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Started by Spade , Nov 11th 2019 19:22

Spade - Jun 30th 2022 16:55

*Fortunately for Dizzy, the next turn right doesn't lead to an alleyway, but instead to a much smaller street. A few buildings have stairways with various ponies lounging on the steps, apartments more than likely, while others are obviously shops.*

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SchemingWeasel - Jul 1st 2022 20:42

*Dizzy sighs in relief, continuing forwards with more confidence now. No rats here hopefully. She looks back at Stripes for a moment before focussing on moving forward. Except that one. She can't see herself /ever/ liking that one.*

*A splitting pain ricochets through her head and she nearly stumbles over her own hooves. Images flash through her mind of possible scenarios where Stripes joins their group and she becomes good friends with them, there's a sense of friendly affection that leeks into her own conscience at seeing these, as if her possible future self is giving her these emotions, but she shakes her head, quickly clearing them all in disgust.*

*Wait. No. That image was different from the others. What was that? WAIT. NO. Why can't she SEE IT AGAIN?! She needs to know what it was! She stops in her tracks, closing her eyes hard and desperately trying to reconjure the image back to her mind but it's gone and she's left confused and anxious. It felt important, lost amongst all the mindless crap. DAMNIT. WHY DOESN'T SHE HAVE CONTROL OVER THIS DUMB POWER?! WHY CAN'T SHE CHOOSE WHAT SHE SEES AND WHEN?! Though her foresight only leaves her this time with a mocking sense of silence.*

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Spade - Jul 2nd 2022 12:02

Stripes:Are you okay?

*Stripes has moved away from Heart and closer to Dizzy, staring at the mare with obvious concern. Solar is on Dizzy's other side, frowning slightly, but keeps silent. Stripes looks between him and Heart.*

Stripes:Does this happen alot?

*Heart only shrugs.*


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SchemingWeasel - Jul 2nd 2022 20:38


*She frowns, panic spreading across her face for a moment before dread kicks in and she comes back to her senses. She shakes her head again, slowly continuing to walk forwards.*

Dizzy: This... wasn't meant to happen... Something changed. Everything was going fine and now there's something new and that's not /Supposed/ to happen. This isn't /MEANT/ to be how it goes! I don't know what it means-

*She winces, looking faint, but quickly she picks up her pace again, heading back to the apartment as quickly as possible.*

Dizzy: My head hurts...

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Spade - Jul 4th 2022 18:37

*Stripes steps away from Dizzy, startled by the outburst. Heart's eyes narrow, stepping forward and opening her mouth to say....something, but quickly closes it when she sees how pale Dizzy has became.*

*Solar hurries after Dizzy, walking close enough so if Dizzy stumbles he'll be able to to help steady her. Stripes stares at the two for a moment, before following, motioning for Heart to follow. Heart does, though the mare frowns to herself.*

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SchemingWeasel - Jul 4th 2022 19:22

*The trip back to the apartment is rather uneventful after this. Stepping back into it and Dancer is standing on one of the bar stools as a large jet-black snake flicks its tongue from the floor. Dizzy scoops it up, heading back to her room with it.*


*She looks over to Stripes, not recognising them for a beat before she falls off the stool she was balanced on. She groans but quickly gets back up to her feet. She looks exhausted, as if she spent the entirety of the night before awake.*

Dancer: Oh! You're that dude I always see at the local gym! I thought I recognised your face. Are you and Heart dating?

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Spade - Jul 4th 2022 19:49

*At that question, Heart's face immediately turns beet red, leaving her sputtering denials. Stripes, however, stares at Dancer for a moment before breaking out into laughter.*

Stripes:D-Dating? Me and Heart?

*Stripes starts to laugh again, only stopping when Heart lightly punches his shoulder.*

Stripes:Ah...Hah.... That was great. Seriously though, we aren't. TinMare here is sorta like a sibling to me.

*Heart stiffens at the nickname, glaring at Stripes. Stripes ignores this, throwing a foreleg around Heart's neck and grinning, fully aware of and ignoring the grave he's digging himself. Stripes stares at the two with a raised brow.*


Stripes:Yep~! That's Heart~

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SchemingWeasel - Jul 4th 2022 20:29

Dancer: Ooooookay. So like, isn't Lime with you guys then? I thought he would've been here today but he's not in the apartment so I thought you were maybe all together. After erm... the whole stray dog breaking into the apartment thing, I thought you guys would be sticking closer together.

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Spade - Jul 5th 2022 17:52

*Heart and Solar grimace at the question.*

Solar:Something.... happened while we were out. It's....kinda blowing up social media.


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SchemingWeasel - Jul 5th 2022 19:18

*Dancer gives a half-hearted shrug.*

Dancer: Well... Yeah? I follow him so I sorta picked up on all that. But I sorta thought he wouldn't take it to heart, like the general public is full of idiots. Isn't he used to that kinda stuff by now? Don't tell me he actually got offended by that stuff and is now ignoring us...

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