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DewPetal's Blog

Fandoms I'm into for the curious

Below are some of the shows, games, or movies/books that I'm into. I wouldn't mind roleplaying topics like this, in the Universe, or similar.

Those marked with "*" are my favourites. I'd most likely want to rp these more. (Or a Universe or story like it.)

Animation and Anime:
Miraculous Ladybug *
Fire Emblem* (Which is a game but there's the OVA--)
The Dragon Prince *
Code Geass *
Pokémon *
Howl's Moving Castle *
Nanatsu No Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins)*
Record of Grancrest War
K Project
Soul Eater *
Black Butler
Blue Exorcist
The Devil Is A Part-Timer! *
Cells At Work!
Little Witch Academia *
Love, Chunibyo And Other Delusions!
Saint Seiya
Dragon Ball (Z, GT, Super ect)
Violet Evergarden *
Madoka Magica
Sailor Moon *
Avatar: The Last Airbender *
Children of The Whales
Smile Down The Runway *
Danganronpa (I am not fully caught up with this series, but my knowledge is pretty good)
B: The Beginning
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Ouran High School Host Club
Next Gen
Leap! *
TinkerBell * (Why not?)
Vampire Knight
The Promised Neverland *
Your Lie In April
Cardcaptor Sakura *
Goblin Slayer
Noragami *
She-Ra and The Princesses of Power *

And many more that you can ask about, I watch a lot of this stuff.
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3 | 0 Comments | Aug 30th 2016 14:07

Hana Sakurai (Fire Emblem)

Age: 18- 19
Birthday: July 22
Zodiac: Sheep / Cancer
Eye color: Sky Blue
Hair color: Blond
Additional information:
- Princess of the kingdom of Vandalia
- Has an older sister who mysteriously disappeared
- Was taught a bit of magic from her sister
- A master swords woman
- Will fight to the death if any of her close ones are harmed
- Is a bit cold hearted
- Her name means 'Blossom' in Japanese
- Her best friends differ on the game that you want to base the Rp off of:

Echoes: Alm, Faye, Celica, Kliff, Gray, Genny, Clive, Clair, formerly Reina, and Lukas

Fates: Corrin(Male) Kamui(female), Niles, Xander, Sakura, Leo, Ryoma, Azura, Elise, Camilla (and your Oc) Lucina, Robin, Rin(female Robin),Marth, Elice (Lucina, Robin, Rin, Marth and Elice, are not Einherjars)

Awakening: Chrom, Robin, Rin(female Robin), Lucina(present and future), Frederick, Marth(Yeah, i'm breaking the fourth wall, Marth isn't a Einherjar in here), Elice(Marth's sister *sobs*) Emmeryen(*sobs more*)
-her past is a secret to everyone but her sister
(Oh and um...Chrom x Marth for life XD)

(Oh, yeah, her crush depends on the game)

Echoes: Clive(but shoot he's taken) Lukas. (Lukas is second if she could sway Clive lmfao) Berkut (*plays Act 5* DAMNIT!) Fernand (*Continues Act 5* GODDAMNIT!) ... Conrad....But he's like...Himsexual, he'd freakin date himself if he could.

Fates: Marth

Awakening: Marth
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2 | 0 Comments | Aug 29th 2016 19:11

My Rules!

I usually only do MxM, most of my characters are male, but I am not opposed to MxF and FxF!
(Just know that MxM is a preference of mine and is much higher on my list than FxF and MxF, so don't be upset when I suggest an MxM plot or you suggest MxF and I am not very interested, as I've said it here. ^^")
- It's so odd, people think that just because i'm a girl I /have/ to play a girl character. [I've been blocked because of this. So weird.]

That being said, I'm not entirely against MxF and FxF, if that's how everyone is taking it after I've said that. Lol


♡ Here are my rules ♡
1: I do paragraphs and multi-paragraphs 3rd person.

2: If you have too many friends (above 80) I will be hesitant to accept as I don't want to be a number on your profile. Furthermore, if you have nothing on your profile, I will also be hesitant to accept.

3: Don't overpower your characters please. Your character must have a mix of weaknesses and strengths. I will lose interest in the roleplay if you do this. (Mental vs. Physical is okay too, just don't make your character perfect)

4: With every request I look at your rules and profile, and if I do not agree to them I will not accept your friend request. (Especially if you are a sub in MxM.)

5: I have a life outside of this website, so I won't always reply. My time limit is 2 days, so I expect the same on your end unless you tell me otherwise.

6: Try to have correct grammar, I know English isn't easy for everyone and isn't their first language but at least try. ^^ 

7: Don't let me just move the story along,I'd like it if you would help out too,incorporate your ideas in it.

8: If you're going to leave the Rp do not hesitate to tell me. Don't leave me sitting waiting for a response if you're never going to respond.

9. If you friend me, then message me please, or you'll be removed within two days.

Lots of people are putting this for like.. ero rules or whatever, so yeah, here's that if we get to it:
1. Just ask me about things. That's it.

These are my rules! Nothing really to it. Just keep these in mind,if you forget one and you do one of these that I do not like,you will receive a warning message.

Annnnd if you've read my rules, go ahead and hit that request button and the heart button down below! And.. I dunno comment your...favourite colour? [Yeah, that's kinda lame. I know.]

Ciao! ❤
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48 | 5 Comments | Jun 4th 2016 01:27