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DewPetal's Blog

Love Me. Hate Me.

Feathery Wings, Lovely Deaths.

Full Name: Staaralinian Ogustvo
Alias/Nickname: Star, Starian, Rin, Lin
Birthday: July 22nd
Year: --
Age: 275,940 moons (756)
Race: Star
Height: 5'11
Weight: 45lbs
Body Type: Broad shoulders, lean frame and small hands.
Hair color: Snow white
Eye color: Pericing Blue

A white tunic like coat covers Starian's torso, a blue and gold sash on his hips, the coat flares out towards the bottom coming to a stop at his calves, a blue gem on his chest that sparkles with the light of a thousand stars are in it, it changes colours like a mood stone according to his mood at the time. His sleeves are form-fitting around the hands and wrists, a golden gem on both cuffs towards his middle finger. White form-fitting pants cover his legs and black dress shoes on his feet. (He sometimes refuses to wear them for some reason.)

Any complexs?: Nope. But, he does refuse to sleep, he calls himself 'nocturnal'. (But he's usually up during the day as well.)
A calculated amount of sleep Star has had is probably 6 hours at the most, in all.

Skills: Flight, fore-seeing the future, immortality, capturing souls and placing them within cards (he does this to those he deems unworthy or evil), and small bits and pieces of magic (it's blue mixed with stars)

Sexuality: Bisexual - female lean
(Hasn't been with a male yet)

Crush/partner: None.

Affilitation: Nothing, he just loves to toy with humans.

Family: Father: God
Mother: ---
Siblings: Every Star that lives within the vast galaxy

Relationships: --

Friends: A pet cat named Kuron, the little fluffer loves to follow the Star wherever he goes, Star decided to keep him.
A lioness type creature named Stara, she's Star's universal companion.
Likes: Sitting atop high buildings, reading, fluffy things, warm things, affection, soft touches, forehead kisses (intimate or parental)

Dislikes: His immortality, his lack of heart, his wings (he does like that he can fly however.
He mostly just hides them), how annoying Stara can be. (She's such a M O M)

Personality: Star is very quiet and to himself at most times, usually showing to be docile and submissive, but he's not, he likes to put his foot down and not let anyone walk over him.
When alone Star suffers almost every day, wishing that he wasn't imortal or that he never fell from the sky. He has no heart and wishes that love could come easier to him, he's always hesitant when it comes to the trials of love and always fears getting hurt, so he turns to taunting regular everyday humans and going around collecting souls in his cards, which he always keeps with him. Teasing is fun to him but he hates it when it's directed at him, he tries his best to avoid any form of conflict.

Past: Every hundred years a star falls from the heavens, not for bad judgement or any of the ilk, but because a new star is born, the fallen star is then sent to the nearest planet they fall to and they watch over it for the rest of their days, their job is to collect souls and keep the planet as peaceful as they can, meaning all the souls they collect are evil ones.
Star never thought that in a million years he'd be the one to fall, but when he turned 753, he fell. The human form Star takes is the one most see him with now, and the young star is still trying to get adjusted to earth's surroundings. With Stara but his side, the older lionless will constantly mother him about what to do, she's able to take a 'pocket' form and her full Lioness form, which she uses when she thinks Star is in true danger (which he usually is because people find it right to hunt him down and constantly hurt him)

Star now is vastly known throughout multiple cities, kingdoms, ect, as the 'Shadow Reaper', most know of his immortality (but they think of it as only a rumor), this is why ruffians and assassins constantly hunt him down, to stop him because Star is the 'Evil' one.

Quotes: "You humans really do have a brain the size of the pea.. let me rephrase it in a way you should understand."

"Don't touch that! Do you have any idea how.. how expensive this is?!" *Said when referring to someone touchs (or almost) his blue gem. (he covers it up.)

"I think i'm going to be sick.." *When greeted with something disgusting or something he doesn't like in the slightest

-The gem on Star's jacket is connected to his soul, he won't die if yanked out, but it's extremely sensitive to the touch.
-Star's blood is blue, so he blushes blue. (You guys don't need to know this, but his blood smells sweet, just wanted to throw that out there)
- Despite never putting on fragrence, Star always elludes a sweet smell, he usually casually states that that's what all stars smell like.
-He's a pretty good liar.
-Star has a strong stomach when smelling or seeing something disgusting, but if when he eats something disgusting.. you can most likely find him outside or in a bathroom..
-Also, when touching his wings, the feathers are soft to the touch, but if he flares, sheds, or even plucks and throws them, they become like daggers.
In the likes of people he does not trust or are evil, the feathers will turn to dust.

Star can be placed in a modern setting, though as you know me, I really do love fantasy and medieval lol.

Artist~: Sakimichan
Face Claim; Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura
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Sir Vladimir

Full Name: Sir Vladimir Poram
Alias/Nickname: Vladdy, Puff Ball, Blood Whisperer
Birthday: August 17th (The day Lana found him)
Year: --
Age: 9 (with being with Lana) 8,234 (Real age)
Race: Poram
Height: 2'4" (Poram) 5'9" (Human)
Weight: 10lbs (Poram) 145lbs (Human)
Body Type: As a Poram, Vladimir is a small and fluffy looking creature, innocent and delicate, some of those features are seen in his human form, the top part of his hair is very fluffy and soft looking while instead of a round figure he has a lean one
Hair color: Golden, sun kissed
Eye color: Violet

Attire (Human):
A simple white jacket with a golden border goes from the collar to the front of the jacket down to the bottom, holding the bottom of the collar closed is a stone that allows Vladimir to switch from both of his forms, in his Poram form this stone is on a collar around his neck. A cross earring is on his right ear, a charm to keep hungry predators away. This earring is hooked onto his horn in his Poram form (which disappear when he changes and instead he gets a pair of pointed ears) The mark of the Poram's is on the right side of his jacket. underneath his jacket is a black shirt with a golden bottom that looks like it's apart of the jacket. Black form fitting pants with a golden seam on his left leg, and black boots with a golden sole on his feet.

Any complexs?: No, but due to using the rare Blood magic a lot, he now has a thing called 'Bloodthirst' which means after three to four uses he becomes consumed in hunger and any thing in sight that he can control with blood, Lana usually has to lock him in a room because during this time he cannot revert back to his Poram form. So, it's a long agonizing hour of waiting for it to pass, while trying to control it, he is very hyper-aware of his surroundings and incredibly sensitive to the touch.

Skills: Blood magic, switching between forms, speed.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush/partner: None

Affilitation: Lana's assistant and protector

Family: Lana is basically family to him

Relationships: Lana: Incredibly close to

Friends: Lana

Likes: Sleeping, warm weather, magic, blood, sweet foods, flowers, flower chains

Dislikes: His bloodthirst, walking long distances, long conversations, falling over nothing (he can be clumsy sometimes), fighting.

Personality: Vladimir is a very happy Poram, even if he can be lazy at times. He does love helping people out, despite everything. He loves to tease people and put them in their place, despite getting the backlash from Lana, everything he does is light-hearted, but when he's angry, well, he gets extremely scary. Most Poram's do.. except Vladimir, he's flat out terrifying, and it's not just that his eyes turn red either..
Just.. try not to get on his bad side.

Past: Vladimir was a Poram without a name, he was of high-ranking within his people, much like how Lana is within her people. But one day, soldiers attacked the quiet life of the Poram's, since they were creatures of magic, and Valdimir was sent out on the run, he was badly injured, a bad burn and slash mark still present on his lower back. Vladimir doesn't remember when, but he must of fell and rolled down a hill and fell temporarily unconcious because the next thing he knew, he was being carried away by a lady with white hair, who he came to know as Lana.
And from then on he became her helper. If someone in this world still practiced magic and didn't hate his kind, well, he'll by all means be loyal to them.

"Stop your blabbering, you're going to destroy my remaining brain cells."

"Stay away from me! I.. I don't want to hurt you.."

"There are some things not even I can control, even you should know that."

"I care for you, you deserve my utmost respect, but you are undoubtly stupid at times."

"This is a charm given to me by my lady! It protects me from unwanted predators, so nice of her, right?"

- In his Poram form, Vald loves to be rubbed on his back and stomach, in his human form he loves being pat on the head.

- Vlad secretly loves praises.

- His pointed ears in his human form are very sensitive.

- His only form of defense are his powerful kicking legs and his magic, other than that, he's pretty squishy and bruises easily.

(A Poram is a made up creature, created by me.)
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Lana Laeyah

Full Name: Lanala Laeyah
Alias/Nickname: Lana, Lala, Leyah, Witch, Sorceress, Shadow Whisperer
Birthday: December 24th
Year: Unknown
Age: "You should never ask a lady her age, fufufu~"
Race: Sorceress
Height: 5'9
Weight: 126lbs
Body Type: Delicate, but she could rip you in two easily.
Hair color: A soft and delicate snow colour, a hint of gray.
Eye color: Blue mixed with gray

Unlike other sorceress' and witches, Lana does not go around flaunting her entire body, the point of being a sorceress is to do magic, not draw the wrong attention to the wrong places. Though she is not against the idea of subtle gestures and clothing ideas.
Upon her neck rests a black ruffled collar which extends to the back, on the front is a small piece of jade, connected by red string that connects the rest of her clothing, the same for her back since there is no backing. The back forms into a small V shape which is where the arms come in, it is off the shoulder but layered. The front part is blue while the rest is red and decorated with a assumed leaf design, she won't tell what it is supposed to be exactly. Around her waist is a floral red band that makes the rest of her outfit flare out towards the bottom. Underneath it all, since it is so short, are black shorts, followed up with black thigh highs and a lacy top. Her entire outfit is layered, normally when in an intensive fight she will remove the red layer and only be in the blue for better range of motion. On her feet are heeled white boots with a red and blue sole. Red earrings on her ear, the same design that is on her top layer. Holding her hair up in a ponytail is an assumed shuriken themed ponytail holder. (No one dares to touch it, they fear it may be a real shuriken.)

Any complexs?: No.

Skills: Holy, Fire and wind magic are her specialty, but she enjoys doing all types of magic so she can be well-rounded.
Her faith "Holy Magic" is her strongest, she uses it for almost everything, but her dark magic as well as elemental magic is just as strong. Any situation or problem? She has a spell for it.
Potion making is fun, but she's not that good at it, she can whip up a great health potion, however.
The dagger and sword are fun to mess with because there are so many ways she can enhance it's powers.
She may not look it, but she's an incredible cook.

Faith: Heal, Nosferatu, Recover,Rescue, Fortify, Physic,Seraphim, Aura, Abraxas, Torch, Restore, Ward, Silence, and Warp.

Reason Spells (strongest outside of Holy magic[Faith]): Cutting Gale, Excalibur, Wind, Fire, Lightning, Bolganone, Ragnarok, Thunder,
Thoron, Bolting, Blizzard, Fimbulvetr, Sagittae, Meteor, Agnea's Arrow.

Dark Magic (large list, so I will only name a few): Miasma, Mire B, Swarm Z, Luna ^, Death, Dark Spikes, Hades, and Quake.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush/partner: None.

Affilitation: She works for herself, but she doesn't mind helping out others, she's very generous.

Family: Father: Léon Laeyah - Head sorcerer of the kingdom
Mother: Otolaya Laeyah - A master potion maker

Relationships: Father: Lana doesn't speak to him too often, she finds that sometimes he isn't in his right mind, but he's a wise man and a ball to be around.
Mother: Lana tried to learn the art of potion making from her.. that didn't go so well. But her mother is always the best for light-hearted conversations.

Friends: A little creature that looks much like a floating white puff ball with ram horns named Sir Vladimir. (Vladdy for short)
He's a magical creature named Poram, they specialize in nature magic. Vladimir however is special, he can transform into a human and use a special rare magic called blood magic.
(He taught Lana this as well)

Likes: Learning new things, cinnamon rolls, animals, magic, beautiful views, travelling to new places, sunny days, trying new foods, going on adventures.

Dislikes: The cold, injuries, back-talk, being dominated in a fight, being bested at in a magical duel, snobs, formal talk towards royals. (She hates saying "Your highness")

Personality: Lana is pretty care-free, but she's just as devious as she is cheerful. She makes crude remarks and lame jokes but all in all, she cares deeply for others and only wishes to keep them safe. She finds that making lame jokes and doing weird things will in turn build a good bond between her and others. She is usually feared and thus, for the most part, it has only been her and Valdimir against the world. Lana gets lonely and attached to others easily, but she doesn't become clingy in the slightest, she respects the thought of personal space because she wants the same thought process in return. She's very thoughtful of others, but she's able to see through lies, no matter how good one can tell one, she's very preceptive and will play the act of the dummy very well, if the other person is doing something suspicious, she will follow the other, using any form of magic to get her way. (Within cities, magic is limited, her grip on magic lasts for five hours tops before she has to leave.)

Past: Growing up to a well renowed family of sorcery, Lana had no worries of trying to hide her magical capabilities growing up. But when she turned twelve, the family had to go into hiding when witches and wizards started being burned at the stake because some fool thought it grand to use magic against the King.
Lana was a high ranking noble herself and was betrothed to the Prince, but that was broken off and she lost her title of soon-to-be Princess/Queen. Magic became forbidden almost anywhere and the nearest city flowing with magic was a utopia they could not reach intime for it was just on the borders of the Kingdom, where the King did not care to stretch his search for magic users for. Lana had to grow up hiding her magical abilities from then on when her family took residence in a friendly town by the name of Oskura, the town was not tightly strung on the thought of magic, but Lana still had to be careful.
Many decades later and the Prince took the throne, married, had children, and passed and the cycle continued. Except the next in line was a Queen, she was fierce and broke the law of forbidden magic, she had heard rumors of Lana's father and sought him out. Sorcerers do not age like normal people do, so her father didn't look as old as his age would foretell. From there, the Queen recruited Lana's father and Lana no longer had to hide in secrecy, but she still continued her search of the paradise of ever flowing magic. It was hidden away in the borders of the Kingdom, now long forgotten, she knows that the Witches and Wizards there had hidden it, erased it from existance so they could live in peace.
She wanted to find that.

"Friendship you say..? You fight for friendship? Fufufufu~ Tell me, child.. what does your heart /truly/ desire? Don't worry.. you can trust me."

"Vladimir here is my best companion! I found him injured in the woods one day while out searching for supplies, he's very loyal and an excellent magic user! I'm sure you'll come to love him too!"

"Life, death, happiness, sorrow... what are the true meanings of these? Some do not know, others have guesses.. for me, it is the essence of magic, the thought of living life to the fullest instead of hiding in secrecy.. that is a fulfilled life. I have respect for people who have lived fulfilled lives.."

"Magic is everything! It is the burning passion of my soul!!"

"Erm.. what? You lost me when you first started speaking, honestly.. *sigh* How can others stand to be around such a hard-headed dimwit like you??"

- When using one magical spell for a long period of time, the time limit is ten minutes, even a little over that will wear her out

- Complicated magical spells exhaust Lana quickly and she cannot hold it for as long as she can normal and simple magical spells

- Blood Magic is extremely rare and it is only taught by Porams like Vladimir, Lana was taught this special magic, yet she cannot use it for long, it is still a bit unstable.

- Lana bests at the sword, she loves setting them on fire.

- Magic is scarce across the kingdom dispite the Queen's law, Lana can only use it for a limited amount of time a day, if she uses any more she could possibly injure herself or drain her energy quickly.
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Astennu Sakeri

Full Name: Koray Astennu Sakeri
Meaning(s): Koray - Ember Moon Astennu - God of The Moon Sakeri - Remembered by God
Alias/Nickname: Astennu, Aster, Nunu
Birthday: July 27th
(Fun Fact: This was 2018's Blood Moon)
Year: Unknown
Age: Looks about 24 at oldest, most likely over 9,000 years old
Race: Star
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 134lbs
Body Type: Small and frail but, muscular. (Most likely could take out an army with a flick of his finger.)
Hair color: Snow
Eye color: lavender yet gray

A white jacket with blue vines that twirl around the front covers his torso, the jacket stops around his waist, an emerald is placed in the center of the base of his collar. The pleated pants he wears are just as white as his jacket is, making for a complete look, this seems to bring a mystical and untouchable air about him. What taints the white are the black heeled dress shoes on his feet and the black cape connected to his upper arms, both sides fixed with yet another emerald. On his ears rests black jeweled hanging earrings, the posts gold and decorated with a cresent moon on each side, they seem to be unconnected to his lobe but a yank to it would most obviously hurt him.
And finally, though his white hair may cover it, a black upside down cresent moon is on his forehead, it is not drawn on, neither is it a tattoo. It is apart of his skin just like how freckles are ones face.

Any complexs?: No.

Skills: Fire and ice magic, he possesses the ability to control the light and dark, he aids in raising the sun and moon. Levitation and flight is of most importance to him.
Regeneration powers, most wounds heal within a two hour time frame. Only con is that they're just a bit more painful.

Sexuality: Bisexual - Female lean
(He has not been with a male as of yet.)

Crush/partner: None.

Affilitation: Secret rule over the human race, he tries to keep most things in place and in order. (He can't do everything though.)

Family: Mother: Luna (The Moon)
Father: Celestio (The Sun)

Relationships: Moon: Very Close to, she taught him the ice magic he so adores
Sun: He loves him very much, but the heat the Sun elludes is too much. However, he did learn fire magic.

Friends: ---

Likes: The cold, ice magic, flavorful foods, ice cream (it's his favourite), animals, singing, the smell of freshly fallen snow, and snow angels.

Dislikes: Hot weather, anything too hot in general, sweating, the burn marks his fire powers leave (he has to use his fire powers when his ice powers run out), and the limited amount of magic that flows through Earth.

Personality: Being born as the child of God's greatest creation besides the universe in everything in itself, the Sun and Moon, you would think that Astennu would be stuck up, cocky or snoody or something of the ilk. But he's not, he's very humble and tries to find the good in everything in life. He's also extremely shy, which clashes with his humble personality, but he's also cold on certain topics.. That just seems to be the fire and ice within him..

Past: Growing up, Astennu was very isolated, even if he were surrounded by beautiful stars, he was always cheered up by the cold and warm embrace of his parents whenever down, however.
On his one hundreth birthday, the young star was finally able to speak to his first planet and go to Heaven and speak to an Angel! He was something called an Archangel (his mother told him they were special) and he was extremely beautiful and had white hair, like himself, he played beautiful tunes for him on his harp and sung sweet tunes that Astennu would never forget. When he spoke to Venus, however, the planet was not happy, most likely because it was on the day of a Blood Moon (meaning his mother wasn't the most happy of campers either..)
Now n days, Astennu resides on a planet filled with bountiful greenery and beautiful mortals, he was tasked with the job to watch over them all, in stead of a previous mortal who did so as well, the only difference is that Astennu is immortal. He knows that when mortals pass they will be brought to a war raging against those under, the war lead by the Archangel of War, Michael. He's heard that many Angels have fallen, including his friend, but Astennu has long since given up his quest to find a way to save those poor lost souls, and his friend.

"A beat of a butterflies wings is another life in this world.."

"St..Stop staring, you're making me blush."

"Is it hot in here? Or is it just my father angrily glaring down at me for doing something I shouldn't have?"

- Astennu does not get sick or injured easily, thanks to being a Star and the climate he was originally living in. But i'm sure if you yanked or hit hard enough, he'd bruise. (He does bruise easily after all.)

- Astennu was once badly injured in his right leg, now he has a few problems with his right knee, such as occasionally popping and cracking sounds or imflamation, that's as far as it goes though. He tries his best to not bump or twist it wrong because it will be smarting for days if other wise.

Face Claim:
Prince Diamond - Sailor Moon
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