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Zhongli returns home after visiting the brothel, finding his gift. He cannot help but smile at the sight of the written apology, clearly written by WooPil. He is not sure what it might be about, he thinks he accidentally broke something or such, nothing really bad.
It is already late, but he decides to try and see if WooPil is already asleep. Otherwise, he'll stay with him for the night. He heads to his residence without alerting the servants, just doing everything quietly.
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He looks into the matter but he cannot find anything out about a Meng family, LiHao keeps lying, no matter what he asks. He can tell he is not being honest, as he starts contradicting himself on a few points.
He decides to let him be for now and continue with his own researches on the matter. He didn't expect someone to burst inside the brothel that same evening, calling for a certain LiHao. When it happens, Li tries his all to get away from Zhongli and those two people, even managing to leave the brothel from a window, even if it is dark, rainy and he is barely wearing anything.
He approaches those people. ''What brings you here? Who is this LiHao?''
''He is our son! He ran away from home a year ago, he is only 16! We heard he could be here. Give him back to us!'' The father says aggressively.
''Take the matter to the guards, if you lost him. Why cause this fuss? I'm certain he cannot be here, they would never hide a 16 years old.''
They continue to try to argue, but Zhongli remains calm and diplomatic, until they finally leave.
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He invites Jing Yuan for lunch to discuss the matter, he also plans to summon Chan after hearing what he has to say regarding Johan. He is very thoughtful, troubled by the whole situation.
He is sat by the table already. Food hasn't been served yet.
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The day after, as promised, he sends an invitation to Miko for dinner, in order to get to know her better, but turns out there is no way to contact her. She has never replied to the message and she is not answering the calls. After what happened the day before and all the suspects they raised, he doesn't know what to think, but definitely nothing good out of it. He cannot help but always worry about Chan and who he is dating, especially after what happened with Cyno's boyfriend.
He casually comes across Raiden. She is always looking sad and lost, even if she does everything she is told diligently, especially if orders come from the old men, She'er in particular. He decides to ask her to investigate Miko, also a way to distract her. Anyone would suffer a lot, but for a dragon, loosing who she bounded with, is really dreadful and it is like a piece of them was gone with the dead.
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Time between old men

He takes Morax and Jing Yuan and together they visit the newly opened brothel of the place. It is very decent and monitored, Zhongli is proud of it and wants to give it a try himself.
He doesn't reveal who they are, but he is well dressed, giving rich vibes. He minds his own business and asks for a private table to share drinks with his people while they send some talented prostitute to serve them, that they can choose from. Zhongli is surprisingly comfortable in that environment and is quick to choose a girl with some very naughty vibes - there are both males and females, but Zhongli chooses evilness over gender of course - . XD
She takes a spot next to him, starting to serve him wine. ''Take out the cards, Morax.''
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