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Started by Spade , Nov 11th 2019 19:22

Spade - May 24th 2022 19:57


*Solar looks away from Dizzy, staring outside the window. His gaze falls on Stripes as he tries to think of what to say next.*

Solar:Have you... wait-

*Solar pauses, eyes narrowing slightly as he watches the figure sitting next to Stripes. The gray colored unicorn is fiddling with a pouch, occasionally glancing at Stripes before taking some bits from the pouch and adding them to a smaller one.*

Solar:Uh... I think Heart's friend is being mugged?

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SchemingWeasel - May 24th 2022 20:13

*Dizzy goes to glance out the window but quickly averts her eyes elsewhere, wincing again.*

Dizzy: I really don't want to see the hundred-or-so outcomes of this- why can't we just live quiet, undisturbed lives- Heart! How much do you like your himbo friend?

*She glances over to Heart, a migraine clearly forming.*

Dizzy: Because if you're only with him for his cash, I would suggest checking on him before he gets completely pick-pocketed.

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Spade - May 24th 2022 20:57

*Heart looks up from the book she's holding, clearly confused until she looks out the window and sees what's happening. Her eyes widen for a second before narrowing, a dark look overtaking her expression. She races out the shop's front door with a yell, nearly forgetting to put down the card and book.*

Heart:Get away from him!

*Wit startles at the noise, looking up from her book and out the window. She frowns as she watches what happend next. Stripes wakes at Heart's yell and the unicorn next to him startles, dropping Stripes' bit pouch immediately running off, disappearing into the crowd. Heart scowls when she loses sight of the small unicorn, though quickly turns her attention back to Stripes, checking to see if he's unharmed. Stripes seems fine, though he look a bit miffed as he checks to see how much was stolen.*

Wit:Again? Eesh... Ponies these days. It's just getting worse.

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SchemingWeasel - May 24th 2022 21:03

*Dizzy lets out a long sigh.*

Dizzy: Tell me about it. My hometown was somehow worse though as I remember it. At least there isn't as much gang violence and raids here...

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Spade - May 28th 2022 17:38

*Wit sighs, nodding though her gaze doesn't leave Stripes and Heart.*

Wit:I'll believe you. From what I know, gang violence and raids happen mostly in the bad parts of the city. Can't help but feel bad for the ponies stuck in those areas...

*Solar remains silent in the background.*

*Heart and Stripes enter the shop in silence, the zebra clearly fuming. Heart grabs the card and book she had and heads over to the counter. She places both items on the counter, offering Wit a strained smile.*

Heart:....'m ready to check out now.

*Wit glances at Stripes before looking back at Heart and nodding.*


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SchemingWeasel - May 28th 2022 18:57

*Dizzy gives the three a long, contemplative look before she turns her gaze back to the shelves. Even if she doesn't plan on purchasing one, there's comfort in reading the titles and taking in that familiar, new-book smell. Perhaps she'll have to come back here again at some point, once things have calmed a little.*

Dizzy: Found anything you like the look of, Solar?

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Spade - May 29th 2022 17:56

*Solar is caught off guard by the question, but eventually offers a small shrug.*

Solar:Uh... Hehe... It's... It's nice to see that there's a large section for Magical Theory and the like? Back at home, it was harder to find books like these.

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SchemingWeasel - May 29th 2022 19:55

*Dizzy blinks in surprise, watching Solar's expression with curiosity. She's seen a lot in the timelines and yet she still knows so little about her own friends. Sure, she knows how they could die and she knows their strengths and some weaknesses but they themselves? It feels like she only knows their battle statistics the more she thinks about it...*

Dizzy: How come? Where do you come from, Flare-Bear?

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Spade - May 29th 2022 22:02

Solar:From Manechester. I lived in the town of Wingan. It was mostly populated by pegasi, so.... Books on the science of magic weren't as common there. It made doing research harder... but all the more reason to try and learn what I could. Nearly drove my folks mad when I kept asking for books on magic.

*Solar scratches the back of his neck, chuckling nervously.*

Solar:I guess I got lucky, huh? If my class hadn't gone to the crystal caverns nearby, I never would've found my love for studying magic and magical artifacts. Or gained my cutie mark from it.

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SchemingWeasel - May 30th 2022 20:06

Dizzy: That explains the accent at least...

*She shakes her head, smiling and beginning to head to the door.*

Dizzy: Unless there's something you'd like to get, maybe we should walk and talk? I think Heart's all done with the card. Speaking of, *She looks over to Heart, raising her voice slightly.* Hey, Heart? Is this a card just from you or from all of us? I can give you some of the bits back for it if you want.

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