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Those who hold the Elements. (PLOT!)

(This is my very first plot, but for those of you interested, I will be making characters who wield the elemental powers! Please by all means, if I leave a few out, make one or use a character to fill the role!! [I believe that's the point of this, right? Right??])
(If you have read my Meet The Admin then, welcome to an inspired sneak peak!!)
(Character names will not be included within plots. Just to keep it open haha.)

Land was all they had.
Land was all they needed.
Humans have long since withered away and 'mystical' creatures, as the humans of old had called them, had taken their place. Dragons, Elves, Vampires and even hybrids of all exist.
The most vastly covered race are those of the Elven Kind, however, as popular as they may be, they suffer the most from the hate they are given from other races.
The Elves are the only ones who have tribes, different Kingdoms and a selected amount of Elven 'teenagers' who are to bring their Kingdoms to prosperity in times of need.

They are hand-picked by the Gods and blessed with this double-edged sword of a blessing and curse.

With the Dragon King awakened, the Elven children are not ready to face their most powerful and world-shattering war yet. They are not prepared for what's about to come!
How will they handle it?
The Vampire King of the southern lands refuses to be silent and rises his own army in a threeway war for power.
The children fighting for this unspoken power of the Dragon King's pendant, the Dragon King to protect it, and the Vampire King to claim victory upon both as his lands are marched upon by those who wield the Elements and those who wield flight and fangs.

Within the children are ten of the Elements:
Fire, Darkness, Light, Leaf/Nature, Star, Galaxy, Water, Earth, Moon, and Air.

Darkness is contagious to the lighter elements like a disease, thus the one blessed (cursed) with this elemental power only resides with those of darker and unremorseful elements.
Fire. Moon.

Even within their own small army to save each of their respective Kingdoms and hold their clans together by a string, they are still seperated by how different their Elemental powers are. They discover and face new challenges everyday, the pendant growing closer and trials harder.

Who would they pick up along the way and who would dare raise a hand or weapon against them?
The group did not know.

(And scene.
I hope you like my very first plot on here, I tried to keep it detailed and vauge?? Idk, either way my Elf children will be made soon, please don't claim one of the elements above for they are technically owned by me in a sense.
In rights to previously mentioned book. Even if it's inspired by my own, it's still mine lmao.

Furthermore, Shadow and Darkness are the same but different, so there's an idea for you.
Also if a human came about that would stir things up muahahaha.
Go wild with this, it's an open world with undertrained teenagers fighting to save the world lol.)
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About the Admin!

Hoo boy, this is like, a year or two over due??? I'm so sorry. Lol, I kept saying: "After this character i'll get around to it!"
Yeah, never got around to it, so let's do it now lol.

♡Name: My real name is a secret~ But I do like to go by Dew or Kari so feel free to call me either or!
♡Age: Is this really important to everyone? Lolol. I'm older than 17. Does that help?
♡ Height: I am currently 5'1" and hoping to get taller... please don't make fun of my height.
♡ Sexual preference/ pronouns!: I am a cis female and I am bisexual!
♡ Interests!: I am a huge anime and anything animated lover, I started watching anime at 9! I also looove to draw, so any art for any certain characters in my blog that have a (Art is mine!) or is marked by _Kari.artie_ is me! (Please check out my instagram, username above~ I have cool art and animations lol)
~insert shameless self promo... moving on lolol~
♡ Plans for the future!: I currently live in America but am going to move to the UK for college and study visual arts, after that i'm going to open my own art studio and sell my art and also teach people how to draw, or at least the fun in it!

♡ Physical apperance?: Well, I wear glasses for one, lol. I love hoodies and hate revealing clothes! I get called a nun sometimes lol. Converse are everything btw.

♡Favourite video games/ shows/ movies/ books!:
God, I am in LOVE with the Fire Emblem series!!
I loooove Pokémon (and the movies, especially Arceus and The Jewel of Life, luv u boo lol.)
I love Howl's Moving Castle! (Movie and Books) I COULD WATCH AND READ IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN UGH.
I am in love with The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings! (Legolas and Thranduil r lyfe ty.)
I love playing League of Legends (I may be bad and not a pro with items but thats fine, I've only played for a year and a half.)
I like Hatsune Miku games too lol.
Also, Detroit: Become Human is rlly good lol. I still find it fascinating tha Markus is an Rk-hundred too lolol. Look at these bros.
This is the only game where I actually like every single character!!

♡ How Long Have I Roleplayed?: For over.. seven...eight years??? My first roleplay was on this app named Graal! I'm pretty experienced and know what I like and don't like~ But I am like, open to almost every idea lol. Lay it on me chirren.

♡ What do i do in my freetime?: Well, my inbox is usually dry so I watch let's plays on YouTube or draw! (Maybe even both)

♡ When is my birthday?: I answered this one in the comments,but i'll put it here to save some time! July 14th! I'm a cancer! (my friends told me my ascended is an aquarius and my moon sign is a scorpio, go figure)

♡ How many languages do I speak?: I'm only fluent in English, but I do know a bit of Spanish, I use to be fluent in French as I am a Frenchie, but I am horribly rusty with it now. Oops.

♡ Few big things that no one else knows about me?: I got asked this question and. Well. I actually don't know! Not much really! I'm pretty open to some things! I guess you could say when it comes to bl i'm very.. well-versed and have interesting interests in certain topics with it.

And yeah, that's the basics I guess~
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Live and Die By The Blade

Glasses Smudge

Full Name: Katsuki Takahashi
Alias/Nickname: Katsu, Kat, Taka
Birthday: October 23rd
Year: --
Age: 25
Race: Japanese
Height: 5'2 and a h a l f
Weight: 101lbs
Body Type: Small and lean, however he possesses a hidden muscular apperance
Hair color: Raven
Eye color: Gray

Katsuki always wears a black dress vest, white collared shirt, black tie, and black dress pants to work. Always. He is mostly never seen out of this since he thinks that apperance matters greatly. His lounge wear consists a pull over sweatshirt or hoodie and black jeans. He wears Converse with literally everything.
He also has slick black framed glasses, he wouldn't trade them for the world.

Any complexs?: Nope

Skills: Game designing, drawing, overseeing game developments, lending in a hand on producing a game and so on.
He can also cook very well.
He also took martial arts for five years, so that's fun.

Sexuality: Bi-curious
He has only ever been with females, but he'd like to try to be with a man once.

Crush/partner: None

Affilitation: The head of Nintendo Britain and Xanis' boss (Xanis: )

Family: Father: Shiro Takahashi
Mother: Alicia Takahashi
Younger sister: Lidiya Takahashi

Relationships: Father: Was very close to, but his father never liked the fact that Katsuki was moving to London, so they fell out of touch
Mother: Moved to London with him, occasionally goes to Japan to visit his father, mostly stays with his younger sister.
Sister: He loves to visit her after work everyday, she's the happiness to his saddest days

Friends: His butler, Minatsuki

Likes: Sweet foods, new foods, going on long walks, video games, making character designs despite that not really being his job.., his job, his colleagues, and star gazing.

Dislikes: Panel conferences, board meetings, meetings in general, conference calls, anything that pulls him away from his work (even if that's apart of his work), getting swamped with work (which is often thanks to their head branch--), and violence

Katsuki has a harsh and cold looking figure and aura, but the male is actually a bundle of joy whose willing to help with any and everything. He's hardly in a bad mood, even when stressed out. Which is often, he's learned to bypass all the backlash that comes with the up's and down's of stress.

Growing up, Katsuki was brought up in a wealthy family, his best friend until this day, Minatsuki, serving him and pledging to until his dying days. Katsuki wasn't ever separated from the other kids or forced to be drowned out in his studies, instead his father gave him leeway to do what he want. His father wasn't the nicest fellow nor was he the most leniant, Katsuki has had his fair share of being dowsed in cold water and spanked with a ruler or anything else his father thought up during the time, but Katsuki was, for the most part, a free child. His father never agreed to Katsuki moving away, especially as far as London, saying; "But there are gaming companies here, especially a Nintendo.".
Katsuki declined all the same and left with everyone but his father, he had urged to other to come with him, but was shot down. Katsuki left without him.

"Whatever floats your boat."

"Here's my card, contact me if you have any questions or concern about anything regarding your purchased item."

"Wait.. What?"

"Fu--dge..-- Yeah, fudge. I love fudge..uh..haha.."

(Second rp-esque made on the spot by me character in honor of @Galaxian)
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Scientific Love

Full Name: Lloyld Astroff

(Note: Please keep in mind that it is Lloyld and not Lloyd)

Alias/Nickname: The Good Scientist, Dad

Birthday: December 21st

Year: (Depends on rp)

Age: 21 - 25 (depends on rp)

Race: (I feel like a broken record. DePeNds On Rp) (If it's modern, he's English)

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 123lbs

Body Type: Very slim and tall, a bit on the lanky side.

Hair color: A light lavdender, when the sun hits it, it's white.

Eye color: Sapphire blue


It usually depends, but Lloyld is usually seen wearing his work clothes, which happen to be his lab coat, which is always closed and buttoned up. He prefers to wear black turtle necks with this for some reason, something about how it looks better. Outside of work he likes to dress up fancy, it's rare when you'll see him out of a nice coat, cravat, under vest and collared shirt. He'll dress up some jeans or if he's feeling really snazzy (dAd), some pleated pants and dress shoes.

Any complexs?: Is a love for science a complex, lol.

Also, what is sleep.

Skills: Literally anything science related, but he likes engineering and chemistry the most. Blowing up stuff is pretty satisfying when he's having a bad day.

Cooking good meals, keeping little children entertained (he's a child magnet), and drawing.

Sexuality: Bi-curious 

He would like to experiment with a man.

NoT rEaLlY eXpErImEnt.

Crush/partner: He has an ex-Wife, who divorced him because he loved and payed more attention to his work than to himself or her.

Affilitation: Was once a royal scientist for the Queen. (If fantasy, whoever, if modern, England.)

Currently works as a private scientist for a little organization. Is contemplating attempting to get his old job back.

Family: Father: Connor Astroff - deceased in terms of Lloyld actually caring.

Mother: Janette Astroff -deceased

Little sister: Angélica Astroff

Relationships: Connor: Doesn't care much for the man, he's a successful business owner, he's dead in the eyes of Lloyld. (He also doesn't accept Lloyld's career choice.)

Janette: Was pretty close to, she dying during the birth of his younger sister, Angélica, they are four years apart.

Friends: --


Likes: Science, food, going on daily jogs, warm weather, reading, mathmatical equations, blowing things up, creating new things, and ice cream.

Dislikes: Cold weather, people staring at him, down talk (Put-down's ig), unnecessarily and overly harsh critiques of his work, coffee, anything that has too much flavor, and spicy foods.


Lloyld is very happy-go-lucky and could probably talk you ear off if you say: "What did you do today at work?" or "What's your favorite thing about science?". There's no stopping him, really. He's a bad rambler and gets embarrassed easily and quickly when he realizes it. He hates when people stare at him, it makes him all jittery and nervous. Lloyld likes to fiddle with his glasses with nervous because it's overly obvious when he messes with his hands.The male also makes pretty lame jokes and bad dad jokes, so watch out for that.(With all his time cooped up in the lab, he really does think he's funny.)

Any insult thrown at him will make Lloyld freeze for a moment before he brushes it off as a joke. (Trust me, he's probably taken worse from daddio, go wild lmao)

Oh yah, he can be sarcastic.. like, a lot.


~Will be revealed over the course of the rp, he's pretty open so don't be afraid to ask him! He won't tell you the nitty gritty unless you ducklings are close.




"Good Gods, please stop talking, I have plenty of brain cells that need to stay alive!"

"Talking to you is like talking to a brick wall... oh wait, a brick wall is /much/ easier to talk to. Why? Because it doesn't talk back."


-If the rp is fantasy, Lloyld will be the advisor and "scientist" or the King/Queen. Science isn't that advance then, so don't expect too much lolol. (I also like to think scientist know magic, so yeah, Lloyld is the greatest scientific mage in the kingdom. Not like, powerful, but, yeah. You get the point.)

- Fantasy: Lloyld can't use magic for long, he'll burn himself when overexerting.

-Modern: Lloyld constantly falls asleep at his desk.

Face Claim: Lloyd Asplund from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

(In honor of @Galaxian ' s birthday and depature, I will be adding all of my rp-esque made on the spot characters to my blog. So expect that!~)

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