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DewPetal's Blog

Ezekiel O. Rindo

Full Name: Ezekiel Osphoer Rindo
Alias/Nickname: Zeke, Zekey, E-z, Rindo.
Birthday: Feburary 14th
Year: A long time ago.
Age: 20
Race: Unknown.
Height: 5'8
Weight: 100
Body Type: Small due to bone structure, usually hid by shirt.
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue

Anything that's not form fitting shirt wise. He loves flowy shirts, a jacket that he wears on his shoulders that he'll put on if he gets cold, black,form fit pants(praise the full moon p l s) and dress shoes.

Any complexs?: Nope.

Skills: Fire and light magic,enjoys spooking people with sudden small bursts of flames. Cooking, and that's about it.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush/partner: None.

Affilitation: A civilian who needs a life instead of hiding his powers.

Family: None.

Relationships: None.

Friends: None. (Someone make friends with this poor child)

Likes: Sweets, company, learning new things, dancing, and playing the violin.

Dislikes: Spicy things, isolation, regret, lies, bugs, water(like pools) (He can't swim)

Personality: Zeke enjoys hanging around new people, or meeting new people, though he doesn't know many since they're all just faces on the street now n days. Despite that Zeke remains his bubbly and loveable self, he enjoys hugs and affection. He lives for affection. Though, if something gets under his skin his entire personality and attitude takes a turn for the worse.

Past: Growing up Zeke actually never knew his parents, he was an orphan thrown into the real world hoping he could make it on his own, though he became successful at getting a job at a dance studio and teaching people how to dance, which is his passion.

Quotes: "Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon? Or asked the grinning bobcat why he grinned? Can you paint with all the colours of the wind?" - Pochahontas (Cut out some lyrics for the sake of my thumbs lol)

(Face Claim: Howl from Howl's Moving Castle)
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Orion S. Lucienne

Full Name: Orion Sunghyun Lucienne
(Orion: Astronomy-- The Hunter
Sunghyun: Wise/Kind-hearted
Lucienne: Light)
Alias/Nickname: Zane, Lucy, literally anything but his first name.
Birthday: May 25th
Year: 1996
Age: 21
Race: Korean and French (he's also 5% British)
Height: 5'6
Weight: 108
Body Type: Average, he occasionally works out.
Hair color: Aqua
Eye color: Aqua

Orion loves scarves and sweaters (pull overs as well) to death, you will most likely find him wearing one or the other, or maybe both. Orion loves oversized pull over sweaters because he can wear the sleeves over his hands. Orion loves animal pull overs too, when not working he'll wear a pastel bunny pull over that has the bunny ears, he has a black one for a cat and a orange and white one for a corgi, it even has the paws and a tail on it. He'll always opt for skinny jeans or bootleg pants since he always wears sneakers (*cough* Converse *cough*)

Any complexs?: Nope, he's just a little cinnamon roll

Skills: Baking, cooking, taking pictures, drawing, singing.

Sexuality: Bisexual - No lean.

Crush/partner: None.

Affilitation: Photographer and artist, has his own art studio where he teaches people to draw for free. (He also sells his artwork and photographs there)

Family: Mother: Kim S. Lucienne
Father: Victor P. Lucienne

Relationships: Mother: Very close, talks to often on the phone
Father: He's always busy with work, but Orion can talk to him regularly
Xanis: Literally his best friend.

Friends: Xanis

Likes: Anything pastel, sweets, video games, art, anything that could make him inspired, suspense movies, horror movies.(just because if he had a partner he could cling to them. Or each other lol) exploring. (imagine placing him in a plot where him and your character go exploring a haunted mansion or something, he'd be so curious.)

Dislikes: Anything boring, his artwork when it doesn't meet his vision, bland food(except crackers), lies.

Personality: Orion is a soft boi(*cue strikeout*) *cough* A /pastel/ boy, he loves anything pastel, his art is mostly pastel and he wears a lot of pastel, though when he goes to work, if it's not like, Friday, or something, he'll be seen in the 'average' colours, like, black, brown, ect ect. Orion gets flustered very easily and will slap you with his sleeve. Orion is very carefree and curious, he's intelligent and a quick-learner, unless something goes over the top of his head (which most things do if he's not paying attention. You can tell that he's not when he just... stares.)

Past: Orion grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth, with his parents owning a booming resturant, which is where he found his love for cooking and baking. Despite that, Orion had a pretty average life, he went to school like anyone else, though he was ahead of the game by at least two years, he graduated High-School at 16, he still goes to school actually, he's wrapping up his art course now, he's very excited to throw his graduation cap into the air once more.

Quotes: "I don't need easy, I just need possible." - Bethany Hamilton
"An extra bit of practice to hone my skills in the fine arts is fine by me." - Orion

(Face Claim: Jihyun Kim - Mystic Messenger)
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Xanis T. Montgomery

Full Name: Alexander Trias Montgomery
Alias/Nickname: Xanis, Xander, Alex (prefers Xanis or Xander)
Birthday: March 27th
Year: 1997
Age: 20
Race: British
Height: 5'0" (and a half)
Weight: 99
Body Type: Small, frail looking, but that's just his bone structure (he's very healthy)
Hair color: Lavender
Eye color: Blue

Absolutely hates form fitting clothing, but, he wears it anyways, you'll most likely catch him in it because his loose fitting clothing aren't 'fit to go outside'. His clothing colour scheme is always going to have at least a tinge of black and purple in it. Has star clips adorning his head.

Any complexs?: No.

Skills: Extremely strong, can kick your arse. Loves to cook, can tell your whole life story with just a look at the stars.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush/partner: None. (Pft, i'm lyin', he's in a very comitted relationship with the stars lmfao)

Affilitation: Character and game concept designer of a Nintendo, fortune-teller on the side.

Family: Father: Marx (deceased)
Mother: Jane (deceased)
Little Sister: Angelica

Relationships: Was closest with his father and little sister, Angelica. His mother left for work one day and never came back.
Orion: His ride or die. His best friend in the whole world.

Friends: Orion

Likes: To draw, to sing, the stars, telling people their fortunes, smiles, warm things, like hugs. Affection, (only from people he's close to. He will become violent if it's a stranger) and sleeping.(don't ever interrupt his sleep...)

Dislikes: Diffcult people, people who are rude, waking up early, long wait times.

Personality: Xanis is an extremely kind person who smiles 24/7, he loves to smile and loves anything related to happiness, if you seem sad he'll be the type of person to hug you and cheer you up, he's like the brother or dad you never had. He's extremely cheerful and has a weird fascination with the stars. If Xanis ever frowns or seems angry there's something wrong or you said something really hurtful or mean to him. (Please don't, this is my bby.)

Past: Growing up Xanis was always teased about his naturally coloured hair, but always kept a smile on his face no matter how bad people insulted him, even when he would get hit he'd brush it off with a smile, he was one to never let others see his weaknesses, so he would always push through with a smile and now he can smile without it being forced because now he's geniuely happy, with his job, life, and side quirks.

Quotes: "The stars only choose the bold."
"Don't be sad, i'm here to help! And i'm not leaving until you smile!!"

(Face Claim(?): Bravat Sky from Kurosh*tsuji. This boi is precious please don't harm him.)
(I've seen people doing this when making original characters but using a pre-made one, so yeah.)
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Audri Thennu

(I bet you're wondering: "In the last character post it said Audri was dead!! Well guess what, this boy has a plot of his own and you'll see soon enough what I mean!!)

Full Name: Audralinian Thennu
Alias/Nickname: Audri, Lin, Audralin
Birthday: March 23rd
Year: 1877
Age: 28
Race: Gristolinian
Height: 6'0
Weight: 115
Body Type: Muscled, but a very subtle muscled.
Hair color: Raven
Eye color: Silver

Usually spotted in his silver royal robes and silver circlet which represents his status as the crown prince. He seems to refuse to wear his hair refuses to wear his hair up in a ponytail even if he says that his bang bothers him. Usually takes only the top part of his robes off leaving him in a black form-fitting shirt when he trains. Wears white and black armoring when in battle.

Any complexs?: No, but he has a small case of anxiety

Skills: Unbeaten with the way of the lance, was the only one in the family who could wield it without bursting into flames. During his freetime he loves to sing, he is often told that he should be a male Songstress (even if the correct term is: Songster, he would still say 'thank you')

Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush/partner: None.

Affilitation: Crown Prince

Family: Father: King Yvok
Mother: Queen Yelina
Younger Brother: Prince Kulron
Youngest Brother: Prince Ahilzo

Relationships: He loves to dot on his youngest brother Ahilzo, he's his favourite, such a cute boy. He's closest with him than anyone else.

Friends: None, he'd rather be alone, even if he longs for company.

Likes: To sing, to bake goods, sweet treats, going out into town, meeting new people, the sun, training, and the hot springs.(you'll usually catch him there if not his room)

Dislikes: Salty things, spicy things, writing letters of apologies(or letters in general), doing 'princely' things, studying.

Personality: Audri is an extremely intelligent young man and you can't tell him anything unless you want to be proven wrong in an instant, with proof to back it up. Audri is a male who yearns for affection and loves to give it, he's kind and sweet and you'll never catch him without a smile on his face(if you do then something is seriously wrong or he's pissed) it takes Audri a long time to get angry, but when he does it isn't pretty.

Past/Plot: Audri grew up for four years of his life yearning for friends, but never got any because they only wanted to be his friend because he was a prince, but then he got a younger brother, Kulron, and he took pride in being the older brother, and as time passed his youngest brother, Ahilzo came into the picture and Audri couldn't be happier, he was the proud brother of this picture perfect family. But one day when he was 17, Kulron 13, and Ahilzo 9, Audri was struck down with his mother, a large spike of dark magic implanted in his chest, right in between his breast, just scarcely missing his heart, but the posion got to him before anything else could, and he thought he had passed.
Until ten years later, an old cleric brought him back with some.. wishing well that, growing up, he thought was a fake, but now that he has his body back(new and improved, even with the large scar on his chest), he lived with the cleric, he come to know her as Lilian, a kind lady who took care of him for a year and helped get him back on his feet(literally), now, he must let his family know. But how to go about that, he did not know.

Quotes: "I fight for what is mine and will not let the likes of you take it!"
"How about we turn that frown into a pretty smile? I know it's in you!"

(So, the wishing well is just simply Gristolinian magic at play, and alot of praying, so the brothers don't know he's alive, but he is!! So if you guys want it can be a: A) Your character doesn't know he's the crown prince B) Helps him get back to the kingdom and tell his family Or C) Do both or just... yolo it lol)
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Kulron And Ahilzo Thennu

(So, these two are brothers[please, don't take the picture the wrong way ya nasties] Anyway, I couldn't find seperate pictures for them so they're going to be combind into one character sheet lmao)

Name: Kulron Thennu and Ahilzo Thennu
Alias/Nickname: Kulron: Kully, Ron, Ronny.
Ahilzo: Ally, Zozo.
Birthday: Kulron: November 21st Ahilzo: May 25th
Year: Kulron: 1881 Ahilzo: 1885
Age: Kulron: 24 Ahilzo: 20
Race: Gristolinian
Height: Kulron: 5'12 Ahilzo: 5'10
Weight: Both around 103
Body Type: Kulron: Musculed from war, extremely strong. Ahilzo: A bit on the frail side, but still strong.
Hair color: Kulron: Black with white streaks Ahilzo: Black
Eye color: Bright blue

Attire: (Sigh, here we go...)
Kulron: Kulron is always seen in his royal robes, or his golden armoring when training, not many have seen him outside of that and he plans to keep it that way. Hair always in a ponytail

Ahilzo: Seems to have a fear of showing alot of skin, is usually covered up in his royal robes and relaxed attire. His silver armoring represents that he's the youngest brother.

Any complexs?: Kulron is extremely protective over his younger brother, Ahilzo.

Skills: Kulron has the power of lightning magic and is very skilled with a lance, lacks in hand-to-hand.
Ahilzo is great at hand-to-hand and short swords, lacks in magic.

Sexuality: Both bisexual

Crush/partner: None

Affilitation: Kulron: Crown Prince
Ahilzo: Prince

Family: Father: King Yvon
Mother: Queen Yelina (Deceased)
Older brother: Crown Prince Audri (Deceased)
Relationships: Both close to their entire family, but they both seemed to favour their older brother over any one.

Friends: Nobles of other kingdoms.

Likes: Kulron: Dancing, training with his lance, reading, fighting.
Ahilzo: Reading, cooking, sleeping, training.

Dislikes: Kulron: Lazy people, the Yovakian Faithfuls, their enemy kingdom, Klonia.
Ahilzo: Rude people, the Yovakian Faithfuls, long training sessions, being bored.

Personality: Kulron: An insensitive prince ever since his older brother passed away, always on the defense about anything pretaining to him or his brothers. Never lets anyone see him cry. (He cries himself to sleep at night ever since his brother died.)

Ahilzo: Prideful, snoody remarks, can be extremely soft, has mood swings for some reason, mostly nice, really fluffy. Likes warm things, like hugs.

Past: Growing up Kulron adored watching his older brother, Audri fight with his reowned lance, Yalvite, it was beautiful and Kulron promised himself that he'll train just as hard as his brother to pick up a divine weapon such as that, that he'd use it to protect his baby brother, Ahilzo. Ahilzo was a naïve child growing up, not ever knowing the going-on's of the Yovakian Faithfuls, soundrels who follow a evil God's wishes and sell their souls to be granted this 'amazing' power. It started way back before the Imperial family existed, the dark power shifting their forms and giving them pointed ears, much akin to Elves, but they were human, just like anyone else. And they still have that trait to this day, but a grudge formed in the brothers when the Yovakian Faithfuls went mad one day and killed their brother and mother in cold blood. They were banished from their kingdom but still lingered about, making the two brothers weary as Kulron had to pick up the title of 'Crown Prince' and the divine lance, Yalvite. Ahilzo wanted to make his family proud and worked as hard as his older brother.

Quotes: "Apperances do not make a person." - Kulron
"We all have weakness', mine are just much smaller than yours." - Ahilzo
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