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(Jacob XYZ)
24 / Other / In a Relationship
United States
About Me

Hiya! I'm Jacob! It's so nicey nice to meet you! If we become friends I'm sure we will be really good friends and have fun roleplays! I love making new friends and I love roleplaying with them too! Ummm so from the name you may assume I'm Male which I don't take offense too cx! I was born as a Male but I myself am gender neutral, or non-binary because I feel some people get mad if I say it that way. I wish I was born as a female though! I'm not a big fan of the male body but that doesn't mean I don't like males! I love males females everything in between and outside! It's not about how you are born cx! It's about the person you are, how you make yourself! I'm also asexual and panromantic! I myself am also submissive, not sexually (But Iwould be of that would to occur if I fell in love with someone and they wanted to do something of the sort. I'm also not saying I do er*t*c roleplays, that's against the sites rules!) But I feel everyone is dominant or submissive as a person! It's basically just saying the same thing as like are you a leader or a follower! Also if something is ever wrong you can always come talk to me! In an understanding person and very open minded! If you need help feeling better or just someone to talk to tell me! I love making people happy! Umm I haven't gone into my personality? Umm I can try describing off what my friends have said! Most of them say I'm really cute and shy but I'm also very nice and cheerful! I'm not one to get sad often but I do cry cx! I have no problem admitting it! I'm also very caring and loving! I'm not one to be very loud or assertive but if a friend or family member is being hurt I will step into a more assertive position because I care about them and want them to be happy!

Please check out my rules cx Oh and if you read it and my bio thankyou so much!

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Latest Questions

Q. My page is being glitchy I think, it’s not letting me reply :(
A. Thays alright just rry later
 Aug 14th 2022 02:01

Q. hey, u there? sorry, your probably responding to thousands of reply's i get it
A. Sorry I'm at work cant reply until later when I'm off!
 Sep 14th 2021 14:07

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Hii! <3 I know you don’t remember me but, just saying hi and I hope you’re doing well ^^
Dec 7th 2022 19:53

I've been trying to msg you back for hours but nothing is workin ;-; I'm sorry. Try sending me 1 more message, maybe that'll unclog it or smth
Oct 22nd 2021 23:15

hewo! :3 just checking up on yah!
Sep 14th 2021 17:40

It's okay
Nov 19th 2020 23:02

Hi there, JacobXYZ! Wanna continue our roleplay from 5 months ago?
Mar 1st 2020 11:36