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MORAX's Blog

"Who lives his life in evil, evil ways."

Lui non può mai lasciare casa di KM, perché è costretto ad obbedire agli ordini di suo cugino Sao, come ogni altro Assassino Imperiale. Si annoia da morire... quando non hai nessuno a cui rovinare la vita e la puzza del volpone che tenta di spiarti in segreto nonostante puoi sentire la sua puzza attraverso due mondi, il pomeriggio si fa davvero triste e cupo. Specialmente per uno come lui.

Al momento si sta sgranchendo un po' le gambe, facendo acrobazie assurde davanti alla casa, giusto per stiracchiarsi.
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1 | 20 Comments | Sep 25th 2017 15:53

"There once was a man, an evil evil man"

Starter #1, to Persida. When he is not busy ruining people's lives and damaging the world, he spends his whole time alone in his room, in the dark. He always keeps his senses sharp, to make sure Bun Tzi doesn't leave the place and that suspicious presences approach. Among all IA, he is the one who can afford the least to fail Sao and is possibly the one whom is the most terrified of him.
He often receives some mysterious letters and sends many himself, without ever answering to whomever asks him about it.
After paying a little visit to KM for his daily bite, he aims to return to his room to be on his own for some time.

Starter #2, for everybody else. Amiir invites them all to come over at his candy shop. He didn't even give them a reason, just sent messages with written: "come to my shop asap."
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1 | 47 Comments | Sep 25th 2017 11:43

Life sucks.

{After the little mission in the South, KM initially considered to go to Sao and tell him just the truth, while handing the token to him. He didn't manage to. Fear took over him and he went to buy a bottle of blood from the KoZ, to cover himself with it. He lied to the Captain, telling him he did just everything he ordered and Sao didn't bother to investigate, seeming to have trusted him.

Not too long after that, "curiously", a number of Southern mercenaries attacked one of Sao's residence, the one where Carlie and Bun Tzi were in, at that time. The shapeshifter, together with Sao's dogs, are enough to make a massacre of the attackers, most of which end up burned alive.
Dogs though, make sure to keep one alive for "daddy", for questioning purposes.}

Without any warning and with usual support from Edward, Sao simply shows up in the North, in front of KM's home. And he is not alone. With him are Bun Tzi and an Imperial Assassin, wearing the typical uniform but of totally new colours compared to the ones they are used to see.
The IA's uniform is very dark red with golden decorations. He has the mark on his neck like all the others and a long dadao (greatsword) on his back.
The mysterious IA keeps an amused smirk.
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2 | 67 Comments | Sep 24th 2017 11:14


Dopo aver scoperto che Clary si è sposata, lui si è di sicuro incavolato a morte. E dato che non vuole parlare con lei (non riuscirà a restare arrabbiato più di due ore tanto), lui decide di andare all'Istituto per conto suo e senza dire nulla a nessuno per fare delle ricerche su quesro Victor Aldertree.

Lui cerca di non dare nell'occhio, nervoso come un cane colpevole con tutti gli Shadowhunter che lo fissano come se potessero ucciderlo con gli occhi.
Lui rimane in mezzo alla stanza con tutti gli schermi con una espressione da ebete. °-° •Buonasera ragazzi..?•
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1 | 32 Comments | Apr 28th 2017 04:46


After meeting with the guys, he didn't manage to just pretend nothing happened and leave them behind. Mainly because he thinks the King will really hand them to the eastern at some point and he can only imagine what would be of them once there.

Basically, if they were given to the eastern and got tortured and killed when him could do something to spare them from that, he would feel entirely guilty for that.

Thus, after turning in the bed a thousands times, he decided to do a crazy and dangerous thing.

Luckily for him, due to the mess in the city there is barely anybody really guarding the dungeons, which gave him a clear path to the cells and the keys.

He reaches the guys, it is very late night and tries to wake them up, with loud whispers.
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3 | 39 Comments | Jan 1st 2017 06:06