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As promised, he brings the boys lots of food supplies and other useful stuff they might need, like blankets, extra futons, stuff for bathroom and more.
He didn't forget what he has to do. When he finally returns to Cloud Recesses, he brings WooPil to bed and then goes to look for Cyno to give him his brutal scolding.
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He returns a few hours after, actually. He is carrying Red Dawn in his arms, she is fainted. He reaches the buildings locations, he is wearing his God cloth still and there is some dust on him.
He doesn't want the children to see him, so he enters the first building on his way, placing Red Dawn on the bedding. Someone could be already inside, otherwise he will go to find someone once done mending Red Dawn a little.
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He is very hyped for Chan's date, wanting to know how it goes. He looks forward to it so much but of course he didn't forget his duties. He goes to look for WooPil in the evening. "My baby boy, are you ready for bath?"
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After the funeral, as they head back to the teapot, he takes care of others' meal, making something simple and chill. He notices Kio is not present at dinner, he is always in his mind after what happened.
He eats something quickly then leaves the others to look for him. He wants to be of comfort for him, someone he can cling to now that Martin is gone. Other than his relationship with Martin, he thinks Kio has no one else in the world that would take him, so he is even more motivated.
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He takes his whole squad of old powerful farts to go to talk to Childe. He doesn't intend to let him play with him, since the matter is urgent and serious.
He heads to the Northland Bank and asks for Childe, explaining it is very urgent.
They are told to wait outside while they call him. Zhongli obeys, but while they are outside, he ends up noticing Dan Heng nearby.
He approaches him. "Why are you outside, boy? You risk to get lost...better if you stick with us, it is not a good idea you wander alone."
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1 | 34 Comments | Aug 6th 2023 06:53