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Yuuki Vi Valintina (Yuui Bonshroder) (Code Geass)

Full Name: Yuuki Vi Valintina
Alias: Yuui Bonshroder (Pronounciation: You-E)
Second Alias: Negative of the Black Knights
Birthday: June 16th
Year: Does it matter? If you must know A.T.B 1999
Age: If you must know, 17 (during R2 18)
Race: Valintian (Much like the Britannians)
Height: 5'7
Eyes: Redish brown
Hair color: White

Geass: A blue geass covers her right eye, it gives her the power to slow time(she can even stop it momentarily) and command others to bend to her will.
Person who gave her the Geass: S.2 (Aliased as Seto)

Attire: The usual Ashford Academy school uniform.

Attire outside of school: A black form fitting shirt, blue jeans, black combat boots and a white hoodie.

Skills outside of the Geass: Fencing and tactics.

Sexuality: Straight

Crush: Lelouch vi Britannia

Affilitation: 10th princess and 11th to the throne.
Second: High Student Council President (time to step down Milly)

Family: Father: King Cornelius Vi Valintina Mother: Queen Mai Vi Valintina
Older brother: Prince Charles Li Valintina
Older sister: Princess Cordelia Li Valintina Younger sister: Princess Adelina Ci Valintina
Younger brother: Prince Maxamillion Ci Valintina
There are multiple others Yuuki has not come to meet. These are the only ones she knows.

Relationships with family:
Father: Depises
Mother: Loved dearly
Older brother: Biggest role model and loved dearly
Older sister: Has room for improvement..
Younger sister: Use to dot on
Younger brother: Doesn't speak with him too often.

(Since there would be too many characters to make for her family, just ask me and i'll tell you their personalitys, unless you want me to make characters for them lol)

Lelouch(of course)

Likes: Painting, drawing, playing the piano, baking, playing chess, science, reading, writing, working on tactics with Lelouch, conversing about Knightmares with Kallen, the sun, Lelouch's brothers and sisters(except Cornelia, shes okay..ish), and, Japanese music and folktales

Dislikes: People who call the Japanese 'Elevens', Nina, Royal snobs, people who don't believe in her and Lelouch--Zero's leading skills, regrets.

Biggest fear: Unfufilled Potiental

Personality: Directly, Yuuki is a girl who can play any part you put her in, a damsel in distress, the sad girl, the happy girl, ect ect. But, who she truly is, is a girl with innocent looks but a mind that works like that of a genius, shes usually cold and hates to be put in the middle of things. She's a sucker for sweets and watching her enemies get crushed beneath her feet, weather thats harming them or breaking their mind slowly. At school shes the innocent girl who always smiles and willing to help anyone, as the commander/leader of the Black Knights shes the cool and collected Yuuki she truly is, while hanging with close ones she lets loose and has fun.

Past: Simply the main plot line of Code Geass except her kingdom helped Britannia harm the Japanese and strip them of their pride and name. The royals were against this, except their father of course. Yuuki was exiled soon after standing up to her father to try and stop the war, but to no avail. So she lived a life in hiding going under a new name, and she ended up meeting S.2 when her life was in danger and became Negative, and helped Zero form the Black Knights. (And the rest falls into place with the show lololol)

"Will this fighting never cease?! Are you so bloodthirsty that you cannot see what you are doing is wrong?!"
"I'll be damned if I let another war like before happen and kill all of these innocent lives!!"
"Does strength represent injustice if powerlessness is a crime?!"
"A true warrior would lay down his weapons and fight head strong! You are marked as a coward if you think otherwise!!"
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Merci Bloom (LotR/Hobbit)

Full name: Mercalin Acelin Bloom
Birthday: May 16th
Year: A very long time ago.
Race: Elf. So that means,immortality.
Height: 5'9
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: White
Markings: A small blue diamond marking with dots around it.
Tiara: Floating Ice shards adorn her head and form into a beautiful glass like tiara. (Only worn in the kingdom.)
Attire:(Kingdom wear only) A black dress with thin straps, almost like a tank top, flares out towards the bottom, blue tinting the bottom, looks like black and blue flames when she spins.
Attire:(Outside the kingdom) A black tanktop with a white jacket, black short shorts with boots with armoring on it.
Asscesories: A necklace with a blue jewel in it, it holds the healing power of the Elves, the last one to ever exist.
Powers: Telepathy, healing
Skills: The way of the bow and sword(daggers included), perfers swords.
Sexuality: Straight
Affilitation: Princess
Family: Mother: Desceased Father: Alive and ruling SnowLake.
Pets: A snowbunny named Bun-Bun

Likes: Dancing, sword fighting, reading, writing, drawing(she's amazing at that), enjoying the sunsets

Dislikes: Rude snoody people, people with stick up their asses, Dwarves(they literally hate all Elves guts.)(Kili and Fili are cool though, she likes them), sweets(Lembas and Honey-Cake are exceptions), and the rain.

Personality: Merci is a cold-hearted Elf, who can be funny, care-free, and loving at times when you grow close to her. She always smiles with friends but never with others. Especially Dwarves, they hate her races guts afterall.

Past: Merci is a woodland Elf, which means, yup, thats right, her kingdom is apart of the Woodland Realm, which means, whoopie she's close to the greatest and most powerful Elf, ever. King Thranduil, and his son, Legolas.
Her father is good friends with Thranduil, so, they were all on good terms. She learned the way of the bow through her father, every Elf knew the way of the bow, Thranduil taught her the way of the sword, and everything he knew, even how to remove the sword without making a sound! Impressive.
Where Merci grew up, it only snowed, always.Her kingdom was a bit far from Mirkwood, where it was always Spring, but still in the Woodland Realm.

"I'm not here to play, and I never will be."
"A true warrior fights with his hands, not with cowardly tactics like weapons."
"If only people treasured others and home more..the world would be a happier place."
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Seto M. Sparkes

(Whassup guys! Here's Rido's brother lol Oh, also isn't it funny how you see twins and if they're not identical they look completely different? And that they're polar opposites?
WoW cRaZy RiGhT? tHeY aCtUaLLy eXisT o0o)

Name: Seto M. Sparkes
Height: 5'12 (he's taller than his twin omg)
Birthday: May 27th(...duh)
Nationality: French
Sexuality: Bisexual
Hair Color: Raven
Eye Color: Purple
Gender: Male, obviously (lol)

Personality: Seto is a very calm, mature young male much like his twin, though unlike him he can be more outgoing, he isn't really submissive, nor is he really dominant, but he can be if he wants to.

Likes: dancing, baking, playing the violin, caring for his twin, being lazy at times, horror, sweets (duh, he likes to bake XD)his pet owl, Snowflake, and writing.

Dislikes: Rude people, loud things(ex, loud crowds) cat (he's VERY allergic to those) the rain, and salty things.

Disorders/Complexes/illnesses:? Uh, slight insomnia. Most likely from working so much.

Story(You could call it that XD):
Unlike Rido, Seto didn't mind his parents never being home, he thought them to be a nusience in his life anyways, so he spent most of his time in his room(where he spent his time in his Thoughts All Alone),baking sweets, or spending time with his brother, they were very close, but most twins are like that? Right? Seto, or SeSe(pronounce it as C C) called him, was very independent, and didn't mind being alone. Though, someone in his life would be nice..his brother just wasn't enough at times, and he was sure that Rido felt the same way...

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Rido M. Sparkes

(*gasp* Omg, Kari you're not making a character based off of an anime?! I'm shocked!! I know, me too XD I actually decided to put out there that I do Rp as guys :D so, yeah, I can Rp yaoi now! Yay XD)

Name: Rido M. Sparkes
Height: 5'11 (127cm)
Hair Color: Silver (pearly white in the sun, lol)
Eye Color: Sky blue
Birthday: May 27th
Nationality: French
Sexuality: Homosexual, Uke
Gender: Obviously, male.
Likes: dancing, cooking, playing the piano, sword fighting(so technically fencing in this era lol), reading, and drawing.

Dislikes: Rude people, lazy people, sweet things (makes him want to vomit), and pushy people.

Personality: He's a very calm, mature young man, he's wise, far beyond his age, he's pretty submissive at times but that doesn't mean you can take him for granted, and he's confident, he can easily be made bashful though(or aroused by the right one~ *wink* XD)

Story(you can call it that lol):
Rido,or Riri as his twin likes to call him, is a male born into a very successful family, you could say he was "rich beyond your wildest dreams" but of course, all good things come with a price, and his price was that of being miserable, he had all the money in the world, and a caring brother, and his parents were a very happy couple, of course, they were never home and he was always alone with his brother, he wished someone could fill the lonely void in his heart and make him feel whole. The only time he felt so was when he played the piano or spent time with his twin, but his said twin usually wasn't around, he stayed in the house but Rido could hardly find him. Maybe, one day, someone would come and fill that hole, so his brother won't have to do it all the time. (Thats...where he-- you, come in)

Annnnd, scene! Was that cringe worthy enough? Was it cliche enough? Did it make you want to throw your laptop/phone in a grave and burn it, but you don't because you want to Rp this? Great! Hit me up and we can Rp this! I would like to do this in a multi para/para 3rd person if we could XD thanks! Oh! His brother will be put up next btw *wink* ;3

Kari out! *disappears in a cloud of smoke, but when it clears I'm just on a horse riding off* RIDE LIKE THE WIND CAPARNICOUS!!

Ps. If you guys didn't get the gist of the pic, he clearly has water powers XD
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Kara Lowell (The Legend of Zelda)

Age: ( child 9 - 12 ) ( adult 17 - 18 )
Birthday : July 26th (Same day as Link's :D)
Zodiac : Leo / Rabbit
Eye color : Emerald Green
Hair color : Blond
Additional information :
- Kara is seen as a Kokiri since they took her in when she was 8.
- Her best friends are, her fairie, Avni ( I - ven - e ), Avni is a male dark royal blue fairie, Princess Ruto, Link, a fellow Kokiri( Hylian ), Saria , Zelda, and Sheik ( YEAH I'M BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL XD don't like don't Roleplay XD )
[ Fun fact : In LOZ fairies are actually spelt Fairie instead of Fairy. Pretty cool right? ]

Her past (basically in a few paragraphs)

Kara was sick and tired of her life being controlled by her father, the king. Telling her how to think, dress, eat, sleep, do her hair, how to act, what to say-

She was just sick and tired! It almost made her insane! So one night. She left.

She brought her most trusted sword, Riku, with her. And a small wooden shield, she knew that it wouldn't be much. But she had to protect herself

She also had to carry light. From time to time, she would stay in Kakariko village. Impa, Zelda's nurse maid lent her house to her for sleeping purposes, she knew of Kara's situation and decided to help out.

Kara thanked her for this, and took up on the offer, after about 6 months of doing this, she left, she would defend herself from the wolfos and the skeletons that would come out at night.

She would then stay in Zora's domain with her best friend Princess Ruto. They partially grew up together. There was never a day where Ruto wasn't at Kara's palace.

After another 6 months, Kara left and stumbled upon the pathway to the Kokiri Forest. There she went down the pathway to the Great Deku Tree.

That's where she learned that, maybe, just maybe, she was wielding her kingdom's great treasure. The Toraifōsu.

This is where she also got her fairie. Avni, says he's the actual sister to Navi, the light blue fairie that she saw.

Avni showed her around a bit, but because it was night she couldn't see much, so Avni showed her to the only tree house left.

It was spacious, but after some time it became homey. And within that time she made friends.

Two were close enough the be called family! Their names are Saria and Link.

Link recently just got his fairie and Avni was more than happy when he found out it was Navi who was Link's guardian.

With the title of "princess" buried, Kara went on and lived her life, she grew up with Link and saved the Forest from a great evil.

Of course, that was just the beginning of her quest with Link. The Great Deku Tree told her so.

(So yes, I used the Ocarina of Time in here. No, the Toraifōsu isn't actually in the game, it is something that I made for my character. Don't steal or else I'll take a butterknife and reach across this screen and go all Slaine Troyard on your ass! With that being said. I hope you enjoyed that small glimpse of Kara's past! I can't wait to Roleplay with you beautiful people!)
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