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DewPetal's Blog

Hell's Golden Age King (DB OC)

Full Name: Lyndinium
Alias/Nickname: Lyn (preferred)
Birthday: September 26th
Year: --
Age: Unknown
Race: Demon (Incubus)
Height: 5'2"
Hair color: Ashen Black
Eye color: Left: Green Right: Blue

Attire: Varies on situation and scene.

Any complexs?: Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Skills: (to be discovered)

Sexuality: Bisexual - Male lean

Crush/partner: Deceased wife, Quinerella

Affilitation: Hell's King

Likes: Reading, writing, working, and walking through the palace gardens

Dislikes: Bugs, people assuming things about him, and war

Personality: Lyn is a soft-spoken, kind-hearted King that brought prosperity to Hell after his father tried to rule with a dictatorship. Lyn firmly believes his people come first and will sacrifice his own needs and health for them.

Past: [Too much to write-- will be revealed over the course of rp]

"Stop working? ...Is it April 1st?"

"I'm not cute!!"

"This tail? Oh, don't worry about it.."

(art coming soon)
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Your Wish Has Been Heard (DB OC)

(Canon divergence)

Full Name: Manasa
Alias/Nickname: Mana
Birthday: Unknown
Year: ---
Age: Ancient, to be simple
Race: Shenron
Height: 4'8" (child form) 5'6" (adult form)
Hair color: Platinum blond with blue highlights
Eye color: Golden

Attire: Manasa wears an over sized dark blue cloak, and a gem developed by Asushlin around her neck, which allows her to change between her adult and child form freely. White Egyptian-esque clothes on her body, and nothing on her feet.

Any complexs?: God complex

Skills: Magic, simply.
And wish granting.

Sexuality: Bisexual - no lean

Crush/partner: None

Affilitation: Asushlin's tiny right hand

Likes: Food, and lots of it, fighting, eating, food (yes again). Sweets.

Dislikes: Losing, that's about it.

Personality: A bundle of.. well, whatever it is, is Manasa, a humanoid Shenron of the Black Hole Balls, the Dragon Balls people seek for when they're desperate, end of the line. Manasa thrives off of despair, but she's also a joyful contradiction. Her attitude is an all-round type of gal.

Past: [Unknown information trying to be processed..]

"Ooh! I /love/ salmon!"

"Whaaat? You gotta speak up!!"

"How's the air up there? Thin? You breathing all right?"

(Art coming soon)
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Technical Advancements (DB OC)

(Canon divergence)

Full Name: Asushlin Von Rina
Alias/Nickname: Asush
Birthday: December 21st
Year: ---
Age: 999
Race: Angel, God hybrid
Height: 5'11"
Hair color: Ash Black
Eye color: Lavender

Attire: Everything he wears is black, a black crop jacket, turtleneck, and pants. An eyepatch goes over his right eye, it has a dangling jewel on it for aesthetic purposes. White boots adorn his feet and white gloves on his hand.

Any complexs?: Superiority and Persecution complex. (He's a confusing one)

He also has severe claustrophobia

[Unknown Data Requested...]

Sexuality: Pansexual

Crush/partner: None

Affilitation: The King of Hell's Scientist

Likes: Experimenting, tinkering, and fighting.

Dislikes: His father (hate is a better word), when things don't work out, and getting hurt.

Personality:  Selfish and uncaring would be the easiest thing to call this man. He won't speak to you unless you initiate, and even then it's one-sided. Especially if he's working. While he can easily be flustered, a lot of attempts go in vain. The main is everything Awin isn't.
(..hint, hint?)

Past: At a young age, Asushlin loved to test the water of what he could and couldn't do while in the Angel Clan. This one day led to him meeting quite the untimely end. Though he was resurrected, not even he knows how. And now, he sports a scar around his throat to which he covers, and a ghastly scar on his eye, also covered.
(Don't wish to spoil too much about him..)

"What do you want? State your purpose.. or go away."

"Wh-What? You think my freckles are..a-ah? Ugh, stop being annoying!"

"My eyepatch? Oh, it's.. it's nothing."

(art coming soon)
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Sweet As Pie (DB OC)

(Canon Divergent)

Full Name: Aldawine Von Rina
Alias/Nickname: Awin (preferred name)
Birthday: May 14th
Year: ---
Age: 999
Race: Angel, God-hybrid
Height: 5'9"
Hair color: Snow white
Eye color: Lavender

Attire: A golden neck piece with the symbol of his Universe, a black form fitting top, navy blue waistband, and black puff training pants with white boots. A white glove on his left hand and black brace on his right. His signature defining feature is a black industrial bar earring on his left ear.

Any complexs?: Nightmare Disorder, Depersonalization Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Ki shield: A ki shield that can be raised to block all attacks. Enough force and it will shatter and take five minutes to recharge.

Standard Ki attacks: Your average ki blasts

Galick Gun: With Vegeta as his mentor, he learned one of his signature moves.

Dark Star Cannon: Awin's secondary ultimate attack. It's said that this attack can gather the stars and even the galaxy itself and turn it into raw energy..

Cooking: The biggest passion Awin has, taste his food and it's almost like adding ten years to your life!

Sexuality: Pansexual

Crush/partner: None, yet

Affilitation: God of Destruction trainee for Universe 18

Likes: Cooking!!, sweets!, love and affection, hugs!, cuddles!, Cooking! Again!!, swimming, flying, learning new thing, and cute things. (like stuffed animals and such)

Dislikes: His father, unnecessary fighting, people overworking themselves, others being sick or getting hurt.

Personality: The most caring and cutest Angel you'll ever meet, Awin! He cares for each and every one of you, even if they were an enemy, he will still offer a shoulder and warm meal to them. Awin is a bubbly and kind Angel who rarely holds grudges, or gets angry. If he does, then it had to be an offense beyond all offenses.

Past: Awin was previously a trainee for Universe 18 to be the next God of Destruction, as it is a birthright of his. If the Zeno's were to kick the can, Awin would be the next King of All, and while Lovan has been banished, he would be the next Grand Priest. Due to Lovan's divergence from their Universe and crimes against the Angel Clan, the 18th Universe has since been destroyed. Awin had fallen into the 7th from this and met Vegeta, the polar opposite of his own personality. It's a long story, but the Saiyan became his mentor, and the Angel learned a lot from him. He's been residing at Capsule Corp. ever since!

"Say 'aaah'~"

"You like sweets? Hehe, me too! Let's make some together!"

"Why can't we all be friends?"

(Art coming soon)
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An Angel Without Wings (DB OC)

(Honestly, I'm three years overdue with making all of my Dragon Ball oc's.. Oops)

Important Note: A majority of my Oc's are very canon divergent (due to the roleplay I made them for) so sorry if they aren't your cup of tea ^^;

Full Name: Lovanarious O Rina
Alias/Nickname: Lovan (preferred name)
Birthday: March 14th
Year: --
Age: 1,010
Race: Angel, God hybrid
Height: 5'4"
Hair color: Snow white
Eye color: The colours of the sunset

Attire: It depends on the situation and scene in the roleplay, but he'll normally wear Chinese or Japanese inspired clothing, always paired with high boots.

Any complexs?: Schizophrenia, Psychosis, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Ki Shield: A shield made purely of ki that Lovan can use to block other attacks. The amount and brute force of the attacks can shatter the shield, and it will take five minutes to restore.

Alluring Voice: (honestly a power I forget I gave him very often) Can control people for a short duration of time with his voice

Ki attacks: The standard ki blasts

Tracker Orbs: A ki blast that will follow the target no matter what.

Angelic Speed: (Self-explanatory)

Final Devestation: Lovan's secondary ultimate move, similar to Vegeta's Final Flash, but in a wider range. (The other will be revealed through the rp)

Cooking: A standard skill Lovan has, he enjoys to cook, but isn't the best at it.

Sexuality: Pansexual

Crush/partner: None, for now

Affilitation: Angel of the 18th Universe

Likes: Good food, sleeping, being gifted things, tea, ramen, watching the sunsets (hopeless romantic), swimming, flying, being with people he cares about.

Dislikes: His father, training (but he will), his Universe, fighting, evil, people he cares about being hurt.

Personality: One of the fiestiest Angels you'll ever meet, Lovan himself. He talks alot, and certainly won't give a damn about you until you give him a reason to. He is incredibly guarded, and blunt, straight to the point if you will, but of course all people like these have soft spots, and Lovan is no different. He is very easily flustered, and is very protective of family and friends (even if he claims to not like them). He is never angered easily, so if you do get him angry... Run.

Past: Lovan was the Angel of Universe 18th, his brother a training God of Destruction, and the two Kais never making it a dull day with their presence. Lovan was born unto the Grand Priest and his late wife, Asuka, a Jienshin-- God of Life. Thus, he is a half-breed. Many looked down upon him for this, especially since because of it, he was sick so often. He was on thin ice at the time as well with his God, Sojuu -- Quitela's nicer sister, when he suggested an idea that could change their Universe for the better, for peace. This of course upset the balance of order, so he was let off with a warning, but the more he pestered, the more people thought he was insane, and thus, he waa banished from the Angel Clan and his Universe. He was a wanted man, so he spent 400 years Universe hopping to escape his father and the Zen Guards. In that time, in Universe 5,did he find a man he could call Master, and was gifted wisdom beyond the ages and energy bands that allowed him to freely use his energy without tearing his body apart.
Now, with this new power, Lovan is angry, and wishes for revenge. What will happen when he comes back from this long search for him?

"You don't know what it truly means to suffer."

"Angel? No, I haven't been one of those for centuries.."

"Aren't you an annoying one. Let me guess, you only have one brain cell?"

(Art coming soon!)
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