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Their investigations are not going anywhere. He'd like to focus on more pleasant matters, like the exploration team, but he can't give up to the idea It was all just a natural disaster. It happened while he wasn't present, he fears someone within the palace is guilty. Of course he doesn't give for granted Verfall is innocent, but there is nothing seeming to point him to the accident. Guards at the gate didn't report of him among the people who left the walls, ever since he arrived to Guyun.
Anyhow, he decides to return to the place of the accident to investigate again, find tracks they ignored before.
He returns to the city when done there, keeping a low profile.
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1 | 77 Comments | Mar 31st 2024 17:05

Another day

After enjoying his time in the new place, he has to get back to work. And done with his duties, as they agreed the day before, he prepares and goes to meet Chan to go to investigate those places. He also started reading some books from the library of the new house to see if there is any interesting intel from the past.
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WooPil's birthday

For his boy's special day, he works only in the morning, asking for the others' help to cover him for the afternoon duties, to spend as much time with WooPil as possible. He lets him choose anything he'd like to do before dinner time, where he made sure to get served all WooPil's favorite dishes, inviting their closest people to take part to the dinner.
Together with the cake Elton prepared for the occasion, Zhongli takes out the gifts for his child, letting him unwrap the sheets set and the pajamas. And even if they try to make things humble and simple, some servants knew of the celebration and word reached most people. Turns out several servants ask the permission to bring their homage to the little prince, as he is very loved. It warms his heart to see several people showing their appreciation to his sweet child.
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He returns to his residence, after another long day. He has many things on his mind, plus, he heard what happened with WonPil in the city and is eagerly waiting for a report, knowing Jing Yuan went to investigate the matter.
He enters the residence, eager to meet his children and relax a little. ''I'm back...where are my little boys?''
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It has been a few days and things are finding a balance in the Great Huang thanks to She'er.
She'er returns to Zhongli and visits him in the throne room but he is not alone. A tall, blonde and elegant man, dressed in a total black outfit, is following She'er. They both pay their respect to the king and begin to discuss what has been done in the Great Huang so far.
When done, She'er returns to deal with the job he left behind while Zhongli is walking in the palace with Verfall, still talking.
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1 | 43 Comments | Mar 11th 2024 17:52