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Lindengr Vindauk

Full Name: Lindengr Vindauk
Alias/Nickname: Lin
Birthday: July 28th
Year: Unknown, but his presence has been recorded since 335 A.D.
Age: 5,000 years or more
Race: Dragon
Height: Human: 5'6 Dragon: 12'9
Weight: Human: 126lbs Dragon: 345lbs
Body Type: Human: Lean with a small amount of muscle. Dragon: A large yet slender and graceful looking dragon.
Hair color: White with hints of blonde.
Eye color: Red, normally. Pink for delighted and a dark blood red when enraged.

broad black pauldrons sit upon his shoulders, intimidating though they may look, they are simply there to hold his black cape in place, the inside a faded red, soft to the touch. The collar of the cape is never wrapped around his neck snd instead always raised up, which shows the opening for his form-fitting tunic, which he refuses to have buttoned around his neck (for reasons he never discloses, many assume it's because it just bothers him) The tunic stops just below his waist, like any regular tunic, one belt is placed across his waist and another crossing under it to hold the scabbard for his sword (a possession that was once his father's) He wears an odd belt around his chest that has a silver skull with glowing red eyes on it, he claims for it to ward off evil spirits.. but.. it just looks like an item to draw your attention to just chest, where the belt is so neatly placed between it (As if he has breast--) On his arms are upper arm length gloves because his tunic has no sleeves, vanbraces placed around his wrists. Leggings placed on his legs because he would rather not wear pants. Knee high boots on his legs, covered by more armoring. The boots have large heels on them to make him seem more intimidating and imposing. (Up to you to decide if that works out or not lol)

Any complexs?: No

Skills: Shape shifting, flying, fire magic, and teleportation.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush/partner: He had a lover named Marianne, but she was lost to time. She was the only human he had come to love.

Affilitation: Crown Prince, commander of the army.

Family: King/Father: Iverik Vindauk
Queen/Mother: Odissia Vindauk

Relationships: Father: Very fond of him.
Mother: Very close to

Friends: None. (now)

Likes: The sun, warm weather, clouds, dancing, playing the piano, drawing, and flying.

Dislikes: Spicy foods, cold weather, rain, liars, and losing.

Personality: Lin is a quiet male who would rather keep to himself than go out and socialize, but when he does he's extremely friendly and loves to chat away when he gets into a good conversation, which isn't often. Most of the time he'll respond with things here and there, but other times he won't. Lin is very artistic and would rather express his fondness of you by drawing you something (most of the time it'll be a drawing of landscape). If he's extremely fond of you (perhaps if he's taken a liking to you) the protrait will be of you instead. Lin isn't good with words, but he's very powerful and commanding when he needs to be. He gets a bit angry quickly if you push his buttons but it takes a lot to lash out at someone (he'd never lash out at his lover, however.)

Dragons came into existence around 300 A.D., so that means Lin came into the picture thirty-five years after the heirarchy was established. He was the first born (only born) prince of his kingdom, which was very calm in nature and full of mystical beings alike. Humans however, were very scarce to come across. While out on a walk outside of town near the human village, Lin met Marianne, a young cleric who constantly smiled, no matter what happened, she was a girl of a few words, yet she talked quiet a bit when meeting Lin, she wasn't shy in the slightest. They continued meeting there and soon, they shared their first kiss and became lovers, the two promised that since they'd never bed before that when they married they would share the experience. Though a blood-chilling war hit from the humans and Lin ran from his castle to go and check on Marianne. He had taken her away from the village when the soldiers attacked, they called war on his kingdom, for reasons he could yet not understand. He was almost to the Kingdom border when Marianne was struck down in cold blood, an arrow piercing straight through her heart. She claimed a cleric could not heal themselves and desperately pleaded for Lin to escape, she shared her dying breath with him in their final kiss. The troop that had killed his beloved soon perished, of course. And from that day, Lin had locked his heart away from ever trying to love again. He also did what he could to keep his kingdom from ever seeing war like they did all those years ago, it took a lot of rebuilding to fix the mess the humans made of everything, but they were all whole once they did. Except Lin.

"Oh? ... come now, there's no need to prod me. You have my undivided attention."

"Don't be infantile. Now, state your purpose... if you have one."

- Despite his hardened apperance, Lin is a big ol softie.
- When anxious, nervous, or angered Lin's claws and tail come out. (When he's bashful his ears flick nervously or his tail would show up.)
- Despite not being able to get injured easily (with dragon scales and all) Lin does get sick easily. He falls ill a lot and finds that everytime he does it's worse than the last. (His fevers are insane since he wields fire powers)

(*coff* Please love this baby *coff*)
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Xalmizol Orzol

Full Name: Xalmizol Orzol
(Xalmizol: Graceful Light)
Alias/Nickname: Xal, Mizzy, Demon
Birthday: October 12th
Year: A long time ago
Age: Unknown, probably 8,000. Looks 20.
Race: It's complicated.. Affiliates as a Demon.
Height: 5'5 [With heeled boots, 5'3 without] (usually everyone is taller than him, he gets salty about his height.) (Go wild with teasing him, lol.)
Weight: A feather is what you can relate it to.
Body Type: He was somehow able to pull off the body of a woman and the body of a warrior..
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Normally they're purple, when he's sad they're blue, enraged red, distraught lilac, hurt (physical) yellow, hurt(mental) a darker purple, depending on the amount of hurt it could possibly be gray.

Xal has the uptmost admiration for leather, his entire outfit is leather, actually. Whether he likes it because he wants to show off everything or because it's a great look, no one knows.
His top is sleeveless and has no backing to make room for his wings, the opening stops just above his lower back. On his left arm he wears a leather glove that stops at his upper arm, a belt is wrapped around his waist, a bit loosely, and thigh-high boots on his legs (they have small heels with a red sole because he's short--)

Any complexs?: No.

Skills: Levitation, music of any kind, magic of any kind, being able to slow down time, and telepathy.

Sexuality: Homosexual - Uke (Though he's usually seen with women flocking him. He'll even seduce them, but never as far as bedding, he's currently the only virgin demon.)

Crush/partner: None.

Affilitation: Ex-Archangel of Harmony, General of Lucifer's (Satan) army, his personal right hand.

Family: Ex-Father: God
Ex-Brothers: Every Angel of Heaven
After all this, he does not consider any Demon his brethren.

Relationships: Elder Brother Archangel Michael: Despises for he leads the war against Satan.
Middle Brother Archangel Raphael: Strongly dislikes.
Younger Brother Archangel Gabriel: Neither likes or dislikes, Gabriel is too young for his hate, he is... simply a messenger.

Friends: Lucifer: He would not consider his liege his friend, but he is closer to him than any other.

Likes: Sweets more than anything, music, practicing his magical abilities, training in the art of the lance, warm weather.

Dislikes: Spicy foods, wounds, people touching his bottom horns (they're extremely sensitive to the touch), his wings taking forever to grow back, his inability to fly.

Personality: Xalmizol is a Demon who.. is pretty hard to describe within a couple of words, he has many different reactions to many different things, but the simplest things you can say and have set is stone is that he's loyal, is extremely intelligent, is serious a lot, but also goofs around with people who holds close.

Past: Being an Archangel of Harmony meant that Xalmizol not only spread cheerful tunes and wrote songs directly for The Lord, he also spread happiness wherever he went. When Lucifer, the most beautiful Angel in Heaven, and his best friend, stood up against God and tried to take his power but was banished and chained to burn in Hell in the process, Xalmizol couldn't stand it, it haunted him, it was like he could hear his screams. His tunes started to become dull and sadden by the days, until one day, Xalmizol decided to join the rally of Lucifer's followers, few they may be, he just wanted to be with his.. friend again. They rallied to bring him back, but they were all casted to Hell for standing up and even fighting against their Father. After being banished to Hell with the other Angels, they stayed there, for years, even as more Demons were being sent down as well as Fallen Angels for devious, sinful, and lustful acts. They all rose against their Fath-- no, God. They lost the battle due to the Archangel of War, Michael leading the troops. This is when Xalmizol lost his wings, they were ripped and slashed out by Michael himself. Now n days they are simply tiny budding wings, as big as your hand, but incapable of flight. The wound still aches until this very day..
He dares not to flex his budding wings for it brings him pain.

"Archangel though I may no longer be, I still embrace the fact that I am Harmony itself."

"Mock my height and inability to fly again... I dare you.."

- Xalmizol gets injured easily, this is a reason why he trains so hard, and another reason why he fights with long-ranged attacks like magic.
- I made Xalmizol based around that fact that this can be medieval times. But he can be placed in any time of realm of fantasy.

Face Claim: Azazel from Rage of Bahamut
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Stellan Octavious

Full Name: Stellan Siegfried Octavious
Alias/Nickname: Stella, Seggy, Bright Star.
Birthday: August 10th
Year: 1784
Age: 27
Race: ?
Height: 5'8
Weight: 130lbs
Body Type: Lean
Hair color: Chocolate
Eye color: Silver

His golden headpiece represents his crown while he is on the battlefield, a small white sleeveless coat covers his black silk tunic, a golden sash on his waist and black pants on his legs, black knee boots on his feet.

Any complexs?: No, but he has insomnia.

Skills: The sword and bow, cooking, and hunting. (Rumor has it that Stellan has the best handwriting in the entire army.)

Sexuality: Bisexual - female lean (simply for an heir)

Crush/partner: None.

Affilitation: Crown Prince.

Family: Mother: Queen Ekaterina Octavious
Father: King Frederick Octavious
Younger Brother: Lazwald

Relationships: Mother: Close to.
Father: Doesn't speak to much, but they have a good relationship
Younger Brother: Is close to, he would rather not have him fight in the war.


Likes: Anything sweet, different country and kingdom delicacies, practicing the bow and sword.

Dislikes: Waking up early to march, sore muscules (but he causes this by training too hard and long), cold food (like soup)

Personality: Stellan is a quirky prince once you get to know him, though he's mostly uptight and proper around others, especially those who could possibly hold an opinion on him and his family, i.e other nobles and princes/ss from different kingdoms.

Past: Stellan grew up like a normal child, his status never hanging over his head to stop him from playing with other children, but when his younger brother came into play, young Stellan was thrown into the role of Crown Prince, he had little to no time for himself and was always studying, training, and everything else in or out of the book, so much to the point where he became who he was now, always uptight and proper, it's very rare when he can be his quirky self, but he does nonetheless.

Quotes: "A spar? I'm surprised you would waste your time in an area you cannot perfect, and so late into the war too."

"A pity your life shall end so soon, you should of never challenged me."

"I beg your pardon? Did you mistake me for a woman? Blast you and all of these other curasable people in this world!"
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Alexander Oskur

Full Name: Alexandrios Oskur
Alias/Nickname: Darios, Alexander, Xander, Alex, Spirit of Music
Birthday: Unknown
Year: ??
Age: Unknown
Race: Spirit
Height: 5'8
Weight: 102
Body Type: Small but muscular
Hair color: Raven
Eye color: Gray-Purple

A silver circlet rests on his forehead, silk robes of black, gray, and lilac, black half gloves on his hands, his flute is always with him.

Any complexs?: No, but he feels he never fits in, since he's so... different.

Skills: He's able to play the flute better than any master, this is how he attacks people, though he uses a lance when he can't reach his flute.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush/partner: None.

Affilitation: Vice Commander of the army.
Spirit of Music.

Family: Mother: Spirit of Harmony
Father: Spirit of Freedom
Younger sister: Spirit of happiness

Relationships: Mother, Father, Sister: He hasn't spoken to them in centuries, but he loves them all dearly.


Likes: Music, sweet tunes, creating music, singing, and human food.

Dislikes: Fighting, and injuries. (Especially him, since he doesn't know how to handle pain, since he's always with-held a spirit form.)

Personality: Alexandrios is a kind-hearted man, too kind for his own good and too kind for the likes of being in a harsh war, he is soft-spoken and would rather sit and watch a conversation than participate, he's bad at participating within human conversations, but he loves to enlighten everyone on the likes of spirit and music, since that is his passion.

Past: Alexandrios was born from the wishes of humans, the wishes for music. His only purpose was to allow people the joy of music, the joy of smiling, his younger sister worked well with him, bringing even more joy to his joyful music. Though the music is always tuned to his mood, when it darkens, it may sound good, but it's just as equally dark, sad, or any other emotion he may be feeling.

"Hm? You would like for me sing for you? Of course!"
"Y-You like my flute music..? Thank you.."
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Lazwald Odessyus

Full Name: Lazwald Odessyus
Alias/Nickname: Lazzy, Laz, Oddy, The Blind Warrior
Birthday: June 26th
Year: 1785
Age: 25
Race: ?
Height: 5'10
Weight: 110
Body Type: Slender, yet muscular
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Unknown, many say purple.

A white head piece rests on his head, holding some of his hair up, this shows he is a noble of some kind, a white bandage is wrapped around his eyes, for many reasons, unknown.

Any complexs?: No.

Skills: Sword fighting, the bow, being able to sense where an ally or enemy is.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush/partner: None.

Affilitation: Commander of the army.

Family: ?

Relationships: Stellan: Close to.


Likes: The sunlight, the thrill of battle, flowers.

Dislikes: Injuries, rusted/rusting swords.

Personality: Lazwald, despite not being able to see through the bandage, is a sweet male who adores making new friends, he loves to help out given any circumstance, but he'll rather keep himself at times, it's a quiet fellow.

Past: No one knows about his past, and he'd rather not talk about it, only the Prince himself knows of it, since Lazwald is his right hand.

Quotes: "May Fate guide you on the correct path."

"My blade knows exactly where to strike."
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