligently lets him avoid all the pain. Till now.
He had found a girl and brought her to his island, not knowing she wasn't really interested and was just taking profit of him. Sao gets rid of her after the fail and it breaks his heart.

He travels on Earth after getting ready. He wears full black outfit with hat, not because he is obsessed with layers but there is so much sun.
He meets Ri and is sent to serve Song at the place of TiHao just that he totally freaks out and doesn't come out of his room all day.
He walks out in the garden and sits near the pool, in the shadows. He sends death stares in direction of TiHao's villa, feeling so much hate right now. It is morning.
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He is hunting in the nearby forest. He is unsure about his situation but he actually feels fine up there in the mountains in that lonely place, also because now there is MiRea, everything turned sweeter.

He found a few rabbits till now. He doesn't feed with animals, disliking the smell of their blood too much, he is picky.
As he gathers enough, he goes to hand them to Haru, to cook. He then goes back outside, starting to look for wood branches around.
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If a man said what Haru did, he wouldn't have cared but it was her. He has this thing for women, he wouldn't want to disappoint any of them but it happened.
He is sad but still he wants to do something to make the situation better. Haru said she has no money, so he decides to risk and go to steal some but first he goes to ask Boo to join him. They go to one of the closest cities.
Basically they break inside a loan shark's place and steal whatever they find but they clumsily get caught and followed by guards. They manage to escape by miracle, or better, Haru, who decided to follow them, being suspicious, saves their asses.
Once they reach back the ruins, Haru makes her appearance. Before, she remained hidden all the time. "You said you want freedom?" She gives a glance at both.
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Starting to study

There is not too much to learn in a brothel, even if it would be useful to know how exactly is it made, since he has a twisted idea right now.
Anyway, he is reading a book in the kitchen. It is evening and he turned off all the lights. It is a book MoonBin gave him, in hope he manages to enjoy his time with an entertaining read.
Unluckily Zhan took it more as an order and duty, indeed he is trying to finish it as fast as possible, that's also why the turned off lights.
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On the run again

After leaving his Island, he gets very close to be captured again by Sao and his men. He manages to get away the last second but he is clueless where he could go to find shelter, considering all Yung's belongings are off limits. He just enters an unknown house, clueless what is it exactly.
He sneaks inside from the back, ending up in the kitchen. He looks for a hideout there.
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