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After taking with Chan and the others, he leaves to look for Skylar. First, he returns to the cafe to ask for him, then to the fortress. He hopes to find him soon, also because he wants to see if the book is actually in his hands, one can never be too sure.
Meanwhile, he also warns Windhope about what he found, the possible spell that could explain the disappearance of the book.
He arrives to the fortress and starts looking for Skylar.
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After the informations provided by Windhope regarding the disappearance of the book, he starts making his own researches. First checking the seal, then any tracks near the scene, but nothing.
In Cloud Recesses, he begins searching among the books for possible spells able to do such things. He finds a few interesting books that could contain that information. Surprisingly enough, he doesn't know literally everything.

He decides to return to Shuguang with the books and search them together with a good tea and a sweet, so he heads to the cafe and sits by a table. After ordering, he begins reading.
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He teleports them all in the place and starts taking a look around properly. He gives them all time to settle themselves, while he makes his own schelude for their training.
By the time they are all done, it is dinner time. He decides to start proper training the day after by now.
He takes a look at what the others are doing.
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After agreeing with Chan to use that place, they split. Some of them indeed join the battlefield to find possible weapons, while Zhongli returns to Shuguang, intending to look for KiNo and anyone could have joined him.
He returns to the palace, hoping he stayed there but one can never be too sure with him. "KiNo? I am back...KiNo? I came to take you with me as soon as I could."
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He moves aside and meditates all night. That's one of his ways to rest, he aims to relax his mind and have everything clearer on what to do next. He wants to find out what attacked WooPil and get rid of it, if it is even possible.
He stops in the morning and goes to check on the others, wondering if WooPil woke up.
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