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The Evening Star (The Dragon Prince)

(With the help of 'Callum's Spellbook' I can jot some accurate information uwu)

Full Name: Wǎn xīng
Alias/Nickname: Wǎnjiān or Xīng. Sometimes this is difficult to say for the humans or other Xadians, so he'd rather go by Milos (meaning Favor in Greek).
Birthday: December 21st
Year: --
Age: Unknown
Race: Startouch Elf - Xadian
Height: 6'0", 6'5" with the horns (182 cm, 195cm with horns)
Weight: Very light
Hair color: Smoky black - turns white when using primal magic
Eye color: Bright green

Attire: Unlike other Startouch Elves, the attire Milos wears is not that in accordance to his race, infact, he wears Moonshadow Elf clothing! He isn't an assassin, but he's been trained to fight and thus has earned the assassin clothing; the black hood that cascades into a cape, the inside a deep green, and the black and green clothing, along with a silver chestplate and a small lotus pendant made my Ethari. You could definitely catch him fiddling with his waist cape a lot.

Markings: While the most noticeable thing about being a Startouch Elf is the star upon his chest and the dew-dappled star freckles on his cheeks, Milos skintone betrays that of a Startouch Elf, and some would say he has a ratber human skintone, to which the Moonshadow Elf markings he was given once approved by them all stand out. He has one that goes across the bridge of his nose, and two that frame the top of his eyelids and the corner of his eyes.

Any complexs?: He has a slight superiority complex, but people brush it off as him being a sore loser.

Skills: Star, Moon, and Earth primal magic. Working on Ocean and Sky, but there seems to be no hope for him when it comes to Sun magic. Blade work and archery skills. His favourites are the butterfly blades that turn into a bow, just like Runaan's. You could say that Runaan gave him the affirming nod to get them made. He can also cook, he's no chef, but it's a fun hobby of his. Moonberry jam anyone?

Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush/partner: All them Elves lookin' mighty fine if you ask him.

Affilitation: Moonshadow Elves

Family: The Moonshadow Elves are his family :)))
Especially Runaan and Ethari.

And Rayla but she won't admit it okay.

Relationships: He has a pretty fine reputation with those in Silvergrove (Rayla's village)

Friends: Always willing to make friends.

Likes: Doing magic, training, being accepted to go on missions with everyone, making things, and dancing.

Dislikes: The war between humans and Elves, why can't everyone just be.. happy?

Personality: Milos is always eager to serve, to which his given name, Favor, was brought in. Milos would rather spend time training and reading a book than adventuring, so when the Elves were sent on a mission to kill the King of Katolis, Milos had stayed home. Though, he had grew incredibly suspicious and left as well. Perhaps that was the worrier part of his personality shining through.

Past: When Milos was young, he was born to two Startouch Elves, to which were killed by the Dragon King Avizandum for also participating in Dark Magic. They had held an Elf by the name of 'Aaravos' up on a high podium, Milos had grown up with that very same Elf, and while he was sent to Silvergrove for his own protection, it has been Milos' true goal to free Aaravos from the mirror, and he's sure the Key of Aaravos is the correct way to go about it. But just where is that key? And where is the mirror?
It would seem that everything that Milos has done was only a façade. He's a trickster, he's cunning and sly and knows just how to get what he wants. But he's also a great actor and it's hard to tell what's a lie and what isn't.

"Xadia is beautiful, but so is the land of the humans. Let's see it together one day."

"I don't have time for bothersome things like 'love'. It will only slow me down.. and get everyone hurt in the process.."

"I guess you could say I'm a jack-of-all trades, huh?"

"The Moon Nexus is so beautiful, I wish everyone could of seen it in its prime days..."

(Reference of drawing coming soon)
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Time To Strike (Miraculous Ladybug)

Full Name: Lilena O'desinar
Alias/Nickname: Lillie, Lil
Birthday: April 27th
Zodiac: Dragon
Age: 16 - 19
Ethnicity: Japanese and English
Nationality: French
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 116lbs
Body Type: Small, but strong, doesn't look like she works out, but she could probably easily take someone down.
Hair color: Raven, coal.
Eye color: ocean blue

--Miraculous Information--
Miraculous: The Arctic Fox
Kwami name: Neis
Transformation Words: "Neis, time to strike."
Powers: Triple Wind Blizzard: Controls the weather in any shape or form, best when controlling the cold and creating a freezing blizzard to freeze the enemies.
Weapon: Judgement Sword: An ice looking sword that can change between cold and searing, this can be used to cast Judgement on an akumatised villain or to subdue the Akuma if the Ladybug Miraculous is not present or subdued. (She cannot capture the akuma, but it works as purification.)
Superhero name: Lady Arctique (Arctique for short)
Miraculous Jewelry piece: Dangling earring pieces. (Orange, but they turn blue and white upon transformation).

Suit: Large white ears with blue tips used for super-sensitive hearing, suit is akin to something like the hero Bunnix from the future. (Bunny miraculous). A fluffy white collar around the neck and a short crop jacket around the torso, a long cape like tail in the back, small blue paw like symbols on the underside of her boots. Her hair turns white and her eyes an intense blue to further seal her identity beneath the mask.

In an Rp, as Lilena, Ladybug can choose her for the following as a temporary Miraculous holder: Pollen (Bee), Stompp (Ox).
She can merge Pollen and Neis with the transformation words:
"Pollen, Neis, Unify!"
and become
Queen Arctique, a Bee-Fox themed hero.

This is completely optional.

Attire: Lil is a completely casual type of girl, despite coming from a preppy private school in London. Now that she's free of uniforms and skirts, Lil likes to wear black hoodies, dark red tops, and jeans with sneakers to make a statement. On the rare occasion she does wear a skirt, it's always with black leggings and sneakers, but as stated, this is rare.

Any complexs?: No, but she wants to be known as the best superhero who isn't Ladybug or Chat Noir.

Skills: Outside of being a superhero, Lil adores photography and drawing. She normally draws what she takes pictures of or of her own imagination. She built up a name for herself in the United Kingdom for her photography, but she's mostly known as the daughter of a famous runway model and author.
Lil can also cook and bake, she enjoys doing that in her free time when she gets the chance.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush/partner: --

Affilitation: Student at Collège Françoise Dupont

Family: Mother: Suki O'desinar
Father: Charles O'desinar

Mother: Decent relationship with
Father: Very close to. (He's the one who got her out of the private school. Thank goodness)

Just the main cast to keep it short and sweet.
Likes: Creativity, making new friends, small animals, the kwamis, fighting, butterflies, the cold, the sun, and astrology.

Dislikes: Her enemies, Lila (who doesn't am I right?), Chat Noir's horrible jokes, akumas, sentimonsters, losing fellow miraculous holders to akumas, ect.

Personality: A rambunctious girl when you get to know her, she's overflowing with confidence and is quick to jump into action when the time calls for it. Normally, in classes, she's one of the most quiet, this is probably how she keeps her grades at their highest. When it comes to love however? She's a complete clutz! She's never had a boyfriend, girlfriend, or even a kiss. She doesn't know if anyone likes her in any romantic way as she's been sister-zoned a lot. She cuts of any sort of feeling that way, which makes her life a bit easier, but it could make someone pursuing her life somewhat harder as she'll be generally confused.
When she's Lady Arctique, she's quick to figure out the problem and jump to action, her confidence overflowing because as the previous hero of London, she doesn't need a 'Ladybug'. One day, this could probably lead her to getting seriously injured.

Past: Growing up as a 'trust-fund kid' meant that Lil had little to no worries about what she wanted, when she wanted it, and how. She is by no means bratty, but when something comes to her not being able to get something; she's confused. This doesn't mean she's disrespectful, infact, she enjoys when she gets told 'no' for something (though her charms usually get her what she wants, she just doesn't know that). Her mother is a runway model for one of the best fashion shows in the world that host all the time in Paris, France, Rome, Italy, and Tokyo,Japan. As the shows take place more in France and her father got a new job (better job) in Paris, the family was quick to pack up and move to France. Ironically enough, the Agreste and Bourgeois family is here, of course one of those is what runs this city, so the family wasn't surprised. Through fashion connections, Gabriel Agreste knows Lil's mother, which by those connections, Lil knowd Chloe Bourgeois, unfortunate, I know. Still, once moved to Paris, Lil led a very quiet life, going to school everyday, taking photographs of monuments all over Paris, and more. What more could she ask for?

Well, maybe a lack of villains running the place would be a good place to start. Who the heck even has the time to keep akumatising people? Geez.

"True strength lies in the mind, not your fist."

"Sometimes you need to 'chill' out kitty. Haha..Yeah I can make jokes too, kitty. Oh-- don't look at me like that Buggie."

"Surrounded by all these cuties and baddies, didn't know I was that famous."

"Break a leg, or shall I do it for you?"
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Light it Up! (Pokèmon Original Character)

(Long overdue hhhh)

Full Name: Akko Lianna
Alias/Nickname: Ak, Ai, Li
Birthday: September 10th
Year: --
Age: 17
Race: Unovian
Height: 5'7" (170cm)
Weight: 124lbs (56kg)
Hair color: Pastel pink, underlining of hair is white. This is her natural hair colour.
Eye color: Lavender

Attire: Normally she wears anything that's black, usually includes a black jacket with a high collar with her sleek black glasses along with black jeans or dark blue jeans. Black sneakers with a pink pokèball on the sides on her feet.

Pokèmon Team: (To be announced during rp)

Travelling Companion: Lucario

Any complexs?: None, could develop easily through rp though

Skills: She's decent at Pokèmon battles, she's wanted to try performances like the Kalos region does.

Sexuality: Bisexual (no lean)

Crush/partner: None.

Affilitation: Former leader of the Nimbasa City gym, (she ran it as a mix type and then handed it over to her good friend Elesa who made it electric)
She went on to become the Champion of Unova, which she unfortunately lost to a Dragon Type Trainer named Iris.
Now she wanders Unova with her pokèmon.

Family: --

Relationships: She's basically friends with all the gym leaders as well as N. (Which is also why she doesn't battle as often anymore)

Friends: ^^

Likes: Literally anything sweet, cold delights, and savoury foods. She really likes food as well as skating around with her rollerblades (how else is she to keep up with her Lucario at full speed?)

Dislikes: Losing battles.
That's it--

Personality: She's a very warm person, open to meeting new people as well as encouraging their ideals, whether that's to be a Pokèmon master, champion, gym leader, or even an actor, she's there to listen and give as much advice as she can! She also loves to learn, so any advice you give her she will try her best to take it into account.

Hailing from the Unova region, Akko was gifted her first starter at the crisp age of eleven, a Snivy! Who would of guessed right? She took that Snivy and took over the gym her father held as a multi-type gym in Nimbasa city, which birthed the Multi-Badge, it was a star shape witb colours of almost every type you could imagine.
After she decided to leave that with her pokè team and become a champion (and give that up as well) Akko gave to travelling Unova and meeting all different kinds of Legendaries, attempting (sometimes failing) to become their friends and many other things! She wants to one day perform on stage with Cobalion, who decided to stick with her and Lucario (who's a sucker for attention).
She's been working hard to be able to travel to the Kalos region as well as many others, such as Alola! (She needs a vacation--)

"Never debunk it til you try it!"

"Yo, hold up there sweet pea! Let's try that again!!"

"Let's get this party STARTED!!"

-Since Akko is willing to go literally anywhere the rp can take place in any region of your choosing!
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Deception with a smile (Nanatsu No Taizai OC)

Full Name: Gabryell Symounde
Alias/Nickname: Gabby, Simon, Gabe, Prissy boy
Birthday: June 16th
Year: --
Age: 22
Real Age: Geez, over 2,000 most definitely.
Race: Upper Demon
Class: Holy Knight
Marking Placement: He usually covers it but normally it rests on the left side of his forehead, towards his temple, when activated it spreads across half of his face and his left arm, which is covered like a fake one normally.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 130lbs
Body Type: Thin, small. However he trains plenty (though unneeded) he has plenty of muscles.
Hair color: Snow white
Eye color: Emerald

He wears the usual Holy Knight attire, a white cape wrapped around his shoulders and black pants on his legs. He says he loyally serves King Liones, but that's a lie with a pretty bow on it.

Skills: Water, any type of water related magic, it however takes lots of strain to form even the smallest amount of frost. Sword fighting and marksmanship.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush/partner: 'Don't fall for a human don't fall for a huma--'
(GilThunder Enters the room)
-and now i'm fallin' for ya, fallllin' for ya.'
Also Estarossa.
And.. Hendrickson.
And.. Diane.. geez, his heart is everywhere. He can't help it,okay?

Affilitation: Ten Commandments underling.
The other half of Benelovence.

Family: --

Relationships: He tends to disconnect himself from others.


Likes: Sweets and savoury foods, eating souls, fighting, acting innocent around other knights.

Dislikes: People thinking they know him, trying to figure out his race, thinking they're smart, attempting to see through his flawless façade. People asking too many questions about him.

Gabryell has many faces, two of which he uses the most, the innocent and the angered. He uses the innocent around his 'fellow' knights and the angered upon being hurt, which seems to happen alot because he's clumsy trying to juggle acting afraid with a sword in battle and not ripping someone's heart out as soon as they dare cross him.
He's so strong it hurts to think about how he has to always lay back because he's some type of lowly spy, he's even gotten all buddy-buddy with the Sins. Yet he's always nervous and shaky when around Meliodas, he can't stand his gaze,it's like he knows.

Gabryell doesn't remember much of his past or the Underworld, he just remembers receiving his mission to stay with GilThunder and keep an eye on Hendrickson, he nearly gave himself up during Hendrickson's outbreak and the whole possession of GilThunder, but it seemed to work according to plan in the end.

Typhoon Tornado
Whirlwind Storm
Combo attack: Lightning King's Perfect Storm

"Hehe! Don't look at me like that! I'll get all nervous!"

"Back off bastards!! I-I mean..u-uwaah! Stay away from me..!!"

"Help me my knights in shining armour!!"

"I hate this job...I cannot wait for the day I can reunite with the others."

Face Claim: Bedivere from Fate Grand Order
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Tilted Crown (Nanatsu No Taizai OC)

Full Name: Morgaine Lostfon Pendragon
Alias/Nickname: Morgan, Morrie
Birthday: August 21st
Year: --
Age: 17
Race: Britannian/Human
Class: Mage Knight
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 134lbs
Body Type: Very lean
Hair color: Amber
Eye color: Bright red

At a young age Morgan had a gift for magic and thus has been wearing mage clothes for the longest portion of her life. Armour rests over her torso and legs, as she refuses to wear skirts and dresses, as is odd for this time for women. She threads flowers through her hair and keeps it long so no one mistakes her for a man. In order to get into certain places, she'll tie her hair at the bottom and pull it up, tucking it to make it much,much shorter than average, she'll bind her chest in order to pass as a man. That's how she gets away with most things.

Any complexs?: Nope.

Skills: Ice and light magic, no one knows where she got such powers from as only Holy Knights and 'otherworldly beings' have powers.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush/partner: GilThunder

Affilitation: Bastard Princess to Arthur Pendragon

Family: Arthur

Relationships: Very close with Arthur, however she did not grow up with him nor was she in the castle. She is also close with Merlin.

Friends: :')

Likes: Travelling Britannia, meeting knew people, fighting.

Dislikes: Bugs and snobs.

Personality: Morgan isn't a very exciting person to be around, she's good with magic and slowly mastering it whenever Merlin is around and not out adventuring with Meliodas and friends. Her personality is dull and adpative to those whose she's around in order to not lose them as friends. She doesn't see it as being fake.

Growing up Morgan was never told she was related to King Arthur, well, Prince at the time. So she grew up drowning herself in books, then it was like.. well, magic that her powers suddenly existed at the young age of ten.
Her mother used to think that the goddess blessed her so Morgan could stand up for herself, as she couldn't afford to get Morgan sword training lessons. Whispers around town was that Merlin cursed her with her powers, as the sin of gluttony, it was only like her. Morgan wasn't sure what to think, but she planned to put her powers to use and rise up and hopefully leave Canterlot and go join the Holy Knights, whether she has to disguise herself as a male or not to do it.

"What're you looking at, huh?"

"You say I don't fit in with the storyline or characters?? Well, who the Hell are you to tell me, bud?"
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