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(Tada Suko)
23 / Female / In a Relationship
Georgia - United States
Ah! I see you found your way to my little corner of the Internet! Please, come in and have a seat and I'll get you something to drink. I have been roleplaying since 2016, and I still hope to roleplay in the future with a few interested people. If you want to rp with me, please read my rules and let me know you understand them.
The Four Rules:
My Reply Length and Timing: My life is not what it used to be. I work four days a week, and school takes up the other three. I try to keep my Sundays open for church activities and spending time with my family, so I will not be on very frequently any longer. If you are looking for fast, one or two sentence replies daily, please look elsewhere. I am looking to do a handful of slower, multi paragraph roleplays, most likely on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursdays when I am on my laptop. My schoolwork becomes progressively busier throughout the week, so I ask that you do not harp on me every single day to reply. Pester me enough, I will reestablish boundaries. Continue to do so and you will be unfriended and blocked. At most, it will probably take me one week to reply to you. I will not bother you about your reply length until it has gone on for a month.
What I like to RP: Romance is my favorite genre, but it doesn’t have to be central focus of the story. I also enjoy fantasy, mystery, and adventure the most, sci-fi being my weakest genre. I adhere to Roleplay's policies, so s*x scenes of any kind is not tolerated on my account, so please be respectful of this boundary I have set. I have a zero-tolerance policy for it and any attempts to rope me into doing a s*x scene will have you blocked, no second chances.
Plots: If you are looking for plots, I have a blog post you can refer to here: These are general ideas that I’m almost always open to trying. Any twists are appreciated as well. If nothing catches your interest, then send me some ideas of your own. I’m always open to hearing new stuff. You're also free to pick from any of my OC's in my blog if there's someone you want to RP with specifically.
Punctuation: Please. For the love of all things good in this world. Please use punctuation in your replies with me. Periods, Commas, Capitalization, Quotation Marks, it is a REQUIREMENT that you must have a basic understanding of how to write. If I am given a wall of text with nothing to indicate the beginning and end of a sentence, I will ignore you. I do not have time in my day to decipher what you are saying. I am forgiving with those learning English, but if I find words that are misspelled regularly, I will point it out. Continue writing illegibly, and I will simply vanish.
This concludes the rules section. If you’re still interested in roleplaying with me, please send a friend request and message me with what story you have in mind. Hope to hear from at least a few of you.

My Discord: I do have it. However, people tend to ignore me whether it's here or there. If you want my discord, please prove to me that you won't ignore me. Let's get a ways into an rp so I know you won't leave me to collect dust on a shelf.

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Basic setup, everyone is invited.
1  Jun 24th 2022 00:03

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hey im unable to write to you for some reason this site is acting weird. lemme know if u got a discord ill add you
Apr 22nd 2022 01:25

Miss ya dood. Hope the mission is going well.
Jul 6th 2019 14:18