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MORAX's Blog


When he returns from Earth, he is warned WooPil has gone missing. That makes him extremely worried and immediately sends people to look for him, find any useful clue to find the child.
He is trying his all to find as many clues as possible, people of Guyun being by his side since he made WooPil one very loved prince.
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He insists on joining WooPil's dream just in case after the recent events. From the cursed young men to the bugged SU, he can't stop working to solve the matters.
He tries to make sure there is always some help for the boys, while they rest. Hudie is working hard these days but turns out it is also helping him to train his powers.
Zhongli decides to join WooPil himself, just in case. He wants to understand if fights can be avoided or if it is necessary to finish the whole fight to get out.
He waits for the child to fall asleep, then Hudie gives Zhongli access to the dream.

Zhongli and WooPil find themselves in Seirai Island.
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They finally get back home. He finds Jing Yuan to be reported what's going on. He is nervous about it, but realizes Jing Yuan and Qi are already doing their all and there is little he could do to help, so he decides to go to pay a visit to Cyno.
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His promises are like contracts and he will do his everything to fullfill them. He has a talk with WonPil to make sure he is alright, then he takes them all back to the apartment where he intends to finish to prepare the meal he promised WooPil.
''I'll be in the kitchen, I'll cook dinner. Are you hungry? Do you have any food preferences?'' He asks, but still intending to cook that pasta with tomato sauce.
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He didn't forget Chan's birthday, he feels terrible for forcing him to come on Earth. He didn't want to return to him empty handed, he tried to find a special gift for him, something able to tell him how much he appreciates and loves him. It is a difficult choice and only when he finally makes it, he heads back to the apartment. Just that it is already late night when he does.

He leaves his gift on the table together with a letter:
| Dear Chan, it has been difficult for you in the last period, I'm sorry I was unable to give you more support. I want you to know how special and important you are for me, I couldn't wish for a better son. You are responsable, caring, always ready to step up for your family.
I'll be always ready to lend you my help in any situation as well.
No matter what the future brings, let's always stay together as a family. We'll fight whatever stands on our way. |
The gift is mostly snacks he knows Chan likes, plus a particular precious stone he created for Chan, black with dark red shades.
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