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Ciaran Sullivan

(Ciaran's story is different because he includes a bit of a plot, so yeah, we can always change it during the rp, so don't worry about it too much)

Full Name: Ciaran Adalenia Sullivan
Alias/Nickname: He usually goes by his last name; Sullivan, or Sully
Birthday: April 26th
Year: 1167
Age: 850 (appears to be only 19 - 20)
Race: Vampire, British.
Height: 5'9
Weight: 98 pounds
Body Type: Feminine shape, but is still muscled with his extensive training.
Hair color: Red with blonde tips
Eye color: Bright yellow

Daily: Sullivan wears his uniform daily, he isn't too fond of the sash he has to wear on his left arm because it makes odd noises when it rubs up against the fabric of his jacket when he walks, but other than that no complaints.

Outside of Uniform: Sullivan will usually wear a under armour turtle neck that had a low back cut out, making it so that a bit of his upper back and all of his arms are out, he will also wear longer white gloves that was a bit looser around the wrists, along with black skinny jeans and brown combat boots.

Any complexs?: Bereavement Disorder/Complicated Grief Complex that developed from living so long and seeing so many loved ones die, along with being a sadist ironically enough. And Pyrophobia.

Skills: Dark magic, extreme speed, sword fighting, and the bow and arrow. He is also extremely flexible

Sexuality: Bisexual - Male Lean

Crush/partner: None.

Affilitation: Prince of Vampires, General of The Vampire Hunter Association, President of The Vampire Association. (VHA is for him to see what they're doing to his people, TVA is obvious.)

Family: Father, King of Vampires: Jarvan Adalenia Sullivan IV - Status: Alive
Mother, Queen of Vampires: Amelia Icelaind Sullivan - Status: Deceased
Elder Brother, Kiran Adalenia Sullivan - Status: Deceased

Relationships: Father: Hates, he physically hurt him growing up because he refused to kill animals when taken out hunting, or killing a human when taking out.. 'hunting'. He is occasionally slapped now but it is now mostly verbal.
Mother: Loved dearly, though he thought her to be an airhead because she was ignorant to most things.
Elder Brother: Looked up to, he was able to run to him during his times of need or sadness.

Friends: Other Generals of other divisions in the VHA, surprisingly enough he's come to love humans.

Likes: Humans, Vampires, Roses, Jelwery, Chap stick please and thank you. Greatest thing since sliced bread.

He also likes to dislike blood.

Dislikes: Seeing his people hurt, fire for it is what killed his family (minus his Father), any type of loud noises because it hurts his sensitive ears, so, yelling is included.

Personality: Sullivan is a soft vampire who has and extremely cold side and won't hesitate to say something to hurt your feelings or something that stings. His fangs were removed when he was a bit younger and are slowly growing back, he has to drink blood tablets which isn't blood, it's false, through a cup and straw. Sullivan has an extreme fear of fire and is extremely sensitive to emotions related to sadness, so he avoids trying to listen to anything about it or related to it.

Past/Plot Idea: Growing up Sullivan's race was hunted, the forces the Northern Vampires had, that was his families section, had little to no forces to fend off the humans, lots of them died and his brother wasted no time in saving him as he was pulled into the flames bigger than the 200 year old vampire Sullivan, he cried and cried for hours as he was taken away with his father to another country, city, some place called London, he grew up there and when he was old enough he left to (Enter unknown city name here because we need a place to place your OC), to where the TVA was found, he joined there and was imediately placed as President because he was the Prince, he then traversed the city and found out about the VHA and quickly joined there, he wears his hair to the side in a ponytail when there to hide the obvious fact of his ears, and worked up to become a General to at least get some type of information on what they're doing to his people.

-- Plot character types:
- Your character can be a person Sullivan meets in the VHA and befriends and is the first one to accidentally find out Sullivan's true origins but accepts him for it and protects him when others find out in the VHA
- Your character can be one of the generals he meets and is secretly knows who Sullivan is and works quietly behind the scenes to try and kill him, Character A being one I pre-make trying to stop you, but Sullivan stops Character A and eventually tries to befriend Your Character (this plot can go anywhere honestly.)

In the end unbeknowst to Sullivan, many of people were secretly after him.

"I've lived long enough to see through lies, do you think me a fool?"

"A paltry gambit...if you want to strike me, strike me head on, you coward!!"

"I am like a rose bush...push back my leaves and get stuck with a thorn..but if you're presistent enough.then you'll find a beautiful rose."

(Art is mine, please do not steal.)
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Andromeda Daryun

Full Name: Andromeda Daryun (Name Means: Ruler of Men, an amazon warrior.)
Alias/Nickname: Andy, Slayer of Armies.
Birthday: Feburary 12th
Year: 1843
Age: 21
Race: Japanese
Height: 6'0
Body Type: muscled from the hard training he does
Hair color: Raven
Eye color: Blue

Everyday: He wears the normal attire of a cavalry captain, though since he is also the prince's protector he wears the white and purple overcoat to which shows his high standing. His hair always remains in a high-ponytail

Any complexs?: No, but he is overprotective.

Skills: The lance, a sword, and a bow are his choice of weapons, though he isn't as good at the bow like how he is dominating with the spear and sword. Outside of weapons Andy is also good at hand-to-hand combat, just in the case of if he loses his weapons. Outside of fighting in general Andy is extremely good at cooking and drawing.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush/partner: None

Affilitation: Cavalry Captain, Momaru's Guard/Protector

Family: Uncle: Deceased

Relationships: Momaru: Overprotective of.

Friends: Momaru and other cavalry captains of other divisons.

Likes: Apples more than anything, drawing, listening to music, and painting.

Dislikes: People who refuse to admit defeat, people who put the lives of others at risk knowing they cannot win, and cowards.

Personality: Andromeda lives up to what his name means; A warrior. He usually doesn't talk to people, and you'll rarely catch him making any other facial expression besides a frown or anger when fighting, the occasional smile may pop up when talking to Momaru or having an especially pleasant conversation with the other captains, but that's it. Andromeda enjoys sharpening his skills, one can never sharpen your skills too much afterall.

Past: When Andromeda was 16 he lost his only family that he knew, his uncle, his uncle was the cavalry captain before him, he was also the right hand of the king, like an advisor of sorts, and Andromeda looked up to him always, his uncle also trained him in the way of the spear/lance and sword. Though he ended up losing his uncle to the opposing kingdom when they struck during the prince's maiden battle. Thus making a grudge form against the other kingdom.

"Be grateful that your end will be by my hand and not some savage's!"

"Here's a tip..and a spear behind it!"
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Mamoru Kazukiyo

Full Name: Mamoru Kazukiyo
Alias/Nickname: Mamo, Kazu, Zuki, Kiko, Zuzu
Birthday: December 21st
Year: 1845
Age: 19
Race: Japanese (Half demon)
Height: 5'8
Weight: 112
Body Type: Slender and lean, musculed body from the sword training he does, though he still remains with the soft curves in his torso, hidden by his kimono.
Hair color: Raven
Eye color: Golden. Red paint lines the outside of his eye to make it stand out more. (Like modern day eyeliner.)

Attire: Everyday: A red kimono is what he wears daily, black gloves on his hands with white markings on it, his parasol always with him.
Winter: During the winter, Mamoru doesn't usually get cold, but he still wears a small shawl like sweater to keep warm just in case.
Summer/Spring: Only difference is that he takes off one layer of his kimono.

Any complexs?: No.

Skills: Sword fighting, hand-to-hand combat, and magic/fire.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Crush/partner: None.

Affilitation: Prince of Suketoshi, kingdom of the flames. (Suketoshi doesn't mean that fyi.)

Family: Father: King Morikawa
Mother: Queen Celica

Relationships: Father: Looks up to. Though he doesn't fully agree with how he rules.
Mother: Loved dearly, unfortunately she passed when he was 10.

Friends: Andromeda

Likes: Nature, creating things, sword fighting, happiness, drawing, and observing. (Observing: Like, watching and learning.)

Dislikes: Wars, sour things, salty things, certain types of flowers (he's allergic), and dark magic.

Personality: Mamo is a caring young adult who wants to only but help everyone he can, he knows that he can't do so even if he stretched himself thin, but tries anyways. He despises wars and hates that his kingdom is in one against the other one who wants to take theirs for full control.

Past: Growing up Mamo was a fiesty young half-demon, experiencing his powers early on at age 5, he was all too excited to see the blue flames spark from his little index finger, and by the age of 15, Mamo had nearly mastered how to use his powers, all while learning about the ways to rule, fight, and educate himself. Though, just to be safe his father got him special gloves to help him not release his powers uncontrollably at any new emotion spike. He's been wearing it ever since.

Quotes: "Care for some tea? I'm sure it'll help your burdened mind.."
"Listen, I know you want what you do.. but I simply cannot allow you to do such a thing."
"W-Who do you think you are?! This is my kingdom and you have no right to try and take it..! I shall fight for what is mine!"
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Robin T. Valentin

Full Name: Robin Thèo Valentin (Rob-bean is how you pronounce his name)
Alias/Nickname: Robbie, Red bird.
Birthday: October 27th
Year: 1997
Age: 18 - 19
Race: French
Height: 5'5
Weight: Around 102
Body Type: Slender (Unlike his brother he doesn't have 'the shape')
Hair color: Raven
Eye color: Purple

A black suit with a black shirt and tie, black half gloves on his hands and black dress shoes. When he's just hanging out around his house he'll just wear the shirt, pants, and shoes.

Any complexs?: None.

Skills: Smooth talking, cooking, baking, anything technology based.

Sexuality: Bisexual, female lean.
Seke if the partner is male. (*cough* You're a uke stop lying) "Am not!" (Yeah, okay, suuuure. *eyeroll*)

Crush/partner: None.
(That's a lie~ *wiggles eyebrows*) "Alex doesn't count..!" (*evil laugh*)

Affilitation: Noble. Since his 'older' brother, Alexandre suddenly left the title he once had to live in the shadows, Robin had to take it up himself.

Family: Older brother, Alexandre.
Deceased parents.

Relationships: Older brother, Alexandre: Used to be close until Alex up and left. Occasionally talks with him.

Everyone else are on business terms.

Friends: One noble boy named Quin, his full name being Quinten. He hasn't seen him in a year or so though.

Likes: Sweets. Basically it. He has other likes.. but that's his main one..^^;

Dislikes: Mocking people, people who think they're better than everyone, people who take others lives, salty things, champange. (Smh, another person not invited to my champange party.)

Personality: Robin is a very sweet person who is often seen as vain because he cares about how he looks too much, he often cares about what others think of him.
His one true wish is to see his brother at a masquerade ball that's held every saturday, for he hears he wears a mask all the time. Especially since his butler followed him without protest, maybe he'll force his brother to the next one.

Past: Robin wasn't present during the killing of his parents for his maid had taken him to enjoy the night fair, it was late into the night for 7 year old Robin when they returned home to find his twin on his hands and knees by their dead parents, he always wondered why after that day Alex stopped smiling or showing any emotion, but that wasn't for him to question was it? He was then saddned further when by the time they were 16, Alex up and left with his butler right behind him, from then Robin had to juggle all the responsibilities as a noble by himself.

Quotes: "I may have alot to handle but i'll get through it!"
"Paper airplanes fly by going with the wind, not against it. So we must do the same"
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Alexandre T. Valentin

Full Name: Alexandre Thèo Valentin
Alias/Nickname: Alexander or Alex
Masked Shadow by the citizens.
Birthday: October 27th
Year: 1997
Age: 18 - 19
Race: French
Height: 5'5
Weight: Around 102
Body Type: Slender, 'manly' hourglass (lol)
Hair color: Raven
Eye color: Purple

A white mask to conceal his idenity, he has a twin that looks exactly like him and he'd rather not afficate himself with him.(He more than often gets mistaken for his twin, who is also well known, so he usually doesn't take the mask off.)
He wears a black suit with a black tie, bulb earrings are in his ears, black gloves on his hands and black dress shoes.

Any complexs?: Very sadistic. Power complex

Skills: Mind twisting with his words, strategy and tactics. Extremely flexible, seduction to get what he wants.

Sexuality: Bisexual (For if he needs to seduce either gender for what he needs he will)
(Most of the time it is male so he has developed a male lean.) (He may seem dominating but he's quite the uke.)

Crush/partner: He has no interest in a relationship.

Affilitation: Many say he's a police officer or undercover police officer, or maybe a detective, but he's none of those. He does what he wants, he works for himself, he is his own cop and detective. He may comitt a few crimes but that doesn't quite matter.
The police usually comes to him when there's a case they can't solve themselves.

Family: His brother. His parents died when he was younger.

Relationships: Twin brother, Robin: Used to be close when they were younger, they've drifted apart now. Occasionally speaks over the phone.
Head Police Officer, Maxcen: Speaks only about cases, occasional jabs at each other during the tension of the case.

Friends: None.

Likes: Watching people who've done wrong suffer, doing what's right, the night sky, darkness, chess.

Dislikes: Being poked fun at, being assumed about what he can and can't do, people who physically harm others, people who have stereotypes, loud people.

Personality: Alexandre is a cold person who knows nothing of what a smile is, his face is always fixed in a frown, even if he's cold and seemingly heartless he is most certainly sarcastic and has much more of a sarcastic sense of humour. He's quite the early riser when he DOES get sleep because he usually doesn't, he usually stays up all night.

Past: Alexandre was born a twin to Robin, Alex being the older one by three minutes, though by the age of 7 his parents were murdered right before his eyes, his younger brother Robin not present during the masscare. Alex swore to himself that he would avenge his parents and put the other wrong-do-ers in the world to harsh judgement. His parents last words were 'Don't let your emotions get in the way', and so Alex became an emotionless male, emotions very rare to be seen from him.

Quotes: "I swear to you, that your life will end most swiftly!"
"Question: What do you value most? ...
Correct! The answer is... your life! *crazed laugh*"

(Alexandre will be mostly used in Romance and or Mystery, due to the fact that he's a 'detective' and that he has no interest in a relationship but will most likely be swept into one by the character of your choice.)
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