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He is immediately told what happened once back, his first worry are Chan and WooPil of course, so he rushes to see them before anything else.
Qi is already checking them for good to make sure they are fine, also to mend wounds where there are.
Zhongli rushes inside the room. "Chan, WooPil!" He pulls them both for a hug. He'll always embarass them, no matter what.
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He knows he has to be away for a few days. He really wouldn't want to, especially with the newborn babies but there is no choice.
He checks his teapot just in case but it confirms Roseslasher indeed broke free somehow.
He gathers Chan, Cyno, Jing Yuan and the rest of the court to explain the situation. He tries to share among them all his duties.

He has a couple of horses prepared, with supplies for the travel. He doesn't let it be known he is leaving. In very early morning, he and WonPil get on their horses and begin to travel. "Lead the way." Of course Roseslasher is with Zhongli.
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He takes care of Zaiyi, telling him to stay in his residence for a few days, until he feels a bit better. Even their child is there at the moment, he seems all sweet around his parents, a bit less when servants approach.
He thinks he needs to hurry, seeing how big Chaoxiang was when he took him out, so he summons Childe and XiFan right away, following the same procedure. To his surprise, those children are a bit more average in size, meaning he was not so wrong with timings after all, Chaoxiang being the exception.

He gives his names: LeYang - for Childe's son, meaning 'happy sea' - , Muyang - XiFan's son, meaning 'bathe in sun' - and Chaoxiang - Zaiyi's son, meaning 'expecting fortune' - .
He invites them all to be in his residence for now, but they are free to refuse. He insists on keeping the kids there for a bit, he wants to monitor them but also be with them, he feels happy.
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He takes LianSul to Ziqun where they explain the situation about the curse, but not even he is able to solve the problem, he can't remove it.
Zhongli takes LianSul to the palace and gives him a proper residence for him and SulBang to stay. Settled things there, he returns to his own residence. Once there he sits by the short table in the darkness, lost in his thoughts. Anyone can visit.
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He is warned that WooPil returned to the palace safely, but he is still very angry at his concubines regardless and intends to punish them. Luckily WooPil is fine or they might have really faced something bad.
He has them all kneeling and uses magic on them, they don't feel anything at first. He sends them away, telling them to return to their residences and to not show up in front of him for a few days.

He immediately visits WooPil to make sure his boy is alright and also asks what happened exactly. He is not sure what to think about Johan's involvement, but since WooPil is fine, he lets it be.
Some days pass and his mood is still not great. He works as usual, but doesn't go to meet anyone, he just fullfills his duties and returns to his own residence.

It is morning and he is heading towards the throne room. Meanwhile, the days he asked his concubines to not show up are passed.
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