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I've returned after a long period of being sick. Did ya miss me? -w-
4  Jul 21st 2021 15:22

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DewBud asked the question
Q. Kari! It's been a whole short period of time and you haven't responded! No excuses! Continue my favourite roleplay!
A. I have school--
 Aug 17th 2018 10:08

Q. Hello Kari we literally talk nothing so uhm i wanted to ask .

Am i that boring ? Does our Rp sucks? Or are the others more inportant?'(i understand when yes)
A. What? No. I've just gotten back in school yesterday so I haven't had the time to really respond to anyone, actually.
 Aug 15th 2017 16:21

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I'll respond tonight to our roleplay, sorry for the delay!
Nov 25th 2020 13:04

You're awesome! Being friends with you is one of the best decisions I've ever made.
Aug 28th 2018 06:43

How was your graduation? I hope you had lots of fun, love <3
Jun 15th 2017 11:06