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They intend to test the three, especially Miko, for the main role she is going to take in the matter.
She received the message and heads to the Palace at the specific time.
Zhongli gathered all his old fart friends for the matter, but first of all, they invite Aron and Chan in, telling Miko to wait outside.
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He is starting to deal with all the issues caused by Orchid and the sudden death of the previous king. Actually, people were quick to relate him to Rex Lapis and they are already considering him like a God who saved them all.
He appoints his new officers first of all, giving Jing Yuan and Morax a high position to help him out. As for Cyno and Chan, he lets them choose what they would like to do. He wouldn't insist on them taking important roles but he would appreciate their help. As for Aron, he appoints him a researcher. Shul and WooPil are too young and left free...but of course now there is school and they might have to go.

Raiden and Shangque returned to their role. Shangque has always been seen as the protector of Lianxi, but Raiden is mostly interested in protecting Kaeya and Arashi.

Shin doesn't take any role for himself for now. He wants to have a better understanding of the situation first.
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He has never felt so powerless before. It fell hard on him to see Cyno getting tortured, but he held on and didn't speak, regardless it was painful even for him.
He is not completely fine when they return, both physically and mentally, but he knows he cannot allow himself to lower his guard. He just takes the necessary time to rest and right now he is still in bed in his room, his powers slowly starting to be restored after they purified She'er.

Raiden and Shangque are both still hurt, they are slowly recovering and can't take their dragon form for now. their bodies are covered with dragon scars while healing. Kaeya is remaining close to Raiden but he still didn't tell the others much, he is still in so much pain but didn't cry at all.
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The morning after, he and the others begin early with their training. Zhongli lets WooPil sleep longer since he woke up in the middle of the night. He goes to his room to wake him up when it is already 10am, with a tray with a nice breakfast. "We are beginning, deary. Eat your breakfast, then come to join in the yard, alright?" He smiles at WooPil, patting his head. "Take your time."

Said that, he heads out again, to monitor the others and making sure Jing Yuan is not lazying!! Even Aron is training with them, since it is mostly physical stuff.
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As promised, he brings the boys lots of food supplies and other useful stuff they might need, like blankets, extra futons, stuff for bathroom and more.
He didn't forget what he has to do. When he finally returns to Cloud Recesses, he brings WooPil to bed and then goes to look for Cyno to give him his brutal scolding.
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