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He returns to Liyue Harbor eventually. He takes Xiao from Nortrig with him, letting him stay by his side.
He can't help but think about the message from Childe, though, so the next day, he heads to the northen bank to see if he is there.
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He leaves in hurry and goes to check on the seal. He is certain it was broken and his enemy was released, just that he can't wait for Qixing and adepti to come all the way.
He is ready to fight himself, should it be needed.
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Land of Contracts.

Finally they make it to Liyue. Zhongli is extremely thoughtful and troubled about both Xiaos, for a reason or another, he wants to uncover the mystery behind Xiao from Nortrig, while easing Xiao from Teyvat's burden. He still has a long way before then, though.
He takes a deep breath once they cross the bridge, feeling relieved to be home. Lantern RIte festival in the air makes it even better. "It seems we reached our final destination. Come find me, should you need anything." Except mora. "Wanshang Funeral Parlor, Zhongli." Quick reminder to be sure. "Are you in need for a place?"
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An old friend.

He looks for Venti all over Mondstadt, unsure where he might live. He is of course followed by his newly formed guild, Thoma included.
Eventually they are told where to find Venti and head to the cathedral. Zhongli thinks he is there for holy purposes for his worshippers of course.
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*He is 20 years old*

He has been out of sight for a while. He grabbed the chance to be free from Sao and moved the farthest possible from him.
He has never been the brightest when it comes to women. It wouldn't even be the first time he gets tricked by a woman, it is as if he looks for that kind of trouble.

He has been living in the West and right now not in the best condition as he was completely robbed of any money, jewel he had. The only thing she couldn't take is his greatsword.
He is walking in the market. Regardless the heat, he is covered completely and wears a satgat.
He has a little bundle wrapped in a long cloth, tied around his shoulder and waist, on the front. His greatsword is on his back, wrapped in cloth as well. It is extremely long but not thick.
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